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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

With Thresh, it is preferable to go Flash/Exhaust 90% of the time:

Pros :
-Damage reduction
-Additional peel
-Additional CC (Slow)
-Useful verses fed enemies/assassins
-Attack speed reduction

There are rare scenarios where Flash/Ignite might be better:

Pros :
-Heal reduction
-All in potential
-Better versus low-damage enemies

All other summoner spells aren't optimal in the bot lane right now.

Basically, it depends on the goal you want to achieve in lane, the matchup and your style of play.
Here are a few examples:

Example 1: If you are against Varus/Sona , I recommend ignite because Sona is the support with the lowest HP in the early levels and with ignite it is very easy to all in her at level 2, with that heal reduction and a hook.

Example 2: If the matchup is something more common, like Lucian/Braum , exhaust is 100% necessary because the enemy duo has more all in potential than you do (Braum stun > Thresh hook). So damage reduction is really important so counter-engage or even just disengage.

Example 3: If the enemy team has a Katarina/Talon/Fizz/Annie/etc, exhaust might win the game for you by preventing a large chunk of damage from the enemy assassin that could potentially one-shot a mispotisioned adc if no exhaust was used.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


After trying all the possible spell-max routes, this one is definitely the best right now. 

-Starting with E is really strong because it synergizes with the AD runes. The extra damage per hit lets you go in for trades at level 1 and often come out on top if you play it properly.

-Going for Q at level 2 is really good, because at level 2, it is very easy to blow a flash if you level up before the enemy duo and hook the ADC or a very mispositioned support.

-Maxing W at level 3 is 100% crucial, because this is the moment when ganks could come, so having that lantern so provide safety for the ADC is necessary.

-I put a second point in E because this spell provides a lot of you damage when engaging, and keeping it at level 1 wont be strong enough to trade, trust me. You can even max E if you feel like you can't hit hooks.

-99% of the time, you should max Q on Thresh, his hook, deals a lot of damage when leveled up and the cooldown is significantly decreased every time you max it. In the mid/late game, you should get hooks every 6-7 seconds, which always suprise enemies and is insanely good for chasing a slippery oppoenent.

-Obviously, max The Box (R), whenever you can.

I will explain every spell and how it should be used below.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Classic Start
    Rare Start

Core Items

    Mid Game
    Late Game

Situational Items

    Possible items

The build is the most flexible part about Thresh, you can literally buy anything and it could work in a way, but there is a difference between a good build, and the best build. Here are a few things to think about while building Thresh.

-Start Ancient Coin 95% of the time, it provides mana regen, and it the only starting item which with you wont miss mana at any point in the laning phase, alse it build into a good item.

-There are a few reasons while you would start Relic Shield on Thresh. If you go with this item, you probably want to fight more, because of the extra HP stats that it provides. Although it can seem like a good item, it really isn't if your looking to stomp lane and eventually carry the game. First, you will go out of mana often without Ancient Coin, which forces you to back or abandon kill pressure. Second, Thresh, being a ranked champion, makes it hard to use the Relic Shield passive on minions, because it won't execute them. Finally, it build into Face of the Mountain, which is a good tank item, but lacks utility in the mid game. Talisman of Ascension (Ancient Coin upgrade) is better because of the engage/disengage movespeed and cooldown reduction. Talisman of Ascension makes you and you team way more slippery with the lantern and movespeed.

-Sightstone is a must buy on every support, because it is gold efficient if you put down enough wards. Don't be afraid to ward, you've got infinite amounts. Ward, ward, ward.

-I buy Mikael's Crucible after Talisman of Ascension if they enemy team has only one hard CC (Morgana Q, Fizz R, Leona R, etc), but if the enemy team has two hard CC's i would rush Crucible before getting the talisman, because negating a CC and healing a target is game-changing in most teamfights.

-In the late game, going randuins is the way to go, if these conditions are met:
1. The enemy team has 3 AD champions.
2. The enemy team has low mobility
3. You have completed the core build.
If not, consider other options.

-In the late game, you have to go locket if these conditions are met:
1. The enemy has a double AP composition.
2. The jungler did not buy it.
3. Almost none is buying magic resist on your team
Locket is a very powerful item in teamfight and I heavily recommend to buy it in most scenarios.

