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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

i dont think there is much to talk about the flash, so i wont.

the main question is - exhaust3.png or ignite14.png?

so here is the basic - you take ignite when you have kill potentil in lane - and exhuast when you dont.
if you dont have the energy to read everything i will write down - just go by this rule.

and more details - 
to really understand what to take what you need to understand what are the strengthes of each summoner spell.
ignite - really aggressive, more damage and grievous wounds. grievous wounds reduces self heal by 40%, whcih means every heal, hp regen or summoner spell would be redced by ALOT.
exhaust - can be both passive and aggressive.slows the enemy for 30% and reduce his attack speed for the same amount,reduce his armor and magic resistance by 10, and reudce his damage by 40% - which means that while the exhaust si on the champion will do less damage by ALOT.

so, now. after you understand each summoner spell weaknesses and strenthes,you need to start think what to pick.
when deciding what summoner spell to use you need to evaluate a lot of things.

1)your team - especially your lane.

do you have kill potential in lane? do you have engage or disengage comp?

2) enemy team - especially the enemy laners.

do you have kill potential in lane? do they have kill potential in lane?
who are the champs in the enmy team?

3) summoner spells that was taken by your team 

 if you have riven top and leblanc mid, when both are running ignite - it is pointless to take another ignite cuase 3 ignites in one team is just too much. on the other hand - of your mid laner takex exhaust or cleanse - sometimes you jsut need the ignite,

4)the enemy champions 

do they have smth with a lot of HP regen?

if you are facing a mundo, or a volibear, or w/e, they have a lot of HP regen with their passsive or ult. the ignite reduces their HP regen and actually make then much worse. i mean - ignitng a mundo while he ults can make the unkillable scary tank - killable.

do they have champs with self healing?

if you are facing a swain or vladimir or fiddlesticks - ignite can redice their self healing and win you a fight, sometimes the only way to kill someone like swain is to reduce his healing.

do they have smth that you need to redice his damage to stay alive?
if you are facing a zed, or annie, or a brand, sometimes the only counter play is your exhaust.
if you see the enemy team and feel like you will need the damage redude - take it, it can win a game.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masterie aggressive.png

both options are viable, but im usually going 0/12/18 with bond of stone cause i found it better.
go for the 0/18/12 with thunderlord's if you feel like playing aggressive and do more damage, and for ond of stone if you feel like you wnt to. bonf of stone is good in every case.

i wrote what masteries to tke with each adc in the adc synergy section

Abilities Back to Top


im usually going E level 1, and maxing it, but on some builds or situations you are going Q level 1, (invade and such)

and on the cdr thresh build you max your Q and then E.
anyway always max your W last.
if you start with relic shield or more of a poke lane - max E. if you feel like you arre going to engage every time you can - you can max Q for the cd.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    the basic start. unless you have special reason for something else - go with that.
    better for a new thresh. becuase of thresh counts as a melee champion his autos doesnt proc relic shields's passive, so you need to actually kill it with a regulaer auto damage, and its hard for a new thresh.

Core Items

    giving you the wards to become more helpful and gives you the option to be safe in lane. always* get this as soon as you can, and change the trinket to sweeper lens. * - unless you really wanna roam and prefer the boots first, and in that case get a pink ward.
    more gold in lane = more items = more value to the team. also optional to upgrade it later.
    really important item. always have one on the map. with this you provide your team 25% more vision. will talk more about in in the warding part,
    always get this (unless the enemy team is full AD). just so valuable for the team.
    upgrade your trinket to oracle alternation at level 9.

Situational Items

    boots - upgrade them pretty soon, mostly to swiftness. if you feel like the enemy team is stacking hard cc or heavy magic damage get mercury's treads. ninja tabi t a lot of armor, boots of mobility if you feel like boots of swiftness doesnt give you enough movment speed for roaming and such. lucidity boots - ge tthem only if you are going cdr thresh.
    upgrade your aegis to this. i refer the locket cuase it gives more tnakiness and protection for your team - but banner is also good and giving you sie lanes presure which can be really good.
    get one of this as armor item. i usually go frozen heart cuase i find it better with the AS reduce and the cdr' but the sunfire is also fine. dead's man plate is good, but i found frozen heart better becuase thresh usually want this cdr more, but dead's man is optional if you think you are not fast enough. anyway you can get 2 items from here if you like like you need it, or if the enemy team is stacking AD.
    if you feel like the ageis wasnt enough - go for it,
    this item isnt that good anymore, but he still viable if you think that you need that chasing ability.
    if you really need this wave control and side lanes pushing, this item is the way to go.
    you should upgrade your gold item into one of this, i usually run eye of the Equinox. more detalis in the author notes.
    if you are ahead, its a good item to make sure you are still ahead. wouldnt recommnd to run it if you are behind
    example final build

cdr build - if you feel like you have enough tankiness in the team and such, you can go CDR thresh.

