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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Teleport is required for most Top Laners, Urgot is no exception, Teleport lets you come back to lane without missing CS, or to make cross map plays with your team.


Flash is standard on most champions Urgot is no exception, Flash lets you engage on, or run away from enemies.

New Runes Back to Top

Arcane%20Comet.png?width=64 Arcane Comet is easily proc'd off Urgot's Q urgotq.png which is your main ability, and during an all in you will proc multiple abilities and most likely get multiple Arcane comets off. 
Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Best option in this row, for any champion that uses mana having Manaflow band simply gives you more ability cast in lane by running it vs not, and can come in clutch during late game team fights giving you just enough mana.
Transcendence.png?width=64 Being a Solo Laner, and playing in the Top lane you spend a ton of time in lane and get a lot of EXP very quickly in the game, so in most matches you will be level 10 before you even start fighting, and Urgot's only CDR items you will commonly build is 3800.png & 3071.png giving you 30% CDR, so running this rune gives you 40%.
Scorch.png?width=64 Great synergy to get more damage off an ability with Q urgotq.png, additional damage in lane that builds up over time, and during teamfights simply gives you more damage rather than not having it.
Bone%20Plating.png?width=64 Lets you tank more damage for free, not that useful early game, but late game gives you ton of value when tanking multiple champions.
Iron%20Skin.png?width=64 If you are against an AD Top laner (240.png92.png164.png) you can have quite the unfair advantage against them early by having this extra Armor & the bonus is easily proc'd by W urgotw.png shield. ( If you are against more AP you can run Mirror%20Shell.png?width=32 instead.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

urgotr.png dot-pattern.png urgotq.png dot-pattern.png urgotw.png dot-pattern.png urgote.png 

urgotpassive.png Passive

Urgot's Six legs shoot shotgun charges out of them when auto attacked from that direction, and then goes on cooldown.
  • You can use this passive to deal more damage to an enemy champion you are attackign
  • You can use this passive to push minion waves
  • Make sure to not waste the charges

urgotq.png Corrosive Charge

Shoots a charge dealing damage very quickly after landing in a small circle nd slows all enemies hit
  • This is Urgot's main ability, although it may seem weak early later once maxed it's base damage become very high, so hitting any squishy enemy with it will deal tons of damage.
  • The slow from this ability allows you to move forward and deal more damage to the enemy champion.

urgotw.png Purge

Urgot's urgotq.pngurgote.pngurgotr.png apply "Purge" to enemy champions for 5 seconds.
Active: Urgot automatically attacks the nearest enemy at a constant rate of fire, the attacks will prioritize targets affected by "Purge" 
After activation Urgot Shields himself for 4 seconds and against Slow resist and movement speed, but his base movement speed is reduced during his attacks.

Use for max damage after hitting an enemy with E urgote.png 

urgote.png Disdain

Urgot dashes towards a target direction, grabbing an enemy hit and flinging them behind him.
  • 4.png Flash closer to the enemy champion to guartiny that you hit E urgote.png
  • Can be used as a gap closer to simply get closer to an enemy
  • After flinging a target it makes it easy to single them out and deal all your damage.

urgotr.png Fear Beyond Death

Urgot shoots a drill, slowing and damaging the first enemy champion hit
Once the enemy champion affected falls below 25% of their max health you can Recast to execute them.
  • Great execute in 1v1 
  • Great to snipe low enemy champions during team fights
  • Can be used a slow from long range

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

  • 1083.png Starting Cull is the rudest option / the most passive option, it offers much less than starting Corrupting Pot 2033.png, but rewards you much later in the game after completing it’s passive and giving you 300 Gold, to bank on getting value out of this is any standard matchup is bad, it doesn’t help with trading or getting more CS / sustaining in your lane. It instead it can give you value in a lane matchup that would involve no trading because you are weaker or the enemy champion is to strong.
  • 2033.png Corrupting Potion is very valuable on Urgot, it allows you to really bully your lane opponent and sustain the damage they do, or the minion wave does to you as you trade into them. It will refill all 3 charges every time you recall, so you keep getting value out of it throughout the entire game until you sell it, later into the match say 30 minutes or so you can sell it for Control Wards 2055.png. ( Make sure to be using this while trading in lane, not only does it restore your health & mana, but it also deals damage to the enemy champion you are damaging while it is running.