-Now a personal preference, Boots of Lucidity. Why do I favor them over Mobility boots? 
1. Extremely better teamfighting
2. Lower cooldowns means more CC, and righer kill potential
3. You already have movespeed masteries (6.5% MS) 
4. Better for lane overall
IMPORTANT: You want to sell you lucidity boots if that means you still get 40% CDR even without them!

-If you are good at roaming, and you want to snowball other lanes, mobility is better. Once again, it depends on your playstyle a lot. For me, I want to land lots of hooks and methodically win a teamfight buy getting 5 hooks for 5 kills  on the enemy team.

-You should go frozen hearth often as support. Here is when:
1. The enemy team has 3 champions that are reliant on attack speed and auto-attacks more than spells (Master Yi, Most ADCs, Tryndamere, Azir, Jax, etc).
2. 3 Champions on the enemy team are AD.
3. If you dont have 40% CDR.

-I rarely build banshees on Thresh, just because it is a survivability item. As a support most mages wont focus you staight away, and if they do, they will lose their burst damage for the rest of your carries. The only scenario where Banshees could be good is versus an AP assassin suck as Ahri, Katarina, Akali, Leblanc, that keep focusing 
you and blows you up before the fight even started.

-Last but not least, Zeke's Herald. This item should only be built when theses 2 conditions are met:
1. Your team has 3 or 4 AD champions.
2. You are winning the game. Do NOT build this while losing, you will lose the game.

With this information, try to find the build that fits most your playstyle, but my opinion in that the build below is the best:
1.Boots of Lucidity-Homeguard
2.Mikael's Crucible
3.Ruby Sightstone
4.Talisman of Ascension
5.Randuin's Omen
6.Locket of the Iron Solari

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Alistar is overall a passive lane. Low kill potential on both sides. The only advantages you can get on Alistar is you ranged opke at level 1 and 2, a flay on his W to comletely deny him. The advantages he has on you is sustain, pushing, counter-engage and tankiness. Try to punish him when he has his Q and W on cooldown.




Annie you be an easy matchup, always watch for her stun by left-clicking on her, you can see if she has her stun under her profile on the top left. She is squishy, which means if you can land a hook, she will probably lose a lot of HP if she doesn't have her stun.




Blitzcrank can be really annoying, but easy to deal with. To win over him, just make sure you follow these rules:

1. Stay behind minions.
2. If you get hooked at level 1, just walk away, like nothing happened.
3. Don't facecheck brushes
4. Lantern your ADC if he gets grabbed
5. Pusnish Blitz if he misses the Q.




Braum is hard to play against. He has more all-in potential than you do and can peel very well. The best way to beat Braum is to take advantage of his cooldowns and try to poke him early on. Also, dont get hit by a Q if u can.




Janna can peel very well and trade fairly agains Thresh. You want to try to charge your strong auto-attack with E, then go for a trade and destroy her shield immediately, then you can go on and hook on of them to try to kill. Janna can't engage on you, just stay safe.




This is a very easy matchup for a Thresh main, simply because you can flay her Zenith Blade, and she can't engage on you. Also, you are ranged, which mean you can trade with her safely and flay her back if she tries to go in.




Lulu will deal more damage than you in almost every trade. Try to force a small extended trade, which starts with a hook landing, then fall back with lantern and start again when your minions are placed accordingly. Because she has no sustain, she should eventually lose out. You will win longer trades, because once she used all of her spells, the cooldowns are really long and your CC will come out on top.




Morgana is the hardest matchup against Thresh, because of her spellshield. A very experienced Thresh can outplay the shield by faking a hook, but in general, you should look to stay out of her Q range (behind minions) and farm. If she has her Q or E on cooldown, punish her.




Nami's sustain can be very annoying, all you want to do is hook her and chunk her. She is squishy, so CC can take her down easily. Also, if she walks up to W you or your ADC, just fall back a bit, until she overextends, then hook and kill her when she goes to far for the W. Ingite can be picked in this matchup.




Very easy matchup. Pick ingite, hook her, kill her. She is very squishy. Probably easiest lane for Thresh.




