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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png 12.png Flash/TP is the common Summoner Spell setup for most top laners and Thresh is no exception. Teleport lets you keep in lane to not miss any XP or CS, roam to gank other lanes, and TP to wherever minions are dying to not miss a soul. Flash is an engage/disengage that can also be used for Flash > Flay plays to catch enemies where Death Sentence is not reliable enough.

Whilst you will more than likely not replace these summoners besides some freak cases, for the sake of Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32Unsealed Spellbook, I will list them here.

3.png 14.png Exhaust and Ignite have specific functions either when you start the game with them or if you swap to them with Spellbook. Exhaust serves to shut down a strong assassin either in duels or teamfights, such as a 105.pngFizz who won lane hard. Taking Exhaust from the start of the game can be done if you find yourself fighting an assassin, since, when matchmaking doesn’t allow you to be Top, there’s always Thresh Mid.
Ignite can be used to counter healing such as 16.png Soraka or 36.png Mundo where 3076.pngBramble Vest is inappropriate. It is also simply a handy tool for securing kills or snowballing yourself.

1.png 21.png Cleanse and Barrier are defensive options. While its rare that you’d swap to Cleanse, it is useful against tough enemy crowd control such as 22.pngAshe’s Ultimate and especially when 516.pngOrnn’s ability to extend crowd control comes into play. It does not work against Suppression.
Barrier is an anti-ignite and anti-burst summoner spell that can be used to effectively bait enemies under tower or otherwise, or just tank more damage than you would normally be able to. Heal is the same, but is weaker to Ignite or any sources of Grievous Wounds.

That’s it for Summoner Spells. It may be rare that you use Unsealed Spellbook, but its good to know the weapons in your armoury in case you ever need them.

New Runes Back to Top

Thresh All Runes Guide

Please see the above video guide for in-depth information on every rune choice.

In the rune pages posted here, they are merely suggestions, and naturally can change from game to game. Obviously, you would not take Iron%20Skin.png?width=32Iron Skin over Mirror%20Shell.png?width=32Mirror Shell against magic damage laners, and could take Conditioning.png?width=32 Conditioning against non-problematic laners. It’s worth noting that Iron Skin and Conditioning work well with Thresh’s infinite scaling armour. Now, onto the guide:

Here I’ll simply sum up all of your primary rune choices. In my opinion, the non-Keystone runes are largely up to personal preference as to what playstyle you want to play, and others are purely logical, such as not taking Cut%20Down.png?width=32 Cut Down when you build Thresh as fairly tanky.

All Purpose Runes

Aftershock.png?width=32Aftershock is the safest rune choice, granting high defensive stats in the early game that allow you to come out ahead in most trades. It does not gate your build path, allowing you to build Tank, On-Hit or Burst as you see fit in the game.

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32Fleet Footwork is the safest of the Precision Keystones. It allows you to access the 18% Attack Speed and three runes from Precision without forcing yourself away from taking the Burst build. It allows for decent “Hit and Run” poking in lane, and synergies well with the Energise passive of Rapid Firecannon, benefitting from the passive Energise charge rate from RFC. It’s suited to Burst builds, but due to its Energise nature, is still decent in On-Hit ones.

Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32Glacial Augment is niche since you already have so much CC and a slow on your E and Ultimate, but the auto-attack slow can help you land your threshe.pngFlays and threshq.pngDeath Sentences. The range extension of 3094.pngRapid Firecannon also helps you land the slow. The most useful positions to use Glacial is the Jungle for ganking purposes.

Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32Unsealed Spellbook is a very underestimated Summoner Spell that allows you to adapt on the fly. You can swap out to Exhaust when the enemy has a fed assassin, or Barrier when your lane starts taking a lot of pressure and you fear a dive. Things like this can create massive advantages, but when you are unable to capitalise on these, then you will lose a lot of value compared to everyone else in your game who has an active Keystone that boosts their stats. 

Burst Runes:

Dark%20Harvest.png?width=32 Dark Harvest is my favourite and go-to rune for when I want to be a bursty assassin. Since you’ll be farming souls for threshpassive.pngDamnation in any case, farming Dark Harvest souls as well as that speeds up Thresh’s late game power and infinite scaling damage. The physical damage (since you’re building AD) of Dark Harvest will make lethality worthwhile, and with the bonus physical damage of 3147.pngDuskblade and the range and magic damage of 3094.pngRapid Firecannon, this rune makes the classic “One-shot” Thresh a viable, and achievable option.