Core Items


Rather you build Black Cleaver 3071.png or 3800.png first depends on if you want to spend minutes around 10 - 18 with more individual power, or more Teamfighting utility, that doesn’t mean that you can’t build Righteous Glory first and solo kill your lane, but you simply get more damage from Black Cleaver. As for Frozen Mallet 3022.png should always be your 3rd item, unless you are getting extremely fed.

  • 3800.png Righteous Glory adds tons of utility to Urgot's Kit, allowing you at will to run down enemy champions, and getting close to enemy champions is required to actually deal damage to then, the stats are also very good for Urgot, giving you Armor, Health, and Mana, very early in the game.
  • 3071.png Black Cleaver is a great 2nd item, giving Urgot more Health, AD, and more importantly a passive that when you damage enemies you gain movement speed helping you to stick onto them, and any physical damage dealt to them will reduce their Armor, making you and your allies deal more physical damage to them.
  • 3022.png Frozen Mallet really rounds out Urgot's build, giving you a HUGE Health item, and slows enemies on auto attacks. As a 3rd item will leave Urgot with tons of Health, making any Stat item you build after even more effective.

Boot Options

  • 3111.png Merc Treds give you Magic resist + Tenacity, so against any AP Top laner, or enemy teams with 3+ Magic Damage threats this is an easy buy, the Tenacity helps you against obviously any CC, but more so against Tanks & Supports.
  • 3047.png Ninja Tabi gives you Armor & Auto attack damage reduction, so it obviously helps you a ton against AD enemy top laners such as 240.png92.png23.png, but not so much against the hyper carry Magic damage dealing ADC’s such as 110.png96.png since they deal primarily magic damage.
  • 3009.png Boost of Swiftness are the cheapest and offer no defensive stats, these are great if you are very far ahead or very far behind, the slow resist is great for running into or away from enemies, and cheaper cost allows you to build other items quicker.

Other Items

  • 3194.png Adaptive Helm is Urgot’s best Magic Resist item option being the most cost effective item, and since Urgot doesn’t heal that much he doesn’t get as much value out of 3065.png, you can look to get this item around the time teams start fighting around Baron, and you’d have to deal with the enemies multiple Magic Damage Champions.
  • 3143.png Randuins is an obvious buy into Critical Strike based champions such as ( 18.png119.png51.png) not only will it negate a bunch of their damage, but the slow active is very useful on Urgot for you to be able to stick onto them when you get close, this is a very expensive item, so if the enemy team has any magic damage you can build 3211.png then build into this, going into a team fight with no magic resist is a lot harder.
  • 3026.png Guardian Angel allows you to play team fights completely differently by committing 100% and being able to die and come back to life is a game changer, and once purchased you should look to abuse it in such a way rather than playing the same kiting style. This isn’t a defensive item, it is a offensive option, if you buy this when behind it does nothing, you die in an already lost team fight, then come back to life and die again, useless, but if you are ahead you move all the way into the enemy team forcing them to deal with you, then IF you die you have a brief pause in which you team can come to help, then turn the fight as you relieve. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Illaoi
  • Singed
  • Sion




If you can dodge Aatrox's Q aatroxq.png you win the matchup, if not you lose it, when you ULT urgotr.png Aatrox when he has his revive passive up you will get the passive, but wont' kill him.




You can bully Camille early in the laning phase, avoid her W camillew.png or else she will sustain a good amount of your damage, keeping her safe to CS.

After level 6 you will have to start keeping your distance, still trying to get good poke with Q urgotq.png but any movement forward will allow her to easily get onto you which will result in an all in.




Darius thrives in short range matchups, if he pulls you dariusaxegrabcone.png you are pretty screwed, Urgot has good ways into a fight, but not good ways out, so keep your distance.




Urgot can really bully Fiora in lane, it's a battle of slightly out ranging her, and getting good trades then looking for all ins when she gets to close to CS.




Gangplank can bully you in lane if you let him land multiple free Q's gangplankqwrapper.png instead bait him to move towards you as he is buffering Q, then shoot your Q urgotq.png at him

gangplankw.png can have weird interactions with Urgot's ULT urgotr.png  

Rush Righteous Glory 3800.png and when he misses a Barrel gangplanke.png try and engage on him with it.




