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Summoner Spells Back to Top

For your first summoner 4.png  Is a must. UNLESS junlgling, then you'd take Ghost instead.

Now for your second one things get interesting, though ill advise going TP 90% of the games, as urgot can take either ignite/ghost to a great success

12.png This is the go to, now after quite a lot of testing i've reached the conclusion that when played correctly urgot doesn't really really need The raw power of Ignite (handy as it is) nor the extra MS from Ghost, so the ability to get global map presence, secure objectives and kills (when you tp, you usually secure a kill (mostly for yourself) with your urgotr.png.

When you want to take other summoners? i mean mostly you don't, but if for example you are facing a riven, which is countered by urgot, you can REALLY snowball with ignite,  level 2-3 kills are usual stuff. but this can be done with just playing mechanically well, so again... if you REALLY don't want to take tp, than yeah, but Be smart, take tp, be a team player.

 14.png though its a more of a test run, but I'm getting good results, i able to secure kills easily with ignite to a urgotr.png  and snowball from there. the least safest pick. TAKE TP

6.png is just a good overall summoner for urgot, it goes well with your kit, you can dance around, an if you take glory with it or ghostblade it can be combined for some cheesy power, a very safe pick, probably the safest. and when you jungle you will take ghost and 11.png, best ganking tools :)

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This section is the core of this guide

 and the corner stone on which it builds upon. 

This whole mastery page was built around abusing urgotpassive.png to the fullest

since its what makes or breaks urgot


if you want different masteries, don't bother reading this guide

 your time is important ! 


6111.png no need for sorcery, so your only option.

6121.png contributes to our approach towards the passive, so we take it. 

6131.png imo better than 6134.png for laning phase, you are free to switch, but i'd hate to give up on this mastery.

6143.png we don't want to make ourselves weaker, we can get the benefit of this mastery easily without taking extra dmg in the process, so its a win-win situation, more so if the enemy took 6142.png as we get to hit him harder but not the opposite.

6311.png urgot is slow, mitigate it.

6323.png helps our urgotpassive.png? yes. ok so its a take.

6331.png mega important, our start is to go in once they are around 40% hp so this mastery boosts our combat power even more so once we decide to go in.

6341.png amazing mastery 3% hp from an AA, just step inside the bush, take control of the bushes, and charge it every time its up. a MUST TAKE.

6352.png reduces our passive CD from the get go, which is very nice, not a must. can be switched with 6351.png

6362.png this mastery is amazing and should not be gave up on. we get to proc with by using just one ability + AA that's loaded with urgotpassive.png. so we get to proc it ALL THE TIME. which adds up to chunking the enemy and moving through our great strategy of getting them to 40% hp (read in-depth section)

Abilities Back to Top

urgotpassive.png is what makes or breaks us. We never leave him without it
meaning you will never ever (in lane) go in without having this bad boy up and running.

the ability to deal % dmg based on max hp just by AAing someone is just hardcore good, combine it with our 

game strategy and you get that urgotpassive.png is  one of the most devastating passives to ever walk the top lane 

urgotq.png Bread and butter, will set the good from the rest, the ability to predict and condition an enemy to walk into our urgotq.png is key. we max it 1st. its strong, the slow is useful when we decide to go in / get a gank. and its not mana hungry! read the in-depth why this skill is so important and why urgotw.png not so much.


urgotw.png  amazing utility skill. yes, utility.
telling you straight on, urgotw.png is not used for dmg, but rather as a very very good passive procer. if you 

gonna use it for the DMG alone your gonna have a bad time. the shield is very nice with the general way urgot 

builds, the slow is a bummer but what can you do... the ignore unit collision is also very handy, makes us a pseudo 163.png running away shooting. 
NEVER EVER dive in with urgotw.png without urgotpassive.png, you will lose the trade or die. 


urgote.png at first glance its kinda shitty, but its actually not! which is kinda nice:) 

its best used as a counter rather than an initiate, you get jumped? the get stunned and flipped onto your urgotpassive.png 
and that how it meant to be used, as a way to get them into the urgotpassive.png's way.  you can do cool shit with it.

like urgote.png--->4.png but NEVER EVER go 4.png--->urgote.png.

