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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png As you dont have a reliable escape or blink, always get flash to make playmaking actions or to safely scurry away 

12.png The toplane is usual referred to as an Island; you are mostly duking it out with the enemy toplaner. Use this spell to say hi to other lanes, to share your presence on the map, or making you a big splitpushing threat that your opponent has to react to. 

14.png Ignite is a bit of a ballsy spell toplane. It gives you a big amount of damage, and can help you in getting people under the threshold of your ultimate. You give up your map pressure though due to a lack of Teleport to be a bigger threat in the laning phase, so beware your position on the map to react in time to your team's actions, as well as your opponents!

New Runes Back to Top

There are multiple ways to set up a rune page for Urgot. Due to not really having 1 keystone sticking out that's perfect for him, I'll make a list of those that are fine options, and their pros and cons. I'll discuss the main tree for every option, so secondary options will be discussed for their relevant main tree. How you want to combine the two trees is up to you, though the pages I use the most are shown.

Precision Runes:

General pros and usable runes: 
  • Triumph is a lifesaver in terms of being a constant threat through a teamfight. The return of 12% missing HP can turn a fight completely around and allows you to go in for the more difficult dives. Would highly recommend.
  • Legend: Tenacity gives you more tenacity, which can allow you to go for Ninja Tabi instead of Mercury Threads when against a team that have a low, but important amount of CC. Extra Attackspeed and Lifesteal aren't as valuable as tenacity when playing Urgot.
  •  Coup de Grace is a nice snowballing rune, that allows you to get people earlier to your urgotr.png threshold, and gives a small amount of AD on top for your next target. Can be swapped for Last Stand , for when you are the frontline and will be cut down fast by poke or are a main target that will be focused down a lot. Wouldn't recommend Cut Down, due to most Urgot builds involving a lot of HP in his item path (Cleaver, Mallet I.E.)
  • Runepath is in general the most usable when going for extended fights, setting up one kill for another. 

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64: This rune is in a similar state as last season. Charges faster now when normally attacking, but you get a lower charge when using W compared to Season 7. Can be used for an offensive way of sustaining yourself and positioning, but you need to build offensive too to actually get the most out of it.
Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=64: In my opinion the best Precision rune. Can be set-up fast with your W, gives a little damage burst and can give you the damage to get people faster to the ult threshold, while also increasing the damage done by teammates. Gives you the most bang for your buck from this runepath.

  • Attackspeed gained by going this path isn't as valuable as other bonuses for Urgot. It can help with farming or putting some normal AA shots in, but the AS boost isn't worthwhile. 
  • This path is only prefered when going for extended trades. In a poke battle or when you need a more tanky approach to your building path, this runepath isn't recommended, for there are better options outside this tree.
  • This page makes Urgot more snowbally and kinda relies on it, so if you can't get ahead the page becomes less worth to use. 
Domination Runes:

General pros and usable runes:
  • Gives bonus AD, making you more potent from the start of the game. As every skill of Urgot scales with (bonus) AD, you become a lot stronger even without items. 
  • Gives insane burst, which in turn makes you even more of a threat than usual. Can more reliably combo a squishy down, if you can reach him

  • Sudden Impact improves your damage by giving a bit of lethality. Combined with the Armor Reduction of Black Cleaver, you can deal more damage towards squishy targets. Can be swapped out for Cheap Shot for a bit of true damage after hitting your E, Q or R, which in turn favors dealing damage to the more tanky enemies more. Taste of Blood could be used too, but with a Runepage specifically designed for dealing a lot of burst damage, I'd favor extra damage more than the small amount of sustain it would give.
  • Zombie Ward gives you more ward coverage, which in turn gives you a safer way to all-in your opponent. The other rune options are way less valuable in terms of vision or damage you would gain to actually swap this rune.
  • Ravenous Hunter gives you an insane amount of healing when ulting someone, can also be used by your urgotpassive.png for quite a lot of sustain. These options are all not ideal for Urgot, but Ravenous or Ingenious Hunter are the most usable. Ingenious can help you set-up a gank due to a lower CD on your Righteous Glory, or can make your lane safer due to the lower cooldown on your Trinket. 
Electrocute.png?width=64: Really the only proper viable keystone for Urgot from this tree. Gives you a lot of burst damage with your combo, but the keystone falls or rises with your ability to hit your urgote.png. Fail it, and you make it harder to proc Electrocute. Hit it, and you are guaranteed to hit your other spells, making it an easy target. Do note that your W counts as one proc, so you need 2 other damage sources to make electrocute work. 

  • Makes you insanely squishy that you can only compensate by going tanky items, which kinda works against the whole reason you want to go this page. But to make the page work, you need to go into the enemies face, which is a great risk.
  • Same problem Precision has; really reliable on snowballing your way to victory.
  • Electrocute scales of bonus damage, which means you need to get offensive items to actually make the damage worthwhile. Further embellows your squishy state.
Sorcery Runes:

General Pros and usable runes:

  • Gives bonus AD, making your spells and basic attacks more potent.
  • Syncs with your buildpaths, giving you additional aid in combat.
  • Giving your poke a lot more damage, making you a threat from close and from a distance.  

