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12 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - The must-have for every marksman especially since Varus has no movement spell in his kit.

7.png - Instantly granting a good amount of HP and 30% movement speed for 1 second that also goes for one of your allies is incredibly strong for laning.

6.png - This one is good if you go midlane but for botlane this is simply not worth it. Additionally the latest change to this spell makes it even less attractive since you must endure 2 seconds until you get the full effect of the spell.

21.png - This can be picked if there is the potential of you getting burst heavily. Keep in mind that this shield value only last for 2 seconds and only works for you.

1.png - You may see this spell in a few occasions when Varus goes midlane but you'll never see this on bottom lane. It just isn't worth picking since 3140.png costs only 1300g and is even better.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I prefer 18/0/12 with Deathfire Graps as my Keystone.

Resolve tree:
Go with the additional HP regeneration for more lane sustain, the reduced auto attack damage to make trades more favorable, the flat HP for more surviveability in lane and the reduced Summoner Cooldown. This will allow you to be more dominant in lane but also keeps you safe because 4.png comes with a lower cd.

Ferocity tree:
Since we aim to deal most of our damage with spells Sorcery is the way-to-go.

Fresh Blood can be used to make trading with occasional Auto Attacks a bit stronger. Natural Talent is my personal favorite. It provides more Attack Damage after level 3 than 1 Attack Damage Quintessence but you'll lack 2% Life Steal. In order to fill this gap we use 1x Life Steal Quintessence to make it almost even in numbers (fun fact: the game itself rounds the 1,5% up to 2% but I can't say for sure if this value will also  be used). Use 1 point in Vampirism and 4 into Natural Talent.

Battle Trance is my favorite since we want to attack over a long period of time and don't want the restriction of the other masteries.
Next up is the choice between Armor Penetration or Magic Penetration. This one is a no-brainer since we are an AD Caster. 

Our keystone is Fervor of Battle. SInce we want to hit many times with auto attacks, getting more AD the more we hit is simply useful. Deathfire Touch only works on a caster build but Riot killed the viability of this build pretty much.

Abilities Back to Top

varuspassive.png - This passive comes in handy since it grants you temporarily Attack Speed after killing a minion/monster or by killing/assisting an enemy Champion. With the 6.24 patch the time of those got standardized to 5 seconds AND the Attack Speed you build will scale to a certain potion into it. The latter change is incredibly nice when you go for a normal marksman build but is also pretty good for the caster version of Varus.

varusq.png - Our primary damage spell. It has a moderate Cooldown and Mana Cost which make it somewhat spammable in mid-to-late game but will drain your Mana very hard in the early game. This spell is kinda tricky to hit since you first must charge it to reach the full range/damage and its flight speed is not the highest. It also loses 15% of its damage for every target hit in its travel path down to 33% of the damage. While charging you'll also be slowed by 20% for 4 seconds which makes you extremly vulnearable. The skill can be "interupted" refunding 50% of its Mana cost but going on full Cooldown. Targets that got stacks of Blight on them and getting hit by this ability will lose all stacks and lose % health depending on the number of stacks and the rank of varusw.png (more later).

varusw.png - This is a passive ability which parts in two different "abilities". The first part will empower every Auto Attack of ours with flat+scaling magic damage and apply a stack of Blight which will last for 3 seconds (maximum of 3 stacks is possible). The second part includes what I said above. Every other ability of yours can trigger those stacks and deal % magic damage depending on your targets maximum health (2-5% per stack + ap scaling). You can use this to shred a tank that is in front of you or for extra damage onto their squishies.

varuse.png - Hail of Arrows is an AoE ability which deals physical damage (65-205 basic damage + 60% of you AD). The target area will be desecrated for 4 seconds slowing any target inside by 25-45% and reducing their healing effects by 40%. Its Mana cost is mediocre and the Cooldown relatively long (18-10 seconds). Just like varusq.png it can trigger the stacks of Blight from any target hit by it to deal % max health magic damage. With this skill you may skip 3123.png as an item since you got its effect with Hail of Arrows (in some cases you still buy this item).

varusr.png - Your ultimate ability is an utility based. Upon hitting an enemy Champion this ability will deal 100/175/250 magic damage (100% ap scaling) and root the first target hit for 2 seconds. Additionally the target hit will get 3 stacks of Blight to allow an insane burst with varusq.png. But the cool things won't stop here since varusr.png will spread through your opponents team if they don't leave the victim that got hit from this spell. Every target hit through the spread of this spell will also get 3 stacks of Blight and also be rooted for 2 seconds.

