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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Mobility summoner spell options:

6.png: The most helpful summoner spell for Tryndamere. Helps stick to targets to facilitate all ins. Provides anti kite power, allowing you to constantly smack autos on your target. Extremely powerful and near mandatory summoner spell on Tryndamere for obvious reasons.

As of Patch 6.10, Ghost got buffed, with a lower CD and stronger MS. Even more reason to run Ghost on Tryndamere.

4.png : Flash by itself is the most powerful spell in the game. It is also the most versatile as you can flash over walls. You can technically double dash by spinning then flashing to catch up. With crowd control being a thing flash is crucial for evading skill shots and positioning yourself favourably in fights. And in certain circumstances when the target is fleeing with low health Flash secures kills better than ghost with Flash-AA.

With Flash, you will need to alter your play style because you will not have the all in power of Ghost+Ignite. You might also need to buy Ghostblade (and possibly BOTRK to complement) as one of your core items to compensate for the lack of mobility and anti-kite provided by Ghost. 

However, I personally feel that Ghost is the superior mobility summoner spell. It's because Tryndamere has a built in flash with his Spinning Slash. Ghost is superior in chasing down targets. Moreover, flash has a longer cool down than ghost by 1.5 minutes. While flash is the stronger playmaker spell, Ghost is more consistent as your superior mobility means being able to stick to your target and crit them to death. Flash is better for team fighting while Ghost is better for split pushing. In the end, it is all down to personal preference. If you are playing Mid lane Tryndamere and want to be very mobile you can run ghost+flash.

TLDR: Flash makes you less predictable, Ghost gives more consistent results. As of the latest Ghost buffs, both are equally viable.

Second summoner spell options:

14.png: My preferred second summoner spell. Gives kill potential in lane and gives the possibility of early unexpected all ins with a few crits + ignite. Especially helpful against champions such as 75_64.png8_64.png because it halves their respective healing regens. It is this spell that makes Tryndamere's level 1-2 all ins extremely deadly.

Unfortunately, with the nerfs to exp gains for early kills, I don't find Ignite to be as optimal anymore because it is not as rewarding anymore to score early kills on your opponent, which is what Ignite is supposed to do. Still a powerful summoner spell if you desire to remain aggressive, but I'd favour Teleport now.

3.png : A really good dueling summoner spell as it compliments ghost in sticking to targets. The 40% damage reduction helps in 1v1s as you receive reduced damage. Effectively cripples your opponent during the 2.5 seconds, and the autos you land when the target is exhausted can be potentially greater than Ignite, especially from level 7 onwards. A well placed exhaust can shift a 1v1 duel into your favour. Superior to 14.png outside of laning phase because of its target-sticking ability and powerful dueling power. One drawback of this summoner spell is that enemies can disengage when exhausted, only to reengage once the spell wears off. In addition, its unwise to use Exhaust during your ultimate since the 40% damage reduction won't come into play. This makes exhaust harder to utilises to its full potential compared to 14.png, however it is much more rewarding.

12.png : Sets up to survive Tryndamere's relatively weak early game, and facilitate bot lane ganks for dem double kills. Moreover, it gives the possibility of backdooring, as you can teleport to their base (provided you have a ward there) and take down the inhibitors and nexus towers. You can take this summoner spell if you don't feel confident in killing your lane opponent early. Unfortunately, Teleport got further nerfed due to increased channel time and it being more predictable, and that a failed teleport play can be extremely punishing. Be wary of these if you intend to run Teleport instead of Ignite.

However, this comes with greatly compromising his kill potential, and Tryndamere needs to snowball in order to win games. Be wary of going hyper aggressive without Ignite or Exhaust.

Other summoner spells:

1.png: Tryndamere's primary weakness is crowd control, and this summoner spell effectively removes any crowd control and gives extra 65% tenacity for 3 seconds. Completely nullifies the effects of Ignite and Exhaust. Really useful against team compositions with hard crowd controls. The drawbacks of this spell are that it does not stop suppression or knock up crowd controls, and it is mainly a defensive ability.

While this summoner spell is powerful on Tryndamere, there are simply better options that benefit more on Tryndamere. Also, QSS is a decent substitute to Cleanse. So unless the enemy team has insane hard crowd controls and you intend to team fight a lot to the point that you need to deal with chain crowd controls with both Cleanse and QSS, I suggest staying out of this spell.

7.png: Was a possible summoner spell before, but now it got nerfed. Now it does not remove the grevious wounds from Ignite. 

11.png: Smite Top sucks on Tryndamere. The main reason why you get Smite is because of Cinderhulk, and you don't build that on him. Only get this if you are going Jungle Tryndamere.

21.png: Does not directly counter Ignite as the shield only lasts for 2.5 seconds while ignite ticks last for 5. Inferior to exhaust in terms of dueling.

10.png: Buy homeguards and activate this summoner spell to see you dashing out of base at supersonic speeds, but too bad champions like 120_64.png and 33_64.png will still run faster than you. Then again this useless summoner spell got removed from the game so you can't troll with this spell.

13.png: Tryndamere has no mana pools, and even then it would be useless.

2.png: ….why would you ever need this?

Summoner Spell Combinations:

1. 14.png6.png Ignite gives you the kill pressure you need and Ghost helps punish errors decisively since you have the move speed boost to stay in range and smack autos on targets. A straight forward combo yet extremely lethal if executed correctly. Since they both have short cooldowns you can pop both summoners at once to all in your lane opponent, and provided their flash is down it easily secures you a kill every time. It is excellent for tower dives and provides the tools you need to snowball out of control. If you get a lead, you can get get a kill at least every 3 minutes because your spells would be up. As of Season 6, since the game focuses on snowballing leads these pair of summoner spells equips you best for it. In most of your games, I highly recommend running Ghost-Ignite.

2. 14.png4.png You have the kill pressure with ignite but your all ins will not be as deadly, especially when your lane opponent is very mobile. But Flash is stronger than Ghost in team fights. It is up to the player's play style, but I don't feel that flash synergizes well with Ignite as much as Ghost.

3. 3.png6.png Exhaust is highly effective against high burst champions or if you desire a safe lane. Exhaust helps strengthen jungler ganks and at the same time help evade ganks as well. Combined with Ghost, Mocking Shout slow and possibly BOTRK, you will have massive sticking power and no one can escape you. You will be a powerhouse in 1v1 duelling iff you know how to use Exhaust properly. If you are not experienced with utilising Exhaust to its full potential, consider running Ignite instead.

4. 12.png4.png Considering that this game is still so team dependant, teleport remains viable after the nerf.  The difference here is that teleport becomes more risky but it has higher playmaking potential. Similar to flash, a strong playmaking spell. If your playstyle is geared towards making plays around the map and teamfighting, this summoner spell combo is just for you. I experimented this summoner spell combo and while it does not give you the insane kill pressure from Ghost-Ignite, it creates more map pressure for teleport plays/splitpushing, plus having flash makes you strong in fights. If you consider running flash, I'd suggest taking teleport instead of Ignite.

5. 14.png12.pngI don't think foregoing a mobility summoner spell is ever viable because it makes Tryndamere's mobility extremely lacklustre and you become vulnerable to ganks. Mobility is one of Tryndamere's best friends because his biggest weakness is getting kited. 

6. 14.png3.png In a straight up 1v1 duel, you're in the driving seat. You deal extra damage with ignite and cripple your lane opponent at the same time with Exhaust. But Ghost is strictly superior to Exhaust when it comes to anti-kite. And if you're behind you are royally screwed. Reserve this for 1v1 custom matches.

7. 4.png6.png This makes you very mobile, and you benefit immensely from distortion boots. So it is not a bad choice if you are going Mid lane Tryndamere.

8. 1.png6.png Only get this if the enemy have insane levels of crowd control and you intend to team fight a lot. Then again, you can get QSS to remedy that problem so reserve Cleanse for AP mids. 

9. 13.png2.png Disco Nunu~

TLDR: I only take two summoner spell combos.
14.png6.png against easier lanes so you have the insane kill pressure, and both summoners synergize insanely well with each other. Now I go back to running this summoner spell combo.
12.png4.png against difficult lanes when you opt to farm and outscale. Alternatively, you can run this in 100% of your games if you are capable of killing your lane opponent without Ignite. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

With the new masteries for Season 6, there are four options you can run on Tryndamere: 18-12-0, 18-0-12, 12-18-0, 12-0-18.

18 (or 12) Ferocity:

Fury: Provides the necessary attack speed that helps Tryndamere win trades.

Double Edged Sword: Makes you deal more damage overall, considering that you deal 2% additional damage plus another 1% if they take double edged sword as well. Receiving 1% additional damage would hardly matter since you can sustain the damage back up.

Vampirism: Honestly you don't make the full use of Natural Talent since the AP portion is hardly relevant. Sustain is of utmost importance in lane for Tryndamere and this mastery provides exactly what you need. Get it 100%.

Bounty Hunter: This mastery pays off more as compared to its counterpart Oppressor. The only time Oppressor is useful is when your target is slowed by your Mocking Shout. Kill at least 3 different champions and this mastery always helps you deals more damage as compared to Oppressor.

Battering Blows: Provides Armour Penetration. Nuff said.

12 (or 18) Cunning:

Savagery: Helps you CS better as it deals bonus damage to minions.

Assassin: The new mastery released in 5.24, increases Tryndamere's DPS in lane that helps make cheesing even more possible, this is the reason why I go back to taking 12 points in the cunning mastery instead of resolve now.

Merciless: Helps you deal more damage in all-ins since you deal 5% more damage when your enemy is below 40% HP.

Dangerous Game: This mastery can potentially save you from clutch all ins when you barely survive after a close duel. The small heal can save you from ignite ticks and more importantly the minion damage that would have finished you off otherwise if you don't have lifesteal or did not life steal fast enough. 

Bandit (alternative to Dangerous Game): I know that Fwii runs this, and I see why he would pick this over Dangerous Game. This is the gold farming mastery as you gain gold for every nearby minion killed. More importantly, it gives you incentive to harass your lane opponent as you gain 10 gold for hitting an enemy champion with an auto attack. Dangerous Game is more rewarding, but Bandit is more consistent. Pick one that suits you more.

Precision: Provides scaling armour penetration. Nuff said.

12 Resolve (or 18 Resolve):

Recovery: Helps Tryndamere sustain in lane alongside with his Q and life steal items. Unyielding is a decent alternative.

Tough Skin: Acts like a mini Doran's shield as you block 2 damage from enemy champions and minions. 

Veteran's Scars: Tryndamere has high base HP, with this you will basically become a juggernaut early game. Runic Armour is a solid alternative as it increases the healing of your Q and life steal.

Insight: If you run 14.png6.png then you can choose this since your summoner spell cooldown will be reduced by 15%. This gives you greater windows of opportunity to all in your lane opponent, which is key for you to snowball. I highly suggest this over Perseverance.

Swiftness: Gives you CC reduction. Which is what Tryndamere wants.

Keystone choices (from best to worst):

1. Fervor of Battle: Makes you a monster in extended trades. The best part about it is you stack fervor twice as fast by auto attacking as compared to using abilities, and auto attacking is Tryndamere's damage source. Since Tryndamere all ins with his auto attacks, he stacks Fervor alongside it and makes his autos hurt even more. Synergizes extremely well with attack speed since it helps stack Fervor faster, and since Trymdamere scales excellently with attack speed this keystone is the best for him. It scales extremely well into the late game as well, which is when Tryndamere becomes a monster. 

2. Warlords Bloodlust: If you desire a safer lane but retain some offensive capabilities, warlords is an alternative option. You gain greater life steal the lower health you are, which comes into play when it comes to clutch duels pre-6. Unfortunately, it is much less useful post 6 because it is useless during your ultimate, and life steal items offsets some of the benefits of this keystone. Though it is still useful if you intend to commit to a fight after your ultimate is over. It is still a decent keystone if you desire slightly greater sustain, but all in all fervor is the superior keystone.

3. Stormraider's Surge: On paper, this is an extremely powerful keystone in Tryndamere because it gives him a huge burst of movement speed when dealing sufficient damage. However, it is difficult to proc unless you crit early, and against tanks you aren't chunking 30% of their HP within 2 seconds. Possibly a good keystone against squishies, but overall it is not very recommended.

4. Thunderlord's Decree: Helps with the occasional extra burst damage, which is especially helpful early game if you intend to score an early kill. But it got nerfed, so it's not recommended anymore.

5. Grasp of the Undying: This keystone makes Tryndamere deceptively strong early game, because Tryndamere has a lot of base HP meaning that he will siphon a lot of damage every 4 second in combat. Engage in long duels, proc this twice and you will almost always win trades against any opponent. The issue with this keystone is that it falls off once laning phase ends, but it is undeniably the best keystone for the very early game.

TLDR: 18-12-0 helps with Tryndamere's offense and cheesing power, making it better for easier matchups, while 18-0-12 takes advantage of Tryndamere's high base stats making it better for skill or difficult matchups (or if you want lower cooldowns on your summoner spells). 

My youtube on Season 7 Tryndamere Runes and Masteries:

Abilities Back to Top


Skill breakdown:

Battle Fury (Passive): Tryndamere receives 0.35% bonus critical strike chance per point of Fury he currently has, for a maximum of 35% critical chance at 100%.

This is Tryndamere's critical chance steroid. His crits give him the damage he heeds to trade adequately with any opponent. 


Bloodlust (Q): 
Passive: Tryndamere permanently gains bonus attack damage equal to a base amount plus a further bonus per 1% of health he is missing. 
Active: Tryndamere consumes all of his current Fury, restoring health equal to a base amount plus extra health per point of Fury consumed.

The passive is why Tryndamere excels in extended trades; his autos and crits will hurt more the more missing health he has. It also makes his crits pack more of a punch due to the increased AD. it also synergies greatly with his ultimate, because at 1 health he will receive the maximum bonus attack damage from the passive.

The average Tryndamere players will use this active only for the heal, forgetting the fact that he will lose his trading power in lane. It is unwise to use the active at lower levels because it is never worth restoring only 80-135 health for the 35% crit chance. You need to learn to restrain yourself from using the active, only using it when absolutely necessary. This is also your saving grace when the duration of your ultimate is over, giving you a nice chunk of health for safety measures. Never press Q during the ultimate because it will reduce the bonus AD, and Tryndamere will still be damaged anyways until he gets below 1 health. Moreover, never press Q right before your ultimate because you won't have it to save you from 14.png.
After level 7 you can use this skill much more freely provided you built some crit chance items or Tiamat.

Always max this first.


Mocking Shout (W): 
Active: Decreases surrounding enemy champion's attack damage. Enemies with their backs turned to Tryndamere also have their movement speed slowed for 4 seconds.

The AD reduction from this ability is usually heavily overlooked. It is extremely helpful in trading because against AD opponents it will cripple their damage. Moreover, Tryndamere needs to stay in range to deal damage, so the increased slow will help catch up to opponents better. You also can cast this spell freely to cripple their last hitting capabilities. 

However, this is not a reliable form of crowd control. Missing your slow can mean missing a kill so don't get Hydra and no other forms of anti-kite in your build. You will need at least 1 anti-kite item such as BOTRK and combined with your W it will make sure that you can stay in range of your target to deal damage.

Max this last. The slow is not reliable and you are better off with the extra damage and shorter cooldown with E being maxed second.


Spinning Slash (E):
Active: Tryndamere whirls his sword and dashes to a target location, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path and granting 2 fury per enemy hit. If he kills a unit, he additionally gains 10 more fury. This cool down is reduced by 1 second whenever Tryndamere critically strikes (doubled against champions).

This is Tryndamere's engage and disengage tool. It also provides good wave clear. By spinning through a few low health enemy minions, you can instantly gain 20-30 fury and catch your opponent off guard with a suddenly increased fury bar. Moreover, if spinning slash is about to come off cool down, you can crit a minion to make it immediately come off cool down and then use it to chase down or escape from an opponent. Very useful for outplaying opponents.

However, never take this skill for granted. If you misuse your spin into losing trades, you are going to be punished severely because you are going to be deprived of your lack of escape. Don't simply use your spin for the extra damage if it means getting out-traded into blowing your ultimate or your summoner spells just to escape and survive.

Max this skill second for extra DPS, unless you are heavily losing your lane against an AD oriented opponent - then consider maxing W second.


Undying Rage (Ultimate): 
After a 0.5 second delay, Tryndamere instantly receives fury and becomes immune to death for 5 seconds during which his health cannot fall below 1. This move is usable when under the effects of hard crowd control. If Tryndamere is below 3% health when Undying Rage ends, it will heal him to 3%.

This ability defines Tryndamere. Using this ability correctly sets the average and master Tryndamere players apart. Use this ability to not only survive, but deal damage. Abuse the full 5 seconds of your ultimate to deal damage without receiving any damage in return. Average Tryndamere players only use this ultimate to survive; they only fight then run away halfway during the ultimate. In addition, timing your ultimate is extremely important. Ult early and you will get killed. Ult late and you will get killed. Precision is key.

In theory, if you abuse the full 5 seconds of your ultimate, you should be dealing 1000 damage assuming you deal 200 damage per second. At full builds, you should be dealing an average 1600 damage per second (750 damage every hit with 2.3 hits per second), meaning that you can deal a whopping 8000 damage during your ultimate. Even with resistances, you should still be dealing at least 4000 damage during the 5 seconds. Sounds OP, right? 

One key thing to note that many Tryndamere guides do not mention about this spell is that it gets more powerful the farther your lane opponent is from their tower. The fact that you have 5 seconds of immortality in addition to dealing heavy damage means that you punish your lane opponent extremely hard if they make a mistake since they are too far off from their tower since you excel greatly at extended trades. If their spells are on cooldown, you instantly win the duel and thus they will be forced to flee to their tower. The more overextended they are the harder you punish with the threat of your ultimate if they attempt to commit. 

However, if you are near their tower and they are healthy, it will be hard to punish errors since they can tower hug and you will be reduced to auto-spinning out for damage. Trying to tower dive while they are healthy simply because you have 5 seconds of immortality is a bad idea simply because you might not have the damage to kill them within those 5 seconds.