Predator.png?width=32Predator adds bonus damage to your next attack, and quite a bit. Though Dark Harvest would inevitably outscale it in the late game, Predator has the advantage of not needing any more than boots and levels to function effectively. The movement speed can also help you catch up to opponents for your poke/assassination, or just to position for Hooks or Flays. If lanes are harsh but you still want to play burst, this is a healthy alternative.

On-Hit Runes:

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Simply because it’s such a strong mastery in all stages of the game, Press the Attack would naturally be the go-to rune. It’s three-hit passive in the early game makes your presence as a ranged top layer so much more deadly, and 12% bonus damage afterwards keeps the keystone effective through to the late game.

Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32Lethal Tempo provides a significant amount of attack speed that scales through the game after a delay. The 1.5 second delay means that you will near-enough have the keystone activated by the time you Death Sentence leap towards them. Naturally, since your innate on-hit damage starts at zero and scales as you obtain souls, Lethal Tempo is rather useless in the early game and gains more value as you build AD, on-hit effects like 3153.png Blade of the Ruined King, and as your number of souls collected increases. 
Due to a unique nerf to Thresh’s auto attacks, his ability to orb walk is weak, and past a certain amount of attack speed, you will be unable to orb walk at all, meaning additional attack speed would be wasted. Essentially, this means that in order to take advantage of high amounts of attack speed with Thresh is to stand still and let him tear them to shreds. For this reason, Lethal Tempo is best paired with defensive items such as 3143.png Randuin’s Omen and 3800.png Righteous Glory (as well as threshrpenta.png The Box), help keep the enemies from fleeing outside of your range. Naturally, some amount of orb walking is necessary in order to keep up, but ideally, when Lethal Tempo kicks in, you are standing still to reap its benefits. For this reason, Lethal Tempo is very difficult to use and if you are not ready for it, take Press the Attack instead.

AP Runes

Electrocute.png?width=32Electrocute whilst it can be used for any build in reality, is the best option for AP Thresh builds for its ability to add burst to Thresh’s AP combo (Death Sentence enemy (Double cast if need to gap close) > The Box > Flay into wall > Auto attack). The AP Ratio of Electrocute will benefit from the passive souls you gain from souls, and add Lich Bane to the mix for even more burst.

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32 Lethal%20Tempo.png?width=32Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 The Precision Keystones work well with AP builds that build 3115.png Nashor’s Tooth to deal higher magical sustained damage that infinitely scales. It is best to decide whether you want to Burst or deal sustained damage with AP Thresh before it starts, though of course, Press The Attack and Fleet Footwork are safe picks either way.

Guardian.png?width=32 Guardian has an AP Ratio attached to its shield and can be made especially useful using AP builds. AP and defensive items can make for an effective magic damage tank.

Masteries Back to Top


There's a number of these that can work well. Just because I've put it up on the mastery page above does not mean that it is the best option 100% of the time, but it is the most versatile and useful in any given situation.

Thunderlord's Decree - Strong early burst for laning and lane dominance. Later it just packs some additional punch, and its hard to go wrong with this mastery. Auto-attack > Flay (Pull them towards you) > Auto-Attack can easily get Thunderlord's off in lane for a very strong trade.

Courage of the Colossus - Like you couldn't see this coming, right? Despite being the FOTM, I do not think it applies in every situation, however, it is great for Thresh in lane trading (giving yourself a shield to take more damage as opposed to Thunderlord's simply dealing more damage) and lategame can give you a lot more durability in teamfights, something that a ranged tank might want. Generally, it's great for when you know you're going to be diving deep into the enemy team. 
Thunderlord's is still stronger in lane, since you're a ranged champion and usually can deflect a considerable amount of damage by just using Flay and kiting.

Warlord's Bloodlust - Gives a fair amount of lifesteal, which a lot of the AD Thresh builds don't actually buy, so it can work quite well in that regard. You also benefit from either Double-edged Sword or Battle Trance depending on what kind of playstyle you're going for. Gives sustain to AD/Lethality builds.