you run 3158.png3069.png3110.png,3222.png,3050.png,3060.png (choose 5) and sightstone2049.png of-course.
really fun build and somehow strong becuase all of the hooks you can land.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

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  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Karma
  • Kennen
  • Kindred
  • Kog'Maw




a meduim matchup.

you are both tankier supports with great engage and disenage.
try to harass him with your autos with the fact he is melee.
becareful about his headbutt.png (W) + pulverize.png (Q) combo, and try to zone his adc while he engages.

12.png seting up really good ganks with his flash and Q +W combo, so be aware of that and ward in a safe position.

12.pngalistar disengage is great, with the fact that even if you hook his adc he will just headbutt.png W your adc away, or he will use the W + Q combo and will turn the fight around.

anyway ward as much as you can and try not to get caught during ganks.

dont go close to his tower, his flash 4.png + Q pulverize.png + W headbutt.png to the tower will be able to kill you.
if he used his Q pulverize.png (usually not happening, but still) on minions make sure you are punishing him.

if he engages with his W + Q combo he is pretty much done (beside autos) so sometimes you can turn around on his adc. keep that in min.

sumoner spell: 14.png and 3.png are both good for this matchup, I will explain more in the "ignite or flash" section




pre 6 its really easy. if you hok her she is dead,

post 6 its becoming more interesting, given the fact her burst damage (especially with 14.png) is huge, so even if you hook  her she will be able to turn on you and your adc,
so just play around that. exhaust should make that OK when you reduce her damage.

ward well, she is really good for seting up ganks, especially post 6, but even pre 6. ward and make sure you arent getting caught.

summoner spell: i would usually take exhaust 3.png in this matchup, to reduce annie's damage post 6. ignite 14.png is also a good option if you want to kill her pre 6 .




ashe is not mobile, and not tanky, and that's the key point, usually if you catch er she is dead cuase your cc will preveting her from running while she doesnt have the mobility to escape. 

just becareful of her ult asheR.png cuase it is really good for seting up ganks and for killing your adc while you are roaming.

tips: becareful around her ult but hook her easily.
with the fact she is having lack of mvility you can zone her from farming.

summoner spell: depens on the enemy support. you dont need to exhaust 3.png cuase she doesnt have a lot of burst, and ignite 14.png  gives you a great kill potential. so i would usually run ignite 14.png  in this matchup.




bard is kind of a weird matchup.

he roams better then you (even tho not as much better)
he pokes you to death,
he can set up some EALLY good ganks.
but if you catch him - he is dead,
usually just ward to be safe from ganks, and try to do rotations.

summoner spell: ignite14.png. you jsut really want the kill potential.




really strong, but really squishy. 

as long as you arent getting stunned you should be fine.
anyway his Rbrandwildfire.png bounces so dont stick to your adc in fight, so it wont make full round on you and your adc.
anyway if you catch him he will be dead,

tips: stand behind minions. dont let him stun you,
be a little aggressive, unless you are messing up you should really one him out or be able to catch him.

summoner spell: i would usually run 3.png vs brand.
the reason is that i wanna redice his damage in a lane fights.
14.png ignite is also possible if you are goign to play REALLY aggressive, but i would take exhaust




classic skill match up. really depends on your adc,

you can both die to each other, both setting up good ganks and both with great cc.
make sure to ward safe and not to get caught.

tips: try to EthreshE.png before QthreshQ.png then its harder for him to block your Q with his "stabd behind me".
in fights, always stay in front of your adc so his ult wont knock him up and that his QbraumQ.png wont hit your adc and stun him.

summoner spell: depends on personal playstyle.




her long range kills you.

