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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Heal-Flash is the standard combination of summoners spells for pretty much every ADC. Heal is better than Barrier as the movement speed bonus is really valuable. Cleanse is situational and keep in mind that you can buy QSS. Cleanse makes you weaker in lane and even though you can cleanse things like Thresh hooks, his cooldowns are lower than yours so you're not really solving a problem with it. Take Cleanse when you feel like there is CC that really threatens you.
-If you're not confident that your reaction times are solid enough to cleanse effectively, don't fool yourself and just take heal. Be realistic about your skills.  

You can take exhaust - flash if you want to be able to duel more effectively. Keep in mind that exhaust is harder to use than heal, and that heal is the safe option you should always go for unless you know what you're doing. Again, be realistic. If you don't know how to exhaust effective enough for it to be worth more than heal, just don't pick it. 

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Masteries Back to Top

Warlord's Bloodlust is probably the best mastery for Vayne right now since it can get you through the lanephase really well. Fervor is also a viable choice if you're confident that you don't need the extra sustain. Warlord's biggest strength is getting you through the lanephase, while Fervor of Battle obviously brings more damage and is probably better late game.

Pick Assassin over Secret Stash if you play an ambush/ 1v1 style.     

Abilities Back to Top


I personally prefer maxing Q over W, as i believe it better fits Vayne's style in the lane. Let's say u max W. By maxing W u increase your damage, but that's it. As you suffer in most matchups as Vayne, the lanephase is more about surviving and farming up than dishing out damage and pressuring your enemies. W helps you with none of this and even with the extra damage you probably still won't be able to outtrade the enemy botlane. Imagine yourself trying to get 3 auto-attacks off against champions like Caityln, Jinx or Ashe without taking massive damage yourself; not going to happen.

If u max Q you can ease the lanephase somewhat. Q's cooldown lowers by 1 second for each level u put in it and is good in lane for multiple reasons:
-Q is your mobility spell with the potential to dodge a wide range of spells like Corki's Q, Caitlyn Q, Ezreal Q but also Thresh hooks, Morgana bindings, etc. Having this spell up as frequently as possible helps you dodge and survive.
-Anyone that has been pushed into the turret knows that the ranged minions die after that 2 turret shots and that 1 auto after the first turret shot doesn't kill them if you don't itemize AD early (which Vayne doesn't since she builds Blade). This results in the minion dying to the turret. Q does enough damage to kill the ranged minions after 1 turret shot and having this up as frequently as possible helps you a lot with killing minions under the turret.
-Maxing Q means more invisibility when you ult. This also is personal preference: do you opt for more raw damage with the W max, or for more mobility and utility with the Q max.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Doran's Blade is still the best starting item on Vayne as Cull makes you even weaker in lane. You just can't miss out on the health it gives you.
    For more detailed information on certain items, look at the notes below.

Core Items

    Berserker's Greaves are the best boots for Vayne in almost any situation. You can buy Boots of Swiftness to play a chase/kite heavy style or against movement speed heavy teams, but it shouldn't be the standard.
    The Core item for Vayne as it gives her all the early stats she needs: Early lifesteal, Attack speed and Chase/Kite-potential
    Buy one of these after Blade. Phantom Dancer gives more DPS/raw power and is better for 1v1's, while Statik Shiv is the best option for a waveclear/splitpush type of playstyle. Phantom Dancer is the go-to in most games. I advice against going for Rapid Firecannon after blade.
    Statik Shiv into Infinity Edge is a strong alternative build path to the Blade-first build. You can crit for massive amounts of damage if both your tumble and Statik Shiv proc crit. Add the bonus damage of Infinity Edge to this and you can hit for massive amounts of damage. Edit: since BOTRK got buffed this build path isn't the go-to anymore, check the section below for more information.

Situational Items

    Bloodthirster used to be the all-round item bringing both defensive and offensive stats, but the new Mercurial Scimitar has overshadowed it a little bit. Against compositions with a decent amount of AP, Mercurial Scimitar is almost always the better option as a third item. Only buy this when you really want to commit to drawn out, sustained fights. Best as either a 3rd or 4th item.
    This is a solid 3rd item against heavy AP comps. QSS has always been a must-buy for Vayne against a lot of compositions. If you need an all-round item against AP heavy comps, this is the best choice.
    Infinity Edge is really straight forward as an item: it's high risk - high reward. Buy this as a third item for maximum damage, but keep in mind that it brings no defensive stats and is expensive. It's probably best as an third item, but can be bought later on as well.
    Hexdrinker (along with Mercurial Scimitar) has overshadowed this item in the current meta. Banshee's Veil is best bought as a 4th item against mages like LeBlanc or Lissandra to prevent you from getting bursted. It's often not worth it to spent 2900 gold purely on defensive stats though and if you really want to invest heavily in MR, getting a fast Maw is better. So you should almost never buy this item.
    Buy this when you're massively important and feel like you can get bursted by mostly single-use, long cooldown spells so you can be useful after you revive. Remember that you're putting 2400 gold into purely defensive stats.
    Relatively cheap item that's crucial against champions like Zed or Lux. Don't buy this if you're not confident enough that you have the reaction times to cleanse spells efficiently. You can get this at any time once you got your boots and Blade + Phantom/Rapid Firecannon
    Vayne deals really well with tanks due to her W, so it's not a necessity to build these items. Mortal Reminder however is extremely strong against heal tanks like Mundo and Warwick as both the healing reduction and the armor pen help you out. Lord Dominik's is more of a general item, which is always viable against really tanky compositions.
    Maximum DPS build against relatively squishy enemy team. If they are tanky, switch Mercurial Scimitar out for a Last Whisper item. Build order: Blade, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, Mercurial/Last Whisper item, Rapid Firecannon. See (1) in the notes below for more info on the build order, variations, etc.
    Defensive build. The defense lies more in the build order rather than the items. The order is: Blade, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster, Sterak's Gage, Mercurial Scimitar. Rapid Firecannon is safer than Phantom Dancer due to the ability to stay at range and still do some damage. See (2) in the noes below for more info on the build order, variations, etc.
    I don't recommend building these items. Although the stats can be great, Youmuu's Ghostblade's build path doesn't fit Vayne's style and only works when you play as an assassin and Triforce is really expensive as you can often get better stats with 3700 gold, although it can be good when you need a lot of movement speed.
    Due to the 30% crit of Statik Shiv and Rapid Firecannon it's much more powerful to build one of these items in combination with Phantom Dancer nowadays (in a final build). I used to dislike the combination, but it's more viable now. See '*' in the text below! Phatom Dancer in combination with Rapid Firecannon or Statik Shiv can be good when snowballing really hard.
    Build this instead of QSS/Mercurial Scimitar if you feel like you can hardly dodge the magic damage or the threat is more in the damage than the CC. The great thing about these items is that you get some really efficient defensive stats while still retaining damage.
    Against overal burst teams this is the a solid option if you need survive-ability. The item suits bruiser type of adc's like Graves and Quinn better though, so you probably won't be buying this all too often. Against heavy AP teams a Maw is better, but this could be an option against AD teams. This item gives less safety, but a little more offensive power than Guardian Angel. If you don't want to run the risk, just go for GA.

Quick Note

A lot of this guide is written from the standpoint of starting your with BOTRK, an item which is not in a good spot right now. For up to date build paths, scroll down to 'Up to date build paths'. I have chosen to leave the other build paths in the guide, as they get relevant again when BOTRK gets buffed, and they give a lot of overal information on Vayne that always holds true.

Side-note on builds
Before discussing multiple variations on builds, build orders, etc I would like to make clear that builds are situational and that there are a lot of factors that contribute to a certain build or certain item being good at a certain time. Among these factors are:
- Your allied champions
- The enemy champions
- The gold lead in the game
- A certain champion, ally of foe, being extremely fed
- Your level of play; are you playing well or simply trying to make the best out a bad game?
- The skill level/ level of play of any of the players involved in the game; a good Fizz might be reason to buy MR, but if the Fizz player is messing up badly there might be no reason.
- Specific personal play-style
- The play-style / win-condition of your team
- Etc.

The crux is: apart from obvious mistakes and weird builds, a lot of items or builds can work in a game. See the in this guide proposed builds as guidelines or inspiration for your own games, not as the way to go. Because there often is no single way to go.

Also, the discussed builds are end-game, six item builds. Keep in mind that most games end before or at the time that you finish your third item (boots not included). 

Information on items

-Blade Of The Ruined King

Pretty much every Vayne build starts with Blade of the ruined king, as it gives her all the stats she needs:
Early lifesteal: Vayne's lanephase is outright weak and she suffers in most matchups. Early lifesteal can counterbalance this somewhat, as you won't get pushed out of lane as quickly. Blade of the ruined king provides this and therefore is a good option for Vayne early on in the game. 

Attack-speed: Vayne's ability to do damage relies on the amount of auto-attacks she is able to do. Her W is vital to her damage, and so her attack-speed is too. With Q essentially being an auto-attack too, it's obvious she needs attack-speed.

Chase/Kite-potential: Blade of the ruined king's active allows Vayne to both kite and chase enemies more effectively. A lot of other adc's are naturally safer as they have either bigger auto-attack range (Caitlyn/Jinx), an escape spell (Graves/Lucian) or high-range spells (Ezreal/Varus). Although she has tumble as a minor movement spell (minor compared to the options other movement spells like Graves' and Ezreal's E give), Vayne puts herself in dange quickly as she has to get close to enemies to do damage (being relient on het auto's, combined with her relatively short range). Blade of the ruined king helps her enormously as it provides a much needed movement speed burst to kite and evade danger. On that of that, the active can supplement her passive for extremely good chasing ability.

