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Twisted Fate Statistics for THC in OCB

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


By far the best Summoner-spell in the game. A must have for champs without escape mechanics like Twisted Fate.


Twisted Fate lacks defenses against Bruisers, Assassins and now vs Ad carries too since his dmg is getting nerfed.
Picking exhaust helps you in 2v2 trades and 1v1 trades a lot.


This summoner spell helps you in 1v1 situations since it adds a little bit of true dmg to your kit. Also it is used against opponents with self healing or regeneration abilities, life steal or potions since it reduces their healing. For example if you are facing an adc, Swain, vladimir etc. The best way to use ignite is at the start at the fight if you are sure that he won`t be able to escape or if he activates and ability potion or whatsoever that gives him life, regeneration or enchanced lifesteal/spellvamp.


Still one of the best Summoner-spells ingame. Good for farm lanes and if you take 0 18 12 masteries.


If you are already experienced this is probably more interesing for you. update coming soon

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity tree:


Obviously the better one since 2 % increased ability dmg increases our overall dmg a lot.


This mastery helps us sustain a lot through early game and helps us win the 1v1 trades since we can get a lot of health back even without potions.


This one is arguable but in my opinion better than Natural Talent since the 2 % spellvamp actually are great. For example if you are low hp and you have minion aggro you could survive by using your red card on the minion wave thats killing you to restore some health. And it could determine if you win a 1v1 trade later on in the game because you actually get a lot of health back with it. 10 Ad and 15 Ap don`t sound that great to me so take Vampirism.

Bounty Hunter:

A lot of people take Oppressor on Tf but thats kind of bullshit. Yes it might help you until lvl 6 maybe but to be honest 2,5% are nothing in the early game and if you kill 3 enemies on the enemie team Bounty Hunter starts to kick in and I mean you are Twisted Fate the roam God. TAKE BOUNTY HUNTER.



3% Movement speed when you want to roam or get back to lane hell yes. You could take Savagery if you have problems with last hitting but sooner or later you will change to wanderer.

Runic Affinity/Secret Stash:

That one is actually tricky. I prefer taking Runic affinity since I get the blue buff all the time in soloq and/or kill the enemie jungler with double buff so it is actually really worth it for me. But if you can`t rely on your jungler taking secret stash helps you a lot so this one's up for personal preference. Assasin could be taken too but only really viable if you want to split push a lot.


Obviously better than mana regeneration since you have your blue card + probably 1 mana item early on. And 5% more dmg to targets under 40% HELLO overpowered as hell.

Dangerous Game:

No questions asked unless you are going support Twisted Fate.


This mastery gives you 5% cooldown reduction wich is pretty nice on Twisted Fate since you get with only runes this mastery and 3100.png already 30%. Then you can choose to go either for 40 % with 1333.png or take 1313.png and stay at 30% or even go for more with building another cdr item such as 3165.png.

Atm I am running precision though update coming in later.


Thunderlord increases your burst so this is at the moment probably the best but next patch stormraiders surge is reciving a buff Update coming!.


So you decided to go for Teleport as secondary summoner spell and have a farm lane so you want to roam as much as possible? This replaces the 12 points in the Ferocity tree:


Some nice Health reg good for your laning phase.

Explorer/Tough Skin:

Tough skin helps you survive harass and minion aggro better. Explorer could make the difference when you are going for a roam both are good up to personal preference. In my opinion Tough Skin is slightly better.

Veteran's Scars:

More Health helps you with trading and surviving so this one is a lot better than Runic Armor.


This is what we are here for. 15 % reduced cooldown for Flash and Teleport. Overpowered take it.

Abilities Back to Top

 cardmasterstack.png You might want to take Stacked deck second against champs like Fizz or Katarina because its basically a free q hit without mana cost.

Loaded Dice#moneymoneymaker
This Passive creates you an insane amount of gold if you are the farm god so go fkn farm.

Wild Cards
  • This is your main harrass after upgrading it to level 2
  • Good for save last hitting and wave clearing
  • best used in combination with a blue card in early game to
    make up for the high mana cost.
Pick a Card aka STUN STUN STUN
  • This is one of the best abilities riot ever created
  • Waveclear with red
  • Get your mana back with blue
  • STUN STUN STUN with yellow
  • (rotation is simple blue -> yellow -> red -> blue....) there will be a section about this later!
  • Cards always do the same rotation if no enemy is hit yellow -> blue -> red -> yellow...
  • You can use this in combination with on hit effects
Stacked Deck
  • #Towerwasez fast tower "clear"
  • Burst tool
  • This will save your ass so much
    good harrass
Last but not least the ability to fuck up everyone cause they mess with your budds.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Almost always the best choice
    Authors note
    Start with the yellow trinket and switch to the blue one later in the game.

