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Summoner Spells Back to Top

  • 7.png is still superior to 21.png for a defensive summoner, take it as your default unless you have the mechanics to avoid large AoE damage or skillshots. Take 21.png when you're vs a lane or comp that will have                  Grievous Wounds but be mindful of when to use it as it does not last very long.

  •  1.png is my personally preferred spell (However I rarely take it simply out of necessity) due to 3.png and single target CC being the best way to shut Vayne down.  1.png isn't my preferred spell because of the CC iself, rather because I die instantly from burst damage IF I get CC'd. It is incredibly difficult to effectively use however so unless you are a highly proficient 67.png I would avoid this spell, be realistic with your skill when deciding between Heal or Cleanse.

  • 6.png  is INSANELY UNDERRATED ON IMMOBILE AD CARRY'S. Any AD that has an in-built method of hasting or slowing benefits massively from the insane MS boost and duration. If you are against anything that can lock you down however such as 59.png32.png89.png412.png54.png and the like, 4.png will of course be more optimal. Ghost works with Vayne's passive and typical choice in items as the passive's MS bonus is an additive value meaning it does not suffer as heavily from diminishing returns as other MS bonuses (3046.png for instance). So during your ultimate you can gain a hilarious amount of MS that makes you LITERALLY un-kiteable and un-catchable. The cooldown is substantially shorter than 4.png and is more effective for general use. The major downsides are that it takes substantially more skill to properly use and it obviously cannot go over walls. But if you know how and when to use it you will find far more success than you otherwise would have with 4.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Pretty much standard on my  67_64.png.

Masteries are incredibly straightforward. 

  • Fury at Tier 1 for obvious reasons.

  • Double-Edged Sword over Feast at Tier 2 because the healing is neglible. Also, a 30 second CD on a VERY lackluster heal vs a % DMG increase? Come on. The DMG increase to yourself is so low it's a no-brainer. Expose Weakness is highly encouraged over either of those masteries though if you are duo with a support and you both take it.

  • Vampirism over Natural Talent at Tier 3 simply because you don't need scaling damage, you need sustain for lane and to allow you to raise your DPS in fights by staying alive longer. 
  • Bounty Hunter vs Oppressor at Tier 4 is a VERY tough one. The thought process is usually that Oppressor is guaranteed damage but bounty hunter scales much better assuming you get those unique kills stacked. I prefer Oppressor simply because it's safer and you would have to kill at least 3 different people to make the point in Bounty Hunter more useful than Oppressor. Just more efficient across a broader number of games.

  • Battering Blows at tier 5 for obvious reasons.

  • Warlords Bloodlust as your keystone over Fervor. Fervor is great and all but isn't necessary on Vayne, you scale fine as it is fervor is just overkill and typically you can't maximize the stacks out of laning phase as much as you can the IMMENSE healing from Warlords at ALL stages of the game. Warlords allows you to survive laning phase much easier and scales super hard with Vayne's ultimate/crit chance. It is also more effective across more builds and against more threats.

Now for 12 points in Cunning
  • Savagery at Tier 1 because you won't be roaming very much. With having limited AD to work with, the extra 5 dmg to creeps can help you last hit under turret.

  • Secret Stash at Tier 2 because you aren't a jungler so you make no use out of extended buff durations. Assassin cannot be utilized when it really matters simply because you're typically in a duo lane or you're near someone else. Only during a split-push does this come in use and even then people will typically send two others to stop you rather than one. Overall biscuits are mathematically trash but for an AD, it's the better of the 3.

  • Merciless at Tier 3 because you don't need mana regen, YOU WANT THAT DAMAGE.

  • Dangerous Game at Tier 4 doesn't need an explanation. You are ranged so you can't maximize the passive.