Same as Sona, pick ingite, hook her and kill her. Soraka does nest to nothing when her heal is on cooldown. take advantage of those 15 seconds approximately.




Zilean is weak early game. Try to hook him if he goes for a bomb. At level 6, be careful, his ultimate can turn around a fight. Zilean outscales you, so try to stomp him early to compensate.




A good Zyra will block every hook and destroy you. A bad Zyra will get hooked and die in a second because of low base HP. An average Zyra will trade fairly and block certain hooks. Just try to play passive until you have an opportunity to walk up to her E+Q. This is basically a skill-matchup.

About Me Back to Top

Hi, my IGN is Woodx Wisdom and I am a League of Legends Gold 2 player. I main Thresh and he is my favourite champion by far. I like him because he can bring so much to a team and can make insane flashy plays. I have a youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVUidv40qSeXAjiXBxcBiGw  where I put most of my flashy plays. Also, this is my first guide and I hope is it very insightful. I know alot about League due to watching Vods, streams and replays to find where are my mistakes and what to do in every situation. I realized I really like making guides and I hope to make more in the future. Above was more of an explanation regarding what to do before the game, but below will be more about the gameplay itself, with videos, pictures, and lists. If you have any questions, I will answer them ASAP , just put them in the comments. Enjoy the guide! :D


Early Game Back to Top

The early game is basically the laning phase. It starts at 0:00 and ends around 20:00 on the timer. I will be explaining this section chronologically.

The first part of the early game is before the minions spawn, when you are leashing your jungler. In most games of league you dont want to do anything in this phase. There are alternate scenarios though. 

1-You have a hard CC on your team (Ryze W, Xerath E, etc). In this case, you might want to start with your hook (Q) and tell your team that you want to invade. The most basic way to invade is to group in the small circular brush, near the enemy camp, and run to their camp about 20 seconds before it spawns, depending on the situation. You will figure the time you want to go in, depending on your team's position.

 For example, you are on the blue side and your team is 412_64.png81_64.png134_64.png13_64.png77_64.png , you want to invade their red camp WITH Ryze. In this case, you would run into their small brush at 1:00 and camp in it until about 1:20-1:30. Then , someone will go ward their red with yellow trinket and then the whole team collapses on the buff. As soon as an enemy is in Ryze W range, Ryze should use it. The enemy should react and flash right after the Rune Prison and thats when you hook him to secure the kill. When all this is done, the timer should reach 1:50-1:55. Udyr gets the red, Ryze backs, then teleports top and you go to lane without losing on any exp. If the enemy jungler and duo stay to contest the buff, stay as well and make sure you hook their jungler, to cancel his smite.

2-You our team has a terrible level 1. In this case, you want to use your yellow trinket to ward the brushes near your buff, to see an incoming invade. This is where you should ward, depending on if you are on red or blue side : 

map wards.png
This is a very passive start, and you are looking to avoid any kind of level 1 fight.

3-Another option is if you feel like your top laner got countered, and you are agaisnt a hard matchup bot, you might want to ask your top laner to lane-swap. This will provide you with a safe laning-phase. Don't do this often though, to do this keep in mind that it is better to have a scaling adc (Tristana,Kog'Maw) and to have a top laner that can farm well 2v1 and under tower. In this scenario, you also want to make sure that you zone the enemy top laner out of exp and minion range, with the pressure from your hooks and flays.

4-The final option and the most common is when nobody wards and just stands in a brush to act as human wards. You basically want to be standing in the spots that are colored above, and watch for enemy invades. The problem with this tactic is if they have a blitzcrank, he will see you get out of the brush and hook you. 

Overall, I recommend the second option, because it is the safest.

Next part of the early game is the laning phase. The laning phase can be divided in two parts: the pre-6 and the post-6. In the pre-6 part of the laning phase, Thresh will be mostly reliant on hooks and flays to outrade the opponent and provide kills to your adc. The post-6 part is when upsets can happen, where you basically can throw your lane, either by overconfidence, or by getting outplayed by the enemy ultimates. Let's go deeper into the mechanics of the lane and how to come out on top.

Mid Game Back to Top

Late Game Back to Top

Flashy Plays Back to Top

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