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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Want to play agressive? take 14.png
You have no kill pressure in lane or they have a lot of assassins? take 3.png

14.pngYou wanna play agressive and have a lane bully such as 236.png or 51.png as your ADC buddy? then you can take 14.png.

3.png You wanna play a bit more passive and have a hyper carry such as 222.png or 67.png as your ADC buddy? then you can take 3.png.

14.png vs 3.png                       

Both 14.png  and 3.png  are possible options.
You should take 14.png when you are trying to play aggressive in the early game and when you are trying to win the lane.
You should take 3.png when you are playing against a lane where u have no kill pressure.It is also the safest Summoner Spell to take as an support.
One Example would be 51.png12.png .
In SoloQ I usally play to win the lane and because of that I tend to favour 14.png  but in some situations it is better to just go for 3.png but still both options are good.
Keep in mind that 3.png  is a way better mid/late game summoner spell than 14.png since you can make an assassin pretty useless in a teamfight with this Spell.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

There are two options

  • Option 1 : go for Courage of the Colossus
  • Option 2 : go for Thunderlord's
More about the Keytone Mastery in the Keytone Mastery Section.

Here I will talk about the Bond of Stone Mastery Page

Cunning - 12 points

  • I prefer the meditation mastery over the merciless mastery since its really good to get the extra mana regen but if you want to get more damage then i suggest that you go into the merciless mastery.
  • Wanderer, Secret Stash and Bandit are both more useful on 412.png than their counterparts.

Resolve - 18 points

  • You can also get the unyielding mastery since it stacks with the bonus armor ofthreshpassive.png, but I prefer the health regen because the health regen helps in the laning phase a lot.
  • You can eather go for the Explorer or the Tough Skin mastery. Both are good options.                                   Take Explorer for better roaming or take Tough Skin for a better laning phase.
It is totally up to your play style what you pick since both are good options and favor different play styles.

  • Veterans Scar and Insight are in my opinion just better than their opposite mastery.

Abilities Back to Top


Thresh Abilitys:



Thresh will get no Armor per level instead he can pick up souls in order to increase his Armor and AP.
This passive is not really spectacular just make sure to pick up the souls but try not to get into a sticky situation just because of it since it wont be worth it to die just for one soul( I know its always worth but still you know what I mean ^^) .


Q:Death Sentence

Cost:80 Mana


Thresh throws his scythe and the first enemy that gets hit is stunned and gets pulled towards
412.png can reactivate this ability to travel to the catched target.

This ability has a little wind up or cast animation which means that as soon as they hear you wind up your hook they will immiideatly try to dodge it with a spell or try to side step it Use this information to your advantage so you can try to madlife some bois ^^. Just make sure that you delay your hook as much as possible because this will increase your chance of hitting the hook by a large number since people will always try to sidestep it but later on give up on the sidestep (atleast that is my experinece). This technique is called "slowrolling" more onto that in the Tips and Tricks section. Also try to wait for other CC to connect onto the enemy since this will make you hitting your threshQ.png much easier. 


W:Dark Passage

Cost:50-70 Mana


Thresh throws out his lantern and a ally of Thresh can click it in order to get to the place where Thresh is.

A really strong ability with a lot of value. You need to use this ability carefully since it can have a big impact on the games since you can save teammates that should be dead or set up ganks for your jungler really well.But use this Ability carefully.




This ability has a passive and an active effect.

Passive:Every autoattack deals bonus magic damaged and this magic damage builds up if does not attack for a time.

Active: Thresh pushes or pulls an enemy in a direction and deals damage. 

This ability is really good in the lane to poke your enemys. Make an Auto attack then use your flay and then Auto attack again to poke your enemys.
with this ability you are able to interrupt spell like the jump of 18.png and121.png or the Flag and drag combo of 59.png.
But timing this ability right is in some situations really hard in other situations it may be not so hard to interrupt stuff.


R:The Box

Cost:100 Mana

Thresh creates a Box with walls around him. If a enemy runs into the wall then he gets damaged and slowed for 99%.

Not a really spectacular spell. This ability has a little cast animations so use this ability while you have hooked someone then flay them into the box.

Skill order

TLDR: first 3 levels get e,q,w then put 2 or 3 points into the threshE.png, then max out the threshQ.png and afterwards the threshW.png. in the end you put your last two points into the threshE.png and skill your threshR.png whenever it is possible (6,11,16).  

At Level 1 you should take Ur E because with your E you are able to Poke and Trade better at the early stages of the Game.
There are also Situations where your Team wants to invade and then you can take your Q and try to get a kill.
Afterwards you take a point into your Q and then into your W.

At level 4 and 5 you should take your E again because this will increase your poke and lets you trade better After that you should start to max out your Q in order to get it sooner up.

The reason why I do not continue putting points into the E is because in the Mid Game your E wont bring you as much as your Hook an that is why u should start to max out your Q at level 7.

Afterwards you should max out your W because it is a much better late game spell than the E because the value of the lantern, it is so high and putting the points into your E wont change that much while the CD of your Lantern can change a lot since its such a good ability.

Of course put a Point into your ult every time you can.

You can also change it every time in what ability you want to put a point in if you want to max out your Q first or your E then do it all is possible and viable.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Since the pots cost more now you have to start with only 3x pots but the Gold income of the relic shield got buffed which is really good for Thresh
    viable but I prefer the relic shield since it it is better in the laning phase.

Core Items

    Sightstone and boots are Core and always try to have one pink on the map everytime.
    Those Items are really good Support Items Atm. Which Item to go first depends on the game.
    This can be a full build
    U dont need to upgrade your relic shield into the Face of the mountain/Eye of the Equinox since the gold income does not really synergize that well with Thresh. Just sell it later on and buy a new Item. This is one item build path that some players go for.
    Get this at level 9 ASAP
    And if you have a sightstone then switch your trinket As soon as possible

Situational Items

    I think there are better Items than this right now. Still viable tho as a last item.
    If you are a fan of the coin then go for it. I am a more aggressiv player and the coin favors more passive players thats why I prefer rellic shield.
    Get this when you are full items.
    These are also Last Item options
    If your ADC is doing well then you can consider to go that Item. But since the rework of the ADC items I dont like this item that much anymore since it is fairly easy to get a lot of crit as an ADC which makes this item not so useful but if your ADC is fed then go for it.
    You can pick both of those boots up, however I think that the swiftness boots are the better option. Mobis are good for roaming but not really that great for teamfighting. Ionian boots are good for teamfighting but are bad for roaming. And with the swiftness boot you get a lot of speed for roaming and for teamfights.
    If you need to stall out in a game then this is a good item to buy since it is really gold efficent

General Item build:


   3302.png2003.png 3340.pnginto2049.png3341.png3009.pnginto3401.png 3364.png into 

 Always buy these!!!