You should use this ability more for engaging than disengaging since many times your team will lack proper engage making you the only one to start a fight/catch an enemy. Keep in mind that this is your "only" real disengage since varuse.png only slows while inside.

Rule #1 as Varus: Keep your distance and throw around varusq.png to poke them down so your team can engage and win fights.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    standard start. Nothing really to add since it's common Marksman setup.
    Very nice start when you want to rush Bork first or you need the additional sustain.
    good start when in an abusive matchup

Core Items

    This should be your core.

Situational Items

    One of these 3
    One of these depending on your needs

Depending on the matchup you are in or your preferences one of the three above called starts can be used. Personally I like the 1036.png + 3x 2003.png start since it'll allow to transfer smoothly into our first item.


3153.png --> 3085.png --> 3047.png --> 3046.png

This core allows you to hit very fast and still deal goods amount of damage when hitting for a longer time. Also using your abilities in between auto attacking comes in handy for varusw.png since 3085.png is also applying the passive of varusw.png making you shred through the HP bars of many opponents. Ninja Tabis are nice to have especially when there is a melee diver/auto attacker that can touch you. The Attack Speed from 3006.png is going to waste since you'll cap out at the Attack Speed cap of 2.5.


Take one of the three Armor Penetration items depending on your needs. 
3033.png . The go to against opponents with lots of sustain.
3036.png - Perfect against beefy and healthy tanks.
3071.png - Very nice pickup to reduce the armor of an opponent and make it count for the whole team. The additional
           HP and Cooldown also come in pretty nicely.

Situational 2

3026.png - If you want some more offensive power but also want defensive capability (2nd life) you should stick with
           this item. It'll help dealing with those physical damage sources and grants you another shot at making it
           work/run away.
3031.png - Best choice for raw damage especially since we stick with 60% crit even without this item. Crits hit harder
           and this is very important for marksman.
3139.png - If you need a lot of AD, additional Life Steal, Magic Resistance and a "Free out of Jail" (CC) card this item is
           the optimal pickup.
3812.png - Underrated but pretty strong this item grants 80 AD, 15% Life Steal on physical damage (not auto attacks),
           grants 10% Cooldown and converts 30% of the incoming damage into a DoT over 3 seconds. This item is in a
           good spot for making a survival against some "One Punch" combos.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kennen
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Vayne




This is an Easy-to-Medium matchup depending on how skilled the enemy Ashe is. You have a very small disadvantage when Auto Attacking against her since you only have 575 and she has 600. She can only poke you via volley.png but you can avoid the damage most of the times by simply staying behind a wave of minions. You win the poke battles and the all-in fights pre level 6 since you have a lot more burst than she could ever bring to the table (except she goes for some weird cheese strat with red smite but tbh who does this?). Fear the all-in she can pull off after level 6 with enchantedcrystalarrow.png. The stun followed by her supporter can cost you your life if you don't respect the amount of pressure she can pull off with it.

If enchantedcrystalarrow.png is on Cooldown and varusr.png is up you can force/kill her when she steps too far forward.




She wants to bully you with her range and push you in all the time. Avoid stepping into caitlynyordletrap.png because most Caitlyn players will maximise this skill first and the damage you'll receive from the Headshot is incredibly hard. You can push pretty hard too so try to hold the minion wave a little bit in front of your turret (turret shouldn't be able to hit a minion) and ask your jungler for pressure since Caitlyn+support have to cross a long distance to be save. After 6 you can easily kill her when she randomly burns caitlynentrapment.png since the only way of escaping beside of caitlynentrapment.png is 4.png. But even with net up you can try to fight her if she oversteps too much.




You share many similarities on how to play the lane because you both prefer to poke and spike pretty hard at level 6. The biggest difference is the fact that you have CC in your kit while he has 1 movement ability (2 if you include Special Delivery which is available every 5 minutes after 8:00 when picked up). Be careful when you want to quick trade after his first base because he will most likely come to lane with 3057.png. This one will empower his next Basic Attack after using an ability and favor trades for him.