Other reasons to go for blade first:
-It fits her role as an adc: Vayne is considered a tank-killing adc, because her W is unaffected by the stacking of resistances of tanks as it deals true damage. Blade is considered an anti-tank item, with even adc's like Sivir and Ezreal who normally don't build Blade that often buying it against tanky compositions. This is because of the percentage damage on auto-attacks. Blade therefore fits Vayne's style.


Bloodthirster is safe as a 3rd item, but it's use really depends on the enemy team. Bloodthirster's biggest Weakness is the fact that it gives little power against tanks. Both Last whisper and Infinity Edge are better on this aspect, as armor pen and crit-strikes respectively do additional damage and lifesteal does not. The more AD on Bloodthirster compared to the armor pen on Last whisper will be more valuable against squishy targets, but the tankier the enemy gets, the better the armor pen relatively gets. Vayne is able to buy Bloodthirster more often because of her tank-buster kit and the fact that she builds Blade of the ruined king, but still don't build it against really tanky compositions like Nautilus support with Sejuani jungle and Maokai Toplane. So, when do you build Bloodthirster?

Bloodthirster's health shield and lifesteal help against burst- and DPS damage respectively. It's at its best against comps where the enemy dives you, but can't burst you immediately, as the large amount of Lifesteal only really adds up when you're able to auto-attack freely over a larger amount of time. On top of that,  Sterak's Gage and Hexdrinker are just better against huge amounts of burstBloodthirster can best be seen as a all-round item that's not excellent at either offensive or defense, but brings both. The perfect situation to build it, is against mostly squishy, DPS-centered champions, or simply a situation where you cannot be bursted immediately and you're able to use your massive lifesteal.

Bloodthirster is also good in siege situations, as it ensures you're almost always healthy.
When the enemy starts stacking Thornmail's in the late game, Bloodthirster is the best way to deal with this.

-The Last Whisper items


I personally don't like the Last whisper items on Vayne, as she generally deals really well with tanks due to her kit and the fact that she builds Blade. On most other Adc's a Last whisper item is a must-buy, but Vayne can do without. It should primarily be build against really tanky compositions, with at least two true tanks. Examples of 'true' tanks that you'll encounter a lot: Maokai, Sejuani, Gnar, Gragas, Sion and so on. Do not build Last whisper automatically against these champions, watch their build and then decide. When ahead, you might not need Last whisper at all.

-Rapid Firecannon, Phantom Dancer and Statik Shiv

I strongly recommend Phantom Dancer over Statik Shiv in almost any game. Vayne needs DPS, and that's what Phantom Dancer brings more of. Statik Shiv brings some waveclear, but that's pretty much it. Vayne's waveclear is absolutely horrific and you're not going to solve that with Statik Shiv. You could try to cover up this weakpoint, but you still won't solve it so you might as well supplement her DPS with Phantom Dancer as that's what your role is anyway. Just hope your team brings waveclear and if they don't, there is little you can do.

Now you might think: 'Why do players in the LCS/LPL/LCK etc. almost always build Statik Shiv instead of Phantom Dancer?' In competitive play lack of waveclear is punished more than 10 times as hard in than in Solo-queue as teams are organized and can group at any time. Wave-control is really important and so every bit of waveclear is welcomed. You'll see that Vayne players often still go for Phantom Dancer, though. 
Phantom Dancer is the better option in Solo-queue.
Rapid Firecannon is a safe option and can be build any game. Phantom Dancer fits Vayne's style but the passive has become a bit of a niche and doesn't help you much in the team fights. 

Statik Shiv - Infinity Edge Rush vs Standard 'Blade-build'

3087.png3031.png   VS 3153.png3046.png

Statik Shiv into Infinity Edge has gotten more and more popular lately. This is because of the fact that both the Statik proc and Tumble can crit, leading to insane amounts of damage. The pro's of this build are simple: you deal the most damage possible with two items, and you have more waveclear. The cons are that your laning phase will be rougher and that you won't have lifesteal until you have your third item. On top of this Blade is probably more useful as a single item than Statik Shiv is, so if you get stuck on the parts of Infinity Edge you're worse off. If you're confident that you can get through the lane phase without messing up too much, go for the Statik Shiv build. 
EDIT: BOTRK got buffed and now has more lifesteal, plus more AD at the cost of attack-speed. On top of that, the cost is reduced. Right now Blade into Phantom Dancer is the better option as it's extremely safe while still providing good damage. Even though the Statik Shiv into Infinity Edge build might do more damage in some cases, the safety BOTRK brings should make it that you almost always go for that build. The 15% lifesteal is insane and makes sure that you almost can't get pushed out of lane.

Builds starting with Blade

(1) The best, all-round build (6th item is really situational)
3006.png3153.png 3046.png3031.png3139.png3072.png

When you go Blade first, I advice to go Phantom Dancer second to maximize your damage. Buying Infinity Edge as a 3rd item will increase your damage even more. At this point you out-damage everybody in most games, so it's not necessary to go for maximum damage anymore.

Builds starting with Statik Shiv

(1) The best, all-round (high DPS) build.
3006.png3087.png 3031.png3046.png3508.png3139.png

After you finished your Statik Shiv and Infinity Edge you should almost always go for Phantom Dancer as it catapults your damage. You'll reach 80% crit-chance with enough attack-speed to wreck most enemies. At this point, your damage is so high that it doesn't really matter that much what you build. To get even more damage, Essence Reaver is the best choice. It is the only item left at that point with 20% (rounding out to 100% nicely) and gives a fair bit of attack-damage. Going for Rapid Firecannon, another Statik Shiv or another Phantom Dancer will lead to excessive amounts of crit-chance, and too much attack-speed for most people to handle properly. After Essence Reaver I advise to go for Mercurial Scimitar as the QSS is really important late game. It is probably smarter to go Mercurial Scimitar as a 5th item, and then Essence Reaver. The order listed above will lead to more damage though.

OLD - Needs updating

(1) The maximum DPS build (variations).
3006.png 3153.png3046.png3031.png3139.png3094.png

In this section I will discuss the variations on the 'maximum DPS' build. 
The core of this build is  3153.png3046.png3031.png , with the other two items being debatable depending on what style you're going to play. 

1.1 All-round DPS build

3006.png 3153.png3046.png3031.png3139.png3094.png     >>>    3006.png 3153.png3046.png 3140.png3031.png3139.png3094.png  

1.2 Full mental

3006.png 3153.png3046.png3031.png3094.png3508.png

If you absolutely want to wreck people, go with this build. It gives you 100% crit, loads of attack speed and even a fair bit of AD. The cooldown reduction and passive of Essence Reaver are not really useful, but if you want a 100% crit-chance it's the best option. By the time you finish this build it's late-game so be aware that others destroy you as fast as you destroy them. This build is as high-risk, high-reward as it gets and if you're not confident in your skills, don't do it. It's often best to build Rapid Firecannon as a 6th item, but in this situation it's probably better to go for it as a 5th item.

1.3 The 'safe' DPS build

3006.png 3153.png3046.png3031.png3072.png3094.png

(2) The defensive build (variations).

3006.png 3153.png3094.png3072.png3139.png3053.png

In this section I will discuss the variations on the 'defensive' build. 
The core of this build is  3153.png3094.png3072.png  OR  3153.png3094.png3139.png . Rapid Fire cannon is probably the safest 2nd item due to the ability to do some damage from range. 

2.1 AP overload

3006.png 3153.png3094.png3139.png3072.png3156.png   >>>  3006.png 3153.png3094.png3139.png3155.png3072.png3156.png

Against heavy AP teams this build gives you a ton of defensive stats while still providing decent damage. General rule in the Hexdrinker/Maw vs Mercurial Scimitar question is: if you feel threatened by CC and think that you can live through the damage coming to you as long as you can cleanse the most important CC, go QSS and Mercurial Scimitar first. If you feel threatened by damage instead of CC, for example a Fizz bursting you every single fight, buy Hexdrinker first. If you're confident and playing well then QSS is probably better, while Hexdrinker is safer for when you're screwing up a bit as it doesn't require skill to use effectively.

General Decision making

3006.png 3153.png3046.png + ( gold < 1300 )  >>>  1053.png  is a safe option, as it allows you to go for both 3072.png and 3139.png
                                                     >>> 1037.png  is also solid, as you can build that in to both 3031.png , 3139.png and 3035.png
                                                     >>> 1018.png don't buy this, as it limits you to  3031.png which is really risky because                                                          Ininity Edge is hit-or-miss and expensive, so if you screw up while sitting on                                                              a crit-cloak, you're going to be on the parts of Infnity Edge for a way to long time                                                      while you also could've finished a cheaper item to get back into the game.

3006.png 3153.png3046.png + ( gold > 1300 )  >>> Always either 1038.png or 3140.png. It's not bad to buy QSS and not finish Mercurial                                                        Scimitar afterwards, it's useful enough on it's own.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Tristana
  • Urgot



General info
Ashe is a real pain to lane against. Due to her high attack-range she is able to harass you whenever you go for cs or try to get in range to damage her. This combined with her slows makes it hard to win trades against her. She also has nasty CC in her ult that requires you to be really careful in teamfights as she will probably be aiming at you. Her poke will look like this:
She will do this over and over again with little for you to do.