It is this ultimate that makes Tryndamere an exceptionally powerful duelist, and one of the best tower divers in the game. When tower diving, make sure you commit 100% into the dive, even if it means trading kills. He won't gain the experience from killing you and will miss 1-2 waves of gold and XP. Definitely worth it in my opinion. This also makes him a capable backdoor champion because he will have 5 seconds to deal unregulated damage to the nexus.

A common counter play to this is for the enemy to place an 14.png halfway through your ultimate. That is why you should save your Q to prevent yourself from dying after the ultimate wears off.

Only put one point on this at level 6 and don't scale it until you scale your other abilities. You only get increased Fury and slightly shorter cooldown, which is inferior compared to scalings of your other basic abilities. 

Skill Order:

Always start E at level 1 for the spinning slash's damage and mobility. Tryndamere's simple AA-spin away combo delivers deceptively strong damage at early levels, even when you don't crit. 

I have seen some Tryndamere players learn W at level 2. Never do that, your autos will deal less damage meaning your all in will be less potent. Always learn Q at level 2, no exceptions.

Put the second point in Q at level 3 for more raw damage from autos. However, if your jungler is ganking your lane at 3 minutes, you can learn W at level 3 instead for the slow.

Max Q  first for maximum damage output from its passive in addition to increased healing from active.

Max E second unless you are losing against a AD heavy top laner, then max W. The only time I would consider maxing W second constantly is if you are facing 92.png.

Put a point in R at level 6, then don't skill it until level 17 and 18. This is because his ultimate have very little scaling since the time he is immune to death remains the same at all ranks. The increased Fury gains dosen't matter much because by the time you commit to using your ultimate, you would have good amount of Fury beforehand meaning that ulting would cap your Fury bar. Putting points in W and E is much better, as they have superior scalings compared to his ultimate.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Default start
    Safe start
    Alternative start

Core Items

    Example full build that provides lots of attack speed
    Typical S6 Build
    40% CDR Build, with scaling CDR blues

Situational Items

    Other items to consider.

Starting Items

Recommended starting items

1036_32.png 2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png A good start if you want the extra sustain from Health potions. However, HP pots are too expensive right now, and are way less efficient than 2031.png.  If you start with this, be sure to get the refillable potion ASAP.

1036.png2031.png The most efficient start. You already have sustain in your kit and refillable, for most scenarios, gives you all the sustain you need in lane. Very efficient start because you don't need to buy any more potions for the rest of the game.

1029_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png This used to be my favourite starting items because the cloth armour helps take reduced damage plus the 5 health pots helps sustain in lane. Upgrade this to tabi to dramatically increase your survival chance in those difficult AD matchups. A very good alternative start if you don't feel experienced with Tryndamere, and desire a safe lane. Highly recommended against champions with annoying ranged AD harass like Jayce or Pantheon.

1055_32.png2003_32.png Even when level 1 camps got nerfed, this remains a very powerful alternative to longsword as a starting item. Doran's blade outclasses longsword as an item, and with masteries + this item you have comparable sustain to the two extra health potions if you start longsword. Combined with vamp sceptor, it will be difficult for the enemy laner to out damage your insane sustain. Essentially you get a stronger early game but it slows down your build path, but it would not matter if you don't intend to rush vampiric scepter. I experimented with both longsword and Doran's Blade, and both are equally viable starts.

Other starting items

1083.png2003.png An alternative to the Dorans item. But gives less AD than Dorans Blade/Longsword, and less lifesteal than Doran's Blade. You only profit 130G from this item. Not recommended.

1001_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png 2003_32.png2003_32.png only good if 1. You are going Mid lane Tryndamere 2. The enemy mid lane is heavily skill shot based. But even then, the longsword start remains the superior start. Not recommended.

1074_32.png2003_32.png Dorans shield got nerfed. Not recommend to buy at any circumstance.

1051_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png This effectively makes you completely reliant on your crits for the early game. At full fury with crit glove, your crit chance will be at 43%. However, if you can't crit much in laning phase, you instantly lose. And even then, your crits will not be as strong as if you start longsword. And honestly, it is not worth it to compromise damage (or safety if its a hard lane) for a slightly increased crit chance. You also will have inferior sustain compared to if you start longsword. Not recommended.

1006_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2044_32.png/1006_32.png1006_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png This used to be my preferred starting items against AP, since the health regen can slightly shave off some harass damage. However, the regen is hardly noticeable and you are better off rushing vamp scepter. This start is only viable if you intend to rush Hydra but even then the Longsword start is superior since it is a better start and it is also an item component of Hydra. Not recommended. 

2033.png Are you high.

First Buys

1053_32.png gives all the lane sustain Tryndamere needs. Core early game item.

3144_32.png You're paying an additional 750g for an extra 10 AD and a mini active slow. I'd suggest sticking to the vamp sceptre and buying crit chance items as of now. If you're getting this, it means that you're rushing BOTRK but now BOTRK is no longer core.

1001_32.png Great early pickup item alongside vamp scepter because it gives a nice boost to Tryndamere's early mobility. This is because it helps him stick to targets better.

2031.png You don't need more than two potions after your first back. The refillable potion provides all the necessary sustain you need and it pays off after 3 sips.

1051_32.png I prefer to pick up this item alongside a vamp sceptre if I cannot afford Bligewater cutlass after my first back. This item increases Tryndamere's critical chance and improves his laning strength in general. Upgrade this item to a Zeal if you can afford it.

3086_32.png Increased crit chance, attackspeed, movespeed, everything Tryndamere needs. Good early game item pickup.

3093_32.png (RIP avarice blade)

1038_32.png If you backed with around 1300 gold then pick this item up and watch your autos hit like a truck. It's always good to make full use of the gold you backed with.

3035_32.png Cheap boost of armour penetration if the enemy top laner is stacking early armour.

1037_32.pngIf you intend to rush Rageblade or Tiamat.

Item Builds

Tier 1: The superior items

3031_32.png Tryndamere needs this item to deal tons of damage. Since Tryndamere's source of damage is through his powerful crits, this item amps it up a notch. With his crits dealing 250% damage instead of 200%, Tryndamere will be two-three shotting squishies. In addition, shiv proc also scales with crit damage meaning that it can hit up to 250 bonus magic damage. This makes SS+IE Tryndamere a force to be reckoned with.

3046_32.png  Looking at the stats this item gives, this item is nothing short of amazing on Tryndamere. Not only does it provide good attack speed and crit chance steroids that Tryndamere needs, it gives extra movement speed when near enemy champions and even take 12% reduced damage from the last enemy champion you hit. This makes you excel in 1v1 duels and the ignore unit collision is excellent for tower diving since minion blocking is always an issue. Not to mention it helps you escape due to the increased MS near enemy champions. Now, it's price is reduced, making it a even more viable item.

3087_32.png Stattik Shiv is a powerful first item buy on Tryndamere. This is mainly due to the passive when perodically Tryndamere's autos deal bonus magic damage that bonuces across targets, and can also crit. This makes Shiv strong against tanks as the magic damage circumvents armour stacking. As the proc bounces across targets, it also makes for a good wave clear item, making split pushing faster. Even when not built against tanks, Shiv helps deal extra burst damage, splitting Tryndamere's damage making him not completely a physical damage dealer. Now, the lightning proc got increased, making this item all the more stronger on Tryndamere.

3153_32.png The % max HP bonus damage got buffed back to 8% from 6%. However, the price of this item makes this not worth rushing, as it is still 200g more expensive than season 5 BOTRK. Regardless, the buffs makes this nearly a core item for Tryndamere because of it's strong duelling and splitpushing potential.

3071_32.png The best armour penetration item for Tryndamere. The MS buff helps stick to targets and apply the armour penetration stacks, and when fully stacked the penetration is superior to the Last Whisper. The only issue I have here is needing to auto attack the same target 6 times to fully stack the passive, but with the short cooldown on spin, BOTRK and sufficient amounts of attack speed, applying the passive becomes much easier. The CDR from it makes your spin cooldown be significantly shorter, which greatly increases your playmaking potential. I personally get this as my second item, though you can delay it to your third or fourth item depending on when the enemy team stacks armour.

Tier 2: The good items

3094.png The direct alternative to Shiv that has similar properties. The difference is that it does not bounce across targets but the passive affects structures. Both Shiv and Rapid Firecannon are very good items, and the magic damage stack. But you won't generate the energized passive faster if you have those two items together.

3036.png Black Cleaver + Ghostblade beats Last Whisper upgrades in terms of armour penetration effectiveness. Only get this if those two items aren't doing enough to shred the tanks. And this is the more common upgrade since most tanks also build health anyways.

3033.png The armour penetration alternative item. Only get this if the enemy top laner has strong sustain built in their kit (Eg. Nasus, Irelia, Vladimir, Dr Mundo etc.) because the Grevious wounds passive cuts into their healing regeneration.

3139_32.png No longer a Tier 1 item due to the QSS nerfs, making it cleanse only crowd control instead of all debuffs. Now BOTRK and Hydra easily rival this item for the lifesteal component. It is only a recommended buy against comps with extremely heavy crowd control. 

3812.png A complicated item by itself. Very effective against high burst assassins because you absorb 12% of their burst. Instead of taking 12% of their burst, you take 4% of the damage instead as DOT. Tryndamere's weakness is getting bursted, so this and Phantom Dancer helps circumvent that weakness. Fantastic item all around and is easily one of the best lifesteal items for Tryndamere (tied to BOTRK). Synergizes really well with Hydra.

3074_32.png I did some experimentation with Hydra on Tryndamere, and I found it to be a surprisingly strong item on him. The passive helps clear waves insanely fast meaning a few autos can get you 100 Fury instantly. It provides decent attack damage and the lifesteal stacks with the AOE damage from the cleave passive. The active is strong and has a very short cooldown; it is an auto attack reset that helps deal additional damage in trades. 

This item is a good first rush if you are laning against tanks because you need the quick fury generation and the extra DPS from the active in order to trade effectively. You need to be constantly pushing the wave so you don't give them room to Teleport to other lanes without losing multiple creep waves. 

The downside to this item is you don't have any form of anti-kite besides your semi-reliable Mocking Shout slow and your mobility summoners. You need anti-kite to stay in range to deal damage. So your all ins are less potent with Hydra as compared to rushing BOTRK or Shiv+Cutlass since you are more susceptible to getting kited.

However, against duelists such as Riven or Irelia you won't be beating them if you're even in gold because they out DPS you straight up so against them BOTRK is better. However I don't suggest getting BOTRK along with Hydra since the additional lifesteal is hardly noticeable and you deal more damage with crit chance items such as Phantom Dancer.

3508.png I gave 40% CDR Tryndamere a go and it's actually not so bad. This is because you take full advantage of E's passive of having a reduced cooldown when you crit, making you extremely mobile in teamfights and 1v1 duels. Sure, the mana component may be redundant, but with this item you cap CDR by getting crit items, items that Tryndamere needs. Moreover, it makes Tryndamere significantly less vulnerable because the cooldown of his ultimate would be significantly shorter, at 54 seconds at max rank. Get this item second, make sure you get a crit item first though. 

As of Patch 6.11, this item is no longer core for CDR builds. However, do take note that this item still remains a passive powerspike if you choose to still get it because it spikes from 0% to 30% CDR on the second buy.

3078_32.png The epitome of "tons of damage". A truly well-rounded item, the MS speed buff offered helps stick to targets. The sheen procs when casting w or spinning onto the target making the very next auto do much more damage. After it's changes, Trinity becomes a very deceptively strong item on Tryndamere. While the crit chance got removed, it got a huge buff in attack speed - a steroid which Tryndamere mainly feeds off of to fuel his strength. That combined with the sheen procs (can be used when casting Q and E) makes this an effective split push item. Moreover, it received a 20% cooldown reduction from 10%, meaning that you don't necessarily have to buy Essence Reaver for your CDR build as of the current patch.

3156_32.png Very good MR item if you need the extra shield against heavy burst. Now you get extra AD at low health, which makes you even more potent during your ultimate. The extra CDR is also nice, which helps if you need to cap your CDR.

3146.png The direct alternative to BOTRK. More lifesteal, a stronger slow from active with a much shorter cooldown and the extra AP makes your Q heal stronger. It is slightly inferior to BOTRK because it lacks the %HP shred and the attack speed, but definitely a viable alternative if you desire a stronger lifesteal item with a stronger active slow.

3172_32.png [RIP Zephyr]

Tier 3: The mediocre items

3072_32.png As of Season 6, BT is much less viable on Tryndamere now. Now you heal of critical strikes, plus the cost of this item increased and you get 5 less AD. The main reason why you would buy BT is for the 20% lifesteal, but there are already other sources of sustain that Tryndamere can draw upon plus there are already other items that give similar amount of AD. In short, only get this if you're going full lifesteal build, but refrain from this item outside of that.

3142_32.png The attack speed from the active got removed from this item. Now it is more for casters than for auto attack champions. If you want the lethality stats from items, Maw is a superior item to this.

3124.png I overrated the post-tweak Rageblade big time, and I come to conclude that the new Rageblade sucks on Tryndamere. Not only is the item way too expensive, it takes too long for you to stack the passive for this item to ever remain viable, as it requires 6 autos to stack instead of the old 4. So you're better off not buying this item anymore. 

3143_32.png I seen some high elo Tryndamere players build this. However, in my opinion this is not really a good item on Tryndamere, as it holds back his true damage spike with an item that only delays the channeling of his ultimate. It is because of his ult that makes him able to build pure glass cannon and get away with it. Regardless, its a solid choice if a defensive item is needed, though I'd skip this item for another one.

3026_32.png Undying Rage runs out and you're about to die? This item will save your life. However, like randiuns this damage will reduce Tryndamere's true damage potential. Leave this item to the bruisers or the ADCs.

3512.png This item got nerfed, but it remains the best defensive item if you intend to AFK split push.

Tier 4: The inferior items

3147.png This new item is excellent for assassins, but terrible on Tryndamere. The problem is that you cannot dish out immense burst damage within 2 seconds for the Nightfall passive to ever be effective, because in that time you'd only dish out around 2-3 auto attacks. This pales in comparison to true assassins such as Riven, Zed or Talon, those who can dish out insane burst damage within those 2 seconds. Unless you intend to play Tryndamere like an assassin and nuke squishy targets in teamfights, I very highly recommend to stay out of this item.

3022_32.png  Essentially a free red buff for Tryndamere. However, I don't think this item is worth the high cost. The AD it offers is low, and the health is not that important to Tryndamere. Only buy this if you desperately need to stick to targets with your autos. But then again, there are better anti-kite items such as BOTRK and Ghostblade that serve Tryndamere so much better than this item.

3141.png This is a massive snowball item that focuses on getting kills for you to get stronger. But you lose half of your stacks on death. You just gave the enemy a "focus me" label on your forehead. Good luck when you buy this item, because the enemy 17.png is going to send a goon squad every time after you to shut down your stacks. And since its not uncommon for you to die after your ultimate, its really difficult to maintain having over 10 stacks. Now, it got removed from the game. Good stuff.

3091.pngThis item is only ever viable if you plan to build on-hit Tryndamere. But you only deal a maximum of 42 bonus magic damage (if they don't stack MR), and you aren't dealing more damage when you shred their MR.  

Boot choices

3111_32.pngThis item got buffed in the recent patches, giving it 30% tenacity instead of 20%. Always get this if there is a lot of hard CC in the enemy team composition, or if their source of damage is mainly magic based.

3006_32.png Buffed again, now a viable boot upgrade if the enemy lacks multiple hard CC. Strongest early game boot choice but falls off later.

3047_32.png Excellent boot choice if the enemy team are all AD. 

3009_32.png Gives you nigger speed and nice slow reduction. Good pickup if you desire the extra mobility and if the enemy team comp has a lot of slows. Now it got nerfed so it is not as viable anymore.

3117_32.png This boot pickup is only ever viable on mid lane Tryndamere because it helps roam better. But the passive can be so easily turned off in lane, making it only offer +45 extra move speed and nothing else. Not a recommended general buy.

3158_32.png If you are running CDR build on Tryndamere then this is a good boot upgrade.

3020_32.png No.

Boot Enchantments

3250_32.png RIP enchantments, you will be missed.



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  • Ziggs




Difficulty: 5.5/10 

Skill matchup but Aatrox has the advantage.

Aatrox does a lot of damage early game, has godlike sustain from Blood Thirst and a revive passive that makes him hard to kill in laning phase. This makes it difficult to cheese him with your crits because he can sustain it back up, especially when he is below 50% health.

Don't underestimate his level 2 all in. He can jump on you with Dark Flight and the third hit of Blood Price to chunk you 1/3 your hp. Yes, his Blood Price does quite a bit of damage. Also, it will be difficult to fight him as laning goes on, as he will have his Blood Well full meaning that his trades will be stronger since he will have more third hits of Blood Price off.

Try to avoid his jump and third hits. Ask for jungler ganks to set off his passive so it can set you up for more aggressive play while it is down. As always, use your W to lower his damage.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png
Essentials: 3033.png




Difficulty: 9/10

In my opinion, Ahri is the biggest counter to mid lane Tryndamere. A good Ahri is impossible to beat. Spin onto her and you leave yourself open to her E-W-Q combo and you will be forced to back off while she lands a few more autos on you. 

Once she hits 6, you can forget about killing her. Charm and 3 built in flashes makes it impossible to dive her. And if she gets the blue buff it will curb her weakness of her mana issues so there is no way you can exploit her only weakness.

Your only chance is to rush Hydra and keep pushing the wave to her tower, then roam. You aren't out trading her if she knows what she's doing.

Regardless, it is best is to swap lanes with your top laner. Nothing much you can do against a decent Ahri.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png
Essentials: 3124.png OR 3074.png




Difficulty: 5/10

While Akali has a weak laning phase before level 6, she does strong damage with a Q-AA combo. Her shroud helps her survive any attempts to spin on her. Regardless, your early game is stronger than hers by a lot due to your raw damage output from your crits.

After 6 however, this lane gets a bit tricky. She can punish you really hard if you use your spin incorrectly because that is your only form of engage or disengage. She also snowballs very hard, so feeding her would cause her to snowball completely out of control.

Force her shroud as much as you can, and harass her with your crits when it is down. Remember that she is still a squishy target, so your crits will give her a hard time.

