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Summoner Spells Back to Top

The standard summoners for ADCs are 4.png flash and 7.png heal.

 7.png is very helpful for the botlane as it gives 2 players instant health and 30% movement speed. Perfect for baiting dives, saving allies and chasing/kiting with the movement speed.

4.png is the strongest summoner allowing for a multitude of possibilities such as repositioning, dodging crucial spells, escaping over walls, securing kills and much more.

21.png - Barrier can definitely work on Tristana especially if you have a healing support like 16.png.As a hyper scaling ADC, the more durable shield and shorter cooldown summoner can be lifesaving against the Syndra ultimatesyndrar.png. Keep in mind your 2v2 in lane will be weaker than with heal.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is the main page for warlord ADCs, going 18/0/12. It gives you more survivability and laning power compared to the previous meta 18/12/0. This mastery page brings alot of stats that Tristana likes and laning survivability to help her get through the laning phase.

6111.png - 5 points in Fury gives 4% attack speed, compared to the 2% increased ability damage of 6114.png. Tristana is more auto attack focused than ability, so take Fury.

6121.png - Fresh Blood gives your next auto attack 10+1 per level damage on a 6s cd, compared to 6122.png which gives 20 hp on a 30s cd. If you think can use Fresh Blood consitently in lane but if you think you will be zoned in a hard matchup then Feast is still a viable choice. 6123.png is mainly for support or low damage utility champions, both of which Caitlyn is not.

6131.png - Vampirism gives 2% life steal and spell vamp which is more consistent than the flat AD and AP 6134.png gives. Vampirism is more reliable in having more hp throughout all stages in the game but there is also a Korean variation which puts 4 points into Natural Talent and 1 point into Vampirism. 

6143.png - Battle Trance is the most safest and reliable mastery compared to 6141.png and 6142.png. Bounty hunter is a wildly ranging mastery where if you are ahead, you can deal out up to 5% increased damage for free which is great but if you are behind you receive nothing, and that is when you really need the increased damage. Double Edged Sword is meh on Tristana if you have a lane which you know you will smash, but as an ADC you want to be taking as little as damage possible. Battle Trance instead leaves you with 2seconds of 1-2% increased damage but once you reach the 3rd second of combat, it reaches the damage of double edged sword but with no downsides so it is the most reliable pick.

6161.png - The two keystones that are viable for Trist are Warlords and 6162.png. Fervor is not in a good spot right now for ADCs as it takes quite long to stack, so it is only viable on 236.png81.png429.png. As Trist runs a crit build, fervor stacks very slowly when you have 1 item/2 compared to adcs that have lots of attack speed from bork. The sustain from warlords allows you to stay in lane longer and the movement speed given by it is very underrated in lane. You can auto the enemy adc and use the bonus movement speed to run before they can trade back. Warlords also synergizes very well with 3087.png and 3094.png giving you lots of long range, healing burst crits.

6211.png - Recovery is like a mini doran's shield, giving you solid passive health regeneration. 6212.png is not viable as you won't be building enough armor and magic resist to make it worth it.

6223.png - Tough Skin gives you flat damage resistance against auto attacks which can save your life easily as in all ins it can save you approximately 20 hp. 6222.png is useless as a Tristana should always be trying to push or freeze near the middle, it is very rare where siegemaster is useful. A Korean special is that they take6221.png on ADC's to have faster collapses and rotations to catch the enemy off guard.

6232.png - gives you 50 flat hp at level 1 which is HUGE. You start with 524 hp with out doran's blade and with Veteran's Scars you increase your hp by 10% already without buying any items. 6231.png is insignificant early game as your life steal is small but it scales up quite nicely, but the point of going 12 points in resolve is to boost your early game laning power so it's against the point if you take Runic Armor.

6243.png- Fearless is arguably the reason ADC's switched from 18/12/0 to 18/0/12. The 2 second increase of defenses on such a low cooldoown (9s) is extremely valuable. The summoner spell cd decrease from6241.png is not enough to justify it over Fearless. 6252.png is just whack.

