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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Choice 1:

I choose ignite in 99.9% of my games the reason being is kill pressure ignite halves the effectiveness of 7.png and allows you to kill the enemy laners a lot easier than 3.png would allow. It creates snowball potential and with the current state of the game snowball potential is huge.

Choice 2:

Now don't get me wrong exhaust can be great and it does scale better than 14.png however it doesn't provide the amount of kill pressure that 14.png does, if you have been counter picked and know that 14.png will have no increase in your kill pressure then 3.png is the choice you should go. Situations you should take exhaust in are lanes such as
 1.png119.png vs 412.png67.png or 21.png63.png vs 412.png29.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


I take 0/18/12 instead of 0/12/18 for the same reason you take ignite over exhaust KILL PRESSURE, quite simply thunderlords helps you kill people faster than any other mastery and therefore you take it. 

The rest of the page is pretty self explanatory you can swap bandit for dangerous game and veteran's scars for runic armor depending on your own playstyle and preference but it generally wont make that much difference. 

You can take 0/12/18 with bond of stone when you take the second choice of summoner spells if you feel the need.

Abilities Back to Top


Q - Death Sentence:

Im quite sure i could be like every other guide here and show an explanation of the skill and start with 'thresh q is his bread and butter skill blah blah blah but quite frankly i am quite sure if your reading this you know how it works. 

The real reason you max q is because you are rushing 45 % cdr  at max rank q has a 12 second cooldown which turns to 9 seconds if you actually hit someone (pretty much the main aim of the skill to actually hit someone) 9 seconds reduced by 45 % cdr gives you a hook cd of 4.95 seconds of which they are stunned for 1.5 seconds. This gives your opponent you just hit 3.5 seconds before he can be hooked again ( I dont know about you but a 1.5 second stun on a 3.5 second cool down seems pretty balanced to me this isn't considering the fact that if you flay someone into your box or something like jinx traps they are guaranteed to be hit again).

W - Dark Passage:

I sometimes max this second for the larger shield + lower cooldown generally if im behind or i feel im going to need to use this a lot to help my team from getting caught however i prefer flay for the higher poke damage and the possibility of continuous cc and peel. Also please refrain from using this to collect souls unless you can 100% guarantee you wont need it before the cooldown is back up such as when you are about to back under your turret or something.

E - Flay

The real ability that defines the skill of a thresh player to many that statement may come as a surprise but i assure you it is true. Flay has many uses, in lane you generally want to flay to set up q and or peel off gap closers like leona leonazenithblade.png and alistar headbutt.png . The direction you choose to flay is also incredibly important sometimes you need to angle your e so that they will hit some cc such as veigareventhorizon.png or jinxE.png or caitlynyordletrap.png etcetera you also need to keep in mind where your adc is positioned in teamfights you want to flay people in the opposite direction of your adc which isnt always necessarily good for you but it may allow the adc 2 or 3 more crucial auto attacks.

R - The Box

Max this whenever possible the box is a great disengage/ high damage cc tool and can be combined with your other abilities to make a deadly combo. 

There will be a more in depth explanation of ability usage below! 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start never needs to be changed better than all other alternatives.

Core Items

    Locket is almost always worth buying even into teams with only 1 ap or sometimes even if they have no ap's the team shield is just so good! Face of the mountain shield for further protection of your adc. Locket + FoTM + Lanturn gives your adc such a huge shield which can provide the time for him and you to peel and kill almost any person that just tried to assassinate him. Sightstone is for obvious reasons and should be bought on your first back combined with sweeper + pink. Vision denial to create face checks is your best friend when playing thresh trust me.
    This is what my general 'FULL' build would look like if the game ever got this far, but it generally doesn't. Pinks are so valuable and should be replaced every back till your final item which will either be mikaels, zekes or another defensive item. You generally want to put off buying your sixth item until you can buy it outright because otherwise you will have no pink wards and half an item which is just not worth. It also gives you 45% cdr which is just amazing when playing thresh and chaining hook into flay into hook over and over on the same person is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world!