 Choose one of them:

        3190.png or 3110.png

If you already got one of them then get the other one

Late game items:

(no order just some options you can choose of)


Starting Items:

Relic shield gives you the extra tankyness and also gives you and your ally sustain in the lane since every time you execute a minion while you have a stack both you and your ADC will get a little bit of health back which is really great.

The coin gives you extra Mana regen which is quite nice and every time a minon dies you will get a little bit of health back but this effect only effects you and not your ADC so your ADC dosen´t get the extra sustain like he would've gotten from the relic shield.

My general opinion on this is that:

If you want to play aggressive then go for 3302.png

If you want to play more passive or when you need a form of engage then go for 3301.png

Both are viable but I prefer the relic shield just because I am a more aggressive player and want to win the lane.

Laning Phase:

2049.png and 3009.png are your core items that you will want to get every game. Which to go first depends on the fact if you want to roam early or not it also depends on the fact if the enemy midlaner is a more mobile champ like 7.png or if he is more unmobile like112.png.

But in most games I get the 2049.png first and then get the 3009.png.
An important thing is with how much money you come back to the base. If you have 800 Gold and no pots in you bag then you should not go for the 2049.png since you will have no sustain in the lane and you will probably lose the pressure you have in the lane so instead you should go for a 1028.png and some pots With this you will have the vision the health and the sustain from the pots(same goes for the boots dont buy them if you dont have any wards or pots).


After you have your 2049.png you should sell your 3340.png for a 3341.png.Afterwards get  3009.png then you should buy yourself a 3067.png and then upgrade it into a 3401.png this item gives you the tankyness that you need to make plays and the shield is also really nice.

You do not need to upgrade it if you want to keep it as an 3302.png and start earlier with you core Items.

By the time you should upgrade your 3341.png into a 3364.png to get better vision control.

Remember to always buy 2043.png and 2003.png(try to always have one pink on the map since vision is really important!!).

After that you should look at the enemy team and decide which item you should go next.

Most of the time I just go for 3190.png since it is such a good item. This item gives you extra tankyness, CDR and your whole team gets an Magic Resistance buff which is really good. Go for this Item if the enemy team has at least one AP Champ.

Afterwards get 3050.png this Item gives you Armor and Extra Mana and the active is really nice and can boost the DMG of your ADC by a good number.

Afterwards get 3222.png this Item is really good but has a really long cooldown(3 min). You can rush 3222.png if you are playing against 238.png or105.png to negate their ult damage.

After you have two of those items you should consider to upgrade your2049.png into a 2045.png to get the extra ward.

Late Game:

There are some last item options but in most cases you want the 3800.png to get a better engage of, or a3075.png to do some damage on the carrys, or a 3143.png. Dont forget to buy the 2138.png. But in most cases the games will not last so long that you are able to get your full build.


2303.png The new Support Item:

-Gives you one extra ward
-Gives you one extra item slot (since you combine the 2049.png with the 3097.png )
-Gives you 50 more HP than the 3401.png
-Has the same Gold income as 3401.png
-You get no Active effect
-You get no 10% CDR

Many high elo players are now buying the 2303.png simply because they want the extra map presence with the extra ward that you get from this item but you also get quicker to your other Items such as 3190.png or3110.pngbut they also dont value the active of the 3401.png that high.
Both options are completely fine and also viable. However the recent buff to the ruby sightstone was a really good buff which turned it into a really good item and this also brought back the face of the mountain which is why i prefer the face of the mountain

Solari VS Banner


-Good tankyness
-You get a shield for your whole team which has a low CD
-You will deal more damage(just a little bit more)
-You can buff a minion and you can setup the minion waves.
-You will get more Gold
(When buffed minions kill a creep then you will get the gold).
-You will get not as much health as with the 3190.png

If you are already tanky enough then you can go for the 3060.png , however if you are a bit squishy then i suggest going for the 3190.png.
As 412.png it is really important to get some tankyness in order to engage fights, otherwise you will get just blown up by the enemies.
But 3060.png is a really good Item with a lot of value and you are able to effectively manipulate the waves as a Supporter which is really good!!!!  

Here you can see some games that I have played with this build(  love how people say Supports cant carry =)  )

 (I know just Normal games but it still works in ranked to :).   


Matchups Back to Top

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Difficulty: Medium - Hard

TLDR: Just poke and try to roam this matchup depends on how good this 12.png can use hisheadbutt.png+pulverize.png combo. Always watch out for ganks!!.

12.png is really tanky, has sustain + engage and he has deadly roams + really good setup for ganks.

12.png can be one of the toughest matchups simply because everytime you hook his ADC he will just knock you under his turret or just knocks your ADC away with his headbutt.png. And you will not acomplish much by hooking the 12.png so just try to poke 12.png or his ADC with your Autos and Flays. On top of that he has really good roams so be aware of his counter roams if you are going to roam.




Difficulty: Easy - Medium

TLDR:Just make sure to get her with your threshQ.png if she is lvl6 just try to stay a bit more passive because of her insane burst damage.

1.pnghas some good burst dmg at lvl6 but she is so squishy and she is also not that great when playing from behind.

-1.png is really squishy and also has no escape spells. Abuse this fact and always try to threshQ.png the 1.png in order to get a kill since she will just get blown up.

-1.png burst damage at level 6 with 14.png is really huge and you should not underestimate her damage.

-Her Passive anniepassive.png gives her a fairly long stun so try to play around that.





TLDR:22.png is not really mobile so it is really easy to punish her with your threshQ.png jus tbe aware of her good late game.

22.png has a really good late game and also has pick potential with her asheR.png but she is not really mobile.

-Always try to punish the 22.png with your threshE.png and threshQ.png since it is not really that hard to land your stuff onto her since she is not really mobile.

-Watch out for her asheR.png and try to ping if she is going to snipe somebody.

-Try to play around her asheQ.png and try to engage when she does not have her 5 Stacks.




Difficulty: Medium

432.pngis a champ with good poke with hisbardQ.png and his Meep Attacks and also has great roams with hisbardE.png andbardpassive.png, but he is really squishy.

-Poke is a weakness to 412.png but 432.png does not have such a high range so you should be able to use your threshQ.png as soon as he tries to poke you.

-He has really good roams, but you are able to counter roam him if he tries to roam since the roaming cape abilitys with 412.png are also really good.

-Try not to stand next to walls or minions since his bardQ.png will stun you otherwise.

-432.png is a really squishy champ but if you alow him to poke you for free then you will just lose to him and his sustain with hisbardW.png.

-Push for an early lvl2 and try to get a first blood.




