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2 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


For ADC/Marksman:

Take Flash NrMc0O-6RB0NHr3P2swK8FVjN3SoligZTw4_vOqxHeal192ERcESpwMzA_peOulf114vSYO2kh-191eyyAv295-100% of the time
Take Flash NrMc0O-6RB0NHr3P2swK8FVjN3SoligZTw4_vOqxCleanse QjILmPZnhFAt7DMzImjOSpMvuqyLl4P8ZnBWluDp 5% of the time

For Jungle:

Take Flash NrMc0O-6RB0NHr3P2swK8FVjN3SoligZTw4_vOqxSmite mlsCgSV6rCGoH9sm9w_vq7nXjA9GLeA-4xsWHWh4 95% of the time
Take IgniteQyscp0Z8CXKGHIwjRubQOquUqcTeSsA70NYwBosHSmite mlsCgSV6rCGoH9sm9w_vq7nXjA9GLeA-4xsWHWh4 5% of the time


4.png is arguably the best summoner spell in the game. Flash is a must on Twitch as it allows you to get kills, escape death, and make plays for style points. It is very important that this spell is available during teamfights as you may need it to re-position yourself. You can use flash offensively early game but save it for defensive play late game as your team will require your consistent DPS.


7.png A very good summoner spell on ADCs (marksmen) in general as it helps keep them alive. The active heal can also be used to save a teammate when needed. The movespeed gained from this isn't very long but it can definitely save you from being killed or getting just enough movespeed to secure a kill. Fits into the meta nicely because its just so useful.


1.png is good when the enemy has hard CC or you're laning against an Ashe/Taric or something along those lines. Cleanse is hard to use properly but can get you out of very sticky situations when used along with 4.png. You can also rush distortion boots with these summoners to get additional benefits.

11.png is used when playing Twitch in the jungle. Although not as strong as other summoners in terms of damage or positioning support, you always want to take this with you in the jungle. Always try to have this spell available if an objective like dragon or baron is spawning soon so that you can secure it with smite.

New Runes Back to Top


Standard Precision Keystone


Really, really standard build. Press the Attack is better than Fleet Footwork right now (unless for whatever reason you need some extra survivability). Press the Attack is also better than lethal tempo right now as it has more flexibility in terms of the situation that it works in. Most other options are situational, but this is the page that generally works best for all situations.

Sorcery Secondary Path

Celerity + Gathering storm are just too good to pass up on. Absolute focus is also ok in some situations.

Domination Secondary Path

There's quite a few options you can take here. Sudden impact works really well with Twitch's Q, but you can opt to go for more sustain such as taste of blood or more utility such as zombie ward and ghost poro.

Alternative Dark Harvest Route

(Alternative Route)

More of a gimmicky route, I would only use these runes if you 100% trust in your teammates. Otherwise, precision is more reliable for teams you can't completely trust and I can guarantee you won't get flamed for it. 

Abilities Back to Top



Max E > Q > W and take a point in R whenever possible. 

Level 1:

The new W is very good. Take it level 1.

Use it for zone control and to stack your poison or to renew your poison on enemy champions to widdle them down. While it may not feel as satisfying as starting expunge twitchE.png, venom cask twitchW.png will do significantly more (true) damage over time, especially if you can keep revewing the poison.

Level 2:

Take E level 2. Twitch's level 2 trading potential is very good with his AA-W-AA-E combo. With his new venom cask twitchW.png, Twitch has the potential to quickly stack poison and fire off a massive expunge twitchE.png.

Level 3:

I take Q or put another point into E depending on the situation at level 3.

Take E when there's a fight bot lane or if the wave is pushing to your turret. Use E to clear minions and trade with the enemy bot lane.

Take Q when your minions are pushed to the enemy turret. Use Q to sneak up and kill enemy champions or escape from a gank. 

Level 4:

By now there should be a point in every ability, with 2 points into E. Twitch's level 4 trades are very strong. AA-W-AA-E combo should win most trades at level 4.