Fervor of Battle - Stacks very well with on-hit, attack speed builds and synergies well with Guinsoo's Rageblade. Certainly, it was better before when it was an on-hit effect as opposed to just raising your AD, but is still fairly decent since you don't actually have to charge your E all the way in order to benefit, even just the little pauses between auto attacks will benefit from additional AD, allowing for easier chasing and kiting. Good for attack speed builds.

Grasp of the Undying - Similar to Warlord's Bloodlust but in the Resolve tree. Can be a great way of sustaining yourself but you'll want to have a considerable amount of health in your build when taking this mastery, otherwise, Courage of the Colossus is most likely better. Good for high HP builds.

Overall, the two you can never go wrong with are Thunderlord's Decree and Courage of the Colossus, so if you're unsure, just pick either damage or tankiness and pick either of those two for now. You can experiment with the others when you become a little more comfortable with the playstyle of AD Thresh.

Abilities Back to Top


Maxing E is natural since we want to build up that sweet AD ratio. Flay also deals a considerable amount of damage, especially with magic penetration/reduction.

Afterwards, maxing W means you have a stronger base shield (for allies AND yourself) and a lower cooldown in which to shield yourself or save an ally. For this reason, I max it second. Death Sentence is not something you should be spamming, and lowering its cooldown is not really necessary 90% of the time. One hook on an out of position carry will settle a teamfight, and you don't need any more than that.

However, if you do max Q, you will have a much stronger chasing potential, since its cooldown reduces by 3 seconds if it hits an enemy, and coupled with cooldown reduction, an enemy will not be able to get away from you provided you land those hooks. Lowering its cooldown also means you can have it up more often to escape to jungle monsters. I personally prefer the shield from the lantern.

When you play AP Thresh, you can max Q earlier for its damage and cooldown reduction.

Of course, take the Box whenever you need. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Strong start for sustain and gold advantage. Last hitting shouldn't be a problem if you're ranged.
    Gives lifesteal throughout the game. This can be taken instead if you prefer.
    Sustaining against troublesome ranged laners such as Jayce or Ryze
    For ranged, basic attacking enemy champions.

Core Items

    Burst Core
    Shredder Core
    Defense Core (Armour is provided by souls)
    Bruiser Core

Situational Items

    Burst Options
    Shredder Options
    Armour options
    Magic resist options

As you can see above, we two different build paths for Thresh, the Burst build, and the Shredder build. 

Let's get right into the interesting part, the core build and how they work.

EDIT — There’s a very safe, versatile, and my new go-to “Core” pair of item to build:

This is the Bruiser Core:


Jaurim’s Fist may not be the most cost-efficient item in the game, but health and attack damage are perfect for Thresh in the early game. With the armour from souls (and thanks to Riot buffing his base armour to actually decent levels in Season 8), it is often enough to keep you competitive with other top laners.

You do not need to build in this order, of course. Jaurim’s Fist will build into 3022.png Frozen Mallet, which you can feel free to rush before starting Rapid Firecannon if you must. It’s an incredible first item on Thresh and can lead into either the Burst build or the On-Hit build. You can also sit on Jaurim’s fist or Jaurim’s Fist + Longsword before taking Rapid Firecannon depending on your priorties. I highly recommend this “core” for burst builds.

Now, back to the unedited part:

First, let's look at the Burst Core:


The Rapid Firecannon extends your range to 600, this allows you to deliver your powerful 200% total AD bonus magic damage across a safer, longer distance (in addition to Rapid Firecannon's bonus damage and your own AD physical damage, dealing at least 300% total AD). 
This lets you annihilate squishies, execute low health enemies, and poke enemies to hell and back. Naturally, of course, Rapid Firecannon is useless without powering it up with AD for your E passive. For this reason, your first item should be an AD Item, ideally, BF Sword.


The idea is to get just a good chunk of AD, so if you can't afford BF Sword, you can just opt for Warhammer or Dirk depending on what item you want to build into. Even two long swords can work well. These should be bought before Rapid Firecannon, as RFC on its own is just attack speed, which doesn't work well with Thresh's early game when you have no AD, and no souls.

So what items do you build into?