  • Ultimate hat gives you a lot more chances to reel someone in, keeping your enemies at their toes and giving you a potential chance to snowball the game. Can be replaced with Nullyfing Orb when against multiple AP opponents. Together with a Hexdrinker, you can gain a pretty hefty magic shield to absorb their damage.
  • Transcendence gives you a nice 10% CDR, topping you at the max with Black Cleaver and Righteous Glory. If you decide to get Maw of Malmortius or any other item with CDR incluced, you gain a small but potentially benefitial amount of AD. Could be swapped out for Celerity for a nice damage boost with boots and Righteous Glory activated, and also keeps giving the bonus damage from the rune even while in urgotw.png. Absolute focus could be used, but if you are a frontliner you most of the time gets under the %HP, making it less useful.
  • Scorch is a nice addition to your damage, giving you sometimes an unexpecting bonus which can pull people under the R threshold. Could be swapped for Gathering Storm if you know the game will be extended, as then the AD gained from Gathering Storm will be better than the bonus damage from Scorch. Basically early game (Scorch) vs late game (Gathering Storm).
Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64: Main poke damage rune. With the slows and stuns included in your kit (or bought with Frozen Mallet), the comet will be almost always be a certain hit. Gives you a lot of poke damage, and can be incredibly handy in combat. Great for poke battles, less so for drawn out teamfights. 
Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64: Maybe not the first thought for Urgot, but can come in handy. Similar to DoT champions, Aery can proc at least 2 times throughout your combo. While the base damage is lower than that of Comet, the guaranteed damage and increased chances of proccing it compared to Comet makes it a pretty fine usable rune. 

  • Long battles or not in favor of you when going for this tree, as it is more focused on poking and being a bit more ranged damage than going all-in or teamfighting. 
  • As this page is more poke oriented, when going against champions that like to be in your face you can get a really hard time fighting against them. 
Resolve Runes:

General pros and usable runes:
  • Makes you a lot beefier, making you an excellent frontliner.
  • keeps you alive long enough to stay a threat for long enough without relying on your ultimate.

  • I'm personally a fan of Unflinching. Gives you extra tenacity and slow resistance, giving you added stickiness towards enemies. Together with Frozen Mallet, it makes you really hard to shake off.
    Can be swapped for Demolish if you are able to splitpush the game or are against an opponent that can be easily pushed in. Font of Life is usable too, and is way more support oriented. If your job is to peel for your carries, use Font of Life to gives them survivability. 
  • Conditioning is the most commonly used rune for this slot. Gives you extra survivability, but only after 10 minutes. Really strong rune, but if you are against a lane bully or a strong AD/AP only comp, Iron Skin or Mirror Shell are much better options. Your W procs these too, so you can use that to increase your chances.
  • One of Urgots weaknesses is his inability to sustain damage. By using Second Wind, you can regen a bit of the poke you are up against. Can be swapped for Overgrowth, which gives you increased HP, though the actual gains from it aren't that big to make that rune a must-have. 
Aftershock.png?width=64: Aftershock is a really great rune on Urgot. While it relies on you hitting your Disdain (E), the increased armor, magic resist can be really great in the skirmish. The additional damage that scales with your HP is, especially late-game, a decent amount of damage that can turn the tables. 

Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=64: Not the greatest option for Urgot. While it would be a great keystone, the whole reason it sucks on Urgot is cause he is ranged. Due to this, your actual damage and HP gain are way to low to actually make it worthy to take. Aftershock would be a much better option.

  • While this tree makes you a great bruiser, it lacks in damage to make you a carry. Only when you can proc your passive and ultimate you gain enough damage to really make the enemy worry. 
  • This page relies on your ability to hit E, if you can't get into range for Disdain or the enemy is to nimble to catch out you can't make the most out of your page.
  • While still having the option to become tanky or carry, almost all your damage comes from the items you buy or the natural scaling in your abilities. Remember that when fighting.
Inspiration Runes:

General pros and usable runes:
  • Gives you a mix of utility and survivability to walk down the enemy.
  • Helps you being a threat throughout the game, offsetting the nerfs to Urgot's early game.

