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6 days ago

Varus Statistics for GrayPsyops

Author's performance with Varus compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash is a great spell on all champions.  Varus has no escapes so it's a must have.

7.png Heal offers slight movement speed, which can be helpful.  Standard on all ADC's. I recommend taking this along with flash most of the time. 

21.png Barrier is the best spell for taking damage.  It's good for dueling or if you are getting focused.  Take this if you know you're going to 1v1 the other ADC often or if your team fights are gonna be long. 

1.png Cleanse can be useful when the enemy team has a lot of CC.  If the enemy team has two or more hard types of CC or you're going against a great initiation champion (i.e. Leona) in lane, this spell is good to take.  Don't be afraid to take Cleanse if you think it's going to help you more then Heal. 

New Runes Back to Top

I think this is going to be the best rune page for Varus going into preseason.  There can be some variations to it of course and it will probably change as time goes on.  

  • Press the Attack got nerfed so Fleet Footwork is a bit better now.
  • I think Triumph and Overheal are both good. Overheal is better if you build a lot of lifesteal.
  • Coup De Grace seems better for killing squisher targets but Cut Down is better against a tanky team. 
  • You have several options for the second tree so what you take is really up to what you like. 
  • You can go into precision and take Perfect Timing and Cosmic Insight, or Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery 
  • Sorcery for the adaptive runes Celerity and Gathering Storm. I think this is what most people take right now and it seems good
  • Domination for the healing runes Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter, or for something like Cheap Shot or Zombie Ward
  • You can even try out the resolve tree right now and take things like Bone Plating and Second Wind or Revitalize. 
If you wanna play caster/lethality Varus:
  • Transcendence is good for the CDR, but you can take Celerity if you think you don't need the CDR. 
  • Scorch is better for poke damage but Gathering Storm is better as the game goes on.  I think both are fine.
  • The second tree runes are also up to you in this case. I think precision is a safe choice in any game. 

Abilities Back to Top


E max is for the attack speed build. If you're playing lethality then max Q first.  

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Doran's Blade is the most optimal start
    Start with Warding Totem and then upgrade it to the blue one when you can
    If you have a hard matchup and just want to farm you can take cull
    If you need health potions throughout the game buy one of these
    Doran's shield seems like a good item to start with if you're in a really tough matchup where you think you won't be able to farm at all
    This is a fine start if you're in a tough match up and you think you're going to need a lot of health regen

Core Items

    This is an example of the attack speed/Rageblade build. It does well against tanky or healing teams
    A very standard ADC build that's still decent on Varus. If you still want to play as an auto attacker that sometimes pokes with Q's then just build this
    This is an example of the lethality/caster build. People are starting to play it again, it does well in a poke comp or against squishy teams
    This is an AP build. It's good for your auto attacks and you can build it if you want to

Situational Items

    Some offensive items
    Defensive Items
    when you have extra gold to spend
    Try to have one of these on the map at all times

Full Builds

3006.png 3124.png 3085.png 3153.png 3026.png 3035.png
  • This is an example of the attack speed build.  This build is good for shredding tanks and combating healers/shielders.  It's played a lot like the standard ADC build except it utilizes on-hit effects over critical chance and with this build you'll be auto attacking and using E instead of auto attacking and using Q.  I think Rageblade and BotRK are the most important items and the rest can be built situationally.  

3158_32.png 3004_32.png 3142.png 3147.png 3036.png 3814.png 
  • This is a caster/lethality build.  Lethality has gotten a bit better now since many champs aren't running defensive runes anymore, and because of that Varus's Q's do a bit more damage than they did when they first got nerfed.  People are playing with this build again but mostly just in high elo.  I think it's good if your team is running a poke comp or you just want to play as a sniper, but I feel like it isn't as effective against tanks and takes some time to ramp up.

3006.png 3508.png 3085.png 3031.png 3072.png 3036.png
  • This is a standard ADC build.  It works decently on Varus and is good if you can get away with auto attacking frequently or if you're mostly pushing for the entire game.  This gives you more attack speed and crit chance but lacks the on-hit effects so it's not as good against tanks. I think you can still use this build and make it work though, it seems like it would be fine against a team that's not tanky.  
You can mix the builds together if you want to.  For example, you could build a Manamune and CDR boots early and then go into building attack speed and critical chance.  I think Varus has many build paths and it's fine to experiment and find the build that suits you best.