Tips and how-to-play
-Position yourself behind minions as they block her W.-It's hard to trade against Ashe as she won't let u get away. The slows on her auto-attacks and W allow her to chase you and deal additional auto-attacks while you try to back off. This almost always tips the trade into her favor.-A good Ashe won't let u get in range to do damage to her as she will simply kite u with her additional 75 range and her slows.
-If u do trade with Ashe, make sure she used her W and isn't close to 5 stacks on her Q.
-Ashe is easy to gank as she has no mobility spells. If she shoves the wave continuously into the turret, there should be opportunities for your jungler to pull off a good gank. 

Support matchups 

Supports to watch out for:

117_64.png Ashe - Lulu is a complete poke/harass fest. Lulu covers up Ashe's weak-points by providing movement speed and shields so she is less gankable, while supplementing her poke with her own poke. There is little u can do against this combination. Just hope your support has sustain and try to hold on.

267_64.png Nami brings another slow for on Ashe's auto-attacks, making your life even harder. Similar to Ashe - Lulu, Ashe - Nami will poke you big time with little for you to do against it.

Expect her to build (in lane):
3031_32.png into one of these two 3094.png3087.png




General info
Caitlyn is the most well known 'counter' to Vayne. Vayne struggles against high-range carries and range is exactly what Caitlyn brings as she outranges you by a stunning 100 attack-range. There are some obvious weak points you can exploit though and believe it or not, but a lot of people pick Caitlyn against Vayne just because they think it is a counter without actually being able to play her decently. You shouldn't rely on this though, and a good Caitlyn does make your life hard. Edit: Caitlyn has been reasonably buffed recently, why I feel like she has become a Hard matchup instead of Medium.

Tips and how-to-play
-Her Q is dodgeable with Tumble as it has a fairly long windup time.
-Caitlyn has to get ahead in lane as she is weak in the early-midgame/midgame if she's not ahead. If you go even in lane, you will wreck her in both 1v1's and 2v2's. An example:

Caitlyn has such little all-in damage when she's around 1 item that there is enough time to focus down Xerath before focussing on Caitlyn and still surviving. All she can do is auto-attack and fire her Q, which isn't going to kill you anytime soon.

-Her range is also her curse since it's the only thing she really has besides waveclear. If she does not use her range correctly, you can dump on her as she simply brings nothing to a 1v1 or 2v2: Her Q has an immense windup time and is really easy to dodge, her ult is not use-able since is also has immense channel time and her W and E don't even bring notable damage. If you can get in range, she's toast.

-Edit: Caitlyn's E and W have become a lot more useful due to the fact that she Headshot's a target that gets hit by either of them while the range of the Headshot is also increased. Be really careful of this late game as these Headshot's hurt a lot; if she hits you twice, then nets you and fires a Headshot you might already be dead if she hits a crit.

-Caitlyn always used to push up the wave, after which she could harass you under turret. Nowadays, her siege potential is even bigger due to the fact that she can store her caitlynyordletrap.png and then place them in a line near your turret. Try to push back as much as you can since farming under a turret with those traps isn't fun.

Support matchups 
Supports to watch out for:

117_64.png Caitlyn- Lulu is a complete poke/harass fest. Just hope your support has sustain and try to hold on. Lulu also makes it harder to ambush/kill Caitlyn in 2v2's due to the protecting she brings through her E and R.

267_64.png Nami brings another slow for on Caitlyn's auto-attacks, making them sting even more. Nami - Caitlyn will just poke u big time with little for you to do. She is squishy though and although she has a disengage ult her Q is hard to hit so ambushing her might work when you're not too far behind.

Supports against which you don't have to be afraid:
89_64.png1_64.png Caitlyn combined with one of these supports is a pretty big mismatch. Caitlyn is really bad at following up on burst as she simply does not have any burst spells herself. She is more about poking and slowly chipping away, while Annie and Leona just want to go in as hard as possible. Annie - Caitlyn used to have some nasty poke due to their high attack-ranges but Annie's attack-range has been nerfed recently so that little synergy is also gone.

Expect her to build (in lane):
1038.png into 3085.png and then 3031.png + 3094.png



General info
Corki isn't a easy matchup, but there are ways to deal with him. Although u have little to threat him with early, he doesn't bring much to completely dominate you if you don't fall too far behind.

Tips and how-to-play
-Unless he fires it spot on, you can dodge his Q with yours thus neglecting a lot of his damage.
-His auto-attack range is the same as yours. Corki's individual auto-attacks do more damage than yours since he has true damage on them from his passive, so don't trade auto's with him too much, unless you can proc your W. If he activates his E and starts auto-attacking you there is little you can do. Just back off, you can't win that trade.
-Respect his trinity force power-spike. You simply can't fight him when he just has it unless you ambush him with a nice condemn. Don't risk feeding him during his power-spike. Just survive; eventually u will wreck him as he falls off. 

Support matchups 
Supports to watch out for:
25_64.png412_64.png1_64.png Pretty much any support that can keep you in place through CC is dangerous combined with Corki as he is then able to 100% hit his Q (and R post-6). 

Here is an example of one of those combo's (8:40):

1_64.png When Corki has Annie as his support this matchup becomes hard, as they will simply dunk you at level 6. The same applies to 89_64.png Leona, although her spells are more dodge-able.

Expect him to build (in lane):
3078_32.png into  3031.png + 3094.png



General info
Draven is made to snowball from an early lead and therefore fields massive prowess in lane. There is very little you can do against this guy because his damage is simply insane. Remember that playing Draven is really hit-or-miss and that not feeding this guy early is a massive victory on its own.

Tips and how-to-play
-Don't try to trade with him as his Q-auto's are going to shred you in no-time. Just avoid fighting him altogether and focus on farming and not getting pushed out of lane.
-Stay as far back as you possible (max range at which you can somewhat farm) as he will often go for Axe catch, W and then Q. His W gives both movement speed and attack speed, and remember that it refreshes every time he catches an Axe. With the movement speed he can continuously get in range to harass you with his Q's.
-If you're really desperate/close to dying and he keeps chasing you, just throw your E and hope it displaces him enough to make him miss his Axe.
-Draven has to play aggressive and proactive to harass and hurt you while he has no real mobility spell. He will often be pushed far up the lane, making it easy for your jungler to gank. The only real option against Draven is to burst him as quickly as possible with the jungler and exploit his aggressive playstyle with ganks.
-Remember: it's always better to give up a few cs, than to die to this guy. If he gets a few kills, he will 3/4-shot you the rest of the game. Be patient and respect him.

Support matchups 
Supports to watch out for:
40_64.png Draven's Q will do absolutely ridiculous damage when he has the extra AD from Janna. She doesn't bring that much extra damage or kill threat but has good peel to counterbalance Draven's lack of mobility. There is nothing you can do against Draven - Janna if they play it correctly. Just back off every time Draven has her shield. Dueling this combo isn't going to work either as Draven will just attack you down while standing in Janna ult with her shield on.

89_64.png1_64.png When these ladies stun you at level 6 with their ults, Draven will roll his over your face and then auto-attack you to dead. Be really careful of the burst, even pre-6. These lanes are absolute kill-lanes with little for you to do.

Expect him to build (in lane):
Either: 3508.png into 3094.png or 3046.png
Or: 3142.png into 3071.png



General info
Ezreal is one of the easiest matchups for Vayne. If you position yourself well in the minion wave he wont be able to hit his main damage source, his Q. His poke can be nasty, but he brings nothing that the early lifesteal of Bilgewater Cutlass can't counterbalance. Edit: due to his synergy with Thunderlords Ezreal is currently a Medium matchup. However, the same principles apply and he can still be seen as one of the easier matchups.

Tips and how-to-play
-Trade with him in the minion wave as it will then be about his auto-attacks vs your empowered auto-attack (Tumble) and W procs, which will turn the trades in your favor. He has nothing to hit u with if u make sure there's always a minion between you and him.
-The only way he can win this matchup is if he lands a lot of poke. But even if he does, your early lifesteal will keep you healthy and he shouldn't be able to push you out of lane. When ahead he can be a terror, but there's no reason to give him the chance to get there.
-He will often itemize Tear early on, giving him no extra combat stats and making him weak in lane. Use this to your advantage!

Support matchups 
Support to watch out for:
89_64.png When you're against an Ezreal - Leona botlane you have to be really careful at level 6, especially with checking brushes. Ezreal can follow up really well on Leona's ult with his ult and they can easily burst you. 

267_64.png Ezreal - Nami brings some really nasty poke, as Nami's E (slow and extra magic damage) procs on Ezreal Q. On top of that, the sustain of Nami will make it nearly impossible to push him out of lane. Be careful of Nami's early damage as her W does hurt. With Nami as his support the matchup against Ezreal is no longer easy, but medium.

Supports against which you don't have to be afraid:
40_64.png Ezreal - Janna is a bit of a mismatch as you have a peal-support with an adc that is able to take care of himself really well and generally doesn't need that much peel due to his high mobility. Ezreal - Janna has almost no kill-pressure on you. Ezreal Q's when he has Janna shield do hurt, though.

Expect him to build (in lane):
 3004_32.png into 3025.png



General info
This guy is made to win lane while you are there to simply to scale and farm minions. Graves used to be a complete terror but he has been nerfed pretty hard and really struggles against tanks so you don't see him that often in the current meta. The idea of why he is hard used to be, and might still be: when you come close he Buckshot's in your face which wins him pretty much every trade. On top of that, his burst is just too much for you to handle.

Tips and how-to-play
-His Q has 3 components and if you stand close enough multiple can hit you. This hurts really badly so try to avoid this.
-His gapcloser also has an attack-speed modifier (pretty good one too, up to 70% at max rank). If he uses it and starts auto'ing you probably won't win the trade.
-Be really careful of his level 6 burst. Q + R does insane amounts of damage.
-Watch his passive as it wears off after 3 seconds. At early levels it will give him 10 armor and MR at max which is a lot, so be careful.