Level 6:

Level 6 Twitch with ult is really strong. Pick the correct fight and you will easily get a kill. Being able to damage both enemy laners in a line is optimal, however even without that the bonus AD and range from his ult gives you a lot of kill potential.

Ability Breakdown

Passive: Deadly VenomVaIQDleIoBuEZN3nzEqKqWB98YusC69yBPBoHSjT

Pretty strong passive overall. An essential part of Twitch's kit as it allows him to deal continuous stacking damage in lane and use it in combination with his E nuke. Always look to stack or renew stacks on enemy champions.

Q: Ambushy3I_QIW8nwm1Sbwmp6Mq1omXu-hznD1qXp6fLG-H

Twitch's twitchQ.png is what gives him his assassin playstyle. Very useful for scouting or to pick off enemy champions from stealth with the attack speed steroid he gets from it. Always try to use this ability before ulting to get as much attack speed as possible. In teamfights, use the Q reset from kills consistently to keep up your attack speed or to reposition.

W: Venom CaskpIE4sNTOobTSw3nuLiV03cTO1uCcTnLAHV0fU26b

Twitch's reworked twitchW.png is great for zone control. Throw it where your opponent must run to last hit a minion for optimal effects. You can also use it with your standard combo (AA > W > AA > E) to harass or to farm minions from range. It has a pretty big AoE so its fairly easy to hit. twitchW.png is also pretty strong when ulting as it allows you to shoot from range while they're slowed and significantly lowers their chance of escape or retaliation.

E: ContaminateUbNOs57S46ZVHcNtant6vkKzX8xc3bkor53OYS-x

twitchE.png is Twitch's nuke. A 6 stack contaminate can easily do 30% of an enemy's HP. Although somewhat mana costly early game when you max it, you can still use it a fair amount to trade in lane. What separates a good Twitch player from the godlike ones is how well they time their twitchE.png. Too early, and you might not get enough damage. Too late, and you're dead already. The best way to learn is through practice!

R: Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat twitchR.png

twitchR.png is why I love to play Twitch. His ult allows him to reach the longest attack range in the entire game of 850 units and turns his autos into an AoE line of effect skillshot. However, the cooldown on his ult is very long and the active is very short in comparison. Be very careful when you decide to pop his ult as it can determine which side will win the teamfight. You can also use this when assassinating 1v1 as it gives you a fair amount of bonus AD and range for both safety and kill potential.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start.
    Jungle Twitch
    Vs Tough Lane

Core Items

    Required. Get this either 1st item or 2nd item. (See author notes below)
    Build after Runaans Hurricane
    Jungle Twitch Example Full Build
    1st major item for BoRK route
    Example Full Build Crit Route
    1st Major Item for Stormrazor route
    Example Full Build with BoRK
    Example Full Build with Stormrazor

Situational Items

    Enemy hard CC? No Problem.
    Banshees over GA when enemy has lots of catch potential or heavy poke (Ex. Leona ult, Nidalee Spears, Ashe ult)
    Strong lifesteal
    vs Fed enemy AD assassins
    Late game elixir
    Defensive Item
    I have mixed feelings about this thing


New Stormrazor Path (Recommended):

Its probably a toss up between this build path and the standard crit build (see below) for what is the optimal build on patch 8.11 Twitch. Thus, I've put (recommended) for both this build and the crit path as both of them seem ok thus far. Stormrazor provides a faster 1 item spike than the crit route, but it does delay your core hypercarry crit items.

