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Summoner Spells Back to Top

On Summoner Spells, I always go either Flash/Ignite or Flash/Exhaust.

Those are the summoner spells that almost every Support should use right now, but which of them is better on Thresh?

Well, it mostly depends on how you wanna play Thresh and how the Teamcopositions are.

3.png does:

- Shredds Armor/Magic Resist by 10% from your enemy

- Slowing them by 30%

- Reduces the Attack Speed by 30%

- Reducing the dmg dealt from your target by 40%

- That all for 2.5 seconds

Cooldown: 210 seconds

Range: 650

If you have more a passive playstil and/or you feel like your teamcomp fit's better with exhaust, go for it.

I mostly take 3.png when i have an adc on my team that isnt really strong in lane has not a lot of kill pressure.

That are mostly hypercarrys like 67.png, 96.png or 222.png.

Exhaust is also a good choice when the enemy team has Assasins like 238.png or 91.png  since its way more easier to peel with 3.png.

Other Champions that are struggeling against exhaust are 157.png, 5.png, 120.png or over champs how whant to jump on your carrys and kill them.

14.png does:

- 70-140 (Depends on your level how much dmg you do) true dmg over time.

- Reduces all healings by 40% (!)

- Grants you vision on the target while its ignited

Cooldown : 210 seconds

Range: 600

You should pick up 14.png when you feel confident with your lane and you have a lane dominat adc how has good all in potential like 236.png or 202.png.

It really helps to win the lane and pick up kills because of your good all in potential with 14.png.

14.png is also a good choice whenever the enemy team has alot of healing champions like 36.png, 106.png or 16.png.

14.png will increase your roam potenial aswell.

Choose one! :)

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

That's currently the strongest mastery page if you play Thresh in Season 7.

I absolutely love Courgae of the Colossus on Thresh.
It gives you the ability to have a better engage in late game teamfights with the shield and it protects you from alot of dmg in trades or in all ins.
I even prefer it above Thunderlords and wich were the best choices before Courage came out, but now i always go for Courage.

Cunning Tree:
Wanderer > Savagery, should be self explaining:The Out of Combat Movement Speed is good for roams and you won't need the extra damage on minions, no more words.

Secret Sash > Runic Affinity > Assasin
Same goes for the cookies, the others make no sense and the cookies do.

Mediation > Merciless
The Mana reg is great on Thresh, take Mediation!

Bandit > Greenfathers Gift > Dangerous Game.
With Bandit you are able to do a lot of gold while just standing next to dying minions.
Greenfathers Gift isnt bad aswell for the harass early on but i still think Bandit is better because Greenfathers wont bring you anything in late game while Bandit is always good.
Dangerous game isnt really an option, the others are better.

Resolve Tree:
Recovery = Unyielding, Recovery isnt always better, but it will help you more when you have to face a lane with alot of poke.

Though Skin > Explorer > Siege Master.
I dont like the new Mastery "Siege Master" at all.
i mean, seriously it can be some kind of usefull when you get pushed in alot but it doesnt gives you any abilitys in late game since you will almost never fight near a turret and it doesnt really helps you in all ins aswell if you arrent fighting near a tower.
Next to that, the 2 dmg reduction from Though Skin is way more solid and will help you the whole game long.
Because of that, I prefer Though Skin above Wanderer aswell, the buffs that Wanderer gives you is just too weak against the dmg reduction.

Veteran's Scars > Runic Armor
Runic Armor is good on the most shielding/healing supports, but not really on Thresh since for that his Lantern is a to important escape tool with a to high cooldown for wasting it for a shield most of the time.
Veteran's Scars gives you free 50 healt and that's pretty solid.

Insight > Perseverance > Fearless
Same reason as with Though skin, the other options arent bad, but the 15% Cooldown reduction on your summoners are just too good to ignore them.

Swiftness > Legendary Guardian, Swiftness helps you to escape dangerous cc, it's especilly then good, if the opponent team has alot of that.
Legendary Guardian doesn't synergise that good with Thresh since mostly you dont wanny stay in the middle of a fight, you wanna stay at the backline and peel for your carrrys.

Abilities Back to Top

It's your bread and butter spell and that what makes Thresh, Thresh!
It has such high Mana costs and Cooldown on lvl 1 (80 Mana and 20 seconds CD!), even with the 3 seconds cooldown reduction if you hit an enemy champion, so be carefull using it.
That's the ability wich you will max first if you are looking forward to hook alot or when you want to go for roams.
When you see that you need the extra dmg for harass that a couple of points in your e will give you, go for it!

Another Spell with high early game cooldown, its the best spell in the game for saving your mates, so try to keep an eye on where you can throw it to maybe safe one of them!

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: ALWAYS use your lantern carefully!
I see so many people in Solo Q that play Thresh and waste there lantern for collecting souls or for a little shield against harass.
You should only do that, when you know exacly where the enemy jungler is and that nobody roams.
Dont forget that a Lantern + Flash can safe you and your adc from nearly every gank, but it has such a high cooldown, so be carefull using it aswell.