Abilities Back to Top

  • The r/VayneMains approved leveling process. Putting 3 points into Q enables for better farming/teamfighting. Afterwards maxing W for huge damage output. If you are rushing one of these (3087.png/3046.png/3153.png) this will be the route you take. 


vayne leveling 1.JPG
  • This is the tumble max route. Gives a significantly stronger laning phase and enables for super smooth trading/farming but is weaker in an all-in due to the lack of AS in the build early on if you don't manage to crit. If you are rushing one of these (3031.png,3147.png,3078.png,3072.png) level in this manner.

vayne leveling 2.JPG

  • The older-school method of leveling. A strict Zeal rush route intended for high all-in damage with limited farming capability or mobility. It deals the most overall damage but is the comparatively weakest laning choice due to how much weaker it is at farming than other options. If you want to build any of these first    (3094.png/3046.png/3087.png/3085.png) go this route. You can also go the aforementioned old-school route of 3153.png rush with this leveling but right now it's not optimal. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Some dmg, hp, and lifesteal to help you out early on.
    not that great anymore first item after the meta shifted away from ashe/sivir

Core Items

    Currently the most effective build for Vayne. The shiv gives you easy waveclear, shredding, crit for your ult and the BF sword gets your IE started and helps you out vs softer targets. QSS because you will need it.
    My preferred route as it lets you duel literally anyone in the game essentially. Max W outright with only 1 point in Q and this'll get you where you wanna go. A word of warning though, this is the highest difficulty route and makes you incredibly susceptible early on in the laning phase. It requires alot of micro-skill to teamfight or contest objectives with so be aware of that beforehand. QSS because youll need it.
    The oldschool basic route. Overall the weakest choice in the current meta-game but is still good. Very versatile and gets you scaling early on. Covers your sustain and dueling needs decently enough and lets you kite/chase easily.
    A surprisingly strong cheese build that while super expensive, effectively 3-shots soft targets. (Explained below),
    All terrible first items for vayne. They have their place but not as rushed items.

Situational Items

    Don't buy these ever on vayne theyre terrible for her.
    If you are at 6 items and have enough gold, go ahead and sell your boots for this.
    If the enemy team is ranged hard engage dependent like Malph/Amumu/Sej or if they have someone like LB/Syndra/Veigar and they aren't shut down. Buy 3'rd item no questions asked do Not wait to buy this, finish it asap after your 2nd item.
    If the enemy team has multiple threats that can 1 shot you such as Rengar/Vi/LeBlanc/Veigar/Syndra etc all on the same team. You could buy a resistance item in its place but the shield and extra hp will give you more survivability than anything else in the same defensive class.
    Dominiks if they are stacking immense amounts of armor vs you. Mortal Reminder if they are made up of multiple regen based champions like swain/warwick/mundo/soraka etc. Neither of these items are necessary on vayne unless its a niche scenario where your entire team is ad based and they have stuff like malphite and rammus with 300+ armor or in the case of mortal reminder, multiple healing tanks/mages.
    If the enemy team has multiple ap threats but cant exactly one shot you or pose a significant threat. gives you lots of damage and sustain underneath its shield.
    used to be really great but after the meta shift it kinda fell outta favor. At full stacks it causes your silver bolts to proc every 2nd auto rather than every 3rd and on paper that sounds fantastic but in practice its pretty lackluster and other items would give you more stats for less gold and overall increase your dps faster.
    Not terrible by any means, explained below.
    Not ideal as you don't benefit from the passive but if you need AoE damage and can safely auto in the back-line it's not "terrible". Get it alongside of shiv so you can proc it more often and get some nice AoE crits.
GENERIC BUILD ORDER should look something like this:



1053.png OR 1036.png1001.png (If needing to dodge skillshots easier in lane)


3144.png OR 3006.png(If you're ahead and their ADC can't effectively fight you)


3153.png1001.png (If you didn't start your boots yet do it now)




3046.png3363.png(Switch Totem out for Farsight)


1038.png(If behind) OR 3140.png (If Ahead)


3031.png (Either finish IE if you already started it or begin building it if you got QSS)


3140.png (If you dont have it yet) OR 3086.png (If you got IE/Sash already)


3053.png (Start and finish this) 


3139.png (gg easy ty for the freelo yum)


Common late game Vayne builds for me (Items are placed in their FINISHED build order):

3153.png3046.png3006.png3031.png3053.png3139.png: Default Vayne build I'd follow if you're new to ADC or Vayne herself.

3087.png3031.png3006.png3046.png3139.png3072.png: Best overall build right now.

3006.png3046.png3031.png3087.png3139.png3508.png --> Sell Boots for 3078.png: My favorite build.

3153.png3087.png3006.png3094.png3046.png3036.png: My throwback tank killer build.                   

3147.png3078.png3006.png3031.png3087.png3072.png: 3-Shot Build. (Explained below)


3094.png vs 3087_64.png EXPLAINED!!!!!