3006_64.png > 3095.png > 3085.png > 3031_64.png > 3087.png >  3812.png + 2140_64.png

- Stormrazor build components are good
- 1 Item powerspike
- No reliance on item active abilities/their cooldowns
- No lifesteal from core items
- Delays core hypercarry crit items
- Not slot efficient 

Runaans > IE > Shiv (Recommended):

Patch 8.11 nerfed this build path in the early stages of the game, but it is very strong with the new IE if you can reach late game. This build reaches 100% crit chance and also has a lot of waveclear/AoE. An advantage of this build is that you can teamfight much earlier than the BoRK route and it does not rely on the active ability of BoRK. The build path is also semi-flexible as you can build IE/Shiv/Runaans in basically any preferred order.

Again, Twitch reaches hypercarry mode once 3 big core items are finished.

3006_64.png > 3085.png > 3031_64.png > 3087.png > 3026.png > 3812.png + 2140_64.png

- Early waveclear/AoE
- High crit chance
- No reliance on item active abilities/their cooldowns
- Cheaper core items compared to BoRK route
- High multi-target DPS in teamfights
- Not as good for assassinations compared BoRK route
- No lifesteal from core items
- 2nd item IE is hard to build (expensive components)

Blade of the Runaans Edge:

A decent build path in patch 8.11 for additional sustain in lane. Blade of the Ruined King provides Twitch with a 1-item powerspike. Runaans is 100% required on Twitch right now as it provides a good amount of attack speed and crit chance in addition to an AoE passive that synergizes with Twitch ult. IE maximizes damage output.

Once these 3 big core items are finished, Twitch is officially in hypercarry mode.

3006_64.png > 3153.png > 3085.png > 3031_64.png > 3036.png > 3026.png + 2140_64.png

- 1-Item powerspike with Blade of the Ruined King
- High assassination potential with BoRK active
- Build path is good as it contains many small parts
- AoE/Waveclear with Hurricane
- Very strong synergy with Twitch's kit
- Early lifesteal
- Fragile early game, Bilgewater Cutlass is rather weak
- Needs BoRK active to be available for assassinations
- Semi-Expensive core items

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne




Usually this will be an even lane. Ashe can't really touch Twitch because of his damage, but Twitch can't touch Ashe due to her range. 

  • You have to engage in long term fights with her and abuse expunge damage.
  • You have a nice advantage level 2 and you should win trades against her
  • Watch out when she hits level 6. Arrow is deadly against Twitch since he has no reliable escape.
  • Hawkshot will not reveal you.




Arguably Twitch's hardest matchup. She will outrange and heavy poke you in lane. Often you will find yourself farming at your turret.

  • Watch her Q animation to see where she is aiming and dodge accordingly
  • Her traps will reveal you
  • You don't have to play aggressive. It's perfectly fine to farm under the turret if needed and last hit as much as possible
  • If winning, sneak up, W, and as she uses E, use BoRK to chase and kill




Corki is an ADC that excels in short term trades with his Q and out-trades Twitch this way since Twitch can't stack poison. 

  • His Q will reveal you
  • If he W's to you, often you can punish him for doing so instead of running away
  • His W is not a highly reliable escape. Use your W to slow him and set up your support to go in
  • You can pick him off easily if you get ahead in lane. Use BoRK and W at same time so that you can catch up to his W after he uses it.




Twitch and Draven can both snowball the lane in their favour. Both do similar amounts of damage when even in lane.

  • Watch for where his axes are landing. Throw your W there for an easy hit
  • Draven is more vulnerable when moving to catch his axes
  • Try to sidestep the returning of his ult to avoid taking extra damage
  • Both sides can snowball the lane with just 1 kill




Twitch wins this lane hard. Twitch out-trades Ezreal and has a stronger level 6.

  • Ezreal is easy to kill with Twitch. Trade with him first, then sneak in with Q and slow him if he tries to E away.
  • His E can target you even if you are stealthed
  • Avoid his Qs in lane by moving side to side



Twitch can snowball this lane, but more likely than not you'll be playing defensively most of the time.

  • Jhin's jhinw.png will root you if the indicator is red instead of blue.
  • Early game, you actually win trades with him after he uses his 4th shot.
  • Jhin players like to save their 4th AA guaranteed crit and would rather jhinq.png to last hit a minion, watch out for when they do this because it means that you can't get too close.




