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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Frankly you can take what ever you feel your team needs, I've even run Teleport/Flash for map presence in the past in arranged queue games, but for games when you're playing with people you don't know Flash / Heal is a very conservative and universally safe choice.

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Masteries Back to Top

The masteries are pretty standard marksman choices, optimized toward laning sustain and quick gold from poking the enemy laners.

Abilities Back to Top

{Moved to a section below}

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Early items, build BF and Zeal before finishing either IE or RFC

Core Items

    Core damage / Utility
    Choice for third item before LW, then return forr the other

Situational Items

    High ASPD, Move through minions, damage reduction
    Works well with rapidfire's charge rate, but typically hurricane is better for sustained wave clear and AoE
    Alternative to a second zeal item, lowers the builds Aspd but gives more bite (AD) and provides lifesteal + the active
    Great for big hit-and-run combos mixed with a Warlords charge for really fast escapes
    It's a Guardian Angel.
    FM makes TF extremely hard to run away from, especially if you pick it up after getting both Runaans and Rapid Firecannon. Great for kiting or catching
    with all of its grab-bag stats, it's a great item any marksman can utilize

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Twisted Fate - The Marksman Support Back to Top

Alrighty boys!

First and foremost, I'd like to address a couple of things. 
1. I will try and follow-up with any relevant questions / comments. If you're looking for clarification, elaboration, or any sort of general constructive criticism, that's great and I'll try and reply. If the extent of the thought you had and really wanted to share with me is, "TF isn't a real carry," or "get gud" or something, then just know that I frankly don't care for your biased opinion. By opting to read my guide, you are to some extent asking for my biased opinion, I however am not asking for yours. Keep it constructive, boys.

2. I'm not making the guide because I think this is a huge meta-changing idea, I'm not trying to break the meta, I don't think it's OP, I don't think it's trolling, and I'm not personally out to troll. The guide is because I personally do not have the patience to explain all, or hell even a little bit of the information within this guide, to every goddamn person in my solo-queue pregame lobby who is satirically curious about my pick. In fact, you could say the guide is a low-key venting method because of how obnoxiously rude everyone is to even assume I'm "trying something new in ranked" literally every game in spite of my hundreds of games experience doing it. Simply put, I just want to have something to link them when they ask what I'm doing or why. A pre-written response, if you will. 

But to those of you here on your own behalf looking with a relatively skeptical but still open mind for an idea to tickle your brain with, good to have you here! And hopefully I can at least provide an interesting read~


Anyway I digress . . . TWISTED FATE! While TF is primarily the Marksman role, your play-style utilizes a lot of Support mechanics in order to succeed. As a support marksman, you're basically a Marksman who's biggest reason for being picked is team symbiosis. The way you play the game with your one skill is mostly with mind games, which means you improve as a player as TF adc by increasing your synergy with your team and working on your situational awareness (basic game sense, really) rather than by working on niche skill mechanics, like using Zed's shadow to escape at the right time. It's a much different sort of learning curve than other carries, as you're essentially throwing out your ability to solo-carry games from that position. 
To reiterate: TF is not a hyper-carry bot lane. You will not win playing this by being selfish. You are a Marksman Support. You need your team, and they need you. 

Generally speaking, TF doesn't have any huge burst potential until you have a few items, at which point it just becomes 3508.png3085.png auto attack crits on any champion doing damage. His dueling strength comes mostly from the fact that in a 1v1 with another carry, he has 2 seconds of one-sided attacks to gain a foothold in the fight with. Often times you can use that time to pretty accurately gauge whether or not you even want to continue fighting the individual. He's actually quite strong in 1v1 engagements as the W max mixed with the 30% cdr from essence reaver puts the Pick a card on a cooldown that looks something like 4.6 or so. Don't quote me on that exact number, but do note that the skill is cooling down from the moment you throw the gold card. This means the card is in the air for a half second or so, and then the enemy is stunned for 2 seconds. In a 1v1 catch/duel engagement, this means TF is free to auto attack a couple more times, applying a stacked deck proc or two, factor in a couple of crits, and then bam you've done a solid chunk of damage. On top of that, Pick a Card has ~2 seconds left on cooldown. This is what makes TF a pretty good 1v1 assassin when sneaking kills on out of position targets, and this sort of engagement is why I take that Assassin keystone. 

But in teamfights, the enemy won't let you casually throw cards at them. So most of what you're doing, is actually chain stunning core targets or even peeling tanks off your mid or top carries. Team-fights with TF are essentially you playing literally the support role (chillin' in the back line [unless you a tank support] peelin' for carries or chaining cc for tanks to stick), but whenever you can safely do so you are also throwing as many fast auto-attacks at whomever you can (general safe marksman team-fight positioning mechanics). This is the bulk of your play style and why I say he's a Marksman Support, it's all the fun of an adc with range and aspd/crit items, with a utility kit that could perform as a supportive peel/utility as well. you can split push without being too far from the team, or you can pick off survivors of engagements who are recalling in the woods. Learning how and when to do so is pretty make-or-break though, and if your team isn't as willing to engage a target you've picked as you thought they were, you can easily start throwing kills to the enemy team for essentially no reason. Mind games, boys.