Vision wards and oracles lens help a lot in winning this matchup. Keep in mind that if you place your vision ward in the shroud, be sure to net the kill on Akali because otherwise you would have wasted 100g.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png
Essentials: 2043.png




Difficulty: 7.5/10

If her stun is up, you can forget about trying to cheese her with your crits. A good Annie will make sure you will be completely zoned from last hitting minions. She would bait you with 3 stacks of her passive by letting you spin onto her, and suddenly activate her molten shield and stun you with her W followed by a Q. 

Her Q is decently long range and hurts really bad. She can use the same skill to last minions to regen her mana due to the 1076_32.png. She is a true mid lane bully.

You can try spin on her if she wastes her stun on something else. She is still squishy so you should be able to trade with her when she has no stun. Otherwise, just stay back and ask for ganks.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png
Essentials: - 




Difficulty: 7/10

Azir is a strong poke champion with his soldiers. However, at early levels he still remains a squishy target and he gets absolutely decimated at melee range.

For this reason it is best if you abuse your decently strong level 1 and spinning on him with at least 40% fury bar. If you get lucky crits, you can easily get an early kill or at least burn a flash. After that, Azir would have a disengage tool with shifting sands. However, it has a really long cool down, so force it when its up and be hyper aggressive when its down.

Never stand at his soldiers for a prolonged period of time, it is Azir's source of damage. An Azir who manipulates his sand soldiers well will be a pain in the ass to deal with.

Once Azir gets his ultimate, it gets really hard to dive him because of his ultimate. If I am not mistaken, Spinning Slash cannot bypass his ultimate. This is why it is only wise to dive Azir when he is completely out of mana or at 20% hp or less (so you can AA-Ignite-Spin out).

Once Azir completes Rylais, he will wreck you in duels.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 9/10

A mutant version of 1_64.png, Brand does insane damage early game and also has a stun like 1_64.png. He will keep hitting you with his W and E when you try to last hit minions then Q your face to stun you for a good 2 seconds if you attempt to spin on him. He also has massive burst at level 6, making it harder to time your ultimate right. The damage over time from his passive will add up to do serious damage as well.

There are only 2 chances for you to spin on him: 
1. Levels 1-2, when he does not have all of his 3 skills learned yet. He is still a squishy champion, and your crits will hurt him. 
2. When he does not have his Blaze passive on you. But be prepared to be stunned for a few seconds after landing a few auto attacks on him. That is if he lands an ability before his Q on you first.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 10/10

The new Cass completely counters Tryndamere. Now, she can constantly spam cassiopeiatwinfang.png on you for free whether you are poisoned or not, having it amplified by her cassiopeianoxiousblast.png only makes the damage worse for you. Moreover, her cassiopeiamiasma.png will interrupt your spin making it easier for her to spam her spells on you since you wouldn't be able to escape. 

Once she finishes 3116.png, which she would probably rush first, killing her would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

It is impossible to trade with her if you have 0 Fury, and chances are she wouldn't let you build Fury in the first place. Your best bet is to beg for ganks since she is immobile, or play the survive lane win late game.

Also, try building CDR if you wish to duel her since you will have the constant gapclosers that can be easily reset by auto attacking her, making it much harder for her to escape you given her lack of escapes. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 3/10

Cho Gath is weak before he gets his ultimate. Dodge his Rupture and you can punish him really hard by spinning onto his face and landing a few crits.

However, once he hits 6 and gets some items, this lane effectively turns into a stalemate. His sustain becomes more apparent, and his ultimate has a really short cool down. Your crits will deal negative damage once he gets armor and can trade back decently if he maxes his Vorpal Spikes first.

3153_32.png does wonders against him, since Cho Gath stacks HP with his ultimate. You also out scale him hard.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png
Essentials: 3153.png3033.png




Difficulty: 7.5/10

Darius is a serious lane bully. He does insane damage at early levels and pokes you down really hard with a well placed decimate. He punishes you really hard if you use your spin incorrectly as he can proceed to apprehend you and start chopping at your HP bar. Darius also gets a massive power spike at level 6, so if he hits 6 first, forget about trying to last hit minions because he won't allow it.

When trading with Darius, never let him get more than 2 bleed stacks on you or he will win the trade. Also he has no damage when his Decimate is down so you can look to trade when it is on cooldown. If you know that you cannot avoid his Decimate, you can stand nearer to him so you will take less damage, then trade back damage after. Without Ignite it is very difficult to out duel him. 

As of patch 5.16, his decimate becomes more predictable and does less damage than before. However, it becomes his source of sustain since he heals himself if it hits you. His Crippling Strike no longer slows Attack speed so trading with him becomes a little easier. While the damage from his ultimate got nerfed, he was given a reset that makes him recasting his ult free, and Bloodrage means that every basic attack will apply max bleed stacks for a short period of time. So he is slightly less difficult to deal with early game, but he is much more terrifying in team fights. 

If Darius gets ahead, do not ever ask for ganks. Since his Decimate heals more if it hits multiple champions, he has better sustain in 1v2 duels. A smart Darius will apply 5 stacks of bleed then dunk your jungler first. His Noxian Might will then activate that gives him insane AD and apply max bleed stacks on you, turning the remaining 1v1 duel instantly to his favour. And since his W and E applies a heavy slow, he can easily kite you through your ultimate before killing you.

The key to beating him is to stay within Darius so he can't get the extra damage from his Q and the heal. If he messes that up, it is easy to kill him.

If Darius runs Stormraiders Surge, this matchup becomes tricky because he will still deal heavy damage while being able to kite you.

If the lane is even by the time you finish 2 items, then the lane will be significantly easier.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 2/10

An easier version of 84_64.png as she dosen't have a shroud to protect herself. Early game you out damage her. Hit her when she goes for last hitting and she will find herself being forced out of lane.

Her level 6 is inferior to 84_64.png's level 6 because she cannot cast 3 ults consecutively. if Diana ever ults you, turn around and auto attack her, you should be able to turn the trades around.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png
Essentials: - 


Dr. Mundo


Difficulty: 4/10

There is nothing much Dr Mundo can do to you early on as his laning phase is weak. However, don't underestimate the combined damage from his W and his E. Dr Mundo's E is basically a free BF sword and combined with his W and the occasional cleavers, he can dish out surprising damage. In addition, his passive and 1054_32.png gives him the sustain he needs to survive the early game.

However, once he hits 6, he will be really hard to kill. His ultimate has a short cool down and he can use it freely to heal himself should you get him to low HP. As he gets items, he will become even harder to kill and this lane will turn into a stalemate.

Remember that you have greater kill potential than him due to your crits. 14.png is especially helpful for this matchup.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png
Essentials: 3033.png




Difficulty: 6/10

I don't have much experience playing against this guy but I think you are better off farming rather than going aggressive against this guy. You must avoid standing in his Parallel Convergence otherwise it will massively slow you, or stun you if he is in it. 

His Phase Dive is a powerful disengage tool so it is difficult for you to constantly go ham on this guy.

And Chronobreak is insanely broken, it blinks him to his location 4 seconds earlier, heals him and does strong damage if you stand in it. So it is unwise to dive Ekko unless he is out of mana.

But Ekko remains a squishy target so being aggressive against him is still a viable idea, just don't attempt to overcommit post 6.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png
Essentials: 3140.png




Difficulty: 9.5/10

One of the hardest counters to Tryndamere in the top lane. Her Q in human form hurts insanely bad as it does more damage the more HP you have. Spin onto her and she will punish you hard by stunning you then combo you with her W, transform into spider and hit you with her spider form Q. Her spider form Q does increased damage based on your missing health. If you ever die to her, this lane will be a nightmare.

Moreover, diving Elise is difficult because of her stun in human form and her rappel in spider form. 

Only spin onto her if she misses her cocoon or if she runs out of mana. Survive the early game and you will out damage her from mid game onwards.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 8/10

Fiora has been reworked since patch 5.15.

After playing many games against Fiora, it is safe to say that Fiora is a very powerful pick against Tryndamere. She can easily poke you wtih her Q and then disengage with you being unable to properly retaliate. She gets extremely slippery when her Q hits a target and her W has an insanely strong attack speed slow if she lands it. If she is good, there really is no counter play to her kit. That is why the difficulty of the matchup is difficult, she is extremely slippery while she can deal a lot of damage.

You need to bait out her Riposte before doing anything, it can even block your ignite. As with her ultimate, disengage until it wears off as you cannot let her proc all four vitals. Mid game, get Quicksilver Sash to nullify her ultimate if she uses it on you.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png
Essentials: 3140.png



Difficulty: 4/10

To beat Fizz, you have to bait out his W because he out trades you when it is active. That being said, you can auto-spin out when you see him activate his W. When he tries to follow up with a Q, turn around and auto attack him. Then, if Fizz tries to disengage with Playful Trickster, slow him with your W and punish his cooldowns. However, you need to take note of minion damage, they will add up to hurt a lot.

If you have trouble beating Fizz head-on. You can opt to out sustain him while he wastes his mana pool. If he constantly spams W-Q-E he run out of mana really fast. As strong as Fizz is as a duelist, he cannot take you on 1v1 as the game progresses.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 6/10

GP's early game is significantly nerfed, meaning that so long as you don't get hit by his Trial by Fire you should trade decently against him early game. However this does not mean that you should allow him to poke you down with his Q multiple times for free.

You should be able to go aggressive more since his passive is no longer as threatening. Bait his passive to hit minions before going ham on him. Regarding his barrels, you can try defusing it if GP is not in range to detonate it. Also, try not to stand near his barrels because he can launch a second barrel near the first and detonate both at once.

You also have much faster attack speed meaning that assuming both of you are near the barrels, you disable it before he can detonate it. So if he Qs a minion you can look to disable his barrels.

The reason why this matchup is medium difficulty instead of easy is because his Q poke becomes very oppressive if he knows how to manage his mana, and good manipulation of barrels means that he can harass you very easily if you allow yourself to be in range of the barrel. Also, if you don't kill him early he will transition to become a late game monster when his Q will easily destroy squishies in fights.

Spin on him when he's about to Q a minion for silver serpents. Force his oranges as much as possible, because he is incredibly easy to dive when it is on cooldown. 

3153_32.pngis a good pickup against Gangplank, as you will have 2 slows (Mocking shout and ruined king active) and Gangplank can only remove one of them with his oranges.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png
Essentials: 3153.png




Difficulty: 4.5/10

While Garen is a lane bully, he cannot bully Tryndamere the way he can bully other champions. if Garen manages to silence you with his Q and spins at your face, just auto attack him back. Never let him combo you for free. Mocking shout helps reduce the damage dealt from his Q-E combo. Fortunately, as of patch 5.16 his spin does not do as much damage anymore early game.

Turn his passive off whenever possible, it is his source of sustain. Also time your ult well because his ult is an execute. Once he gets armor, you have to out sustain him while constantly turning his passive off. You will eventually force him out of lane.

Be careful if you are marked as the villain, his spin and ultimate will do increased damage on you. His spin will do bonus true damage and his ultimate will deal true damage instead of magic damage. But he is a bit easier to deal with now since you won't be marked as a villain if you kill him in lane.

Late game you have to make sure you are in range to deal damage to him when fighting 1v1, his passive late game is incredibly powerful outside of combat.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 7/10

Theoretically, Gnar is a hard counter to Tryndamere. However, with proper experience with this matchup this rodent is not as difficult as what people perceive him to be.

Gnar is very weak at early levels, especially before he learns his Hop. Abuse this as much as possible by constantly spinning in and going ham on his face. He is very squishy early and your autos will chunk his HP bar. Remember to dodge his Q, it even does damage on the way back.

Be very careful when he learns his W, its basically acts like Vayne's silver bolts just that it gives him bonus movement speed upon the third hit. Try not to get poked down too much, instead you should go aggressive when he ever attempts to harass you. However, don't go balls deep too much otherwise he can kite you with the MS buff on the third W proc. Getting kited over and over will lose you this lane.

His Mega form gives him bonus stats so I'd suggest avoid fighting him then. If he lands his stun on you he will win trades. However, you can spin on him right before he reverts back to his Mini form and you can abuse him after. Also don't dive him in his Mega form due to the insane levels of crowd control in his kit.  If Gnar's rage bar is high (~85% or higher), avoid engaging on him because he will quickly transform to Mega Gnar and turn the trades in his favour. So pay attention to his rage bar and only trade with him when his rage bar is not too high.

If you want to dive Gnar, you need to bait his Hop first because it is a strong disengage tool. Also don't dive him when his rage bar is nearly full otherwise he will transform into Mega Gnar, ruining your dive.

Gnar becomes extremely difficult to kill when he finishes 3022.png because he will be able to kite you forever and ever with it.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 7.5/10

Graqgas as essentially the AP version of 58_64.png. His Drunken Rage does similar damage to Renekton's Ruthless predator. He does devastating damage with his E-W-Q combo and has good sustain from his W and passive. His Q also provides decent wave clear.

Playing against Gragas is essentially like playing against 58_64.png, bait out his abilities and spin onto him when they are on cool down. You will out damage him then.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 10/10

Pain train. Nuff said.

Graves does so much damage early game and he can even out-trade you at melee range. If he is good, there is nothing much you can do to him besides farming and trying to outscale. If he hits 6 first, you better keep your HP at 75% or above so you won't get bursted down by his ultimate.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png
Essentials: -




Difficulty: 7/10

Skill matchup but Hecarim has the advantage.

Hecarim is a very cheesy champion with a low cool down on his Rampage (Q) that is near spammable if it hits enemy units. His level 2 is only strong if you are too far out of your tower, as he can charge you with his charge followed by a Rampage, dealing surprising damage. He is also a very mobile champion with his charge and ultimate. 

However, Tryndamere beats Hecarim in a straight up duel because of his AD reduction and a strong disengage with his spinning slash. Just don't overcommit too much in trades to the extent that you have to burn your ultimate because Hecarim has the tools needed to kite you around your ultimate. Moreover, Hecarim's sustain from Spirit of Dread is unreliable, and most Hecarim players do not get life steal items, so you have stronger sustain than him.

Never ever let Hecarim zone you with his Rampage. It might look intimidating, but you can retaliate with a quick auto-spin out, trading back damage when needed. As always, lower his AD when engaging him in combat so that his attacks deal less damage. Also, never dive Hecarim when he has his ultimate up because you will end up being 'feared' to walking to the opposite direction, ruining your tower dive.

Don't die to Hecarim or he will wreck you the entire game.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 8.5/10

Fuck his turrets, it does insane damage. If you ever spin onto him, he will kite you around his turrets and let them chomp on your health. Not to mention, he has a stun. For the same reason it is hard for the jungler to bank your lane because the towers will also damage him. 

The only real option you have is to kill the turrets. But he will spawn another one in place of the destroyed one like a troll. Only option is to survive the lane by sustaining his harass , as you out scale him. It is inevitable that he will take your tower first, though.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 4/10

Illaoi isn't really a difficult matchup for Tryndamere. The tentacles that she spawns help you generate quick fury - 15 free Fury per tentacle killed. You outdamage her straight up in melee range, but be wary to evade her tentacles as they do deal respectable damage, and it heals him.

If he tries to illaoiE.png you, don't ever let her kill the spirit for free - instead go aggressive on him to force him to back away. The spirit will dissolve quicker the more you damage him during that period. However, if you become a Vessel, be sure to evade the tentacles that spawn and kill them for free Fury, 3 of them killed will release you from the curse.

14.png6.png is recommended for this specific matchup, because she has no escapes and it cuts the healing from her tentacles if she illaoiW.png or illaoiR.png. It should net a kill if you have a decent fury bar.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png




Difficulty: 5/10

Skill matchup.

Tryndamere beats Irelia in trades early, but she turns the tables around once she hits level 7 and gets some items. A maxed Hiten Style will mean she will shave off the harass you deal with your autos and her true damage will hurt a lot. Make trades in your favor by baiting her hiten style, use mocking shout on her and trade autos.

Be very cautious of her Equilibrium Strike, it can decisively shift the duel into her favor  if she stuns you with it. For the same reason never dive Irelia if she has her stun up unless she is out of mana or below 20% hp.

Try netting a kill early because her early game is really weak. If you don't, the lane will turn into a stalemate. However, while she is stronger than you mid game assuming the lane is a stalemate, Tryndamere beats Irelia at full builds, so if you can't beat her early wait till you get at least 5 items before fighting her again.

This lane snowballs extremely hard so try not to die to Irelia.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png


Jarvan IV


Difficulty: 6/10

Jarvan IV is really strong early from level 2 onwards. His level 2 all in is devastating, knocking you up with his E-Q combo with a few autos and ignite will net him first blood. His poke from his Q hurts really bad too. His passive makes him win short trades, as his passive makes his first auto attack deal 10% of your current health as bonus damage. Moreover, it is hard to dive J4 thanks to his ultimate as he can ult you and either E-Q or flash away, trapping you in his ult. 

You can spin onto him if you have a full fury bar, and if he misses his knock up, he'll be easy to cheese.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 7/10

This matchup is in Jax's favour but is definitely winnable and it snowballs very hard in either direction.

Pre 6: Jax has a slight advantage over Tryndamere. Thanks to his counterstrike, he dodges all of your autos and reflects part of it back at you, in addition to stunning you. His level 2 all in can catch an unexpecting opponent off-guard with the E-flash-AA-W-Ignite-AA combo. 

However, if Jax misses his counterstrike, Tryndamere has a slight advantage over Jax because Tryndamere's autos hurt more than Jax's because Tryndamere's autos have a chance to crit, assuming he has a decent fury bar. Very early on you will need to save your spin for when he uses his counterstrike otherwise he can zone you for the period when your spin is on cooldown.

Post 6: Jax can bully Tryndamere around with his enhanced autos and can kite him through his ultimate. This can easily force Tryndamere out of lane. 

Never engage on Jax with your E, it will cost you your lane. Try to harass him as hard as you can with his counterstrike is down, because that is the only point when Tryndamere beats Jax. When Jax is 6, try not to let him hit you with his empowered third hit, it will hurt a lot. However, you beat Jax in extended duels because of your death defying ultimate. Make sure that his leap strike is on cooldown before you attempt to commit post 6. 

It becomes extremely difficult to duel Jax assuming the lane is even, when he completes Trifroce and BOTRK.