really hard to hook - and even when you do hook her she have the mobility to escape,
you cant go to poke her, and you cant catch her (if she is playing correctly).
the reason she is only medium and not hard - is that becuase she doesnt have a good kill potential - so you can roam and win other lanes,

tips: dont stand on her traps caitlynyordletrap.png. she does a crap ton of damage if you step on them.
roam. roam as hard as you can,

summoner spell:depends on prosonal playstyle




insane damage.

you can still beat him before he gets his tri force, after that just try to farm.
try to go aggressiv early on and zone him so he cant reach tri force,

tips: you can cancel his w. as you can see in the link,

summoner spell: depends on personal playstyle.




insane damage, but no mobility,

you cannot trade him probably, and going to poke is too dangerous.
anyway f you can land a good hook you will win the fight probably.
just watch out for the enemy support,

tips: you can sometimes land hooks to the place his Qdravenspinning.png is gonna hit and force him to lose it or to getting caught,

summoner spell: depends on personal playstyle, but i usually going exhaust 3.png vs draven.




he doesnt have the damage to kill you, but you do have this damage with your adc,

he have a great escape, so be aware of that.
try to stand behind minions so you wont get hit by his Qezrealmysticshot.png.
ezreal is really mana hungy early game, so if you zone him and frce him to farm with his abilities - he will be pretty useless,


summoner spell: depens on personal playstyle, but i would usually run ignite 14.png for the kill potential.




her great disenage can make your life hell, and her peeling can save the enemy adc alive.

you cant really auto trade her beciase of her shield eyeofthestorm.png, so dont even try, farm and play safem unless you can  land a good hook on janna herself, she is dead,

tips: dont trade, and try to bait her shield.
if she comes to trade with you you can flay threshE.png her and then engage with Q threshQ.png and kill her,

summoner spell: ignite 14.png for the kill pressure for sure




to be honest - im saying medium becuase i didn texperience that matchup so much.

when i will - i willl upate the guide.




she have week laning phase - and you ca  abuse that.

hook her over and over again, she doesnt have the mobility to run away,

tips: becareful of her RjinxR.png and her high range. beside that try to catch her. if you do she should be dead.

summoner spell: i would go for exhaust 3.png, but depends on personal playstyle.




she have insane damage and mobility. you cant trade her, its really hard to hook her, and she is just getting stronger. you cant really roam cuase you cant leae your adc 1 vs 2 with kalsita's insane dive potential.

just try to farm safe and survive the laning phase.

tips: most of the kalsita are moving most of the time to same side. get o know what side she is usually moving to, and then you can try to predict her movment and catch her. like this.

summoner spell: exhuast 3.png for sure. you jsut wanna survive the laning phase, and if you manage to exhaust her the moment she use her EkalistaE.png, you can even win the fight.




she is having a good damage, good poke, good mobility, and great sustain.

still, if you catch her,  you can probably kill her,

tips: stand behind minions so she cant hit you with her Qkarmaheavenlywave.png.
auto her when you can, if you trade one auto each you are winning cause of your EthreshE.png passive.

summoner spell: depends on personal playstyle.




really squishy, and if you catch him (which isnt that hard) he is dead,

you ca trade him with autos. and you ca  enage any time. jsut becareful about his ult and turn around and care for your adc,

tips: stay behind minions so he cant  his his Qkennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png.
make sure you flay him away if he is using his Ekennenlightningrush.png to get close to you and ultkennenshurikenstorm.png.

summoner spell: both good, but i would run ignite 14.png for the kill potential.




like jhin, didnt really experienced this matchup given the fact kindrad is played mostly in the jungle.

wen i will experience - i will update the guide.




one of your best matchups.

no mobility, bad laning, and squishy.
kogmaw is oe of the adc's which have awful laning but great late game, and as thresh you can abuse that and make them not get to the late game.
you can zone him from csing and hook him to engage,
you should win any 2 vs 2 fight when you are thresh vs kogmaw.

tips: becareful about his passive and lanternthreshW.png your adc if needed.
zone him from farming.

summoner spell: in this specifi matchup, i wouldnt run ignite14.png but exhaust3.png.
ignite will gives you more kill potential in lane - which is good against kog, but in my opinion good exhaust on him can win you a teamfight while he cannot kite while using his Wkogmawbioarcanebarrage.png and he wont damage and sustain that hard with the exhaust.