3094.png vs 3087_32.png isn't about the stats, its about the differences in passives. Shiv enables for better pushing, more burst damage, and more movement speed. Whereas Firecannon gives poke, more MS, and faster tower pushing. The stat differences are negligible and frankly, they work alot better together than alone. The items are the exact same price with the same recipe. If you looking to be a late game powerhouse, PD will of course outscale both of these items when alone but when paired together they outscale every other crit item in the game. If you're buying them alone and not combining them, choose according to what you want. More pushing and crit chance or more mobility and tower pushing. 


3147.png3078.png3031.png "Korean 3-Shot Build" What??? 

It sounds ridiculous I know but maxing Tumble and rushing duskblade on an experienced Vayne player is a death sentence for any would-be Doublelift wannabe thinking hes hot shit on his Mastery level 4 Lucian and the like. The combined burst damage from a Tumble maxed enhanced Auto attack, 75 bonus AD, 10 ArPen, and the AD from your ult is enough to nearly half health someone in two hits. The build just gets more disgusting with Trinity force as the spellblade proccing on your tumble is disgusting and if you critically strike with IE that's LITERALLY half of their HP gone in ONE autoattack. The duskblade passive is simply there in the event that they heal or attempt to escape, it'll make sure that attempt is not successful. The proper combo would be to :

  1. Ult->Tumble->Condemn(Stun)->Auto Attack->Tumble->Auto Attack
  2. Spam dance
  3. Say in /all chat "haha wow so easy haha ty for freelo xoxo"
I've personally played this build more than a few times and it's hilariously strong vs a team full of squishies. it does take some skill to properly execute and the build path is pretty awkward but if you've got the skill and the knowledge it's nothing you won't already be used to.


3142_64.png Why?

With its changes Ghostblade is now an incredibly powerful item on crit-based AD's. It's armor pen helps vs squishies and bruisers but not tanks. The AD it gives is a godsend when paired with IE. The active boosts your DPS and mobility when combined with your Ult tremendously. Overall, perfect for an AS scaling carry due to them stacking crit-chance. 


3102_64.png & 3026_64.png why,when

  • Banshees Veil is strong against poke of course, but primarily to shut down hard single target burst or engage. Think of 4_64.png,89_64.png113_64.png32_64.png7_64.png238_64.png64_64.png, etc. It gives Health to help against burst and MR to make that burst less. Try to not get hit with abilities prior to fights when you have this item. The health regen passive doesn't really help you but its something if you can't lifesteal anything nearby. Pretty strong right now

  • Guardian Angel is strong against high burst or high assassination team comps where your team has many ways to peel or keep the enemy from killing you when you revive. Honestly, I don't like 3026_32.png very much, I would rather have an immortality type mechanic for like 4 seconds to be honest but in the case of buying this it is only strong against AP and "One-Rotation-Wonders". Why? AP is more commonly cooldown reliant and by the time you get back up their CD's will just now be coming back up allowing you to re-position really quick before you get hit again. ORW's(in my own words) are assassins like 107_64.png105_64.png238_64.png64_64.png, and 55_64.png. Once their initial burst is used, they have no kill potential unless they do some major outplaying. If they burn everything on a 3026_32.png 67_64.png, then you're in the clear when you revive, nothing can immediately threaten you. Item is kinda meh but in niche, clutch scenarios it can be useful.


3078_64.png Why?

There's no ONE reason why, but there's multiple incentives to go for it. 3078_32.png is an item that doesn't work with 67_64.png until it is complete. 3044_32.png is the only item at the point of the game that you start building 3078_32.png that truly works because you can get Zeal from other items recipes so it doesn't even count here. The things that make it good are the spellblade procs on Tumble, the Rage passive on kills and Auto's, the AS, the MS, and the bonus AS. The AD is negligible as is the HP. It compliments her kit very nicely and if youre like me who enjoys stacking MASSIVE attack speed and movement speed on her you become unstoppable in the late game. Although, only purchase it if you're ahead or if you literally can't buy anything else. It doesnt give her enough stats to warrant it being a core item really is the only thing stopping it from being common. Shitty explanation I know but there is no real "reason" i can write out all detailed and what not on why it is good, just compare her kit to its effects/stats and you'll get it. 

