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2 years ago

Twitch Statistics for Ctrl Alt Veigar

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png / 12.png are your spells to go for top lane. You have lane pressure as well as map pressure.
You can hold your lane or gank bot lane.

Pro tip: activate Q, then immediately use 12.png. You will arrive invisible and leave your enemies wondering wtf just happened. The same principle applies to recall!

Use 4.png for chasing, quick repositioning and juking important skill shots.

If you want to prevent all-ins from high burst champions, like 92.png. Also good for chasing and preparing ganks.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Fervor of Battle is absolutely necessary, if you want to be/stay relevant.

Ferocity Tree

  • Fury: 5% attack speed is always nice, though it is not much.
  • Feast: way better than Double-Edged Sword, since you as a ranged champion don't really profit from the percental damage increase.
  • Vampirism: life steal is nice for sustaining in lane, but Natural Talent can also work.
  • Bounty Hunter: great because starting mid game, you should roam a lot and get some kills. Only take Oppressor if you think you won't be able to kill anyone or if your team has lots of CC.
  • Battering Blows: your only viable option here. Helps with dealing damage to tanks.
  • Fervor of Battle: feeble early, extremely strong early. At level 18, you get 14 dmg/stack * 8 stacks = 112 additional attack damage EVERY AUTOHIT! In teamfights, always attack someone so it doesn't run out.

Resolve Tree

  • Recovery: some more sustain, Unyielding only if you plan on going almost full tank.
  • Explorer: useful when fighting in the river or in bushes/for running away. Works like the 76.png passive.
  • Veteran's Scars: you will need some early beefyness
  • Insight: you can use your summoner spells more often. Extremely strong!

Abilities Back to Top


I always max E first for increased damage output. Q second for more mobility and assassination potential.

I normally start with E and take W at level 2. If you have to play really safe (e.g. you fear the early jungle gank), pick Q.

Update: a bug which caused Twitch to turn invisible immediately was removed in 6.13.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    adc start
    against ad
    against ap
    mobility start against skillshots
    sustain start (not recommended, but can be useful in certain matchups)

Core Items

    absolutely essential items
    good core defensive options
    very strong as last item
    also good as last item against tankier teams
    example offensive build against mixed damage
    example defensive build against physical damage
    example defensive build against (mostly) magical damage (most teams will still have an ad carry)

Situational Items

    Need Armor?
    need mres?
    need more damage?


Well, here comes your personal playstyle into game. I like doing a defensive start, because this works best for me (the rat is quite squishy). If unsure, pick a 1055.png.

First back

Ideally, you have enough money for 1011.png, 1001.png and 1 or 2 1042.png + pots. If not, aim for the 1011.png, it will help you survive the first gank which will come for sure.


Use it frequently to ward safely from afar. There is a docu about facechecking on history channel right now.

Use this if you're ganking a lot. Using this will break (!) stealth, so use it just before entering stealth to pass pink wards undetected. This will disable any ward (block vision) and trap in its radius. It helps a lot in avoiding warded spots.

Using the ward trinket will not break stealth.

Core Items

3009.png (no boot enchantments any more, wtf rito?)
The increased move speed combined with slow resist make these boots for only 900g your best choice. Buy them 2nd or 3rd. If enemy team has a lot of CC or auto attackers only, pick 3111.png or 3047.png respectively.
If you're massively ahead, pick 3006.png, kill everything, spam champion mastery emote and write #tyrannosaurus rekt in all chat.

It's quite a niche item, but very strong on 29.png. I view this as absolute core item. The 2 additional bolts apply his passive poison, red buff, Fervor of Battle, 3153.png's passive and 50% of your life steal as well. That means if you hit 3 targets, you have effectively doubled your life steal.

Also a core item on AD carry 29.png. Strong against squishies and even stronger against (full) tanks. The active helps in duels and while chasing/running away.

Your core armor item. Extremely good; your chasing and escaping potential combined with your Q + W becomes too huge. (That's what she 238.png.)
Your team fight engage with this item combined with the move speed from boots and your Q becomes godlike as well.

You're still viewed as an assassination target, hence the spell shield is useful in lots of situations.

Good as a last item against mixed damage. None of 29.png's skill scale with base AD specifically, but his auto hits become stronger nonetheless.

You prefer damage over tankiness since you're way ahead anyway? Get this and wreck their sh1t. Strong against squishies. +5 AD in patch 6.12.