An example how to use E as an anti-cc:



urgotr.png  Ahh! this ability is an absolute perfection.

long range ? YES

Amazing slow? YES

A true execute which is so satisfying to land? HELLA YES

nothing beats getting someone deleted out of the game by this ability, nothing. 

to a more practical tone, this ability makes it while other champions needs to get your hp-bar to, we only need to get you down to 25% (low Hp sustainers will cry) its a shift in approach, that when finally sets in, brings about a very unique style of playing, on which this whole guide is built upon.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Pots general start shield if you gonna vs jax and his likes
    When you are comfortable enough with playing urgot like i've instructed in this guide, you want to take Doran's around 90% of the time. its a very strong starting item, and i usually take it every single game Vs easy braindead lanes like garen you may take blade or cull, cull being the more gold efficient in the long run and both helps somewhat with hp sustain though not to a great deal.

Core Items

    MUST HAVE first item. amazing stats, urgot utilize everything this item offers to an amazing degree.
    2nd item will be hardcore resistance I recommend GLORY as a 2nd item most of the times, without the active it is cost efficient, with it its even better. depending on who is your enemy, feel free to change it up to a different item (though make sure its still a resistance item)
    3rd item usually, not a must. its a very good overall item for urgot, try taking it
    If you are vs AP heavy team than its not a bad choice, the shield is nice, the dmg is nice, and the resistance is, well... nice:), you get a lot from this item, might as well.
    AD - tabi AP - MERC
    Not a bad item, urgot gets nice stats from it, but its not a must have

Situational Items

    Not a bad item, ghost blade with ghost could not only get you out of a sticky situation but also allow you to slip into team fights
    An interesting item, will need further testing to fully recommend it, it might actually be must item in the future, for now its a nice item if you can't decide what to buy
    Your lane is gonna be a shit-storm? You are tilted from last game and want to take it easy? (go out and walk, don't play lol then!) life sucks? if answers yes to all, take cull. farm and chill. otherwise i advise against.

Build Path is very flexible, adapt to the enemy team.

Will keep editing this section since further testing is needed.

though I can already advise not to take 3072.png. just take 3812.png instead. the passive is stronger, and the item is better suited for urgot. 

check this section often for updates :) 


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Gangplank
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Maokai
  • Master Yi
  • Nasus
  • Riven
  • Teemo
  • Tryndamere




This is a weird MU. 41.png is among the best top laners there is. if he knows his way around his gangplanke.png its gonna be a hard lane, since he will punish you trying to punish him, so the way you need to play this, is taking control of the bush, to charge greenfather's dodge his barrel and punish him with urgotq.png and AA [he is melee after all] when he is trying to farm, if he will use gangplanke.png to farm, he will push, and you will be under tower, good position but not ideal vs 41.png as he can harass you with gangplanke.png under tower and finish the job with gangplankr.png.

Remember his Late game is amazing, so you want to make this lane about jungle power, let him push while you punish, and kill him with the help of your jungler. 

remember gangplankw.png cancels your urgotr.png. example: 




heimerdingerq.png means he will keep pushing which leaves him at your tower, excatly where we want him. and he is paper.

 In order to win the lane all you need to do is
  1. move alot, avoid getting tagged by heimerdingere.png and heimerdingerw.png
  2. he will hang around his turrets, try to urgotq.png them and him at the same time (easier than you'd think)
  3. call your jungler. he comes you get a kill 100% of the time. no escapes.

heres how your lane should look like:


Notice how easy it was? heimer was close to 50% hp, and pushed. as we will always be since he is heimer. urgotr.png is a great initiate in this case (and also a finisher)


Jarvan IV


Dont underestimate his jarvanivdragonstrike.png dmg or his ability to soak it with jarvanivgoldenaegis.png  nor his ganking power with jarvanivdemacianstandard.png into jarvanivcataclysm.png either him being top or jungle. 2055.png  even more than usual 