Support matchups
Supports to watch out for:
1_64.png Annie - Graves will blow you up in no-time at level 6. When she stuns you, he will dash in your face and eliminate your health with Q + R. Out of all the Annie matchups this one is the hardest since Graves has the best burst of all adc's. When with Annnie, the matchup versus Graves is hard. Just hug your turret and pay a lot of respect to their burst potential.

89_64.png Similar to Annie - Graves, Leona - Graves will dunk you at level 6. Whenever Leona goes in to stun you, your life is at risk due to the high burst damage of Graves and her combined. There are some counters to Leona though as a good Thresh can Flay her away when she tries to get to you. Morgana can also blackshield her E - Q combo although her ult probably does too much damage (breaking it) unless Morgana maxes her shield.

Supports you don't have to be afraid of:
117_64.png16_64.png40_64.png Graves is all about burst and kill-pressure in lane. Any support that doesn't compliment this, is a kind of a mismatch as he wants as much damage and burst as possible. Graves alone hasn't got the damage to burst you unless you are really low, so without a support with damage his threat is reduced significantly.

Expect him to build (in lane):

3142.png into 3046.png



General info
The matchup against Jinx is a hard one since she simply outranges you. On top of this, Jinx can push the wave better than you due to her rockets, and she wrecks turrets with her minigun.

Tips and how-to-play
-You can dodge her W fairly easily with your Q.
-Be really careful when getting close to her as she can drop her chompers behind you if you come too close. Because of this, it's hard to trade with her.
-Jinx has no mobility spells and is therefore easy to gank. She will probably push the lane so there should be enough opportunities for your jungler to gank.
-If you have your Blade when she got her Infinity Edge (thus being somewhat even) you can easily 1v1 her.



General info
Kalista is a real pain in the early levels as she does a surprising amount of damage with both her Q and E. You can't outtrade her as it will turn in an auto-attack battle which she will win due to the fact that her auto's eventually do more damage after she uses Rent. She also has some annoying poke when she Rents a minion and you at the same time, granting her a reset and the ability to repeat as many times as she wants. Edit: Kalista is possibly one of the most nerfed champions this season, which is why her power has dropped. This is why she has dropped to a Medium matchup in my opinion, although she can still be a Hard matchup with specific supports.

Tips and how-to-play
-Don't position yourself behind minions with a lot of Rent stacks; if she's Q the minion and it dies, it will pierce through and transfer the Rent stacks to you.
-Some Kalista's max Q, while others max E. It takes a few times to get used to the damages so in the beginning it might be hard to find out what she maxes. If she maxes E she has better sustained damage; don't trade over a longer time with her in this situation. If she maxes Q she has more burst damage, but if she misses her you might be able to win a prolonged trade with her.
Support matchups 
Supports to watch out for:
412_64.png Kalista - Thresh is nasty for multiple reasons. First of all, they are able to completely dominate the lane with their combination of tons of damage and CC. If you get hooked and Flayed later on in the lane phase, Kalista has enough time to stack enough Rent stacks to probably kill you. These two also have insane utility together as they can pull each other in (Lantern and Kalista ult). If they get ahead you are toast as they have so much CC-combo's to pull off. Kalista can throw Thresh on top of you who will then box you in, and keep you in range of Kalista with Hook and Flay. Play really safe and don't get hooked, as hard as that may be! 

223.png Tahm Kench - Kalista is one of the most annoying matchups, especially if they are well organized. Their biggest asset is the combination in which Tahm eats you, after which Kalista ults him to her and throws him into their team, a tower or some other place where you'll die. On top of this, they can safe each other from harm and do quite some damage. Play extremely careful as getting eaten means death 9/10 times after level 6.



General info
Kog'Maw isn't a problem in lane as he looks to scale rather than dominate. He is easy to ambush and although his waveclear is slightly better than yours, you probably won't get shoved into the turret that hard. Edit: Kog'Maw is one of the adc's that suffered from the Marksman changes. His early game is so bad at the moment that you have little to fear from him. Later on he will become a beast, but he is still vulnerable to ambushes and will always lack mobility.

Tips and how-to-play
-His normal range is 500, with a 130 bonus on level 1 through his W. It's cooldown is 17 seconds so there is a lot of time in which you outrange him. For once, you outranges a champion in lane! Use this to your advantage!
-Kog'Maw only has his E for damage if you stand in the minion wave before level 6. When his W is down you can easily outtrade him. If he has his W it's smarter to back off than to trade as he will win with his empowered auto's.
-His ult and Q are really easy to dodge with your Tumble. His E is his waveclear and although it is a fairly slow spell, it has a long range which you shouldn't underestimate!
-Kog'Maw is really easy to ambush and/or duel as he has no mobility spells and his kit is DPS focused. You can burst him with the extra AD on your ult, even more so if you manage to condemn into a wall.

Support matchups 
Supports to watch out for:
40_64.png Kog'Maw is only really scary when he has his W activated. Janna makes this even worse as her shield will make his W-empowered auto-attacks sting even more. On top of this, Janna makes up for Kog'Maw's immobility by providing disengage, shielding and movement speed.



General info
Lucian shouldn't bring that much problems for Vayne in lane unless he plays it really well. His auto-attack range is 50 lower than yours and although he outtrades you in most situations he can only really bully in combination with a few supports. Edit: out of all the adc's, Lucian probably profits the most from the insane power of Thunderlords. Due to the dubbel-shot on his passive, he can proc it faster than anyone. His ult also procs it in no-time. Lucian currently is a Hard matchup.

Tips and how-to-play
-His Q has a 500 cast-range but hits everything in a line up to 1100 range. He will often try to Q a minion you have standing behind, be aware of this! His Q is his main poke/damage spell and if you manage to dodge it most of the time you should be in a good position.
-If he dashes to you, uses his 2 auto's from his passive, then Q's and 2 more auto's after, you can't outtrade him. This is sort of a standard combo for Lucian. Just back off if he does this. Of course try to hit back, but don't stick around.
-Remember that the 2nd auto from his passive doesn't do as much damage as a normal auto-attack, but that it can crit! Skirmishes against Lucian can really suck if he's lucky and crit's with both his normal and 2nd auto-attack.

Support matchups
Supports to watch out for:
412_64.png Lucian is short-ranged and his Q is hard to hit. The CC that Thresh brings buys time for Lucian to get in range and gives him a solid chance to hit his Q. Thresh with ignite can burst for respectable damage and thus he complements Lucian's burst. If Lucian hits Q, auto's twice with passive, E's and auto's twice and so on with his W he has pretty good burst. This combo is all about hooking you and then quickly killing you off, and they do this well. Together they have some insane utility as well, so this combo just sucks to play against.


Miss Fortune

General info
Before the rework Miss Fortune used to have a strong lanephase, but nothing extremely special beyond that due to some weird scaling problems. Now she has an insane lanephase and also more power later in the game. One of the more considerable changes is that to her utility as her spells are more movement-speed related now. Edit: due to the recent changes on her Double Up (Q) and her passive she now is a real lanebully. If you get hit by her Q after it killed a minion, you're really screwed. Her E and R also proc Thunderlords in no-time, which makes her even more of a pain. 

Tips and how-to-play
-Since the rework Miss Fortune's W gives the full movement-speed from her passive upon activation, which comes down to 60-100 movement speed. Don't underestimate her chase/kite potential!
-Her E slows for 40-60% (scales with levels) and can be cast from 800 range. This combined with the fact that she can get a burst of movement speed at any time from her W means that she can control both hers and your movement speed really well. Don't overreach against Miss Fortune as you won't get away from her that easily if you need to. 
-Since her W gives her attack-speed and her passive gives more damage to each newly attacked target, trading is extremely hard against Miss Fortune. If you manage to proc your W and end the trade right after you might come out somewhat even but in any other situation you'll probably lose way more health than her. 
-Her ult is pretty useless in 1v1's/duels as it leaves her vulnerable at one place and is more of a team-fight wombo ability. You'll win all-in's, although you should remember that she fields considerable early game damage.
Edit: Miss Fortune is such a pain at the moment that even 1v1's might get dicey. It's not so much that Vayne is bad against her, Miss Fortune is just really strong in general at the moment.



General info
Sivir's strength lies in her incredible waveclear. Damage wise you can outtrade her, and it's really hard for her to out-duel you. A good Sivir is able to win the matchup through good wave control as you simply lack waveclear and will lose cs to the tower. If she does not push you into the turret this matchup is really easy for Vayne. Edit: Sivir used to be picked a lot for her teamfight strength. However, with her ult being nerfed her power has dropped significantly. Since she also can't really keep up with the Thunderlords hype, she isn't that good anymore. She is now a Easy matchup in my opinion,

A video from LPL to elaborate the situation you will probably face in this matchup (go to 10:58):

As you can see, Sivir just pushes Vayne into the turret resulting in a cs lead and some turret damage. There is little for Vayne to do when this happens which makes this matchup tricky if Sivir plays it well.

Tips and how-to-play
-She can only spellshield your E, not your Q.
-Dodge her boomerang blade with Tumble and position yourself behind minions as the damage on her Q damage falls off really hard when it passes through units. Then you won't take as much damage when you do get hit.
-Unless she can spellshield your Condemn (which is really hard to do and will rarely happen) you win all-in fights and duels when even.
-Her W is an auto-attack reset and can crit on the first target. Be careful of this in duels, as she can crit two times in a really short amount of time if she's lucky.
-If u have your Blade at the time she has Infinity Edge (thus being somewhat even) you can easily duel her.