Offensive Items

  • 3139.png Get Merc's if you need the QSS and/or MR. 
  • 3072.png Get BT if you need the shield and more life steal. 
  • 3091.png Wit's End is good in the attack speed build and you can get it if you need magic resist.
  • 3153.png BotRK is good when you're against tankier champions. 
  • 3094.png RFC is good for sieging turrets.
  • 3087.png Shiv for waveclear or if you just prefer it.
  • 3142.png Youmuu's is good if you're only poking and you don't need the consistent AS.  It's also good if you wanna build a lot of lethality.
  • 3156.png Buy Maw if you're against really bursty mages.
  • 3812.png Death's Dance is another good life steal item since it applies to your abilities and not just auto's. It's good in the caster build. 
  • 3071.png Black Cleaver has some good stats for Varus.  It goes alright with the lethality build if you need more health, but I think Edge of Night might be better for health. 
  • 3814.png Edge of Night is good for the lethality and if you need the spell shield. It still gives a lot of damage so don't be afraid to pick it up.
  • 3147.png Duskblade is a good item if you're building lethality.  It's passive can do a lot of damage but i find the item a bit too expensive to buy in the standard build.  It seems okay to buy in a caster build but you need to get an auto attack off if you want the full benefit of the item.  
  • 3123.png You might wanna pick up Executioner's Calling if you're playing against a healing support.  This will apply grievous wounds more consistently than Varus's E will.  You can build it into Mortal Reminder.  

Defensive Items

  • 3026.png GA's the standard defensive item, it's passive is always useful. 
  • 3143.png If the entire enemy team is AD or you just really need armor.
  • 3022.png Frozen Mallet is good if you need to kite, the HP is a bonus.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Karma
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Quinn
  • Rakan
  • Sivir
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Vayne
  • Vel'Koz
  • Xayah
  • Zilean
  • Zyra



  • Varus isn't a very mobile champion, so Alistar can cause problems for you with his Headbutt and Pulverize. 
  • Alistar's heal isn't as impactful as some other supports, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.  If it does start causing trouble for you, put some more points into your E and throw it on your enemies when he uses it. 



  • Annie is always a pretty annoying enemy to deal with.  Try to avoid her poke and her stun at all costs.  If it's a good Annie they can probably kill you by themselves at level 6. 
  • The upside to laning against an Annie is that she doesn't offer much protection for her ADC.  If her stun is down there's nothing she can really do to stop an engage.  Try poking the ADC and waiting for your jungler to gank. 
  • Always keep track of when her stun is up. 



  • I still think Ashe is an easy lane matchup for Varus since her rework
  • She has better trade potential now, but I don't think it's that much of a problem because you still have better burst damage than her 
  • Try not to get hit with her W and her Q active.  Her W is still pretty easy to dodge if you stay behind your minions.
  • If you're scared of her ult you should take Cleanse 1.png



  • I feel like Bard is pretty easy to play against as Varus because he can't do a whole lot to negate your poke in lane.  His heals aren't as effective as Soraka's or Sona's heals and he can't block any of your abilities.  
  • His autoattacks can be annoying but you have a range advantage so use it.  
  • Be careful if he uses his ult to try and catch you out, or if he uses it on his team right after you ult them.



  • Blitzcrank is annoying to lane against because of his grab.  If he pulls you after level 6 there's a good chance you're dead.
  • Try staying behind your minions since he can't pull you there.  
  • Bltizcrank offers no real protection for his ADC, so try to safely poke them. 
  • If you can dodge his grabs and poke his ADC, the lane should be in your favor. 



  • Laning against Braum isn't that hard.  It can even be easy if you have the right support.  Team fighting against a Braum is a bit more difficult.
  • Braum's ult can be troublesome for you because of the knockup. Take advantage in lane when his ult is down.
  • Stay behind your minions and dodge his Q's. Avoid getting stunned by his passive.
  • Be aggressive after he uses his shield. 
  • Having a really pokey support with you can be helpful against him, since you can bait out his shield easier or even make him go out of mana.  You might even be able to make the enemy ADC go really low in health if you have a pokey support.