59.png can do some annoying level 2 cheese, if he manages to level up before you, as you can see in the Gif, now imagine his jungler came in with him? wouldn't take much to get that first blood. its not a hard match up.. i've played vs enough 59.png  with 6.png to say this is a medium match up, but borderline hard. proc that urgotpassive.png get bush control. wait for him to get chunked and urgotr.png him into despair 





They tend to seem crazy and scary, but he a'int nothing, Don't be afraid to lock urgot 

into a picked jax if you know your way around 6.png

 harass  24.png when he goes to CS, and when he jaxleapstrike.png time your urgote.png with his jaxcounterstrike.png don't activate urgotw.png  you will both be stunned but he will be behind you ready to take urgotpassive.png shots to the face.

[not complete - needs more fine tuning and a GIF showcase]



57.png is in-fact an easy lane, But lets start from the bottom line: The longer the game goes, better chances 57.png has to get money --> items --> exp. he gets that? you can nearly forget about killing him, i kid you not, 57.png super sustain, super resilient. annoying as fuck CC monster.

Ok now for the good parts. 

6.png crushes the living fuck out of maokai's early game (mid to late you won't be able, nor you would want to kill him) so you need to take advantage of this, and snowball on 57.png bad early game, but even early he is crazy good at receiving ganks from his jungler with W into Q into Grey screen, so remember not overextending and warding like a champ.

Laning is very linear, you charge your AA in the bush, you hit urgotq.png with urgotpassive.png and farm on, that's about it. until you reach level 3.

Level 3 --> jungler seen away / warded bush / wave is slightly near your tower ? 
If answered yes, you should All-IN him.
He will be forced to burn flash / die leaving you time to push into his tower costing him not only his summoner but exp and money.

This is what it will look like, every single time 


If not for his flash he would eat the last 2 urgotpassive.png shots and die (remember you have flash to burn as well)

A point to remember, 57.png can sustain A LOT on low Hp. 
urgotr.png him. he can't sustain if he is dead.

Start 1055.png


Master Yi


BAN him if you can. alphastrike.png fucks your over when it comes to him ganking you or you trying to land a urgotr.png

running away is a NO NO with his highlander.png since you can't slow him down with urgotq.png or urgotr.png so you are only down fighting him, which you will probably lose, as he doesn't need to move a-lot, just point and click. 

Its not an un-beatable MU

ITS JUST A VERY ANTI-FUN one. so i recommend a BAN



START 1055.png  vs him you've earned it:)

By far one of the easiest Matchups out there for 6.png.

75.png is alway about  nasusq.png these minions, stacking up. which makes him predictable, what does it mean? urgotq.png is so easy to hit its not even funny, you know he is gonna nasusq.png last hit that minion, you just make him pay hp along with the mana it costs. 

if you play this correctly he is going to end the game not hitting you once, I'm not even kidding, i've had a game when 75.png didn't hit me once, as every time he was in range he was already making his escape. 

However, under NO and i mean UNDER NO circumstances should you fuck this lane up. otherwise its GG from the get go. Your warding game should be ON POINT, I'm not even kidding, you need to look at the mini map every 3-4 seconds like a hawk.

DO NOT let him kick you out of the lane and free-stack. or he will become a 1 man army. 

Luck is on your side though. as nasusr.png doesn't matter if he is still under 25% for urgotr.png.
You can kite him nicely with urgotq.png and go aggressive with urgote.png into urgotw.png urgotpassive.png

Here's a short Gif how easy it is to kill a nasus (first you chunk him down, read in-depth)





Playing vs 92.png can be a lot of fun for the both sides, but it won't, since the riven will either be extremely good with cool judgment and high skill, or the extreme opposite 

When playing vs 92.png you need to be aware of her riventricleave.png all the time, count the swings, most riven will seek to somehow get that 3rd hit knock-up, deal some dmg and move from there. when its on CD its your time to deal Dmg with urgotq.png and AA. remember she is melee, and while 92.png thing they are crafty, its easy to see through their plan, so just ward, and prepare to dance, and dance you shall, as 92.png will jump you, doesn't matter if you are behind or ahead, she will jump at least once, and when she does you want have passive and urgotw.png up, and circle around her, if you have passive, she can't win, flat and square she just can, you urgote.png into position and finish with urgotr.png just like the in-depth explanation taught you. it will look something like this: (notice how i dance around her? blocking her down path forcing her to get more passive shots)





Don't be Afraid, play like you should, since you don't relay on your urgotw.png that much, his blindingdart.png [which works on urgotw.png and urgotpassive.png] a'int that scary.