Abilities Back to Top

Passive tristanapassive.png Draw a Bead

The range of Tristana's auto attacks, tristanae.png and tristanar.png is increased by 0-119 at levels 1-18.

  • One of the main reasons why Trist is considered a hyper carry is because she is the highest ranged marksman at level 18 (excluding kog'maw with kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png) allowing her to position alot more safely and hit ADCs where they cannot retaliate back

Q  tristanaq.png Rapid Fire

Tristana increases her attack speed by 30/50/70/90/110% for 7 seconds
Max this ability second
Get this ability at level 4 or level 3 if you all in

  • Use this ability only if you are sure you will get multiple auto attacks during 7 seconds (attacking turrets, long trades)
  • Use this ability at the same time as you use your tristanae.png to maximize efficiency
  • This ability maxed out at level 13 will let you attack at absurd speeds, so play around the fact that you can out dps any other champion during this time frame

tristanaw.png Rocket Jump

Tristana dashes to a location, dealing magic damage on impact and slowing enemies by 60% for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds
Rocket Jump refreshes it's cooldown when you get a kill or assist and when tristanae.png reaches 4 stacks
Max this ability last
Get this ability at level 2

  • Don't jump into enemies unless you are certain you can get a kill and jump back out with the reset
  • At early level all ins, you can jump in first and then have the jump off cd after the tristanae.png detonation to either jump further in or out.
  • Sometimes when a melee enemy champion gets on to you, you can jump half the max distance to create some kiting room but jump not too far where you lose dps

E tristanae.png Explosive Charge

Passive: Enemies killed by Tristana's auto attacks explode in a small area, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies

Active: Tristana places an explosive charge on an enemy or turret, after 4 seconds the charge explodes doing physical damage. The explosion radius is doubled on a turret. Auto attacks and abilities increase the charge damage by 30% stacking up to 4 times for a maximum of 120% charge damage which also makes the charge detonate instantly.

Max this ability first
Get this ability at level 1

  • Try to get at least 2-3 stacks on your tristanae.png for trades in lanes, try not to use it for short ones
  • Ask yourself, will I get stacks on my tristanae.png based on my positioning and the enemies? If no, refrain from using tristanaq.png or tristanae.png. If yes then expend the cooldowns
  • You can use this ability on minions clumped up to create a very easy source of waveclear as the passive and active will both proc
  • If you are pushed into the enemies turret which will happen alot due to the E passive, using tristanae.png on the turret can be beneficial as the damage to the turret and the double radius can catch the enemy laners off guard with solid damage
  • Try to pair tristanae.png and tristanaq.png at the same time as they both synergize with each other
  • Your tristanae.png will always be the same range as your tristanar.png and auto attacks at all points in the game, so keep that in mind

tristanar.png Buster Shot

Fire a cannonball that knocks back enemies and deals massive damage

Grab a point into this ability whenever you can (levels 6,11,16)

  • When you have used an tristanae.png on the enemy, tristanar.png adds an additional stack so at 3 tristanae.png stacks, don't be afraid to ult to gain the instant massive burst
  • You can Insec (knock the enemy into your team) with this ability by getting behind the enemy. Using a combination of 4.png and tristanaw.png, using your tristanar.png can knock a valuable enemy carry into friendly backup, almost always netting a kill.
  • This ability can also be used to utilize the knockback when an enemy diver looks like they want to jump you but your tristanar.png grants you a get out of jail free card

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start
    If you are not confident

Core Items

Situational Items

    If there is an enemy diver that you need to survive - substitute either shiv or rfc
    If enemy is stacking armor
    When the enemy team is ad or ap heavy
    Defensive options
Starter Items

Doran's Blade + 1 health pot


Dblade gives you the standard statline, giving you everything you want and need

Doran's Shield + 1 health pot


 Dshield is good against very, very strong lanes such as Draven 119.png and Brand 63.png. It is very likely you will chunked in trades against kill lanes so the passive regeneration will be very useful to stay healthy when you are zoned from the minion. You have to use your judgement if you think you will be chunked in lane and zoned away so you need the passive regeneration, if not then dblade is your best bet.