  • Biscuit Delivery gives you much need sustain against poke champions, giving you also a bit of mana regen to keep poking them back. Perfect Timing could be used instead, if you need to dodge an all-in or know you are gonna buy Guardian Angel anyways later in the game.
  • Magical Footwear is a nice way to circumvent your low movement speed. Can help a lot with setting up your E, especially together with Righteous Glory. Can be changed for Future's Market to help you reach your main items faster, though the building path for those items are easy enough to gain them through normal ways.
  • Cosmic Insight, Approach Velocity and Celestial body are all 3 great runes. Approach Velocity helps you with rushind down the enemy that are hit by your slowing spells or Frozen Mallet, making you stickier. Celestial body, while giving you -10% damage on your damage for the first 10 minutes, also makes you tankier early game, and due to your R being true damage, can't be reduced in damage. Cosmic Insight helps your poking, Ultimate cooldown and running down the enemy team. 
Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=64: Can be used to swap out your Summoner Spells depending on match-up. I.E., use Ignite in the early game for dominating the lane, Teleport for the midgame for those trans map ganks, and Ghost for the lategame to run down the enemy. While still keeping Flash, its cooldown is reduced too, giving you more chances to dive the enemy. 

  • Doesn't give a hard boost towards your fighting prowess, making you rely on items or skill to deal extra damage.
  • Due to the buffs giving you an edge in utility, it can take a while untill you become a threat in-game. Play accordingly.
  • While this page is the most flexible in terms of building paths, you must have a good read on the game and opponents team to build the right way. Might be harder for the players that aren't as familiar with the game or the champion yet.
X.X Patch Rune Update

  • 8.1: Due to the update involving the Resolve tree as a secondary path, you always gain a bit of HP whenever you chose it. This makes using either the Resolve tree as a main or secondary path a lot more viable, and might even kick the Precision Runepage of the nr. 1 throne. With the added 65 HP you gain, Cull became a lot more of a viable starting item for Urgot than it was already, making up for the lack of HP you would have got if you didn't opt for Doran's Blade. Almost always go for Resolve at least as a secondary, unless you can heavily snowball your game or need a specific rune in another tree that helps your game a lot. 

Masteries Back to Top

Above you see the most common mastery page. 
6114.png - Your damage comes almost only through your abilities, and with your urgotw.png any additional attack speed is a waste. 
6121.png - Gives you a bit more oomph to your first attack. It also procs with your urgotpassive.png shotguns, so especially in the early game it can deal just that bit of needed damage to create a lead in your lane. 6122.png Could help a bit with your sustain, but we try on Urgot to create a lead fast, and I personally value the damage more. You can pick Feast for sure in a passive lane; surviving the lane and farming up to your lategame is a better, safer option in that case and that little heal can do wonders in that case.
6131.png - Bit more tricky, this choice. Vampirism can give you much needed sustain, where Natural Talent can give you a little damage bump early. The sustain ramps up through your urgotw.png though, as each shot triggers Vampirism. Together with a Cull or Doran's Blade, you can be in lane a lot longer than you would without. I favor this more towards Vampirism, but mixing it up by going 1 point in Vampirism and 4 in Natural Talent is possible too, as long as you take at least 1 point in 6131.png.
6143.png - Best of the three choices. We don't want to make ourselfs squishy by going Double Edged Sword, and it takes a long time for Bounty Hunter to stack up as a toplaner. Battle trance however gives us the extra damage in any state of the game, as long as we make prolonged fights. As your entire combo stretches out over more than 3 seconds, this is the mastery to go.
6151.png - Obvious choice
6162.png - Best of the 3 choices. Warlords is a nice and niche option. It gives sustain and movement speed, things you both want, but 6.png lacks crit damage to give it just the edge to make it worthwhile to invest in. DFT could work as it procs on your shotguns too, but lacks the damage in the end to really make you a threat. Fervor gives you the most bang for your buck, with every shot from your W giving you a fervor stack, giving you immense AD in a couple seconds.

6211.png - Obvious choice. Recovery gives sustain, whereas the extra armor barely gives survivability when it counts.
6223.png - Same as the above. We need survivability at all times, the bit of extra movementspeed that doesn't even work in lane isn't worth it. The extra armor and MR could be nice, but only works on your own towers, making it useless when ahead.
6231.png - Bit of a toss up here. Veteran Scars can be nice to give us a bit more HP in the early game. Meanwhile Runic Armor is useful late game, where it can boost the shield gained by your urgotw.png. It also gives you a bit more healt recovery throught Vampirism, as well as the sustain from Doran's Blade or Cull. Most of the times the extra shield is more worth than the bit of HP early game, but if you really need to survive the laning phase, get Veteran Scars. 
6241.png - With TP, you want to make plays as much as possible on the map. With a lowered cooldown on it, you can do this more often, increasing your presence and giving you more tools to disrupt the enemy team.