Time your all in after he wastes his blindingdart.png or right before to give him false confidence 

[not complete - needs more fine tuning and a GIF showcase]




Actually one of the most simple and fun MU's for urgot. unless you fuck up...

You see, 23.png can't do shit to you until six. which is why you kill him at least once or twice before that. and come level 6? sure he has undyingrage.png but remember that you still can use urgotr.png to force him active it under your tower, as you can move while pulling.. so with 14.png and urgotr.png there is no reason for you to ever lose this lane. he comes to take a minion? urgotpassive.png in his face, make him cry. 
he tryndameree.png onto you? free urgotpassive.png then urgote.png and urgotpassive.png more... he just can't do shit. he can't tryndamerew.png slow since you will never run from him.. you will 1v1 him always (unless urgotpassive.png down, then back the fuck off.. and this is VS anyone, not just trynda).

From there you just snowball hard. he can't do anything, freeze under tower, he can't dive since you got 2 slows and a fling. or rather, he can try, thats just about it. 

remember you go 14.png and go aggressive. if you don't, he will just do his regular trynda thing, and you will...well... lose, probably.

heres an example on how to first blood him. (you chunk him level 1 using the tactics discribed inside the in-depth):

for some reason the GIF cuts shot, i promise you he dies hehe.

super In-Depth - READ THIS FIRST Back to Top

this guide based on my very own opinion, mostly on experience with a hint of theory crating, It its not an absolute truth but for me its how i believe things work, shall we?


So you starting laning with urgot, probably took FoB keystone maxed your urgotw.png first and wondered “Why do i feel so weak”, Well, good news, you aren’t weak, you just played a certain style, one which i believe, doesn’t suit our newgot.

Lets establish core principles:
  • Urgot will have hard time getting out of ganks, no if or buts around it.
  • urgotw.png  without passive is an average ability at most
  • urgote.png  is bad as a gap closer, doesn’t even traverse terrain
  • urgote.png is very very nice as a counter engage
  • urgotpassive.png  shred tanks (this is the old passive picture for some reason)
  • 6.png is not a tank [aka a 57.png].
  • doesn’t matter who are you, you can’t risk getting to 25% hp vs urgot due to urgotr.png.

Now that we know this, we can build upon it. 
First is the basic part. since you can’t handle tanks well before you are well fed, you want to 2055.png heavily, You look at the minimal every time you can and back off as soon you suspect something, haven’t seen the enemy jungler for a long time? better play safe, why? you will have hard time climbing back to the game if you are behind, remember urgot quote “i climbed out on the corpses” that’s what it will take to come back, and its very easy to get behind if you are careless, good news though snowballing is just as easy if you are well prepared.


So actual laning, starting urgotq.png first and taking 6362.png keystone, yep, 6362.png. why? 
You see your play style actually revolves around chipping away Hp and not go in and stay in riven style. think of urgot’s play style as a slow torture.
The way you want to play is around said urgotq.png and passive, meaning you want to hit that urgotq.png and passive shots every single time.