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Tahm Kench
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Vayne




New Ashe has tons of threats to Vayne both in and out of laning phase. The key here being to not perform extended trades with her or attempt to leash her with AA's, as her range is higher than yours and her slow makes her increasingly more difficult to escape from, and dont forget about that BIGFUCKINARROW.

  • Avoid actively trading, no way to win.
  • Avoid pushing her to her turret as she can set up easy ganks.
  • Never linger around below half-life.
  • If she goes on you or forces a trade tumble away from her and do not re-engage until her Q has worn off.
  • If she uses her Q on creeps punish her for it.
  • If you're serious about dueling her, be sure to be packing both summoner spells.




Really awesome champion to play vs as Vayne honestly. Incredibly even matchup that is based purely on skill. Avoid being near walls or being right on top of your support in lane.

  • Tumble or sidestep his bind
  • Use his healing shrines as bait and immediately harass the user of the shrine to make the mana spent creating the shrine worthless. 
  • Keep track of his chimes, he can do alot of damage quickly if he uses them correctly.
  • Tumble out of his R at all costs.




When you are going for creep kills and she looks like she may walk up to you to attack, you will need to immediately Tumble backwards and autoattack a creep on your way back. This will deny her harass while also resetting your Tumble CD so you can rinse and repeat.

  1. Sidestep or Tumble her Peacemakers
  2. Make sure to go stealth when you get low that way she has a lower chance of casting R on you
  3. Try to not get E/Q combo'd by her. Avoid that at all costs, because that deals massive damage and allows her to kite the hell out of you. Tumble this at all costs.
  4. If she is trying to ult you or someone else, E her out of its animation. It will cancel the ult and put it on its full CD.
  5. Her new sniping mechanic when you step on traps is kind of meh because when will you ever actively step on them unless you mess up. Just keep calm and watch where you are walking when she tries to lay down a line of traps. DO NOT panic in fights. 




He effectively counters you. His Q doesn;t reveal you in stealth, but it does reveal you if you are in shroud.

  1. Tumble his Q's. Since he maxes Q they will chunk you
  2. His rockets deal huge DPS, sidestep his small ones, tumble his big one
  3. Try to not take more than 2 seconds of his Gatling Gun as its armor shred is massive after awhile
  4. His Valkyrie is actually not a dash or a leap, its coded as a haste. So you can autoattack him, BotRK him, Condemn him etcetc during it. Use that to your advantage. He will typically Q/E/W onto you in that order if hes going ham. Condemn him backwards while tumbling out of his Q's AoE(towards him) and then you can go hard on him.
  5. His autoattacks actually do decent damage now so don't trade with him unless it's on your own terms.
  6. When you know he has his Special Delivery be wary of ganks. Ward up so he can't corral you into his team.




Do NOT stand near your creeps unless you are walking up to last hit. He will chunk the fuck out of you.

  1. Harass him when he is walking to an axe because he will not be able to harass back. Usually, auto/tumble auto/auto, this will proc silver bolts and he will only get one attack off during this time. Pretty sweet.
  2. If you are in a full fight, wait for him to Queue up his 2nd axe, then condemn him away from his axe and go ham on him. 
  4. CC'ing him should be your main priority, so if your support is going to stun him do not use condemn to keep him from axes, wait till you're near a wall.
  5. When you do get BotRK, make sure to BotRK him when he uses his W(his speed up, you'll hear this "boost" sound when he casts it) because you'll steal all the movement speed he gets by using it.



It's pretty easy to lane vs Ez, he can't compete with your damage output. If he misses his Q go ham on him.
  1. Tumble/Sidestep his mystic shots
  2. Don't trade out in the open unless you can dodge his damage
  3. Dodge his Ultimate




Just stay behind creeps so he can't autoattack you. Tumble his Q's are at least walk out of the detonation radius. When you get low during a fight vs him, make sure to always tumble to the side to dodge his Ultimate.




You wont out-trade her when she is using her Fishbones, but you can when she isn't using it.

  1. Sidestep or Tumble her Zap.
  2. Tumble her Chompers.
  3. Flash her Ultimate, since it has such a crazy big hitbox Tumbling isn't a good idea




Kalista is tricky for any short range Carry. The key to go even or win against her, is to avoid extended trades, and stay out of her Leap -> AA range. She can hopscotch between pushing and harassing easily and Rend will add up after 3-4 auto's. So be mindful of positioning.