Because of the extra dmg on your auto attacks it gives you, this will mostly be your lvl 1 spell since it will really help you trading and is better than the hook on lvl 1.
As I said on top, if you feel like you need the extra dmg, feel free to put some points in your E early on before maxing the hook!

Thresh's ultimate is really good for all ins and if you play it right, you can combo it great with your other Abilitys!
Do not always take the second Q towards the enemy, try to hook smn and while he gets pulled towards, you cast your ult.If he didnt got hit by your ult now, flay him into it!
That will allow you to make sure that he gets hit by the ult, it will take some time to learn it, but try it, it's worth the costs!
Here's an ensamble if you didnt quite cathed what i mean :D :

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    You wanna start relict nearly every game becuase it gives Thresh sustain wich he will mostly need since he is a sustainless Supporter. If you like the coin more, go for it, but i would recommend the relict shield.

Core Items

    First Back wih 300-400- Gold
    Your first back if you feel like you need more sustain and when you have 500-700 Gold
    Your first back with around 900 Gold when you want to roam alot early on.
    Select the Sightstone for vision in lane to keep you and your team safe from ganks!
    This is the item I rush nearly every game on Thresh. Redemption gives good stats and has a great active, so go for it!
    Locket is still a great if you use the Active correctly. It helps your team alot, especially when the enemy team has alot of burst and magic damage.
    Check out the Item description down below to know wich of them is the best!
    Knight's Vow is a great Item to peel alot for your adc. It's simply the better Zeke's because it currently gives better stats. Build it if you feel like you have to keep your adc alive.
    Ruby Sightsstone is currently a great early on if you dont want to upgrade your Relict into an Eye of the Equinox. It's super gold efficient and the early 4 Wards are helping you out when you fee like you want to ward alot. (Wich you should defenitely do!)

Situational Items

    FH is good against enemy comps how scale alot with attack dmg and attack speed becuause of its passive. With Dead Man's Plate you will have alot of out of combat Movement Speed but i dont build it that often since the passive isnt that good on Thresh. Randuin's is, of yourse, good against Crit Champs and it's active can be really good in Teamfights or when you want to peel for your carry's.
    Banshee's Veil, Spirit visage or Mikaels's are all good items aginst enemy heavy ap comps. Banshee's gives the best MR stats, but has no Cooldown reduction in it. Mikaels gives the less tank stats, but has a great active if the enemy team has alot of CC. I wouldent recommend Spirit Visage that much since Thresh cant really have an use of it's passive.

What to do with my Relict Shield?

You have 3 Options what you can do with your 3302.png.

First Option is building it to a 3401.png.

I like building it when I feel like I need the Shield Active and it's Cooldown Reduction but i prefer rushing 3107.png and building 3401.png out later.

The second option is to upgrade your Relict into an 2303.png.

Currently, I think that's the worst of the 3 Options with 2045.png beeing so strong.

I dont recommend bulding it, but if you do like it, go for it.

The 3. Option and that what I usaly use, is to just let your relict shield be a relcit shield and sell it later on.

This option allows you to get your other items earlier and to safe some gold.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Zyra




This is a skill matchup.
If the enemy Alistar is good, he wont let himself or his adc get poked by your auto attacks and tryse to engage your adc as often as possible.
Try to avoid that and dont give him the chance to combo either you or your adc.
Be always awared of a 4.png into pulverize.png, since that does nearly always mean your dead if you are getting ganked or they just have a good all in.
Positionate youreself in front of your adc, sou you can catch the combos or even threshe.png him while he is in his headbutt headbutt.png so he cant get his combo off.




Bard has alot of damage on  his auto attacks with his passive and also has good all in potential if he hits his tun, espiacelly when he runs 14.png.
Try to aware staying near by minions, your adc or walls in lane so he cant get his bardq.png stun off.
Next to that, it's mostly a skill matchup of how will hit his CC.




I got to say, that Matchup is nearly the same with nearly every support.
If your adc is too aggressive, ping him, Blitz is useless when he doesnt has his hook.
The more you play against, the more you are able to read when he wants to hook.




You dont really see this guy that often on Support I know, but i still want to talk about this matchup because every time when i have  top play against him, i get aids.
He has alot of burst and good poke, in that categorie he is even better than Zyra.
But, he can still go down pretty quick and hasnt got alot of CC because it isnt easy to hit your Stun as Brand.
Just hook whenever it is possible, doenst matter wich you hook, you will take out at least one high damage output.
Try to dodge his brandw.png as often as possible since that will be his bread and butter spell in lane.




Braum is able to survive alot of all ins from you pretty good with his braume.png and his braumrwrapper.png.
Always engage when you feel like you are stronger and when his shield is on cooldown, but try to not fall behind against him, Braum can be pretty annoying when he has a lead.