Jinx has a slight advantage with her range on her Q, but Twitch can punish a Jinx for staying in rocket form when going for short trades.

  • Dodge her W by moving side to side. Her W will reveal you if it hits
  • Try to avoid fighting her if she has minigun
  • Go for quick trades when she switches to rocket form
  • Jinx has a strong level 6 with her ult, especially if you are below half health




Kalista is in a really good spot right now, especially against Twitch. Kalista will hit her item spike with Hurricane faster than Twitch as it is cheaper and can abuse her mobility to win short term trades with her cooldown-resetting E.

  • When she has her E available for use, her spears will be showing sticking through enemies. If no stacks are seen, it is on cooldown and you have an opportunity to win a trade
  • Watch out for when both her and her support attack you at the same time as it will proc her W dealing bonus damage to you
  • Be careful level 6 as she can allow her support to initiate onto you with her ulti
  • Always pay attention to the amount of spear stacks she has on you as they do a lot of damage if it builds up




Safe lane for both sides for the most part. Kog outranges Twitch with his W active, but he is rather vulnerable when it is on cooldown. 

  • Kog doesn't have an escape. If you can punish him for being out of position, do it!
  • Watch out for when he glows, that's when he has his W active
  • His ult will reveal you if it hits
  • After lane phase, Kog becomes a very easy target to assassinate



This is a hard lane for Twitch. Lucian has the potential to out-poke and out-trade Twitch.

  • Go for short trades with Lucian only after he has used an ability and auto-attacked with his passive
  • He is very vulnerable without his dash as it is his only escape
  • His passive is essential to winning trades. If you see him wasting cooldowns and his passive, you can initiate a fight


Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune will win trades with Twitch with her AA + Q + AA combo. Her E also heavily delays your stealth time.

  • Try to see where her Q is going to bounce and dodge accordingly
  • Her level 6 ult hurts. Watch out for it!
  • If you get ahead in lane, you can stealth up on her and punish her since she has no escape




Her spell shield can shield your E, but it takes a really experienced Sivir player to do so. Twitch usually wins trades but Sivir will win the trade if she can hit you with her Q or spell shield an ability.

  • Dodge Sivir Q in lane by moving from side to side
  • You outrange Sivir and win in extended trades
  • Bait out her spell shield if possible and then use E afterwards
  • Punish her by stealthing up since the only escape she has is her ult




With the recent changes to her E, Twitch can win trades by stacking poison and using his expunge to output more damage. Also, Trist cannot bully Twitch as hard as other ADCs in lane unless she gets ahead.

  • Watch for when she uses her Q. It gives her a big attack speed buff, but has a long cooldown
  • Tristana's jump also has a long cooldown. It's much easier to kill her when she doesn't have it available
  • Watch out when she uses her E on you as she can charge it up with AAs to do more damage
  • You both trade evenly with each other unless one side messes up
Recommend Build: Regular Twitch build

3006_32.png > 3153_32.png > 3046_32.png > 3035_32.png > 3031_32.png > 3026_32.png




Don't disappoint me ;)




I'll write this when I've played a game vs an Urgot.




Lane can go in both ways. Varus will usually win extended trades while Twitch will win in short term trades. 

  • Try to predict where he is aiming his arrow and juke it by moving the other way
  • He will try to poke you down before going all in with his ult. Get sustain to heal up his poke
  • Avoid extended trades where he can stack his W on you and proc them
  • He has no escape. Punish him if he mispositions




Arguable one of Twitch's easiest matchups. Twitch will usually win lane hard and deny Vayne a lot of farm.