Difficulty: Easy - Hard

TLDR:Always poke him and watch out for his hooks.

53.pnghisrocketgrab.pngis a really good ability if he lands it a the right time and he also has good burst with his ultstaticfield.png.

-I know I say this often but this matchup depends on if the53.png can hit his Q at the ADC or the Support at the right time or not.
-Always try to poke 53.png since he has nothing to poke with.
-Try to go in when he dose not have his rocketgrab.png up since it does a lot of dmg.
-Watch out for his lvl 6 burst dmg and remember that eventhough he misses every hook, he just needs one good hook to win the lane.





TLDR:Focus him in the lane but watch out for his brandblaze.png stun since its really strong.

63.pnghas really good dmg but he is really squishy

-Similair to 161.png if you hook him in the lane you will get his summoners or his flash so try to play aggressive in this lane and try to focus 63.png.
-If you miss your threshQ.png then just stay back and play passive for the moment where your threshQ.png is on cooldown.
-His brandblaze.png Stun is really strong so try to avoid his brandfissure.png and if he comes close for his brandconflagration.png then you just use your threshE.png and then your threshQ.png.





TLDR: Push for lvl2 and try to poke him but dont get caught by his braumQ.pngthis matchup depends on how good you are and how good the 201.png is.

201.png is a tanky champion with a good amount of CC and has a strong passive.

This Matchup can be hard or really easy for you.

201.png has the ability to jump to his ADC if he gets hooked and then use his shield to absorb the dmg that your ADC can do but a lot of times this wont happen but be aware that this can happen and that the trade will most likely go into favour of 201.png .
When poking try to avoid hisbraumQ.png since its a really good poking tool and also applies his passive. You gotta watch out for his passive and that you or your ADC does not get caught by the passive since its really strong.
As always try to get your lvl2 sooner then the enemy.



Difficulty: Medium

TLDR: Hard to land your threshQ.png but just use the brushes and surprise her and try to get her and also try to do some stuff in the mid game where she is not as usefull as other ADCs.

51.png has really long range and the new caits also has some pretty strong traps.Great early and late game, not so good mid game but it it now better than before.

-51.png has a really long range and also an escape spell with her caitlynentrapment.png so it is a bit harder to land your threshQ.png but it is not impossible.

-Try to get her  with your threshQ.png while she last hits a creep to surprise her.

-Watch out for her caitlynyordletrap.png because she will deal a lot of damage to you.

-This matchup is just medium because you can not really poke her with you autoattacks, because of her long range.





TLDR: Before Triforce you can beat him easily but after it will be hard so try 2 play agressive early on.

42.pnghas really good poke and burst dmg and his mid game is really strong.

-It should be easy to get 42.png since he just has his carpetbomb.png  and even if he dodges it with his carpetbomb.png it has a really long CD and it will burn his mana fast.
-You can interrupt his carpetbomb.png which is really important because this trick will get you some summoners or even kills so this trick or mechanic is really useful.
-Watchout for his Mid game since its really strong and also watch out for his missilebarrage.png.
-Push for lvl2 and try to get a first blood.

Here is an example carpetbomb.png interrupt:




TLDR: Has no escape spell so try to get him with your threshQ.png but watch out for his dravenspinning.png dmg. Also watch out for the Support that you play against and if it is a passive or an aggressive Support.

119.pngHas really good damage at all stages of the game but he needs to catch his axes and he is not really mobile

-119.png Does not have an escape spell so abuse this fact and try to hook him.
-119.png Will probably try to sidestep your hook so try to set it a litte bit back then usual.
-Watch out when you try to poke him since he has a lot of dmg with his dravenspinning.png.
-As always try to push for lvl 2.




Difficulty: Easy

TLDR: Force him to use his ezrealarcaneshift.png and burn his mana and maybe Madlife him ^^

81.png has great poke with his ezrealmysticshot.png and is really safe thanks to his ezrealarcaneshift.png.

81.png is not a really strong champ atm. Most ADC have a better laning phase than him so you can just go and try to go on him and try to get him out of his ezrealarcaneshift.png. Most 81.pngwill just use their ezrealarcaneshift.png to get away you can use this to your advantage and try to do a Madlife hook but even if you dont land your hook you will burn a lot of 81.png Mana and thats good. Its hard to poke him since his ezrealmysticshot.png has a really long range so be careful when you try to go for a bit of poke dmg.

Here is an example ezrealarcaneshift.png predict:




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR:Dont feed him in the early game just try 2 play passive.

104.png has really high burst dmg and has a great early game but a rather weak late game. He is also auto pushing now with the new patch.

-If you try to hook him he will just use is gravesmove.png try to abuse this fact and maybe Madlife him.
-His new Q gravesclustershot.png deals a lot of damage if you stand in the explosion range so try to stand out side of it(it has a fairly long animation.

-Try not to get so close to him since his new Autoattacks will hurt a lot more if you stand right in front of him.

-Try not to snowball him in the Early game and just wait for the late game where he will not be really good unless he is fed.




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR: Fake your autoattack so the 40.png wastes her eyeofthestorm.png and if the shield ran out then just go onto her.

40.pngcan peel really well for her carries at all stages in the game but she is really squishy.

-40.png is really squishy so if you can land a threshQ.png onto her then she will get a lot of damage.

-Everytime you are going to autoattack with your threshE.png passive fully charged, then she will probably just use her eyeofthestorm.png. Thats why you should just Autoattack but cancel the autoattack so the auto does not go through.

-Do not get pulled into tower range by her 4.png + reapthewhirlwind.png.





TLDR:Try to abuse her weak laning phase and try to get some kills by killing her, however if the game comes to the late game then222.png will be a huge problem but you are still able to hook her in a teamfight.

222.pnghas a not so great laning phase but her scaling into the late game is really good.

-She has no escape spells so she is a easy target to land your threshQ.png on.

-Watch out for her jinxE.png since you can get CC chained pretty easly and this can lead to a kill for the 222.png.

-Also watch out where she is going to ult to start pinging on the map if she is going to snipe somebody of with her jinxR.png.




Difficulty: Medium - Hard
TLDR: Try to predict her jump and Poke carefully 

429.png has a really strong laning phase and her mid game is really good too.

429.png is thanks to her passive really mobile and she will most of the time just dodge her hook so you need to think ahead and try to predict where she is going to jump and try to get her. Poking 429.png will be hard since she has a lot of dmg. This matchup is hard because of her strong laning phase and the ability to dodge your hook.

Here is an Example Hook



Difficulty: Easy

TLDR:Weak laning phase,strong late game, abuse his weak laning phase

96.png is a really unmobile champion but has a extremly good late game and is a tank shreeder but his laning is not really good. Use this to your advantage and try to flay him and try to hook him everytime your hook is back up since he has no escape from your hook except his flash.