Skills / Ability Breakdown Back to Top

Skills! The bread and butter of the game ~ yessy yes. Simply put, playing TF bot is not mechanically complicated what so ever, and this is highlighted right here by the spell allocation. How you use the skills I'll get into in another section, but here's why the points go where they do:
twistedfatepassive.png  RNGesus be praised!
Remember when Ashe got gold for CSing minions passively and for free, plain and simple on her hawkshot? Remember when it was nerfed? Remember when it was removed? Great! Then you'll love Loaded dice, because after all this time, TF still has that mechanic! So long as you are last hitting minions or creeps or zyra plants or yorick ghouls or shen's Zz'rot minions or . . . etc. you'll be getting cash money under the table, boys! Anywhere from 1 to 6 gold, but I read somewhere it's weighed toward the 6's so overall on average you get ~ 3gp extra per last hit. Sounds low, but BOY do those numbers make huge differences when you can buy a bf sword instead of having to save an extra 150 or settling for something smaller. 

wildcards.png { IMO worthless AF skill for TF in the bot lane. }
Well, let me build on that thought. Worthless for TF ADC in the bot lane. If you're playing TF Hybrid or Mage or what have you bot, cool. Good on ya. But you aren't playing an adc, you're playing a position. I cringe a bit when people ask if im adc tf, and then follow up with "AD or AP," I won't lie XD but that's beside the point. There are two scenarios however where I will say that an adaptive player may opt to take a point in Q before level 13 however, so let's address those for a moment.

15.png using sivire.png  and 3814.png or 3102.png rushers.
Simply put: spell-block spellshields. I'll be quite frank though, in spite of all of those things there, I STILL would not personally recommend taking Q before level 13, except in ONE case scenario that does happen to me sometimes, which I'll get into at the end. Read on for context.

pickacard.png  "Two seconds is a hell of a stun." ~ Clandestine Fox
That's right boys, that's me! And that's my motto, because the enemy team will likely be letting you know how your stun felt like it lasted for ever. At level 1 though, pick a card only has a 1 second stun. That isn't even enough time for you to turn around and leave without them returning an auto attack (if they're ranged). So maxing it ASAP is a must, especially since it's literally your only skill. Why wouldn't you max your only skill? (Remember, you don't even put a point into Q until level 13)

cardmasterstack.png"TF has literally no AD Scaling," ~ Some kid trying to explain to me why I shouldn't pick it.
I don't have a name so you'll just have to believe me that it was a quote, but anyway . . .
This is actually the second half of why TF /does/ scale passively with level and gold as an adc. The first half of the scaling is his stun, since the duration goes up with level. The second half, here, is the passive effects of Stacked Deck. Literally all of them. First off, it's an outright attackspeed buff. No gimicks, no if-thens, no costs, no casts. Plain and simple boys, the decks are stacked and his hands are fast. It's not even a trick at this point, ol' TF is just bragging right to your face that he stacks his deck and has hands quicker than you can do anything about. And the scaling flat damage on the stacked deck proc aint bad either. It starts at a low sounding 55, but quickly scales up by 25 per level, up to 155. 
"But you don't get AP, 155 every 4 auto's isn't that much for an adc."
CORRECT! Quite an eye you have for details and the big picture. So, how then, do we make this scale for us, in a way applicable for an ADC? 
With your first core item of course! 
3085.png [The first core item and power-spike for ADC TF]
This item simultaneously attacks BOTH of the proc-catalysts of the Stacked Deck proc, while still being a huge ADC basic attack dps scaling item. 

How does it do this? Well first off, cardmasterstack.png builds charges passively on TF (you can view these on his skillbar directly, or via the tooltip on your buffs/debuffs bar) based on him attacking. But to be more specific, it's based on his auto attacks landing. All that means is that if his target dies before his basic attack hits it, he will not build a stacked deck charge. So by increasing TF's attack speed, it's reducing the downtime of the skill. 


