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Twisted Fate Statistics for BLACKPINK Kim

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngFlash is a must have on almost every champion. It allows combos like flash pickacard.png to be possible which is really important.

14.pngIgnite can be good in lanes that you want to pressure. Twisted Fate can apply a lot of pressure in lane just by showing a gold card in hand. With Ignite, the enemy will always need to think whether or not they are getting ganked. Through levels 3-5 comboing Wpickacard.png Qwildcards.pngand 14.png while they are at 40% hp will kill them. You can actually kill them at around 55% hp if you weave in auto attacks properly.

1.pngCleanse should only be taken in matchups where the enemy CC can kill you at full hp or at least 70%-100%. Champions like 142.png and 99.png are big examples of this.

6.pngGhost is a very good summon spell on Twisted Fate since a lot of his team fight presence is in his gold cards. While your gold cards are on cooldown you need to stay healthy and stay in a good position to throw your next gold card. Ghost makes this very easy since you can move out of the way of enemy skillshots and stay in position to attack when your Wpickacard.png is off cooldown. Ghost is also very good at running the opponents down and stunning them.

12.pngOnly take Teleport into poke champions or into champions that you don't want to lane against. Playing as Twisted Fate is asking to lose pressure in lane (unless you are running 14.png). Twisted Fate's biggest weakness is all ins and long range poke. With Teleport you can go back to lane instantly and catch the wave so that even if you get poked out of lane, you won't miss any minions. Against champions like 238.png or 105.png this can be good if you are really good at not dying in lane. You can roam like crazy with your ult, and then Teleport back to lane. However, I  still do not recommend taking Teleport against assassins because it is very hard to play.

3.pngIf you are inexperienced in the assassin matchup you will always want to take Exhaust into them since it slows down their burst by a lot. Otherwise go Teleport. 

New Runes Back to Top

Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Arcane Comet is really good on Twisted Fate because it will always hit when you stun the enemy with gold card.

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32Manaflow Band is really good on Twisted Fate because it allows him to stay in lane longer. You're not always gonna be blue carding minions, you're gonna want to mix in red cards to push the wave. Manaflow Band helps to keep your mana pool in check.

Celerity.png?width=32Celerity is really good on Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate scales off of movement speed super well since his kit revolves around enhancing his auto attacks. By abusing extra movement speed, it makes it a lot easier of Twisted Fate to get a Wpickacard.png off.

Scorch.png?width=32Scorch is good because this is an early game meta. If it was a late game meta you would go Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 instead. I see no reason to get Waterwalking.png?width=32 since you're gonna be roaming with Rdestiny.png anyways.

Minion%20Dematerializer.png?width=32Minion Dematerializer is really good because it relieves a lot of pressure on Twisted Fate. With the extra damage that you do to minions. 1 red cardpickacard.png and 2 wildcardswildcards.png will clear a whole wave. It's really hard to dive a champion that can clear your minion wave instantly. This also allows for easy roams since your wave will be pushed easily with the bonus damage.

Time%20Warp%20Tonic.png?width=32Time Warp Tonic is good because it gives Twisted Fate more sustain in lane. One of Twisted Fate's biggest weakness is poke damage. Time Warp Tonic can negate a lot of that damage since it increases ur healing from potions.

Abilities Back to Top

twistedfatepassive.pngWhen Twisted Fate kills a unit he will receive bonus gold anywhere from 1-6. This means that your CS count will actually mean more then someone else's CS count. When possible, take enemy raptors or krugs since all of the little guys will also proc the passive. Upon defeating the raptor camp you can make 6-36 extra gold, and upon defeating the you can make 10-60 extra gold.

wildcards.pngTwisted Fate throws 3 cards, that's it.

pickacard.pngTwisted Fate will start cycling through his cards, Blue, Red, and Gold. Blue card deals the most damage and will grant mana. Red card does medium damage in an AoE and will slow. Gold card deals the least amount of damage but it stuns. Use blue card in the early levels to CS since it will cost no mana. Use red card to push in waves since it has AoE. Use Gold card on enemies and then follow up with Qwildcards.png, they will be stunned and cannot dodge the Q. When taking down objectives always use blue card, you cannot stun or slow an objective so always use blue card. A cool trick that you can do in lane is to red a minion when the enemy is sitting next to it. You might not be in range to red card the enemy himself but red carding the minion and hitting them with the AoE is just as good. In theory this extends your effective range by a bit when using red card. A really good trick for zoning is to pick gold card and walk towards your enemy. They will almost always walk back in fear of getting ganked. Once they lose center stage you will have priority in lane. This makes clearing into roaming much easier for you. Against champions that can block your gold card like 157.pngor 105.png, while you cycle through your cards, the moment it hits gold you need to auto attack them and not activate W. This way you do a normal auto attack and you don't throw the gold card. The enemy will see the gold card above your head and the auto attack. They will for sure block it, and once that ability goes on cooldown, you gold card will recycle and you can reactivate and stun them.

cardmasterstack.pngAfter every 3 auto attacks, the 4th one will deal bonus magic damage and will increase your attack speed. Using your 4th auto along with pickacard.png will deal an insane amount of damage.

destiny.pngWhen Destiny is activated it will grant true sight of everyone on the map. While destiny is active you can activate Gate which will teleport your character in 1.5 seconds. The 1.5 seconds is important because you need to activate Wpickacard.png before you activate Gate and select your card after Gate is activated but not after you teleport. By doing this, you will already have a card selected before you teleport. There is nothing more awkward then teleporting in without a card which allows the enemies to react and escape. Teleporting with gold card is essential when ganking. There will be some situations where activating Destiny is good but not Gate. If you are scouting out for baron or dragon but have no vision, activating Destiny will spot everyone and your team will be able to react accordingly. Remember that just because you activate Destiny, doesn't mean that you have to activate Gate as well. Midway through a teamfight you can use Gate to flank the enemies that are running away.

A really important trick for escaping 1v1's is to activate Destiny, gold card the enemy and instantly activate Gate. They can't stop your teleport since they are stunned. Right when the stun wears off, you're teleport will go through.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start
    Against poke lanes

Core Items

    Take this 90% of the time
    I only take this if I'm really scared of the enemy mid
    Take this into AD mids
    Example Build #1 Build order may vary change
    Example Build #2 Build order may vary

Situational Items

    This is a really good item. Since you gold card is an auto attack, getting this item will increase your stun range. This makes approaching you very difficult.
    This item is a noob trap. Don't buy this item
    Can be good, Twisted Fate scales off of movement speed really well since he revolves around auto attacks.
    Only build this if they are stacking magic resist
    If they have no AD, then don't take this. Usually they do have an AD, and even then the active is still really good.

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