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR: Cancel the leonazenithblade.png and poke her with autos and always stay by your ADC.
89.png has great all in potential at all stages but especially at lvl2 and lvl6.

How2play: At lvl1 try to Poke 89.png with your Auto attacks and your E. After lvl2 try to stay on your ADC since you need to cancel the leonazenithblade.png of 89.png in order to win this matchup. If you cant cancel the leonazenithblade.png then you or your ADC will get a lot of dmg and thats why you should stay on your ADC and save your E to cancel the leonazenithblade.png. Watch out for her lvl 6 burst.

Here is an example leonazenithblade.png cancel:




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR: He will use his lucianE.png to avoid your threshQ.png. Maybe you can land a madlife hook onto him but just try to delay your threshQ.png as much as possible.

236.pnghas a good laning phase and a good mid too but has a short range.

-He will just use his lucianE.png as soon as he hears your Q so you can try to predict it and try to land a sick madlife hook.

-Just walk up to him and use your threshE.png and delay your threshQ.png as much as possible.

-You can interrupt his lucianE.png with your threshE.png but it is really hard.

Here are some example lucianE.png predicts:


Miss Fortune



TLDR: Not really mobile so try to use your threshQ.png on her but be aware of her really good teamfighting and try to interrupt her missfortunebullettime.png with your threshQ.png or threshE.png 

21.png is now in Patch 2.22 a really good teamfighter but her laning phase is also not that bad but she has no excap spell.

-21.png has no escape spell and no in build tankyness, so just abuse the fact and try to land some threshQ.png on her.

-Try to interrupt her ult missfortunebullettime.png with your threshQ.png or threshE.png if she uses it.

-Try not to get close to one of your minions with low HP, because of her missfortunericochetshot.png.

-As always try to push for the level 2 early and try to get an early first blood.




Difficulty:  Easy-Medium

TLDR: Just try to hook the ADC from the fog of war and use the brushes in order to land a threshQ.png.

25.png has a good amount of cc with her darkbindingmissile.png andsoulshackles.png and her blackshield.png negates any CC effect.

-25.pngblackshield.png can just block your threshQ.png but if she times it bad then you are still able to get the hook through and do a lot of dmg onto the ADC or 25.png.
-I talked a bit about to fake your movement in the tips and tricks section and here it comes really useful just let them think that you are going onto the 25.png or the ADC and then hook the other champ in order to land a save threshQ.png.
-Watch out for her darkbindingmissile.png when you try to poke her.
-Push for the lvl 2 advantage. 




Difficulty: Easy-Medium

TLDR: Use the brushes and try to land a threshQ.png onto her but stay a bit more passive if you see something like 267.png+51.png

267.pnghas good sustain with her namiW.png and also has her namiQ.png and namiR.png to engage fights but she has Mana problems and she is also really squishy too.

-As against any squishy champ, just try to land a threshE.png and threshQ.png onto her and watch her cry.

-If you miss your threshQ.png she will probably punish you for your mistake with her namiQ.png.

-267.png is a really good champion together with a long range ADC like 51.png, this bot lane is really good in punishing your mistakes and you can not alow it to miss a threshQ.png in this lane, otherwise they will deal a lot of damage onto you.




Difficulty: Medium
TLDR: Just try to poke him with your fully charged threshE.png passive and just let him auto push with his nautilussplashzone.png and try to setup ganks for your jungler.

111.png is pretty tanky and also has really good damage with his nautilussplashzone.png and also has some good engaging options with his nautilusanchordrag.png and also has some single target lockdown with his nautilusgrandline.png.

-Try to always poke him with your fully chargedthreshE.png passive and if you do that, then he will just use his nautilussplashzone.png so just try to walk away from him.

-111.png will auto push if he uses his nautilussplashzone.png so you can setup some jungle ganks with your threshW.png.

-Try to push for an early lvl2 but remember that his lvl2 with his nautilusanchordrag.png and nautilussplashzone.png is also really good.

-111.png  nautilusanchordrag.png has a  pretty stupid range so watch out for that.




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR:His only lane presence ability is his shenshadowdash.png, if he wastes this ability then just punish him for this mistake.

98.pnghas with his shenshadowdash.png good CC and has global presence with his shenstandunited.png.He is also pretty tanky.

-If you are going to land a threshQ.png onto the enemy ADC then the 98.png is just going to use his shenshadowdash.png onto your ADC.

-The only problem with 98.png can be his  shenshadowdash.png , if you se him wasting this ability then try to punish him or the ADC for this mistake.

-shenstandunited.png has a 3min CD at lvl1
                a 150s CD at lvl2

              and a 2min CD at lvl3

Remember that.





TLDR:You need to play around her spellshield.png and punish her mistakes in order to win the lane. You also need to be patient with your threshQ.png.

15.png has a lot of AOE damage with her spiralblade.png and ricochet.png and her onthehunt.png is also really great but she has a short range.

-Try to walk up to her and use your threshE.png and then wait how she reacts, because a lot of 15.png players will just panick and just randomly use their spellshield.png and if they to, you just wait for it to go off and then you throw out your threshQ.png.

-If she does not use her spellshield.png then she is probably a good 15.png player and you also do not need to throw out your threshQ.png since she is just going to spellshield.png anyways.

-Just wati with your threshQ.png until you see her doing a mistake and just randomly use her spellshield.png and then try to go in.




Difficulty: Easy - Medium

TLDR:Focus her and try to get her with your threshQ.png but watch out for her poke with her sonahymnofvalor.png.

37.pnghas good poke with her sonahymnofvalor.png and good sustain with her sonaariaofperseverance.png and her teamfighting is also really good with her sonacrescendo.png but she is really squishy.

-37.png is really squishy and has no escape spells so just try to land a threshQ.png and blow her summoners, or to get a kill onto her.

-Her poke with her sonahymnofvalor.png is really good and it also outranges your autoattack range so watch out for it.




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR: Try to focus down the 16.png adn do not go on the enmy ADC since you will just lose the trade, because of theastralblessing.png.

16.png has global presence with her wish.png adn also has good teamfighting with her astralblessing.png and her aoe silence infuse.png, but she is still squishy.

-You gotta focus 16.png. it does not bring anyathing if you are going full ham on the enemy ADC since he will just be full life because of 16.png adn you will just lose the lane.

-Try to get 16.png with your threshQ.png at every stage on the, and try to do as much damage as possible.

-16.png has not really great roams but she has her wish.png so if you are roaming always keep this spell in mind.