Early Game

Normally your prioritization is 1038.png>3006.png>1037.png>1018.png when trying to build up to your first item of 3031.png. A very big mistake that most players don't know is NEVER BUY INDIVIDUAL POTS after your first dblade/shield buy. Always try to get a 2031.png as it will be infinitely more efficient. Also on your first back get a 1083.png if you have the extra gold instead of boots but if it is any other back then just skip it for 1001.png or 1042.png. Do not be afraid to sell your 1083.png even if you haven't finished it to buy a more expensive item, it is more efficient to have a round power curve instead of staying weak for a couple more minutes. Although don't buy a cull after your first back as it will take too long to stack. At level 9 you have the option to buy 3363.png. You want to buy this item if you think someone from the enemy team can 1v1 in the sidewaves, if you are ahead you can stick with the normal wards till later in the game.

Mid Game

At this time you should have your 3031.png3087.png3006.png around 20-21 minutes if you are doing reasonably well. If you are facing a very heavy ad comp or ap comp you can swap berserkers greaves out for either 3047.pngor 3111.png. At this point in the game, you will have to recognize what the enemy team has and what are their threats. If they have 2 tanks or 1 very strong one beginning to or already stacking armor then a 3035.png would be a good pick up. If they have a lot of hard crowd control then 3140.png is viable. If they have healing champs such as 16.png then buy a 3123.png. If your threat of dying is to divers/assassins then a 3046.png or 3155.png would be a good zeal pickup. If NONE of these scenarios apply, only then is it good to build into 3094.png. Do not ever only go 1 stagnant build every single game, good players build against the enemy and are able to adapt to different situations although it will take some time to recognize these scenarios.

Late Game

Making your decision for your last item is again dependent on the enemy team. You should usually have something like this by the end of the game 3031.png3087.png3094.png3006.png3036.png. Usually the best buy would be a 3026.png but if you always survive the teamfights but need more damage and you are against heavy burst then 3812.png is a solid pick. If you already have3140.png then obviously upgrade into a 3139.png, same case with 3155.png to 3156.png. If you are in no threat of dying then the last pick is 3072.png giving you the most lifesteal and a solid overheal shield. In VERY late game fights, you can sell your boots for any of the defensive items but it is recommended to buy a 3085.png or 3046.png or whatever zeal item you did not buy to increase your dps.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kennen
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne
  • Xayah




Ashe is a very team reliant ADC due to her ashespiritofthehawk.png and enchantedcrystalarrow.png requiring allies to play around it. Luckily in soloq there is very little team synergy and coordination leaving Ashe as an immobile ADC that you can abuse in the sidewaves. You can 1v1 her as long as you 4.png her enchantedcrystalarrow.png. It is also a possibility to just let your team dive the Ashe as she is very weak without a good team.




Against Caitlyn you want to start a Dshield due to her relentless long range poke. If you survive the laning phase without too much repercussions, you will outscale her very hard due to the also unrelenting nerfs to her from rito. Just try to play around her caitlynyordletrap.png and she should have a hard time beating you after laning.



119.png is a huge lane bully and there is almost nothing you can do but let him outplay himself. This lane is decided by the supports and who can control the tempo better. Start Dshield against him.




Ezreal is hands down the worst ADC right now due to his awful itemization where he has to spend 750 gold in the early game for mana while you can spend that gold on more damage. Look to abuse this fact and snowball the lane before he can catchup.