Although you slightly out scale him in terms of raw damage, Jax is much stronger in team fights than you are.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 8/10

This is one of those match ups when starting 1029_32.png2003_32.png 2003_32.png2003_32.png 2003_32.png2003_32.png is better. Jayce's poke in cannon form will add up to do considerable damage, and you need to out sustain it with the health pots. Never let Jayce hit you with his empowered Shock blast because it will do a lot of damage. Play safe till level 6, his versatile kit makes him a very safe champion while being able to poke from a distance.

To beat Jayce, you have to out sustain his harass and try to force trades with him whenever u can, provided u have full fury. As he is squishy, you should out damage him in close quarters. Force him to knock you back with his thundering blow, and keep forcing trades when its down. 

With his buffs, he is a difficult matchup because his Kryptonite is mitigated. He used to have severe mana issues, but with the passive from his W in melee form ensures that he gets mana back just by auto attacking in melee stance. Not to mention he has absurdly low mana costs from his damage spells and higher damage ratios. Not only does he do more damage now, it's really difficult to outsustain his mana pool.

If Jayce takes stormraiders, this difficulty becomes 10/10 difficulty. There is literally zero counterplay to this guy at any stage of the game, even late game. He simply unleashes his entire combo then runs away by procing Stormraiders so you can't retalite back with damage. With Ghostblade and acceleration gate (+ stormraiders), he can have up to 700 movement speed so there is zero chance for you to scratch that slippery rat. Tell me how Stormraiders Jayce is remotely fair.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 2.5/10

Kassadin is really weak early, he will be forced to farm passively while poking you with his Q. While the shield it gives helps against AP damage, it does nothing against AD and thus Tryndamere is a good counter pick in the mid lane against Kassadin. Spin onto him and he will be forced to run away because he cannot trade back effectively.

Once Kassadin hits 6, he will be a bit harder to kill because of his extremely low cool down Riftwalk. However, if he constantly uses it, he will run out of mana really quickly. If Kassadin ever tries to ult your face and combo you with his Q and E, return the favor by critting him back. When he attempts to disengage with his second Riftwalk, spin onto him, slow him and keep critting him. This way you will win the trade.

Be careful of Kassadin's roaming abilities though, ping MIA when he is not in lane.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 3/10

Katarina does weak damage early. However, trying to force her out of lane is a bit hard because she can easily disengage with Shumpo. Also she has no mana to keep her in check. If she uses her shumpo offensively, punish her hard by critting her face. You also can easily shave off her harass with your life steal. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 7.5/10

Kayle does a lot of damage early with her E and Q, and can easily harass a Tryndamere from building the fury bar. If you try to spin on her, she can easily Q you and walk away while hitting you with her E. This way, she will always win the trade. Not to mention that she has a ult that prevents her from taking damage for a short time. This makes diving Kayle really hard because she has a slow, a MS buff (from her w) and a damage immune ultimate. 

You only out scale her slightly but for the most part she should win you in trades if she plays her cards right.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 9/10

This rodent is a massive pest to deal with early game, and an incredibly tough matchup for Tryndamere. A good Kennen will try to to cheese you by in cooperating AD reds into his rune pages, making his autos hurt like shit. Never let him hit you with a W-enhanced auto, it hurts a lot. If you try to spin on him, he will lightning rush away by first through you, proceed to W-Q you so he lands all 3 marks of Marks of Storm, thereby stunning you. Then he can keep autoattacking you while you are forced to disengage and win the trade heavily. Also don't stand in his ult because it does insane damage. 

To beat him you have to spin on him and try not to let him land all 3 marks of storm on you. If you can't beat him outright, then just sustain so as to survive the lane. Ask for jungler ganks when needed.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png




Difficulty: 3/10

He won't out damage you unless you are isolated. AD reduction from your mocking shout makes his trades pitiful. Just don't let him Q you constantly for free and you'd be fine. 

Only problem is that the stealth from his ult will make it hard for you to dive him. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Haven't faced enough Kleds to provide enough judgment. But pay attention to his red bar before diving when he dosen't have his stead because at max bar he will get a huge chunk of HP that will ruin your dive.




Difficulty: 3.5/10

AP Kog is not an difficult lane for Tryndamere. He has no escapes and you brutalize him in close quarters. Just don't let him poke you down with his Q and ult and pounce on him with your spin and slow when you can. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 10/10

Hard because she is very mobile and does a lot of damage. She can easily disengage when you spin on her and chain you thereafter. forcing you to back off. She is also one of the few champions that delivers powerful and unpredictable burst damage, making it hard for you to time your ultimate.

How to beat Tryndamere as LeBlanc:

1. Q-W-W Tryndamere when he tries to CS
2. If he tries to spin on you, E him. Once he's snared, auto attack him.
3. Repeat Step 1 and win.

Literally zero counterplea to that, she even can burst you down under your own tower.

Only way you can punish her is when her abilities are on cool down. Also don't get hit by her chains.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png


Lee Sin


Difficulty: 3.5/10

With the Lee Sin nerf to his E and W, he becomes crippled of his triumph card to contend against a Tryndamere in lane since the attack speed slow is removed. Nevertheless, he is still very mobile and does decent damage but Tryndamere still does greater damage in a head on confrontation.

If Lee Sin starts Q at level 1: Build up your fury. If he misses his Q or hits a minion with it, spin on him and trade autos with him because his source of damage is gone. If you have full fury, zone him from his creeps and let him Q you. Once he flies towards you, just meet him head on and hope you can crit him to death.

If Lee Sin starts E at level 1: Build up your fury. Since the attack speed slow got removed, just trade autos like the same with him, and spin on him once it goes on cool down.

Bait his W and ult before diving him.

Not to mention that you are a god late game while he falls off greatly.

This match is a complete stalemate before the Lee sin nerfs. But with the removal of his triumph card this match favors Tryndamere greatly.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6.5/10

Strong poke, and 3 strong disengages when you try to spin on her. If you let her poke you down for free, you lose. Only way you can beat her is when her spells are on cool down or when she runs out of mana. You also can opt to be as aggressive as you can by spinning on her and hoping for crits, this will force her to use her spells to disengage, and try to out sustain her poke. Kill her once she goes oom.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6.5/10

While Lulu has strong poke, she is still very squishy, and very susceptible to all ins. Don't let her poke you down for free or you will be forced out of lane. Force her to constantly burn her spells to disengage and she will eventually run out of mana. When she is out of mana, its free kills for you.

When she polymorphs you, constantly remain in front of her so when it wears off so you can keep auto attacking her to death.

It is also good to shove the lane so it will force Lulu to use her abilities to last hit minions rather than harass you, making her run out of mana quickly.

However, if it is AD lulu, then you have to respect her auto attacks, it will hurt insanely bad combined with her passive. Her kit as AD lulu is more for utility than for actual damage. While her Q does less damage, the slow is enough to kite you.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6.5/10

Lux's early game is extremely obnoxious. Her abilities have extremely long range and she can zone melee champions such as Tryndamere very easily with her Lucent Singularity and her passive. Early on, evade her E as much as you can and never let her get her passive proc off because it will hurt. Find openings to be as aggressive as you can at level 1 because she wouldn't have her light binding to save herself. If you have problems with dodging her skill shots, you can opt to start 1001_32.png instead of 1036_32.png.

A good Lux player will save her binding for when you spin onto her. A great Lux player will also use her barrier to soak up your damage in addition to binding you. Regardless, this shouldn't stop you from pouncing on her, just spin onto her and auto attack her. When she binds you, just back off and life steal your health back. If she uses her binding prematurely, punish her hard because she has no escapes.

Lux is a mana hungry champion. If she runs out of mana, she is an easy kill.

Respect the damage output from her ultimate. If you know that you cannot evade her ultimate, cast your ultimate to save yourself. Never get greedy and hold onto your ultimate because it is never worth to die just to keep your ultimate up. Her ultimate also has a really short cool down so she can use it to poke you rather than saving it as a finisher move.

If Lux plays extremely defensively, you will never kill her. She may have a chance to kill you by poking you down though. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6/10

Malphite is tanky, has decent poke and has a powerful attack speed slow. Moreover, his ult is strong for setting up ganks.

The best time to beat Malphite is during the early levels. If he spam pokes you with his Q, he will run out of mana and will become an easy kill. Don't fight him when he lands his E on you. Only dive Malphite (post 6) if he has less than 100 mana because that is the mana cost of his ultimate.

Get Hydra because attack speed items such as Shiv and BOTRK won't do anything to him if he E's you. Push the wave and force him to farm under tower with his spells. Rageblade does just as well.

Also Malphite is the anti-Tryndamere in team fights due to the utility he offers that hinder's Tryndamere's damage output.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png (Teleport is generally better though)




Difficulty: 5/10

Maokai is also one of the rising top lanes in the current meta. He has strong sustain, very tanky and does decent damage. Essentially assuming there is no jungler ganks, this lane will be a complete stalemate. However, in a straight up duel, you out damage him.

Careful when diving Maokai, his ultimate makes him take reduced damage.

Rush Rageblade, and you can easily 1v1 him.

However, Maokai offers so much more in team fights and can solely stop Tryndamere's split pushing, even if he is slightly behind. Also, his Twisted advance sets up for enemy jungler ganks, which why this lane favors Maokai, but only slightly.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png


Master Yi


Difficulty: 2.5/10

Get fury and you out damage him completely from level 2 onwards. Levels 2-5 is completely inn your favor because Yi dosen't crit and he is incredibly squishy.

Never trade with Master Yi at level 1 due to his double strike every 4 autos and it is very unlikely you will crit since you start with 0 fury. Also after level 6, if Master Yi ever ults, use mocking shout to reduce his AD and you should win the trade. If you are not, spin away to disengage.

Master Yi outscales you slightly, but for the most part you should beat him in trades.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 4-8/10 (Depending on the Nasus player)

Nasus is a common counter pick to Tryndamere because his wither counters your entire kit. What makes this lane moderately difficult is that Nasus has all the tools he needs to survive and out scale a Tryndamere in lane. Regardless, you still destroy Nasus early if you play it right. Treat a Nasus lane as a practice for you to exercise your aggression and dominance over your lane opponent during the early stages of the game. 

Every time he goes up to stack, punish him by auto-ing him constantly and this will chunk a good amount of his health. Once he is low on health you can easily zone him off minions and starve him of his stacks. He will be chugging his potions and become unsure when to go for the next stack. Try to freeze the lane to your tower whenever you can so he will be forced to overextend to CS, and this plays sincerely to your advantage because you can severely punish or even kill him if he makes a mistake.

If Nasus withers you, make sure you auto attack while keeping yourself in front of Nasus so you can go ham once his wither is down. Also, when harassing him under his tower, auto attack him once or twice and then spin out. 

Rush Hydra or Rageblade against Nasus because you need maximum DPS possible to harass him from stacking. Forgo sustain items and go straight for damage items such as pickaxe because early on Nasus cannot deny you from building your fury. When you finish Tiamat, you will be forced to push the wave but abuse the active to add your DPS when harassing Nasus. Constantly be aggressive under his tower so he will be forced to wither you to create breathing room and this will deplete his mana pool. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT PROXY BECAUSE IT MEANS FREE STACKS FOR NASUS.

If the Nasus is very good, then the lane will be a tough nut to crack. Nasus will abuse his five potions to heal up whenever he is 60% Health so that you can't cheese him, as well as his Teleport so he will not miss his stacks and get back to lane with more sustain from his potions. You need to kill him before he burns through his potions.

You have two strategies to beat Nasus:

1. Get Fury early and auto attack Nasus as early as level 1 whenever he goes up to stack. Once he is chunked to less than half health, you push to level two and constantly harass him under his tower. Make sure you ward up because by pushing to their tower, you become vulnerable to ganks. 

2. Freeze the lane early and only go for last hits. Let Nasus push the wave to your tower so you can freeze it to your tower. Then you have two options. 

a) Get your jungler to gank Nasus 3 minutes, he has no escapes and it is a free kill. After that, keep the lane frozen near yout tower and the lane is done. You have the level advantage so you can zone him from any cs or experience and there is nothing Nasus can do about it besides begging his jungler to gank and reset the wave. 

For Option A, check out BoxerPete's video on how to beat Nasus, it is a highly instructional video on how to execute this specific strategy correctly.

Video credits to BoxerPete for this amazing video.

b) Harass Nasus near your tower but be very careful about minion aggro. If he tries to reset the wave by spamming Spirit Fire, he will run out of mana. Considering how costly his spells are to his mana pool, this is beneficial to you because a manaless Nasus is extremely easy to kill.

Once Nasus completes Frozen Heart this lane will be hard difficulty because he will reach unkillable status. At mid game with 40% CDR, a maxed wither and at least 300 stacks, forget about trying to fight Nasus because his wither will be on a 6.6 second cool down meaning you will only have 1 second of breathing space before he withers you again. Not to mention that you have to stand away from his Spirit fire because it will make his Qs deal more damage due to the armor reduction it gives. 

If you fail to deny Nasus, go and help your team by roaming. It's pointless to stay in lane with him after a certain period because he will always win duels against you once he finishes Frozen Heart. Regardless, if you're still solidly ahead of him in CS, then you can easily wreck his team with your 1-2 level advantage while Nasus struggles to catch up.

Nasus is one of the 2 champions who out scale Trydamere besides Master Yi. Late game, you cannot fight him. All you can do is split push and hope that it is not Nasus that is sent to stop you.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png
Essentials: 3124.png




Difficulty: 4/10

AD Nidalee becomes much less viable after the nerfs. Her AD scalings were nerfed so many people build her AP now. Her poke does not hurt as bad but still try not to let her poke you down constantly. Constantly go ham on her because she is a squishy target.

This lane is even easier if its AP Nidalee. Dodge her spears and you'll be golden.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 9/10

Nunu completely destroys Tryndamere in lane, nuff said. His Ice balls hurt really bad and it has a really short cool down. If he fires it onto you when you spin onto him, your attack speed and movement speed will both be compromised. He can then blood boil himself and trade autos with you comfortably. Basically nothing you can do against a decent Nunu.

Not to mention that his Consume is all he needs to sustain in lane.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png




Difficulty: 5.5/10

Short trades favor him, extended trades favor you.

His reckless swing can do a lot of damage and if you constantly let him hit you with it for free then he will win the lane. Like you, he gets stronger the lower his health but its because he gains attack speed rather than attack damage.

Dodge the axes he throws and don't let him pick it up or it will lower the cool down of the ability. Also disengage when he uses vicious strikes, it will make his auto attacks hurt more. If he manages to land a reckless swing onto you, make sure to trade a few autos back and hope for a few crits. Also, if Olaf ults, wait it out before reengaging on him as it will make his auto attacks hurt a lot.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 4.5/10

Orianna wins by poking Tryndamere down, Tryndamere wins by all ins. 

Don't let Orianna hit many consecutive autos on you for free. It will do increasing damage with each hit. If she misses her Q-W in a form of harass, punish her for that by spinning on her face and auto attack her since her spells are on cool down. Bait her ultimate if possible then once its down go all in on her and at the very least force a flash.

Asking the jungler for red buff really helps in this matchup, as you can punish her really hard if she slips up even just a bit.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 9.5/10

This is another matchup when I would start 1029_32.png 2003_32.png2003_32.png 2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png. You need the cloth armor to reduce the damage from his spears and the health pots to sustain.

Skill bloodlust.png at level 1 for this matchup instead of slashcast.png. You need to constantly spam it to sustain yourself. The mobility and damage from your spin is unnecessary that early into the game since you wouldn't be trading with Pantheon anyways.

From levels 1-7, Pantheon completely crushes Tryndamere in lane. And it takes no skill to do so. All he has to do is poke you down with spears, and his passive means that when trading with him, 1-2 of your autos will be blocked. And once you're low enough, he will stun you and execute you with the E-enhanced spear. 

All you can do is to out sustain his mana pool and survive in lane till level 7. After level 7 this will become a medium difficulty lane because Tryndamere would have the damage to contend with Pantheon in lane. Also remember to call MIAs because he can use his ult to gank another lane. For the same reason you have to retreat to your tower before backing because he can ult to lane.

If you have at least survived till level 11, then you've already won your lane. Pantheon falls off hard late while Tryndamere shines then. So in late game you destroy him 1v1.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png




Difficulty: 8/10

Poppy is a fairly difficult matchup for Tryndamere. She can easily poke you down with her passive and harass you with her poppydevastatingblow.png. Her poppyparagonofdemacia.png is excellent for ganks because it cancels all dashes including you slashcast.png so you cannot escape her if you get ganked. The issue about Poppy is that she can build so much armour yet deal so much damage, and she is extremely strong in teamfights compared to you. 

You also have to try to not stay near walls or she can stun you with her poppyheroiccharge.png.
If you can't cheese her early, farm till Rageblade then kill her then.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 8/10

After the rework, Quinn is not as difficult of a matchup as before. But she still remains a tough matchup.

Her quinnQ.png no longer blinds, it only encases your vision, meaning that you can still all in her, Her only annoying ability would be her quinnE.png, as she can easily disengage with it if you try to engage on her. 

However, she is no longer unbeatable unlike her pre-rework. If you do succeed on landing your slow, whether she disengages with quinnE.png does not matter since you would catch up to her regardless. If she is overextended, you can 6.png to force her 4.png, then you have a 1.5 minute window of opportunity to kill her when her flash is still down. Her ultimate is also no longer an execute and only does damage of her auto attack, but it is on a much shorter cooldown.

If you still have issues on beating a Quinn, focus on farming then destroy her later.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6.5/10

Rek'Sai is a very strong top laner who is extremely versatile when it comes to builds with insane mobility and map presence. 

While her damage got nerfed in patch 5.1, she still remains a good counter pick to Tryndamere due to her still strong damage when unburrowed and decent poke when burrowed. Like Tryndamere, she can restore health based on the amount of her Fury but unlike Tryndamere she is much less reliant on it in lane. At full fury, she can zone you with her Furious Bite since it deals true damage instead of physical.

In addition, Reksai can spawn multiple tunnels near her tower to facilitate endless kiting, making diving her near impossible. Her ultimate is essentially a free teleport to lane meaning that it is quite difficult to deny her creeps because she could easily teleport back to lane with her ultimate.