Tahm Kench


Difficulty: Hard
TLDR:Try to get him at lvl2 and try to poke him or punish him if he dosent have his tahmkenchW.png up

223.pnghas pretty good dmg and can saves his allys with histahmkenchW.png

In this matchup you need to push for a lvl2 advantage and try to kill him or his ADC when they are lvl1 because it will be hard to kill the ADC since 223.png can just use his tahmkenchW.png to save the ADC even if he gets hooked. Thats why you should focus on 223.png and try to poke him.
His base dmg is really strong and it is also one reason why this guy gets banned so often so you gotta watch out for it.




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR:Punish him when he has used his E.

-Watchout for his quick harrass combo with his E and his two autos and if he does not go for you then just peel him away from your ADC

-Watchout for his Ultimate since it can block a lot of your damage if you use your spells at the wrong time so remember that you have a 2.5 second time window in which you can still inflict damage onto the enemy.

-Just try to get the ADC and dont go on him.

-If he stuns your ADC then just try to peel for your ADC or try to land a threshQ.png on the enemy ADC.




Just Dodge the game.

To broken that champ.






TLDR:Try to get her in the laning phase, because she will just destroy in the later stages of the game since she is super safe.

18.pnghas an ok laning phase but shines in the mid to late game with her good range.

-She has her rocketjump.png but she can not really use it to escape your threshQ.png because of the short wind up animation so she will use it after she got hooked by you.

-Try to interrupt her rocketjump.png with your threshE.png so she need to blow 4.png or just get some massive damage.

-At level 6 she has some really good burst damage with her detonatingshot.png and bustershot.png so watch out for that.




Difficulty: Easy

TLDR:Try to get him with your threshQ.png and inform your team if he is missing.

29.pnghas a really bad laning phase but with his twitchQ.png he is able to get some sneaky kills.

-29.png has a really bad laning phase. Just focus him and try to het him with your threshE.png and threshQ.png and do this all over again and watch him cry.

-Always have one pink for 29.png in your bag for his twitchQ.png.

-Also try to inform your team if 29.png is missing so he does not snowball of some kills.




Difficulty: Easy

TLDR: Watch out for his varusq.png and just try to get him with your threshQ.png.

110.png is not really mobile but he has some really good poke damage.

-Just get him with your threshE.png and threshQ.png and just watch him cry.

-Just watch out for his varusq.png adn you are good to go.





TLDR: Try to abuse her weak early game and try to hook her.Later on try 2 ward for your ADC.

67.png Has a not so great laning Phase but her late game is really good.

-Most 67.png players will just try to sidestep your hook so try to place your hook a little bit back.
-You should abuse the fact that the 67.png laning phase is not really good and try to use the bush and go on her and try to threshE.png and threshQ.png her.
-67.png players will most likely save their vaynetumble.png to dodge your threshQ.png so if the 67.png used her vaynetumble.png she has no other escape spell so its easier to land the threshE.png+threshQ.png.
-Around the time the 67.png has her 3153.png you should try to ward around your bot lane since the 67.png will try to 1 on 1 your enemy ADC.





TLDR: try to hook 161.png and then try to kill him. 

161.png has a good amount of dmg but he is really squishy.

Not a really hard matchup. 
-If you land one hook onto him then he needs to flash away since he has no Hp and Resistences and even if he flashes you should be able to get a kill onto him.
-Just watch out for his lvl 6 burst dmg combo.
-Just try to focus him and land a hook onto him and he will die or they will lose their pressure.




Difficulty: Medium

TLDR:She is really squishy and one threshQ.png and she will lose a lot, but just watch out for her damage out put.

143.pnghas a really good damage out put but she is really squishy.

-143.png has no real escape spell and she is really squishy so just try to get her with your threshQ.png and watch her cry.

-If you are not able to land a threshQ.png onto her then she is just going to do some damage onto you and you get zoned of the wave so try to be patient with your threshQ.png.

-Try to push for an early first blood onto her and always focus her down.

Boots Back to Top

These are the Boots that you can choose of:

3009.png ,3117.png and 3158.png


Go for the 3009.png if you want to a consistant movement speed in and outside of fights and the enemy has a lot of slows.
Go for the 3158.png if you are looking for the 45% CDR to spam hooks.
Go for the 3117.png if you want to roam a lot.

Here are some detailed discussions about the Boots.

Mobi-Boots VS Ionian-Boots

3117.png VS 3158.png
There are some people who are buying the 3158.png and I just wanna talk about the pros and cons of this item.
-You get 10% CDR so you can get the 40%  really fast.(not as fast anymore)
-More Hooks(you can hook more often)also Lantern gets sooner up
-Great Mid game team fights
-You get 10% CDR on your Summoner Spell with the Insight mastery this brings your Summoner Spells CDR to 25% which is a lot.

-Limited roaming options
-There is a 40% CDR cap which means that if you buy have 2 much CDR you are gonna waste some stats that you have.With my build you will get the 40% later on anyways and its also pretty fast.

My opinion:
The 3117.png are really good for roaming and in my opinion its really important to roam as a supporter and if you have the 3158.png you are limited in your roaming options but your mid game team fighting power is really good but you will lose in global presence.

Both are really good and viable and it depends on your personal preference.

Roaming and CDR are both really important as a Support so just pick the boots that you like best.

Mobi-Boots VS Swiftness-Boots

-Good mobility in and outside combat
-Great against enemy combs which have a lot of slows
-Really good mobility outside of combat(really good roaming potential)
-Will lose their effects in fights

If your main goal is to roam around the map and create a lot of plays around the map then the 3117.png are your best bet.
But if you are playing against a lot of slows or dont really want to invest a lot of time into roaming then the 3009.pngare your option to go with

RIP Boots Enchantments -_- Patch 6.9

Now to the different Enchantments.

Which Boots upgrade should I pick?

TLDR: Go for the Alacrity enchantment since it boost your map presence and roaming abilities

Alacrity1306.png : In my opinion the best upgrade. The extra movement speed just helps you so much in terms of roaming and team fighting presence and also close gaps is way easier with this upgrade.

Distortion1308.png:You do not really need the Summoner Spell cooldown reduction on 412.png and the Movement Speed is way better in my opinion.

Furor1305.png: You do not need this upgrade since you are not an ADC or an damage dealer. You rather want the constant Movement speed from Alacrity than from the Furor.

Captain1307.png: If you are the initiator then those boots can help your team a lot since they get a lot of Movement Speed from it. You can switch your upgrades late game to the Captain upgrade since it helps in some late game teamfights. It is viable, still prefer the Movement Speed from the Alacrity Boots since it gives you the Movements to carry the game.