  • I feel like Caitlyn is just annoying now but more manageable than she used to be.  
  • Her traps and long range are what make her really annoying. But I think you can just ult her and use your attack speed to kill her before she can really do anything.
  • I think she still has good scaling and it makes team fighting against her a bit harder. But I still think you can kill her before she can kill you.
  • You might wanna take Barrier her to negate the burst from her ult 21.png



  • Corki has better burst than Varus does and can poke just as well.  You have to play safely or you'll take a lot of damage.
  • I think this lane is going to dependent on how much experience you have with playing Varus and playing against Corki.  You probably won't be able to 1v1 him unless you get really ahead, so make sure you get a good support and yo can at least win lane.
  • Barrier is a good option here 21.png



  • Draven is a a bit easier to lane against, but still not that easy.   
  • Use your Q's often to try and poke or make him drop his axes.  You don't even have to land your Q's.  Just use them to zone him away from his axes. 
  • What makes Draven a bit difficult to go against is his snowball potential.  If he can snowball the lane in his favor, he can beat you. 
  • He's a better duelist than you so once he get's enough items don't even try to 1v1 him unless you're really far ahead.



  • Ezreal can poke you with his Q, but as long as you stand behind your minions he can't touch you. You have far better poke than him. 
  • You can kill him easily at level 6.  Just bait out his dash and then root him. 
  • He's still annoying to play against but I feel like if you can catch him you can kill him. 



  • I personally think this matchup is very dependent on skill and supports.
  • Graves is supposedly one of your counters, but I think you can go even with him or even beat him if you know what you're doing.  
  • Graves is a bit tanky in the early levels and has a lot of burst, but he also has a pretty short range.  You outrange him, so take advantage of that.  Autoattack him when it's safe for you to do so and get some Q's in when you can. 
  • You can use your E a bit more aggressively in this matchup. You can use it to detonate Blight since Graves will likely always be in range for you to land it.
  • Take Barrier to negate his burst 21.png



  • Janna is a very pokey support and has a lot of disengage, but she is fairly squishy. 
  • Her tornado stops you when you're pulling back to fire your Q, so try to avoid that.
  • All-in's can be a bit risky against a Janna because of the disengage her ult gives.  
  • Try getting a healing support like Nami or Sona for this lane, since they can poke back a bit and also heal you from her poke.  It's not a big deal if you can get that type of support though. 
  • It shouldn't be that tough of a lane if you can avoid her knock ups.



  • Jhin can do a lot of damage but it he's very vulnerable and it's easy for you to bully him in lane. 
  • His low attack speed and reload mechanic makes it easy for you to auto attack him. You can win trades because of this.
  • Try not to get rooted. His W will be red if it's going to root you.
  • Ult him before he uses his ultimate.



  • I think laning against a Jinx is pretty easy as Varus, but the matchup could be of medium difficulty if you're newer to the champion or normally don't do well against Jinx. 
  • Take advantage of your W passive.  Detonating Blight does more burst than Jinx can do to you with her basic abilities. 
  • You can normally solo kill her at level 6 if you poke her down a bit before you ult her. 
  • You can juke almost all of her abilities with some practice, though this easier said than done.



  • Kalista is pretty dependent on her support, but she can also do a lot of damage. Her Q's can really hurt if you don't dodge them. 
  • The passive she gets from her W can really hurt too if she and her support utilize it. 
  • In a 1v1 you can probably kill her if you can land your ult.  Kalista's passive makes it kind of hard for you to land your ult though, since she's always jumping from place to place. 



  • Karma is another pokey support.  Her poke can do a lot of damage so try to avoid it. 
  • Her standard Q's have a small hit box so it's fairly easy to dodge them.  They don't go through minions either, so take advantage of that fact. 
  • The Empowered abilities her ult gives are pretty annoying.  Her Empowered Q can do a lot of damage, and she can shield her entire team and give them a movement speed buff with her Empowered E. 
  • Try going all-in when her shield is down.  



  • This matchup is harder for Varus to win since patch 6.3.  Varus has no mobility so it's easy for Kog'Maw to sit there and auto him. 
  • Winning against Kog'Maw means gaining an advantage and pushing it as hard as you can.  He's really squishy and can't do much early on on so punish him for that with your range.
  • Don't let the game go on for too long because if Kog'Maw gets to late he'll probably win.



