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Summoner Spells Back to Top

 4.png FLASH Is essential for nearly every support champion as it provides an escape which most supports usually lack. It is also great for making plays, such as getting in close range for your CC skills and locking down an important target.

3.png EXHAUST Is the summoner spell of choice for me on Thresh as it allows my Marksman to trade much more safely in the all-ins by either our team or the enemy team. It also comes in handy when chasing a target or when trying to reduce the burst from assassins or burst mages (Say: Zed, Talon, Riven, Master Yi, Syndra etc.). Sometimes it might even be a good idea to exhaust, for example, a "support" Annie in the laning phase when trading because the damage she deals with her full combo is just absurd, especially compared to her early game marksman.

14.png I take IGNITE very rarely, mostly because personal preference, but it is still extremely viable in situations when you know you can pressure your lane hard and you have plenty of kill potential and/or they have strong heals. I would most likely pick this only against a healer like Soraka  16_64.png or Nami 267_64.png. Also, if you know you're going to be playing against an enemy team that has someone who has potent healing/lifesteal (Mundo, Vladimir, Aatrox etc.), Picking up ignite might very well be beneficial for your entire team.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I'd first like to note out that this mastery tree might seem a little odd to someone. This is only what I'm using at the moment and it has worked quite well for me. I will be discussing some variations here as well.


First you may be thinking , why 'Strength of the Ages' as a keystone mastery? 
Siege minion kills grant you the bonus even if your allies kill them. Thresh's natural scaling with the passive is also slow so this mastery scales with it, aiming for a stronger mid-late game. You won't be stacking this as fast as a jungler but as you start roaming, you will eventually get the stacks and by that time you'll have a good chuck of extra armor and HP just from your masteries and passive. This will also allow you to build less defensively, depending on your playstyle of course.

One variation is to go for 'Bond of Stone' but I would advise against it. Thresh is not naturally very tanky and taking extra damage in the early game hurts him quite bad. This would only work well later on in the game when you have first built a few defensive items which in itself is not for granted on Thresh. There are so many other good items to get in s6.

Some may even go for a 'Thunderlord's decree' mastery build for stronger early trades but I feel like it loses much of its meaning through the game as you won't be getting to scale the damage on it as a support. 

NON-KEYSTONE masteries:

I go down the Cunning tree mainly for Wanderer and Meditation. Wanderer helps a bunch when roaming with Thresh (which you should do) and helps chasing down targets through the entire game. Meditation helps the most in the laning phase. Thresh's abilities cost a surprisingly large amount of mana in the early stages of the game and a lvl 6 combo with all your abilities will leave you at around 20%. Just trying to hook targets in the laning phase for possible kills and harass will quickly run you out of mana. This is where skill comes into play and the ability to hit Q only in the right places at the right time. Meditation is good nonetheless.

Resolve tree: Recovery or unyielding depends on playstyle. If you want to go for a tanky late build, unyielding is the mastery for you. For me Recovery is better as regeneration stats are really good in the laning phase to recover from an attempted engage or from some poke without having to use potions (Which are quite valuable in the lane nowadays) Often engage attempts and such are decided upon just based on how many potions the enemy has left.

Explorer, once again good for roaming and moving through the jungle. Veteran's scars because Runic armor is basically useless on Thresh unless you're going full AP and then get some extra shield from your lantern.

Insight in my opinion is a very undervalued mastery. There have been countless times when I've been saved by the small CDR this gives to my summoners. "Assassin coming in, oh, my exhaust just came off cooldown!" This seriously makes an impact, especially with Exhaust. I feel like I have it in every fight.

Swiftness because once again, movement speed. A very valuable stat which you want to lose as little as possible.  Legendary guardian can be taken if you're going for a very tanky build and are the type of guy who always double-presses Q to leap in.