The Keystone Masteries Back to Top

I think that the Keystone Masteries deserve their own section.
But which one should you pick?
You have the Option between:

Bond of Stone latest?cb=20151103095111

Thunderlord's Decree latest?cb=20151103094742

Bond of Stone latest?cb=20151103095111

This is the safest Keystone mastery to pick on 412.png. It does not matter if you are an aggressive or an passive player since the Bond of Stone favors both of them a lot. It is mainly just because of the 4% Damage Reduction that you get. This is a permanent stat that not only makes you a lot more safer in lane and in general, it also enables you to play even more aggressive since you will get reduced damage.

Generally try to pick this if you are playing with an hyper carry to just support the hyper carry even more and take this if you think that you will not have any kill pressure on the lane that you are playing against.

Thunderlord's Decree  latest?cb=20151103094742

This Keystone favors aggressive players a lot since it will increase you burst especially in the laning phase. However you will be fairly squishy and the effect of Thunderlord's is not that great in the late game at least as an supporter.

Generally you can pick this if you are playing with an aggressive ADC or a lane bully such as 236.png or 429.png since Thunderlord's will increase you damage output and will let you win the trades more easily. If you are playing with a hyper carry however then I would not consider going Thunderlord's since you can not really make any profit out of your Keystone Mastery and in that scenario it would be better to just go for Bond of Stone.

Why Thresh???? Back to Top

Why Thresh???

412.png is a Supporter which has a lot of pick potential with his threshQ.png and also is able to peel for you carries with his threshW.png and with histhreshE.png and with his threshR.png he is able to disengage. 412.png has basicly everything what a Support needs but he needs some mechanics in order to play him on a good level. Landing his threshQ.png, using his threshW.png at the right time, threshE.png at the right time and using threshR.png at the right time for all of those things you need some mechanics but those mechanics comes with the time.


-Has no real counterpick(can be blind picked easily)
-Really fun to play
-Can creat really good plays (is a really good playmaker)
-Can be played on a aggressive style or a passive style
-Great pick potential/Really good roams

-His spells can be used to engage or to disengage
-Can save allies that should be dead with his threshW.png(One of the best abilities in the game)


-Mechanics are needed (but those come with the time)

-Has a Skillshot

So if you are wondering which support you should play or just look to expand you championpool with some good champs that you can always play then is 412.png a really good champion to pick up since he is a really fun to play champion and also a really good champion in terms of the meta and I know that he is a hard champion and that you need some mechanics in order to play him on a good level but with some experience you should be able to play him on a good level and I think an really important factor is that you should have fun while playing a champion and  playing 412.png makes a lot of fun especially if you are really good at him :).

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Use your threshE.png and then you use your threshQ.png

This is the most important thing to know when playing 412.png!!!

Maybe this trick is a bit obvious but many people do not use this trick (if you can call this a trick) at all.
Just use your threshE.png and then you use your threshQ.png since its so much easier to land your hook if the target you want to hook is CCed(You will just get an point blank hook.

1. Interrupt spells with your Flay

Canceling other abilitys with the flay is in some situations hard but I am pretty sure everyone can do it with some experience on 412.png. This trick is really important in a lot of matchups such as the 89.png matchup.

Here are some Examples on what spells you are able to interrupt with your flay.

You can interrupt every dash like from 104.png79.png236.png

Here are the ability's that you are able to cancel with your threshE.png from easy to hard:


42.pngCorki's carpetbomb.png is really slow so you have a lot of time to cancel it.

51.pngCaitlyn's caitlynentrapment.png is also really slow so you have a lot of time to punish.

59.pngJarvan's E-Q Combo is also not that fast since he need to put his flag down first.

254.pngVi's viQ.png also can be canceled easily since she needs to charge it a bit.

89.pngLeona's leonazenithblade.png is also not that fast. As soon as you see her leonazenithblade.png just use your threshE.png into her diretion and you should be able to cancel it.

18.pngTristana's rocketjump.png also is not that fast and you can cancel it as soon as you hear her jumping.

121.pngKha Zix's khazixE.png is almost the same as the rocketjump.png from 18.png.

266.pngAatrox's aatroxQ.png is also punishable but it is a fast ability but he flies for short amount of time into the air straight up and then travels to the targeted location and that is you time to punish it.

23.pngTryndamere's slashcast.png is also not really that fast so you have some time to punish it.


92.pngRiven's third strike of riventricleave.png can be canceled. just wait for her to use her first two riventricleave.png and then try to punish it. You can also cancel the first two strikes of riventricleave.png and her rivenfeint.png but those are hard to pull of and are not as significant.

64.pngLee Sin's second hit of his blindmonkqone.png and his blindmonkwone.png can be canceled. He flies really fast but his blindmonkqone.png has a  mark which shows you where he is going to go to.

102.pngShyvanna's  shyvanatransformcast.png can be canceled. Before she uses her ult she is going to let out a roar. that is the time in which you need to use your threshE.png.

79.pngGragas's gragasbodyslam.png is slow but most of the time he will try to use it in a combination with his 4.png watch out for 

126.pngJayce's jayceQ.png can be canceled. It comes out fast but he will use it mist of the time directly after he switched from his cannon form into his hammer form so be ready.

80.pngPantheon's pantheon_leapbash.png is also not really that fast but it does not have a big range but you are still able to punish it.

32.pngAmumu's bandagetoss.png can also be canceled but if you are the one getting hit by his bandage then you can not cancel it.

150.pngGnar's gnarE.png both in his mini form and in his mega form can be canceled. Also if he is going to hit 100 Rage before a teamfight then he will probably try to jump to your team. You can cancel that jump also if he is going to jump onto a minion then it will be much easier for you to cancel the jump. 

131.pngDiana's dianaR.png can be cancel but it is really fast. But most of the time she will use her dianaQ.png before she uses her dianaR.png so try to use your threshE.png after her dianaQ.png.

98.pngShen's shenshadowdash.png is not really that fast and can be canceled fairly easily but do not get hit by the shenshadowdash.png otherwise you can not cancel the dash. Best to use this trick is when is is going to taunt you then you can react much faster to it then if he is going to dash away.

24.pngJax's jaxleapstrike.png is also not that fast but most of the time he will also use his jaxcounterstrike.png before he jumps so as soon as you see his jaxcounterstrike.png you can prepare yourself to cancel the jaxleapstrike.png.

113.pngSejuani's sejuaniarcticassault.png is not really that fast but it has a big hitbox so watch out for that.

Hard(This is all about predictions):

201.pngBraum's braumW.png can be canceled but it comes out fast but most of the time he will try to use it to get out of a fight so try to use this information to your advantage.

7.pngLeBlanc's leblancslide.png is also really fast can just be predicted. Most of the time she will try to use it after her leblancchaosorb.png or to get out of a sticky situation.

