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Summoner Spells Back to Top

So I usually take IGNITE AND FLASH


I sometimes take IGNITE AND GHOST if I really need to stick to someone

GHOST generally helps with sticking to your target, however FLASH can help you get over walls and suicide into 1v5   - My Guide on Youtube

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are the Masteries that I use every single game vs every single matchup. I will explain some controversial choices below

Double edge'd sword vs Feast

So most top laners are taking feast, and it's not bad because feast is pretty good for that sustain, however since you are playing a right click melee god, you benefit a lot more from that 3% dmg boost than the 20 hp sustain. If you are concerned about the 1.5% dmg increase, remmeber that we're trying to kill the enemy before they kill you so keep that mind m8.

Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor

I take bounty hunter just because it scales a lot harder into late game or whenever you can manage to get 3 kills. If for some reason you do not plan on getting more than 3 kills... feel free to take Oppressor because that's technically better for you.

Bloodlust vs Fervor of battle

Ok here's where there will be many questions. So I take Ferocity because my general built stacks hella attack speed. So compared to warlord, the Ferver of battle gives me a ton more damage instead of extra sustain from bloodlust. At maximun stacks and maximum level, Fervor of battle will give you 8 x 14 = 112 damage on hit! That is huge compared to just some extra lifesteal. While it is true bloodlust has it's own ups too, I believe that fervor just outclasses it. That is my reason for taking fervor as it is better imo and it synergizes with my playstyle/build better

Abilities Back to Top


Pretty straight foward ability maxing
Generally Q>E>W>R
sometimes take w at level 3 if you'd like. Useful for the slow if jungler is ganking or sometimes a close duel.

PASSIVE: Battle Fury
- Gives you critical strike chance the more fury you have. You gain fury off hitting things and extra for last hitting. You always want to fight with over 50% fury ideally as you sort of rely on critical hits to swing trades in your favor. In general. when fighting/dueling an enemy, hold onto your fury for as long as you can so you have the greatest chance to crit in your fight. There is no set amount of fury you NEED in order to go in and duel enemy, as sometimes I go in with 5 fury, other times 90. It's very situation how much is enough but generally you want as much as you can. I just mention it because I see people go in with NO FURY and immediate try to win trades(when they could have generated some), and that is not ideal, GENERATE SOME FURY before going in all standard duels. More will be explained in video.

- Your heal ability, consumes your fury to heal yourself. Great for sustain. Keep in mind that if you consume your fury you also consume your critical chance, thus you are a lot weaker at 0 fury. Keep that in mind. 
- ALSO, has a passive that grants you bonus ad + bonus ad per % missing health. This is the best ability compared to W and E, so we max this first for the increased sustain + ad boost

Mocking Shout(W):
- Your Poultry chicken shout, and your only cc. Only slows if enemy has backed turned toward you when casted but still debuffs a good chunk of their AD regardless. 
-Generally use this to catch up to people/win your duels. Not a skillshot, easy to use. Just practice not missing it when you use this to chase. 

Spinning Slash(E): 
- Your gap closing ability. This one is a skillshot so if anything using your E properly is something to practice as missing it/using it wrong can actaully lose you the trade
- When trading, it is important to LAND YOUR E ON THE ENEMY, as it does a good amount of damage and most of the time will win you the trade when you LAND E + auto attack enemy with good amount of fury.

Undying Rage(R):

- Your 5 seconds of not feeding, you refuse to die by not going below 1 hp. This is not damage reduction or anything, you are simply breaking the game mechanics for 5 seconds.
- Use these 5 seconds wisely, whether it be running away or beating the F*** out of the enemy. 
- Upon cast, it generates 50/75/100 fury, and cooldown is decreased as you upgrade it
- Doesn't seem like so much of an improvement as you upgrade this skill, so as you may have seen other tryndamere players do, I max this last after taking it lvl 6. Other skills seem to be better putting more points in them instead of upgrading this ult.
- Timing of this Ultimate is EXTREMELY important. It takes a lot of practice to know when to use your ult so that you make MAXIMUM use of the 5 seconds you have. People try to do crazy things to mess up your ult such as bursting you so that you may have time to react fast enough to press R. Having a good reaction time is vital to using this ult at its maximum efficiency so that you 1) actually use it, and 2) use it effectively(not at full hp/half hp)