At level 1 you can take around 20% of their hp in a heartbeat with that alone, potentially tilting them from the get go [see vid 2]  remember that argot has not 4 but 5 DMG abilities and an AA, meaning you can proc 6362.png with passive-urgotq.png-urgotw.png-urgote.pngurgotr.png-AA. so just by hitting a urgotq.png+aa (which is loaded with passive) you proc 6362.png, so you can urgotq.png aa and back off, no need to chase get tank dmg from minions, meaning you start chipping away HP fast and tilting them. 
That is also why you will be maxing that urgotq.png first, not urgotw.png

Hitting urgotq.png is hard, no ifs or buts around it, its just hard. long delay with not so big hitbox makes for a true skill shot, remember the part about making you a better player? will besides warding and mini-map looking this is also a part of it, in order to hit urgotq.png you will start making predictions and controlling the flow of battle, they want to kill that canon minion? sure, come in, get a urgotq.png to the face or back off and watch it die. you start creating these “mini-battles” around, testing them, throw a random urgotq.png or 2, watch how to tend to escape from it, punish it make them play outside the box, one of urgot quotes is “think how stronger they will be…if they survive” this is very true, you are forcing your enemy to get better or die.


he wanted the minion? he paid for it.


Now once you get comfortable hitting these urgotq.png’s you want to freeze your lane slightly closer to your tower, not super close, while ideal is actually not beneficial since the enemy will play with heightened care when the wave sits near your tower, but if its just slightly closer, they will not make a big deal out of it in their mind, but it will make all the difference once you invite your jungle to gank, get ganked [shorter distance to close between your tower] or when you go in.


And going in, with urgot is nothing short of an art, the magic % you want them to be is 40%. 
This will take time to soak in, but it eventually will.

You don’t need to take their entire HP bar away, only get it to 25% from there its yours. So you chip away, 5% here, 10% there, it adds up, and quicker than you’d imagine when you urgotq.png-aa[ with passive ] and back off. 


Once they are at 40% you shift your approach, you no longer look to chip, but you are now out for blood, you just want to hit that 1 urgotq.png, remember urgotq.png slows, at level 3 its a 55% slow for 1 second, which is enough to to hit your urgotr.png which will slow for 60% for 3 sec while getting closer flinging  them with urgote.png  hitting passive shots easily with urgotw.png [usually 2-3 will be enough] this will, around 98%+ of the times will get them to 25% or less within that 3 second window, allowing you to recast  urgotr.png resulting a kill. 

OFC you can handle it differently, but the core is there, if you are close, no need to use urgotr.png’s slow etc etc [see vid 3]


So lets sum it up, how the game now looks:
  • you killed the top laner, more money and more importantly more farm to you and less farm to him which increases the value of that said money
  • You didn’t die, as you warded like a champ, knowing any gank will spell your doom
  • your enemy top laner is most likely frustrated as not only you have gotten the better of him by forcing him to play your own game, but actually dying to said tactic is calling out his jungle which will never be able to properly gank you cuz of your wards, but will allow your jungle to snowball other lanes taking objectives, or making your enemy top laner even more tilted by not ganking you, allowing you to snowball harder which results in a win-win situation for you.


This is how you get better at both a champion and the game overall. Sure you will lose sometimes, but try to watch them replays, see if you really predicted, really played your own game, did you use that passive? did you [urgod forbid] tried to go in without your passive? learn from this, correct it, eliminate it, and you will know nothing but success. 

Last game/build tips: 
  • rush 3071.png 
  • 2nd item will always be hardcore resistance item even if you snowball, trust on that one
  • you will learn how to correctly position in lane / team fights due to your passive, remember that even when not playing urgot, fighting from favored position is key [see vid 4]
  • urgotr.png can fear, and it will fear, use it to control the team fight, you are free to move while using urgotr.png for a reason, positioning is king.


it just works.

VIDS [read explanation first] Back to Top


vid 1 - This is how you use E most of the time, not as an engage but to counter it 

Another E use, take in mind these players have fucked up, but correct use of E made me take advantage of that.


vid 2 - starting trades, use Q and passive


vid 3 -  how you want to be fighting



vid 4 - remember that position is key


Updates Back to Top

7.17 BUFFS :D

Riot Buffed E and R, making a fine abilities even better, 4 sec timer on R is actually INSANE and adds so much raw power it should not be even legal.

still think i overestimate how broken 4 seconds timer is? 


she was nearly in base.. 

E QOL and usability changes as well, good, good.


I will keep this guide updated for every patch promised


I will add every single top lane Match-up with videos. it will take a-lot of time, but will happen eventually, keep checking for updates 


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