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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top




  • Can shut down damage dealers late game with a 40% damage dealt reduction, 30% attack speed reduction. And slows them.
  • Early game can help in a lane where your carry is weaker
  • Shreds 10 armor and MR, great for early game
  • Can be used to save someone, for instance if you exhaust Zed before his death mark applies the percent of damage dealt 40% of that will go away, same with a Jinx rocket. This does require you to much more close to actually use the summoner spell though.
  • Can be great against assassins like 157_64.png238_64.png91_64.png


  • Other than shredding 10 MR and armor, lowering damage and movement speed the kill potential in lane instead of ignite is much less. You and your carry will have to do a lot more damage to get them killed instead of letting them run away with little health and they burn alive.
  • Can be cleansed with 3140_32.png1.png3139_32.png3222_32.png
  • Late game when they have a ADC and APC/Assassin (Generally mid lane) who are both strong it might be hard to choose especially in an all in.



  • Early kill pressure
  • Good against healer supports such as 16_64.png37_64.png44_64.png
  • With flay passive and ignite your trades early and in a 1v1 (Assuming your ADC backed or died) can be very strong


  • Team fights your ignite isn't the best. You will deal true damage over time to someone but it's not going to scare them like exhaust
  • Can take kills (Which shouldn't be a huge problem if no one else can get it IE: They are already under turret. But it can get annoying if you constantly do it)
  • In team fights you won't be as scary, but still should be scary. Just not as much.

When should you take them?

  • Against a strong healer support (IE: Nami or Sona)
  • Their only main DPS is one person like their carry who you can shut down easily (Your lane counters them)
  • Early kill pressure (More kills, your carry gets more fed, the faster you push lane the faster you can roam, the faster you can roam the faster you can get kills in other lanes, more wards for objectives so you can get early dragons without them being able to contest)
  • In a weaker lane (Their bot lane is stronger than yours or your carry isn't great pre-6 like 18_64.png)
  • Great for getting into support
  • Not confident in your Thresh play? Just don't feel like you can land hooks early game? Then you should take this. If you can't get those early game hooks to get kills ignite is useless. Unless you're relying on your carry to engage...Don't do that.
  • Against a hyper carry such as 18_64.png67_64.png or just tons of damage like 119_64.png
  • If you already have 1-2 ignited you should take exhaust.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Good masteries for starting off.

Abilities Back to Top


Why max hook before flay?

Flay is a very good spell, but it's not that useful to engage with. It's a 400 range in two direction nudge back and then slow, while hook locks someone down for about 2 seconds and pulls them to you for combos.

If you don't feel safe with your hooking skill, take 3 points in flay then max Q (Level order: EQWEER)

Why Dark Passage instead of Flay?

I prefer Dark Passage over E mainly due to the fact of how useful it is. You can save your teammates a lot more, and in my personal opinion the cooldown is good at where it's at.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start on Thresh
    I prefer this start while going into a very passive lane, or a lane where executing will be hard (Mainly with Draven since he farms so well with his spinning axe unless I'm in Q with them)

Core Items

    Get these ASAP! Don't forget to upgrade your trinket at level 9!
    Going face or eye is all about what you want. Face is good in specific situations when you're going to use it usefully, but most of the time eye of the equinox is going to be much better allowing you to get one more item.
    I love this item. And every support should build this 95% of all games. You give a shield to everyone on a short cooldown, and it scales off level instead of health! Use this during a fight, remember it's not going to save someone from a burst but it's helpful none the less. Don't get this item if they have 0 AP. This is the only time you shouldn't get this item. Remember rushing won't be the best though since it's more useful later on!
    Get these. When you're about to do dragon or baron, this is a must have. Check my warding spots on where to place it! Also remember you don't just have to put them in dragon/baron pit!!

Situational Items

    Good item, lots of CDR, and good utility. Only get this item if they have an auto attack reliant champion (Tristana, Vayne, Azir, Jinx, Kalista, ect...) and no one else on your team has it. The passives don't stack so only get one per team! Yes it also works against Azir :)
    Have to be honest, all you get is one extra ward to place but it still has the 3 ward cap, and 250 health for 800 gold. I'd say get it after you have everything.
    Alright, I know it's off meta from the mobility boots. But these are great if you want to get 40% CDR quickly. Once you get the hang of Thresh I highly recommend you try these babies out. Also when in combat you won't lose it's speed boost so it's really good in that sense. Also, hook at level 5 with 40% cdr is 7.2 seconds, and if you land a hook it's 4.2 seconds!
    Read more in the author notes!
    All these items are good on Thresh, but it all depends on what you need.