Support matchups
Supports to watch out for:
1_64.png Sivir - Annie is really nasty for multiple reasons. Annie's burst and high damage in lane is really though to handle for Vayne as you will just get dunked at level 6. Annie's stun also gives Sivir opportunity for a Q right in your face. On top of that, good Annie's will eventually switch their support item to Talisman. Sivir ult + Talisman is so much movement speed that a Tibbers in your face is almost guaranteed. I recommend 3140_32.png QSS against this combo (if they use it correctly) since you will probably die every time the stun hits.

A video to explain what Annie - Sivir can do to you, from LCK (go to 28:57):

The Vayne just gets destroyed as there is little for Pray (the Vayne player) to do because of the movement speed and burst. Monte explains it a little bit after the kill too! In this situation the movement speed combo was even worse because Jin Air also had Lulu.

Expect her to build (in lane):
3031_32.png into one of these 3046.png3087_32.png



General info
Although you won't get stomped by Tristana in lane, she is a pain throughout the whole game. In lane she is comparable to Sivir; she will shove you into the turret since she simply has better waveclear. You will lose cs to the turret and probably fall behind somewhat. On top of this, Tristana's E wrecks turrets and you will lose your turret in no-time. So after lanephase you're down in cs and probably a tower down. Against most matchups it's not the end of the world to be behind as you outscale a lot of adc's. Unfortunately, Tristana's scales really well since she has a good attack-speed steroid and eventually reaches insane attack-range. You also can't ambush her like Caitlyn or Sivir, as she can simply knock you away with her ult and then use her W to get away.

Tips and how-to-play
-Don't stand close to minions as the passive effect on her E will make them explode and do AOE damage whenever she last-hits them.
-The cooldowns on her Q and E are 20 and 16 respectively, which are really high. Whenever she uses them there is a large window to trade with her as she simply can't do anything except auto-attack during that period. You will outtrade her during these windows.
-Be really careful of her all-in/burst. If she E's you post-6 and manages to get some auto-attacks off, she can finish you with a jump in your face and her ult.



General info
Urgot is the 'adc-killing adc'. His auto-attack range is a laughable 425 but he still out-ranges you with his abilities and trades against this guy are very though. Even all-in's aren't that good much in your favor due to his passive and his ult. This matchup revolves around his E; if he hits it multiple times, you're in a really bad spot. If he misses it every time, you should be able to dominate somewhat.

Tips and how-to-play
-His E has 900 range and makes his Q's homing missiles, plus increasing his Q range from 1000 to 1200. Whenever he hits his E, just back off as he will poke you down from 1200 range with nothing for you to do. Remember that his E will be on for 5 seconds!
-If you don't get hit by his E  there is very little he can do to you. Just stand behind the minions as they will block his Q's and exploit your 125 extra range to harass him.
-Urgot is really hard to ambush compared to other adc's for multiple reasons: his auto-attacks and Q's reduce all your damage by 15% (his passive), his ult gives him 60 armor and MR which is insane at early levels and he will often go for Frozen Heart giving him even more armor/tank stats while taking away one of your core stats: attack speed. On top of this all he also has a shield from his W.
-His ult range increases from 550 to 700 and eventually will be 850. In late-game team-fights keep in mind that this guy can swap you even if you're not even in range to auto-attack him!

Support matchups 
Supports to watch out for:
25_64.png Urgot has to hit his E's to be able to bully you. Morgana is one of the best supports at keeping someone stunned place as her stun is 2 seconds at level 1 already. Urgot - Morgana is all about dodging and unfortunately even if you dodge 9/10 times, that one time you get hit might be enough to get pushed out of lane in the later stages of the lanephase. At level 6 they have insane CC chain, so be really careful; Morgana binding 3s, then Urgot suppression from his ult 1s, then 1,5 sec from Morgana ult means you're unable to do anything for 5,5 seconds. Of course people won't chain it perfectly, but you get the message.

412_64.png Thresh brings a lot of CC, but it's hard for him to hit it all. Be really careful of all-in's of this botlane; if you get hooked you got a problem. Keep in mind that Thresh brings significant damage and when he has ignite, remember that he can burst you easily before level 6 with Urgot. He will hook you, flay you back and ignite you. This is enough to burst you in combination with most adc's. Whenever a Thresh lane hits level 2 earlier than you, just back off! If you get hooked while still level 1 you will be pushed out of lane, if not die.

Expect him to build (in lane):
3004_32.png into 3110_32.png3035_32.png Probably also the new Black Cleaver although i haven't seen it that much yet so I'm not sure!

On updating the guide Back to Top

Since every new season brings a lot of change to the game, a lot of things in the guide have to be updated. As I don't have the time to update everything at once, I will be updating piece by piece.

Thanks for understanding!

Out-of-lane matchups + tips against certain groups of champions Back to Top

13.png8.png69.pngHard - DPS-mages
 These 3 champions are equal in the fact that they are all DPS-type mages with relatively short range. The matchups against these champions are hard because they dish out a lot of damage to anyone who gets close, and that's exactly what you can't avoid as Vayne. Ryze is the true terror of these 3 as he will simply rune prison you every time you come to close, making you an easy kill for his team. He also has a lot of damage after the rework so be really careful! Vladimir Q + E's you when you get close which will cost half your life lategame. He will simply pool and/or Zhonya's to wait for his cooldowns and then repeat the Q + E spam. Cassiopeia is the easiest of these 3 as she is toast when she misses her poison. Still be really careful because you're dead if she manages to stun you with her ult and you can't win a fight if she does hit her poison. 
Against these champions, just hope your team has means to deal with them. Never get too close to these champions in team-fights. Make sure that they are never in a position to focus all their damage on you without paying for it.

238.png105.png127.png107.pngHard - Assassins 
It's incredibly hard to play against these champions when they are ahead as they will simply 1-shot you. Make sure that your team wards well and help with warding as it is the only thing that can prevent them from getting to you (although Rengar stealth can't be seen with normal wards, use pink wards!).
QSS can be an option against Zed and Fizz as it enables you to negate damage. Against Lissandra it's only useful if can live through her initial burst, which you should be able to unless she is really far ahead. Even though it will be MR against an AD champion, the best option against Rengar is Banshee’s Veil since he then has to waste an empowered ability to break your shield. Banshee's is also good against Lissandra. Against Fizz and Zed QSS is simply more effective, and cheaper. 

64.png254.png421.pngMedium - Jungle bruisers
You have to be really careful for these champions early on in the game as they do a lot of damage to squishy adc's like Vayne. Don't try to duel these guys (+Vi) before you have at least your Blade and preferably also your 2nd item. It's often not worth it to try as they eventually fall off, unless you feed them.
Later on in the game these champions shouldn't be the biggest problem as they simply lack damage unless they go full damage. But if they do, they will be blown up in the team-fights; then try to group and destroy them in a 5v5.

106.png2.png36.png102.png48.pngRELATIVELY easy - Tanky backline-divers
These champions are relatively easy for Vayne to handle because there are good ways to counter what they want to achieve. They dive the back-line (that's you) but bring no hard CC so can't lock you down, making them relatively easy to kite.
They are relatively easy for two main reasons:
-They cannot burst you and try to run you down over a longer period of time. This allows you to use your massive DPS and hopefully, your kiting skills. They are fairly easy to kite (compared to champions that bring more CC to pin you down)
-Your tankbuster kit will help you shred their health. Vayne is exceptional at dealing with these kind of champions and many other adc's lack either kiting potential or tank shredding. You have both, so use it well.

Some info on each champion individually: Volibear is extremely easy since you have the Blade active to slow him down when he wants to flip you. If you play it properly he won't be able to, making him pretty useless as he can't get into range. Olaf can be hard since you can't condemn him during his ult, but if you don't get hit by consecutive axes (Q's) you should be able to kite him. Mundo is really durable but his cleavers are quite skinny nowadays and as long as you don't get hit by multiple cleavers he should be kite-able. Shyvana and Trundle are probably the hardest of this group as they sometimes buy Blade and are more duel-focused. Due to their purchase of Blade you don't have the active of yours in your favor anymore as they can counterbalance it. Shyvana gets a lot of movement speed from her kit but her ult is often pretty predictable and she is kite-able. Trundle is pretty hard to kite due to his Frozen Domain (ground turns icy) so you have to be lucky that you can condemn him into a wall. If he blows all his spells to go after you, you probably can't duel him so he's not really easy in a sense.

59.png58.png39.png75.png56.png57.png Medium to Hard - Backline-divers (with CC)
Unlike the champions above this group, these divers bring CC. This makes them a lot harder to handle as this buys time for their team to close in on you and damage you while you can't do anything.
Jarvan is the easiest of this group as you can Tumble out of his Cataclysm (remember!). If you fail this though, either flash or you're in serious trouble when his team is around. Renekton can be hard when he is ahead as he then both has damage, and is tanky. Be really careful in early fights against him as his base damages are not a joke. Late game he is pretty easy as he has to get right next to you to stun you and has practically no damage since he falls off really hard. Irelia is a bit like renekton, but her damage doesn't fall off as hard. She's kinda hit or miss as she is a monster when ahead, but does nothing when she's behind. Respect her Trinity Force spike! Nasus is the biggest pain of this group as his Wither eventually slows you 95% at the end of the ability with your attack speed being reduced by 47,5%. You pretty much have to buy QSS against this guy but even then he is a pain as his Wither is on a 6,6 second cooldown at max rank with 40% CDR (which most Nasus players get). Never try to duel this guy unless you are really ahead. He often goes for Frozen Heart and that attack-speed slow combined with his Wither leaves you with almost no attack-speed left. Meanwhile he dunks you with a few Q's and has a massive amount of bonus health from his ult. Nocturne is only really punishing when you lack vision and/or are out of position. Unless ahead he shouldn't have the damage to solo you fast but his Fear buys time for his allies to come close. Without his ult he can't really do much and his ult cooldown is ridiculously high so he isn't the biggest threat there is. Maokai is a real team-fight pain. His ult makes him really durable and he has a lot of disruption. In fights he will root you, then knock you up followed by a slow from his sapling. Rely on your team to peel this guy off you as he is really sticky and annoying. He doesn't have enough damage to solo you so you win on that front if you can keep up with him, but he is really durable so don't expect to kill him anytime soon.
The best solution to these champions is to have allies that peel for you in fights as they are hard to kill and have a lot of disruption.