  • Leona is one of the hardest supports for Varus to lane against. Nearly all of her abilities are CC based.
  • Leona has a great initiation, plain and simple.  If you get hit by her E+Q combo you'll probably lose a good portion of your health.  If you get hit by her ult, you'll probably die. 
  • Play safe in lane.  You don't want to over-extend because she can easily set up something to kill you.
  • Pray that your support picks someone like Morgana because the spell shield and stun can come in real handy.
  • You might wanna take cleanse to avoid all of Leona's CC 1.png



  • I think this matchup is dependent on each players skill and support.  It could really go either way. 
  • Lucian has good burst and decent mobility.  Because of his dash, he can dodge a lot of your skillshots. 
  • You have slightly longer range than he does.  If you play with your range, you should be able to avoid most of his burst. 
  • Lucian will probably try to dodge your Q's.  Try baiting out his dash and then using your Q, or wait for him to dash when you're pulling back and then fire.  If you think he's going to dash as you fire or you're just going to miss, don't fire your Q.
  • Lucian will also probably try to dodge your ult, and your ult is a lot easier for him to dodge. Don't ult him unless you know for a fact that his dash is on cooldown. 
  • Varus' ult doesn't stop Lucian's ult, but it does stop Lucian from moving while he's ulting.  You can do this if you really want, but be careful about eating a Culling since you'll probably die if you do. 



  • Lulu can poke you, but she doesn't always offer the greatest defense for her ADC. 
  • Lulu can really only shield her ADC if her ult is down.  You can almost always freely poke the enemy ADC without having to worry much about Lulu. 
  • While she's not necessarily that strong as a support in lane, she does offer a lot of utility for team fights, so be aware of that. 



  • Lux can do some damage, but she's also extremely squishy and runs out of mana quickly.
  • Just try to avoid her abilities and the autoattacks that come after them.  Once she's level 6 try not to get snared, and if you end up walking away with a tiny amount of health, expect her to ult and try to juke it. 
  • She can give her ADC a pretty decent shield, but you can burst through it.  


Miss Fortune

  • She's pretty annoying to play against.  You have to watch your positioning so you don't get hit by her Q.
  • Her ultimate does way more damage than yours and is better in team fights. She can also just use her ultimate while she's rooted so keep that in mind if you're trying to all in her. 
  • Her abilities can do a lot of damage and she can just rip through squishy targets. If she gets ahead you'll have a tougher time playing against her 



  • Morgana is really pokey and has good CC, so stay behind your minions to avoid being stunned.  Don't stand in her W either.
  • She's good at team fighting, and even in lane her ult can be deadly.
  • What makes this matchup hard for you is her spell shield.  If she's quick she can use her shield to block your ult. 
  • Your ult doesn't stop her ult, but it does stop her from moving, so you can use yours to get out of hers if you're quick about it.



  • Nami can heal her ADC, amplify her ADC's attacks, and disengage fights, all of which can be difficult for you.
  • You might want to use your E often against her to reduce her heals. 
  • Avoid being stunned by her Q and try to avoid her poke.  
  • Nami is kind of squishy so you can burst her down if you really want to.  
  • Try poking her and her ADC and forcing them to back. 
  • You can probably all-in her and/or her ADC when her ult is down. 



  • Nautilus has great initiation with his anchor, so stand behind your minions to avoid it.  His ult is also very dangerous for you since you lack escapes.
  • Attack his ADC when you can because he can't do anything to block your spells or lessen their damage. If you play safe he can't initiate on you. 



  • Quinn is manageable for Varus before level 6.  You can poke her and your autoattacks out range hers so it's easy for you to bully her.  Once she reaches 6 and is able to get close to you it gets harder for you to win a 1v1 against her, so don't go anywhere alone.  
  • Whenever her passive is on you stay out of her range.  It's not worth getting hit by it unless you know you can win the trade. 