His Basic Attacks hit way harder than yours making an all-in pretty hard for you to ever win and after the changes to dravenspinning.png (adding flat damage + % of your bonus AD) making it even stronger in the early AND in the late game. dravenfury.png gives a nice rush of Attack and Movement Speed making a runaway extremely unlikely. After Level 6 you can try to all-in him when your support is on the same page as you and Draven steps too far ahead of his Supporter. When He spins 2-3 axes you may want to pray to God because you can't win the trade. The only way to properly kill a Draven is by nuking him or poking him from afar.




Lanes against Ezreal are always easy to play since he doesn't have a lot of pressure he can put onto you. In a matchup vs Ezreal the Supporter defines your chances of winning since he'll be the one who can bring CC to the table.

In general try to harass him with your Auto Attacks (you have higher range and your Basic Attacks hit harder than his thanks to varusw.png) and avoid getting hit by ezrealmysticshot.png. The easiest way to do this is by simply staying behind minions. Ezreal can't spam ezrealessenceflux.png and ezrealarcaneshift.png since they both drain his Mana empty after a few times of usage making his lane even weaker. After 6 you can force him every time varusr.png but beware ezrealarcaneshift.png since he can easily jump out of your ultimate's line and be save. If your opponents adapt to your style you may want to check for the Jungler first before you start to all-in Ezreal.




Currently this is the most likely opponent you'll have to face on bottom. You both can abuse Lethality hard and you both have long range damage that is reliable. Make sure you don't tank too much harass/his 4th Auto Attack/jhinq.png since those things will push your HP down to 0 really fast. jhinw.png will root you when hit (you must be hit by Jhin's Basic Attacks or an ally beforehand) making you a sitting duck especially after Level 6 for the first shot of jhinr.png. After 6 he has more pressure on you especially when you have low HP but if your HP bar is high/full you have the power to force him with varusr.png. He either is able to survive through it and 4.png away after it, 4.png before he gets hit or he simply dies. Stepping out of your ult without additional Movement Speed (4th shot for example grants a boost of Movement Speed) is next to impossible.




Lane is easy, late game is hard when she can attack you. In lane you want to force her off the minions and poke her back to base to abuse her weak lane. Try to build up a big advantage making her scaling slower than it even is right now. She can't deal with your poke and may have to rely on her Supporter to make it through without being a dead weight. After Level 6 you can easily all-in her by starting with some poke and then engaging with varusr.png when your poke is off Cooldown. Keep in mind that she can outrange your Auto Attack range at Level 1 when she uses jinxq.png' Rocket Launcher but spamming rockets will drain her Mana empty in no time.

In late game you'll most likely die through 2 Auto Attacks of jinxq.png's Rocket Launcher since she'll have 700 Range + 150 Range from 3094.png for her 1st Attack.




In a sheer 1vs1 in lane she won't stand a chance but her 2vs2 before and after 6 can be incredibly strong. kalistaexpungewrapper.png grants 1 stack per every Auto Attack you tank and the activation of this skill will trigger all stacks and deal damage depending on the number of stacks you had on and kalistarx.png will pull in her Supporter until he releases himself kicking his body into your face. When hit you'll be displaced for a short moment but the Supporter will be in range to CC you into oblivion.

General playstyle: Force her with a few Auto Attacks/by poking but try to avoid all-in's when the supporter is near. After Level 6 beware her engage potential from kalistarx.png and her mobility to dodge varusr.png. Hitting your ultimate mostly results in you winning the fight but failing to do so could cost you your precious life.




There are some Kennen ADC players out there and the reason why is simply because their all-in is terrifying. His Auto Attack Range is shorter than yours (25 units) but his empowered Basic Attack (every 4th Basic Attack with kennenbringthelight.png) will deal potent damage and apply a stack onto you. When hit by any of his abilities or his empowered one stack will be applied which then allows Kennen to activate the active of kennenbringthelight.png to damage you once more applying another stack onto you. After collecting 3 stacks, you'll be stunned for ~1 second/~.5 seconds when hit twice in between 7 seconds. His Ultimate kennenshurikenstorm.png will apply up to 3 stacks and each time hit will increase its damage.

Poke is your way, all-in his.




It's an Easy-Medium matchup but you'll win it as long as you act like you are a special snowflake and anything belongs to you. Poke is your strenght but Kog'Maw can do this too. Avoid fighting when he uses kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png since the additional range and the additional % health magic damage will deal severe damage to you and you'll most like not be able to equal the trade. You can fight him when this skill is on Cooldown and then you'll win next to always. After Level 6 you can all-in him as long as kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png is on Cooldown but you can try it even when it is their. Just make sure you don't eat all the skills from him because they hurt quite hard.