103.png134.png99.pngMedium - Combo mages
These champions rely on their stun/charm to burst an enemy as they are then sure to hit their other spells. It's really simple: if you get hit by their stun/charm in a bad spot, you're dead. So it's a skill matchup: if you dodge their CC the rest of their spells shouldn't hit, but if you don't, they win. Ward well so you won't get picked off, especially against Ahri. A Banshee’s Veil is ideal against these mages as they rely on their combo to kill someone; if you block one spell, the rest of their combo either probably won't hit or won't kill you.

Dueling matchups + tips against certain splitpushers Back to Top

This section is for the people who love to splitpush on Vayne. When you splitpush, you encounter other splitpushers (pretty obvious). Here are a few splitpushers who you'll encounter a lot, and some tips against each of them.

Although this matchup is extremely skill dependent I wouldn't try to duel a good Riven. Eventually it all comes to down to this: If she manages to stun you or come close enough for all her spells, you are toast. Her damage is ridiculous to squishy targets like Vayne and in most cases W + auto + ult (with the extra AD from her ult) shreds almost all your health in the later stages of the game. All she has to do to pull off this combo is flash in your face and press W. Unless you either predict her flash + W or Cleanse/QSS the stun in no-time, you're not winning this. If you want to win this duel you have to either somehow keep her at range or flash her Ult or W and in the meantime burst her down. The advantage will always be hers as you have to predict what she is going to do, which is really hard. Plus she simply bursts you down before you burst her.
This dueling matchup is not in your favor; try to avoid dueling this champion.

238.png Medium to Hard, depending on QSS.
If you have QSS this guy shouldn't be able instantly burst you down. If you don't have it, be really afraid of him. Just like Riven he simply bursts you down before you can kill him. Whenever he ults, active yours and Tumble in a random direction so he doesn't know where you are. Try to get some distance and then just hope for the best. Remember that he has to hit double Q in most situations to get the kill (hitting the Q from both himself and a shadow) so focus on dodging those. With QSS you can win this duel although Zed probably won't even try after you got it. Always be careful of the Flash + E + auto with passive, it bursts for a lot. 

150.png Easy to Hard, depending on his build and rage-bar
Gnar is known for the wide range of items he able to buy and the matchup against him is defined by his item build. If he has something like this: 3068.png3143.png3075.png, dont try to duel him (especially early on). In Mini-Gnar he has surprisingly good damage as every third auto attack deals 6-14% bonus magic damage (depending on rank. He maxes it after Q so at level 13 it's 14%). This combined with his Q gives him some serious DPS (for a tank). Due to his high resistances you won't shred him as fast as he shreds you. In Mega-Gnar you hurt him even less if he builds so much armor and his abilities have high base damages so be careful. If he manages to ult you into the wall, then W with a Q on top of it you won't be happy. Remember: Mega-Gnar has more resistances and relies on his spells for damage, while Mini Gnar is really sticky and DPS/auto-attack focused. 
You can duel him when he has itemized MR. For example: 3065.png3102.png He then has gold put in stats that won't help him anything against you, making the duel obviously easier. The matchup also gets easier when he builds offensive items since he then is really squishy in Mini Gnar, making it an option to ambush him. In Mega Gnar you should generally respect him though, whatever the situation/build. He has a lot of CC and if his team is around, you're done.

Support matchups Back to Top

12.png Medium

Strong points
-Brings sustain
-Really strong all-in due to good aoe CC and extreme tankyness because of his ult
-Good tower-diving

Weak points
-Melee so susceptible to poke
-Sustain ability (E) is relatively poor as it takes multiple casts to heal a significant amount of health back onto allies
-Cannot use his Q + W combo too often in lane as his mana costs are too high to support this

Alistar is able to pair with most adc's. He is good in both aggressive and defensive lanes as he can choose to max either Q or E. He brings great CC but lacks big (burst) damage. Watch out for his all-in's as that's where he shines.
Combo's to look out for:
-Obviously Q + W
-Flash + Q , then W to knock you back/into his team
He can be a real pain when paired to a high burst adc as they will simply all-in you every time they have the chance. Try to keep track of their jungler as Alistar can set up ganks really well.

37.png Medium 

Strong points
-Great harass with Q + empowered auto-attack from passive
-Brings sustain
-Aoe movement speed buff
-Ult can be great initiation

Weak points
-Really squishy
-No CC pre-6
-No real mobility spell which combined with her squishyness makes her really vulnerable

Bring a support with CC against Sona as she is really easy to kill once she is locked up. Ask your support to take 14.png to burst her. Here is an example of how squishy Sona is:

Thresh has good burst and with ignite Sona dies pretty fast once you hit a hook. Other supports like Annie or Morgana also have enough damage to kill Sona once they hit their spells. 

When receiving a gank from your jungler, always go for Sona. Don't play passive against her as her continuous Q poke + sustain will win her all passive lanes. Also don't let her push you under the turret as her Q range is long enough to poke you down without taking turret shots. In teamfights it's sometimes better to kill her first as she can continuously buff up her whole team.

Supports: What support is good with Vayne, and what support is not? Back to Top

First off, supports that have synergy with Vayne or are generally really good with Vayne.
What Vayne needs from her support are the following things:
-Some early presence/dominance to counterbalance her lack of early power. This helps you get more grip on the lane early on so you don't get bullied out too much.
-Sustain if possible as Vayne will recieve quite a lot of harass in most matchups due to her short range.
-Peel/protection in all stages of the game to be safe in team-fights and general confrontations with the enemy as Vayne is an easy target in team-fights due to her low range. With low range I mean the fact that Vayne has no way to damage someone from further away than her auto-attack range (Read the section on lane-phase for more info on this).

I name three good examples of supports that fit with her:

Thresh is an amazing all-round support that's pretty much always good when played accordingly. This guy is good with Vayne for the following reasons:
-Thresh is really good at setting up picks/ambushing people. He can hook, flay and slow enemies with his ult and helps you do what you do best: all-in's and ambushes.
-He offers some lane dominance and early presence, something you lack. He can counterbalance your early lane phase somewhat and can ease the pain on you.
-He has solid disengage as he can Flay enemies back and use his ult defensively to help you kite. This helps you in any stage of the game as the more peel you receive, the better. His Lantern can get you out of nasty situations, too.

He is especially good against:
89.png Thresh can Flay Leona back whenever she tries to go in with her E, making her unable to stun you pre-6. On top of this Thresh can harass her freely with his higher auto-attack range so this matchup should fall in your favor support wise.

He struggles against:
25.png Morgana can Blackshield her adc to prevent a Hook and/or Flay from hitting while Thresh can't do anything to prevent Morgana from hitting her Q. This matchup is hard for Thresh although it doesn't matter that much as long as you don't get hit by too many bindings.

Nautilus is personally one of my favorite supports for Vayne. He is really tanky and provides tons of CC. He is good for the following reasons:
-Nautilus' tankyness allows him to stand in front of you all day long, blocking everything they try to throw at you. He is some sort of insane bodyguard.
-This guy has insane peel as he can stun anyone that comes close with his auto-attacks. He then slows them with his E and just stands in front of you with his massive shield.
-Nautilus has surprising damage as the base damage of his E is pretty high. He is really strong in trades.
-The combination of your damage with his immense CC and peel is very dangerous. He is very disruptive making it easier for you to create a situation where you can free-hit and shred the enemy. CC is always useful, and he has tons of it.

Nami is a really good laner as a support. She brings sustain and CC while also providing significant damage. She is good for the following reasons:
-She has sustain to help you create a situation where you can safely farm and scale without the threat of being pushed out of lane.
-Nami is really good in short trades and has good damage with her W. She can empower your auto's to help you win trades, too. Just like Thresh she brings some dominance and lane presence, which makes up for your lack of early power.
-Her CC can be used both aggressively and defensively. In tf's her ult can give really good peel and disengage to help you survive. She can also help you chase really well as her passive gives you movement speed and her E give you a slow on your auto-attacks.

Sona is similar to Nami in the sense that they both bring some early damage/power and sustain. In my opinion Nami is better for Vayne because she has better peel. Sona brings less CC and the CC that she brings is often used offensively. 

She struggles against:
1.png104.png Nami is pretty squishy and suffers in kill-lanes as she will simply be bursted. Annie - Graves is the example of such a combination.

Now two supports I don't recommend for Vayne:
Leona isn't a strong laner unless she and her adc can burst someone early and get a lead in lane. She is melee so low range and susceptible to being poked down. Now if she does go in, she has to commit all her spells to it and probably won't get out untouched. You don't have burst, if any significant damage at all, early and can't help with what she is trying to achieve: burst someone down. Whenever she goes in you can't follow up appropriately since you lack early damage and thus it will be hard to win early trades. Meanwhile you will probably be poked down in most matchups. She does bring good engage but she lacks the versatility that a support like Thresh brings as her defensive options are very limited.