  • Rakan seems pretty annoying to lane against since he has a shield and heal which he can use to negate some of the damage you put on his ADC.  He's also kinda mobile and that's annoying too.  but overall, I feel like he's not too much of a threat if you can position correctly against him.
  • You can avoid his Q by standing behind your minions.  His Q doesn't do that much damage, the more important point is that he gets his heal from landing his Q on enemy champs.  
  • You can see Rakan's knock up coming so you have a little window of time to react to it.  Varus has no mobility so it still kind of sucks, but if your flash is up and you're in a bad situation than having that little window of time is kinda nice. 
  • You don't really want to over extend against Rakan if you don't have to.  Overextending means Rakan can initiate on you, and that's not something you really ever want as Varus.  
  • If Rakan can't initiate on you then I don't feel like there's a whole lot he can do to you.  His q doesn't go through minions and his attack range is short so he can't poke you.  He can shield (and sometimes heal) his ADC, which again is annoying, but I still think that's better than killing you. 
  • The bigger trouble with rakan comes after lane when he can ult into your team and charm everyone.  QSS might be a valuable pick up for that reason 



  • You ou tpoke and out trade Sivir, but her spell shield can cause some trouble for you.
  • Sivir can use her spell shield to negate damage from your Q or completely block your ult.  Only use your ult on her when you know for a fact that her spell shield is down.
  • Her Q can do a lot of damage, but you can out burst her. 



  • Sona can poke you and heal herself and her ADC, but she's extremely squishy.
  • When she goes to poke you, just autoattack her or use your Q.  If you prove that you can out poke her by doing this, she'll probably back off a bit and stick to only healing her ADC.  This will give you control of the lane. 
  • You might want to spam your E to reduce her heals. 
  • Be aware of her ult because it stuns you and can be used for initiation. 



  • Focus Soraka in the early game and try to get her really low so she can't spam her heals anymore.  Focusing her ADC while she's full health will just be a waste of time.
  • She's squishy so that helps, but she's incredibly annoying to deal with.  If her ADC is ahead of you it's nearly impossible to win against them


Tahm Kench

  • Tahm is really annoying to play against because his Devour gives his teammates a lot of protection from your arrows and ultimates.
  • The good thing in this matchup is that you have long range so you don't have to get within distance of his Tongue Lash.  The bad this is that you have no escapes at all besides flash, so if he hits you and there's no one on your team there to peel for you, you're probably going to get eaten. 
  • He's hard to kill because of the shield he gets and the fact that he builds mostly health.  Unless you can get him really low from poking with your arrows or you're really fed, don't even bother trying to kill him. 



  • Taric is very tanky, but your W helps out with bursting him down.
  • Avoid his stun and use your E to reduce his heals. 
  • He doesn't offer that much poke or protection for his adc so take advantage of that.



  • Thresh is a really great support since he he can lock an enemy up and also offer protection for his ADC. 
  • Stand behind your minions and avoid his hook at all costs.  If he can't hook you, he can't do much offensively.
  • Thresh usually does really well in team fights so be a bit cautious. 



  • Tristana has decent burst and gains a longer range than you as the game goes on.
  • You can out poke her in the early levels.  Take advantage of this and use your damage to take control of the lane.  
  • If you ult her make sure her jump is on cooldown, since she can use it to easily avoid your ult.



  • Twitch's ult does a lot of damage, so don't underestimate him. 
  • Avoid his poison since he can use those stacks to burst you.  
  • It's probably best not to overextend in this lane since he can use his stealth to sneak up on you. 
  • Bully him hard in the early levels.  Poke him and try to force him to back or miss CS.  Don't let any mistake he makes go unpunished.
  • Be careful when ulting him since he can ult right back.



  • Vayne is a champion that becomes a monster if she snowballs her lane. Take advantage of her early.
  • You out damage her pre-6 so use that to bully her.  Autoattack her as much as you can and use your Q and E to burst her.  Punish her for stepping out of position or over extending.  Don't let her get away with anything. 
  • It's really important for you to land your ult in an all-in or duel against her.  Vayne depends on her mobility so the most important thing for you to do is land your ult and take that away from her.  If you miss your ult she'll probably kill you. 
  • Shut her down before she can snowball the lane.  Get help from your jungler if you can't do it on your own



  • Vel'Koz can carry the lane by himself if he's good enough.  He can do a lot of damage and has some decent CC, which can be a pain for you.
  • He's going to spend most of his time in lane poking you.  You have to try and avoid being hit by his abilities. 
  • Watch out for his ultimate when you're low and try not to let him land his full combo on you.
  • Any lane with Vel'Koz is annoying to go against.  Varus has good poke though so try to chunk down the enemy ADC since Vel'Koz doesn't offer a lot of protection.