I'm very tempted to try the new Expose weakness mastery on Thresh. You could give up meditation and Bandit and go for either one in the first row, probably sorcery, and then for the expose weakness

I've also seen a few people opt for the grasp of the undying on Thresh but at least on paper, it doesn't seem too attractive to have. Especially considering my own buildpaths which don't really increase my max HP to make use of it to its full potential.

Abilities Back to Top


This will be a long one. Tips and Tricks incoming!

Passive: Damnation

1) Essentially a free scaling armor/AP rune though you have to be careful when collecting souls, they may put you into a disadvantageous position really quickly.

2) You can collect the souls with your W. Usually this is not recommended as the souls aren't necessarily worth the mana and the cooldown on the skill.

Q: Death Sentence/Death Leap (Maxed 2nd)

1) The most common mistake I see new Thresh players make is that when they land their Q, they instantly press it again to leap to the target. Often it is the best to let Thresh drag the two times and maybe a quarter/half a second longer, and THEN leaping IF necessary. This way you will be maxing the CC and utility of this ability.

2) The only times you should, in most cases, leap instantly is when you have to cross terrain to the target or you grabbed a carry with a QSS. Also, if you want to leap to CC immune targets, you should do it instantly as the stun and drag won't be applied anyway, depending on the situation of course.

3) Leaping to an ulting Sion that's running away from your location is especially nice even though you won't get the stun, your leap will actually take you in front of him (if you do it quickly enough), thus stopping the ultimate and preventing his escape/engage if he ulted past you.

4) Always remember that your Q cooldown will be reduced by 3 seconds if you hit a unit with it. This is especially good to remember against a morgana. If she black shields your Q, your Q WILL have a shorter cooldown, giving you a window of opportunity to engage.

5) A cool trick with the Thresh hook is that you can actually activate other abilities while your Q tether is attached to a target, this also means when you are LEAPING to them. Basically you can do things like use flay mid-air or ulting AFTER your Q lands and while it's still attached to use the drag part of the spell to drag the enemy into your ultimate.

6) Learn the range, hitbox and the cast animation length of the ability. This enables you to use smart cast efficiently and will also increase your accuracy tremendously. (The cast animation is especially important as it might feel wonky at first)

7) One tip for improving your accuracy is to never aim DIRECTLY at the target but instead aiming just slightly off. This way you will still hit the target if they decide to remain still and will also be able to hit the hook if the enemy starts casting a dash ability in the direction you predicted. Obviously this doesn't help much if the enemy dodges to the other direction but it sure has helped me.

8) Also take in mind that Thresh's hook will be thrown even if he is stunned during the cast. This is especially useful against someone like Blitcrank because when he hooks you, you can just start casting your own hook on him and even if he drags you to him, he will be stunned and can't follow up with anything else.

W: Dark Passage: (Maxed 4th)

1) Can be used to collect souls from a distance

2) The shield it gives is especially good against DoT damage in the early game and can save yourself or you carry from a few ticks of ignite so keep in mind that even though weak, The lantern DOES give a shield.

3) The Lantern can be used to give vision over a very small area. This is good when checking baron, dragon, bushes or the other side of a wall. The enemy can't obviously destroy the lantern so this is a pretty safe and good way to gain vision of objectives. Be careful about checking large bushes though as the lantern does NOT give vision of the whole brush.

4) Thresh Lantern now has a physical form so it can actually be used, along with a few minions, to block a path.

5) Lee Sin can Dash to your lantern. (This info might be outdated)

6) Teleport no longer works on the lantern.

7) The shield tether break range is actually slightly longer than the indicator

8) Breaking the tether to the lantern actually makes the lantern dash to you and give you the shield. For a few seconds after that, you can apply that shield to your carry by walking next to them.

