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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Take this 100% of the time no matter what role you take him in.

7.png I would take heal 75% of the time in mid lane since TF can use the burst of move speed for offensive uses in addition to the defensive, take this 100% of the time as adc.

3.png Here are the champions you should take 3.png against no matter how confident you are in the matchup  105.png238.png131.png157.png91.png.

21.png  7.png can one shot you before you get a chance to 3.png her and 7.png can get gimped by 14.png so 21.png is better here.

12.png If you are afraid of the enemy laner taking your turret during one of your ganks 12.png can be pretty useful, plus it can keep you ahead of the enemy laner in farm and exp. Take this 100% of the time as Top.

1.png Certain champions can oneshot you through 21.png/7.png like 103.png45.png99.png101.png1.png I'd take this to interrupt their combo till you get the hang of the matchup and are able to play around their cc.

14.png I wouldn't really take this, its range is lower than your auto attack so you gotta get close after your yellow card and it doesn't give you any utility but it CAN be good if you feel you lack early damage.

11.png Take this 100% of the time in the jungle.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These are the basic masteries for Mid TF

For Adc AND Jungle TF you want these masteries:


and these are the ones you want for Top TF:


Abilities Back to Top


This is the basic leveling order for Mid/Top TF, at lvl 2 you can take cardmasterstack.png over wildcards.png against melee opponents

For Adc and Jungle TF you should start pickacard.png then cardmasterstack.png then max destiny.png>cardmasterstack.png>pickacard.png>wildcards.png only take wildcards.png when you are forced to.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Mid TF starting options
    Adc TF starting items
    Jungle TF starting items
    Top TF starting options

Core Items

    Mid TF core items
    Adc TF Core Items
    Jungle TF Core Items
    Top TF Core Items

Situational Items

    Mid TF late/situational options
    Adc TF late/Situational options
    Jungle TF Late/Situational options
    Top TF Late/Situational options

When playing Mid TF you want to start with a 1056.png against most matchups, 1029.png against AD bullies, and 1001.png against matchups that you NEED to be dodging skillshots. You almost always want to rush a 3027.png since it provides the best midgame powerspike out of all your options, if you're getting bullied you can go for 3001.png/3157.png , and if you're planning on split pushing for most of the game you can get a 3165.png for the rest of your CDR. Second priority is 3057.png and 3158.png so you can get a good amount of CDR. Third you want to finish 3100.png since it is TFs bread and butter item and all of its stats are great on him. For your last core item you should get a 3157.png so you can engage or just save your life during a fight. Late game items you should be looking at are 3089.png and 3135.png for damage and/or 3026.png if you are afraid of getting killed before you can get into stasis.

Adc TF starts a 1055.png and is looking to rush a 1038.png then a 3046.png, making sure you pick up 1001.png in between component items, this combination of items gives you good damage for the laning phase and good DPS for fighting and taking objectives. Think about buying a 1083.png early since it can lead to a faster midgame powerspike in addition to an easier time laning. After these you should finish 3006.png and 3031.png getting a good amount of core damage. Then to roundout the build with more attack speed and DPS you want a 3153.png. For the late game you should look at situational adc items like 3139.png3036.png, and 3026.png based on what you need.

Jungle TF starts 1041.png and rushes 3931.png, 3006.png, and 3091.png for his core damage. Afterward you want to look to get tanky so you can get in as many auto attacks and yellow cards as possible without getting bursted, things like 3102.pngand 3742.png. Sixth item you can get something like 3026.png/3157.png if you're getting focused or 3124.png/3153.png for more damage. The reason you should build 3091.png over 3124.png as your core damage item is because you want to get as much damage to a stunned target as fast as possible and you can't really afford to stack 3124.pngs passive. At full health a squishy should be able to leave your stun BEFORE you get your 3124.png stacked and that typically isn't enough to kill them.