In late game be carefull because his Basic Attacks will hurt like a truck.




His lange is lower, his poke weaker but his burst is something you must have on the radar since his passive grants him 2 Attacks for 1 Basic Attack after casting one of his abilities. It may deal reduced damage but it's stronger than 1 of your Attacks but your all-in is stronger in general. Force him out of lane or into favorable trades (for you of course) and let him bleed for being short ranged. After Level 6 you can all-in if you bait luciane.png out of him first.


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune is a lane bully and can hurt you even without attacking you directly via missfortunericochetshot.png. The sad thing about this ability is that the 2nd hit is even stronger than the first and will become EVEN stronger when the first target dies. That means for you that cuddling minion waves is not a good way to play this matchup since the area where missfortunericochetshot.png searches its 2nd target has the form of a cone. She is also pretty fast because missfortuneviciousstrikes.png grants 60-100 Movement Speed (depending on rank of the ability) when she hasn't been hit for a longer period of time. When attacked she can activate this ability to reset this passive. By doing so she also gains Attack Speed and every time she triggers her passive will reduce this Cooldown by 3 seconds.

Care her all-in potential after 6 since missfortunebullettime.png deals heavy damage if you stay in it (it also is formed like a keg). If you avoid standing in it you'll win the fights but beware. You'll be paper for her in mid-to-late game since she uses the same build as we do.




Her range is super small which you can abuse to bully her back to base. Your poke is stronger and the all-in (when you start it) is also stronger. I mean you'll most likely never see Quinn on bottom lane but if you do attack her with Basic Attacks, avoid quinnq.png  and don't allow her to all-in you. Make sure to tell your team whenever Quinn is missing after Level 6 since quinnr.png makes her an incredible roamer.




This is an Easy-to-Medium matchup but that depends on her and your abilities to control the lane. In theory you can simply bully her out of lane by Auto Attacking but you should use your spells rarely since sivire.png will negate them and grant her Mana in return. But this is also her weakness after Level 6. Successfully baiting sivire.png opens a time frame for you to all-in her starting with varusr.png->varusq.png-> AA's (Auto Attacks)->varuse.png.

She can also poke you from afar with sivirq.png (which costs even more Mana than your varusq.png so you know how fast her Mana poll will be dry) or through hitting minions with sivirw.png. If she activates sivirr.png (movement speed for all allies near her) the Jungler will be around and you are going to die most likely so keeping a good line of vision is key into not feeding Sivir.




As long as you hold the trigger and force her, she can't really harm you but deny you mostly kills. tristanaw.png is a movement ability that unlike others can not be that easily interrupted due to how it's coded.  Her Attack Range is pre 6 is a tiny bit smaller than yours but after Level 6 she'll start to outrange you making Auto Attack battles less favorable for you. If you let her engage you you'll most like lose the trade since tristanae.png deals Magic Damage and increases this damage by every hit she can land before the charge explodes (up to 120% more damage). If she can successfully land 4 Basic Attacks before the charge explodes, it'll explode deal high amounts of damage and may reset tristanaw.png depending on if it's on Cooldown or not.

Fighting her after 6 is not very usefull as long as she has tristanar.png. This little baby will throw you back for 600-1000 units and deny any possability of you killing her.

Poke is yours, All-in only if she has tristanar.png on Cooldown.




Pre 6 you can bully him like you please to since your range is higher, your poke is better and your all in is somewhat stronger. That'll change after 6 because of the nature of Twitch. After 6 he can sneak into lane via twitchhideinshadows.png, slow you with twitchvenomcask.png and shred you down with twitchfullautomatic.png and the only thing you can do is using varusr.png and most likely flash away to have enough distance since twitchfullautomatic.png boosts Twitch Attack Range by 300 for 5 seconds and also grants him 20-40 AD. This will/can happen any time after he reaches 6 and makes Twitch more or less an ranged assassin.