adc synergy Back to Top

in this part i will divide the adc to tiers, based on synergy with 412.png.

challenger tier - kalista 429.png
kalista 429.png and Thresh 412.png have a great synergy.
thresh have the option to use kalsita's W kalistaW.png passive effectivly given the fact he is ranged.
he hav the cc to lock enemies down while kalista is stacking her E kalistaE.png on them, and he is really good when it comes to using kalista R kalistaR.png effectivly.
this lane is just insanely strong and really powerful.
summoner spell: usually tun ignite, to do more damahge and get some kills.
masterise: usually un thunderlord to do more dmaage and get kills.
tips: go and auto the same target from time to time. you can proc kalsita's WkalistaW.png and do a lot of damage.         go as aggressive as you can. worst case? Kalista will ult you out.
combos: you can sue thresh's W threshW.png and kalista's RkalistaR.png to escape easilym from ganks, as you can see in the video below. (the first play)

master tier - Lucian 236.png, Draven119.png, and Ashe22.png.
Lucian236.png have great damage and great all in, which works really well with thresh.
you can both poke well with your autos and his QlucianQ.png, and you can  enage and get kills with your great all - in power.
summoner spell: usually ignite, to do more damage and get some kills.
masteries: usually thunderlord, to do more damage and get some kills.

tips: poke, cause you both poke well, and then all in to get kills.
you can see Sneaky talking about this kane in his video in lolclass.

Draven 119.png is really similar to lucian, great trading, and awesome all - in.
same as lucian - poke and then all in.
summoner spell: ignite is good for kill potential, but i will usually take exhaust.
you 2 have enough damage anyway, and given the fact Draven has no nobility, you want it to avoid ganks or bad fights.
masterise: take thunderlord for more damage.

Ashe 22.png is a little different, you need to play passive and just poke pre 6, and even post 6 you dont have good burst. poke pre 6 and and post 6 you can all in, your cc, combined with ashe R asheR.png can make your all - in work, especially in ganks.
summoner spell: take exhaust becuase ashe has no mobility, and you wanna survive the lane.
masterise: take bond of stone so you will survive the lane easier.

diamond tier - miss fortune21.png, jinx222.png, kog'maw96.png.
miss fortune21.png - good synergy becuase you both have good poke and miss fortune have decent all in thanks to her Rmissfortunebullettime.png. poke pre 6 with miss fortune's Qmissfortunericochetshot.png and Emissfortunescattershot.png. and you can all in ppost 6 with miss fortune's Rmissfortunebullettime.pngjust be sure you peel to her becuase she isnt really mobile and she can get caught easily.
summoner spell: both viable. really depends on enemy team.
masteries: take thunderlord for more damage,

Jinx222.png - a tricky one, her laning phase isnt really strrong, but still if you land a good hook she can immediatly follow with her EjinxE.png and get the enemies locked down while she kills them. to be honest, just try to farm in that lane ad not do much, given the fact she is a hyper carry with super strong late game.
summoner spell:exhaust, just to survive the lane and de a better peeler in late game fights,
masterise: bone of stone, you want it to help jinx survive the lane.

kog'mw 96.png - good with thresh mostly becuase thresh ca lock up enemies while kog is killing them super fast, 
anyway his laning is really weak so just farm and play safe to survive the lane.
if you get to the mid game and you peel for him - you should be fine,
summoner spell: exhuast, you you will survive the lane easily and you will peel better in mid game teamfights.
masterise: bond of stone, jsut to help him survive the lane,

platinum tier - caitlyn51.png, corki42.png, ezreal81.png, tristana18.png, sivir15.png, and vayne67.png.

caitlyn51.png - mostly poke and roam. she doesnt have good all in but she is hard to dived either,
play aggressive earlhy game, and trade, cause the enemies will have hard time returning damage against caitlyn's high range.
summoner spell: dpeends on personal playstyle and the enemies.
masterise: ge tthunderlord to win early trades and forr better roaming,
combos: its hard to do, but it usually pay off. you can flay threshE.png your enemies into caitlyn's trapcaitlynyordletrap.png. like in the video below.