Situational Items

Isn't that strong of an option, but the huge 20% cooldown reduction can be very useful in prolonged fights, as well as the mana and sheen effect.

When you come out of stealth, you'll most probably be standing in the midst of the showdown. This item can be good if the enemy team stacks loads of armor, otherwise it's a waste of gold.

3110.png / 3075.png
Frozen Heart also has 20% CDR, but is, along with Thornmail, better against champions with high attack speed, like most ad carries, 11.png, 23.png, 157.png and others.

Good to counter crit-heavy champions like 157.png or 202.png. Has a passive and an active slow which can help peeling for yourself or others and chasing enemies.

Good if bought early for the sustain and/or against sustained damage. Also good if you have a healing factor in you team, like the Banana-Thrower 16.png. It increases all healing received by 25% (6.9).

Massive in duels, high attack speed, move speed, crit chance, ghosting and more move speed when near an enemy champion is really great.

Combined with a 3085.png, you life steal will be massive. Prepare for big shields all day. Viable replacement for 3153.png, if the enemy team has no tanks.

Also an alternative to 3153.png. Grants slight tankiness, the same amount of AD as a 3072.png and you heal from all physical damage by 15%. Gives 10% CDR as well.

Has everything you can want (except life steal), but nothing in great numbers. Get it for the mobility/defense/pushing power, not for raw offense.

In some situations this can be useful, but if you're looking for proper defense, don't pick this. Use is as a replacement for 3153.png. Otherwise, you will overstep your attack speed cap.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Cho'Gath
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Garen
  • Hecarim
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Leona
  • Olaf
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Shen
  • Sion
  • Teemo
  • Trundle




Difficulty: 6/10 - 10/10

This has the potential to be a really hard matchup. Pre-6, everything's fine. Poke her with auto hit and bring her low before she reaches 6. At this point, you should have a 1011.png or a 3211.png. She likes tower diving a lot, so use your twitchQ.png wisely.

To counter her akalismokebomb.png, always carry a 2043.png with you and drop it on the spot if it's a crucial fight so you can position yourself accordingly.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 7/10

If you survive his lvl 6 burst and survive early game, the matchup becomes much easier.
Consider starting with 1001.png in order to juke his rupture.png.
With some tankiness and 3153.png, you will melt his ugly face off.


Dr. Mundo


Difficulty: 15/10

His damage and level of tankiness is truly outrageous. Don't even consider fighting this guy before you have a MRes item. Try to farm up and scale into late game. Save your twitchQ.png for the time he tower-dives you or you get ganked. You highest priority is to safely survive the laning phase.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 9/10

The difficulty of this matchup depends extremely on the 245.png's level of skill. If he is bad, free kills for you. If he knows what he is doing, you're pretty much screwed, assumed you can't predict his ekkoW.png or juke his ekkoQ.png. If you can, the matchup becomes much easier.




Difficulty: 11/10

One of the cancer champs of top lane. Your true damage is nothing in comparison to hers. She as a 2 sec CD dash fioraq.png, attack speed buff, guaranteed crit fioraflurry.png, a damage/CC retaliation tool fiorariposte.png and immense sustain fioradance.png. Don't fight her w/o a 3110.png / 3075.png or you will lose.

Poking before 6 is an absolute necessity in order to survive or prevent her all-in at lvl 6, but don't overextend doing so. Also, the all-ins at level 1/2/3 can be very dangerous already.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 8/10

Can go either way. Consider starting with 1001.png to respond to his garenslash3.png move speed buff. Pre-6, he is rather easy to control. Post-6, don't your health ever fall below ~30%, or his garenjustice.png will end you.
In this matchup, a red buff will help a lot since you will have to kite endlessly. Consult your local jungler.




Difficulty: 8/10

A rare pick these days but dangerous nonetheless. His engage is top notch, and especially early on, his damage is really high. Hug your turret and 4.png his hecarimult.png if necessary. If he dives you, you're getting ganked. Save your twitchQ.png!




Difficulty: 8/10 - 10/10

A real pain in the a$$ (much like gay sex, but with sharper toys). She has strong engage ireliagatotsu.png, lots of burst and sustained damage ireliahitenstyle.pngireliatranscendentblades.png, build-in sustain and strong CC ireliaequilibriumstrike.png. Poke when possible and NEVER EVER stand besides low HP minions! Get some early life steal.