Easy pre 6, Medium after 6. Pre 6 you should bully her with your small range advantage and your poke advantage but don't empty your Mana pool completly to achieve this goal. She can't properly trade against you except you give her a proper opening (e.g. enter her range without your abilities available/out of mana/wall cuddling). Avoid walls and objectives since vaynecondemn.png pins you against them and also stuns you for 1,75 seconds (which is a very long time). After Level 6 your pressure in lane lives and dies by your capability of hitting varusr.png. As long as you have this spell up she can't go for a kill onto you  but if you fail to hit her or have it on Cooldown she can always force you into an all-in she is going to win since kiting is her speciality.

General information Back to Top

German speakers: Wenn sich mir die Gelegenheit bietet, werde ich diesen Guide auch auf deutsch veröffentlichen und hier einen Link hinterlassen. 

Hello and welcome to my newest addition to the guide list. Today I talk about Varus as a Marksman on bottom lane in the 7.3 patch. I tried to explain a few things in the different section but if they should be hard to understand or lack anything I would like to hear from you what is missing. If any question should occur you can leave a comment in the section below or hit up my stream and ask any questions in the chat (if the stream is online of course). When the need for video footage is there I can also include them with an update of this guide.

I would like to get some Feedback from your side whether you liked this guide or not to allow me to optimize this and other/new guides.

If you are interested you can also check out my other guides (available in english and german) depending on the Champion you are looking for.

Update section Back to Top

Patch 7.16-7.19: No direct changes to 110.png or any item/mastery he is using.

Patch 7.15: 3147.png got some tweaks in 7.14 via micro patches to take away some of its power. With 7.15 riot
                   reduced the overall damage even further AND decreased the damage for ranged champions. Adding to
                   this nerf they also took away the 99% which lasted for 0.25 seconds and can now only be triggered by
                   melee champions. The only reason why lethality 110.png is played is because of his abilities having high
                   damage. The active on-hit was a nice goodie but not the sole reason for this pickup. In a few cases
                   caster 110.png is still viable but keep in mind that the on-hit/crit version is better right now since tanks
                  are more common (even in soloq when higher up) than they used to be.

Patch 7.14: All lethality items 3147.png3142.png3814.png got their lethality values buffed from 15 to 18 but most of them
                   got their AD value reduced by 5 or more. For a more detailed view I recommand looking at the patch
                   notes but all the changes where made to make them less interesting for marksman (3147.png is broken
                   right now). Here is the link to the 7.14 patch notes.

Patch 7.12/
Patch 7.13: No mentioning changes happened.

Patch 7.11:   3153.png Lifesteal value down from 15% to 12%. This item was too well rounded to be unnerfed for any
                     longer. This is now the 2nd nerf (cost increase in 7.9) but it doesn't make this item weak - go and buy
                     3047.png Damage reduction value down from 12% to 10%. We all knew that these pair of boots was broken
                     and adjustments needed to be done. 2% won't kill the item and that means it'll still be our go-to when
                     we have to fend off those Auto Attackers/AD champs.

2017-05-14 Major overhaul of Items and small tweaks to masteries

Patch 7.9:     3026.png - Build component and stats got changed. Armor/MR --> AD/Armor is a nice pickup for a 
                                defensive item of that caliber that now also grants 40 AD.
                     3035.png - With the tank update this item dropped armor penetration from 45% --> 35%. Still your only 
                                viable option against big tanks.
                     3036.png - Additional damage depending on HP discrepancy up from 15% --> 20%. Compensation buff for 
                                 the Last Whisper nerf.
                     3812.png - Damage received transfered into 3 second DoT increased from 15% --> 30%. Huge change
                                making it more popular.

Patch 7.7:      No changes were made that affected direct gameplay of this champion.

Patch 7.6: varusq.png The Cooldown reduction when hitting a target with stacks of Blight used to scale with Cooldown
                          reduction in 7.6. This behavior got changed to 4 seconds flat. You should feel the change but it
                          shouldn't be remarkable since caster Varus seems to be inferior to normal Basic Attack Varus since
                          the 7.5 patch.