  1. Avoid extended trades, or trades where you can't proc W
  2. Condemn her away ASAP when she ults to deny her an engage
  3. Stay out of harassment range unless your support is going to back you up, because Rend hurts like hell
  4. If you choose to trade, make sure you're the one who starts it with a Tumble because Kalista loses to the champion who hits her first
  5. If you are attempting to dual her, make sure you can manage your stealth properly to deny her rend stacks as much as possible, admittedly this is a very difficult micromanagement technique to apply, so do your best
Kalista can be beaten both quickly and easily if fought correctly, but she can just as easily stomp you and begin zoning/denying you even over a simple mistake like cancelling 1 AA. All it takes, is one good Rend and you lose lane.



  1. Don't take early harass
  2. Tumble his E
  3. Sidestep his R's
  4. Only trade when his W is down
  5. Botrk him when he is near death that way you won't die from his passive
  6. If your ultimate is active, Tumble last second to juke him out during his passive.
  7. Kogs ult does reveal hidden units but NOT stealth, remember that
Kog Maw is like Tristana in the regard that he is one of the only champions who competes with your late game. His damage is ridiculous if you allow him to get items. Late game only duel him if you get the drop on him because he will kite the shit out of you.



  1. Tumble Zenith Blade
  2. Condemn her before she gets in range to combo her W/Q/R
  3. Tumble or Cleanse her ultimate
  4. Keep vision of the brush and make sure to ward tri-bush



If you're fast enough and have low enough ping, you can tumble out of his Q's and easily win trades. If he isn't immediately walking towards you then you can get multiple free hits on him by kiting past his 500 attack range. Use Tumble pro-actively here as a way to stay out of his range.
  1. Don't stand directly behind creeps
  2. Don't trade with him when his passive is active
  3. Trade with him when his Q is on CD
  4. Condemn him to cancel his ultimate




Try to not get harassed down alot in lane by her passive, its bonus dmg does add up after awhile.  Also, never dive her unless you're positive you can kill your target. Heal + Shield + Wild Growth WILL save people constantly.

  1. Sidestep her Q, Tumble it if she has Pix on you
  2. Bait out her Reveal if you are going to fight soon, as you don't want them to see you during Final Hour
  3. Cleanse polymorph, or back up if she looks like she may use it, that way you can force her ADC to move out of position
  4. Control vision of the brush
By constantly dodging her abilities she will run out of mana, and be an easy target.


Miss Fortune


Do not trade with MF, you will never win vs her in a full on autoattack fight. Be sure to not eat too much creep aggro if you ARE trading with her. She will place down her E to kite you off and you'll take tons of creep damage if you're not careful.

  1. Never stand near creeps unless you need to kill a creep
  2. Condemn her out of her R
  3. If you are trying to 1v1 her, make sure to BotRK her before the fight happens, that way you steal her passives MS and instantly gain an advantage.




Quinn full out counters you in every way. Do not engage on her unless you are entirely positive that you can beat her, which you probably won't. 

  1. Passively farm for as long as possible
  2. If she goes in on you, be sure to dodge her blind and then Tumble to the side, she will be in melee form so she'll be very close to you and tumbling to the side gives you an excellent position = wall stun.
  3. If she gets ahead, or gets any kind of farm whatsoever, you will never be able to duel her unless you have overall more damage than she does.
As Vayne, Quinn is nearly impossible to straight up outplay unless you are able to kite her during bird form. Which CAN be done late game via BotRK/Furor Enhancement but its unlikely. Mainly because she will use bird form as a last resort or an execution, and the massive movement speed buff she gains will enable her to close the gap onto you and land her knockback/slow.





  1. Tumble her Boomerang Blade
  2. Wait out her spell shield so you can condemn her
  3. outscale her


Tahm Kench


In my eyes, an utterly useless support with a team-reliant kit. Just never let him get close enough to devour you if you aren't planning on fighting.

  • Tumble his Q's
  • If you cant stun the ADC, knock him away if he gets close
  • If he goes hard on you, kite him off if the ADC isnt in range
  • He can be tough to outright kill so dont waste unnecessary resources diving him unless you know he is gonna die 



  1. Tumble hooks
  2. Sidestep flays
  3. Condemn him away mid hook that way he can't land a good box
  4. If he does manage to get up to you, tumble away immediately that way The Box won't land on you. If it does land on you, try to position yourself near or behind your support, or Cleanse. If he has Exhaust, wait till he stacks CC with Exhaust to Cleanse.
  5. Do not take free autoattack damage, that shit hurts.