  • Vayne is really weak early game. You will win trades by just AAs + stacking poison + E
  • Vayne is weak without items due to low base stats. However, watch out for when she finishes major items
  • She doesn't really have a reliable escape. If she used her abilities already, you can easily chase her with W
  • Sneaking up on her with Q allows you to position yourself to a place where you won't get condemned and stunned

Introduction Back to Top

Twitch Guide Logo.png

Hello! Thank you for viewing my Twitch Guide.

I went really in-depth with this guide so please read whatever you feel is useful to you!

If you enjoyed this guide, make sure to check out my new Zoe guide here! 142.png

Anyways... Why Play Twitch?

  • Can snowball hard in lane
  • Insane late game power
  • Highest auto-attack range in the game!
  • Mix of Assassin and ADC/Marksman playstyle
  • Fun to Play! 
  • Fun to role-play as in-game! (... don't ask.)
  • Interesting stealth ability
  • Lots of itemization choices
  • Lastly- He's cute, especially his voice/personality!

They'll have more holes than my favorite cheese...
 - Twitch

GL, HF~ Good Luck, Have Fun!

(NOT Get Lag, Have Feeders)


Still Not Convinced?

Here's a Twitch 100-0 Montage using games only from my past 10 ranked games!

Support Synergy/Playing with your Support Back to Top


I'm Currently Working on a Spreadsheet of all Support Games/Synergies here:

Check it Out!

God Tier: Amazing Synergy

These supports work best with Twitch and make bot lane a very big threat coming into the game.

432_64.png - Bard works insanely well with Twitch thanks to his CC and his heal in lane. His E can also be used as an escape and his ult can set up kills for Twitch throughout the game. Bard also packs a fair amount of damage early game to help with Twitch's weaker start.

412_64.png - If Thresh can land his hook, it will often force summoners to be used by the enemy team or result in a kill for Twitch. Thresh has lots of CC and lane presence. While Twitch fires from the back, Thresh can make sure the enemies aren't going anywhere.

89_64.png - This is the definition of a high kill lane potential. Leona's CC allows Twitch to deal massive damage while being safe. Also as long as you have poison ticking on the enemies, every tick will proc Leona's passive. Leona/Twitch makes for a very deadly lane indeed.

201_64.png - A strong support overall, and works very well with Twitch. His passive along with Twitch having one of the highest attack speeds in the game allows for insane damage early game. Braum also has an arsenal of tools to help save Twitch and keep him safe from enemies through CC and his shield. Did I mention Twitch can stealth in and Braum can leap to Twitch while he's stealthed?

40_64.png - Another support that is really good at keeping Twitch safe and alive. Not having a reliable escape, Twitch can usually rely on a Janna support to CC enemies and force them away. Her shield at level 1 combined with Twitch's strong level 1 can be very frightening.

Tier 1: Excellent Synergy

These supports work very well with Twitch and provide a big threat, but not as well as god tier supports with Twitch.

111_64.png - Nautilus provides a pretty big meat shield for Twitch and also has a ton of CC in his kit to allow Twitch to deal damage. Both champions also scale well to late game and gain a power spike when they hit level 6. Overall a great reliable support.

37_64.png - Has a lot of damage in lane, and a Sona/Twitch can often surprise enemies with insane amounts of burst. Level 6 with Sona as a support is absolutely devastating if she can land her ult while Twitch sprays from the back.

25_64.png - A spell shield on a support for a squishy ADC (marksman) with no escape like Twitch results in very high synergy between the two. Her CC and lockdown, especially at level 6, also allows for very high kill potential in lane. 

117_64.png - Lulu is really good at keeping ADCs alive. Her movespeed boost, shield, and ult all keep Twitch as safe as possible while Twitch shreds the enemy team. Her early poke in lane also helps to make up for that Twitch doesn't have any heavy poke. 

267_64.png - Nami's strong CC and the auto-attack boost she provides works very well with Twitch. A Twitch/Nami lane is very versatile and can be played either aggressively or defensively. 

143_64.png - Zyra has very strong lockdown, allowing for Twitch to deal massive damage if he is allowed to keep attacking. Zyra also has strong poke in lane, helping with that Twitch does not have any strong poke.