Overall, Tryndamere has Sustain, a gapcloser, soft CC, damage, and invincibility in his kit. All in one package of everything you could ever ask for. That being said, this champion is very rewarding to get good at because of the insane amount of possibilities you can have with him in every single situation. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I Always start Blade and Pot. I never sell doran until last item so these stats are very efficient through the game.
    I buy this sometimes vs a lane that I will need a lot of healing or just a lane you are having trouble with. It helps a little bit in terms of sustaining yourself
    Buy vs AA champs
    Buy vs AP/CC
    Buy If you Just don't give a F***

Core Items

    I Rush this item or BOTRK as the first item, Hydra is mostly for pushing/sustaining your lane. While on the other hand, BOTRK is for dueling. Pick up BOTRK or hydra depending on your needs
    I go right into a shiv for more pushing/dueling power. If you are struggling to duel enemy/even with your enemy laner, picking up a PD is an option you topple you to victory. Otherwise, I usually go shiv just for the massive pressure.
    I get a reaver right after shiv/pd, as it gives the same stats as infinity edge, of course you lack the passive 250% crit multiplier you get from edge. However, that is compensated for 30% cdr which I really like
    I get edge after reaver, and so after you complete this item, your crits will hurt.
    This is the typical push/pressure/sustain in lane build i will go if all goes well
    This is the build I will go if I need to duel someone
    This is the build I will go if I am insanely behind. The goal of this build is just to pressure the map the best way you can, and these items help you do that

Situational Items

    great 6th item/defensive item in general. Will sort of change the timing on your ult but you get a shield not resists so you should have a good idea of when to ult
    It is a nice item however I wouldnt buy it unless they have 5 tank or something because your main goal is not to kill the tanks. I usually don't build this unless the carries start getting some armor.    - My Guide on Youtube

Matchups Back to Top

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Strategy + How to Win Back to Top

There are many ways to play tryndawin and be successful, whether you teamfight/split-push/afk. I will be showing how to win by splitting as I play tryndamere 95% split. The only times I teamfight are when my team needs me (Generally lower elo when your team is light years behind theirs)to or when I know I can go in and right click without punishment.


1) Gain lane dominance (2 requirements)
             a)Have more gold than your enemy top laner whether it be more cs, kills on him, or turrets
             b)Be able to 1v1 him with ease (gg easy)

2) Constantly apply pressure on the map by splitting
             a) Should be very easy given that you've acquired lane dominance
             b) Only split when you can 1v1 (or possibly 1v2) who comes for you/team can get something if you die                        1v2+
             c) Do not split if your team cannot gain anything off of you dying 1v5 (will explain in depth later)

3) Considering you've done 1 and 2 correctly, you should be able to push the enemies turrets + dragons, which puts your team at a considerable advantage given they have not been shat on in their lanes. You should be very well ahead in gold, and be able to 1v1 anyone, so your team and you should be able to close in on enemy nexus and wrap up the game

I've been playing tryndamere heavily objective based most of my games, so that means pretty much splitting the whole game (I only teamfight and group with team if my team is behind OR I can easily win a teamfight with my lead, otherwise I am splitting), getting turrets/dragons and farming up to become huge, then participating in a fight where I can unleash my rage 

I will make videos to really show how this is all done as I know it may be hard to apply of this, so don't worry because I will explain more in depth on how to win as tryndamere. Feel free to comment below on what you would like me to explain in depth.

About Author + Challenged Proof Back to Top

Hello I am Kerpal and I have been playing League since s2. I have played so much trynd that my right arm is stronger than my left so I hope that is some credibility there. So with trynd only, I hit diamond 1 s3, s4 ended up in masters, then s5 I played trynd only up to challenger(hit it mid s4). Unfortunately a little while after I hit challenger, my cpu was hacked and I never got access to my challenger account again. After that I decided to take a long break from LoL and now I have returned, few months after s6 has started. My main goal now on LoL isn't really to climb since it requires a lot of time investment that I may not be able to commit to, but my goal is rather to help people climb and win their ranked games by teaching you the way of the TryndaWin. I truly believe that anyone can do what I have done with much practice as I was some garbo when I began playing. That is why I have made this guide and I hope it helps everyone that wants to win some ranked games with tryndamere. I feel that my vast amount of experience with trynd (the only champion I played in ranked for the most part), has given me a good idea on how to win games and be successful with him. I hope to pass on my experience to others with this guide.

Here's a picture of my peak when I was still in challenger:

*It won't let me upload a .png file......... will get this fixed as soon as I can im not sure how to upload a picture in this case.*

*On my Youtube Channel, here is a video that I show the proof for all who want to see*    - Guide on my YT Channel

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