Top TF starts either 1028.png or 1029.png based on what kind of damage the enemy laner is going to be doing. You want to rush 3027.png as your first item for a solid amount of AP but more importantly 500 health, then to round out your resistances you want to look at 3025.png since it works well with your pickacard.png (were not building 3158.png so we need the cdr) and 3111.png (look at 1057.png if you feel you need more MR or 3047.png if you're worried about auto attackers/they're full ad). Next you want a 3116.png to finish your core build, with 3025.png and 3116.png you can stick to targets for a LONG time and you become a kite MACHINE with the absurd amount of mana you get from 3027.png and 3025.png. Late game you want to either top off the build with 3157.png and 3001.png for some more resistances and damage OR build hard tank items like 3742.png and 3102.png if your team does enough damage and you just need to be able to tank for them.

Remember to upgrade your boots to 1331.png1301.png1321.png1316.png whenever you can since most people are gonna be out sanic-ing you with just 3009.png. Also remember to buy 2139.png on Mid/Top TF and 2140.png on Adc/Jungle TF.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Lee Sin
  • Morgana
  • Sivir
  • Yasuo
  • Zed




This is a jungler that can give you hell early no matter who you're up against.

Ward properly, 4.png after she gets in range to E you so you don't get caught and die, and try to last hit instead of push ESPECIALLY when 4.png is on cooldown.

Make sure you watch out for dives since she can still get you under turret.

Conciser starting 1001.png.




TF has hard matchup against junglers with good early damage and mobility.

Now even though she doesn't have any dashes her evelynnpassive.png  means she can get close enough to you to give you a rough time.

4.png whenever you're low and see her, make sure you're buying early 2043.pngs.

Try to last hit instead of pushing when 4.png is down and you aren't planning a gank.




Fiora is annoying to gank if she has her fiorariposte.png up so make sure you see her use it before you destiny.png in.




This is one of TFs "counterpicks" since fizzjump.png can be used against W. Thing is this is a matchup that CAN be great for TF if your junger is up for an early gank.

His lvl 1-3 are pretty weak, so you can zone him with your cardmasterstack.png and blue/red cards, if he ignores it and keeps trying to go for farm while tanking your damage he can get pretty low, THAT is when you should call your jungler for a gank if you can bait out fizzjump.png.

This is the only matchup I think its important to take 14.png since it can pay off with an early kill and make this an easy lane.

If you don't kill him or at least push him out of lane his lvl 6 can lead to you being dieing at full health, if you aren't comfortable with this matchup 3.png lowers his damage enough so you can survive the all in.

Giving up a kill early can lead to him snowballing and keeping you out of the game so rushing an 3001.png or 3157.png can keep you alive when just building regularly would leave you too squishy.




Make sure removescurvy.png is down when you gank him.


Lee Sin


Lee Sin SHITS on immobile squishies like TF.

Make sure you are properly warded and don't be afraid of blowing 4.png when he shows his ass mid for a gank.

Even if the matchup in mid doesn't require you to start 1001.png if this fucker is the enemy junger its not a bad idea, pretty much EVERY matchup becomes a bad one when this guy is breathing down your neck.

Thankfully MOST Lees are trash but if its never a good idea to count on the enemy playing poorly so just be safe around him since his damage is huge early and you DON'T want to be the one that makes him snowball.




Annoying support, try and gank only when blackshield.png is down or Yellow card her instead of the adc.




If you're trying to gank her make sure spellshield.png is down.




Another champion that can dodge your damage. Play EXTREMELY passive and save 3.png for when he uses yasuoR.png on you. Focus on ganking and get as much farm as you can WITHOUT getting killed. Make sure you KNOW he used W during a fight so he doesn't negate all of your damage.




This is an annoying matchup just because of the free shit 238.png gets, his brainless waveclear can punish you for ganking, his kill pressure is insane even without ganks, and his roaming is good.

Basically you just wanna dodge zedQ.png and 3.png him when he goes in to try and kill you, farm up, push, then gank.