76.pngNidalee's Pounce comes out fast but she will most likely jump onto the target that has her Mark so try to stany in front of the person with the Mark and try to cancel it.

107.png Rengar's jumps can be canceled but they come out fairly fast and if you do not have vision of him while he is in a brush then it will be even harder to cancel it.

84.pngAkali's akalishadowdance.png comes out really fast but if you can see her while she is in her akalismokebomb.png with a 2043.png then you can maybe try to cancel it but it is really hard.

103.pngAhri's ahritumble.png comes out really fast. You can just try to predict it.

39.pngIrelia'sireliagatotsu.png comes out really fast but a lot of times she will try to use it onto a low health minion or champion so try to stand in front of the minion or the champion and try to use your threshE.png to cancel her ireliagatotsu.png.

78.png Poppy's poppyheroiccharge.png can be canceled but it comes out really fast so you can just try to predict it. She obviously want's to pin a champ into a wall so try to use this information to your Information.

67.png Vayne's vaynetumble.png comes out really fast. You can just try to predict it.

62.pngWunkong's monkeykingnimbus.png comes out really fast so you can just try to predict it. Most of the time he will use his monkeykingdecoy.png before he uses his monkeykingnimbus.png so try to remember that.

58.pngRenekton's renektonsliceanddice.png comes out really fast so you can just try to predict it.

133.pngQuinn's quinnE.png comes out really fast you can just try to predict it. Most of the time she will try to reset her Passive mark with the quinnE.png so try to remember.

236.pngLucian'slucianE.png comes out really fast so you can just try to predict it.

245.pngEkko's ekkoE.png comes out really fast so you can just try to predict it.

Here are some Examples from me.

Corki W-interrupt

Jarvan Flag and drag combo

There are ofc some more things that you can cancel but these are just some examples to show you what you are able to do with this champ.

2.Fake your hook or better fake your movement

Make the impression that you are going for the ADC but instead you go for the Support to catch him offguard(or the other way around).

With this trick you are also going to increase your accuracy on your hook and you will most likely hit since the target that you are going to hook will most likely not sidestep.

Here an Example. I face into the direction of 67.png but hook the 16.png instead.

Here is a in my opinion bad example

3.Try to delay your threshQ.png as much as possible

Also called slowrolling

People always try to sidestep your threshQ.png as soon as they hear your death sentence.

Your threshQ.png has a little cast animation and in that time people are usually trying to sidestep your hook because of that you should throw out your threshQ.png and try to watch how your Enemy reacts to the hook because people usually use the same pattern all the time and if you see that he is sidestepping your hook then just delay your threshQ.png and walk up to the enemy and threshE.png him or her and then threshQ.png him or her.
Or you just predict the sidestep and throw out your threshQ.png a little bit back and try to get the enemy that way.

Either way just try to delay your hook and wait that other CC connects like for an example a 79.png gragasbodyslam.png. Its so much easier to land your threshQ.png if the target is already CCed So just delay your threshQ.png as much as possible.

This video from Jeremy explains "slowrolling" and what that is really well which is basically what I tried to explain:


4.Your threshQ.png is a 1.5 seconds Stun

If you hit someone with your threshQ.png then it will stun the enemy and will pull the enemy 2 times!!! to you. So you should try to wait as long as possible to get the most of of your CC.

5.Lantern to pick up souls

A lot of people know that one already but some may not know that. Your threshW.png can pick up Souls and this is especially useful in the laing phase and to get the souls from the jungle monsters.

6.Lantern can block you and your enemy's

You can block the path of an enemy by throwing your lantern since the lantern itself is an terrain. But be aware that you can block yourself and your allies with it.

7.Throwing your threshQ.png into an low health minion

If you are seeing an low health minion and you are sure that your ADC is going to hit that minion next then you can throw the threshQ.png into that minion that will die and you will catch an enemy off guard if an enemy champion is standing behind that minion.

8.You can bait the enemy's with your threshW.png

If your enemy's sees a 412.png using his threshW.png backwards then they probably know that some is coming and try to run away from you as soon as possible and a lot of players will panic because of this and will probably dodge spells less likely and you are able to land your threshQ.png more easily.  

This Video from Hanjaro shows this trick


Warding Back to Top

Here are some Warding Spots for the Blue Side laning phase:

Warding spots Blue Side.jpg

And Here are some Warding Spots for the Red Side laning phase:
Warding spots Red Side.jpg

Note that most of the time the tribrush is pink warded so try to check it with your threshW.png before you ward it.

Here are some general Warding Spots for the Blue Side:
Blue Side Warding.jpg

Here are some general Warding Spots for the Red Side:

Synergy with ADC Back to Top

In this section I am going to rate the synergy between 412.png and the AD carrys.
I rate the synergy by giving them points from 0 to 10.

429.png10/10 Very good

  • The synergy between 429.png and 412.png is really great since 412.png is able to use the passive effect of kalistaW.png in order to deal even more dmg and 412.png is also able to use the ultimate of 429.png effectively to engage fights or to disengage fights and saving kalista with the threshW.png.
  • A really good lane and really terrible to play against.
  • One of the best lane buddys that exist in the game for 412.png but currently she is not that strong anymore.
  • Prefer Thunderlords in this lane for more dmg-

236.png 9/10 Very good 

  • Both 236.png and 412.png have really good poking cape abilities and also have a really good all in potential with the burst from 236.png and their long range abilities such as lucianR.png and threshQ.png.
  • Both have tools to disengage in fight with lucianE.png and threshW.png,threshR.png.
  • Prefer Thunderlords in this lane for more dmg.

21.png 7/10 Really good

  •  Both of them have good poke and also a great all in potential with her ultimate missfortunebullettime.png.
  • She is not really mobile but your threshW.png can get her out of sticky situations and with yourthreshQ.pngthreshE.png and threshR.png you can keep all enemies away from 21.png in a teamfight.
  • Prefer Thunderlords in this lane for more damage.

119.png 7/10  Good - Really Good

  • Both champs have a really good laning phase and both of them really want to all in the enemys.
  • At later levels you can 100 to 0 some targets with this lane buddy+
  • This lane can snowball out of control if you are able to give this guy some kills.
  • 119.png is not a really mobile champion but 412.png has great peeling abilities to keep 119.png safe from the enemies.
  • Recommend Thunderlords for more burst in lane

222.png 7/10 Good/Really Good

  • Catching someone with your threshQ.png results in 222.png using her jinxE.png onto the enemy which keeps the enemys perma CCed which leds into some easy kills.
  • She is not really mobile but you are able to peel really well for 222.png with yourthreshW.pngthreshE.png and threshR.png.
  • Her laning phase is not really great but if you can make some good catches then you can snowball pretty hard with 222.png.
  • Recommend using the Bond of Stone masterie since the laning phase of 222.png is not really that great but her late game is really strong.