3508.png Essence Reaver is the standard, versatile choice that provides high AD, crit chance, and CDR deriving from your crit chance, which, you'd be happy to know, you already have in your Rapid Firecannon. This really compliments RFC very well, and works for a very versatile Thresh.

3147.pngDuskblade has now been reworked to, rather than dealing true damage, now has a great deal of on-hit physical damage as well as lethality at a nice price. It is essential for Assassin Thresh to burst well and pairs excellently with Dark%20Harvest.png?width=32Dark Harvest. Please ignore any notes on other Lethality items about buffing Duskblade’s damage, that’s old.

3814.pngEdge of Night is a fair lethality/defense hybrid that gives a decent amount of health and good AD and lethality, though the reason to purchase it is its active effect. The shield can help you massively against important single spells such as 1.png Annie’s stun. 

3031.pngInfinity Edge is very cheesey. But hey, it will pack a damn punch if your first attack crits. Buy if snowballing very heavily.

You might be considering Bloodthirster, but its a little to expensive for my taste for what is essentially pure AD. It isn't suited too well to this playstyle, but if you can make a case for it, feel free. :)

There are other AD items you can take such as 3156.pngMaw of Malmortius so feel free to experiment, or look around the shop for more options. 

Moving on, we have the On-hit core.

3124.pngGuinsoo's Rageblade, in all its glorious power, is the single core item in this build. Its multiple stats and doubling of on-hit effects works perfect for On-Hit builds, and building out of pickaxe gives good AD in the early laning phase for lane dominance. 

That said, it isn't the best first option for you to build, since the only on-hit it will double is from your souls, of which you won't have more than 50 if you chose to rush this item. Instead, get it second or third after you've built another on-hit item.

And those on-hit items could be:

3153.pngBlade of the Ruined King. It gives you a nice mix of AD, AS, lifesteal and a cool passive and active. In tandem with Guinsoo's Rageblade, tanks will fall to your percentage physical, and flat magic damage, making your DPS very hard to counter (just like Kayle or Teemo). The active can be used not only to kite, but also to close in for an easier Death Sentence or Flay to catch an opponent.

Using this alongside Rageblade and Rapid Firecannon can create a 3-item build capable of both burst and DPS.

The lifesteal works well alongside Spirit Visage.

Good anti-tank potential, physical damage, and peeling.

3091.pngWit's End is a strong counter for enemy magic damage champions, increasing your own magic damage through an on-hit and magic resistance reduction, but also increases your magic resistance with flat stats and stealing the opponent's magic resistance as well. The magic damage on-hit is excellent in the early game and makes any additional attack speed you buy more worth it.

Works excellently in magic damage builds that use Nashor's Tooth, and works in tandem with magic damage items such as Sunfire Cape.

Great AP counter and supports your team's APs.

3115.pngNashor's Tooth is much more of a niche pick than the other three, but opens the option to forego your physical damage entirely and choose to capitalise on converting your souls (0.75 AP per soul) into additional magic damage through its passive. More importantly, it provides 20% Cooldown Reduction which other than your defensive items, is the only way to boost your CDR on the DPS path.

100 souls will provide 75 AP. Nashor's Tooth provides 80 AP, leading to a total of 155 AP from these alone, and 15% of that (Nashor's passive scaling) is about 22.75 + 15 from its on-hit. With 100 souls alone, this item will provide 37.75 magic damage on-hit. Is it better than BOTRK for dps? No, certainly not, but in tandem with Guinsoo's Rageblade, it could pose quite the threat in the lategame.

The real reason to buy this item is to either stay as magic damage, or to focus on peeling with the 20% Cdr.

Excellent for peeling, and in the very-late game.

3085.pngRunaan's Hurricane is a catalyst for other items just as Rageblade is, but provides less stats of its own. Being a crit item, it works well with Blade of the Ruined King which provides some AD, same with Rageblade. It can triple your on-hit onto three opponents, and is therefore great to provide additional AoE damage and waveclear.

Good for splitpushing and AoE damage.

Defensive Items

3047.pngHarshly counter auto-attacking opponents. 18.png 5.png 75.png

3143.pngGood for teams high in Crit and AD Melee opponents. 157.png 23.png 202.png

3068.pngGood for on-hit builds using Wit's End and for being in close quarters.