The saving graces in this matchup is that so long as Tryndamere still has a decent fury bar, he can still win trades in melee range. Rek'Sai's ultimate has no use in combative purposes, meaning that Tryndamere will have the advantage in duels after level 6. Just be careful when it comes to using your ultimate because Rek'Sai can easily kite you due to her versatile kit. Only fully commit into the fight with your ultimate if you are 100% sure that you can kill her.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 7/10

Renekton is beefy and incredibly powerful. He does insane damage with his abilities while being able to trade autos comfortably. 

A good Renekton will start w. When you try to engage on him, all he has to do is AA-W to deal at least 150 of your health. Then he can trade autos while kiting in his minions. Once he gets all his abilities, he can slice in, stun, cull the meek and disengage out. It can deal a lot of damage especially when he stuns you with an empowered w.

If Renekton starts Q, he is not that strong. If he misses his Q on you, punish him. He is weak until he gets all 3 of his abilities. To beat a Renekton, you have to not be afraid to go on him once his abilities are on cool down, provided you have a decent fury bar. Then you can make the trades shift into your favor provided you crit a few times.

Once Renekton gets armor and a tiamat, he comes really hard to kill. He dishes out so much damage while being incredibly tanky. But you greatly out scale him and should be able to 1v1 once you get 5 items assuming the lane is a stalemate.

With the nerfs with the health he gains from his ultimate at early levels, it becomes easier for you to dive him. However, make sure you bait out his stun before doing so because it will get you killed in the tower dive instead of him.

Don't feed Renekton or he will make your lane hell.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 4/10

Tryndamere beats Rengar if played correctly. All you have to do is not get cheesed by his lvl 2 all in (Empower Q-Q-E-AA-Ignite-AA) and avoid him when he has max ferocity and you'd be fine. Also stay away from brushes.

When Rengar dosen't have full ferocity, you out damage him. Force favorable trades by using your w to reduce his AD then trade autos with him before disengaging/or chasing with your spin. But if he is at full ferocity, you either reduce his AD with your mocking shout pre-emptively before trading, or avoid trading entirely. This is because his empowered Q does is a huge nuke that chunks a good amount of your HP.

Be VERY careful if Rengar runs Exhaust instead of Ignite or Teleport. A well placed exhaust will shift duels in his favour and make him win all-ins in what appears to be in your favour. If he exhausts you, make sure you disengage because you aren't beating him in trades with exhausted. But if you are ahead, make sure you stay in range of him when exhausted then destroy him after it wears off. This lane becomes medium difficulty instead of easy if Rengar runs Exhaust, but Tryndamere still has the advantage regardless.

After level 6 but before level 9, if you intend to all in Rengar you need a pink ward or he will simply stealth to safety with his ultimate. After level 9 buy oracles lens to shut him down.

TLDR: Don't get cheesed early or by max ferocity, and you win.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 3-10/10 (Depending on the Riven player)

Skill matchup.

This lane is possibly the most snowbally in all of Tryndamere's match ups,meaning that if one gets the lead it makes it considerably hard to recover unless the lane opponent royally screws up or they get all the jungle help possible. The difficulty of this matchup heavily depends on the Riven player, ranging from very easy if the Riven player is terrible to very hard if your lane opponent is a Riven main caliber of Boxbox or Viper. 

At level 1, if Riven tries to initiate with her broken wings, auto once or twice then spin away to avoid the knockup. You should win the trade. When trading, never get hit by her knockup or she will win trades. 

If Riven is smart, she will start raptors then teleport back to lane with 5 HP pots, meaning that you will not have the early advantage over her when she does not have all 3 of her abilities learned.

You also have way superior sustain compared to Riven. Riven does not have any form of sustain in her kit, and most Riven players will rush either Brutalizer or Tiamat meaning that they will not have any form of sustain besides their health potions. 

Once Riven learns all 3 of her abilities, that is when she starts to win trades against you. This is when evading her abilities become necessary, because eating her full combo can easily chunk half of your HP bar. In short, Tryndamere beats Riven at levels 1-2, Riven beats Tryndamere at levels 3-5.

Punish her when her abilities are on cool down by spinning on her and land a few crits. She is squishy and cannot take that much punishment. A 2/3hp full fury Tryndamere will beat a full hp Riven if her abilities are on cool down. Make sure you use ur spin correctly, if you spin on her when she has her abilities up it will deprive you of your escape and if she's good, she will try to all in you because she out damages you when she has her abilities up. 

Unless you are heavily winning your lane, be sure to max Mocking Shout second.  Cast it when Riven engages on you, this will greatly hurt her trading power. It will also effectively nullify the bonus AD she gains from her ultimate, and will lower the strength of her shield since it scales with her AD. The stronger slow helps you stay in range of Riven so she won't be able to kite you that easily, especially if she builds CDR items like brutaliser and lucidity. By doing so, this will help you win trades. Just listen to me and always max Mocking Shout second in this matchup.

After level 7, the matchup becomes much more even. Riven has the damage needed to burst Tryndamere down in addition to having increased CDR meaning that her abilities come up faster. Tryndamere has the stronger sustain and crit items to improve his trading power. It could easily go either way, depending on who plays their cards better.

Time your ultimate well because her ultimate gives her insane stats and the active is an execute. Be very careful when you are against smart Riven players, they can play mind games on you and attempt to execute you with wind slash when you're around 300HP, ending up killing you before you can ult. And if you commit to an all in with your ultimate, make sure you stay in range of Riven at all times. Smart Riven players will kite you through your ultimate and then use wind slash to execute you once your ult wears off. 

However, play passive when your ultimate is down. Good Rivens will attempt to all in you with her ultimate because the cool down of her ultimate is shorter than yours (assuming she gets CDR items such as lucidity boots and brutalizer). Moreover, they will utilize their kit skillfully to dance around you and wither your hp down slowly. Be mindful of that. 

As aforementioned, this lane is extremely snowbally and both Tryndamere and Riven snowball equally hard if one gets the advantage. If Tryndamere is 2 levels ahead of Riven and Riven has no flash, he can 100-0 her under her tower and at some cases don't even need to use his ultimate to survive the tower shots. And if Riven is ahead to the point that she can massively chunk Tryndamere with one combo, then he's fucked. Sadistic Riven players can even ult when you are low, bait out your ultimate then execute you under your tower. Make sure your jungler understands the fragility of this matchup and gank when needed. DON'T EVER FEED RIVEN AN EARLY KILL.

Riven got nerfed in patch 5.9. 1-2 move speed quints can help to exploit her low base MS since it helps you stick to her while you pummel her with autos (when her spells are down). However her ultimate nerf does not make this lane easier, since you will still be duelling her at point blank range. Her ultimate cooldown was increased in patch 5.21 so she cannot exploit CDR items as heavily as she used to to zone Tryndamere with her ultimate coming up way earlier than his.

This matchup becomes hard if Riven runs Stormraiders Surge, because she becomes extremely mobile, does a lot of damage, and the extra MS from the keystone makes it such that she can kite her way out, so you cannot retaliate back with sufficient damage.

Understanding Riven's cool downs for each of her abilities and evading her aggression are keys to winning this lane.

You destroy Riven late game, nuff said.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 5/10

Early on, Rumble is annoying to deal with. His flame spitter hurts and his harpoon can kite you easily. But your ultimate is stronger than his in lane because all you have to do is sidestep his ultimate to avoid the damage.

If you can bait his harpoon, you can spin on him and hopefully land a few crits. To beat a Rumble, you need good sticking power because his harpoons get really annoying. Thus, in addition to your w, an early  3144_32.png is viable against him. In close quarters, Tryndamere beats Rumble in trades. 

Be careful when Rumble is about to overheat, though. The enhanced auto attacks combined with his flame spitter can rack up to deal insane damage. Also when he is at yellow bar, his spells deal increased damage so be more cautious when trading then.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: ?/10

Haven't faced the new Ryze in lane yet. But looking at his kit, he shouldn't be as hard to deal with compared to before post 6. So I will set the difficulty of this matchup to medium by default.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 5.5/10

Different Tryndamere mains have different views of this matchup. Some view this to be hard, but I personally view this to be more than manageable. 

The key to winning this is to not stand in between Shen and his blade because his shenvorpalstar.png ttacks will deal bonus damage - and if he does just back off till it wears off. Go in for a trade when it is on cooldown given if you have a decently built fury bar.

Treat his shenfeint.png like Teemo's blind, stay near him and wait till it wears off before you continue trading with him. As for his shenshadowdash.png, either disengage if you know you cannot win the trade after, or fight back if you know you can even out the trades with him if not win it. Do note that he can shenvorpalstar.png immediately after you are taunted so it will deal extra damage to you. But after that he has nothing, so if he recklessly uses that you can all in him because he will have no escapes.

If you beat him, he will not be a threat to you for the rest of the game, but if you lose you will be in for a hard time until late game.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 5/10

2 things to take note of when laning against a Shyvana:

1. Don't let her Q you. It does double damage.

2. Don't let her land any abilities on you if she hits her E mark on you as it does bonus percentage of your max health.

Other than that, the lane is not difficult as you can trade well with her provided you have a decent fury bar. It is however difficult to dive a shyvana when her W and ult is up because her W gives her bonus move speed and her ult is quite self explanatory. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6/10

While Singed does not deal serious damage early game, underestimating him will be a grievous mistake and can cost you the lane. Be careful of his level 2 all in with his flip + poison + ignite + auto attacks. Singed has the 4th highest base AD in the whole game so his auto attacks can deal surprising damage. Also, it would be unwise to push to his tower because he can freeze the lane there, and flip you to his tower if you get too close. His flip can set up ganks from the enemy jungler.

However, what makes this lane more favorable to you is that:
1. You out damage him in close combat. 
2. You out sustain him
3. You counter his proxy farming since you have good wave clear
4. You out scale him.
5. His fling has a high mana cost. If Singed runs out of mana, a 1/3hp Tryndamere will beat a full hp Singed.

Make sure you save your spinning slash for his fling. If you spin onto him before he flings you, he can fling you back and kite you through his poison and minions.

If he decides to proxy farm level 1, allow the wave to push to your tower. Auto attack the range minions once so when the tower hits them, it will be one auto attack from dying meaning that you can get the gold off hitting them instead of having to miss the cs. Don't face tank the minions because Singed can easily force you out of lane if you are too low on health. However, once you get enough sustain items, he cannot out push you because his minions will never be at your tower at that point. And he would be in a more vulnerable spot as compared to you. 

A final note, just be careful when chasing Singed, especially when he gets Rylais Crystal Sceptor.  It is his mobility that wins him the lane or any 1v1 duels mid-late game if you play this matchup wrong. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 5/10

He has so much built in crowd control in his kit, from a slow/stun from his Decimating smash to a another slow from his Roar of the Slayer. If he lands his Roar of the Slayer on you first before attempting to land Decimating Smash, immediately spin out because you won't be able to walk away from it. And if he lands it, then it will chunk a good amount of your HP. If Sion builds AD, you have to respect his auto attacks.

Moreover, his ultimate completely counters yours because he can use it to escape your tower dive, or chase you down after your ultimate wears off. Like the old Sion, he scales well into the late game and stacks health for every unit slain. His shield also serves to shave off some of your crits. 

Not to mention about his broken passive, meaning that even if you kill him early, there is a chance that he can chase you down and kill you. This also applies to tower dives that require you to blow your ultimate, as he can clean you up in his undead form.

However you out damage him in close quarters so long as you don't get knocked up by his Q. If you have good reflexes you can spin right behind Sion while he is channeling his Q, then proceed to trade with him while it is down.

Thanks to his kit it becomes extremely hard to dive a Sion, so only dive him when he is completely out of mana. Moreover, if you can bait out his abilities then you can punish him hard for a few seconds. If Sion builds tank items first rather than damage, then the lane becomes significantly easier.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 9/10

Slow, snare, insane damage. This guy counters you completely from level 3 onwards. You can't spin on him because he can easily disengage with his Q slow and his snare. Moreover, if he has the mark from his E on you, you better back off because future damage from him will increase.

After 6, killing Swain is not an option due to his insane spell vamp, especially when he hits champions with his abilities.

Only chance to kill Swain is when he runs out of mana. And until then, you will have little chance to kill a good Swain.

Ability to max second: slashcast.png
Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png




Difficulty: 4/10

Syndra is a powerful lane bully who can zone their lane opponents off creeps with their Dark spheres. But she cannot bully Tryndamere like that because Tryndamere has good sustain. If she is hyper aggressive you need to be very careful on when to last hit creeps, and when to stay back. While you punish her harder for her mistakes than she punishing you for your mistakes, you have more room for error than she does.

If you have problems with dodging skillshots, you can opt to start 1001_32.png instead of 1036_32.png.

Do not let yourself be positioned so one of her spheres are in between you and her. Doing so would let her stun you with her Scatter the weak and follow up with Q-W for free damage. Positioning is extremely crucial to outplay a good Syndra.

Syndra's Unleashed Power can deal surprising damage and can easily catch an inexperienced Tryndamere player off guard. If she has at least 4 spheres and you are ~20%HP, you better ult and be safe rather than be sorry.

Syndra without her Scatter the weak is vulnerable and it has a relatively long cool down. Without it, you can easily spin onto her and get off a few good crits and even possibly a kill. That's why it is crucial to bait it out. If she uses it prematurely or misses it, PUNISH HER.

Also, when she is out of mana she's an easy kill. Syndra has no escapes and is not very mobile, so if you ever catch her when her abilities are on cool down she is extremely easy to kill.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png


Tahm Kench


Difficulty: 8.5/10

I have played against Tahm Kench a few times in solo queue and through experience of both winning and losing lanes I can safely say that Tahm Kench is a very powerful counter pick to Tryndamere. And for one simple reason: Every one of his regular abilities counters Tryndamere's kit, including his passive.

Tahm's passive must not be ignored when laning. His passive mark is extremely hard to shrug off unlike other marks like Kennen or Gnar's because it lasts for a solid 7 seconds. And if he applies max stacks on you his abilities will have more powerful effects. 

His Tongue lash is difficult to dodge and serves as a powerful poking tool. Combined with his autos he can easily apply max stacks of passive then stun you, winning trades. 

Pushing the lane will not work against him because he will simply apply max stacks of passive on you, swallow you then throw you to his tower. You will take damage from both his abilities and the tower hits. 

Moreover, his Thick Skin ability completely counters your ultimate because he converts all the damage dealt to him into a massive shield. This makes it nearly impossible to tower dive Tahm Kench. Plus it is also his source of sustain.

His ultimate provides strong map presence and acts like a free Teleport to lane.

If you can't kill him, focus on out farming him. It is difficult to out duel this guy, even at late game.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png




Difficulty: 3.5/10

So long as you have a decent fury bar, you will almost always out trade Talon in trades. Try not to get poked down by his rake because the damage from that thing will eventually add up. He is still a squishy target, so your crits will work on him. 

When diving Talon, bait out his ultimate first, then commit.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 8.5/10

Whichever retard states that this is a skill matchup, just stop talking now because you're embarrassing yourself. Teemo shits on Tryndamere hands down.

Teemo is the natural counter to Tryndamere. His poison enhanced autos hurt but not as much as your crits (if you ever crit). What makes Teemo a truly difficult opponent to beat is his blind. Good Teemos will max blind first to increase both the damage and blind duration. Also diving Teemo is hard because he can constantly kite you with both his blind and his shrooms. A good Teemo is basically ungankable because he will shroom around the river and try brushes to sniff out your jungler ganks. 

To beat a Teemo, you have to get to lane and auto attack a bit for some fury. Then when he appears in lane, immediately spin on him. The best way for Tryndamere to beat Teemo is to cheese him at levels 1-2 with dem all ins. After all, Teemo is still squishy despite his anti-Tryndamere kit.

If Teemo ever blinds you, don't mindlessly auto attack him because they won't do damage. Instead, make sure you stay in range of Teemo so you can continue to hit him once his blind wears out. It is also good to remember the locations of his shrooms so you won't get kited by the shroom's slow.

Teemo received a few changes since patch 5.15. With his passive changes you better be careful if he abuses the bushes because he will stealth faster in bushes and emerge with more attack speed for a short period of time. Plus since his shrooms have a greater cast range, it makes it much easier for him to sniff out ganks. So yeah, good luck facing against a good Teemo.

If it is a AP Teemo, this lane will be a bit easier because his autos won't hurt as much.

If it is AD Teemo then you better be scared, his autos will hurt insanely bad and he can easily force you out of lane.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 8/10

Trundle's Q will make sure that trading him will end in his favor since it will increase his AD and reduce yours while doing quite a bit of damage. Never fight Trundle in his W because it gives him bonus attack speed and health regen. His pillar is also very good for setting up ganks.

His early game is stronger than yours. It is easier for him to get his auto-Q off compared to your auto-spin damage. Plus, if you don't have full fury he will always outdamage you and outsustain you, and he is much tankier than you. It's really difficult to beat this guy.

Try to make fights as favorable to you as possible by using mocking shout before going in for a trade. Also don't try to all in Trundle at level 2 because you can't. And never fight him during his ultimate, it will always come out extremely favorable for him.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png


Twisted Fate


Difficulty: 3/10

Easy lane. Dodge his wild cards and spin onto him whenever you have full fury. This will force him to panic pick yellow card while you crit his face. Your sustain will shave off all the damage he deals and you decimate him in close quarters. Also, if he blue cards a minion, go on him because his pick a card ability will be on cool down meaning he can't pick a yellow card to stun you. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 7/10

Don't ever let Udyr hit you with his Tiger stance autos because it will basically mean he will win the trade. Udyr is a strong duelist throughout the game and is very mobile. This makes it hard to dive him unless he is out of mana.

Just make trades as favorable to you as possible by reducing his AD, and hope for some lucky crits. That is the only way you will come out ahead in trades.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 10/10

Vayne is another big counter to Tryndamere. Her kit is designed for kiting and that is exactly what she needs to do in order to beat you in lane.

Never let Vayne get the third hit of the W passive on you because it hits like a truck. Also stay away from walls because she can stun you to the wall with her condemn.