  • I feel like Xayah is a harder matchup for Varus because she can take advantage of Varus's low mobility.  At the same time though, I feel like Varus isn't a super easy matchup for Xayah because Varus can poke and doesn't necessarily have to trade with her.  
  • Try to watch your positioning because Xayah's feathers can end up doing a lot of damage. You can see where they are though since she has to set them up, so just try not getting caught in between her and all her feathers. 
  • I recommend poking her and trying to get a pokey support on your team since she doesn't seem to do that well against pokey lanes.  Xayah seems to excel better in trades so I recommend avoiding trading with her unless you're 100% sure you'll come out on top.  
  • I'm putting this as a medium matchup because I still think Varus can win, but I also think that Varus has to play a bit passively in order to do so.



  • Zilean is annoying because of his bombs and his ult.  
  • His bombs end up doing some decent damage once he puts a few points into the ability.  Autoattack him when he walks up to place one on you or your support.
  • Zilean can't protect his ADC much when his ult is down.  He can really only give them a bit of movement of speed.  Take advantage of this and poke the enemy ADC.
  • When Zilean ults it's sometimes better to just wait the 7 seconds for the ult to run out than to actually kill the enemy and have them revived.  



  • Zyra is the type of support that can carry the game if she's good enough.
  • Avoid her plants and her snare.  Her snare goes through minions so you'll have to juke it. 
  • Her ultimate can be useful for setting up ganks or an all-in, so try to move out of it when she casts it. 
  • Zyra can't really protect her ADC.  She's fairly squishy and can really only snare enemies if her ult is down.  Take advantage of this and poke/burst her ADC. 
  • Any time you're against an AP carry that's strong in the midlane, it's going to be like going against Zyra.  These champions are more about bringing damage to the bot lane, and they can kill you with their full combo.  

Which Build? Attack Speed Varus/Caster Varus/Standard ADC Varus Back to Top

Varus has a few builds that he can be played with and they all have their own uses.  Right at the moment I'd say that the attack speed/Rageblade build is the most popular.

  • The attack speed build does the best against tanks, so if you're against a tanky team I'd recommend using this build.  This build was a lot better when every support was building Ardent Censor, but I feel like it's still good and viable even without it. 
  • Caster/lethality Varus is making a comeback.  It seems to do well in a poke comp (where you don't really need to be auto attacking) and it seems good against squishy champions.  I feel like this build is a bit better in mid lane and isn't good in bot lane all the time - sometimes your team really does need an auto attacker or sometimes the enemy team is really tanky, and it's not always best for those situations.
  • The standard ADC build is just okay in my opinion.  I think it's still good and you can make it work but I feel like it's not as good as the attack speed build.  It does a bit better in lane and it's great against squishy teams, but it's not as effective against tanks.  I think you can still play it if you want to though, after all it is a standard ADC build and it makes Varus a standard ADC so you'll do your job. 

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High-Tier Best Supports 

12.png Alistar can zone enemies really hard and Q them whenever they get near you.  You're likely to have an advantage in lane with him unless the enemy counter picks you both. 

201.png Braum can defend you really well and his passive works great with your Blight.  He's really good in the early levels if you're up against the right champs. 

40.png Janna is great at disengaging and peeling.  That's good for Varus because he has no self peel.  The shield is great too since it gives you more AD.  

89.png Leona probably has the best CC and engage for a support in the game. At level 6 you can get easy kills unless the enemy has great disengage. She's tanky too so she can peel for you.  

25.png Morgana can poke and her Q makes it easy for you to land your abilities. Her shield is great when you're stuck in a hard matchup and her ultimate works well with yours. 

267.png Nami has good sustain and her Q and ultimate are great for when you want to go aggressive and if you need to play defensively.  Your all in with her is pretty nice and she does well in both lane and team fights. 

111.png Nautilus is really tanky and has good initiation.  His hook with your ultimate can lock down enemies nicely and secure kills.  He can't shield or heal you, but he can peel for you.

412.png Thresh is good in general because he has initiation and some disengage.  His lantern gets you out of some bad situations and his hook is good for catching people.  Unless you get absolutely crushed in lane he's likely to always be useful at every moment in the game.  