Sightstone or mobility boots first, or what if I can't afford either?

Great question! Sightstone is always good to get first if you're new/unsure. If you can't get either check the time. If it's about 5-6 minutes you should get at least one ward since the jungler is probably going to try to gank soon. But remember to always use trinket! At the least try to get a ruby crystal to get some health and 1-2 wards.

Once you start to understand bot lane and know when to roam, you can start getting mobility boots first. Just remember to get a few wards before you leave base. Roam around and try to always keep your wards up, but the most important is making sure your carry is safe. So only leave when they are safe and can't be attacked.

Should I ever change relic shield(or up) to talisman, or vise versa?

In certain situations! For instance your team needs to run or engage more than a shield, but you want to get sustain from relic shield early on then absolutely change when you can! Or maybe you start off coin for what ever reason but you need the shield later on, then the same thing!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Ezreal
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tristana
  • Vayne
  • Zyra




Alistar is pretty OP right now. His combo is insanely hard to stop, and even if you do it will mainly be luck. His W has no cast time and is pretty fast especially since it's a point click spell so he will dash to a unit. His ultimate will stop any CC you have on him, hook, slow on flay, ultimate slow, anything. His heal can sustain bot lane for a while however he will quickly eat up his mana if he spams heal. Use this to your advantage. Be careful around level 6 as he will get an ultimate that removes all CC, and he will ignore 60% of any attack damage or magic damage (This includes turrets) for the next 7 seconds. His dive is insane and I would heavily suggest taking exhaust unless you can all in them before 6. 

When he begins to dive exhaust the carry and CC lock them with hook and flay. All in all he might give up since you negated the carrys damage for a few seconds and all his spells are on CD, basically making it hard to dive since his ultimate will run out soon and he will then die to turret. If you do die your carry should live.

On a fun note if he headbutts you away when you landed your Death Sentence you can reactivate it and you will go all the way back to what you hook. This can be used to still engage on the enemy carry after he knocks you away.




This is very easy, Blitz will pull your carry in and you will just lantern them back to you. Just have you and your team avoid his grabs and he is useless.

Also sometimes if their carry is rather weak and I have a stronger carry I will go Doran's shield just for the sustain, make it easy for Blitz to pull me, and then engage on their carry. I almost always take ignite for this reason and it's super cheesy, but I often get kills of blow their flash. Remember you will be tanking a lot of damage though, so be careful!




Braum is pretty bad in lane however in a team fight he can do a lot. You have a pretty good CC lock down with hook and flay, you can also stop his Stand Behind Me! with your flay, this is also really great since the bonus armor and MR applies after he lands next to the selected unit so you can also stop the buff of the spell. In a bot lane fight if you stand between him and the carry you can pretty much shut him down.




She has really strong AA range, but if you land a hook on her you can easily kill her. Try to time your flay with her E. If you do this her escape is useless and you will basically get a kill or her flash. BE CAREFUL! Now she will penetrate through 50% of your bonus armor every headshot if she hits you with it. And Thresh only has 16 base armor all game. She will really bully you.

A really nice way to stop her ultimate is to lantern your ally who is targeted by her Ace in the Hole, get them to grab it, and then just body block it. This also looks really crazy especially if you pull it off like how Madlife did it in 2013 All Stars.




You must, MUST punish Corki when he uses Valkyrie offensively. His only way to get away from you is gone for like 20 seconds. Eventually he will get his Phosphorus Bomb to do crazy damage so avoid them as much as you can. Once he hits 6 try to avoid his bombs and look for an opening.

Just remember, if you even see some fire on the ground because of his Valkyrie just all in him (Of course if it isn't a bad idea) and he will have to burn flash to survive.




Ezreal is basically annoying. He can dodge your hook and get out quickly after you flay. When you become god (Madlife) you can predict where he will jump and throw hook there. This works insanely well since your hook doesn't tell exactly where you will throw it. This is VERY hard though. And if you're in low elo don't blame me if your team yells at you for throwing your hook at a minion when Ezreal doesn't even teleport.

The best way to play against Ezreal is to wait for him to use his E, then hook him.




She has no real escape other than her Flame Chompers so hooking her is easy. If she gets her passive off however it's going to be very hard to CC her. Try to body block her ultimate since you will be really close once you engage so your carry doesn't lose any health.