To beat Vayne, you have to man up and be as aggressive as you can. Spin on her and AA her and she will be forced to condemn you away. Bait her condemn and ultimate as much as you can because engaging on Vayne is much easier when those abilities are con cool down. Playing passive loses you lane because she can and will land many free autos on you, forcing you out of lane.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 12.png




Difficulty: 3/10

Vladimir does very little damage early. Build your fury up and always pounce on him whenever you have the chance too. Most vlads don't get pool until level 4 so abuse this factor. If he does have pool, force it as much as you can and pounce on him once the pool goes on cool down. Never let him poke you down for free.

Hyper aggression wins the lane against Vladimir.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6.5/10

Take note of the cool down of his bite. It is his main source of damage. If the Volibear constantly engages on you with his Q and immediately bite him, punish him hard for the 18 seconds. However, if he holds onto his bite, disengage after a few autos so he won't get his bite off you since it deals more damage the more missing health you have.

Do not ever commit to a super long term fight due to his passive healing him once he hits 30% hp. Back off once his passive kicks in, and you have 3 minutes to be more aggressive in lane. If you're ahead, then his passive is useless because you can bulldoze through his healing with your crits and kill him.

Time your ult well because his bite is an execute.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 7/10

Short trades favor you, extended trades favor him. He wins in extended trades because the more autos he lands, the more life steal he has.

Don't get constantly poked down by his Q. If he empowers his attack speed, disengage with your spin. If you're both low on health, the trade will favor him because he has a huge MS buff to kite you around. It is for this reason why Warwick automatically wins the duel the moment you have to blow your ult, because he can kite around it extremely easily with Blood scent. Also, never dive a warwick when his ultimate is up. 

3140.png and 3123.png are your answers to all of the problems you will face when 1v1ing a Warwick. Have these two items and so long as you are marginally ahead of Warwick you cannot lose a 1v1 against him.

He is one of those duelists who will give you big problems even in 1v1s due to his insane life steal and MS buff when you're low.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 5.5/10

Short trades favor him, extended trades favor you. His level 2 > your level 2. Your ultimate > his ultimate. Wukong's early game is pretty strong, so if you encounter an experienced Wukong player it is better to play safe till level 6 before going aggressive. Or at level 7 when you have 4 points in your Bloodlust. 

If you have a decent fury bar, trade with him when he Es onto you, then spin onto him right after and hope for a few crits. As always, make sure you use your w before trading to make it as favorable to you as possible. However, a good Wukong will poke you with his Q to lower your armor before engaging in any trades with his E.

If you survived the lane till level 6, then the lane tips into your favor.
Never dive Wukong when his clone is up. Also try not to get clone baited by accidentally igniting the clone. A manaless Wukong though is an easy dive.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png


Xin Zhao


Difficulty: 4/10

Treat this like a 92_64.png lane, trade a few autos but spin away to avoid his third Q. He is squishy, so your crits will hurt him.

However, he is easier to deal with than 92_64.png because he is less mobile than her. A single W will cripple his trading power, provided you have 2 points in it at level 8. Bait his ultimate and flash when he's low and he will be easy to dive.

Respect Xin's level 2 all in, his early game is absurdly powerful. This lane snowballs hard either way so don't give him an early kill. If he tries to E you to get his third Q off, immediately turn around and auto attack him. Xin Zhao excels at short term trades, while Tryndamere excels at long term trades.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6/10

Pre 6 Yasuo has a minor advantage. If you constantly let Yasuo E you with max stacks, it will hurt. Also, stay away from him when his next Q launches a tornado. His early game damage is respectable with his E and Q plus he has a shield whenever his bar is full. He is weakest when his 3rd Q is down, so go on him once he uses it. He is squishy, so your crits will do work on him.

If you struggle against Yasuo during early levels, just play safe and the lane will be significantly easier for you from level 4 onwards.

Post 6 it will decisively favor you. Your crits will hurt more than his. If he manages to land his ult on you and he's 50% hp, 6.png14.png him right away and all in him because he has no escapes. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/3.png/12.png




Difficulty: 6/10

The new Yorick rework is not much different than the old one. He is just as immobile and very easy to all in. His Ghouls can now be killed with a single hit, making it extremely easy for you to generate Fury.

His walls can be broken unlike Jarvan's ultimate, however he can walk through the walls while you cannot. Get attack speed items to break the wall, or save your spin to spin out of it if he traps you in.

Still can't figure out the proper counterplay to his ultimate, probably best to kill it ASAP since it saps your HP if you're near it. But it will be difficult because the Yorick probably wouldn't let you do so easily.

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png




Difficulty: 5.5/10

Early on, dodge his Qs while building your fury. Thanks to your crits you out damage him at close quarters. What makes him potentially win this lane though is his insane mobility. if you spin on him, he will only trade with his E-AA then W away. If he uses his W to farm or harass, punish him. Just be as aggressive as you can with your max fury and this should prompt him to use always use his W defensively. As always, when he decides to trade autos with you, use your w to reduce his damage.

Never dive a Zed if he has either his W or ultimate up. It can set him up for jukes while his tower consumes your life.




Difficulty: 4/10

All you have to do to win lane is be very aggressive on him while dodging his bombs. Never let him poke you down with those because they will hurt. However, if he constantly spams it then he will run out of mana. He is also squishy, making it very easy to punish if he makes a mistake.

His only form of escape is his satchel charge. But you can also outplay him with his ability. Make sure you stand in front of him when he uses it so it will bounce the both of you backward. Then he has nothing on you while you devour his life with your crits. Moreover, a Ziggs with no mana is an easy kill. If you see their jungler giving Ziggs a blue buff when he is low on mana, INSTANTLY DIVE HIM because if you don't, he will be immune to mana problems during the blue buff duration. 

Recommended secondary Summoner Spell: 14.png/12.png

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- Added a new item comparisons section
- Added Soraka to the ban list.

- Adjusted difficulty levels in the Jax, Fizz, Nidalee, Reksai and Yasuo matchups. 
- Removed Azir, Lissandra and Ryze from ban list.

- Added tips on level 1, depending on whether you start teleport or ignite. And tips on how to counter vs camp teleport. 
- Revamped matchups section to indicate level of difficulty in each matchup rather than who has the advantage in the matchup.

- Adjusted difficulty levels in the Nasus, Darius and Syndra matchup.
- Added Tahm Kench to the ban list.
- Added recommended secondary summoner spell for each matchup. But Ghost/Flash remains a personal preference.
- Partially revamped the guide for Season 6.
- Addressed why Tryndamere is now banned in champion select as of Season 6 in the FAQ section.

- Full revamp for Season 6.
- Revamped the using summoner spells in laning phase section.

- Streaming soon!
- Moved Guinsoo's Rageblade from Tier 2 to Tier 1.
- Added Thunderlords as a potential Keystone to be taken.
- Added a new 'Essentials' section for the matchups section -incomplete-

- Added Zz'Rot as a Tier 2 item.
- Revamped runes section.

- Edited the Split Pushing section, updated it for season 6.
- Added the new Duskblade to Tier 4.
- Moved Shiv from Tier 2 to Tier 1.

- Added BoxerPete's video into the Nasus matchup.

- Moved Rageblade from Tier 1 to Tier 3.
- Moved Essence Reaver from Tier 3 to Tier 2.
- Moved ZZrot Portal from Tier 2 to Tier 3.
- Added a new unique build on Tryndamere, credits to BoxerPete's stream for coming up with this.
- Added information on Tryndamere's early game.

- Updated Cass and Shen's matchups.

- Removed the Proxy Farming guide, because at no situation would you ever be proxy farming as Tryndamere.

Will soon add future content on:
- Season 7 update.

About the author Back to Top

Hello, I am Annoying Orange, a Diamond 3 player who plays on NA. I have mained Tryndamere for two years now and I believe that my understanding of Tryndamere is deep and competent enough to make a guide to show you my understanding of the champion, and helping newer players out when they want to learn the champion. 

I made this guide when I was at Gold 5, so this guide underwent some major revamp as I climbed the elo ladder.

I only created this guide to help people out, and clarify the common misconceptions people have on the champion.

Accounts that I play on right now are 
a. Annoying Orange
b. Annoying Apple (alternate account)
c. Hate Elo Reset (smurf)
d. HighIand Trynd (smurf)

My guide has been featured! Can't thank LoLKing enough for acknowledging the hard work I put into this guide.


1. When did you start playing League?
Answer: I started playing League on June 2013. I picked up Tryndamere on August 2013. 

2. Who do you think is the best Tryndamere in North America?
Answer: In season 3, its Hao hands down. But right now there are many good Tryndamere mains out there and they have different play styles that are effective in their own right. So I can't give a definite answer for who is the best Tryndamere NA, but Fwii and BoxerPete are definitely my most respected high elo Tryndamere mains.

3. Why did you choose to pick up and main Tryndamere?
Answer: Mainly due to the fun factor especially when fed, as well as the cheese potential and the ability to hard carry.

4. Which other champions do you main besides Tryndamere?
Answer: 75_64.png 86_64.png 27_64.png 58_64.png 98_64.png 122_64.png

5. What is your favorite Tryndamere skin?
Answer: Highlander > Demonblade = King > Beast Hunter > Nightmare > Sultan > Classic > Warring Kingdoms > Viking 

6. Favourite champion?
Answer:  98_64.png 

7. What do you counter pick with if the enemy team picks 23_64.png?
Answer: 75_64.png = 27.png >>122_64.png58_64.png 

8. Do you accept friend requests?
Answer: If you're an esteemed high elo Tryndamere main, I will gladly add you. Otherwise, sorry, I don't because I don't like to have a huge friends list. If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment on the comments section. 

9. Do you stream?
Answer: Coming soon!  "Thechinanewb" is my twitch name.

10. Tryndamere is such an overpowered and no skill champion! Right click to win boys!
Answer: Then you're really sad. Nothing else I can say to you.

11. Why is Tryndamere banned (in Season 6)?
Answer: He shouldn't be banned, the Warlord's Bloodlust mastery got hotfixed already. Honestly anyone who bans Tryndamere now are dumb as fuck.

My Twitch Stream/Youtube Channel Back to Top

Not streaming yet due to setup issues.

My twitch:

My youtube channel:

On my youtube channel, I upload commentaries where I commentate the game on spectator mode instead of live. I only upload Tryndamere and Nasus gameplay videos.

Videos will come very soon!

Pros and cons of picking Tryndamere Back to Top


1. Easy to learn
2. Snowballs extremely hard
3. Powerful split pusher, though not top tier since he can't crit towers and is solely reliant on attack speed items
4. Capable backdoor champion due to his death defying ultimate
5. Powerful 1v1 duelist, if ahead can 1v2 or even 1v3
6. Excels in short skirmishes
7. Good sustain
8. Good at last hitting 
9. No mana costs
10. Insanely powerful late game.


1. Extremely difficult to master
2. Prone to crowd control, making him bad at team fighting 
3. Does not fit with many team compositions
4. Relatively weak laner
5. People will whine about how 23_64.pngtakes no skill to play, when its actually the reverse
6. Team synergy with 23_64.png is very difficult
7. Useless if behind
8. Open to counterplay
9. Lots of counter picks. This is why you should never first pick 23_64.png unless you are extremely confident with him.
10. Can be easily kited.
11. Attack speed reduction, armor, 14.png and 3.png will cripple him
12. Prone to burst damage
13. Somewhat reliant on early crits. However if you are solely reliant on it then you are bound to lose most of your lanes.

Why is Tryndamere hard to play?

1. Requires a lot of risk taking. Tryndamere is the textbook definition of a high risk and high reward champion.
2. A small mistake can lose you the lane
3. Your fury bar can play to your opponent's advantage
4. You need to outplay them when they are trying to outplay you. In this regard, you outplay them with your superior positioning. Eg: Dodge Teemo's shrooms when diving, staying in range of Teemo when he blinds you
5. Bloodlust is really hard to use. While it heals you, it diminishes your trading potential as you rely on crits to win lane. Using it prematurely plays to your opponent's advantage
6. A lot of judgment is required. Such as:
a. timing your ultimate 
b. judging their cool downs and damage output before trading 
c. timing your Q in all in trades before level 6.
d. Knowing when to tower dive 
7. Spinning Slash is your only escape tool besides your summoners, with a relatively long cool down. Using it to commit to losing trades can lose you the lane.
8. You need to know every single matchup throughly in order to be able to play Tryndamere against decent players. He does not have specific ability combos that provides large damage output (eg. Darius, Riven, Renekton, Pantheon etc.).

Contrary to popular belief, Tryndamere is NOT heavily reliant on lucky criticals to win lane. Let's assume that you rely solely on crits to win lane. If you constantly stay at full fury, you have a 35% chance to win lane because at Tryndamere has 35% crit chance. If you spam Bloodlust to heal yourself, you will constantly have 0 Fury and have 0% chance to win lane because you only have your basic attacks while your opponent has both their autos and their abilities to use. 

There is a reason why I win most of my lanes, and its because I never rely on lucky criticals to win lane. Instead, I rely on mechanics (of spinning slash) and positioning to outplay my opponent, only regarding crits as a bonus.

It is for these reasons why there is a huge skill difference between an average Tryndamere player and a Master Tryndamere player, and why it requires absolute mastery and finesse of the champion to even contend with decent players. Tryndamere is a lot more than just right clicking. It is all about positioning, fury management and complete understanding of top lane mechanics in general. 

TLDR: RNG favours them 65% of the time when you are at full fury. DON'T EVER SOLELY RELY ON LUCKY CRITS TO WIN LANE BECAUSE YOU WONT.

Why pick Tryndamere?

1. Second strongest hypercarry, tied to Nasus and surpassed by Master Yi
2. If your teammates know how Tryndamere works, you can one man carry a losing game
3. Extremely high risk, but very rewarding if you get fed
4. A fed Tryndamere is one of the worst nightmares for the enemy team, and a true force to be reckoned with. This is because 2-3 autos can instantly kill a squishy target.

Champions to ban if picking Tryndamere Back to Top

75_64.png : if Nasus knows what he's doing, you will never be able to cheese him. If the lane is even when he completes Frozen Heart, the lane is over for you. If you're not experienced with Tryndamere, always ban Nasus.

85.png An extremely hard matchup for Tryndamere, who can still kill you even if you're ahead. That is if you manage to get ahead of him in the first place.

40_64.png The Anti-Tryndamere in team fights. A disengage ultimate, a slow and a knockup that lasts forever.

NOTE: These champions strictly counter Tryndamere's gameplay and kit. Always prioritise banning the OP picks in the meta, then reserve one ban for one of the champions in this list.

Opinions on AP Tryndamere / Jungle Tryndamere Back to Top

Note: This guide focuses strictly on solo lane Tryndamere for both Top and Mid lane. There will be no details on how to play AP or Jungle Tryndamere in this guide.

AP Tryndamere:

- Much less viable than normal Tryndamere but is a bit underrated.
- People often underestimate his Q sustain and his E damage.
- Very strong sustain from Q since it has some AP scaling, though it got nerfed so you can't abuse the heal as much as before.
- His main damage comes from his spin, but once its down he's got nothing.
- Does not scale well at all into late game.
- Suffers from the same weakness as AD Tryndamere and split pushes/duels far less effectively.
- Not recommended in ranked games.

Jungle Tryndamere:

- No longer as strong after the Bloodrazer changes. 
- With Bloodrazer and BoTRK, you shred max HP easily. Coupled with Rageblade doubles the effects.
- Chilling Smite and Mocking Shout makes for easy ganks. 
- Secures Dragons and Barons extremely quickly.
- Extremely strong but very off in comparison to meta jungle champions. 
- You can pick Jungle Tryndamere if your top and support are strong frontlines with adequate engage/disengage tools.

Item comparisons Back to Top

1. Blade of the Ruined King VS Ravenous Hydra VS Stattik Shiv (First item rush buys)

a. Blade of the Ruined King 3153.png
- 3400g
- Passive makes Tryndamere's autos deal bonus 6% of target's current HP, making him a powerful 1v1 duelist.
- Active is a powerful anti-kite material.
- Massive powerspike from cutlass and recurve bow.
- Nerfed in Season 6 but still a very powerful item.

b. Ravenous Hydra 3074.png
- 3600g
- Powerful wave clear with passive, helps generate Fury extremely fast.
- Makes you able to spam Q since you gain fury so quickly anyways.
- Unexpected burst with active. The Auto-Cleave-Auto combo deals strong and surprising damage in trades.
- Tiamat got tweaked in season 6. The Cleave passive is gone meaning that you cannot generate fury at a fast rate. But now its 650G cheaper. 

c. Stattik Shiv 3087.png
- 2600g
- Decent wave clear since lightning passive bounces across targets
- Lightning passive also delivers extra burst periodically between autos.
- Splits Tryndamere's damage in half as the magic lightning damage circumvents armour stacking.
- Provides movement speed, which is nice anti-kite material. Also provides some crit chance. 

- Rushing Blade is best against very mobile or very immobile targets since you shine in 1v1 duels plus you have the active anti-kite.
- Rushing Hydra and Rageblade are best against tanks since you can out sustain their damage while delivering extra burst with Hydra's active.
- Rushing Hydra is also very strong when you are playing Mid lane Tryndamere since you can easily shove the wave and take advantage of Tryndamere's manaless pool. The enemy mid will be forced to burn mana to farm under tower with their spells while you roam and gank other lanes. Also Hydra helps Tryndamere trade decently with them  with the extra burst from Crescent active.
- Do not rush Hydra against mobile champions as they can kite you while you got nothing.
- Rushing Shiv is good against squishy targets since the lightning damage cuts through the base armour, delivering extra burst damage. 


2. Stattik Shiv vs Phantom Dancer vs Rapid Firecannon(attack speed items)

a. Stattik Shiv 3087.png
- 2600g
- Decent wave clear since lightning passive bounces across targets
- Lightning passive also delivers extra burst periodically between autos.
- Splits Tryndamere's damage in half as the magic lightning damage circumvents armour stacking.
- 35% attack speed
- 5% movement speed
- 30% critical chance

b. Phantom Dancer3046.png
- 2550g
- 12% damage reduction from enemy champion you hit
- 40% attack speed
- 12% movement speed and nullifies minion blocking when near an enemy champion
- 30% critical chance

c. Rapid Firecannon 3094.png
- 2600g
- 30% attack speed
- 30% critical chance
- Lighting passive delivers extra burst periodically between autos
- Does not bounce across targets but affects structures
- Splits Tryndamere's damage in half as the magic lightning circumvents armour stacking

- Phantom Dancer and Shiv are equally viable.
- Rapid Firecannon is clearly the inferior item of the three.