16_64.png - So. Much. Sustain. Soraka can keep you in lane for about forever. Really strong synergy between the two to get through early game. Late game Soraka spamming heals on Twitch is also quite effective.

Tier 2: Good Synergy

These supports work well with Twitch, but may not be as big of a threat as other supports Twitch synergizes well with.

48.png - Pretty good right now mainly because Trundle is so strong. Trundle is a really tanky support that Twitch can hide behind while ulting. His pillar and ult can shread enemy resistances and slow them to allow Twitch to deal out heavy damage.

9_64.png - Devastating with Twitch at level 6 and has early poke in lane.

43_64.png  - I really like Karma support with Twitch. Her entire kit helps Twitch as a hypercarry with tons of CC and a strong lane phase. Karma can play both aggressive and set up kills for Twitch or play passive and protect Twitch with shields and movespeed buffs/slows.

1_64.png - Stun allows for a high potential kill lane and has a lot of damage in lane. Level 6 is absolutely insane as her Tibbers can hold enemies in place for Twitch to shread

53_64.png - Can set up kills for Twitch with his hooks similarly to Thresh

12_64.png - Has lots of CC that works well with Twitch to keep him safe or play aggressive

Tier 3: Low Synergy

These supports should often be avoided for better picks that are available. They may still work well, but more often higher synergy supports would've worked much better.

44_64.png - His ult works well with high ratios on other ADCs like Graves, but Twitch doesn't really have high ratios.

20_64.png - Attack speed buff is nice, but a Twitch/Nunu lane is very weak to poke and getting out-ranged

26_64.png - Both him and Twitch are rather squishy early game and have no reliable escape. The ult at level 6 is nice however, but again a Twitch/Zilean lane is weak to getting out-ranged. 

Tier 4: Poor synergy

Should be avoided if possible. Champions in this tier include anything that is not traditional support meta.

Playing with your support in lane:

Communicate with your support! If you have an aggressive playstyle or a passive playstyle, make sure to let them know how you intend on playing the lane! You have to know your own cooldowns as well as your supports cooldowns for more effective synergy. Pings are especially helpful for communication! Positioning wise, always try to stay in a parallel line in lane with your support as shown below:


Make sure you two hit lv.2 first or play safe!

- This is a really common mistake for bot lane synergy. Be on the same page if you're looking to hit level 2 and push the advantage or play it safe to not get caught off guard by an early enemy level 2 all-in!

Help ward

 - You usually want to ward the tri-brush or lane brushes while your support occasionally walks away from lane to ward river. 

Using your W to set up potential CC for your support

- Twitch's twitchW.png is usually much easier to land than hard CC from supports and has a really long range. You can use this before your support is looking to land CC or damage to set them up by providing an initial slow. Try to hit both enemy laners if possible!

Early Game Back to Top


Early game would include level 1 and the lane phase. During this time, your main objective is to farm up and become a threat mid game!

ADCs are often rather weak in early levels, which is why you have a support to help you scale up. 

Level 1-5:

Leash for your Jungler if needed and then push the wave as fast as possible to level 2! Whoever hits level 2 first at bot lane has a major advantage since it's 2 people leveling up instead of 1.

When you hit level 3, you should have a point in all 3 abilities. At level 4 when you have 2 points into E, Twitch becomes very strong and this is when I opt to trade with the enemy lane.

Level 6:

What makes Twitch insanely good is his ultimate. Boosting his attack range to 850, he becomes a huge threat by out-ranging everything. This cooldown is very important though since it has a very high cooldown, so only use it when you think you can get a kill.

You usually want to take the enemy turret at around 8-11 minutes if possible to transition into the mid game.

Warding in lane:

Always try to ward side brushes in lane and dragon area/tri-bush whenever possible! Your support will do most of the warding, but you can help!


Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game.png

Mid game is where the laning phase ends and usually where teamfights and skirmishes involving multiple lanes happens. 

By this point, you want to have your first major item and half of your second one finished on Twitch. You'll do a lot more damage than early game, but you always want to keep yourself safe first because this is usually when assassins get a huge spike in power.

Dragon control:

Dragon becomes an important objective during this time. Be careful about fighting here however, especially when the enemy top laner has teleport and can join the fight. You usually want to do dragon if you get a kill or 2, or if the enemy team has returned to base.


Try to take as many turrets as possible during this time. However, often you will have to push turrets with multiple people to take them down.

Assassinating targets:

Twitch is a really strong assassin mid game thanks to his stealth and his E. Always for squishier targets if you think you can kill them or force summoners out. Save expunge as an execute! 

Here's a really cool trick I made that you can use to assassinate targets and snowball your lead:

Late Game Back to Top


Ah. Finally late game.  This is where Twitch shines the most as he is one of (if not) the strongest ADC/Marksman late game. 

You should have your core finished at this point. After you finish your core items, you will have transitioned into the hypercarry that Twitch is. I personally think that Twitch is the strongest scaling ADC to late game due to his ultimate and his attack speed/stealth on his Q.

Be careful when farming!

Try to keep farming to a minimum during this time. The enemy team may catch and assassinate you, or do baron if you're farming bot. 


Baron buff is super strong at this point and is a huge priority! Baron is also much harder to take down now so be careful when attempting Baron. Always try to have a ward on Baron Nashor so that you don't facecheck the area.

Dragon buff is good, but not worth giving up baron buff for. Unless the game goes to super late game and you're getting to 4 or 5 dragon buffs, it is usually much more important to obtain baron control instead.

Try to get turrets/inhibitors if possible, but don't make the common mistake of overstaying.


See section below.

How to Teamfight Back to Top



First, lets look at the basics. Shurelya does a really good job of explaining teamfighting in this video:

How to Teamfight as Twitch

1. Entering the fight

There are a couple things you need to keep in mind when looking to enter a teamfight:
  • Cooldowns - What cooldowns have been used? Enemies? Allies?
  • Positioning - You should be at the back of your team or somewhere that your team can protect you
  • Priority targeting - Usually you'll be hitting the person closest to you, but there are rare occasions where you can aim for a bigger priority
  • Team composition - Does your team have peel for you? Or are they going to dive the enemy team? What about the enemy team comp?

2. Teamfighting

  • You want to enter a teamfight while stealthed and positioned behind your team if possible
  • I like to wait 2-3 seconds after the teamfight starts before popping out of stealth so that most cooldowns are used and its safer
  • Try to auto-attack from the longest distance possible (Yes, even with your ult active)
  • If you can hit more than 2 people with your ult, do it! Although make sure you don't put yourself in a position where the enemy team can get to you
  • Use your ult near the start of the fight, not near the end
  • Save expunge for when you can get as much poison stacks on as many targets as you can
  • You usually want to attack the person closest to you. Target priority in a teamfight goes as follows: AD or Mid > Support > Jungler > Top lane tank

3. After a Teamfight

  • This time is dangerous if there are still enemies left and you're at low health. They'll usually have all their cooldowns available and can burst you down.
  • If you win a teamfight, look to take objectives
  • If you lose a teamfight, plan how to stop the enemy team from taking objectives if posible
  • Keep track of what summoner spells or guardian angels will be available/unavailable for the next fight

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Ability Combos

Twitch doesn't have much ability combos unlike a lot of other champions. There are a few combos you should be familiar with though.

The Fundamental Twitch Combo

AA > W > AA > E.

You can do this combo from level 3. If you can get the timing of this down, the result is a very fast combo involving 2 autoattacks + W to get to 4 stacks of poison and expunge for a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Know this short trading combo with Twitch and you will out-trade almost anyone levels 3 and 4.