Now with Kalista's hop back getting nerfed, she is easier to deal with. The main thing you need to watch out for is not to get too many spears jammed inside you so she kills you with rend. Most of the time Kalista players will follow a pattern when farming, abuse it. If she jumps left to right, hook as she is about to jump back where she is going to do.




Pre 6 you can do pretty well. Try to avoid taking too much damage from his auto's and you can do fine. After 6 avoid his R as much as you can and look for an opening. Much like Jinx his only way to stop you is a straight line slow from his Void Ooze. However his range with W makes it very hard later on to engage on him and he will punish you for getting too close.




Leona is very easy to counter. She relies insanely on her Zenith blade to engage unless you walk up too close to her. Just position yourself between your carry and Leona. When she starts to cast Zenith cast your flay towards her. You will knock her out of Zenith and she is pretty much nothing then. When she hits 6 she can ulti you then engage. This is the only way to counter Thresh as Leona really. Just hope your carry isn't stupid and walks too far up, especially when you're gone. After she gets 6 just play a little more careful.




You can stop his Relentless Pursuit with your flay. Flay and Death Sentence will stop his Culling. After his AA nerf it's even more easy to hook and flay him. Just make sure you hook him after he recently used his E.

P.S: You get 100% Wife Steal when you play against him.


Miss Fortune


Her passive is annoying. She will be able to out run your hook easily. Try to have a carry who can poke her well like Corki or Jinx. Once her passive runs out Death Sentence and you can easily get her. If she gets too close flay into Death Sentence and you can do very well. If she positions badly Q her when she begins her ultimate and it will be stopped.




This is probably the most annoying match up EVER. You literally can't do anything. The best thing you can do is try to bait her spell shield, wait for her to spell shield someone and hook the other person. Her spell shield stops everything from you. I would just max flay and auto who ever she shields to basically destroy it instantly. If you land a hook when her shield is about to run out (It lasts for 5 seconds remember that) you can reactivate your hook to bring yourself to them and then combo.




For me I haven't played against too many good Nami's, but basically if you can dodge her Aqua Prison you can play pretty well. She has constant speed boosts to get away from your hook so you will want to combo your flay and THEN hook to get her. Try not to hook in bad places where she can just side step and aqua prison you. If this happens you will likely die or have to burn flash.

Remember though, for three auto's the carry can get basically a sword or BF sword depending on the level of it. Don't think their carry is weak unless your carry has a very obvious advantage over them.

When you hook their ADC post 6 and try to dash to them her ultimate will stop you completely.




Sivir is like Morgana. She will spell shield your hook and you won't even be able to reactivate it. If you try to box her in with your ultimate somehow and she hasn't used her spell shield she can just use it and walk out. Try to flay her to get rid of her spell shield.

Her spell shield is also a short duration so also the easiest way is just wait. If you try a long range hook don't be surprised if she just spell shields it.




Sona is very squishy much like Zyra. Land a hook and you almost will always get a kill unless they're under turret. After her rework though she has a bunch of sustain with a heal that will heal both bot lane for a % of their missing health, which I find really stupid. At least Soraka's heal was a single target and that was her main aspect of her kit. However I digress.

Early level at level two hook and flay her she dies. Pretty easy.

Beware of her damage output though. Sona will punish you or your carry early on when she takes AP early on.




Soraka may seem really OP. But the main problem people don't do is focus Soraka instead. The problem is Soraka has constant heals, and you will never kill the carry unless you can poke him down so Soraka has no health to heal anymore.

You can take ignite or exhaust. They're both good spells, you can ignite Soraka and kill her quickly then switch to the carry. 

The reason you want to ignite Soraka is to reduce her healing from landing her Q which will instantly hit when she is throwing it right on her.

If you take exhaust use it on the carry, this way when the carry tries to defend Soraka they will do zero damage.




If you get close enough to her you can flay her out of her Rocket Jump and then kill her. Be really aggressive pre-6 since she won't have Buster Shot to knock you away. Your MR runes will really help against her Explosive shot. Try to stay away from your minions when she last hits them they will explode and deal AoE damage. Just get jungler since a Trist lane will naturally push because of her passive.




Vayne is pretty hard to play against but if you can predict where she tumbles after using Final Hour you will reveal her with hook then you can basically make her have to run or you get a free kill. If she tries to condemn you away after your hook is mid air you can just hook back to her, it's pretty fun actually.