Abilities Back to Top

Before patch 7.21, I gravitated more towards the W max than Q first. With the new buffs, Q max seems the better option, though both are still really good choices. But more on that later Note: The buffs in patch 7.21 are calculated in the descriptions further down below.

urgotpassive.png - One of your main damage sources. Try to not use all of your front guns, but rather dance around your wave to keep at least 1 front shotgun up at any time for harass. Wait for your shotguns when you want to all-in, as they massively increase the damage you can deal.
urgotq.png - Due to being a slow detonating spell before 7.21, you mostly used it for getting some poke damage in, and setting you up for the lock you can use with your W. After 7.21, the enemy can react much weaker to your Q, and thus becomes a better engage tool to follow up with your E, increasing to potency of the spell. Use this spell to reach hard to get minions, initiate your combo or harass your enemies.
urgotw.png - Your main spell that ties your skillset together. The shield gives you great sustain in battles, and the damage ramps up pretty well the more AD you've got, giving you increasingly potential to deal and soak a lot of damage. Also grants you easy proccable Shotguns, which further increases your ability to beaing a threat. Also a great Turret Buster.
urgote.png - Your utility spell. Useful for narrow escapes, initiating fights and to set up your other spells.
urgotr.png - The ultimate that terrifies your enemy. Reels in anybody under the 25% HP threshold, and terrifies everyone close. The fear afterwards is useful for following up on other enemy champions, and while reeling people in, you can still move and flash on others to guarantee the fear. With 7.21, it becomes much harder to dodge the spell due to an increase in speed, so use this to your advantage in shooting it and integrating it in your combo.
First spell level-up depends on your level of agressiveness in the lane. Starting with E gives you the ability to immediatly set the tone of the match, grabbing your opponent at first level to give him a taste of your shotguns on the hind legs. On a succesfull attack, you can dish out a lot of damage and trigger a reaction of your opponent, ranging from popping a potion to actually popping a flash or (even better), setting you up with a kill.

If you need to be more safe or don't know how agressive you can be in the lane yet, you can start with Q first. Gives you a safer clear, can poke a little bit to keep the enemy on his toes and set you up for the Q-W lock at level 2.

At lvl 2, get your W regardless of choice of spell at level 1. You can now deal damage, either by locking onto someone with your Lvl 1 Q, or by keeping them close to you with your Lvl 1 E. Also trades have become much safer with your shield, and you can from now on be a lot more agressive. Round your Lvl 3 up with picking the last remaining spell, and you've got full acces to your potential damage. 

Regardless of maxing Q or W, always pick your Ultimate when possible, as well as leveling up your E last. You only use it for the utility, the extra damage or cooldown is not worth maxing this first over your Q or W.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard or agressive lanes for Urgot
    Defensive lanes or against DoT Champions

Core Items

    First back items, depending on how succesful you have been so far
    Core items, most impactful on Urgot
    4th item, can even get it before Frozen Mallet
    5th and 6th item. Depending on which damage type the main enemy threat is, pick that resistance first
    Example full build

Situational Items

    When you need more damage
    Always get these bastards
You've got multiple options and routes to go with Urgot, ranging from frontliner to second DPS.
As your first item, you got plenty different items to go for, each with each own purpose.
1055.png - Your go-to item. Useful in plenty occasions, giving you HP, Damage and Sustain. use this in 80% of all match-ups.
1083.png - Your item for winning match-ups. You gain no HP, but the extra damage gives you a more offensive edge. Your sustain is also really good, giving you the guaranteed 3 HP on hit for every attack you make, even when using urgotw.png. Gives you a lot of sustain, but you have to go ham on your enemy to use it. 
Due to changes in the runes, giving you HP whenever you choose Resolve primary or secondary as a path, Cull becomes a lot more useable even in unfavorable match-ups. Might even in the end be better than the standard DBlade start. 
2033.png - Gives you mana and health sustain. Great for lanes in which your urgotq.png is your only source of dealing damage and farming. If you moderate your spells and only use them when dealing damage and not farming, you don't generally need the mana, but in harder match-ups and against poke champions this can be a lifesaver.
1054.png - Only get this when against DoT champs like Malzahar, Swain or Teemo. The increased sustain you get from every time they proc your Shield gives you a lot of sustain untill you can get the items required to farm safely. If not against these champions, the other item option are a better use for Urgot.

3071.png - This item is your bread and butter. It shreds armor (quicker than other champions due to every W shot proccing a Cleaver Stack), gives you CDR so you can all-in better and more often, and gives you more mobility, damage and HP to be a menace. Always get this item, the earlier the better.
3047.png or 3111.png - Get one of these every game. Only get Mercury Threads when you are against a lot of CC, the extra MR you gain from it is neglectable compare to propper MR items.
3022.png - Really good item for Urgot. Every shot you make slows your enemy, which results in them slowing down and you ramping up in speed with Black Cleaver. The large sum of HP you get is useful for your urgotw.png shield, and the AD is a nice bonus on top.
3800.png - An alternative 3rd item when you don't need the Frozen Mallet yet. Gives you a chance to chase people, and setting you up for an easy E proc. Makes you a better initiator, and gives the enemy less time to react to the combo you are gonna drop on them.

