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5 months ago

Tryndamere Statistics for HIGH APM LOW BMI

Author's performance with Tryndamere compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Tryndamere plays as a lane bully, and doesn't benefit as much from running TP compared to other Top laners that can TP into fights and also offer CC.

Ignite enables you to play to Tryndamere's Strengths in being a lane bully and killing the lane opponent.


Flash is standard on most champions, Tryndamere is no exception use flash to go into the enemy or away from them.

Tryndamere can E tryndameree.png dot-pattern.png 4.png  to relocate and the damage from E will still apply to enemies hit if done properly. 

New Runes Back to Top

Going into the Precision tree starts Tryndamere off with lots of attack speed which is perfect for his early game.

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64 Fleet of Footwork gives Tryndamere a boost of movement speed after auto attacking an enemy which is so crucial for mobility in Tryndamere's rather limited kit, this is very useful since Tryndamere's only other way to get closer to an enemy is by using his gap closer E tryndameree.png, it also slightly heals him, healing more if you hit champions instead of minions with the proc, the builds up by attacking and moving, so watch the icon on your HUD to know when it is up for your next auto attack.
Triumph.png?width=64 Tryndamere is all about getting kills Triumph will restore Health which can be a life saver after getting out of fights with ULT undyingrage.png, and gives slightly more gold for a kill which will just assist you slightly in snowballing even harder.
Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 Small amount of attack speed at the start of the game that will build up over time, Tryndamere loves attack speed and getting this for free in runes is just a nice scaling bonus.
Last%20Stand.png?width=64 Tryndamere has obvious Synergy with this rune as if it was made for him, living with 1 HP while in ULT undyingrage.png, giving you extra damage to finish off the target you are trying to kill.
Transcendence.png?width=64 Tryndamere doesn't get to build any Cooldown reduction with his item build, but benefits from it greatly, you also get this fairly early in the game since you spend most of the early game alone farming top.
Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64 Tryndamere loves long games, and will often find himself in a drawn out 30 minute match in which he is constantly split pushing, so getting free AD every 10 minutes is pretty helpful.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order
undyingrage.png dot-pattern.png tryndamereq.png dot-pattern.png tryndameree.png dot-pattern.png tryndamerew.png

tryndamerepassive.png Passive

  • Tryndamere doesn't use mana, all abilities have no cost
  • Each time Tryndamere auto attacks he gains fury, the more fury he has the more likely he is to land a Critical Strike on an auto attack, if you haven't damaged or been damaged for 8 seconds you will start to lose fury.
Build up fury by auto attacking minions, then attack the enemy and hope to get some lucky Crits!

tryndamereq.png Bloodlust

  • Tryndamere gains bonus Attack Damage for amount of points in Bloodlust
  • Tryndamere also gains bonus track damage for the amount of missing health he has
  • Active: Tryndamere consumes all his fury and heals based off the amount of fury consumed.
  • Keep yourself at low health with max fury for most damage, then heal yourself before dying, or use for small heals in lane.

tryndamerew.png Mocking Shout

  • Tryndamere reduces the AD of all nearby enemies for 4 seconds
  • Enemy targets who have their backs turned to him are also slowed for 4 seconds
  • Use this to run down your lane opponent as they are trying to run away.
  • Also good to use before taking small trades against AD enemy laners such as (92.png122.png164.png)

tryndameree.png Spinning slash

  • Spin towards a target location dealing damage to all enemies hit, alos gain fury for each enemy hit
  • Spinning Slash's cooldown is reduced every time Tryndamere Crits
  • Use this to dash onto enemies to start a fight
  • In lane walk up to the enemy laner auto attack them a couple of times then E tryndameree.png away for a small trade ( you can also do this while the enemy is under tower and not even take a tower shot if done correctly.)

undyingrage.png Undying Rage

  • Tryndamere gains max Fury and becomes immune to death for 5 seconds

This ULT is what makes Tryndamere, Tryndamere. Duels become very one sided when you literally can't die, solo kills in lane becomes very easy so long that you can stick on an enemy and continue DPSing them, tower dives become a possibility even when you are at very low health, just start to tank the tower and then use your ULT.

Never try to get max value out of your ULT, just use it, JUST USE IT! You will feel and look, and be very bronze level if you are trying to wait for that last  bit of damage before casting your ULT, just to be bursted down beforehand, it last for 5 SECONDS, nothing that you can sustain before than will likely matter, SO JUST CAST IT.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

1055.png Best against lanes that you can fight, giving everything that helps Tryndamere a little bit, small amount of health, AD, and Life Steal, Tryndamere is very auto attack based, this item gives him lots of sustain off his auto attacks early gme.
1054.png Doran's Shield lets you get through lanes that have lots of poke / good trades such as (150.png13.png50.png

Example Full Build


Tryndamere loves lots of CRIT, AD, and Attack Speed, so your build will always involve a couple of items, but will probably switch up slightly match to match based on the enemies team's champions.