Consider starting 1029.png, if you can play safe enough you should still go for 3027.png but instead of 3100.png build 3157.png before it, if you get camped or give up a kill skip 3027.png and head straight for the 3157.png.

Gameplay Back to Top

Mid Twisted Fate

Ayyy lmao, so for the most part Mid TF is simple, Get farm, Gank, GG.

 Easier said than done right?

Well the most difficult parts about playing TF are knowing the matchups and ganking at the correct time.

After hitting 6 you want to be constantly looking down bot lane and up top lane to see if the enemy laners are pushing or trading with your laners, then you want to be locking in with a certain combo, when ulting with TF you want to hit R to activate destiny.png, then you want to hit W to activate pickacard.png, THEN you want to hit R to activate the gate, and DURING the channel you want to re-activate pickacard.png on whatever card you want.

The icon on your pickacard.png tics as well as the ones over your head so you should be looking there to pick your card while you gank.

Make sure your cardmasterstack.png is either up or on its third stack so you get maximum burst out of your gank, try and keep it up as you're moving around so you can always rely on its damage when you need it.

Try and get an extra auto attack off after pickacard.png and wildcards.png so your Thunderlords can proc.

Look to use cardmasterstack.png, Yellow card, wildcards.png for harassing in lane, against melee opponents you should try and cardmasterstack.png + Blue cards when they go to cs to widdle their health down.

Against a fresh wave hit a Red card on the second melee minion then wildcards.png to hit all 3 melee minions and all 3 mage minions, the red and wild cards should kill the melee minions then you should be able to auto attack all 3 ranged minions for the last hits.

Using that you can clear waves VERY quickly and push FAST, then against towers you can blue card + 3057.png for good damage and to make up the mana you lost pushing.

Remember that you can use Q to get your 3057.png proc so try and maximize its use against objectives.

You want to be looking to split push when you can safely while trying to communicate to your team to group up and pressure a different objective, as soon as someone comes to stop you ult in on whoever is in a poor position and Yellow/Red card, wildcards.png, and 3157.png.

Then you pray that your team follows up.

Try to catch anyone who is out of position with your combo and even using 4.png if you think it will lead to a kill, make sure you know WHO you are trying to stun since many champions like 105.png, 157.png, and anyone who took 1.png aren't worth your flash unless you know those abilities are on cooldown.

Get Blue buff whenever you can since you only get 20% cdr from 3158.png and 3100.png and you can use the CDR plus extra AP better than a tank, adc, or devourer carry can.

For the most part I tell most players to stay away from 3285.png since after the proc is gone its stats are worse than all of your other options.

If you're low elo and can get away with it though rushing 3285.png instead of 3027.png can get you some free cheesy kills, its stats AREN'T bad, they're just lower quality than something like 3157.png or 3135.png, but in the higher elos you don't wanna be relying on your opponent not expecting your extra damage and playing poorly.

In ANY matchup if you ever fall behind you can farm with wildcards.png, give up any cs that is to dangerous when wildcards.png is on cooldown, use cardmasterstack.png and Blue cards to farm under turret, and using twistedfatepassive.png you can catch up faster than most champions.

Now for the tricky stuff

Most People are gonna give you shit for playing TF in anything other than mid, but if you're gonna main TF you gotta learn his fun memes even if its just for normals.

Adc Twisted Fate

Adc TF instead of trying to gain an advantage through ganks is trying to get his advantage through twistedfatepassive.png. Early you are weaker than most meta adcs like 236.png, 429.png, and 202.png, BUT this lane is for the most part carried by the supports.

TFs playstyle changes based on his support, if he has someone like 53.png or 25.png he can get aggressive whenever they catch one of the enemy laners.

If his support is 16.png or 40.png he can relax safely and let twistedfatepassive.png do its work.

Try and poke with Red/Blue cards and cardmasterstack.png auto attacks but only go in when your support goes in if you have a poke support like 267.png or 37.png.

Something AD TF can do that AP TF can't (unless he's fed and built a 3285.png) is full to 0 most squishies BEFORE they get out of his stun, just use the Mid TF combo but instead of using wildcards.png you just keep auto attacking em and 3153.png em, easy.