Mid-Tier But Still Good Supports

1.png Annie does a lot of damage and has a stun that can't miss.  This becomes a kill lane at level 6 with both of your ultimates.  She can't do much to protect you or peel for you though. 

43.png Karma excels at poking, together you two can do a lot of damage.  She has a good shield/MS buff but I don't think it's the best defense and if you get engaged on there's not much she can do.

117.png Lulu can poke the enemies and protect you a bit.  You should play aggressively because of your damage output but not too aggressively. I think she's better in the mid game and during team fights as a support. 

99.png Lux does a lot of damage and can set kills up for you.  She's very squishy and can't really defend you. 

497.png I think Rakan is an alright support for Varus.  He has a decent shield/heal and can even do some peeling.  His initiation is pretty good, if Rakan can land his CC when you're level 6 then you can't really miss your ult.  I don't feel like Rakan is the best defensive or initiative support for Varus in lane though, there are other supports with better heals/shields and other's that can protect Varus better.  However, I do feel like Rakan can be a good support for the entire team once laning phase is over.  

37.png Sona is great at poking and can heal you if you need it.  Her ultimate works well with yours.  She's squishy though and can run out of mana quickly. 

16.png Soraka has the best heals in the game.  She goes well with you because you can poke and initiate on your own.  Your enemies will likely focus her at all stages of the game unless she's really behind, so you're almost free to do damage. However, she has no peel and she's almost useless if she can't heal you when you need her to.

44.png Taric's stun allows you to do a lot of damage, and his heal is decent too.  He can tank things and peel for you.  You'll do a lot of damage in lane but I'm not sure you'll be able to get any definite kills. 

161.png Vel'Koz is really pokey and once you hit 6 you can kill them all with both of your ultimates.  You're both very immobile though so you have to have great positioning 

143.png Zyra and Varus have really great damage together.  She has good poke and so do you, and your ultimates can lock up and entire team.  She is a bit squishy and doesn't have much defense, but she can do a lot of damage at once. 

Any AP Support That's Not Really A Support: These champions like Cassiopeia or Lux that aren't classified as supports but are sometimes played as one are all good supports with Varus, as long as they're being useful and aren't getting super behind.  


Bottom-Tier, Okay Supports 

432.png Bard has a nice stun and auto attack and an okay heal. His ultimate can be a life saver if you're against someone with great engage.  When he leaves you alone to gather his chimes you have to play really safely because of your immobility.  If he roams constantly you might have a bad lane unless you're already ahead. 

53.png Blitzcrank can't really protect you, but his grab is really useful because it can zone enemies and really hurt them if he lands it. In team fights one grab can win the whole game for your team, but if he can't land his grabs in lane then he's not very useful. 

26.png Zilean has decent poke with his bombs.  You can do a lot of damage in lane with his bombs and your Q.  His ultimate is great, but it depends on how he uses it.  You can bully really hard in lane, but you won't always be able to lock down kills. 

None of these supports are bad necessarily, but how good they are with Varus really depends on how the player is playing with them.  Varus either needs damage or initiation from a support to get an advantage in lane, or some defense to be able to play aggressively on his own and get an advantage.  If he has neither he probably won't do very well.

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Spells: 4.png & 7.png

Runes:  Attack Speed & ADC builds -
Precision > Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Press the Attack > Triumph.png?width=32Triumph > Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32Legend: Alacrity > Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32Coup de Grace 
Domination > Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32Taste of Blood > Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32Ravenous Hunter
Lethality/Caster build -
Sorcery > Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Arcane Comet > Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32Manaflow Band > Transcendence.png?width=32Transcendence > Scorch.png?width=32Scorch
Precision > Triumph.png?width=32Triumph > Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32Coup de Grace

Abilities: R > E > W > Q  - for the attack speed build
R > Q > E > W  - for the other builds

Items: Attack Speed Build 3124.png > 3085.png > 3006.png > 3153.png > 3026.png > 3036.png
Lethality/Caster Build3142.png > 3004_32.png > 3158_32.png > 3147.png > 3036.png > 3814.png
Standard ADC Build3508.png > 3085.png > 3006.png > 3031.png > 3072.png > 3036.png  
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