Difficulty: 11/10

Another cancer champ of top lane. His jaxcounterstrike.png not only allows him to dodge all incoming auto attacks but stun you as well for an eternity. When he uses jaxrelentlessassault.png, then disengage and sit it out. Get some early MRes and ilfe steal to withstand his damage.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 5/10

The first time in my life I see a (tank) 89.png top. Dodge her leonazenithblade.png / leonasolarflare.png and she is a free kill. This is one of your easier matchups. Poke all day with auto hits and all-in her if you deem it a good idea. She can set up good ganks though.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 6/10

Most viking players will poke with Q all day until they run out of mana. While dodging the axes, use this to your advantage for an all-in/a gank.

Poke with auto hits whenever you can w/o pulling too much minion aggro.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 6/10

If you stay away from bushes, this is easy pre-6. Poke him whenever he goes for a lasthit. Punish him for even trying to farm. You should reach level 6 before him, so don't hesitate to use your repertoire to drive him out of lane.
If he ults suddenly and w/o visible reason, you better run because you're about to get ganked.




Difficulty: 7/10 - 9/10

She is an assassin, you are a tank. Well, after you got some items at least.
Early on this matchup is really dangerous, but time works in your favor.
Poke, poke, poke, but at max range or she will retaliate.

Riben players are known for playing (almost) suicidal. Use this to your advantage, e.g. bait her into diving you while your turn invisible.

Her rivenfeint.png is the only shield in the game which scales with AD. Meaning if you think your poison will finish her off, think again. Always double tap!




Difficulty: 4/10 - 6/10

He is not very dangerous, but his shenfeint.png blocks every auto attack, so play around it. Try not to get hit by his spirit blade or his attacks will deal additional damage.
His shenshadowdash.png can set up ganks really well. If he taunts you, use twitchQ.png as fast as you can and run.

Warn your team when he reaches level 6. His save ganks can turn a fight and even a game around. When he ults, while standing in front of you, try to deal as much damage as possible until he teleports away so your teammates will have an easier time. Ping multiple times as well!




Difficulty: 4/10 - 5/10

Try not to push the lane too hard, he can set up ganks extremely well. Early on, he is much stronger than you due to his insane base stats. Reaching late game, you will be the one melting him. Take your sweet time and farm.
Dodge his crypticgaze.png at all cost, it hurts a lot but since it's rather slow (2 sec charge time), it is easy to dodge.
With a little training and a bit of mind play, his cannibalism.png is easy to dodge as well. If you do get hit, the chain CC will probably kill you in late game.




Difficulty: 4/10 - 7/10

Since you rely on auto attacks to deliver your damage and he has a blind, you must play around his blindingdart.png. Other than that, in a plain 1v1, you are stronger. Post-6, get a 3341.png / 3364.png asap. You don't want to step in his shrooms.
Also, have at least 1 2043.png to have permanent vision on your nearest lane bush or river/ tri-bush. This thingy is also useful when your fellow rodent tries to hide in a bush.




Difficulty: 11/10

You know already, top lane's cancer.
He has extreme sustain, incredible tankyness, high damage, he is very fast- and he has an AD debuff. Your worst nightmares coming true... (56.png pls)

Poking is fine, but it won't bring you any benefit, since he will regenerate it all back quickly. You best best is to get some kills early with your jungler's help. Don't feed him kills while ganking, or the game will be hell.

Champion Synergy Back to Top


Best jungler/support you can have in your team. While you are stealthed, he can ult you and this will not be visible/audible to the enemy team. You can walk into the enemy team's backline, and let the ninja engage by ulting onto you and then taunting one or more carries while you unload your damage. This leaves very little time to react if played correctly and can be devastating in late game.


Her ball, if placed onto you, will become invisible when you get stealthed. You can position yourself around the enemy team/carries and let the robo lady ult while ulting yourself. Really strong combo. Even stronger when combined with 98.png (see above).


Her ult makes teamfighting and engages safer and easier by strongly buffing you. Incorrect positioning can still spell doom for you, but it gives more room for mistakes. Since you champion model becomes really big, mind games also play a part here. Get ulted, activate ult yourself and and become a huge nightmare for your foes. Her speed-up is also nice.


Her Black Shield (E) is your best friend in any kind of engage and ability fights. It prevents any CC and absorbs some magic damage. You can freely navigate ability-heavy fight to find the target you need. A good Morgana ult can turn the tides of a team fight rapidly as well, which gives the team time to react.