Situational Items

    If the enemy team has lots of cc and or a cc that needs to be qss'd instantly buy mikaels as a rushed first or second item. This item should be used vs warwick, malzahar, sejuani, amumu etc. In some cases it doesn't need to be rushed depending on the flow of the game and if your adc already has qss. If your adc has qss you may still get this item but would want to get it later and not as a rush.
    A very cheap high armor item useful for if the enemy has lots of ad and no magic damage doesn't need to be built early and you should prioritize Frozen Heart over this since getting 45% cdr is so valuable on Thresh.
    This item is good after your core if your adc is playing a build with less crit, generally this happens when laning with kalista and vayne but it can happen with any adc it doesn't have to be built but can have good synergy with the triple lifesteal builds that are usually bought by kal and vayne.
    All of these items have some good uses and can be great items but are generally weaker than the core build I provided, Randuins may be one exception as the active is great as it provides great peel for your adc from threats such as udyr, rammus, singed etc, champions with no gap close but high speed basically. Zz Rot is pretty strong currently and fairly cheap can be used if you are snowballing and need lane pressure to gain map control.
    Item can be bought when your team really lacks engage i would generally buy this item as a 2nd or 3rd buy.

Item Choices:

The item choices i made are generally because i play thresh as a peeling support with pick and engage potential.
What i mean by this is i generally start teamfights by playing up them retreat back to my support this will be explained further later. 

Match ups below will be completed soon with notes on all and every match up :)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Bard




Medium to Hard:

Alistar will generally either eat the hook for his adc or w-q your adc if his gets hooked. The way you play this lane mainly is to deny their level 2 all in by hitting 2 first, and use hook on alistar to poke him down pre 6, if you do manage to hook the adc position in a way so that you can block his w - q combo with your e do that and you will win the trades enormously fail and you will lose enormously which is why this lane is hard for you. 

Note: Alistar w-q does a hell of a lot of damage so you cannot let your adc 1v1 him whilst you try to 1v1 theirs you will lose that trade.

Note #2: Alistar will q flash or flash q you depending on his skill when A: you are to close to his tower and he can headbutt you in or B: when he is receiving a gank be careful of this.





Early levels you can easily 100 to 0 her with your adc should if she has mispositioned however that also works on the opposite side of the spectrum should you misposition you will get 100 to 0 at level 6 staying far enough away from your adc so that she cannot 4.pnginfernalguardian.png you is important should you snowball early the lane becomes easy to dominate rush locket and you will be fine if they snowball however you better clench your butt cheeks tight and hope your jungler can stop the a*** rape that will proceed. 

Note: its generally the pre level 6 that determines this lane try and rush two and gain first blood in your level 2 all in don't get double stunned if she took incinerate.png first however. 

Note #2: Locket needs to be rushed first in this lane 100% 





Bard is super squishy early however his poke can really hurt if you hit him with q early you can easily 100-0 him with your adc.

Note: You can hook and flay people out of magical journey.

Note #2: Be careful when this guy is mia he might magical journey in with his jungler and set up an easy gank ward the enemies tri brush if possible.

General Timings For Hooks! Back to Top

Timings for hooks:

Remember Hook has .5 second wind up to factor in

3026.png Takes 4 seconds for someone to re-emerge.

12.png Takes 4 seconds for someone to emerge.

chronoshift.png Takes 2 seconds for someone to return from 26.png ultimate(Note: it may be better in some situations to just wait the 5 seconds for the buff to wear off before killing the player).

3157.png Takes 2.5 seconds for someone to return from Zhonyas active.

bardR.png Takes 2.5 seconds for everyone hit by 432.png ultimate to return.

aatroxpassive.png Takes 3 seconds for 266.png to return from his passive.

lissandraR.png Takes 1.5 seconds for an enemy to escape the stun or 2.5 seconds for 127.png herself to return.

How to play thresh effectively! (Incomplete) Back to Top


Generally there are 2 roles that thresh can fulfil in a team and that is as an engager or as  a peeler what role you need to fulfil can change at any given time and can change even mid team fight!

Lane Phase:

During lane phase I generally start by helping my adc rush level 2, proceed to walk up into a position in which i can hook someone just prior to hitting level 2 ( Level 2 is 1 wave + 3 melee creeps i walk up just before the last minion is about to die) try and hook the squishiest target of the two enemies and burst them down with my adc. 

This generally leads to either first blood flash,heal and exhaust used or well nothing if im garbage and miss hook :P
(note if the enemy pushes faster and is about to hit level 2 fall back to safety)

After level 2 i generally poke with ranged flay empowered autos to chunk them and look for any oppurtunity to flay or hook the enemy (Try to get in range of flay to guarantee a hook). 

If my lane is pushed i ward where scuttle would spawn near dragon pit and the brush closest to the enemy tower whilst having my own tri brush warded.

If we are being pushed i have my own tri brush pinked the closest brush and the furthest brush warded if possible (note if you are being shoved in ask your jungler to lane gank and use lanturn + flash flay for an easy engage)

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