This Jerk is extremely hard to hook because of his ezrealarcaneshift.png.




Janna has alot of disengage when she is lvl 6 and her shield can be really powerfull, so try to play around it!
It also depends on wich adc she has and wich one you, but mostly a Janna is just getting picked for bringing her adc safe through the lane and to have alot of peel in the late game.
Always to play around her shield, if it is on CD and you get a hook on her adc, you will nearly always able to kill them.




Karma is, in my oppinion, currently the most solid Support.
She has disengage, all in potential and good poke with her karmamantra.pngkarmaq.png.
Try to play around her ult cooldown, if you have a Marksman with good kill potential, you can engage when you hit your threshq.png.




That should be a skill matchup.
Most of the trades/all ins will be won if you are able to Flay her leonazenithblade.png and get a Hook on her adc.
Anyways, both of you have a good all in and she has alot of snowball potenial, so be carefull!




Lulu is kinda annoying with her auto attacks and her luluq.png.
She is also able to keep her adc alive pretty long with her lulue.png and lulur.png.
Try to have an eye on how her playstyle is.
Does she use her speels offensive for damage and attack + movement speed on her adc or is she using her speels as shields and to silence?
Adjust your playstyle on how her's is.
If she has just used her shield offensive, you have a good chance on killing them, with the shield it will be hard.




Keap in Mind: This Matchup is only hard, when the enemy Morgana is able to do good Spell Shields.
If she fucks up her Shield, feel free to go for an all in and kill her.
If she does good Spell Shields, you will have a hard time to find some hooks.
Try to play around the cooldown of her shield, 23 seconds on lvl 1 is alot, but better try to wait for some ganks to snowball.




Nami is currently one of the strongest supporter, so have an eye on how you play the lane.
Since she has a big heal, she is able to survive most of your poke and doesnt gets chunked down well, so try to look for all ins and take 14.png for the kil presure!




Nautilus is a champion with good all in potential and alot of CC.
Same as with Leona and Alistar, if you have good reflection timing you can flay him while he pulls himself towards your adc so he cant get off the rest of his spells.
He will probably dont giva a f*ck on your auto attack poke as soon as he has his shield, but you can still kill his adc if you hit youre hook and he does not.
But, it's still a pretty sticky lane and you wont have much fun in all ins if he's good.




Pre lvl 6, a Sona wont have a lot of chances to escape an all in if you hit your threshq.png.
After lvl 6, it depends on if she hits her sonar.png, if she does, your adc will mostly be dead becuause she still has alot of burst.
Try to kill her early and mostly run 14.png.




Do nearly always go for 14.png to debuff her heals.
If you get a threshq.png on either her or her adc pre 6 and you have a adc with good all in, they will be dead.


Tahm Kench


Try to avoid this matchup as good as you can.
If you still have to face him, a good Tahm will destroy yoo since he can just eat his adc when you hook him and thats already enough to counter you.
He can also eat your mates when he has 3 Stacks of his passive wich can counter your threshw.png
The only way you can kill the enemy lane is, when he has Cooldown on his tahmkenchw.png, wich  is with 14 seconds on lvl 1 not that much sadly.




I personally like the Taric vs Thresh Matchup since you can threshe.png him when he trys to get off his stun.
He still has good sustain with his taricq.png and can block alot of dmg with his taricw.png and taricr.png.
As in ervery lane, try to play around his cooldowns and if you get a hook on, engage.




Currently one of the strongest supports with a pretty strong laning phase and a whole lot of burst damage and poke.
I personally hate this mathcup because it is so annoying to stick around with all those plants.
just try to keep an eye on where them spawn, you may have a chance to all in her if she misses one of her speels.
She has super low tank stats so dont be afraid of hooking her and burst her down with your threshrpenta.png and 14.png.

Why picking Thresh? Back to Top

Points for picking Thresh:

- Thresh has good all in potential with alot of burst.
- Strong Poke with his auto attacks early on.
- Good catch potential because of his Hook.
- Great invade potential on lvl 1,
- His Lantern is one of the best Spells to peel for your team in the game
- Can engage pretty good in Teamfights with the mastery "Courage of the Colossus"
- Redemption synergyses good with Thresh.
- For the plays ;)

Points against Thresh:

- Doesnt gets too tanky
- Has no sustain
- You need some practice before playing Thresh good - isnt the most simplest champ.

Marksman how synergyse good with Thresh Back to Top

Thresh has a good synergy with nearly every Marksman in the game and you can pick him into nearly every lane.
But the ADC's  Thresh is the best with is simply every ADC How has good all in Potential.

Especially Lucian or Jhin are great picks into Thresh and are together a really strong lane.

Me Back to Top

I'm looking forward to edit the Guide as often as possible, but currently I just wanted my Guide to be Public!
If you have any tipps since this is my first ever guide, feel free to comment!

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