9) Your Lantern can be blocked by standing in front of it, thus preventing anyone from taking it

10) always try to toss the lantern in a place that's not too crowded so it can be spotted more easily, possibly even ping the location of the lantern. It has to be close enough for the target so they can walk/dash to it quickly, though

E: Flay (Maxed 1st)

1)  This is, in my opinion, the best skill to max because it gives you the most damage overall when combined with your empowered basic attacks. The extra damage is especially good for last hitting with a relic shield and harassing your oponents. Also, at the last rank this skill will give you a 40% slow

2) Many people tend to forget that this skill not only dislocates them, but SLOWS them as well. Use this to your advantage. A good example is Thresh's best escape move, FLAY to instant FLASH. This will create a LOT of distance between the enemy and yourself.

3) Flay is a great ability for interrupting dashes and can interrupt most of them in the game. During the laning phase this is especially good against something like a Leona dash and tristana/corki 18_64.png42_64.pngescape and is also great for ganker dashes such as Lee sin Q 64_64.png, Jarvan Flag and Drag 59_64.png or an Amumu bandage 32_64.png that is aimed at someone else than yourself

4) An advanced tip is that your flay animation will always start away from the direction you cast the ability. That means pulling targets to you is just slightly faster than pushing them away as for pushing, Thresh has to complete the entire animation where the pull happens immediately. Use this trick if you need to CC someone as quickly as possible.

5) Flay's range is slightly longer than the indicator shows but enemies hit at the far edges are not moved as much as someone closer to Thresh.

R: Box (Maxed ASAP, 3rd)

1) Many people seem to underestimate the damage your R does, use this to your advantage while, for example, baiting a squishy target.

2) This ability is the strongest slow in the game with just one skillpoint in it with a 99% slow for 2 seconds.

3) Remebmer that the box takes 0,75 seconds to appear when you use it. Only use it when you know you can hit your targets for sure.

4) The box has many uses. To deal damage, to disrupt an enemy's teamfight, to zone, to disengage or to trap targets (or at least force them to use their escape ability/summoner).

5) The box is not blocked by terrain so a part of it can be cast over thin walls.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Pick these items when your team has very little overall mobility. Also good for lanes that you will know to be passive.
    Decide between these boots according to the situation. I personally build 'boots of mobility' the most

Core Items

    Other very potent items for thresh that work in almost every game. Zeke's only for Marksmen that you deem worthy. No use in getting it on a bad ADC. Zz'rot and Banner especially when the enemy is pushing multiple lanes.

Situational Items

    I personally don't like this item at all on Thresh but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. After all, this will relieve an item slot for use and the stats are all ones you like to have on Thresh

- ALWAYS have a PINK WARD 2043_32.png on the map and possibly in the inventory!

- Ruby Sightstone 2045_32.png Is not worth it in the early/mid game. Only upgrade if you REALLY need to. Usually that time is when you no longer have any other items to buy.

- The core and situational items are all about utility as well as some tanky stats. As a support your build can have SO many variations without anyone really flaming you about it. That is as long as it fits the team you're playing in and against.

- Say, the enemy team decided to go double AP with a tank top. In these cases you will not be building a Frozen heart unless the enemy ADC happens to be SUPER fed (But he won't because you read this guide and won the lane).

- Or perhaps your team has someone like Volibear/ Rammus. Consider going for Talisman as your support item to give your engage that extra boost.

- Enemy has plenty of CC? Merc treads and mikael's crucible!

- Enemy has a team that excels at pushing? Banner of command and/or Zz'rot!

- Your marksman is godlike? Zeke's and Mikael's!

- As a support your build has to match the current situation perhaps the most on your team. You have so many options, most of which are good and some of which are even better! The skill of evaluating the situation will improve as you keep playing and observing the builds of your and the enemy team every time you can.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Zyra




Alistar can't harass you but he is so tanky you can't really do much to him either. Also, all the damage you deal on him will be healed in the long run. 