Build Path example

3077.png dot-pattern.png 3086.png dot-pattern.png 1001.png dot-pattern.png 3046.png dot-pattern.png 3006.png dot-pattern.png 3508.png dot-pattern.png 3031.png dot-pattern.png 3074.png dot-pattern.png 3036.png 

3077.png  Tiamat will often be your first item, it allows you to have better wave control, clearing minion waves very quickly when you want, or when they are pushed into you. Tiamat also gives you slightly better trades when you make use of it's active when attacking the enemy, you can do combos such as (tryndameree.png > 3077.png) to proc it before you even land from the E. Building Tiamat, you don't have to complete it into 3074.png, it's fine to just sit on a Tiamat for a while.



Ideally you get Berserker Greaves since they will give you the most damage, Merc Treads are sometimes required against teams with lots of CC, and Lucidity boots are more for utility.

3031.png - IE obviously has tons of synergy with Tryndamere's kit, it's better to get it later since you can get lots of other crit chance items before it, if you get very fed you can buy this earlier but it's best as a 3rd item.
3046.png - PD will be your first completed item in most games, the build path is very cheap and effective for Tryndamere, getting Attack speed, movement speed, and Crit from Zeal is very useful, and once completed it makes any 1v1 very unfair for the enemy.
3508.png - Great as a 2nd item since it will get you to 30% CDR with the Crit from PD, CDR is very, very useful for you to spam tryndameree.png & undyingrage.png as much as possible.
3074.png - It's best to completed Tiamat into 3074.png rather than 3748.png, the life steal is so much better if you have large AD items, and in clumped team fights you will not only heal a lot, but will be dealing lots of AD AOE damage.

3071.png - A good item against teams without multiple super tanks, Black Cleaver makes you tankier, gives you more mobility from the Phage proc, and shred percentage of Armor, so if a last whisper item isn't required against the enemy team comp this is a great item to buy instead.
3036.png - Best against non-healing super tanks, makes them actually killable.
3033.png - Best against healing super tanks, also helps with killing carries with heals.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Camille
  • Cho'Gath
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Malphite
  • Nasus
  • Pantheon
  • Renekton
  • Urgot




Tryndamere wins the right click battle handley against Aatrox, dodge his aatroxq.png with tryndameree.png 14.png also gives you a very unfair advantage.




akalismokebomb.png will make her untargetable while she waits for cooldowns, if she uses this in a minion wave, you can hit minions to life steal / build up fury. tryndameree.png will also damage her while she is stealthed. 

Akali can chase you down a long distance, you can also do the same to her.

Take a small trade and blow her W akalismokebomb.png then all in her.




Stay away from walls to not be hit by her camillee.png then stun into full combo will lose you the trade instantly, you can dodge it immediately by using flash or E tryndameree.png

camiller.png will lock you in place, if you try to E tryndameree.png or flash it you will be brought back in, just fight camille don't try to run away until you are your last tick of ULT, odds are you kill her by just right clicking.




Cho'gath is very tanky but no unkillable, he will get lots of early Armor, it's best if you can kill him and snowball before first back by taking good trades then all in ing with 14.png, the only way Cho'gath wins trades early is if he lands rupture.png and gets multiple free auto attacks on you.


Dr. Mundo


Mundo heals but you have 14.png, Mundo has no gap closer to run away only Q infectedcleavermissilecast.png to slow you which can be flashed. Late game 3153.png or 3124.png help to take him down.




A good Fiora can get good trades onto you by constantly dashing in with Q fioraq.png, but in all ins you have the advantage, so avoid small trades and look for all ins.




Malphite is hard to kill, you should spend your time in lane pushing waves into him then farming the jungle when you can, wait for him to TP out of lane then take his towers.

Trying to kill him most the time will only give him the advantage.

For Malphite to win the game he has to get a good teamfight so he will often try to play with his team, at that time you need to be getting value in a side lane.




It's very hard for Tryndamere to kill nasus if he plays safe early, and Nasus scales way harder than you, it's up to you to not group late game when nasus tries to teamfight on his power spike, and you should keep pushing down a side lane and hope for the best.




Start 1054.png Doran's Shield to sustain his Q poke early, after level 6 your all in is very easy onto pantheon, he has no gap closer, so if he uses his stun pantheonw.png on you, or if you land tryndamerew.png W slow, then you can get onto him.

After level 6 pantheon will most likely try to gank Mid or Bot lane after his first back, ping them like a mad man and take the top tower when he does so.




Renekton is also a lane bully, this matchup comes down to who can do the most damage to the other, you will most likely have ignite advantage, so you beat him during all in's, but if you take bad trades in which you tank all his abilities you will be disarmed.

You can buffer tryndameree.png when he W renektonpreexecute.png 's you

Getting  good all in level 2 will also make the entire game much easier for you.




Urgot takes good trades onto you, but his escape sucks, if yo land W tryndamerew.png slow you can walk onto him and attempt a good trade / all in, his ULT interaction can be weird with Tryndamere's ULT 

Don't get poked out in lane, and punish him when you can.