Zyra is going to shit on you if she understands what she is doing. Her plants can body block your hook and then you're basically useless for an engage. Try to flay hook combo to get an engage. She will be able to provide a lot of harass with her plants but she is extremely weak. Early game if you land a hook on her she is basically dead unless she flashes.

Try to hook in fog of war or in a bush so she can't see you winding up your hook, try to guess if she has no plants stored to body block your hook, or just try your typical flay into hook combo to get an easy kill.

Understanding your kit Back to Top



Thresh's passive is crazy. Like, seriously. Free AP and armor per soul. For every soul you will be given .75 armor and AP. In a typical game where I stay near minions death and champion deaths (Given I'm not losing lane) I can get around 100 souls at ~20 minutes. That's an extra 75 armor and AP. With no items, that's insane!

What else makes it crazy? That all your spells scale with AP. Your Q has a 50% AP scaling, your W shield scales with 40% AP, your flay scales with 40% AP for the active, and finally your box scales with 100% AP. For a support to get free AP and those ratio's it's crazy. Note though, you have the worst base and scaling armor because you get free armor. This is another reason you need armor runes badly.

Your souls will always come from these that die nearby: an enemy siege creep, enemy champion (Nunu will drop two souls!), dragon, baron, and large creeps in a camp. Small creeps in each camp and minions have about an 33% drop rate for a soul. It has a 1900 unit range (Pretty big range, level one Ace in the Hole for Caitlyn is 2000 range). After a soul is dropped it will have 8 seconds before it will disappear.

Death_Sentence.png + Death_Leap.png

This is a skillshot stun that lasts for 1.5 seconds. You will also drag them to you (Not instantly, two little tugs on them)
This will not bring them over walls. Using your Death Sentence on an invisible unit will reveal them (IE: using it on 107_64.png you will see him for the duration of Death Sentence).
This does have a 0.5 second wind up, you will have to time it and predict where the enemy is going. So be aware of your minions and their minions also.
Upon landing your Q on a unit even if you kill it it will reduce the cooldown of the spell by 3 seconds.
There is a 0.5 second delay before you can use Death Leap on an enemy champions, however landing it on a minion or monster he can instantly activate it. This plays really well with escapes as you can hook a neutral over the wall and instantly dash to it for an easy escape.
Your hook has a wind up animation, however it's not entirely accurate and it was made to be this way. The animation works like a cone cast, and then it will shoot out in the direction you want to. This allows you to make it seem like you're going to throw your hook at someone, and instead hook someone else. IE:

Even after Dark Passage's nerf so it only shields you and one ally it's still very strong. Laning phase it's still going to provide a pretty good shield for you and your carry. Note however it won't do much, level one it will only shield 60 damage +40% of your AP. Later on when you get more souls it will be more powerful. Your lantern will be able to collect souls that it is nearby, and any ally can right click on it to dash to you. However this is able to be interrupted by disruption such as a stun. 

Even though it can be used to collect souls do not throw it out without a care. At level one it has a 22 second cooldown and at level 5 it will have a 16 second cooldown. You should try to save this the best you can, if your carry get's caught out your best option is to walk back, throw lantern down, and stay as close to the edge of your lantern range as possible. This will allow your carry to grab it and create major distance between the enemy's. Note however units can block the lantern. Enemy's and allies so try to throw it so the enemy has to make a effort to body block it, and if they don't your carry can flash grab it and live.

This can also set up for great smite steals. Throw your lantern over the wall and let your jungler jump in (IE: 121_64.png leap) to attempt to steal the dragon/baron (Better if they do steal it), and instantly they can grab the lantern to dash back to you. This works great with junglers like 121_64.png and 32_64.png since they have an easy way to get over a wall so all they will be wasting is their summoner spell 11.png which is on a 40 second cooldown.

Flay is a spell that allows you to knock back/forward (Disrupt) in a 400 unit range on both sides of you(800 range in total from left to right/forward to behind). It's very good to get use to using your flay backwards since it begins to cast from behind the way you cast it. This way when you cast it you will instantly flay the people in-front of you towards you. This also provides a slow effect depending on the level. Along with dashes/leaps from champions like: 121_64.png32_64.png24_64.png23_64.png62_64.png126_64.png and more you can cancel it. This makes Thresh amazing. All these champions have a way to engage or get away and you can instantly flay them out of it.