                         Warlord's Bloodlust got its values changed from 1-50% to 3-40% making it stronger early on but
                         weaker in the late game. To (over) compensate for this change Riot introduced scaling crit damage
                         amplifier scaling which means 3031.png increases the heal of this keystone by additional 50% adding to
                         the normal crit power for this mastery. This change is pushing the crit build Varus even further

Patch 7.5: varusq.png AD ratio down from 100-165% to 100-150%, Cooldown up from 16/14/12/10/8
                          seconds to 20/18/16/14/12 seconds plus a new passive Blight Bursting. In general this ability got
                          its damage nerfed which you can feel. Additionally spamming this ability got a bit tougher since
                         the Cooldown got pushed by 4 seconds at any rank. Additionally a new passive was put into the
                         skill reducing the Cooldown by 4 seconds when at least one Champion with Blight stacks got hit.
                         This change wants to encourage Auto Attacking since the Cooldown reduction will only be
                         triggered when a target got stacks and mainly they get those when we attack with Basic Attacks.
                         For our burst combo this doesn't change anything except our damage output got lowered.

                3814.png Shield duartion down from 10 to 5 seconds. This one is huge since our defensive capabilities are
                         low and this item guaranteed us a good amount of time to live and dish out damage. Keep in mind
                         even in this nerfed state Edge of Night is not useless but it becomes a more optional pickup since
                         we wanted this item more for its defensive possabilities than for the offensive ones but the
                         combination of both made it god tier. Now it's in the good tier.

                 Deathfire Touch Bonus AD Ration down from 60 to 45%. This one is also a good hit onto Varus since this
                 was our go-to keystone since the damage it could dish out in mid-to-late game was pretty good and it
                 was also reliable as long as Varus could hit his spells. The mastery itself is still good on him but you'll feel
                 the change a bit.

                Warlord's Bloodlust got changed with this patch. It now works like the passive effects from 3087.png or 3094.png.
                By moving or attacking you gain stacks and when you reach 100 stacks your next attack gains Life Steal
                and grant 30% movement speed for 0.75 seconds. This change pretty much kills the early prowess of the
                keystone and transforms it into a more mid-to-late game, kite fight oriented keystone. Since we want to
                play Varus as a caster this change will make it almost unnecessary and for now I don't see when we
                should pick this one above Deathfire Touch.
                Keep in mind this one is not bad, it just doesn't fight our playstyle needs.

               Keystone priority: Deathfire Touch > Warlord's Bloodlust > Fervor of Battle

Patch 7.4 :
 3142.png  Loss of 5 Lethality for a total of 15. Losing 25% of the original value seems tough but doens't feel                               any weaker than before so this item won't disappear from our item list.

                   3071.png This item got its build path changed + it lost some AD (50->40) and an HP boost (300->400). It's                                   simply not worth building on Varus since the armor penetration must be stacked first to be                                       impactful.

                   3035.png AD from 25->10 and Armor Penetration from 30%->45% make this item even more desirable against                             heavy tanks. Caster Varus in general isn't too bad in killing tanks in this buff will make his
                            life easier than before but won't change his damage against squishes.

                  3034.png The nerf on this item is pretty harsh since your opponent now needs up to 1000 HP more than                                  you to fully utilize this item. Worse against bruiser but still the same against full tanks.

                   3036.png See above

                  Fervor of Battle duration up from 6 to 8 seconds. Nice QoL change but it still shouldn't be considered as
                  a pickup for Caster Varus. It can be useful on Crit Varus.

                  Warlord's Bloodlust bonus down from 20% to 15% is a good chunk but is still in a good shape. You normally
                  only need it in tough lane matchups which means Deathfire Touch > Warlord's Bloodlust.

                  jhinr.png - Slow duration lowered from 0.75 to 0.5 seconds is feelable because your victims can now move a                              bit better in order to avoid getting shot. For good Jhin players this won't change a thing but a                                  somewhat unsecure sniper will feel the pain of this nerf.

                 3814.png This one came in a few hours after the initial patch came to live. The nerf on this item includes AD                           reduction from 60 to 55 and a Cooldown increase from 30 to 45 seconds putting on the same time                             the item had in 7.2. The item itself is still attractive since it provides all the stats we need and                           the Utility to dodge the bullet once but with this change we'll have to make sure to properly                                     use this item since the Cooldown is now 50% higher. Source

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110.png is in a somewhat weird spot. He is neither strong or weak but is almost always useful. He provides utility (slow + root) and has build in % damage against tanks which, right now, are certainly strong. His lack in mobility and the fact that the S Tier marksman dish out more damage and can peel for themselves make him "only" A Tier. BUT: The marksman pool is getting targeted quite heavily which results in S Tier getting reduced to 0 in many cases. Therefore A Tier is more interesting. We'll see a certain amount of 110.png games if the way P&B currently goes continues.

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