Early Game Back to Top

Tryndamere dominates most Top lane matchups early, his kit allows him lots of damage and sustain in lane. Take small trades to lower the enemies health over time, when the enemy is at lower health they will likely zone themself from a lot of CS, and if they don't you can attempt to all in them. 

For good trades build up to max fury by auto attacking minions, then walk up to the enemy and auto attack them, get on top of them then cast E to get the spin damage on them, and move back into your minion wave, but more importantly away from the enemy minion wave since you will take Minion Aggro and be taking lots of damage if you where to stay on top of the enemy champion in his minion wave.

You can almost always expect the enemy jungler to gank top first, since it is very, very common for junglers to start on the bot side of the map so that their bot lane assist in their first buff clear, if you push the first 3 waves quickly into the enemy (on Blue side) you move into the enemy's red side jungle and maybe kill the enemy jungler at Red Buff, or just ward their Red Buff, or get a less valuable ward in the enemy Tri Bush, (on Red Side) you can move into the enemy Blue side jungle and get a ward over the wall to see both Gromp and Blue Buff, giving you and your Mid laner lots of safety. Disrupting the enemy jungler doing their 2nd buff or killing them can be a very easy way to gain a lead if you have the presence of mind and control of the minion wave to attempt this play.

You will most likely end up pushing the minion wave, or having big minion waves build up if you are zoning the enemy, when the minion wave hits the enemy tower you can still damage them, move very close to the enemy champion, then auto attack them once and E away, out of tower range, you might take one tower shot if not down quick enough or deep under tower, but it can still be a worth trade, if you do this against champions with immediate CC such as Maokai they can quickly punish you, but if you move under tower and don't hit them, they will likely freak out and start casting all their abilities on you, then you can do the 1 auto attack and E away. 

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game most Top lane champions look to make TP plays and Assist their team, Tryndamere doesn't give want to do any of that, he wants to stay top, and farm everything, push waves, farm scuttle crab, push another wave, farm the enemy camps, if you have control over the minion wave then you can choose to push it into the enemy or sit on it and try to zone them. If you are watching the minimap and looking at individual lanes then you will know when fights are happening and will then be able to better know what you should do with the minion wave to try and manipulate the enemy top laner. 

If a fight is going on bot, and you push the minion wave into the enemy top laner it puts them in a position where they have to immediately choose to TP bot for the fight, or stay Top for the minion wave, and when ever they TP out of lane you should push the minion wave into the enemy tower, and start to hit it, Tryndamere takes towers very quickly, so any extended fight might get you multiple towers. It should go without saying, but don't walk all the way from Top lane to Bot lane during the Mid Game to follow a TP, just push your lane.

If you have no control over your matchup coming into the Mid Game, it would be rare that the enemy Top laner doesn't leave / TP out of lane at some point that you could punish, but if they don't it's fine to lose your tower so long that you don't die and continue to get CS. Don't play for defense, play for your personal gold generation.

If your Bot lane lost first tower, expect the enemy Bot lane to show up top afterwards, just recall and go bot, even if your Bot lane isn't going top, Tryndamere does nothing in a 1v2 unless you are extremely fed and are playing off proper information.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game is when Tryndamere causes real trouble, you want to be a side lane so, SO badly, pushing down non stop, forcing the entire enemy team to move around you, the more ahead you are in gold the easier this becomes.

When split pushing you should always be watching the mini-map, instead of focusing on that 1 minion, take a glance and see which enemy champions are showing, where they are, and where they are likely to go, it makes the world of difference, and without this information it will be basically impossible to make any informed decision of when to move forward, backwards, or all in your lane opponent. 

You can also sometimes all in for a tower with ULT if multiple enemies where coming to stop you and burst you down, ULT will keep you alive long enough to take the tower, in any situation in which multiple enemy champions have to come to stop you, it either goes the way of you killing all of them trading 1 for 1, running away and dying, or running away and getting away. All of these options require the enemy team investing a lot of time into it, during this time your team should be making a play some where else which would most likely be (Doing Baron, engaging on the enemy team with a number advantage, or taking a tower), ping to help direct your team, never type it takes to long and won't be heard, also never expect your team to do the correct thing. Some times there will be no potential play for them to make after the enemy team's collapse onto you in a side lane, and then you will die for nothing but it will still be a time investment from the enemy team. Tryndamere is very good at stalling out games, and the longer the game goes the better chance you have to win with split push.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Very Easy to play
  • Huge Snowballing potential
  • Very good split push 
  • Very good 1v1


  • Not as useful in teamfights
  • Countered by Super Tanks
  • Basically bound to a side lane

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 21, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Once I hit Diamond for the first time I knew that I would have to take it all the way with this game, luckily for me the deeper I go into the game the deeper it gets. I will always be focused and dedicated to improving my play and hopefully reach a point of sustainability from playing the game, I want to make an example of what I think eSports should and can be about. 

 Here are some places you can find me! 

Esport Arsenal 

 Find out what the best League of Legends Pros use for their Mouse, Keyboard, Mousepad, Etc!

  • Twitter - @SawyerGG - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitter Account
  • Twitch - SawyerTHEBEST - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitch Account
  • Lol Coaching
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