She struggles against:
117.png + 22.png51.png Lulu in combination with one of these adc's means you will be poked down constantly. Leona will probably not be able to go in as you are always at a health disadvantage due to their poke. You can't burst them at level 6 either since Lulu brings so much protection.

Really don't play Soraka with Vayne. Soraka and Vayne are both vulnerable early and both look to survive the early game, creating a lane combination with absolutely no early power or pressure. You will just get dominated by pretty much every botlane. If you do make it to late game she can heal you up really well and late game she is a beast. The problem is to get there without having already lost the game. 

So, how bad is Vayne in lane? Back to Top

As we all know, Vayne isn't a star in lane. It isn't as bad as most people think though, and if you manage to go even in lane you pretty much win against most matchups later on.
So let’s start off with some positive facts:
-Vayne builds Blade so she has sustain in her build. Unlike most other Adc's she therefore can take a hit or two without that much trouble. If you manage to have a situation where you can quietly farm with here and there a trade or two, you won't get pushed out of lane that fast.
-If you are playing against an adc that builds Infinity Edge as a first item and you manage to get your Blade of the ruined King at the same time as he has Infinity Edge (meaning you are 500 gold behind which is reasonable), you are in a really good spot. You are generally stronger with one item. This doesn't count against Trinity force builders like Corki; he wrecks people with his first item.
-Any adc you manage to condemn into a wall post level 6 when you have your Blade is toast.

So why are you bad in lane?
Vayne has no ability that allows her to do damage from a longer range than her auto-attack range since every attack she has is either an auto-attack enhancer or similar to an auto-attack (condemn has 550 range and could be seen as an auto-attack with a special effect). This makes her vulnerable to harass from other adc's, who almost always have either a bigger auto-attack range or spells with high range. They therefore can damage you, without you being able to damage them. Even if you manage to get in range unharmed, you don't really bring that much in the early levels: your Q has a 6 second cooldown so can't be used twice in most situations/duels, it's difficult to proc your W with little attack speed and there are barely any good opportunities to condemn someone into a wall early on. The combination of your low range and poor spells early on makes that you get outtraded or harassed down by most other adc’s.
Another factor is the lack of reliable mobility. Due to Tumble you're not immobile, but it doesn't bring the reliable escape like an Ezreal E or Graves E can bring. Due to your relatively low range you have to get close to farm, making your susceptible to spells like Thresh hooks, Morgana bindings, etc. And if you get hit, you barely have damage to trade back, and no real escape spell.

So you probably come out of the early levels with a gold deficit, which will translate in situations like these:
You have: 3144.png while they have 1038.png (when around even against adc's that build Infinity Edge first)
This means that you are 30 AD behind the enemy and although you have an active and lifesteal you will get out-powered in most skirmishes and trades. Now this situation is manageable in all out duels considering you get 30 AD from your ult, but that's still only for all-in's. In short trades and skirmishes you will just lack damage. 

The same happens against Trinity Force users:
You have: 3144.png while they can have 3057.png and 1036.png (again, when around even)
You simply won't win trades and skirmishes against for example a Corki with these items. 

So at what point are you past your weak early game?
You're past your weak early game when you have you Blade as it makes you pretty strong in skirmishes and fights. The attack-speed and lifesteal will make sure it's hard to get pushed out of lane, too. You will still suffer in lane situations as your range will always be low though, and the situation elaborated above will mostly still apply.

Remember: in all out duels Vayne is really strong making it not that much of a problem to be behind a few 100 gold, but you can't just always go for an all-in in lane and you often have to be the one to start the duel/ambush to come out on top. You will often just get harassed/poked down in lane making you unable to go for a duel. Plus, in many matchups you will just be bursted so unlike 1v1 duels, the 2v2 duels aren't even that great. Think of: 143.png21.png or 236.png43.png; bye health. 

When you have your Blade you should constantly scout of opportunities to all-in (when the matchup allows it). An example from the Caitlyn matchup:

Being good at dueling/all- in's with Vayne essentially comes down to spotting good opportunities to condemn people into a wall. At 0:01 Xerath blows his stun while there is a wall to the left of him. This is the 'go-signal' to pop your ult and all-in. If you stop the video at 0:04 you probably see the opportunity for a condemn I mentioned. After the kill it's 2v1 and Caitlyn can't really do anything and since Thresh keeps her in range really well she is an easy kill too. These type of all-in's are crucial to snowballing and winning early with Vayne as it's pretty much the only thing Vayne is really good at at that point in the game.

Another video of a opportunity for a kill in lane:
What Ashe's is doing in the video is extremely dangerous against Vayne. I paused the replay at 0:06 to show you the opportunity for a condemn. Even more so with Thresh, who I was playing, coming around this is simply not smart by Ashe as the CC-chain gives a pretty easy kill. Recognizing these opportunities in a split-second is really important as they can net you a lot kills.

More video's for people who are really eager to watch more, although it's much of the same:

I hope this elaborates Vayne's weakness (and strength!) in lane somewhat!

The Mid-game Back to Top

'The Mid-game' is one of the most widely used terms in League of Legends. However, what is 'The Mid-game'?
You could describe the mid-game as the point in the game where game is getting more characterized by large scale skirmishes and team-fights and objective-bases grouping by teams than by farming in lane. In the early game everybody is limited to their own lane as the gold and experience of the minions simply can't be missed out on. Turrets are also really strong and 3/4-shot everybody so they are a force to be reckoned with. In the mid-game a few turrets have often fallen, allowing players to move more freely over the map. This is also the time where dragon becomes a important objective, so teams group to fight over dragon. So what is your role in all this?

You are the adc. This means that you are your teams source of sustained damage. You have to be at all the big fights as you are crucial to your teams offensive power. As Vayne, your role in the mid-game depends on how well you did in lane. If you are still even by the time you have your two core items (+boots), don’t be afraid to take fights because you are really strong.
A video showing a mid-game skirmish:

As you can see in the video you can completely out-power something like a Sivir in the mid-game when you have your two items. She has two items too, but you're way stronger with your two. These are the fights you want to take as you simply win these all-in's.

So you are able to take fights in the mid-game, although chaotic skirmishes are way easier to play as Vayne than teamfights. If you manage to come from an unexpected angle or manage to surprise the enemy you are way better off than in a organized 5v5 since the enemy can focus their CC on you in the big teamfights. Now your weakness from the lane phase comes back again: your short range. In teamfights you have to be really careful as many champions have spells that exceed the 550 attack-range that you have. For example:

90.png This guy's ult can be cast from 700 range so you can't really come into auto-attack range of this guy or you will be CC'd.
57.png This guy's snare can be cast from 525 range, so when he flash + W's you in the teamfight, you're stuck.

These are but a few examples. The point is that if one of these CC-spells hit you're at risk of dying immediately if you're even slightly out of position since the enemy team will most likely pile on to you. After all, you're the all important adc.
So what can you do against this?
Not much if they really commit unfortunately. It's really hard to keep track of everybody in a hectic teamfight and it's even harder to react appropriately to something like a Maokai flash + rooting you in an instant. Here are a few things you can do:
-Whenever you sense that an enemy has the intention to CC you and he has to get close to do so, just walk really far back in to you own team. An example of this is 254.png Vi's ult. If she ults you, just walk into your team. When really desperate, even flash into your own team. She will then land amidst 5 enemies making her easy to kill. The success of this depends on your team and their willingness and ability to peel though.
-Whenever you know that a certain champion is going to CC you as he has done so the last few fights and it's almost certain that the CC will lead to you being bursted by their team, just step back. I know, it feels weird to not auto-attack/do nothing in a fight, but you have to respect the burst. If you back off for 2 seconds and then manage to get many attacks off you're still better off than attacking for 1 second and dying. A lot of people get really anxious when they have to hold their cooldowns and then will eventually use them, whether it's on the right target or not. Then you can step in freely.
-Never try to go for their backline whenever the enemy has CC ready as your range is simply too short. With Vayne you usually want to hit the person that's closest to you in the teamfights as your true damage allows you to shred pretty much anyone. People usually dive you so there will be enough targets that come close enough to hit.

Assassinating: The Basics Back to Top

When to assassinate:

-You have your Blade of the ruined king
-You are level 6+
These two things are required to smoothly assassinate people. The most basic assassination is the assassination of the enemy adc in lane, starting off with a condemn into the wall. Here's a video that elaborates the situation you want to achieve:

Just wait in a brush for the enemy, then activate your ult and Tumble to close distance. The enemy won't see you as you have the invisibility from you Tumble. Then condemn him/her into the wall and start auto-attacking while activating your Blade active. Due to your passive and the Blade active the enemy won't be able to get away. 
This is pretty easy to pull off as you almost always have a kill if you hit your condemn. As you can see in the video there is very little Sivir can do. And yes, people fall for this. This footage is from a Diamond IV ranked game.

Things you need to take into consideration:
-Summoner spells of the enemy so you know whether they might flash away.
-How thick the wall is you condemn the enemy into, and if what escape paths there are. The wall in the video is one of the best to condemn someone into: the enemy can't flash over it, and there are no other walls or ledges to flash over to escape.

The next video shows a similar assassination:
Note how I wait till he stands behind the wall. Patience is important as you have to hit your condemn in most situations to get the kill! I paused the replay the show you the opportunity for a condemn, although it isn't that hard to spot. Against adc's like Ezreal or Lucian I might not have gotten the kill if they used their mobility to make more distance, which is due to the wall having a escape path to the left. Note that the previous assassination (against Sivir) didn't have such a path and that therefore that wall was safer to use for a condemn and brings a higher chance of success.