Core Items

    rush those boots cdr too strong
    Try to rush one of those items above. Depending on your opponent.
    depending on your enemies note: if you are not going lichbane build at least a sheen
    Get those around minute 25-30 depending on how hard you need them Note: best if you take cdr per lvl glyphs
    These boots are extremly powerfull on tf right now

Situational Items

    Explanation below
    See at the bottom


The best start right now since you need the hp in early game to survive. (overall good stats)


If you are experienced you can go with those against certain enemies like cassio but be carefull of powerspikes.


A great pair of shoes in the early game 10 % cdr on abilities and summoners for only 800 gold most efficient tf item in the early game.

When to buy 1313.pngand when to get 1333.png?

Basically you wanna get 1333.png
 but if you are forced to build cdr or you simply have to kill a priority target get 1313.png


(This item got buffed so hard a few patches ago and is atm the best item to go on tf if you are experienced or have no trouble surviving vs your opponent. Let`s you reach second item powerspike super early. A lot of mana regeneration and 10 % cdr all we want on tf and the active is broken and overpowered.
I believe this item will be nerfed soon I will update this guide as soon as it happens.)


FQC now gives a 100% base mana regen instead of a 150% and the slow duration depends on the range the ghosts travel. Still viable.

So what do I choose next Senpai :^) ?

Thats a good question thank you for asking my very young Padawan.



  • One of the best items to rush after frostqueen.
  • Synergizes well with the active from frostqueen aswell as with your W.
  • Gives Cdr.
  • only really efficient if you are able to auto attack enemies.

Rabadon's Deathcap:
  • Strongest Dmg item.
  • The best choice if you can`t hit you are only barely able to go upt to enemies and hit them with you auto attacks.
  • Kind of expensive though only good if you are a bit fed already.

Abysall Scepter:
  • If you have problems with enemy ap dmg and/or they already built some magic resistance this is the best item for you.
  • Really cheap.
  • Good buy in combination with Lichbane and/or Zhonya's Hourglass.

Zhonya's Hourglass:
  • If you are against Ad-champs and have problems surviving than rush this item.
  • Good ap really strong active.
  • A bit expensive now but an overall good buy. Very good in combination with Abysall Scepter.

You wanted to explain those strange items Senpai :^)

Thanks I almost forgot.


Rod of Ages:

  • This item is the alternative to rushing Zhonyas versus heavy ad enemies and also a very good item if you are up against ap burst champs like le blanc.
  • Good health and Ap.
  • Very good for inexperienced players.
  • Delays your Dmg spike even more into late game wich kind of suckz.

Mejais aka you are the Twisted god?:
Only build this item if you are very sure what you are doing or you are smurfing.


Liandry's Torment:
This item is actually underrated on Twisted Fate but it gives you Magic penetration a nice dot and some Hp for survival. Good if they have a lot of Tanks or you need more over time dmg.


This is the alternative to frostqueen. It gives you more ap and cdr and another passive I recommend picking this up vs champions like vladimir, swain.


Athene's Unholy Grail
If you need very cheap and early magic resistance, mana regeneration and cdr than this is the item for you.

So you can`t say I didn`t include a full item build:


Build in order but get 3158.png first and switch them later in the game.

This is a very standard build you might consider selling 3092.png for 3165.png3001.png3285.png or any other Item.

Tankier Build:


And finally what we all have been here for:


The Swaglord item himself:

This item is actually viable on tf and can be abused.
You stack you e faster because of the attack speed wich helps you in teamfights to do more consistent dmg.
The crits are actually nice.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Anivia
  • Azir
  • Cho'Gath
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Orianna
  • Syndra
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed



Farm and roam is basically all you can do.
Care she might burst you with lvl 6 +




His azirW.pngandazirQ.png combo is pretty anoying try to avoid it as much as possible when you are going for cs. If he uses a quick combo with w q e try to avoid it by sidestepping his q and then moving towards him so he lands behind you. Because then you are out of range from his soldiers and in a better position to trade.



His spells are fairly easy to dodge and he is melee you should have no problem zoning him hard. The only thing he has is good sustain but if you play very agressive early on and ward properly you should have no problem.



Poke him out of lane early but care for his lvl 2 all in.
I recommend taking cardmasterstack.pngon lvl 2.
As long as you dodge his ekkoQ.pngyou should be fine.