Alistar's combos and all-ins are devastating for Thresh as he is not very tanky in the early game. Alistar will just toss him around and let his marksman deal the damage for him while he himself is being extremely annoying and tanky. Thresh cannot engage on Alistar either as he will just get knocked away. And if Thresh tries to hook the enemy adc, Alistar will knock back yours. A boring and frustrating lane for a Thresh as he can't do much.
With the new update that made alistar's W-Q combo easier, the lane got even worse. Can be outplayed but requires synergy between you and your carry




An Annie matchup will usually be very hard for a Thresh player as she can harass you with her long range auto attacks and abilities quite easily and her stun and burst is more than enough to stop you and your Marksman from fully committing. Annie can be dealt with though. Pressure her hard on levels 1-3 and never engage when she has a stun up. A good way to deal with Annie is to grab Q first and engage lvl 1 when she is very squishy and probably doesn't even have a stun ready and then snowball from there.







Laning against a Blitzcrank is extremely easy because as long as you stay behind your minions, he can't hook you. And if he tries to close in for a knockup, flay him away. Even if you see him starting to cast his hook and you can't dodge, you can hook him at the same time, the stun on your Q is longer than on his and he so won't be able to follow up with his E. This is also useful if Blitz hooks your carry, just hook him at the same time and possibly toss a lantern to your carry so he can quickly get away.

It is wise not to necessarily push too hard against a Blitzcrank as even one mistake from you or your carry may lead to one of you being pulled under the enemy tower.




This matchup is higly dependant on the enemy Braum's skill level. A good Braum will always protect his carry from getting hooked and E's to prevent any follow up damage. A Braum worse than that is probably too late and/or too far so you can hook the carry and destroy him before the Braum can proc his passive stun even once. Also, even if he shields, he will still be caught with your Q and dragged for the small distance, possible even out of your carry's way.

Braum's ultimate is of course a disengage tool parallel to Janna's and it is advised to only engage when it is on cooldown.




A counter-engage/ protection champion that is really annoying to deal with. However, you can quite easily kill her if you focus her with your adc. Also, it is best you try baiting out her shield before any engage attempts. Her Q is also something to observe as often Janna players will use it for harassment which will leave her without protection.




With no real lane sustain, poke supports like Karma are a pain to Thresh.

If Karma Tethers you, it will most likely result in a root as her q + w and the range of the tether are enough in almost any case. Even if you flay her, she'll just slow you with her q and finish the tether.
Karma's E is a really good tool to help her and her ADC dodge your hook.
Careless engages are not advised as Karma's burst damage is immense against a Thresh, even if she's not building AP. 




Your Flay counters her Zenith blade engages and as she will try to get in melee range all the time, it's extremely easy to land your Q on her, possibly even pulling her under your tower. The problem against Leona is often the fact that she is tanky and often tries to go straight to your carry, making your positioning between them or, at least close to them, essential in this lane. A good Leona that knows you can flay her will possibly try engaging with Solar flare but when you see the animation, hook her. The stun will wear off around the same time and then you will be ready to flay her back and make her waste her ultimate.




My personal pick when playing against a Thresh. Lulu has a slightly longer attack range than Thresh so she can harass him very efficiently using AAs and her Q. Thresh can't efficiently poke back either as Lulu's shield is more than enough to absorb the E passive empowered basic attack. Thresh's engage will also be completely negated by her Polymorph so a Thresh should only engage when he knows Lulu has used it. Also, if Thresh somehow manages to engage Lulu or her Marksman successfully, she still has her ultimate post 6 and will most likely win the fight just with that and her huge utility and surprising damage.




Black shield. The sole reason why Morgana is so often seen against high CC supports. Yes, the Q binding is annoying but it's not THAT big of a deal during the laning phase. Playing against Morgana probably requires the most timing out of all the other supports as you will have to know when she has her black shield up, otherwise your entire engage will most likely be negated. There is also the option of instantly switching to the target that is NOT black shielded but even then she has the possibility to snare you. It is very much possible to beat her with Thresh, it just requires some fast decision making and good timing.