Another example, but now in the jungle and a little less straight-forward situation:
Pause it at the start and imagine a way of condemning Rengar into the wall. This time we have to be a bit more creative as there is no wall behind him. Now watch the clip. There are probably multiple ways in this situation, although the one in the video also knocks him as far away from his turret and safety as possible. Being good at assassinating eventually requires you to see angles from which you can condemn someone in any situation at any time, which takes some time. 

Good luck on your assassinations! I hope this was useful!

Assassinating: Advanced tips (vision) Back to Top

Advanced tips on assassinating revolve around creating the situation in which you can assassinate like shown in the section above. In other words: you now know how to assassinate when the opportunity is presented, but need to learn how to create those opportunities. This essentially comes down to these questions:
-Where is target and in what direction is he moving? Is he moving to a position in which I can assassinate him?

-Where are his teammates, and are they in a position to help him when I engage him?
-Does the enemy team know where I am/am I visible on the map for the enemy?

This translates into 3 things you need to know:
-The position and pathing of the champion you want to assassinate
-The position and pathing of his team
-Whether you are spotted or not

This has everything to do with vision. Ambushing always relies on the fact that you have more information over the enemy than the enemies has over you. So you have to place wards, but in what positions?

Throughout the whole game it's useful to ward the (enemy) jungle. Early on the jungler is the one that will probably visit your lane the most (considering you have vision of the enemy botlane as they lane against you) and it's really important to know his position as engaging in a 2v3 means death in most cases. Champions move over the map through the jungle and the river so having vision of this is important. When warding your own jungle you should focus more on guarding entrances while warding the enemy jungle is more about warding paths through the jungle and the jungle camps.

Here's the basic warding for both the red and blue side jungle:
The first ward placed is one of the best in the game early on in my opinion. It shows vision of both the gromp and the blue buff thus giving you information on the enemy jungler whenever he wants to farm his blue side jungle, while it's not that dangerous to place it as you don't have to walk that far into the enemy jungle. This ward combined with the second one shown in the video covers all the paths (considering you have vision of the lane at any time) from the blue side jungle to the river and both mid- and botlane. You will always spot the enemy jungler coming in unless he walks straight down botlane from base and attempts a lane gank.

This video shows the wards needed to cover all possible paths of the enemy jungler in the red side jungle. It's practically the same story as with the blue side jungle: use these wards to spot the jungle whenever he wants to farm this side of the jungle and/or attempt a gank coming from this side of the jungle.

This game shows both warding of the red and blue side jungle. At 12:05 watch Evelynn ward the blue side jungle. Look at Janna on the mini-map at 14:15 for warding of the red side.

Going into the enemy jungle alone can be risky and requires good map awareness; you have to know where most of the enemies are so you are not caught/killed while trying to ward. This is learned through trial-and-error. Just go for it and try to learn when to and when not to ward.

Why Triforce and Youmuu's Ghostblade are not optimal Back to Top

The main problem with Youmuu's is that you're in a really bad spot when the enemy starts grouping and/or there are a lot of teamfights, as the active only lasts for 6 seconds. As I stated in the item-section it's really great for assassinating since during the 6 seconds of the active, you do serious damage and the movement speed gives great outplay potential. But that's about it, and if the enemy team manages to disengage for a few seconds during your active you're suddenly stuck without additional attack-speed and with less movement speed (compared to Phantom Dancer, which is only a little more expensive). Phantom Dancer is way safer and brings you great stats in every situation, not just in some. Ignoring unit collision is great, but that isn't enough to make it a better choice than items like a Phantom Dancer.

Triforce is really situational as it can be good when you need a lot of movement speed/kite potential. It gives decent burst due to the spellblade procs, and is insane for chasing. It's really expensive and damage wise it can give u a lot of power, but you for that same gold you can buy an Infinity Edge which probably gives u more damage (both items combined with Blade/Phantom Dancer and/or more items), so damage is not a reason to buy this, at least early on. You could buy it when somehow have the gold for it and are against champions like 106.png77.png11.png who often have a lot of movement speed over a long period to chase you. Remember that you get the movement speed from auto-attacking and that Triforce separates itself from the other items by bringing SUSTAINED movement speed, rather than a movement speed burst (like Blade and Mercurial Scimitar).

Another problem with Trinity force, is that it's unsure when to build it. Due to your weak lanephase it's not really smart to prioritize it over Blade as a first item. As a 2nd or 3rd item it doesn't really bring u much either as you will simply lack raw DPS compared to other items. Buying it as a 4th item gives u immense damage, so that's at least something, but it's expensive and only worth buying if you need the movement speed badly as you can get damage from other, cheaper items too.

In short: The two items are so situational and have so little situations where they are truly worth buying that the standard build is simply safer and more versatile and thus almost always the better option. 

A small problem for both items:
Vayne struggles in most matchups and is outright weak in the lanephase. She therefore doesn't have the luxury of being able to buy items that only partially benefit her as the gold difference between her and her enemy will mean even more. So what are the stats from these two items that Vayne's doesn't benefit from?

3078.png Mana and Ability power: Vayne has no mana issues at all, and she obviously doesn't scale with AP.
Cooldown Reduction: Vayne's Q cooldown is pretty low anyway, her W is unaffected and her E is over 15 seconds so you'll probably use it only once a fight even with 10% CDR as most fights last around 15 seconds.

3142.png The same applies here - Vayne doesn't really need the CDR. 

Why Yellow Trinket is better than scrying orb for SoloQueue Back to Top

Whenever you see a pro-game, the adc's will most probably have a blue Trinket. This doesn't mean that this is the best Trinket for Solo Queue too though. Let me explain!

Let's start off with the situation in which scrying orb is better. Scrying orb is really good at preventing you from getting ambushed/caught out by people waiting in a brush. This includes junglers waiting in lanebrushes to gank from lane. When your team has sufficient wards this trinket is the best option as your team does not require you to ward and it provides the best chances for yourself to survive ganks/ambushes. 

Now let's talk about Solo Queue: face it, the chances that your team wards sufficiently are really small. The lower ELO you are playing on, the bigger the chances are that your team doesn't ward. I think we all know this problem, and this is where the Yellow trinket comes into play. I buy it on every champion (when not support) and I feel like it's the best item for Solo Queue in the game. You have infinite wards for just 250 gold! The three wards that you place can make a massive difference and it's not without reason that people often say: 'Vision wins games'. Just pay attention to the vision game whenever you are watching LCS, LPL or whatever pro scene; vision is absolutely vital to winning a game. Helping with warding will win you many games.
Let's say you buy scrying orb whenever your team does not ward properly. This creates a situation in which almost every brush you come across can hide an enemy at any time! Sure you can check one every 2 minutes, but is it not better to be able to see 3 brushes for 3 full minutes than just 1 every 2 minutes for just 2 seconds? Sure, scrying orb can spot the jungler whenever he is in your lanebrush, but if your feeling is wrong and you blow your active on a empty brush he is practically free to come for the next 2 minutes. How about you just buy the Yellow trinket so you can actually ward both river, a brush near the river and even the lanebrush! Afraid that the enemy is going to 'deny you vision'? The red trinket has a minute cooldown (after level 9) so if you just wait till you have 2 wards stacked up in your trinket, place one and then another one after he has sweeped you always have a new ward ready whenever his sweeper is up. So even just for the lanebrush alone, the yellow one is probably better. Still not convinced? Ask your support to ward it as he has a sightstone since the enemy used their sweeper on your wards.

Before level 9 you do not have access to the upgraded Yellow Trinket so if you really want to, you can grab the scrying orb after your first back and switch it back at level 9!

If you have a question or need help, feel free to ask! Back to Top

If you want more information on a specific topic or feel like there is something missing in the guide, let me know!

Are you struggling on Vayne and don't know how to go forward? I would be pleased to help you! You can send me your match histories if you need advice on your item-build or send me replays if you want me to look into your games! The best would be to register to, so you can email me your replays!
My email:

1_64.png412_64.png Really Hard

These two champions are the hardest supports to face as they have a lot of kill pressure on you in lane. Annie has a lot of damage and some reliable CC. At level 6 she will probably flash + R you and there is very little you can do against this. With most adc's she is able to burst you at level 6 whenever you are already chunked out a bit so you have to be really careful. In teamfights she will also be a pain as most Annie's go Talisman or Righteous Glory to close the distance and then stun you. Thresh is also really dangerous since he will probably force you out of lane, if not kill you, whenever he hits a hook. He has surprising damage with Hook, Flay and Flay-empowered auto-attack. Also be careful of Flash + Flay and then his ult as it traps you pretty significantly. 

What to do against these supports:
Try to turn this lane into a farm lane. Whenever you don't get killed in lane and manage to keep even in cs you do really well. Don't ask for more, just survive and try to play safe. If you play too aggressively you will probably get killed. 
Also check whether they run 14.png or 3.png  Ignite means more kill pressure while Exhaust means that you are more likely to be shutdown whenever you try to all-in or team-fight. 

201_64.png89_64.png 12_64.png Medium to Hard

These supports are not easy but they are melee, so you have a range advantage. Braum is really annoying and his Q damage has recently been buffed so it hurts quite a lot. If you manage to dodge his Q's he won't be able to push you out of lane but it's really hard to punch back as his jump + shield blocks a lot of your damage. Don't overextend against this guy as he is super sticky with his Q's and his passive stun. Remember that his ult only really knocks the first champion hit up.

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