I sometimes get Righteous over Mallet as my third item when I value the initiate and armor more than the slow procs. If you have a need to blitz your enemy, get this and swap it with Frozen Mallet.
To round out your item build, we are usually getting more resistance to be the frontliner we want to be. If you still want to do more damage and max out on your CDR, as well as denying the enemies AP burst damage, get an 3156.png. For a more tankier approach, 3065.png and 3194.png are better MR options, and get one of these depending on the enemies damage pattern.
If you need more armor and want more damage, 3026.png is a good option. Alone it won't help enough, so get a dedicated armor item like 3143.png or 3075.png afterwards.
 3742.png also can suit as a mini Righteous Glory and gives HP, though you don't get a slow nor CDR, and can be used if you can't make use of Randuin or Thornmail
3193.png is a useful item, but significantly lowers your damage output. Can be used when all your skills are on CD or you are the main frontline for your team, but has a big trade-off.
179.pngIf we want more damage after all, there are a few options up.
3026.png and 3156.png have already been said, but you can also go for 3814.png or 3033.png. When in need of sustain, get a 3812.png.
3814.png - Gives you a bit of health, a lot of extra AD and a useful active to give you the chance to freely run at the enemies carries. Incredibly dangerous together with Righeous Glory.
3033.png - Your standard anti-armor item. For when you need to deal more damage and the Black Cleaver alone can't cut through the enemies armor. 
3812.png - For when you need more sustain. It gives a lot of AD, CDR which is always nice to have, and furthermore, sustain to keep on fighting. The damage that is converted to a DoT is easily prevented with your W shield or just the plenty of HP you got from other items. The sustain  you get from just doing damage with anything you have up can be a lifesaver, though there are some negative aspects to it. As your urgotpassive.png and urgotq.png are AoE, the healing of those spells are cut in 1/3, meaning on the part that deals the most damage in your kit lategame (your shotguns) you won't get the most out of the sustain you just bought. It works great on your W and Ult though, so it is a bit of a trade-off.

3022.png - Yes, again. Frozen Mallet is a great item on Urgot, but it isn't always the priority buy like Black Cleaver. You can even forgo Mallet when you have to adapt to your and the enemies' team. 
Mallet is more of a luxury item. When ahead or even, it can help you hard to snowball even further, cause you have the gold, XP and level to buy this, Cleaver and Righteous Glory to boost your stickiness. It is however a big sum of gold you put into an item that mostly just gives you a boost in catching people out. 

Therefore, it is entirely possible to just ignore the item, and straight up buy more tankiness or a dedicated damage item. I've seen people going straight into dedicated tank items, leaving Black Cleaver as your only damage source. Urgot becomes a much better frontliner this way, but you can lack a way to actually finish more than 1 enemy off. Without Frozen Mallet, you can go straight to these items, freeing up a lot of gold and getting you tanky instantly. 

When you want to deal more damage, a Maw, Edge of Night, GA and even Deaths Dance are better options. These actually provide enough damage to ensure you deal enough damage to burst people down. While giving up your frontline position a bit, you act more like a beefy marksman, dealing damage to everyone to close to you, and mopping up the enemy team. You don't need Frozen Mallet in cases like this, due to them requiring to be in close range to you to actually deal the damage you can output. 

Conclusion: It is possible to ignore Frozen Mallet and go straight into Tank or Damage. However, if you need a way to keep enemies close, get a large sum of HP and are even or ahead in the match, it is in my opinion still the best item after Black Cleaver to obtain. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Camille
  • Cho'Gath
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Gnar
  • Illaoi
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Maokai
  • Nasus
  • Pantheon
  • Rammus
  • Shen
  • Teemo
  • Tryndamere




Tough one. Her W shroud makes her immune to your W and passive, giving you a hard time giving damage. Her mobility post-6 skyrockets on you, making it hard to use your E to go in on her and combo her down. Even when you hit her, she still has her passive and later Hexblade, giving her sustain to survive your poke or all-in Lastly, Akali is really snowball heavy, so 1 big mistake and you are done. I advise to make this lane really passive, and look forward to the mid- and lategame. Go for Arcane Comet if you still want some form of damage (Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 might come in handy too), or go for the tanky approach with Aftershock and Mirror Shell. Make sure she doesn't get a lead through kills and you might be able to kill her when you have more favorable items.




Can do some serious lasting poke with her W combined with Comet. Unless she tries to all-in you, keep your distance. Has ways to either dodge or nullify your Ult with her own, so be careful when you cast your drill to Ult her. I recommend a bit more of a tanky approach here, and maybe swap the Press the Attack rune towards Aftershock.



Both you and Cho have pretty telegraphed skills used to utilize the rest of their kit. Use your E to dodge his rupture.png, and you should be able to deny a lot of his damage.
His sustain is better than yours though, so forget poking him and only all-in with your shotguns up. 