This matchup is actually medium-hard because it all depends on Nami landing her bubble. She can heal back all Thresh's harass and harass back with her W empowered attacks. Thresh's engage is often completely negated by her Q and R, especially when Thresh pulls himself to close range when Nami only has to bubble the target Thresh is flying to and Thresh will be stunned. If Nami misses her bubble though, it's easy for Thresh and his marksman take advantage of it and kill the Squishy fish.




A Sona lane can be easy to medium difficulty as a good Sona will be extremely annoying to lane against. If you are not playing with someone who has nice burst, it's likely that you can't kill the lane as easily as some other mage support lanes. She will heal their lane to full health and poke you hard with her Q and passive.  Then again, she is easily countered if you play extremely aggressive early game and pressure her so hard that she will run out of mana just because the amount of heals she needs. That should give you enough space of your own. Be careful when tower diving her post 6, the same as with Lulu.





Tahm Kench


Devour. That skill will ruin your day quite often when playing against a Tahm Kench. Thresh excels at going aggressive in the lane but the sheer presence of the frog is a big NOPE. All the poke you land on him will get healed, if you go for his carry -> devour. 

There is, however, a way to beat the frog. Engages on him. He can't save himself with devour. Yes, you are vulnerable to the enemy adc's poke during that but that is why you don't fully commit. Engage just enough to chuck the Kench well and retreat. Then repeat.
An annoying lane and very hard for new thresh players but with the right counterplay, you can beat the frog, just like I did today :D




After the rework Taric has become a lot harder to deal with but honestly, I haven't had many chances to play against him yet so this is just speculation. Obviously be careful about your engages after his lvl 6 AND keep track of his Bastion partner and their position. You will not want any surprise stuns coming at you. Thanks to his new stun, he is now a lot more elusive to your engages and should be respected in that matter. Chipping away at his and his ADC's HP bar might be the best option as his Heal will cost a lot of mana early on.




Skill matchup, depends highly on the Marksmen, as expected




A good Zyra will be able to use her plants to block your hook.

Zyra is REALLY squishy so early aggression is advised.
Zyra's disengage, especially after lvl 6, is really good and counters almost any engage made by Thresh. More often than not you can still severely damage/kill Zyra in that engage due to her inherent squishiness.

Laning phase Back to Top

Thresh is the best when played aggressively as his kit allows for a long CC lockdown on a single target and plenty of AoE disruption as well. He also has the ability to get your teammates in or out of the fights even if they are far from you. Thresh is also a good mid-range chaser but has no real chasing ability if you miss your hook and/or flash-E.

During the laning phase your most important task as a support is to keep your carry safe and feed him as much farm and kills as possible. 

In the early levels (1-5) You should always be looking for opportunities to land your hook on the enemy carry.
Try to save your E active for defensive purposes or all-ins. 
Your W can be used to check brushes in lane or to collect souls IF needed (Not recommended by any means. The cooldown is not worth a soul or two). Speaking of which, try to collect as many souls as possible but be very careful about it. The safest way to collect them is when they are inside a group of your own minions and the enemy marksman is focused on last hitting or is far away from you. As a rule of thumb you might say that if you want to safely collect a soul, at least 1 or 2 of your minions must be further up the lane than the soul is.

If you are expecting a gank from the enemy jungler or just aggression from the opposing lane, it is good to stay behind your carry and away from the river entrance so that you can quickly toss your lantern to him and escape. In other situations you should move around the lane a lot, keeping your enemies on their toes for your engages. This movement creates a lot of pressure, allows you to harass and zone them and thus giving your carry room to farm and harass as well. Moving around will also create more opportunities for you to collect your souls.

If he enemy engages on you, your first priority is to move your carry to a safe location, whether that means killing the immediate threat or just falling back slightly. After that you can decide whether you should counter-engage or keep falling back/farming. Also, if the enemy engages you close to your tower, Thresh has a great kit for locking them down and moving them towards him so instead of trying to push the enemy away, you want them to over-extend and when they are close enough, drag them under the tower using your Q and E, possibly even your ultimate after that. As a rule of thumb, be aggressive around your own turret when playing Thresh, he is great there.