But here's the other HUGE part about 3085.png - If you are in range to make use of it's Wind's Fury passive arrow attacks, those little arrows individually land on targets and build Stacked Deck charges as well. Not to mention, they're /faster/ than your basic attacks, but cannot actually proc the stacked deck itself. In short, if you are for example fighting an enemy adc 1v1, except you're both standing by a few allied minions (so there are ally and enemy minions) and you throw a stun card at their adc, you'll have 1 stacked deck charge. You'll have 1, because Wind's Fury (3085.png) for whatever reason, does not apply when TF is throwing a pickacard.png card of any color. My guess is either a fail-safe for bugs, or because the picked card is being counted as a spell in some sense. Regardless, after the stun your regular auto will fire the side arrows, but the side arrows will actually land before your basic attack does. This means that officially speaking; from 0 stacks you have thrown 2 auto attacks, but before the second attack has actually landed, you have built up 3 stacks of stacked deck. That means that card (basic attack) that is still mid air is technically your 4th attack and is about to proc a stacked deck proc on the stunned carry. 

Oh! and to top it off, here's a fun fact about the stacked deck proc.It's a passive effect, AND IT BREAKS SPELL SHIELDS! I'm not even going to bold / italicize that. But it is core to the guide for the reader to understand that, so let's recap here.

cardmasterstack.png  "It's a passive effect, AND IT BREAKS SPELL SHIELDS!" ~ Clandestine Fox, above.
(Ok I lied about not bold/italicizing it)

destiny.png { The Ultimate } - The vision-granting aspect of Destiny BREAKS SPELLSHIELDS. Nothing else to note.

The beauty of Twisted Fate's ultimate is that it isn't an offensive ability. By that I mean it has no AD, AP, Aspd, etc. scaling what so ever, as it deals no damage, and it's core and function is so obvious and unchanged from any other TF guide or application, that I don't actually have to talk about it here. 


Ok boys I promised after talking about the skills I'd touch back on the whole don't-take-Q thing. A lot of people have expressed to me their concerns about what I would do if I happened to play TF bot into Sivir, or Morgana, or . . . god forbid BOTH! *shudder* . . . but let me tell you, those dark, binding pictures you have in your head tormenting the soils of your sanity about laning vs morgana are all really just biased sensationalism. The sivir thing too. Here's why, I started this section saying TF is not mechanically complicated. And as you see by the abilities you have to work with, your options pre 13 are literally, "Alright, I can cycle cards with W, auto attack them, or use my ultimate." That's it. Sure you have summoners, but this isn't a "laning as an adc and using summoner spells" guide, that's a whole different beast altogether. What you will be doing specifically as TF though, is playing a lot of mind games. I personally have laned TF into Sivir-Morgana (yes, both of them) so many times. I wont say there hasn't been times where they destroyed me, but hey I'm fallible. Point is, you have to play mind games with them. It's easy too, they don't know about how literally EVERYTHING you do breaks spellshields. Also, here's a fun trick to bait out spellshields from any champion with one: Press W and start cycling your cards. As they flip around and cycle, run at your opponent as if to auto attack them. If this does not work, start actually auto attacking them. If this does not work, continue auto attacking them. If they still haven't used their spell shield, lock in a blue card and throw it at the low hp minion to you're right. By now they're definitely dead because they've let you auto attack them repeatedly, and that 14 gold isn't gonna farm itself. Mind games are a tough learning curve, and will take a lot of practice and observation to learn when you can and can't get away with doing certain things. Good support players in particular are very good at playing mind games, and need to be in order to succeed in the role.

Now, that's why I DON'T take Q. The only reason I ever would take Q pre-13 is if the mid laner is 238.pngand he goes first item 3814.png and for some god-awful reason is like, "you know what? I really hate that TF guy" and he takes his absurdly early edgelord of night down to the bot lane to try and ult me without getting stunned. The only way to possibly not die in that situation (without help) is to do as follows - While zed is B-lining it at you as though you'd picked Teemo, run the opposite direction. Once you're at a range far enough to make him want to shadow, throw your Q at him to break his edge-spellshield. Ideally you want your Q to hit him right as he shadows, or if you can do so, bait it out in advance so he can't dodge your Q with his shadow, and then block your stun with his shield. If you do it correctly, there's a small chance you'll be able to break his shield prior to him ulting, so that once he finishes his dainty daisy dance and stands next to you like a child waiting for praise, you can slap him in the face with your gold card and walk away before he can stack any damage for death mark to kill you with. 

Keep in mind, zed is still ridiculous and this defensive maneuver will rarely work on the same zed more than once, and you'll really need someone to help you peel or bust his shield. But that is the one scenario that would drive me personally to take Q per 13.

Start of the game / early laning Back to Top

[pickacard.png 1001.png 2003.png ] Alright so you've just spawned in, you've picked your card, put on ye ol' Nikes and grabbed some bottled red-drink out of the fridge and you're ready to go. First things first: Help your jungler with Red/Blue. Aside from shaco, all the current junglers I've seen have a clear speed that is about 2 stuns. Meaning you gold card the buff when it spawns, and auto attack until you throw the second gold card. This should leave the buff at about 3-400 hp as the gold card is mid flight, and you can start walking back to lane at this point. You should arrive at the lane either a little early for, or just on time to clear the 3 melee minions with a red card. Riot patching has sort of normalized the hp drop on those first 3 minions, so the only thing that changes this notably is how hard, or if at all, the opponent is pushing the wave before you get there. 