Tristana has been nerfed, but she is still more than viable and capable of demolishing you in lane as she always has been able to do. She can keep better pace with your level 3 now than she did prior and can push turrets much faster. Her late game is not as cancerous but she still remains in the top 3 late game Gods due to the CD reset on her Q when attacking E'd targets and of course her awesome range.

  1. Do not stand near low hp creeps, her E will detonate them and since Trist normally maxes E, it will hurt.
  2. If she E's, back out unless you know you can win the trade or your support si backing you up. 
  3. Try to Tumble her W if she goes ham, it also slows if it hits you which is a very good way to shut down Vayne in a fight as it decreases her chances to kite and outplay.
  4. Condemn her against a wall AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  5. She will be very easy to outlane due to how hard she pushes, so co-ordinate with your jungler and support to shut her down early. 
Overall, a very hit or miss matchup that can swing both ways depending on how both carries trade and push.




Twitch is interesting vs Vayne, he actually counters her but doesn't out-DPS her in a fight unless he gets an early Zeal on top of his main damage item, which will typically mean that he is already too far ahead for you to be attempting to duel him.

  1. Tumble out of his casks
  2. At level 6 buy a pink that way he can't start a super sneaky stealth engage
  3. Control bushes
  4. If he builds BT or IE instead of BotRK be wary of his split-pushing, you may not be able to duel him without help.
  5. Twitch normally plays very aggressive levels 1-3 so exploit that and get free Silver bolt procs on him. Chug potions while you do this though. Try to not take harassment from the enemy support, if you do then you will 100% lose this and his Contaminate will proc for alot of damage.




lol, Urgot




Skill Matchup.

If Varus tries to spam his stuff he's going to have a hard time trading with you as he'll be out of mana quickly.
  1. Tumble his Q's. If he is holding them until after your tumble, then Tumble in a direction and then immediately walk back to where you Tumbled from. He'll fire it to where you Tumbled and you'll end up dodging it entirely.
  2. Trade with him when his E is on cooldown as the grievous wounds it applies is very strong as is the slow. Varus has slightly higher autoattack range than normal ADC's, so this slow allows him to kite you whilst taking no damage whatsoever.
  3. When engaging on him, this is when your mechanics come into place. You have GOT to have good reaction time to be able to instantly dodge out of the way of his R. As he could fire it at any given moment. Usually He will open with it so try to Tumble as soon as the enemy support engages. If not, wait till you have 3 stacks of his passive on you THEN Tumble as he may try to wombocombo you with the stack detonation for a chunk of burst damage.





Buy pinks as often as you can, and try to not get harassed out of lane. The better Vayne will destroy the other one. A very boring lane in my opinion.

Early Game Back to Top


However, when you are trading with the enemy carry there are things you need to remember:
  1. Silver Bolts are things to watch. Manage what you will be stacking them on. If you aren't going to go for a full 3 procs, don't bother getting out of position. Typically, if there is no creep to kill and the enemy carry is going for a low Hp creep, Auto him normally. Wait for him to back off, hit him again when he walks back up to another creep, and immediately after that autoattack-->tumble-->autoattack him. Tumble will reset your auto so it will be way easier.
  2. Condemn should NOT be spammed. Only condemn the enemy carry/support if you can hit them against a wall and wail on them during the stun, or if they are a close range type of champion looking to engage like Leona, Taric, Alistar etc.
  3. Keep vision in the brush that way you will be able to make stealth plays during your ultimate, and you will be able to capitalize on good condemns or follow up with a condemn after CC from your support.
  4. Keep Tri-bush warded if you are on Blue side.
Maxing silver bolts makes taking an early dragon very easy. If you win a fight at bottom levels 6-8 you can easily take dragon with your jungler, you wont need your support.

Mid Game Back to Top

You should be averaging about 7-8 creeps a minute at this point in the game. You want to be rotating from mid to side-lanes and farming as much as possible to get your 3rd Item. You can also begin to duel people and get super fed from doing nearly nothing. 