Skill match-up really, but in her favor. Can easily Riposte your engage as well as your urgotr.png, but is squishy and can be harassed everytime she wants to get a minion by blasting a shotgun in her face or simply AA her. 

8.1 saw a rise in people going Kleptomancy on her, making her multiple dashes through Q worrisome for the added gold bonuses. Makes it a lot harder to time your counter attack, but the match-up is still managable. 




Can poke you with his gangplankqwrapper.png, but is almost always in range for your poke and urgote.png. Beware that he can Citrus his way out of your ult, so time it right and you should be ok. This match-up is all about timing, and weave your combo's between his gangplankqwrapper.png and gangplankw.png. Don't let him farm up though, lategame GP is a much scarier opponent than early GP.

8.1 Kleptomancy gives him a faster route to his Trinity Force and general late-game powerspike, making it harder for you to abuse his early game. To counter this, get through your lane mostly by poking, staying out of range for him to poke you and proc his Klepto rune.



Normally Mini-Gnar is easier to handle for a lot of champions due to being a lot squishier, but for Urgot it's the opposite. He outranges you with his Q, and can therefore bully you out of your lane. Without sustain, you have to recall a lot, so take it easy and try to take as few boomerangs to the face as possible.

In Mega-Gnar you can flip the battle. He has to come in melee range to farm, CC or pick up his boulders, which you can abuse to get some damage into him. Still need to be really careful around this guy, as he can easily turn the tide again on you.




Illaoi is a tricky match-up, if you don't know what you have to do to counter her. There are multiple ways to make this lane a lot easier for you to handle.
- Klepto Illaoi spams illaoiw.png as much as possible most of the time. Due to a pretty hefty animation length, it is possible to abuse this by going all-in on her while she just comes out of her animation. This gives you plenty of time to spam your spells, as well as making it harder for her to retaliate. Her low amount of movability makes it easier for you to cast your urgote.png too.
- Illaoi's illaoie.png is a pretty hard to counter spell if you keep your distance. You can remove a lot of the time your spirit stands on the map by attacking Illaoi, which gives your spirit a fixed amount of reduction in activity. Urgot's W is a perfect way to remove those pesky spirits, if you dare to go ham on her. 
Using Aftershock is highly recommended for this match-up to survive to burst her Ultimate can bring, but Press the Attack might be a good choice too if you are sure in your skills with hitting spells. 




A match-up of timing, but harder than versus Gangplank. His jaxcounterstrike.png counters your urgotw.png and urgotpassive.png, so work around that to actually deal damage to him. One trick to use: your E always works even if his Counter Strike stuns you, so flip him when he goes for the stun and he loses a lot of the advantage he would get from your stun due to your own stun. Don't let him get to lategame, as there is almost no way you can deal with him in late-game.




The old game of "Dodge the Q". As long as you can dodge his balls coming at you, he can't do much to you except jumping on your face. And then you are in Urgot terrain, giving you an easy time setting up your skills and shredding his HP bar.




His passive heals back up any damage you want to do to him through spells, so poking and harassing rarely sticks. Also can root and knock you up, of which the latter cancels your urgote.png, so prepare for a harder lane. 




Easiest match-up you can get. His early game damage is peanuts, and nasusw.png doesn't work on your urgotw.png. The self-slow doesn't get lowered by his slow, and your Attack Speed while W is active is a strict number that can't be lowered. Go town on this guy, as he can't do much to prevent it.



pantheonw.png's protection as well as Pantheon's passive easily gets shut down by even 1 shot of your urgotw.png. Your W also gives you defense against his poke, and your range prevents him for truly bully you out of lane. Not the easiest opponent, but can be handled rather easily.




Special note for Rammus. Screw this champion. Bramble Vest hurts. Thornmail hurts more. A champion that gets 3075.png as well got one build in with defensiveballcurl.png gives you hell. Never, ever use your W against a Rammus, and hope he ignores your lane or you will get fucked hard.




Hardest match-up in the toplane. His shenw.png prevents any damage you want to do, the taunt together with the often bought Bramble Vest hurts you a lot and has %HP damage of which you buy quite a lot of. Really passive lane, and just try to match his roams with your TP.




Little rat counters your entire arsenal with just one spell (blindingdart.png), similar to Shen but more annoying. His mobility is superior to yours, so the most effective way of dealing with Teemo (burst the fucker down) isn't a great option. Instead, dig yourself in with tanky runes and set-up, get a Doran's Shield, and await the arrival of your jungler to finally get him down. He can screw  you up fast, so beware!




Most common way of laning with Tryndamere is going for the crit all-in at early levels, and pressuring and bullying the lane from there. Urgot doesn't give a damn about that, due to just using your E and W countering a lot of his potential. When trading and getting him low enough for your ult, await his Ult first before using yours, as his last one second longer than yours. Most of the time they used it earlier in the fight to avoid your Shotgun-W damage, so make the most out of that. Start your game with E and W, counter his crit bully and go from there. Runes can be either Aftershock to give a larger amount of survivability in that trade or Press the Attack by just damaging him more than he does to you.