You really have to Avoid Illaoi's E illaoie.png this will make or break the entire game when playing against her, you win the laning phase against  her by poking with Q urgotq.png and moving into her with W urgotw.png after she misses Q or E 




Bad Singed players will try to proxy level 1, just wait out in the top lane tri brush, then start hitting him off the wave.

If you get onto Singed you can kill him by hitting a full rotation of abilities and ULT urgotr.png but if you don't finish him off fast enough he will ULT insanitypotion.png heal and run away.




Avoid Sion's E sione.png by standing away from your minion wave, and you should win the laning phase, Sion has little sustain, and you can get a lot of poke on him and punish him with E urgote.png any time he has his abilities down and goes to CS with just an auto attack.

Early Game Back to Top

Early Game Urgot dominates most Top Lane matchups, with simply Q urgotq.png & auto attacks with his Passive urgotpassive.png you can get tons of damage for minimal investment, and when the enemy is low you can look to all in with E urgote.png + W urgotw.png, once you land an E urgote.png you should be able to proc Urgot's passive urgotpassive.png from behind that you previously couldn't hit, giving you potentially more damage if you can hit it, by positioning around the enemy champion while attacking.

If the enemy every gets to close to you using W urgotw.png is as very good as it will not only block their damage but make them take lots of damage for the duration of time that they are close enough to you.

If you spam W urgotw.png early in the laning phase to block damage you will probably not have enough mana to poke down / kill your lane opponent.

Urgot has a very bad escape, so having the minion wave near the enemy tower, but not pushed into it is bad, it will lead to you getting ganked by either the enemy jungler, or the enemy Mid laner, and when they come the best you can do is E urgote.png towards your tower, giving you very little distance, and then having to Flash away 4.png. To avoid this you should hit the Caster Minions as minion waves hit, so that you can push faster.

You pretty much always want to use your first TP 12.png to get back to lane as fast as possible.

Mid Game Back to Top

During the Mid Game you can start to use your TP 12.pngto get involved in fights across the map, always be looking at your mini-map, and clicking on lanes to see what's going on.

You also gain access to Urgot's ULT urgotr.png which helps you a ton in 1v1s in lane, or when you either move from Top lane to mid to snipe an enemy during a fight to secure a kill, or when you TP into a lane, you can use the ULT as a slow to get onto an enemy, makes Urgot's kit a lot more versatile than just being close range damage.

It's fine to stay in the Top lane even if fights are happening across the map, if there are opportunities for you to gain an advantage by going to those lanes than you should, but blinding going into every fight because you can is lazy, rather than looking at map movements and fights as they develop and making a decision from the information.

Until you complete your first item most likely 3800.png Righteous Glory, you aren't as useful anyways, so staying Top not only guarantees you Gold and XP, but helps you being more useful, quicker.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game Urgot is very strong in 1v1's and in engaging Teamfights. You hold the 3800.png Righteous Glory on your team, and it's up to you to simply activate it and run at some champions, if a single enemy member is out of position, run really fast at them and cast all your abilities on them and don't miss! 

During Teamfights, Urgot's tankiness is directly related to how many items you have, so you can get a feel for it after playing a good amount of game on him, but also just looking to see if you have 2 completed health items (3071.png3022.png) it should give you a good estimate of how much damage you can tank from the enemy champions. 

If you are even slightly ahead compared to the enemy Carries ( Mid / ADC ) Urgot's tankiness can be to much for them to deal with, especially if you get on top of them. 

During Teamfights Urgot is very good at direct approach with the assistance of 3800.png Righteous Glory's speed boost, but if you can simply run throughout the entire enemy team to get on one of their carries, then what do you do? Urgot's flanks are not as good since he is very slow and can't move through the fog of war fast enough during a fight. You can kite for a while then try and snipe the enemy carry with an ULT urgotr.png and then try and get onto them after the enemy supports / tanks have used some of their CC abilities.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • High damage to targets close to him
  • Mix of Damage and Tankiness
  • Execute with ULT urgotr.png helps take down carries without their supports being able to save them.


  • No good escape
  • Can be kited 
  • Has expensive itemization 

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I'm going to be the Best North American League of Legends Support player there ever was. I currently write guides for Lolking, coach, and stream on twitch to financially sustain myself.

I believe in the power of Games, and think they will have a great impact on the future.


You can see Challenger Support gameplay live on my Twitch stream ,for the love of god please follow lol.

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