  1. Focus on farming as you did in early game.
  2. Look for 1v1 duels if an enemy ends up in the lane you're farming.
  3. If an opponent is fairly fed and you know you can outplay him or duel him 1v1 roam around and look for the shut down on them.
  4. Save summoner spells unless you HAVE to use them.
  5. Try to push out bottom or top lane that way you divert attention from middle/dragon area and can secure a lead going into late game.
  6. Position yourself near bruisers during this time if you are team-fighting, because you will completely ANNIHILATE them at this point in the game. Make sure to keep kiting though, you don't want to take too much damage.

Late Game Back to Top

You should only prioritize farming at this point if you do not have 5 items. You should be sticking with your team for the most part right now, try not to split off because the enemy team will normally take advantage of a Vayne being out of a fight. If you do need to go farm, try to tell your team to reserve wolves and wraiths for you. If the enemy team is trying to turtle the game out, pull a Doublelift and split-push for as long as possible, killing ANYONE who comes to stop you. Hopefully you have the mechanics to outplay 1v2 or maybe even 1v3.I hate to be cynical, but thats not likely so if more than 2 people show up just back out to be safe.

  1. De-prioritize farming if past 5th item
  2. Do NOT stay near bruisers unless kiting. They are actually a very big threat now.
  3. Try to stay near your peel at all times.
  4. Pop your ultimate if the fight gets close to you, this will enable you to deal maximum damage and be incredibly difficult to tie down.
  5. If a bruiser dives you and continues to pursue you outside of the fight, tumble behind them(back towards the fight), BotRK them, and condemn them  away from you. Then get back to your team. If you do this properly, you will isolate the enemy teams largest bruiser and it will turn into a 5v4. Flawless.

Your Ultimate: Final Hour Back to Top


This is your ultimate, lets look at it in detail because this is pretty much Vayne's defining ability and what makes her who she is.

  • 30/50/70 Bonus AD
  • Stealth for 1 second after each Tumble
  • Triples the MS given from Night Hunter
- The bonus AD given enables for more powerful Tumbles, Condemns, and Crits. This is why BotRK is so strong on her as an item, it synergizes with her kit amazingly well and since you max Silver Bolts you can proc them more often while still retaining high AD during your ultimate, which is when it matters most. (After the Patch 4.12 buff this is even more true.)
- The stealth makes and breaks good Vaynes. Creative use of vision denial can make simple plays like dodging with Tumble turn into entire changes in pace for a duel or skirmish. You can turn the direction of a fight from towards the enemy turret to the direction of YOUR turret bringing them closer to your support or jungler, making the enemy bruisers in a fight run straight into a wall of CC by juking them out and making them think you're moving in a direction you are not etcetcetc.
- The MS gained from your passive tripling is massive. This allows for easier chases, faster escapes, faster sidesteps, and faster kiting.

-Proper Use of Final Hour-

 Final Hour can be used: 
  •  to initiate
  •  to turn a fight
  •  to escape
  •  to bait
  •  to kite
  •  to chase 
and all other manners of marvelous machinations. The lesson to learn when using the ability; however, is when and why you pop it. Although I listed many uses of Final Hour, the universal concept of "proper use" is "when". Typically you want to use it when you are committing to a fight. Commitment is almost ALWAYS the number one reason to use it. Think of it as Blade of the Exile92_64.png ultimate. If you can kill someone who is 5% HP without using Final Hour, don't use it, just kill them. If you can kite someone off without popping ult, don't pop your ult, just save it. As I said, it is a game changing ultimate for an AD Carry to have and it needs to be treated as such. Too many Vaynes just spam it when they want to do extra damage.

Supports <3 Back to Top

267.png201.png143.png: Tier 1 Supports for her in my opinion

12.png37_64.png117_64.png412.png: Tier 2 Supports for her in my opinion

40.png53.png223.png89.png: Tier 3 Supports for her in my opinion (Can be tier 1 if skilled)

43_64.png1_64.png26.png: Tier "PLEASE GOD DON'T" 

25.png16.png432.png: Outliers that are either really good or really bad with Vayne. The way they work together is heavily dependent on the playstyle of both AD and Support and when it really comes down to it, how aggressive or passive the enemy lane is. Personally, I find Bard in particular to be very strong with Vayne but as we all know, Solo Queue Bards can be hit or miss. 

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