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I will almost always go 12.png4.png just because it gives you an extra escape and the TP gives you global pressure. However with AP trynd your e will be up very often as an escape so ignite will provide more pressure in lane in exchange for giving up an escape. It's especially good against people with heals (Mundo). 

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So AP trynd is all about the heals and spinning to win. With that in mind not building any ad makes farming harder so savagery offsets that (moderately). Assassin helps as top lane is generally an island so you don't have allies and this gives you more damage cause who needs friends! Also if you want to split push this helps then too. Merciless is self explainatory as you don't have mana. Intelligence I like over Precision simply because getting to 45% CDR on trynd is amazing. It makes your e on a 4.95 second cooldown at max rank, your heal on a 6.6 second cooldown and your ult, one of the best ults in the game on a 49.5 second cooldown. So needless to say thats a lot of spamming of spells and you have no mana so its perfect. Thunderlords gives you more damage, but if you wanted to go really trolly and get all the heals Windspeakers will give you a 10% increase to your self heal but you don't get the defensive stat boost so it's kind of a waste, but it's a troll build so have fun with it. Resolve tree the main ones you want are the runic armor for the heal increase and Insight to tp more often. 

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So you want to play AP trynd huh?? 

Everyone knows all about AD trynd so why take him AP? Does he even have AP ratios?? Why yes he does. His E has a 1.0 ratio and his heal has a .3 ap ratio with no fury and a 1.50 AP ratio when full fury. Yes 1.5. That's a lot of healing. 

tryndamerepassive.png Trynd's passive is he builds up fury when he autoattacks. AD trynd players also care that this gives Crit chance, as we are building AP mostly this doesn't help us nearly as much but it's there. The main part is the fury that comes with every autoattack. We like fury. 

bloodlust.png This is why we like fury. The more fury we have the more healing we get and the higher the AP ratio on this heal. Max this first in any difficult lane, or any easy lane you aren't doing well in. The sustain it gives is amazing. Try to use as much as possible when at full fury. If you get to full build late game one cast will be enough to go from 1 hp when ulting to full hp. This ability also gives passive ad which is nice for farming. 

mockingshout.png This spell is one of those "one point wonders". It does get a little better with levels but not nearly as much as the other two. Max it last. It definitely helps with chasing people down. And even though it doesn't apply the slow it still applies the AD reduction if they are facing you so if someone's hitting you just hit it. 

slashcast.png Trynd's spin to win spell. It is wonderful. It is a dash that can go over walls. Late game (with this build) is on a 4.95 second cooldown, so you have a flash basically on a less than 5 second cooldown good luck chasing me! It also does damage. Lots of damage as it has a 1.0 ap ratio. It does however do physical damage, and as its the main source of damage on trynd don't buy magic pen boots or any magic pen ever, it's almost completely useless on him. But if you're lucky the enemy will be dumb and think AP trynd better build MR. 

undyingrage.pngNow the big one, the ult. The "ha ha f you I won't die" spell. One of the most powerful and annoying ults in the game. And once you get full CDR it's up every 50 seconds. Hit this as close to death as possible but if you miss it, well you're dead so don't miss it. It also gives you a lot of fury depending on the level which helps when using your heal afterwards. It lasts for 5 seconds, make sure to hit your heal before it ends otherwise you'll die very quickly. 

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Starting Items

    This is a basic start gives you extra movement, and doesn't give away that you are going AP trynd for a little bit. And it gives you 4 health pots.
    This would work too for the attack speed. I usually go boots but personal preference.

Core Items

    These are your 4 core items. This gives you 45% CDR and the sheen will be proc often. Start Nashors, then boots, then Sheen, then rageblade. Guinsoo's is amazing on him as it helps you attack even faster and hit harder but only after you get your 45%.

Situational Items

    This is how you finish sheen as you are building AP. It'll do more damage and give you some movement speed too.
    You have great AP ratios might as well use them!
    This increases your heals by 25% which is really nice in addition to some tankiness against mages.
    Any other tank item can fill in as a last item depending on preference if you are dying too much but you shouldn't be with your ult and heals.
    Attack speed, on hit and mr for defense good item

AP Trynd wants to autoattack a lot to build up fury, then heal. And spin over enemies as much as possible. This helps him do all of that. The nashors tooth gives you attack speed, ap and the on hit passive and most importantly 20% CDR. The CDR boots give you a little more and then the sheen finishes out at 45%. Then you want rageblade as this item is good on him but not as good as it was before but the on hits doubled is good. The more he attacks the faster he does it and the harder he hits. Then finish sheen into Lich bane. And fill in the rest as needed or desired. 

If you get CDR from tank items like on Spirit visage, or if you go zhonas etc then swap out the cdr boots for swifties or one of the tank boots. Your e does physical damage so magic pen isn't worth it. 

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AP trynd is amazing at 1v1's and is very slippery and difficult to catch. He can split push amazingly well. And is great in teamfights with his aoe damage on his e and his heal should keep his health up and if not well there's always his ult. The best part of him is however that he surprises enemies. They see Trynd locked in and they expect the traditional trynd. And especially at low elo the enemies won't look at your build. I've had numerous games where I get to the end screen and the enemy team then realizes they got crushed by an AP trynd. The heal is the main way people don't expect this. They know it does some healing. But AP trynd does like 5 times more healing than AD trynd does. So late game you'll be able to go from 1/4 health to full health in an instant. 

The biggest thing to watch out for is ignite and any other anti healing stuff as it will ruin your day and you will lose half of your heal. In that case just kill the person who has it, ult and then heal. 

AP trynd may not be LCS material but it is extremely fun and is very viable. So have fun, and spin to win!

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