Jhin is a very bursty ADC that slowly wins trades with his 4th bullet. Play around this by having longer trades when Jhin only has 1 or 2 bullets left so that he has to reload or have shorter trades when he has 4 or 3 bullets so he cannot cycle to his 4th. You majorly out dps him with your cds so dont be afraid to look for 1v1s in the side waves.




Jinx is a similar champion to you but with a weaker early game. You can abuse this by trading often and looking for all ins. As long as you dodge her jinxe.png you should win most fights as she is basically a Tristana without mobility early on. Late game she will have a comparable hyper carry status to you though.




Kalista is a very volatile matchup depending on the skill level of the opponent, it can feel like facing an Ezreal or a Draven due to the very high skill cap on Kalista. Try to wait for your jungler or support to predict and hit a CC on her and blow her up. If not then avoid trading against her as her kalistaexpungewrapper.png makes her very strong.




Kennen ADC is quite weak now after the latest nerfs but even if they play it, his engage from kennenlightningrush.png is quite telegraphed so you can use your tristanar.pngto negate that. Without his CC, he is a low damage and low ranged ADC with you obviously do very well against.




Kog'maw is a very easy lane due to the fact that he has no burst but only a very strong dps steroid in his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png. Once you see him turn that ugly shade of green, run as he will win almost all trades BUT once it is down, he is the weakest adc in the game so be prepared to abuse him. Late game Kog'maw becomes a very big problem as his range is even higher than yours but if you smash him in lane, there won't be a late game.




Lucian is a tricky matchup for Trist as he can dominate the 1v1 vs her but you have all the tools to disengage and run from him. The main power from Lucian is his early to mid game so play safe in the sidewaves and you will eventually just overpower him later on.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune's power is all in her missfortunericochetshot.png and her  missfortunebullettime.png. In lane, try to position next to your minions instead of behind to negate the possibility of a crit missfortunericochetshot.png and in later fights, save your tristanar.png to interrupt her missfortunebullettime.png and after that she will be almost useless. She is very simple to play against but if you don't do it correctly she can definitely chunk you.




Sivir is a very low range ADC but with very high waveclear. Most likely in this lane she will push you into your turret and you will miss alot of cs due to the passive from your tristanae.png. Try to preemptively counter push by tristanae.pnging the minion wave as she can sivire.png your tristanae.png. Look for ganks and the eventual outscale on Sivir but beware her 3 item spike is stronger than yours. 




Twitch is a tricky matchup as he is a weak laner but his twitchexpunge.png in long trades can demolish both you and your support so take shorter trades. When he tries to all in you with his twitchfullautomatic.png use your tristanar.png as the knockback will waste precious time on his ultimate, which is a very big part of his efforts in killing you. A Twitch ahead is very strong against you in 1v1s but if you are ahead you can win so play accordingly.




Varus is quite similar to Ashe where he is an utility ADC but less so with more emphasis in damage and poke. You start to outscale the Varus in mid game but watch out for his 1 item spike of 3153.png as that is when he is the most strongest in my opinion and his potential to root you with his varusr.png.




Playing against incompetent Vayne players make this a very easy lane but if against a Vayne that knows what she's doing then it will be very hard to punish her lane. Everyone knows that Vaynes are monsters late game but it is mainly up to your support to help pressure Vayne in lane.




Xayah's laning is comepletely based on semi-long trades with her xayahw.png and landing many feathers with xayahe.png. You can brute over power her xayahw.png but you have to dodge her xayahe.png at no costs, whether you 4.pngtristanaw.png or just straight up dodge it she is nothing without hitting it.

Conclusion Back to Top

In the end Tristana is a hyper scaling carry with the potential to win a game by herself. With scaling range, an insane attack speed steroid, dashes that reset on kills and a self peel tool, it's not surprising that Tristana is a popular, fun and successful champion. 

If you have made it this far I want to give a big thanks to you!
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave it in the comments section.
Good luck in all of your solo q journeys!

Updates Back to Top

- Posted on 8/21/17

- There will probably be nerfs for trist next patch aka worlds patch

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