3075.pngGood counter for auto-attackers and life-stealing opponents. 266.png 75.png 5.png

3110.pngCounter multiple auto-attacking champions and peel harder with CDR. 29.png 18.png 240.png

3742.pngGood for map mobility, chasing to set up Flays or Hooks, initiating.

3026.pngGood alternative to AD items on Burst path when in need of defense. 

3065.pngGood in tandem with Blade of the Ruined King. Good with Healers. 16.png 37.png

3194.pngGood for enemies with DoTs. 17.png 68.png 3151.png

3001.pngGood alongside magic damage items. 3091.png 3124.png 3068.png

3156.png Good against magic damage team comps when playing Burst. Counter AP assassins. 105.png 7.png

The general idea is to mix and match at least 2-3 offensive items with 2-3 defensive items, and boots. How you choose how many of each is decided by the game, how ahead you are, how ahead the enemy is, who is fed, and your team composition. It's no good taking 3 offensive items or more if you're the team's only tank unless you're really ahead.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Kled
  • Maokai
  • Nasus
  • Pantheon
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Talon
  • Zed




Once you learn the tricks, Darius becomes a favourable matchup. Do NOT get hit by the outer circle of his Q dariuscleave.png. Flaying away can be too slow, but flaying him towards you to get inside the inner circle is near-instant, and is a decent counter for his Q. 

His W dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png used as an auto attack reset can deal a ton of damage and DoT, so do still be careful. Do not engage him for periods of time. Only harass from a range when his E is down.




Multiple gap closers make it difficult, but being almost purely melee make it easy enough to not die to Kled. Use threshe.pngFlay to keep him away from yourself as you farm, and harass him from a distance if you are able.

Never be tempted to kill a low health Kled when his Courage meter is nearly full. A sudden burst of attack speed from kledw.png can really turn the tide, gaining tons of HP back from Skaarl.




Its this kind of "farm lane" that is excessively easy. As a low damage champion, its pretty hard for him to kill you provided you don't overstay in trades you aren't winning. Once you attain 3091.pngWits end, the fight is in your favour.




He scales harder, sustains greater, and cripples more than you do with his nasusw.pngWither. Play defensively. You won't be killing him unless he's an awful player, or your jungler gives you a gank. Avoid wards by threshw.pngpulling him from behind your turret or from the jungle, out of vision.

Use your threshe.pngFlay to prevent his advances towards you if he gets aggressive, especially if he's ulted.




As with most lanes vs Pantheon, this is kinda tough but comparatively isn't nearly as bad as if you were a melee champion.

You can either play passive and farm (recommended), or you can throw some cheeky auto attacks in to take his shield off, then poke. 
If your timing is quick enough, or you can predict his moves, you can negate his pantheonw.pngW by threshe.pngFlaying him before he lands. If you succeed, you'll gain a large upper hand. 

Also, you can cancel pantheone.pngHeartseeker Strike with either threshq.pngDeath Sentence or threshe.pngFlay.




Tough to beat since his renektonsliceanddice.pngdashes are very fast and hard to counter with threshe.pngFlay. Its very easy for him to harass you.

Keep to yourself, buy sustain in either 1053.pnglifesteal or 2003.pngpotions, or both. Buy early defense if need be. Trying to rush the burst build is not in your best interests unless you get ahead. Jungler help is your best friend.




A fun match up revolving around how well you can threshe.pngflay her riventricleave.pngQ. Repelling her third strike of Q with Flay is the most optimal outcome in early lane trades, and will often give you a massive upper hand. 

Of course, she is still high AD damage, and carelessness WILL get you killed due to your low base armour.




Since you have low base armour, assassins are tough. Rush out a 3068.pngSunfire Cape to stop him from killing you, and gain an upper hand in DPS.




Since you have low base armour, assassins are tough. Rush out a 3068.pngSunfire Cape to stop him from killing you, and gain an upper hand in DPS.

The Full Video Guide (Extremely In-Depth) Back to Top

Here is the video to my guide on Thresh as a top laner, mid laner, AD, on-hit, EVERYTHING to do with offensive Thresh. Please do enjoy.