104.png 7/10 Good/ Really Good

  • Both 104.png and 412.png have a really strong laning phase and are able to creat a lot of pressure onto the enemys in the laning phase.
  • Both champs have really strong all in´s especially at level 6 you can insta burst squishy targets.
  • The W of 104.png gravessmokegrenade.png is really good in combination with the CC from 412.png so you can deny trades from the enemys since they can not see you.
  • Suggest you go for Thunderlords for some more burst damage

96.png 7/10  Good/ Really Good

  • 412.png is able to peel for 96.png really well which is needed if you play with a 96.png
  • 96.png has not a really good laning phase however 412.png does have a good laning phase and he is able to carry 96.png throught he laning phase
  • 412.png has a lot of CC with which he is able to lock down the enemies while 96.png is destroying the enemys with his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png and kogmawlivingartillery.png

51.png6/10 Good

  • Both have a really good laning phase especially 51.png with her long range. It is a lane where you are able to poke really well.
  • Use her good early game to your advantage and try to do some plays at that area at the game since she is not really that great at the mid game.
  • Try to peel for her if someone is engaging onto her.
  • Prefer Thunderlords since 51.png has a really strong laning phase

42.png6/10 Good

  • At the moment he is a really strong ADC especially in the mid game however his late and early game are not that great so it will be harder to do some plays with this guy together.
  • Both of you have good poke and at level 6 you both have a really good chance of all ining the enemys since 42.png will do a lot of damage with his missilebarrage.png and 3057.png.
  • Needs his 3057.png and  3078.png in order to to some damage.
  • When he has his package then it is your time to engagte onto the enemy and get a kill
  • Prefer Thunderlords in this lane for more burst and poke in this lane.

81.png6/10 Good

  • A lot of 81.png a now playing the blue build with the 3070.png and the 3025.png which has good poke later on but in the laning phase 81.png just wants to stack up his 3070.png so it will end up in a passive lane.
  • If 81.png however goes for the ADC build with 3508.png and 3078.png then you are able to make some more plays at the early and mid game.
  • Both of you have decent poke with ezrealmysticshot.png and your autos and threshE.png.
  • Both of you have an decent all in which needs your CC in order to work.
  • Prefer Thunderlords in this lane for more poke damage.

18.png 6/10 Good

  • Her late game is really good but her early and mid game are not really that great.
  • Most of her damage in the early game comes from her detonatingshot.png but in order to fully charge it she gonna need your CC in order to deal some damage.
  • At level 6 you have a really good all in since her bustershot.png does a lot of damage at the early stages of the game.
  • Prefer Bond of Stone since her laning phase is fairly "weak" considered to other ADC.

15.png6/10 Good

  • She has not a really long range but with her spiralblade.png she is able to do some poke damage.
  • She has decent all ins but with 15.png you usally want to just play passively the whole laing phase.
  • She has no real escape spell besides her spellshield.png so it is important to peel for her.
  • With her ultimate onthehunt.png you are able to position your self into a position in which it is safer to land your skills which may lead into some kills.
  • Both of you are really good at catching people with all the CC of 412.png and the ult of 15.png.
  • Prefer Bond of Stone since this is a more passive lane.

22.png 5/10 Good/Average

  • She has good poke with her asheW.png but besides of that she has nothing else, sure she has her asheQ.png but this ability is not really that strong in the laning phase and most importantly for trading.
  • At level 6 you have a really good all in potential with her asheR.png and your whole CC. You do not have that much burst but you two have a lot of CC to make up for it.
  • You need to peel for her since she has no escape spell besides her 4.png.
  • Prefer Bond of Stone since she is a more passive laner.

67.png 5/10 Good/Average

  • 67.png has a really good late game but her laing phase is not really that great.
  • Atm the most popular ADC are lane bullys that are really good against 67.png so it is hard to win the laning phase with this ADC.
  • She has her vaynecondemn.png which can stun an enemy and lets you land your CC more easily.
  • To all in with a 67.png will be really hard since she has no burst and no real hard CC, she has her vaynecondemn.png but it is not the same as lets say an asheR.png or missfortunescattershot.png.
  • Prefer Bond of Stone to help 67.png a bit to survive the laning phase.

110.png 4/10 Ok

  • He is not a really popular ADC.
  • He has some good poke with his varusq.png.
  • He has no escapes so it is your job to peel for this guy.
  • At level 6 you both have a really good chance to go all in with the ult of 110.pngvarusr.png.The snare of the ult of 110.png lets you land your CC more easily.
  • Prefer Bond of Stone since he is not really that strong compared to other ADC.

29.png 3/10 Ok/Mehhh

  • Has not such a good laning phase but he is really good in catching people off guard.
  • If you are able to land your CC then he is able to do some OK damage off.
  • Try to play a bit more passivly and try to survive the laing phase with this rat.
  • Prefer Bond of Stone to have a much safe laing phase and to help 29.png a bit out.

133.png6/10 Good

  • You do not see her very often as an ADC but she has a good laing phase with 412.png together.
  • With her quinnE.png it is much easier to land your CC onto the enemy.
  • She has no real escape spell so it is your job again to peel for your ADC.
  • Whenever you are engaging onto someone 133.png is able to follow you and dish out her damage aswell.
  • Prefer Thunderlords for more burst in lane.

82.png,6.png Are coming next.

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Here is a Montage that I made

Not the best editing but still fine i guess ^^


Patch Notes / Changes to Thresh Back to Top

In this section I am gonna inform you guys with the changes to 412.png that happen in the patch notes.


412.png got a buff to his Passive and his W


This is just a nice little change which will increase your armor and the shield from the threshW.png power


The Ap ratio got removed but instead the threshW.png gains +1 shield for every soul which raises the utility that Thresh has.

This Graph also shows how much more shield 412.png gains from the new scaling so this is a really good buff for 412.png and thanks a lot to IcyPhoenix who provided this amazing Graph.


Last words Back to Top

-I will try to make some more videos to show some example hooks or tricks.

-Remember please that this guide is not finished yet there is still so much missing since creating this guide takes so much time so please understand that and I will try to do my best in completing this guide  ^^

-Since I am constantly playing this game I will always update this guide so there will be constant updates.

-If you find any language/grammar errors then inform me please I am not perfect ^^.

-If you have some questions on the guide or on 412.png or Support in general then you can just write a comment and I will try as best as I can to answer your question ^^.

Ingame Name : HookedOnThresh(EUW)

Thanks for reading this guide and if you see any mistake or have any questions then just write a comment and I would also appreciate it if you would give me a thumps up or down if you liked the guide or not. This would be really great thanks guys ^^.

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