For teamfights just stay alive, catch nerds out with Yellow cards if you get the opportunity, and stun/auto anyone that tries to kill you.

And believe me people are gonna try to kill you.

A lot.

AD TF takes objectives much faster than AP TF too, just blue card and auto whatever you wanna kill.

Another thing to take note is the sly magic damage you do, with your pickacard.png and its 1 to 1 AD ratio and your cardmasterstack.png proc you can get some good burst off.

Don't buy 3094.png by the way its stats are worse than ANY attack speed/crit item you could buy and the longer range stun isn't worth it.

Jungle Twisted Fate

Jungle TF is INSANELY harder to play than both AP and AD TF, but if played correctly it can do MUCH more than both of them.

You wanna be rushing a 3931.png so what you wanna do is smite your red side Krugs then take every camp EXCEPT your buffs, then back getting you enough money for 3715.png due to twistedfatepassive.png, THEN take every camp getting you almost enough exp for lvl 6.

Now that is just a general route, but you should be looking for early ganks if your laner has enough damage to kill the enemy laner and just needs you to hold them down, ESPECIALLY if the enemy laner doesn't have flash up.

The biggest thing that makes jungle TF hard is that pretty much ANY jungler can invade your ass and kill you unless your teammates have godlike map awareness, just yellow card anyone that pops up, run, and pray.

Take scuttle crab whenever its safe and try to get those devourer stacks as fast as possible, don't bother with rift herald tho, its worthless.

Try to keep abusing twistedfatepassive.png to get your damage items up and gank using destiny.png whenever you see a good opportunity.

When you're sated and have 3091.png you can full to 0 squishies just like Adc TF, I like to wait for adcs to start farming a side lane by themselves before I destiny.png them.

After your core damage items you start building tank and can soak up a surprising amount of damage, with your 3102.png ability to ignore one hard cc if you play carefully and 3742.png move speed you can catch someone out pretty well and start laying down some solid dps.

Top Twisted Fate

This lane might be the hardest since its a long lane like bot but you don't have anyone to watch your back, most matchups are bad for you, AND you can only look mid from top to gank.

Thing is that this is the only off-role you can take TF without worrying that you're gonna tilt someone into playing poorly, in the jungle pretty much any lane that feeds or does poorly is going to blame you or if a fight goes bad again you're going to get the blame and as adc your support is either looking to be OVER aggressive since they think they need to compensate cause "adc TF does no damage" OR they're going to be so passive the lane is almost a 2v1.

The worst that can happen in this lane is you jungler NEVER ganking for you, but that is a lot easier to deal with.

In this lane you want to build based on your teams picks, if your jungler and support are mainly going to build tanky you can just build TF like you would in mid lane, but if your team has no tank or your only tank is going to be spending the early game building 1415.png and 3124.png you want to use the ap bruiser build.

You can use all of the things from the Mid TF section except you're going to be doing burst but you'll be able to survive a TON more than regular TF would.

Ward properly since you're a sitting duck for any jungler that wants a free kill, try not to fight the enemy laner since most matchups suck for you, and look to use 12.png to gank botlane when a good opportunity shows itself.

Try to freeze lane near your turret so you can safely farm without spending too much mana using wildcards.png to last hit.

You almost want to mind game the enemy who's thinking "Oh shit that TF is in a poor position I can catch him out" since you can survive a LOT and still do a solid amount of damage then as they focus you your team can look to save your ass and clean up whoever you managed to do damage to.

With 12.png and your destiny.png you should be able to keep your turrets protected so don't be afraid to blow one of them just to keep the opponents objective pressure down.

The MOST important part about playing TF in ANY role is to farm properly in order to abuse twistedfatepassive.png as much as possible and to NEVER die, even if you can trade your death for the enemy laner it almost always leaves you worse off than if you just chilled and farmed up a lead with twistedfatepassive.png.

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