The fat carp has two really interesting abilities regarding Twitch. The W can eat and spit him out while being stealthed. R works like teleport: you go into stealth, walk into his mouth (^^) and get teleported while arriving still stealthed. It will look like Tahm teleported alone.


With a little help of the chrono keeper, the plague rat becomes a suicide bomber. Get Q'd and walk into the enemy team while being stealthed. The move speed steroid is nice as well and his R is a sweet bonus against high-damage teams.

Why play Tank Twitch? Are you nuts?!? Back to Top

I get that quite a lot, but you would be surprised how much fun and satifying to play this is. Give it a try; if you still don't like, then you have no idea on how to have fun. :D
P.S.: nuts are for hamsters, not rats.

First of all, the Big Rat is extremely squishy.
Defense: 2/10

If you build some defense, your uptime becomes much higher and you can output more damage in the long run, especially in longer team fights, you areal damage becomes insane.
This is the statistics overview from a recent game against a top lane Rengar (April 17th 2016). This is Silver/Gold elo.



  • quite high damage output in late game despite being tanky
  • very versatile
  • can gank like a god
  • fast splitpusher
  • very mobile for a marksman
  • invisibility
  • attack speed steroid
  • true damage passive
  • longest auto hit range in game (with ult)
  • godlike inititation


  • very squishy early
  • prone to ganks, you will probably get camped. Deal with it.

Playstyle Back to Top

Early Game / Laning Phase

This is, as you probably already guess, the time where you farm all the time and poke your opponent. Since he is normally melee, this can potentially lead to some early kills, since no one expects a rodent on top lane, even less a tanky, slippery, annoying rat which can still carry games hard.

At this point, getting dived and dying once or twice isn't really surprising. Deal with it.

Since you are prone to getting ganked and no one likes "special snowflakes" like us who play unsusual "non-meta" picks, expect to be ganked a lot and/or get camped. Don't fret, diving a 29.png can prove really dangerous and inefficient due to his stealth ability. Always to use it to its maximum potential.

Important: don't commit to full-blown fights until you have at least 1.5-2 items. Otherwise you haven't scaled enough yet.

Mid Game

This is the time you should pick up your roaming schedule. Your ganks are really potent, just be wary of 2043.png and 3364.png. Roam around the map, steal a buff here and there, get some kills and assist, help pushing turrets and secure objectives.

Oftentimes you can help your jungler stealing a a buff or set your mid laner ahead. Do a simple stealthed lane gank and grab a kill or assist or at least make the enemy mid laner burn his summoners. Rinse & Repeat.

Pro-Tip: when you gank, use your Q early as well as 3364.png before stealthing to avoid getting spotted by possible wards. You can just walk over them w/o being seen.

Late Game / Team Fighting

This is where 29.png really shines. With his ult, he can potentially hit all 5 enemies and literally obliterate them - even as a tank/bruiser. If you have some engage, let your team engage and the moment the teams clash, reappear behind their backline and fire your deadly bolts on their carries. This will, provided that you position yourself correctly and are able to kite properly, melt their faces off. Playing mind games is important as 29.png and nothing confuses more than an enemy suddenly coming up from behind or the side. Extremely efficient for flanking!


  • When recalling, activate Q first (in the 1.5 sec time window) for an invisible recall.
  • Same for teleport: (1) activate Q (2) use teleport to your target location (3) arrive stealthed. (4) Profit???
  • This also works for 223.png's ultimate! This makes it look like Tahm teleported alone!
  • While you're stealthed, allied effects on you are not visible to the enemy team, e.g. 61.png's ball or 98.png ult. Use this to prepare the ultimate team obliteration wombo combo. (see section "Champion Synergy")
  • Your Q's cooldown gets immediately reset on kill or assist. Use this e.g. for chasing enemies who are about to escape.

Changelog Back to Top

May 13th 2016

  • Fixed some grammatical mistakes
  • Improved some item explanations

May 11th 2016

  • Slightly expanded section "Playstyle"

May 10th 2016

  • Added section "Champion Synergy"

April 21st 2016

  • rephrased some parts of the text
  • corrected grammatical mistakes & typos

April 18th 2016

  • added more matchup descriptions.
  • "Playstyle" section added

April 17th 2016

  • Guide created
  • will add more matchups when I actually played them

About the Author Back to Top

Hey there, this is Chrymbor from EU West.
I really enjoy playing unusual picks, as you could probably guess.

If you have any questions or remarks to make about my guide, please leave a comment!

Also check out my other guides.

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