Now, you also have a passive on your flay. This is why you get it level one instead of hook in most situations. Over time of not auto attacking your next auto attack will get stronger. How stronger you may ask. 100% of his souls and 80/110/140/170/200% of his AD. Yeah that's pretty strong right? 20 minutes you can have 100 souls. Then you are going to be about level 11 so your flay should be leveled up about three times. With about 78 AD then you would do 210 damage. With one auto attack. From a support that is insane! Like, seriously.

Finally, your ultimate. The Box! This is a really strong team fight ultimate. After a 0.75 second delay you summon a wall in the shape of a pentagon. The first enemy who walks into a wall (Or forced into a wall with your hook/flay) will take 250/400/500 +100% AP. That is a lot of damage. Oh, and that's not the best part. They are slowed for 99% for two seconds after hitting the wall. After the nerf only the first champion who hits any wall will take the damage. Anyone else will take no damage and a 49.5% slow (Rito, please. How about 25% damage?)

This allows you to engage and disengage. Summoning the box in the right spot as an enemy tries to chase you will result in them getting a huge slow and allowing you (Or your team) to run away easily.

The most IMPORTANT thing to note, is the box summons around you, so you have to be where you want the box to be placed.

Combo's Back to Top



Combo explanation

  1. Basic combo, flay backwards to get an instant knock back with slow, then instantly hook them.
  2. This is your basic engage, Death Sentence then Death Leep in, surround the enemy with a box and flay them into a wall if you can or just to get damage and a slow off. This is best used after they hit a wall so you can drag them back closer to you instead of instantly.
  3. Same with your basic engage but if they're near an enemy you can flay to bring the other enemy closer to you then box them both in
  4. A typical engage or escape with an ally. Death Sentence onto a champion (Engage) throw your Dark Passage and and Death Leep in. Let your engage tank like Malphite grab it and now you have two tanks sitting in the enemy team. For an escape try to Death Sentence to a neutral minion such as Golem or Dragon/Baron (Typically over a wall) throw your Dark Passage down or to an ally and Death Leap over the wall. When they grab your lantern they will dash to you over the wall.                                                                                               This is great also for getting to dragon. To bring your carry or jungler faster to drag to get it faster. This is basically a way to bring you and an ally to a place via a unit quickly.
  5. Hook into box when they're close to you, this is great for a lane kill. Hook the enemy carry/support, drag them in and box. This way you will drag them into a wall (This requires you to know how far they will get dragged and where your box will come up though), if they're not close enough you can flay (IE: They're just about to hit it).

Flay mid Death Leap

As you reactivate your Q mid flight you can use flay, this will allow you a faster cast of flay, instantly coming in with the displacement + slow. The main power of this is you can also flay others near the enemy you hook very quickly and slow everyone in the flay hitbox when arriving. If I'm not mistaken it also stretches your flay hitbox, but don't quote me on this.

When to roam Back to Top


  • If the enemy team backs and there is no threat to your ADC you can leave to go roam to another lane. This not only gets your ADC a higher level, but you stay at the same level of their bot lane.

  • Freezing lane, this is normally done because your so far ahead the enemy can't even engage. Along with if your carry is just so far ahead they can't even 2v1 them. Just remember to constantly check lane since your carry can still die.

  • Your jungler needs help. You NEED to leave lane to help them. The chance the enemy team can help their jungler is so small, while you can walk behind them and force a bad fight for them. Always check pings and see if the enemy jungler is invading and if you can help. This not only will set your jungler ahead if you win, but sets them very far back. Always help your jungler, because they will help you later on.

  • Your lane is going well but your other lane(s) are doing bad? Help them out! Tell your carry to play safe and gank their lane with the jungler or by yourself. Remember to be smart with ganks, don't gank a lane when you or your ally can die because that's just hurting your team! 

What to do when roaming

  • Ward! Get wards down on the map, this is one of the most important things to win a game. Not only does it tell where the enemy is if they walk into vision, but where they aren't. Remember to ward dragon or around it to tell if they're doing it, this way you can react faster.

  • Gank! Think of yourself as a mini jungler, you walk around with them sometimes and just gank a lane. This is not only unexpected in lower elos but devastating if you land a hook. You can get them killed, or blow their flash so your jungler can come back and get them killed.

Warding Back to Top


As a support you're going to need to learn how to ward. Warding is essential to every game, and even if you're not a support this may help you a bit. If you're mid or top you can generally skip the laning phase wards, but the other wards you can try to help to get even more vision.