Shiv is the most common first item rush but I would argue Phantom Dancer to be the superior item to Shiv in terms of value. If you rush BOTRK, forgo shiv and get PD. Otherwise, you can rush shiv first, then get Phantom Dancer later into the game. 

Rapid firecannon is the worst item of the three, but it couples well with Shiv. When the enemy stacks armour, grab these two and your damage will be effectively split in half as the magic damage from both passive circumvents armour. At maximum, get two of these items. Never get three otherwise you will lack other important combat stats such as attack damage.

How to build Tryndamere Back to Top

The new influx of items released in Season 6 means that there is no strict way on how to build Tryndamere. What most people fail to understand is that Tryndamere is also a fellow AD carry, just that he is melee and not ranged. Thus, ADC builds works perfectly on Tryndamere. However, when itemising one needs to look into having certain offensive stats to make Tryndamere a truly unstoppable force.

In a typical Tryndamere build, remember to have at least:
1. 2 attack speed items
2. 2 critical chance items
3. 3 attack damage items
4. 1 lifesteal item
5. 1 armour penetration item [that builds from Last Whisper]
6. 1 anti-kite item
7. 3031.png

It is important to maintain a proper balance and not have an excess of one offensive stat. For example, having way too many attack speed items while lacking AD means that your auto attacks will tickle instead of hurting. On the other hand, having too much AD means that you wouldn't be able to land as many autos meaning that you wouldn't be able to split push as effectively. Within these boundaries lies a plethora of items you can choose from, and you can be flexible with your build.

Understanding the enemy team composition is also extremely important when itemising. If they have a lot of crowd control, consider getting 3139.png3111.png. If they have a kite composition, consider getting 3153.png3142.png. If they stack a lot of armour, get an armour penetration item plus items that deal extra magic damage to circumvent the armour stacking (eg. 3087.png3094.png3124.png), meaning that you would be nearly impossible to build against. Flexibility with builds is key to being successful in games.


So this is a unique build that people in BoxerPete's stream came up with, and this makes Tryndamere exceptionally mobile and significantly less exploitable due to the massive cooldown reduction on his ultimate. This is because at max CDR, you will have 5 seconds on your spin and 60 seconds on your ultimate, which is really short. The drawbacks however is that the CDR component is redundant when it comes to splipushing, unless you include Trinity Force in your build and spam Q/E to get the sheen procs off. You may have to forgo 3031.png in this build which sucks because Tryndamere's damage spikes with this item. Regardless, it is a solid alternative to the regular builds that you normally see, but you will need to get used to the extra cooldown on your spells.

Remember to run 6 scaling CDR blues so you don't need to solely rely on items to cap 40% CDR because your runes give you 10% CDR at level 18.

Note: If you start 1036.png, upgrade to 1053.png before getting your first item purchase. You can rush Shiv immediately if you start 1055.png.

First item: 3087.png OR 3046.png Shiv provides better early game damage and splitpush power but Phantom Dancer makes you stronger in 1v1 duels.

Second item: 3508.png  OR 3078.png  OR 3071.png  Essence Reaver is the reason why you buy crit items such as Shiv or PD first. With this item completed, you will suddenly cap CDR from 0%. Alternatively, you can get Trinity Force second - you can afford to get it second because you will have sufficient crit chance from your first item and you get insane stats to compensate for the lack of 10% CDR. The cheaper and tank shredding alternative would be the Black Cleaver.

Third item: 3142.png OR  3812.png The final 10% CDR item for you to cap 40% CDR. All three items are good in different ways but they provide 10% CDR. Ghostblade makes you more mobile and Death's Dance serves as a lifesteal item and combined with Phantom Dancer makes you a 1v1 powerhouse. 

Alternatively, you can get 3158.png to cap the final 10% CDR, which opens up for an extra damage item without a CDR component for the third item. With the new changes to Ghost, coupled with the Insight mastery and you will have only 135 seconds cooldown (225 for Flash), which is HUGE. Now I run Lucidity boots as the final 10% CDR so I can abuse the absurdly low cooldown of Ghost.

Fourth item: 3153.png OR 3031.png Get BOTRK if you have Ghostblade or Trinity as your third item because you need lifesteal one way or another. If you get Death's Dance, get Infinity Edge.

Final item: 3036.png OR 3031.png Only get Infinity Edge if their entire team is squishy AND you didn't get Infinity Edge as your fourth item. Only get Lord Dominiks if you really need the extra armour penetration against tanks when your Black Cleaver + Ghostblade aren't doing enough.

Typical 40% CDR builds:

1. 3087.png3508.png3153.png3031.png3036.png This is if you include Essence Reaver in your build, which single handedly caps your CDR. Well rounded build with anti-kite from BOTRK and armour penetration from LW. Get BloodThirster instead of Lord Dominiks if the entire enemy team composition is squishy. Since you don't have the extra movespeed from Ghostblade active, taking Ghost as a summoner spell is recommended if you choose to run this build.
2. 3087.png3078.png3046.png3153.png3031.png If the entire enemy team composition is squishy. 
3. 3087.png3071.png3046.png3153.png3031.png The armour shredding alternative to the second build. Really effective against tanks. At full build you deal 1.2k damage per crit so this build is pretty legit.

Alternatively, you can replace Blade with Hydra if you value the AoE waveclear more.

Early game (levels 1-9) Back to Top

Level 1:

Get to lane first before your lane opponent.

Tryndamere's level 1 is one of the strongest in the game. Thanks to his attack speed runes, critical chance steroid and strong damage from his spin, he will win most trades the longer the trades goes (since it will build his fury). 

Make sure you constantly auto attack the minions. You need to get level 2 before your opponent so you can obtain the lane advantage.

Do not start camps at level 1 anymore, you will NOT get level 2 off it.

Level 2:

This is when Tryndamere gains his first power spike. With the bonus AD from his Q, Tryndamere now has the ability to cheese the enemy with his crits and ignite. To cheese your opponent, get 50 fury first and make sure you are one minion off leveling up. Spin through 2 low health minions so you get free 30 fury so as to surprise your opponent with a suddenly near full fury bar and an early level 2. If you can pull a few crits off, ignite to get free first blood.

As of Season 6, it is significantly harder for you to cheese at levels 1-2. Now you wait till level 4 before going aggressive as you have 2 points in Q and a slow. 

Levels 3-5:

By this time, your opponent should have all of his abilities learned. Make sure you restrain from pressing your Q unless absolutely necessary, because it will also kill your chances to trade adequately with your opponent. If your opponent wastes their cool downs, punish them for it. 

Surviving these 3 levels is especially important, because this is the point when most top laners can beat you around with their abilities and snowball their leads if they manage to kill you.

If you score first blood or at least manage to force them out of lane, shove the lane before backing to force them to use 12.png in order to not miss as much creeps as possible.

Level 4 however is a deceptive powerspike for Tryndamere. At max Fury, 2 points in Q and a slow, you can opt to all in your opponent and they will not expect your damage. If played right you can at least force their flash or even better, score a kill.

IMPORTANT: Do not buy 2003.png beyond your first trip to lane. On your first back and assuming you used all your potions, always buy 2031.png. That is all the health potion sustain you will need for the rest of the game.

Level 6:

This is when Tryndamere gains another power spike. Thanks to your ultimate trades will mostly favor you so long as you can constantly stick to your target. If you want to harass your opponent under their tower, stand in front of them and hit them once or twice before spinning out of tower range. This is because you need to get your spin damage off. Taking 1-2 tower shots won't matter since you have life steal items and health pots to sustain yourself.

As always, remember to 2044_32.png to sniff out enemy jungler ganks. However, if you are really ahead you can attempt to kill both the enemy top laner and jungler.

If your ultimate is down, make sure to play passive until it comes back up. Smart players will know this and will try to one shot you with their ultimate if you extend too far.

Level 7-9:

Laning as Tryndamere gets slightly easier now, since you have a death defying ultimate as well as lane sustain items. If you survived to this point without falling behind, you should remain a relevant threat to the enemy top laner throughout. You can use your Q a bit more freely now since you have built some attack speed and crit chance items to make your damage relevant.

If the enemy laner stacks armor against you without damage , then you've already won your lane. This is because in trades, while you deal less damage to them, they will also deal less damage to you because they are not building damage items at all. On top of that you can out sustain their damage. This way you will slowly force them out of lane.

If the enemy builds damage, then you better be careful because they will become capable of denying your fury bar if they play extremely aggressively. Remember to use your mocking shout before trading to make trades in your favor. 

If you are playing blue side, you can try to steal the enemy red buff at around the 8 minute mark. This will vastly improve Tryndamere's trading potential. Red Buff = dominance.

Also, if you're really ahead, you can opt to zone the enemy laner off their tower. Proxy farm their minion waves and if he tries to get to his tower, punish him by hitting him with your autos. This will lead the enemy top laner to constantly cry to the jungler for ganks. And if you're that ahead, you can take them both on and kill them if you play it right. 

Key thing to Note #1: Never let the enemy back for free. If he is low on health, SHOVE THE LANE. Harass him under tower. When he eventually decides to back, always proxy the next 1-2 waves of minions so that he will end up missing 1-2 minion waves of gold and XP.

Key thing to Note #2: Always prioritize farming over taking the outer tower early. Even if the enemy top laner is roaming and ganking other lanes. Taking the outer tower early will give the enemy top laner breathing space to farm. Let your minions take the tower by themselves while you proxy the next 1-2 minion waves so as to cripple your lane opponent of gold and XP. You need to punish them for backing/roaming, not give them breathing space to farm.

Key thing to Note #3: Always invest in 2043.png. They are extremely cheap now and can provide key vision for enemy ganks indefinitely until it is cleared. Make sure that you have your pink ward placed down at key areas at every stage of the game, because vision wins games.

The Rift Herald:

The new mini baron that spawns at 6 minutes and despawns in 19:45. With the new Rift Herald changes, it is no longer possible to solo the buff, but it still remains a powerful buff that suits Tryndamere well. Be sure to duo this buff with your jungler and make sure you take it because it amplifies your splitpushing and dueling power up a notch for a good 20 minutes. This is because the corruption passive from the buff does proc on towers and you take 5% reduced damage when not near allied champions.

With this buff, be sure to focus strictly on split pushing so you can maximise the benefits of the buff.

Patch 6.9 Dragon changes:

With the new changes to the Dragon on patch 6.9, there are now 4 different variants of it. 

1. Mountain Drake: Grants additional damage as True Damage to Epic Monsters and Turrets

This buff is considerably powerful on Tryndamere because it helps facilitates split pushing since it delivers extra damage to Turrets, amplifying his damage depending on the number of the same elemental drakes slain. Moreover, it gives you a decisive advantage on objectives, which is extremely important when it comes to contesting baron.

2. Cloud Drake: Grants bonus movement speed when out of combat

Mediocre on Tryndamere, this buff is better suited for roaming mid laners and junglers if anything.

3. Infernal Drake: Increased AD and AP damage

Good buff on Tryndamere as it increases his AD, augments his duelling AND splitpushing power (since extra AD means more damage to turrets). But not as effective as the Mountain Drake in splitpushing power.

4. Ocean Drake: Restores missing health over 5 seconds when not taken damage by champions after a few seconds.

Now extremely powerful, helps lane sustain and in splitpushing. This is because when you disengage you can easily regenerate the health back. Provides part of the benefits offered by the baron buff before the rework.

Dragon buffs of importance: Infernal > Mountain = Ocean > Cloud

As always, contest the Elder Drake Buff from the 35 minute mark onwards.

Using your summoner spells in laning phase Back to Top

When committing to all ins, different players use their summoners differently. Some Tryndamere players burn only one summoner spell and save the other for the next kill. Other Tryndamere players burn both summoners at once to fully commit to an all in. I will explain both play styles and their pros and cons.

Note: This section only applies to Tryndamere plays who run 14.png6.png. I no longer run it, but still remain very experienced on how to use this combo properly.

You need to note is that both Ghost and Ignite have the same cooldown timer of 3.5 minutes (210 seconds). One thing that I notice about many players who run Ghost is that they get too greedy holding onto their spell and end up getting killed. This is not worth it, since it has a considerably lower cooldown that Flash you use it when you see the opportunity. When you're getting ganked and dogpiled by both their top laner and jungler, use Ghost to get away, don't hold it.

When it comes to all-in your lane opponent, use your judgment to see whether using Ghost, Ignite or both summoners are required to secure the kill. There are reasons why people forgo Ignite and run other summoner spells such as Teleport or Exhaust, is because they can kill their lane opponent, however such situations are far less common as you lack the additional kill pressure. On the other hand, assuming you are of melee range of your lane opponent, using Ghost is completely unnecessary since you don't need the boost of MS to close the distance, in that case only using Ignite is sufficient. For level 2 all ins, always use Ignite, that is what makes your early game all ins that deadly.

On a side note, trading your Ghost (or Ignite) for their Flash is completely worth it because Flash has a 2 minute longer cooldown compared to Ghost. But trading both your summoners for their Flash is not worth it assuming they run Ignite too, because then they will have the stronger kill pressure for 3.5 minutes while you won't have Ignite.

Also, burning a summoner for lane control is also worth it, as having lane control means you have the tempo of the lane, forcing the enemy laner to constantly react to your moves instead of moving themselves. This translates to superior gold leads on your part and you can snowball the lane off that.

Overall, use your best judgment when it comes to using your summoners to kill your lane opponent, but there will be times when you need to burn both your summoners. In such a scenario, don't hesitate to burn both of them at once during the all in, as hesitation can miss you the kill. Season 6 is significantly more snowbally compared to Season 5, so make sure to do whatever it takes to make sure you snowball your lead. If you are unsure, then burn both summoners in the all in. An overkill is always better than missing the kill.

Mid game (levels 10-15) Back to Top

By this time you should already have taken the outer tower. You should also have already at least completed your 3087_32.png/3153_32.png/3074_32.png now. You now have two options:

1. Snowball your lead by helping other lanes and secure objectives. You can do this by acting as the second jungler by ganking mid or bot. If you choose to take this method then ask your jungler to hold your lane. Or you can group with your team for Dragon control.

2. Continue shoving your lane and applying pressure. The enemy jungler and possibly mid laner wonld have to respond accordingly. This would enable your team to apply pressure on other sides of the map. It will deny the enemy top laner even more and make him rage for not being given any breathing space.

If you are snowballing, you can opt to get a 2140_32.png as it increases your dueling power since it gives bonus AD, as well as 10% life steal when you hit champions. It also helps you snowball your lead if you are ahead, since the duration of this potion extends if you score a kill or an assist.

If you are behind, you are better split pushing than anything. You are useless in team fights so you are better off farming to catch up in gold and take tower objectives for your team.

Be sure to be doing something productive at every stage of the game so you don't become underlevelled. Roam, push out lanes, apply pressure on the map, take jungle camps in the midst of rotating etc. Even when you just escaped from a fight and don't have your ultimate, you're still useful for your team - just go to a side lane and apply pressure so you can at least force the enemy to react to your moves.


Make sure to always seize the tempo of the game. Always make the move to apply pressure on the side lanes constantly so the enemy will have to consistently react to you. This will open up the map for your team and have them control other objectives such as baron, dragon or towers. If you always make the move to pressure and force the enemy to react, they will find themselves being choked out from being faced with immense pressure from you, not to mention being potentially out-rotated if you execute your split push well. 12.pngmakes this all the more effective due to the global map pressure it provides.

Late game (levels 16-full build) Back to Top

This is when Tryndamere is strongest. Keep split pushing, regardless of whether you are ahead or behind. If you are behind, they will send 1 for you, making it a 4v4 for your team. If you are ahead, they will send 2 for you, making it a 4v3 for them. Your team has to apply pressure on other sides of the map and secure objectives.

It is best for you at this time of the game to split bot lane while your team stays near baron. The damage output the baron nashor gives is equal to a champion so your team should pressure the baron objective. If the enemy team sends their entire squad for you, tell your team to start baron. Always instruct your team to take objectives while you apply pressure because objectives win games. If they send either the jungler or the ADC to stop you, dive them. Jungler because they have baron control with their smite, and ADC because they are the team's main source of damage.

Tryndamere excels at short skirmishes, meaning that he excels greatly at 1v1 or even 1v2 fights if he's very ahead. This is why Tryndamere is a powerful split pusher. He also makes a good back door champion as well, so a Tryndamere at the enemies' base will cause the enemy team to panic, and you can instruct your team to stop their recalls while you take the enemy nexus towers and the nexus itself.

You can also opt to hide in brushes or in the enemy jungle in order to catch people out when they least suspect it. However make sure that you have their side of the jungle warded, or you might end up bumping into their entire enemy team instead of just one enemy champion. If you notice them using their disengage spells, you can pounce on them and kill them since they can't disengage if they don't have flash. This is especially effective when the enemy sends one person to stop you from split pushing and they think that you have backed, when you are actually hiding to catch them out. 

Watch Boxbox's video of his game playing Riven against a Tryndamere. Observe the game in Tryndamere's point of view, when he mans up at level 2 to tower dive Riven, and picking Riven off constantly in short skirmishes during mid-late game, leading Boxbox to lose the game. The Tryndamere hardly groups with the team until the very end, hiding in the brushes to pick people out and split pushing bot lane at the same time. 

The video is not to dis Box Box. I regard him as one of the best Riven players in NA. I just want to use a video to give a demonstration on where Tryndamere's true strength lies mid to late game.

Once you hit full build, you can sell 3087_32.png for 3046_32.png and your boots for 3078_32.png (or 3172_32.png if you have 3111_32.png). Also, make sure that you buy either 2140_32.png for grouping or 2137_32.png for split pushing.

Soloing Baron Nashor:

Tryndamere is one of the few champions that can solo baron with the correct items due to the raw damage he provides. Make sure that if you intend to solo baron, deny the enemy vision and make sure that you have vision of the whole enemy team yourself.