Corki42.png - farm early game, but after he get his 3078.png all in, 
he is a bit wea before his 3078.png so just farm and poke, but after that he is REALLY strong so you can all in.
also, even if he doesn thave his 3078.png yet, you can still engage if he is having his packagecorkipassive.png up.
summoner spell: depends on enemies and personal playstyle.
masterise: go for thunderlord for more damage.

Ezreal81.png - an OK synergy. mostly jsut poke and farm, unless the enemies make a mistake that vives you the option to do a really good engage, you can trade and poke vwery well with ezreal's Qezrealmysticshot.png and your EthreshE.png and thunderlord.
summoner spell: i would usually run exhaust given the fact you doesnt have great kill potential toghether.
masterise: take thunderlord for better trades and poke.

Tristana18.png - her laning phase is a beat weak, so mostly try to farm and get to the mid game. you can do trades if you land a decent hook and she have time to charge her Edetonatingshot.png. unless you do - you will probably lose the trade. she does have good damage post 6 with her Rbustershot.png but i still dont think its enough and i would still play passive.
summoner spell: exhuast for sure. you just want it to survive the early game and peel for her late game.
masterise: take bnd of stone in order to survive her laning phase cuase hers is a bit weak.

combos - you can try to insec the enmies to your tower if they push towards you.
you land a hook, and then she Wrocketjump.png behind them ult them into the tower, really hard to pull off but it really pays off, jsut becareful that the trist wont die while jumping into the enemies trying to pull this play off.

Sivir15.png - poke and farm, you can all in if you want to but you dont really have a reasonn to. sivir's strentgh is less of the laning phase, and more of mid game fights and wave clear.
farm safely and poke from time to time - should be easy with sivir's Qspiralblade.png.
use her ult to make picks and get ahead in the mid game.
summoner spell: depends on personal playstyle.
masterise: take bond of stone cuase its mostly a passive lane.

Vayne67.png - just farm and poke. you can all in post 6. vayne is really strong hyper carry - and you can win the lane just by farming. you can all in post 6 if vayne can use her Evaynecondemn.png on the enemy into the wall and stun him. in that case all in, in most of the other cases - farm safely.
summoner spell: exhaust for peel.
masterise: bond of stone, mostly becuase you just wanna survive the laning phase,

Gold tier - twitch29.png, varus110.png.
twitch29.png - his laning phase isnt that great, but he is great catching ppl out of position, you mostly wanna farm and survive the lane, and get the moment when he comes scary assassin and teamfight monster, if you can land a good hook he does have decent damage, but otherwise its kinda impossible to win 2 vs 2's.
summoner spell: exhaust for peel, even tho the ignite is fun just becuase you get your enemies burn.
masterise: bond of stone, so you will survive the laning phase better.

Varus110.png - not really popular, and nor really strong, he got some good poke with his Qvarusq.png, and he can set up a good gank wth his Rvarusr.png. he have no mobility you will most likely need to peel for him, so take care.
summoner spell: exhaust probably, he isnt that strong so you dont wanna fignt in lane, and in that case ignite is that effective.
masterise: take bond of stone cuase you wanna survive the lane.

LCS TIER - teemo 17.png17.png17.png17.png17.png

*I didnt talk about kindred203.png, graves104.png,quinn133.png, and urgot6.png becuase i didnt experience the matchup that that much, and i cannot tell my opinion about it.

warding Back to Top

(sorry for the bad quality but this is still understandable so....)
always have 3 green wards on the map, and one vision ward.
i see some players that do use their sightstone, but dont buy vision wards.
think about it that way - you have option to place 3 green and one vision ward. if you dont place the vision ward you redice the amount of wards you can place for your team by 25%, AND you five the enemy team more vision control. just always place down wards.

** the wards i placed their are optional. i recommend you to place wards in that places, and pick w/e you like when there are more then 3. vision wards neae green wards means its a good spot for both vision and green ward.

blue side


red side


thresh - pros and cons Back to Top


- great pick potential
- both good engage and disengage
- no real counters (he does have some harder matchups ofcourse, but not real counter)
- always strong
- played in both soloQ and competitive 
- almost never gets banned
- great play-maker
- strong laning and teamfighting
- good peel
- if you play in the dynamicQ - you have shoret Q time (not really a pro but i had to)
- you get to read some awesome guides like this one KAPPA
- easy to play


- not always the best support
- skill-shot reliant
- easy to play hard to master

tips and tricks Back to Top

1) E before you Q. gives you a better option to hit the Q, and its jsut better enage over all.