Tips and Tricks (Real Pro Thresh stuff) Back to Top

Using jungle monsters as Mobility

Death Sentence can be used to hook onto jungle monsters and escape or chase enemies. Very useful if you find yourself split pushing deep. Hook onto Gromp or juke with the Krugs to escape.

Landing your hooks

Whilst there is truly no other advice than 'practice' for improving your aim, there are some things I can tell you to help land more hooks.

The first is to Hook after you Flay. Flay will slow the enemy down, making it much easier to CC them with Death Sentence afterwards.

Second is the obvious, lead the target. Meaning, don't aim at where your opponent is, aim at where they will be in 1.5 seconds or more, depending on the distance, their movement speed, if they have a dash. 
How well do you know that player in this game? Will they try to juke it? Will they save their dash for your hook? If you can think this far ahead, you can land hooks that make you look like a real pro.



Once you attain Rapid Firecannon, you can poke with your auto attacks from a safe distance. This can be used idly to poke in team fights before it starts, or used to snipe enemy carries if you're given the opportunity. 

If you get it while in laning phase, its very easy to poke them down and force them to recall, or make them easier pickings for yourself or to a gank.


Souls have around a 50% drop rate from regular minions and small monsters. Like all RNG in this game, every time a soul drops, the chance for the next soul drop will lower, and every time a soul doesn't drop, the chance for the next soul drop will raise. This way, you get a steady flow of souls around 50% of the time. Also, the chance only raises or lowers on soul DROP, not on soul pickup. So if a minion drops a soul and you don't pick it up, the chance of the next soul drop will still lower.

To maximise the RNG, you'll want to be around as many minion or monster deaths as possible to have as many chances at souls dropping as possible, so you can collect as many potential souls as possible. Seems possible, right?

Additionally, souls have a 100% drop rate from Cannon minions, Super Minions, and Large monsters. Also, Epic monsters will drop two souls. So try to weave in Jungle monsters between minion waves when farming in the mid-late game, and always try to participate in Dragon, Baron, and Rift Herald contests.

Worth noting that 20.pngNunu also drops two souls, one for Nunu, one for Willump. So I guess kill him as often as you can for optimal souls... Y'know... When you see him...

Souls will provide 0.75 armour, 0.75 ability power, and +1 on-hit magic damage per soul. So with 100 souls, thats 75 bonus armour, 75 bonus ability power, and 100 magic damage with every auto attack. Pretty cool, right?

Ideally, you'll reach 100 souls by the 30 minute mark at the latest. Optimally, you'll have 100 souls by 25 minutes or sooner. If you're struggling to reach this, reflect on how much you farmed in the game, and how many waves did you miss. (Even if you're giving a big wave to your ADC, you should still pick up the souls).

The Box


Drag opponents into the walls of your box using Death Sentence and Flay to ensure they take the damage. This is really cool for those Level 6 duels with the enemy top laner. If you walk away from a melee champion, they may walk into the wall by accident, though if they are ranged or wiser than that, you can always knock them into them instead. 

If a melee champion refuses to chase you into your wall, take advantage by hitting them from afar for a second or two before you hook/flay them into the wall. 

Every wall after the first that pops will deal no damage, but will still slow for half the amount of the first one (99%). You can kite around the walls if melee enemies decide to chase you.

ONLY if you're gonna win that fight, don't kite around the Box if the enemy has a good chance of just killing you, just walk away instead.

Disclaimer Back to Top

As stated in the video description, AD Thresh is by no means a "New meta" or "Sleeper OP" pick that will skyrocket your LP. It is merely an alternative way to play one of my favourite champions in order to find new enjoyment in League of Legends, a game that really needs to see more things played for just 'Fun', not for LP or for attaining Challenger one day, just to win, but in style. 

Can this reach higher ranks? Probably. I've hit gold playing it sometimes when going for the new Victorious skin of the year and gold border. Does it function well? It bloody well can do, and being the only ranged utility tank in the game currently, Thresh can fill a special role that no other champion can. When thrown into top lane, he gains versatility like no other, and will always be a fun pick, and even an effective pick, in the right hands.

Not your cup of tea? Not a problem. If you don't want to play this in ranked, save it for normals with friends. :)

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