See below for a video explanation:

Poison Stacking

You can do this combo as soon as you get your W. Since W is very easy to land, it can be used to renew poison stacks and add 2 more. So as your poison is about to run out, you can W them to renew the poison and add to the poison damage for another 6 seconds. A lot of Twitch players I see don't do this, but when you master poison stacking, your laning phase will be at least 3x easier.

Chasing Combo

Q > AA > W > AA > Chase > AAs > E

This combo is a bit more hard to master. During the delay of your stealth when you activate your Q, you can still attack and use abilities. Q first, then during the time needed to go into stealth, you have time for an AA > W > AA. (Maybe more depending on your attack speed) After you're in stealth, use the movespeed bonus to chase down the enemies and then use AAs + E to finish them off.


General Tips

  1. You can use your stealth to scout potentially dangerous bushes
  2. You can juke enemies by going 1 way while entering stealth, then going the other way once you enter stealth
  3. You can scout brushes with your W since it provides vision
  4. Placing wards while invisible won't bring you out of stealth
  5. Don't spam E in lane, you'll run out of mana very fast. I tend to use my E at around 4 stacks of poison
  6. Save your E! A huge mistake I see Twitch players do is use it way too early. Don't save it for too long either! Timing of E comes with experience
  7. Use your W and E between autoattacks to be as efficient as possible with attacking
  8. Know your lane matchups! Refer back to my guide in the matchups section if you're unsure how to play a matchup.
  9. You can often shoot enemies over ledges and walls such as baron and dragon, especially with the range bonus on your ultimate
  10. When ahead, press the advantage, but only if you have proper vision for the enemy jungler!
  11. When behind, it's perfectly fine to play safe and try to scale to late game. In lane, try not to be behind more than 30 minions. 
  12. Practice Last Hitting! This is really important to get good at Twitch. Getting familiar with his autoattack animation and last hitting minions only comes from experience playing Twitch and ADCs in general. About 15 last hits is equal to a kill!

Sneaky Twitch Tricks

These tricks are a must know for Twitch players. So many outplays are possible using these!

Assassination Trick

Invisible Recall

This is by far the most common Twitch trick. It's simple, yet effective. To recall invisibly, use your Q, then during the time to get into stealth mode, use your recall. Once you enter stealth, you will still be recalling!

At rank 4 Q, you will be invisible for the full duration of the recall. 

Note: If you start the recall while you are invisible, you will be visible again.



This trick requires someone/something that can hop to you. If you have a Shen on your team, you can stealth in while he is ulting you, and nobody on the enemy team will see him ulting. They will just see a Shen appear in front of them out of nowhere and get a taunt on the carries. This also works with an Orianna ball. Orianna can put the ball on Twitch and it won't be see by the enemies. The invisible Twitch can then sneak right in and Orianna can ult, potentially winning you the game!

Outranging Turrets

Twitch is the only champion in the entire game that can out-range turrets. With his ult active, Twitch will out-range any turret. This is very useful for finishing off turrets.

Twitch can also attack both of the nexus turrets at the same time with his ult active. Simply stand to the side of one of them, and click on the far turret to hit both at the same time.

Note: However with Twitch's ult active, his attacks will not damage inhibitors or the nexus. (Riot pls why?)


Stealth Faking Movement

This is a trick I use to assassinate enemies mid game to snowball myself ahead. After you kill a minion wave or a ward, it will still provide a window of vision for the enemy team. During this small window (1-2 sec), I either recall, fall back, or move towards mid lane. After this small window, I would turn back and go into stealth to follow my minion wave, where there would be an unsuspecting target waiting to farm the minion wave. Usually I can get a kill with this trick or force a lot of summoners. The best part is that the entire enemy team will also see the fake movement from the window of vision that their minion/ward provided, so they will think the target you're going after is safe.

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Example Videos:

Twitch 100-0s Montage:

The Fundamental Twitch Ability Combo:

Assassination Trick:

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