The Fish:
Skill your cardmasterstack.png second for better aa harrass but be carefull of him jumping on you with q and/or e.
Try to zone him heavy before lvl 6 and then roam as much as possible.

If you trade better than him PUSH him into his tower.

Don´t forget warding :^).
And be carefull he can dodge your spells #pickacard.png with his fizzjump.png.

Very Skill depending!

New strategie coming soon !!!



This lane is rather easy since he will farm and you will farm and try to harass/zone him and thats basically it avoid all ins when his removescurvy.png is up unless you are certain that you can kill him.



Katarina is very weak vs Twisted Fate. You can harrass her out of lane in early game just take cardmasterstack.png second and you can interrupt her ultimate with your pickacard.png.



This matchup is fairly even.
As long as you can survive the early lvls wich isn`t that hard you can easily outtrade or even kill her 1o1. I suggest building RoA if you are behind or going an early abysaal scepter after spellthiefs if you are even. As long as you dodge her chain between minions you fuck her up.



A very skill reliant match up since she only has skillshots.
Basically try to avoid getting punished by her luxlightstrikekugel.png when u are trying to go for cs.
Don´t go for cs when you would end up getting hit by herluxlightbinding.png.
be carefull when you roam she might interrupt you by killing you over the wall while you are focused on bot lane or top lane since her skillshots are long range.



Basically what you want to do is zone her from farm to win the lane since killing her should be hard due to the fact that a lot orianna players take barrier and they have their orianaredactcommand.png.
Try to dodge her ball as much as possible and roam.
Be carefull don`t go for long trades unless you are sure that youa re able to kill her since her empowered auto attacks and her orianaredactcommand.png would hurt you a lot. 



This matchup is probably the hardest of all.
She can 100 to 0 you with her ultimate as long as she has 2 syndraQ.png on the field. Build Mr and health and try to farm as safe as possible. Cry for jungle ganks.




This is a pure skill matchup and 1o1 kills can only be made with outplaying the enemy.
If you want to learn how to lane vs xerath write me in the comments bellow and i will create an own section for him since he is such a speciall enemy.

Basically avoid his stun and dodge his skillshots.



Try to avoid him on lvl 2-3.
Go for a lanefreeze and try to secure as much farm as possible.
If you are advanced you can work around his wind wall cd and the wall itself.
For beginners stick to farming and try to roam.



This is considered a very hard matchup even though Zed players tend to loose vs Twisted Fate somehow because they underestimate him.
Don`t randomly throw your pickacard.png after lvl 6 or he will kill you and take 3.png. Use it after 0.5 seconds to reduce his zedR.png proc dmg.
Either rush 3027.png or 3157.png.

Why Twisted Fate Back to Top

TF is a really good mid pick, but not because he's overly strong. It's because he safe and has a bunch of utility in snowball-heavy solo queue.

TF has an incredibly high skill ceiling. You have incredible control over the wave, and can have incredible control over the side lanes. Where most mids want to snowball themselves, TF wants to snowball others.

Matchup wise, TF's laning is entirely determined by you, the player. You can push the wave really easily with red cards and Qs, or you can last hit under tower super easily with E passive and blue cards. This means you can decide how you want the lane to go more easily than with many champions, like Ahri or Fizz. In some difficult matchups, you can push the wave in super hard with double or sometimes triple red card to start. Until you hit six, TF is all about how you decide to lane.

At six, TF's soloqueue power starts. With TF's waveclear, you can keep mid shoved permanently, and can then roam to a sidelane to pick up kills and get those lanes rolling. When Teleport became strong, TF getting teleport gave yet another way to snowball sidelanes. This is why TF is strong. The sheer morale change that comes from on-cooldown ultimate ganks and a really safe laning ability can frustrate your enemies and make your allies confident.

Basics on playing Twisted Fate Back to Top

Coming Soon.

Vision Game Back to Top

Warding Spots:

warding 1.jpg
Defensive spots:
Those are your warding spots if you can`t afford to overextend or leave the lane for more than a few seconds. Mostly because you are either afraid of the enemy jungler or you can`t afford to loose cs.

  1. This is your first ward place it around minute 3 because most of the junglers will be lvl 3 by then and done with red buff so be carefull of an early gank.
  2. This ward protects you from getting ganked aswell as you bot lane from getting ganked by a jungler who goes all the way around.
  3. This is a defenisve pink ward spot. The enemy jungler would have to go through your jungle if he wants to gank you wich should get spotted by top lane or jungle wards giving your jungler enough time to react.