Q max versus W max Back to Top

There is a bit of a toss-up in the Urgot community regarding which ability to max first. Both have valid points, and is up to the player himself which one he prefers at the game. 
Q max:
When you max urgotq.png, you gain the following strenghts:
  • You benefit from a stronger slow, making it easier to follow up with your other spells. 
  • You gain a lower cooldown on it, giving you more chances to follow up.
  • A stronger poke spell, creating pressure in lane and withering down your opponent for the all in
  • The spell scales better than your W early game due to a higher base AD scaling, so it gives more damage at the start of your game.
  • The buff from 7.21 makes your lvl 5 Q use less mana than before, so gives you less strain on your mana pool.
  • Recent buffs make this spell harder to dodge, so its more worthwhile to use it as an harassing spell and setting you up for your other spells

W max:
When you max urgotw.png, you gain the following strenghts:
  • Lower cooldown on your main damage spell, making you a bigger threat
  • Better shield values to deny more damage
  • AD ratio increases with each level, making you deal increasingly more damage throughout the game at an earlier time.
While W gives you more sustain and can make you deal more damage, it scales better when you get a couple of items and get your total AD amount moving up. The enemy can't dodge the damage as long as you hit your Q first, and is therefore a bit more reliable. 

Q max gives you a better poking tool, but is less reliable to use. If you miss gives you a disadvantage with the unability to lock a target with your W. It however has a higher base damage compared to W, and is therefore a better use in the early game.
Conclusion: If you need the extra shields and are sure you can hit them regardless of locking with your Q, W max might be the better option. It however scales better when you've got a lot more AD in your stats, and is therefore more useful when  you have a couple items in your inventory.
Q max is better when you know you can hit the enemy with it, and has a base value you can always rely on even when behind in items. I personally would use the Q max in the most games, and W only when I feel I need the extra defensive stats in a really hard match-up.

The Early Game Back to Top

The first levels revolve around you trying to set up your urgote.png. Try to use the least amount of shotgun procs on minions by dancing around your own wave. If the enemy comes to get a minion, either blast him in the face with a remaining shotgun or use your E if you know you can make advantage on it. Your rear shotguns are almost always up untill now, and you can deal some nasty damage with them and regular attacks. If they AA back, your own minions will try to back you up and can deal a hefty amount too, especially in the early game.

If you don't think you can make use of your E, Level up urgotq.png and just poke and farm. If you don't touch the enemies melee minions, you can grab all 3 by using your Q on them eventually. Take it slow and wait for your Lvl 3.

After the first 3 levels, you got your full arsenal up, and can make great use of it. You can lead with your Q, slowing them down and making them an easier target for your E and W following up. Use your Ult to finish people off, and set up for your jungler with a well placed Q or even an E stunlock. You are strong against a lot of opponents in the early game, and can match it up with your agression. Your urgotpassive.pnghas a long downtime early game though, so make those shotguns count!

The Mid Game Back to Top

In the midgame you've probably got Cleaver, Boots and either Mallet of Righteous. Use these to either be a splitpushing threat with your TP or look for people to run at with 3800.png and make picks. Your W is an amazing turret killer, and together with your shotguns you can keep lanes perma pushed, but remember to stick to your team more with TP on CD. Large teamfights aren't Urgot's strong suit, so either make picks, small brawls or keep hammering down turrets. With the items mentioned above you have a strong duelling position, so make use of it by threatening enemies in whatever way possible.  

The Late Game Back to Top

You dip a little bit in power by now. While you got %HP damage with urgotpassive.png, the enemies most of the time got armor now to negate it a lot. Stick to pushing towers and waves, but if needed join the teamfights.

Teamfighting with Urgot is a bit harder to do, but you can still be of a lot of use. Your urgotpassive.png is almost always up all around you with a 2,5 second downtime, and can try to initiate on people with Righteous Glory and your E. It is still pretty obvious when you are gonna use it, and I therefore don't recommend initiating unless you are the only one with a way to actually do it.

You are however much better as a second frontliner, leaving initiating to other, tankier people. When they catch someone, follow up with your Disdain, or even shoot your urgotr.png at the enemy to make your team focus fire on him and giving you an easy kill. Use the fear afterwards to set up your next kill, and clean up everyone who is still left. 

As a third teamfighting role, you can work pretty decent as a peeler. Disdain anyone that comes to close to your ADC;
your shotguns can handle tanks pretty good, and squishies get immensely screwed by your E-stun. 

It is up to the game itself for you to decide what role you have to take. When ahead, keep on splitting and let your enemies come to you; you are ahead enough to deal with them.
When even, either help your main tank with initiating, or when you don't have one, be the initiator yourself through your Righteous - E combo. If you can't initiate, make them come to you and catch them out.
When behind and/or an allied carry is putting in the work, make it your job to make sure they can deal the damage. Peel for them, execute if needed and snowball the fight from there on.