You may also want to roam to mid lane or to the dragon in certain situations but I'll go over that in the mid game section.

I would like to give you some warding tips for the early stages of the game but as they are mostly the same for all the supports, you might want to check out a video guide for it from Youtube.

Mid and Late game Back to Top


Mid game is where Thresh should really step up his game as it's the possible situation for utilizing your kit. In the mid game Thresh should at LEAST already have a sightstone, mobi boots and maybe a pink ward and most likely a lvl 2-3 support item as well. Usually I get these items around 14-20 minutes depending on the game.

This is the point of the game when you should start actively roaming to other lanes. With Mobi boots you can quickly tread from lane to lane and with your utility you can actually lock down even the most mobile of assassins/mages, given that you land your skills, especially the first one, as the rest of his kit will be relatively easy to hit if you land even one skill on them first. A nice thing to do is actually to follow your jungler from a small distance in the enemy jungle. This way your jungler will have an easy escape and you will counter jungle the enemy quite easily and nearly free of risk. 

You should obviously stay with your Marksman if they want to push their lane but in most cases you should always try to roam and help your team in any way you can. Thresh is at his strongest in the mid-game skirmishes which usually only include 2-4 members from each team. In these smaller scale fights you can choose your targets better and overall, be more disruptive for the enemy team than you can in a large scale teamfight because even if you use your combo, you can only hit a few targets at a time.

You should also do your best to ward areas on the map that you will think the enemy will use a lot, obviously. Especially the Enemy jungle is a brilliant place to ward during the mid game.


Late game Thresh becomes all about accuracy, positioning and timing. Your damage potential at this stage is really weak as it is with almost any non-mage support so you should do your best to pick the right fights and engages.

Late game hitting your Q on an enemy carry can usually be game breaking and you should ALMOST always try to follow up on such a precious hook. If you happen to hook a tank though, fall back a little, the hook drags the tank towards your team and possibly enables them an engage.

In the late game you should always stick with your carries and ward as many good locations as possible as if some of your allies get caught because they had no vision, chances are that they will die instantly and give a huge advantage to their team. Be careful when warding though, you might be the one getting caught. That is why you should always move with at least 1 or 2 of your teammates and only ward areas around you. A support going solo is one of the dumbest things to do in the late game as you will have no damage or waveclear to push, not much tankiness compared to someone else and no mobility to run away. Even the mobility you get from mobi boots disappears if even a single low damage ability/basic attack lands on you.


When a teamfight breaks out, your number one task is to protect as many members on your team as possible. Teamfights are possibly the hardest part to learn when playing Thresh as even though your skills are on a shorter CD than in the early game, they are still very limited so each and every one of your skills count.

Your Q should be used to interrupt the enemy assassin, Marksman or a high-damage fighter. You should never need to hook a tanky member of the enemy team UNLESS that tanky member is heading straight through your frontline and to your carry. If you manage to hook an enemy APC or ADC, feel free to go in and spam all your abilities on them, possibly tossing the lantern to your team so a fighter/tank can follow you. You will most likely die but a support is not worth as much as the other members in the late game anyway so you just want to set up as many kills as possible and deal as much disruption as you can before you die.

On the other hand, if you land your hook on a wrong target and the teamfight breaks out, don't go in. You are much more useful at the backline, ready to to go in if needed later on, protecting your carry and tossing out the lantern whenever is needed. This strategy should be the most commonly used on Thresh as it allows you to use your abilities more, especially if you are building some CDR. This also keeps you close to your backline so it's easy to protect your APC and ADC.


My Notes Back to Top

This is my first guide and I know it's not the best possible. Either way, I tried to share most of my tips for Thresh that I've acquired during my multiple hundreds of games with him.

I hope yo liked this, feedback appreciated and changes very much possible!

Or just tell me if this guide helped you or taught you anything new at all.


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