The laning phase itself is pretty passive. Many carries will shove the lane harder then you early on, either by circumstance or by design, but that's fine because ideally you're just last hitting anyway. You've got to be very opportunistic and learn how to gauge situations, since you don't have any easy escapes to work with. What you do have however, is a low CD stun, and a support champion who presumably has the same. Sometimes, that alone is enough to catch a support or carry who act a little too boldly, but for the most part you just need to casually cs and play the Card-Rush game with them to occupy their attention until your jungler comes to gank. Picture this: your support is Braum. You jungler, Vi, is on the way from river, about to approach that river bush by the Gromp-cliff. You, with your boots and movespeed quints, can simply walk passed a couple minions and throw a stun at the enemy carry. Then Braum lands a Q. Then you and Braum proc the concussive blows passive. Then Vi shows up with her Q. Then TF Gold cards again. Etc. Point is they aren't going anywhere, and it works with most any support and jungler combo. All you have to do is stun the enemy for your team, and they do the rest. But as a marksman, you aren't out of the fight just because your skills are on cooldown. This is why you're a Marksman Support.

 The Card-Rush game is something I started when Riot quite recently changed the Warlords Bloodlust Keystone (which I hadn't noticed for about a week or so post patch). What I'm referring to is mixing the timing of your Warlord's proc, with the stacking of your deck and use of your Pick-a-Card. Personally I like to trade with the enemy support with the "Blue Burst" attack. It's a deceptively strong trading tool because you use your stacked deck procs and Blue Cards to last hit minions (since you started with boots and pots and only have the 10ish AD from runes/masteries) but usually not at the same time. By hitting the enemy with a Blue card that is charged with the Stacked Deck proc, you perform an even bigger magic damage one-shot proc that I call the Blue Burst. The blue burst is obviously boosted further if you opt to purchase 3078.png or any 2015.png item, but the move itself is simply a stacked deck bluecard.

A full breakdown of Card-Rushing is as follows:

1) Stack your stacked deck to 2 stacks, so that your next autoattack will stack your deck, so the following attack will be "stacked."
2) Run around until you reach 100 2015.png stacks
3) Position yourself to charge your opponent, and start cycling your Pick a Card
4) Rush your opponent while still cycling pick a card, and auto attack a minion. Preferably time this to last hit the minion, but beggars can't always be choosers for this. For a Gold-Rush, don't worry about last hitting. For a Blue-Rush, you're probably just going for the +3g and damage trade, so opt to wait for a last hit here.
5) Using the movespeed boost you get from the Warlords Bloodlust proc on the minion, rush your opponent as quickly as you can before they realize what you're trying to do, and lock in your Blue or Gold card as you're doing this, and throw your Stacked-Deck Blue or Gold card. Congrats, you've just performed either a Blue-Rush or a Gold-Rush! Well done!
6) At this point, either followup your own stun with more attacks and support from your team, or if you went Blue then this is the time to casually leave as you've done the thing already and don't need to overextend with no skills.

Note, you can apply this minigame to other champions as well with similar mechanics, like Jhin's 4th shot

Fun numbers and videos Back to Top

Aside from some video clips and champion matchups, I'm not sure what else to add. Feel free to ask about anything you'd like to see added or expanded upon!
Example highlight reel of a game I had on hand, statistically my stats weren't too impressive but the plays were great examples of the sorts of things of situations you're looking to set up, and how to play by your team in fights.
an end-game teamfight

adc base stats.png

This spreadsheet highlights TF's base stats at level 18, as well as his passive attack speed growth and adjusted level 18 attack speed compared to other champions listed as marksman. This list includes Urgot and Teemo. But there's a few important things to note about this chart:
1) TF's base AD is notably higher than most other ADCs
2) TF's base attack speed, which is what bonus attack speed scales off of, is higher than about half of the other adcs
3) Of the ADCs with higher base aspd than TF, only about half of them have a higher attack speed growth stat, and thus only about 1/4 of other marksmen actually have a higher base attack speed than TF at level 18
4) Of the ADCs that have a higher aspd than TF, none of them have a higher attack damage, and with the exception of Tristana (who is only short 5 AD) all of these adcs have a base AD difference of 10 or more

This chart is of course only a comparison of base stats and by no means a DPS potential comparison as none of these stats take kits into account, but the point is TF is statistically on par with the base stat requirements of the marksmen class.
PENTAKILL BOIZ! 3/17/17 (Mild language)
Stopping flanks with the rapid fire cannon

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