Optimal Build for soloing Baron:3111_32.pngor3006_32.png3153_32.png3046_32.png3031_32.png3072_32.png(3035_32.png) [You can solo baron with 5 items]

You must have two lifesteal items to out sustain the baron damage. Infinity Edge is mandatory so your crits will do serious damage to the baron's health. If you only have one lifesteal item but you are very fed, you can duo baron with your jungler. 

Remember that killing the baron is a very risky play. If you get caught and get killed it might mean free baron for them. It is the play that wins or loses the game for you. So in most circumstances try not to solo baron unless 1. You are sure you can kill the Baron because being executed will signal to the enemy that it is potentially free baron for them and 2. The enemy team has no vision of baron and you are sure that they are not coming for you.

Towerdiving as Tryndamere Back to Top

Towerdiving is Tryndamere's specialty, and it is entirely possible to dive even without your ultimate.

When diving, always make sure you have full fury so you have the biggest chance to crit. If you intend to dive, make sure that you bait out their 4.png and their cool downs. You can also tower dive them when they are out of mana or extremely low on health. When they have their abilities on cool down or out of mana, they are nothing more than a sitting duck.

When diving pre 6, make sure that they are at most 25% HP. Stand in front of your opponent and land 1-2 autos before spinning away so you get the spinning slash damage off. Having full fury gives you the chance of landing crits in one of those 2 autos. This way, you only take only 1-2 tower shots in addition to have your Q to heal you. Assuming you get 1 crit, 1 normal auto and spin damage off, you can deal around 300-350 damage with that combo. With Ignite, it will increase to 400-480. Moreover, make sure you completely push the wave before diving, because if your opponent hits you during your tower dive then he will take additional damage from your minions because they will turn on him. Diving pre 6 takes a lot of calculations and risk taking, because failing a dive can make your lane considerably more difficult.

When diving post 6, you need to take note of the tower particles. Sometimes, the tower particle will travel very far when you attempt to get out of tower range. And if your ultimate runs out during that point, the tower particle will most likely kill you. To do this, make sure you take the tower particle with your ultimate before fully walking out. Watch out about getting kited, it is the biggest failings for any tower dive. As always, make sure they are exhausted of their 4.png, and either their cool downs or mana pools before attempting a dive.

Unless you are already ahead, trading kills when tower diving favors you, so don't be afraid to die during the tower dive so long as you kill your opponent first. This is because only you gain the experience from the kill, and your opponent will lose 1-2 minion waves worth of gold and experience because their tower will be killing your minions. As always, man up when diving. Don't pussy out halfway through diving because you will end up to at the very least burn your ultimate just to survive. Always commit 100% to the tower dive or it will always fail.

A final note, towers deal increasing damage with every hit, so time your ultimate well when diving.

Split pushing as Tryndamere Back to Top

If you intend to solely split push as Tryndamere and not participate in any team fights, then your build path should be slightly different to cater 1v1 dueling as well as more attack speed to take down towers more quickly. In normal circumstances, you get 3031_32.pngafter 3087_32.pngto make your crits hit like a truck. 

3087_32.png3077.png helps in taking down towers because Tiamat and shiv gives insane waveclear, meaning that you will apply insane pressure across the map. Not to mention, you will have so much side magic damage meaning that it is impossible for the enemy to build against you. As the game goes on, you should be building attack speed items and delay your 3031_32.png till the last item because it really dosen't help Tryndamere with split pushing since you can't crit towers. 

An alternative split pushing build is 3074_32.png3046_32.png. You clear waves insanely fast with the passive and active from Hydra, plus Phantom Dancer gives a good amount of attack speed to take down towers fast. The ignore unit collision helps with duelling since it helps circumvent minion blocking. However, be careful about getting kited because you will have no anti kite potential besides landing your mocking shout.

Split push is often the best way to come back from being behind because you will need all the free farm you can get to obtain the core items and make your damage relevant. You would be useless if you group with your team because your damage will not be relevant. Tryndamere is extremely item-dependant, so the free farm you get from splipushing helps not only to pressure objectives, but to remain relevant in the game.

If you're ahead, split pushing is also a very good way to maintain your lead. This is because when you pressure towers, you will constantly force the enemy to constantly react to you while your team pressures other objectives. A fed Tryndamere will be able to take two opponents at once if he plays his cards right. 

It is always best to pressure top lane early game so if the enemy sends 2-3 after you, you can secure the dragon objective. From mid game onwards, it is best to pressure bot lane because if they send 2-3 for you, they will lose baron control. If you do manage to backdoor the bot lane inhibitor, it paves the way for your team to secure baron objectives because the enemy team will be forced to respond to the super minions flooding their base.

However, never split push if the enemy team is MIA, because they can end up all going top for you while your team is not securing objectives. You need vision control so you know when its safe to push towers, and when its better to back off. It is always good to use your trinket wards in addition to buying some sight wards of your own so you have vision of their jungle when split pushing.

One drawback of split pushing is if your team gets caught in a 4v5. If this happens, DON'T RECALL if the death timers are not long enough for the enemy team to end the game. Recalling is pointless because you cannot stop the entire enemy team from taking your inhibitor towers. Make sure you alone take objectives to make up for the mistakes your team has done. For example, when your team gets caught in a 4v5, ignore them and take towers all the way to the inhibitor. Die for it if need be because the super minion pressure will be worth it. However, it is always worth trading a few deaths to stop recalls for taking down the inhibitors or nexus towers. This is because taking down nexus towers paves the way for backdooring the nexus when the enemy team least expects it.

As of Season 6, always remember to swap your trinket for 3363.png so you can can place deep wards into the enemy jungle even while you are split pushing at the side lanes.

Team fighting as Tryndamere Back to Top

Team fighting is not Tryndamere's forte, but there will definitely be cases when you will be forced to team fight. Tryndamere does not excel in team fighting because he can easily get kited and he is susceptible to crowd control, meaning that he will be dealing 0 damage while being forced to blow his ultimate just to survive. If you are ever forced to fight as Tryndamere, take note of the following:

1. Never dive headfirst or you will be locked down and hard focused.
2. Always focus the enemy carries, but mainly target the one that is the most fed. Normally you would want to focus the ADC first, unless if the enemy mid is way more fed then kill him first.
3. Always ult when you are below 30% HP. It is always better to use your ult too early than too late. 
4. When using your ultimate, make full use of it, only using your spin to disengage once there is only 0.5 seconds left on it. Your ultimate makes you invincible for 5 seconds, take full advantage of it..
5. It is best to go in when the enemy burns their initial crowd control. This way it will be harder for them to peel you off their carries.
6. If you can't reach the carries, always hit your closest target. It is always better than hitting nothing.

3142_32.pngis the most viable team fight item Tryndamere needs. It provides additional attack speed and more importantly movement speed, giving the anti-kite power he needs to reach the backline. 3153_32.png/3074_32.png are both equally good in complementing Ghostblade. BOTRK provides anti kite power and additional attack speed, while Hydra delivers more burst from the active and makes Tryndamere's autos deal AOE damage. This makes Hydra more viable in team fighting in the jungle since champions would normally be clumped up together, while BOTRK is more consistent in helping Tryndamere reach the enemy backline. You can even get all 3 items instead of a combination of Ghostblade + either Hydra/BOTRK, but be mindful that you must use all 3 of the actives in order to be effective.

If your playstyle is more teamfighting oriented, take 4.png instead of 6.png. The issue with Ghost is that you still can be kited around easily in the middle of teamfights due to hard crowd control.

Note: If your team is behind and tells you to group with them, ignore them because you will end up being focused, locked down and get aced along with your team. Focus on split pushing while telling your team to apply pressure and disengage when needed. In other words, only team fight when absolutely necessary. 

Mid lane Tryndamere Back to Top

Tryndamere in the mid lane is severely underrated, as he has significantly less counters than in the top lane while being able to roam and gank like a jungle Tryndamere. The hardest part about playing mid lane Tryndamere is the champion select, when 50% of the time your teammates will accuse you of trolling for not playing the current meta mid laners.

There are a few differences in terms of laning when you are playing Tryndamere in the mid lane than in the top lane. You HAVE to play like a mid laner, rather than a top laner who sits in his lane all day.

Take note of the following points:

1. Know that most mid lane champions are squishy, so if you have full fury be as aggressive as you can and punish the enemy laner if they use their abilities to last hit minions. 
2. Understanding their cool downs is extremely important when playing Tryndamere in the mid lane. 
3. Keep an eye of their mana pools. If they are low on mana, its an easy kill.
4. Make sure you burn their flash before tower diving them. A good enemy mid laner will flash to their wraiths the moment they see you use your spinning slash and summoners to commit to an all in.
5. Unlike top lane, always take towers as soon as you can. Taking the mid tower is crucial for applying map pressure.
6. Always push the lane. This can enable you to roam and gank other lanes like a typical mid laner.
7. Mid lane Tryndamere is very good for securing dragons due to the damage output he provides.
8. If the enemy mid laner is low on mana but arrived with a blue buff given by their jungler, INSTANTLY DIVE THEM to cripple them of their blue bluff.
9. The mid lane is shorter than the top lane, so it is more difficult for you to chunk your lane opponent since they are not that far from tower range. 
10. Rushing 3074_32.png is probably the best option as mid lane Tryndamere, as you need to be shoving the lane to their tower so you can roam and pick up kills. This will also force the enemy mid laner to use their spells farming under tower, wasting their mana. 

In addition, Tryndamere has really good sustain, making him able to sustain through the constant harass. 

Usually, the enemy mid laner will ask their junglers for the second blue buff to compensate for their mana problems. If you are ahead in lane, ask your jungler to give you the red buff to exert your dominance in lane. Red buff is extremely powerful on Tryndamere due to its sticking power, and combined with the fact that most mid laners are squishy, makes it easy for Tryndamere to severely punish the enemy laner if they just slip up slightly.

Yes, I said it. Ask your jungler for the second red buff instead of the blue buff. Tryndamere dosen't need a blue buff because he has no mana problems. Red buff makes Tryndamere much more dangerous in all ins. Red buff is love, Red buff is life. Red buff means dominance. 

NOTE: Some mid lane matchups are included in the matchup section. Refer to it if you need advice on how to defeat (or survive against) a certain champion in lane. 

Countering Tryndamere Back to Top

During laning phase

If you have problems in laning against a Tryndamere, 1029.png1054.png and 2033.png are all safe and effective starts. 

To beat a Tryndamere in lane, you need to play as aggressively as you can so that you can deny him from building his fury bar. Tryndamere without his fury bar is extremely weak because without the ability to crit he cannot trade blows with most opponents. If he goes to auto minions to build his fury bar, punish him for it by hitting him with your abilities, forcing him to spin away. If you play it right, he will be forever drained from his fury bar and you can easily force him out of lane.

Short trades favor you as you can use your abilities to harass him then back off. If Tryndamere has full fury, don't use your offensive abilities to last hit because he will punish you with your cool downs.

If you are a ranged champion, be extremely aggressive and poke him down so he will be forced to use his Q to sustain himself. If you get to that point, then you should eventually force him out of lane. If he spins onto you, kite back while trading with him. Always trade back damage when he does to you.

In addition, if he spins on you and you know that you will win the trade, go all in on him because he has wasted his only form of escape. His Spinning Slash has a really long cool down at early levels. If he tries to disengage by walking into a brush, ward it with your trinket and continue to punish him.

If you want to all in Tryndamere pre 6, always hard engage with 14.png, because it will halve the heal from Tryndamere's Q.

If Tryndamere is low and he uses his Q to heal himself, you can go all in on him to force him to burn his ultimate. Then 14.png him and it will net you a free kill.

Respect Tryndamere's level 2 all in with max fury bar and ignite. If he gets level 2 first and he has full fury, you better stay away from him until you get level 2 yourself. If you get cheesed by his level 2 all in while you are level 1 then you deserve to lose lane for disrespecting his damage output. 

Never trade with Tryndamere when he uses his mocking shout on you, as it will lower your damage output, assuming if you pick an AD champion. Poke him down with your abilities and retreat to your minions so he will think twice before spinning on you because he will attract minion aggro.  

DO NOT EVER BE SCARED OF A FULL FURY TRYNDAMERE OR HIS LEVEL 6. Otherwise he will simply zone you out of minions. The biggest misconceptions on guides on how to beat the Tryndamere matchup is that they advise on avoid trading when Tryndamere is at least 50% Fury. This is absolutely false. As I said, RNG always favours you regardless of his fury bar so all you have to do when he is at max Fury is to play smart without being overly aggressive and you can win trades. As for his level 6, you can simply force his ultimate then maintain a healthy distance between you and him, then kill him once his ultimate wears off.

Understand the nature of Tryndamere's ultimate. It is not a damage powerspike, rather it makes him the king of prolonged duels. So don't play his game when you intend to all in him post 6.

If he tries to tower dive you, make sure he uses his spinning slash first before you use your 4.png so you can easily kite him around your tower. If your jungler is ganking your lane, make sure he has used his spinning slash before signaling him to go in.

If Tryndamere commits to an all in by using his ultimate when you got him to really low health, make sure you kite him around only to turn on him when he has 1 second left in his ultimate. It is useless to trade blows with him during his ultimate because you won't kill him.

If your champion has an execute (meaning that that ability will deal increasing damage with more missing health), then you can opt to play mind games with Tryndamere, by choosing to either execute him before he has a chance to ult, or hold it until his ultimate wears off so you can use it to finish him. This will confuse him and if he ends up burning his ultimate too early, you can hit him till he has 1 health then kill him once his ult wears off.

Tryndamere without his ultimate is a weak champion. Zone him off your minions because you have your ultimate to punish him for making mistakes and for that period of time he will not have his to save himself. If he uses his spinning slash prematurely and his ult is still on cool down, you go all in on him with your ultimate and it will at the very least force him to burn his Ghost summoner spell.

When he backs, make sure you proxy waves so you can zone him off your creeps. You need to delay his late game and keep him shut down until their nexus explodes. If you let the game stall to 40 mins+, then it will play to Tryndamere's advantage. 

The Stormraider's Surge keystone is extremely good against Tryndamere. Not only does the MS boost helps kite him out so he can't retaliate back with any damage, the massive slow reduction means that even if Tryndamere lands the slow on you, it will be rendered moot. With it's incredibly short cooldown, this makes certain matchups that would be a skill matchup swing heavily to their favour. Highly recommended for champions such as 92.png126.png122.png13.png if they are laning vs Tryndamere.

3047_32.png helps shut Tryndamere down as it reduces his damage by 10%.

3075_32.png is a very good armour item against auto attack reliant champions like Tryndamere, but make sure you buy health to back up the armour. Otherwise, a Tryndamere with 3035_32.png3071_32.png  will make you regret on spending on excessive armour without HP. Alternatively, the new 3143.pngis also very strong since it reduces incoming critical strike damage by 10%, in addition to the existing stats of reducing attack speed.

3157_32.pngis a really good item against Tryndamere, only if you are an AP top laner. It greatly reduces his capability to tower dive you. If you are losing lane, rush it first. This item can also single handedly stop Tryndamere's split pushing if your team sends you stop him, provided that you are not extremely behind and you play your cards right.

3123.png3033.png This item is the answer to anyone who thinks Tryndamere is overpowered in the current meta. Executioner's calling cuts any forms of lifesteal or healing in half, meaning that he cannot heal as much from critically striking, or auto attacking in general. More importantly, this acts like a pseudo-Ignite counterplay against his ultimate, because it will half the healing from his Q when Undying Rage ends, making it significantly easier to kill him. 

14.png/3.png are powerful summoner spell choices against Tryndamere. Exhaust is the most rewarding and Ignite secures kills best. If you intend to run Exhaust, make sure you exhaust only after Tryndamere has used his spin otherwise he can simply disengage when exhausted. Teleport is no longer recommended as of Season 6 due to the nerfs, making it significantly less risk averse since the cooldown of it remains at 5 minutes no matter where you teleport to.

Outside laning phase

If their Tryndamere constantly split pushes, send a beefy champion to stop him so that Tryndamere cannot tower dive him easily. Make sure you ward properly so you know whether he is split pushing or not. However, if he is splitting bot lane, never ever send your jungler or ADC to stop him because the jungler is needed for baron control and the ADC is the team's main source of damage. Assuming if your team can 4v4 without your beefy team member, then Tryndamere's split pushing would be rendered ineffective.

If he is participating in team fights, make sure you lock him down and focus him first because in late game he will deliver even more damage than their ADC. If your team hard focuses him you will have a chance to catch him off guard and kill him before he can use his ultimate. Reserve all your crowd control for him so that he will be delivering 0 damage in the teamfight. Never let him reach your back line as his raw damage output will enable him to kill your carries with a few autos. 

Do not ever roam alone, if you ever get caught by him in the jungle then you're dead. Tryndamere is excellent at catching people out before anyone can react, and this can be extremely crippling late game due to the long death timers. Never play to his strengths by sending 2 to stop his split push because he will end up killing one of you and get out alive while his team will hard engage and kill the remaining 3 members of the team. 

Always stay grouped and look for hard engages if possible. If you see their Tryndamere splitting a side lane, be decisive in your decision to hard engage because the next thing you know, he will be at your inhibitor towers. Be decisive and engage on them hard, so you can take full advantage of the 5v4 situation. You and your team can also hide in the jungle so you can frighten their Tryndamere into thinking that you are sending the entire team for him when you are baiting their 4 team members to come out of their base so you can take kill all 4 of them and win the game. 

Regardless, it is safe to say that it is easier to coordinate against split pushing rather than with a split pusher, because their 4 team members will have the fear of getting caught out and killed by your whole team. Sometimes it is not worth them attempting to stop your recalls because you can turn on them, kill them and proceed to end the game because Tryndamere alone cannot stop 5 enemy champions from killing the nexus towers.

TLDR: When playing against a split push Tryndamere, be decisive or be defeated. 

Final words Back to Top

I really hope you have enjoyed this guide. It is my first guide, and I want to make it as comprehensive as possible to cater both new and veteran players alike. Tryndamere has always been one of my favorite champions, and I only pick him if I really want to win games. I have put in a lot of effort into making this guide in hopes that this guide would stand out among others. Do leave some feedback in the comments on your opinions of the guide, and how it could have been better. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

GL and HF :)

-Annoying Orange

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