Combos and Tricks Back to Top

There are a few combos that you can use throughtout the game, as well as a couple of small tricks you can use and abuse on your enemies. 

Basic Skill Combo: urgotq.png -> urgote.png -> urgotw.png ---> urgotr.png
Standard combo, use this one when you lowered the enemies HP through poking and the enemy can't dodge the E. Use your urgotpassive.png by circling around the enemy after your E.

Advanced Skill Combo: urgote.png -> urgotq.png -> urgotw.png --->urgotr.png
Here we swap the first two spells, making it harder for the enemy to react to the whole combo. Use your Q before you circle around them with your W active to make sure we got the lock-on. Harder to pull of, as you have to come close to your enemy to actually use this combo. 

Perfect Skill Combo: urgote.png -> AA -> urgotq.png -> urgotr.png -> urgotw.png
This one is the hardest and requires you to set up everything right. After you flipped your enemy, immediately shoot a shotgun at him, following it up with your Q and in the time before detonation press your Ult. We want to make sure we can hit everything with this combo, and you squeeze every bit of damage into the fight. You take a risk with using your urgotr.png so fast afterwards though, as your whole combo takes just a bit more time than your E-stun allows you. There is a possibility to miss your R like this, but with the increases Ult Missile Speed after 7.21 the chances have been lowered. 

  • Your W is an AA reset, meaning you can do a bit more damage by attacking once and immediately activating your W afterwards. Useful for dealing more damage in the combo's above, or for dealing just that bit of damage on a turret. 
  • Your urgote.png is similar to Tristana's Rocket Jump, meaning that the animation always goes through unless you get knocked up or pulled. This enables you to dodge follow up cc, or still moving and potentially grabbing an enemy while you normally would be rooted. Takes a bit of time to get the timing right, but it can save you more than once.
  • You can move while your urgotr.png is active untill you actually shred them, meaning you can E, Flash or simply move into the enemy team to give a teamwide fear. Incredibly powerful, but it still involves you running into a team that can tear you apart. 
  • Your W also works on wards, which results in quick ward clears. Can come in handy when you are clearing wards in enemy territory or want to deny vision for your enemy toplaner. 
  • Urgot is great when people have to go on you instead of the other way around. Use this to your advantage when farming in the early game or setting up a gank. If they need to get through you to escape, you can easily deal all your damage before they can even get away.

Bramble Vest and You Back to Top

I want to single out Bramble Vest and Thornmail extra, just cause they are one of the, if not THE, biggest annoyance of Urgot players.

While your kit would scream "Tankbuster" with your %MaxHP damage and guaranteed execute at 25% HP regardless of actual HP value, the reality is that 3076.png severly fucks up this plan. 

Due to your W shooting at an attack speed of 3.0, every shot regardless of actual damage done reflects back the damage of Bramble Vest and Thornmail. This means you eventually hurt yourself more than you would do to you enemy, especially when your shield on urgotw.png gets destroyed. 

This makes any match-up against a tank with half a brain more difficult than it should. The match-ups that would normally be in your favor now is worsened by one single 1000 gold buy, and will chase you throughout the match.

There are still ways to work around it like getting more MR so the reflected damage gets lowered, or buying more HP to make your Shield tank the damage. 

Regardless, be aware of this item, as it can fuck up your laning phase and agressiveness you normally would want to apply!

About Me Back to Top

Im CptAccident, or In-Game known as Oh Jeez Oh Got on the EUW server. I've been diamond for many seasons, peaking at Diamond 1 and currently at Diamond 2. I've played Oldgot for many seasons, and fell in love with his gameplay pattern and my inner hipster drawing me to low playrate low winrate champions like Urgot, Karma etc.  With the rework, I was determined to learn the new version and kept playing him to try to understand his powers and weaknesses. 

I've reached the top 10 Urgot players rating on Lolskill, am at the top Urgot players in EUW and got more than 200k mastery points on the champion. I'm also an avid support player, and my can be found here

Edits and Updates Back to Top

30-10-2017: Added more in-depth guidance to the item builds and paths (Frozen Mallet in particular), as well as added Death's Dance to proposed damage items. Added more options in the rune pages, as well as a bit more explanation on team-fighting. Bit of clean-up.

09-11-2017: New runes are out! While great, I can't tell at the moment what is the strongest option, and what alternatives you have. For now, Press the Attack seems the strongest, but I need more testing to be sure. 

24-11-2017: Update with the new runes will be up after the weekend!

7-1-2018: Finally managed to crank out the update just in time for the new season. Sorry for the delay!

19-1-2018: Update some match-ups, adding a few with them and updated the current runes due to the 8.1 update.

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