Take note that you just have to mirror the wards if you want to have them on red side.

Warding 2.jpg

Blue side aggressive spots:

If you are pushing in the enemy you definitely have to ward. Those are your spots to ward on blue side to prevent a jungle gank as early as possible.

  1. Same as above in defensive spots.
  2. This ward spots the jungler when he is trying to gank mid or go for a long bottom lane gank aswell as a possible drake try.
  3. This is your Pink ward spot and protects you from top lane roam aswell as getting ganked by the jungler who was top first or is going the long way round.
  4. This is the pink ward spot for your team tell them as early as possible it is crucial try to contest it as much as possible.
  5. This is your alternate to spot 4 if you weren`t able to hold it.

Warding 3.jpg

Red side aggressive spots:

  1. This is your first ward to prevent an early gank by the enemie jungler.
  2. This ward also protects your bot lane from mid lane roam.
  3. Your Pink to set up ganks for your jungler.
  4. Same as on blue side.

    Faker once said "You have to look at the minimap at least every 3 seconds" DO IT!!!

RoA vs FQC Back to Top

So this section will obviously be about the 2 items Rod of Ages and Frost Queen's Claim.

Rod of Ages

300 Health + 200
400 Mana + 400
80 Ability Power +40
On lvl up restore 150 health 200 mana over 8 seconds

So why is this item so good?
Basically what RoA does is that it adds a cheap scaling item to your build wich you can afford in the early game since you survive a lot better get more mana and more lane sustain + the 80 ability power is quite high.

When do I build this over FQC?
Well that heavily depends on your lane opponent and the enemies team composition. If they have strong bruisers such as Irelia, Riven and/or 1-2 assasins i highly recommend going a tankier way on Twisted Fate. Or if they have a Jungler that can easily camp mid lane you should consider building RoA. Another point is if you are loosing lane vs an Ap assasin like Ahri, Le blanc RoD into sheen and Abysal is the best way to build for you.

What are common mistakes people make when going for RoA?
Well when you are going RoA you should build Ruby Crystal and the Wand first if you are winning you lane otherwise rush the catalysator. Do not take Sorccerer's Boots with RoA stick with Cdr. Don`t overestimate your early game burst you don`t have dmg yet.

Frost Queen's Claim

100% base mana regeneration
50 Ability Power
10% cooldown reduction
+2 gold per 10 seconds
Passive: Spells and basic attacks against champions and buildings deal 15 more dmg and give you 15 gold 3 times in 30 seconds possible.
Active: 2 Ghost seek out nearby enemies slowing and revealing them for 40% and 2-5 seconds depending on travel distance 90 second cooldown.

So why is this item so good?

Compared to the RoA this item gives you 30 ap less and 70 on max stacks and you loose 600 hp + 800 mana BUT:
You gain a solid 10 % cdr wich is really good on TF + 100% base mana regeneration wich compensates for the 800 mana AND: this item costs only 2,2k gold wich is 800 less than RoA + it gives u a fkn lot of passive and active gold. The active of this item helps you with scoutung, chasing and surviving and is atm just too strong. So why is this item that good? Well it let's you addapt a lot faster to the enemy team for example if someone gets fed in their team you can buy counter items way earlier. The only downside is that you loose Tankieness and sustain but you gain a high potentional of snowballing even heavier.

When do I build this over RoA?

Basically this is my core so I always prefer this over RoA unless I really have problems surviving the Laning Phase or am afraid of a lot of ganks/tower dives. As long as you are not afraid of not being able to roam because you would get oneshot by the enemies you should always get FQC and if you are able to survive lane this will snowball you heavily.

Common mistakes people do?

A lot of people tend do forget that you can build items in between of your Spellthief's edge and your FQC. If you are vs Le blanc don`t hesitate to build a Negatron Cloak in between. Don`t think you are god with this item only because it is labled as op. You should be carefull your dmg is not the best early and you are easier to all in than with RoA path.

Who am I? Back to Top

I am actually setting up a stream right now so if you want to join in go to
follow me on twitter if you wanna be up to date

Hello there:
My name is Max and I am a Master Tier Mid Laner not including my main for various reasons.
If you think I am a scrub with Twisted Fate here are some stats to prove you that I am actually the best Twisted Fate in Europe:
why me so gud 2.png

Those are 2 of my smurf accs the one from master actually decayed because of inactivity.

 And if you are still uncertain:
 Now some Games I played in dia 3-1:
And finally some games played in Master tier elo:

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