2) wait with your Q as long as you can, again - jsut gives you easier catches,
3) cancel dashes with your E. you can imteruppt dahses with your E, use it for your advantage.
you can cancel corki's W, lee sin's Q, tristana W, graves E and much more,
4) if you use your Q to catch someone, and you succeed, wait before you use your E, to get use your CC more effectively. your Q stun for 1.5 seconds, use it for your advantage,
5) use your W to bait out enemies, if they will see you using W they might be afraid of you bringing someone and they might go back.
6)i dont think its really a tip, but its still worth mentioniong, you can use your W to bring souls from distance.

how to madlife Back to Top

how to madlife - its really easy (especially in low elo) and you can do it every game.

pulling off a madlife is winning a mind game, tha you cn win for sure.
to do it you need to evalute the enemy mobility (dashes ad flash) and to aim for that.
usually - especailly in low elo when ppl are bad at mind games like this - the enemi will just use his dash to dodge your hook,and you can sue that for your dvantage. most of the enemies will use their dash mostly to the same direction. you can see that if you are palying agianst kalista 429.pngshe will use her kalistapassive.png to the same direction most of the time. either it will be left or right - you can learn it and predict when she will be going.
some tips: if you are roaming mid, and flashing toward the enemy - he will most likely flash too, so you can predict it. 
usually ppl wont flash in lane to odge your hook, unless its in a middle of a gank. so you can flash to scare your enemies its working) and then predict the flash and make a really good pick.
look at this madlife playbutton.png
some champions will use their dash all the time to dodge your hook - and you can use that for your advantage.
im talking about champions such as 81.png and 38.png. they will always use their dashes to dodge your hook and you can take advantage for thar.
mithy evaluated the situation - he knowa rekkles have his flash4.png up, but not his Wrocketjump.png, and he knows he will try to escape the death sentencethreshQ.png, so he assume rekkles will flash to dodge the hook.
that's mostly it, and this is how you pull of a madlife.

important note -

always write down when your enemies used their flash.
like - you did a fight in lane and you forced the enemy jinx222.png to flash? write it.
(if you have timers in the chat) jinx f, 255 secs cd.
or if you dont - just do the math and write it that way - jinx f 12:45.
it means that youforced her to flash in 7:45 and she is having 5 mins c

by keeping eywe of the enemy flashes you know how and when to pull of a madlife, its really helping your jungler too. its a tiny thing - but you if you are will do it - it will improve your gameplay by ALOT.

FAQ Back to Top

Q: is thresh good for low elo?

A: yes! thresh is good for every low, from bronze to challenger,

Q: can i carry a game as thresh? if so, how?
A: ofc you can, thresh is a great support for carrying, his play-aking potenial just make him great for carry.
how? well just read the guide :)

Q:why are you even doing this guide?
A: great question! mostly to win a bet, and to be honest it was really fun to make this guide.

Q: how can i learn more?
A: watch streams, read more guides, see youtube videos, and play!
following Q: what streamers and what youtbe channels?
following A:

youtube channels - i dont watch any specific support channel, but i do watch some league channels such as:

Q: what can i do if my adc is bad?
A: roam. sometimes the adc is abd and there is no reason to stay in lane. in that case - roam and try to win the game by your mid laner and jungler,

about me and gratitude Back to Top

hi, im a plat (gold atm) support, thresh main but play all sort of stuff.

i did this guide to win a bet, but i figured out its really fun so, hopefully i will update it every patch.
my IGN in the game is BASE OR FEED and i play in the eune server, so you are always allowed to add me and ask questions :)
my native language isnt english, so in case you see a mistake, block your pation to correct me and keep enjoying the guide :)
the guide isnt complete yet and i will keep working on it to complete the guide.
please show some pation :)

i wanna thank to Son(susha) for hleping me with all of the technical stuff.
i would like to thanks Adi(whovian) for making it happen with her stupid bet and for her being such a loyal duo partner.
i would like to thank hookedOnthresh for his videos that i stole,
but at the end f it all, i would like to thanks thresh for being so fun.

see you,
BASE OR FEED (vnube)

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