Blue team

Laning phase


1. This area is a good place to put a ward if you're even or ahead in lane, generally if you can defend this ward since it will always be visible it will be worth. And why you may ask.

Well the jungler in bot lane has four ways of coming into lane. 1 river, 2 tri bush from blue jungle, 3 lane gank, 4 coming through enemy turret. There is a few others but we don't need to talk about them, the fun of League is finding out some things for yourself. So experiment with your warding sometimes against other junglers!

2. This ward will be your most basic defense against a gank. Probably 75% or so of all ganks will come from this part of river since it opens into lane in the middle, and the opening is huge. None of the other exists are dangerous to walk into. On purple side you have to go through turret and on blue if they have a 53_64.png he can just instantly pull you into turret.

3. Generally if you're going more defensive you should ward this bush once they start to walk into it. If they have champions like 412_64.png53_64.png43_64.png101_64.png or who have skill shots and not seeing them trying to get in place to use it can be very good to them, and on the other hand you can just hide under turret out of their range, that can also work however I like to have some breathing room in bot lane, but that's just me.

4. If you're winning lane you should place the ward here. This will prevent most lane ganks when you begin to back up a bit in lane, and also if they try to use the bush to do what ever you will see them. The best part of this ward as I've said if you get pushed back it will completely ruin a lane gank. Even better is if you play with the jungler so they think you're going to push soon as if you don't know they're down bot you can just entirely waste their time and set them farther back, or give time so your jungler can come back and 3v3.

5. This ward can be placed more close to drag or near the entrance to jungle. This will give you even more defense against the jungler and can possibly help the mid laner depending on where they leave jungle.

You can replace you green ward in spot #2 to a pink if you're really winning lane and they can't try to destroy it. This will provide even better ward control and is especially good against Eve.

Objective control


Pink wards near the pits will allow you get almost every ward in the pit (I recommend placing the pink actually in the pit since there are a few placed where you can ward and I will show you). Then get your team to help you sweep around the main area's so they can't see you getting the objective. Now they can guess you're doing it, so why take all the time to deny vision? Well, think of it this way.

To smite steal they need to jump in at the right time so they don't have to fight and instead can steal it without risking their death instantly. They might panic jump in way too early, too late, or at the right time. This is all luck based. Along if you have deep wards in their jungle and they may be a bit stronger than you, or you're just too weak from fighting Baron you can back off and it seems like you were never than other than a pink.

Th other reason is they have no timer, they have no idea when exactly you killed dragon/baron and with dragon especially this is great. Eventually you can kill dragon so quickly that they give it about 15 extra seconds to spawn and that's all you need. It's already dead. If they also try to start to come to fight you will have all the knowledge of how much health they have, the items, where, and how they're coming in. For instance if their support is Lulu and she comes flying in with her speed boost trying to ward quickly you can hook her and get an easy kill, and make the team fight even easier.

By far the most important wards is the ones closer to drag/baron. You don't want to see them and be scared waiting for them to show up around a corner of a wall.

Deep wards


These wards will allow you to keep knowledge of their jungle, and anyone walking through jungle. Along with some looking to see if they're getting a buff and get an approximate timer on it if you can't get there. Early game try to place the wards down near their buffs and the main places they will gank. Near wolves or wraiths. Walking away near golems will show the top laner they might need to back up, going down to blue buff your bot lane might need to back up. Walking down from wraiths (Near river) might make mid back up. Good placement of wards and a smart team mates can entirely shut down a jungle making them entirely useless.

Defensive wards


Defensive wards can be placed at any time. This will help you defend your own jungle from invades or their jungler trying to steal your red or blue buff. This also can help you live from a roam from another lane if they walk through jungle.

Placing pinks near your buffs can stop them from having a ward on your buff to try to steal it or time it to steal it when it respawns. Pinks in other places such as the entrances to jungle can be thought of as early game permanent wards unless they try to kill it. Take this advantage and try to kill them if you have enough time. If your jungler is nearby trying to clear a pink of yours and you're mid roam, jump on them. Even if they do kill the ward you generally will be able to get their flash and or their life.

Purple team



The only difference here is placing a ward in their tri allows you to stop half of their lane ganks since the jungler can walk from jungle into their lane.

Objective control


Same basic idea as blue team, just more in the position to stop them from getting too close without you knowing.

Deep wards




Important info

Don't be afraid to experiment with your warding. Try some different warding places. This is just some basics. Later I will talk about warding tricks.

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