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Urgot Statistics for Raddatatta

Author's performance with Urgot compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash is needed. The other one is dependent on the matchup. Only take Tp if you're actually gonna use it to roam. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Deathfire I think is best for extra damage on your q's but thunderlords can also work for some burst and it's better against squishies. 

Abilities Back to Top

urgotpassive.png This is nice as it reduces damage the enemies are doing by 15%. It only is when you hit them with an auto or a q so try to target as many people as possible with those at the beginning of a fight. But it can be hard to focus on that when trying to kill someone. Focus squishy damage dealers though. 

urgotheatseekingmissile.png This is your main source of damage. It also helps with farming as it returns half the mana cost if you kill with it. With practice going between this and your autos helps you farm really well which is part of the reason i tend to do well with urgot. It also works with your e to be targeted instead of a skillshot. And with muramana to do bonus damage as it's a single target attack. Also since it's single target it works nicely with deathfire. 

urgotterrorcapacitoractive2.png This is a shield. Use it before you take damage, pretty basic. It also will make your q slow people when the shield is active which lets you hit people more before they go out of range. It also scales with mana so even though you max it last the amount of shielding it does will go up as your tear stacks. If you are having a really tough lane maybe take another point in it around level 8 or so for the extra defense. 

urgotplasmagrenade.png This lowers enemy armor by a percentage that scales with its level, which is why you max it second. It also makes your q targeted so you will hit it and increases the range. It is also a damage over time physical damage spell so it is perfect with black cleaver to shred all of their armor. Plus it shreds it for everyone not just you so your adc and any other ad damage dealers will do more. You generally have to decide between hit the tank to lower their tankiness, or hit the adc to spam q on them. Usually hit the adc but hitting the tank definitely helps too!

urgotswap2.png This ult is really unique and cool. But not one of the most op in the game. It has a suppress which is really nice to help your team focus someone and you swap places. The fear comes in handy sometimes but be careful about ulting just for the fear as it'll put you in a bad position sometimes. The percent damage reduction is great as you do build tanky too so it works doubly. Try to catch people out with this and then make the fight a 4v5. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is one start but not my favorite one. It is the safest though.
    This is nice as it sets you up to get items quicker and get a corrupting potion quickly. But no health and no mana back initially.
    I like this one as it gives you lots of sustain throughout the game and it gives you back mana which is great early. I usually run this one but the trade off with armor pen runes is you start with very little ad.

Core Items

    Get this asap 100% if you can't afford it first back buy the parts. Get this stacking asap.
    This shreds armor, gives you ad and tankiness and cdr to top it off. It works wonderfully with your e get it.
    Get this before your tear is fully stacked when you have the gold for it. When you get it it will stack faster than just tear so that's nice. But you stack it decently fast with your q so it's not a huge priority until it's almost done stacking.
    Get this as a first buy (after tear) if you are against an ap champ. It'll help do damage and not die.
    This gives you tankiness, mana, and 20% cdr. Works really well on urgot as a later buy once you have your core.
    I start with cdr just for the early cdr but with black cleaver and frozen heart you max out cdr so then swap it for one of the others depending on whose fed, if they have heavy cc or you just want the movement speed boost.
    This gives you lifesteal on your q as its any physical damage. It's good on him but not the most important item.
    You have a lot of percent armor reduction built in your kit this gives you a good amount of flat pen with the lethality. Great for killing squishies, and speed for kiting
    Both have their purpose but I usually won't get this unless we have an all ad comp and they are building armor. If so you will basically still be doing true damage once buying this and black cleaver. I'd get executioner's calling if they have someone who is healing a lot, so a vlad, soraka, mundo, sona etc it really cuts down on their healing and power.
    Get both tank stats and gives you a revive which is really nice.
    Both of these can be good if you are against lots of squishy people

Situational Items

Other tank items can be substituted in if your team is squishy. Once you have muramana and black cleaver thats most of the damage you need everything else is extra so tankiness is fine. But if you can get away with more damage go for it. 

Matchups Back to Top

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Why mid? Back to Top

He doesn't work as well as an adc because of his bad auto attack range and no crit for the real late game damage. And he works really well with blue buff. At lower elo ask your jungle for it as they might not give it to you as a given, but they might if you ask (nicely). It really helps you stack your tear and do damage. 

He also can work into an all ad team comp because of how good his armor shred is, it still enables your team to do more damage. And you don't get as heavily shut down as a zed or talon would by a tank stacking armor. Although I'd still recommend having an ap top or jung or corki or something for some magic. 

He works very well as a surprise pick as most people aren't used to playing against him and if you get good at him he can work really well. Plus people overestimate how weak he is (cause of his bad rep) and get cocky, you can catch them out. They also don't really know what to do when your e hits and you start spamming q and they just run away. And a good ult can get them under tower and kill them. 

He also works really well as a counter to the mid assassins like zed, talon, lb, etc anyone who moves fast and a lot and doesn't want to be held down. 

Power Spike Back to Top

With any champ it's important to know when you are strongest relative to everyone else. Urgot is great a few times. Level 2-3 if he has enough mana, and Mid game when he has 2-3 items. 

Level 2-3. Hit you e and spam your q all day long. Save your mana until then so you can do it. If you have corrupting make sure to hit that so you get the bonus damage from that too. It does a lot of damage and can get you a kill or just force them out of lane. You only get one real shot at this as you'll be out of mana after it. 

Mid game - This is when your tear is stacked so you get that bonus damage from muramana, and you have some armor pen or black cleaver which gives you good damage in fights, and it's not before people have stacked armor enough against you, also armor scales with level so the higher level they are, even with adcs and squishies, the more armor they have. But you do scale decently into late game as you get tanky and with your pen still do good damage, but mid game and then trailing off late is your powerspike. The hypercarries will outscale your damage and tanks will be tankier than you are. But with a good ult you can pick out a carry and turn the fight into a 4v5 which is very good late. 

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