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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I really like using exhaust on adc as im always splitpushing and exhaust is a really good spell for self peeling and vayne one of the best duellers in the game if played correctly , so why not use this spell on her?

I'll explain more about splitpushing down in another section

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

For 6.10 thats the best masteries you can have  FERVOR IS LOVE FERVOR IS LIFE

Abilities Back to Top

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Thats the ussual start you should do
    You can buy that if you dont feel confident about surviving

Core Items

    My core build pretty good sustain-damage build for splitpushing as you cna duel everyone
    If you dont splitpush build this, oh wait why are you reading my guide if you dont splitpush and use flash exhaust?
    6.11 patch Best build Youmuus->Trinity->phantom->Death's Dance->Scimitar NOTE:You can rush qss before death's dance,or even an early vampiric

Situational Items

    If they put heavy focus on you
    Vs assasins
    Vs highly must be kited champs (ww etc.)
    Vs high burst


You can buy that on your first back and just sustain with it,also when u reach the minion goal you take a good amount of money back
Thats the best option for me to be honest , offers you health,damage and it offers you the same healing as cull does (+3 hp per hit)
Offers you the same HP as dorans blade does,some health regen and a passive that blocks 8 damage from enemy champion's basic attacks

My opinion: 1083.pngBuy cull on your first back in base
                    1054.pngBuy dorans shield maybe vs matchups like draven , cait
                    1055.pngIn all  other situations just buy dorans blade

Build Path 6.11 Prioritizing:Rush 3142.png->3078.png->3046.png->3812.png->3139.png

Early Game options:You can always rush an early 1053.png as your build path doesnt contain life steal until the last 2 items

Mid game options:You dont really have to wait to build 3140.png until you reach your last item that contains it , you can build it after 20 minutes into the game if needed

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lucian




Skill based matchup nothing to worry about if you're good at 67.png




Thats the best skill matchup here i will put medium on that one cause it depends how much skill will the 51.png have.She can outrange you if she is experienced.




I will say thats a pain in the @ss matchup for vayne if corki is good.Try to farm and search for opportunities to fight him




Pretty hard matchup for vayne ask for ganks if you're  having trouble with him but try to trade him with AA+Q at level 1 this may win you the lane




Just dodge his spells with your tumble and you will beat him easily




Mhmmm..... well this matchup is a bit hard early levels cause of grave's lane bullying power.Try to farm and search for opportunities to trade him




Easy matchup you can outrade her try to dodge her zaps while trading with your Tumble(Q)




Easy matchup  if she has a healing support.If she has a Nautilus-Alistar then the things get harder but afterall u wont have problem winning her




Easy matchup trade him early game and try to fight him After 6




The only ill say about this matchup is that ull have to try to dodge his Q(Piercing Light)
With ur Q(Tumble)

Laning Phase As Vayne Back to Top

Vayne's Laning Face is realy hard this meta because caster adc's are the kings of the meta now.Like imagine a decent corki player in a teamfight and a decent vayne player in a teamfight the skillcap difference between  corki and vayne
is realy high corki will just need to burst and use his skills vayne hasnt got caster skills so she will need to do more autoattack damage than corki will do with his spells and hits thats why vayne is realy hard on 2v2 bot lane fights and teamfights too.When laning as vayne i would recomment to you to farm and when your support finds a fighting opportunity you join and kill the enemys or at least burn some summoner spells of theirs.

The upper video will show you should lane with vayne.
I prefer playing vayne when im with my duo support partner cause otherwise you have more chances to lose a bot lane cause while playing vayne you will need great synergy with your support.
To end with laning phase you should ask for ganks its never embaressing or means you lose lane if you call for ganks.

Mid Game-Split Pushing Back to Top

You should almost always splitpush mid game as your main goal as vayne with the playstyle i use is to kill the first turret from each lane ,starting from your lane then roaming to mid with support and then the same on top lane.
When you splitpush you should always make sure that you have used all your yellow trinkets on key places in their jungle and be sure to be focused on the map and your plan to win the incoming 1,2 or even 3 memebers of the enemy team.That's all i had to say about this section

Teamfighting as Vayne Back to Top

Vayne is a queen on dueling  but hard on teamfighting as she has no skillshots and she needs good orbwalking skills so you can make a good teamfight performance.When the teamfight starts i recommend you to hit the closest target to you as you can not overextend and get in and die.Also when fighting you should always try to find safe paths to walk through so you can hit their carries.Before a teamfight starts you should be aware of the vision you have around you to check if someone is close to you and if he is a threat on you.You should check your potision before a teamfight starts otherwise you may get caught and die.To continue with ill show you some videos based on vayne's teamfight so you can get an optical idea

Thats how you outplay your enemys in a teamfight.To end this part of the guide ill show you one more explanational video on vayne's teamfight

Basic things you need to know Back to Top


How to use vayne's ultimate effectively

Condemn-Flash Trick

Kitting-Basic for all ad carries

Thats all you,ve got to know about vayne.If you start training the champion you'll see improvement from time to time not only mechanicly but all your playstyle will be better and will be getting better

Flash exhaust on vayne Back to Top

Okay to start with
1)Clear your mind
2)Think of best duelers
3)What comes to your mind is VAYNE
yes vayne is the best dueller in league cause of all her kit.Now think of the best 1v1 spell in the game,we can surely agree that exhaust is the best one for duelling.So combining best 1v1 spell with the best dueller is  a clear Success from the start to the end,at the end all you need to do is just practice your mechanics.
Exhaust will also help your splitpush cause as i mentioned earlier it helps you duel better than heal does.

The only con of exhaust is that ITS REALLY REALLY hard to time it,you gotta play hundred of games to learn how to use it perfectly,but practice  makes the best right?

Greetings-Conclusion Back to Top

Hey guys,im a vayne main player till season 3 with all the experience for this champion.My elo is currently platinum(i know not that high but i've mastered vayne )In this guide i hope you readers can learn more about this champion and get better at her.Hope you enjoy!!!


Thanks For reading the guide i hope you liked it.Leave me some feedback at the comment section and be sure to
Follow me on Twitch:
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Also dont forget to thumbs up the guide.Thanks for everything and hope you have a good day

Skins give wins? Back to Top

vayne classic.jpgAs we all know vayne has a lot of skins .But have you guys ever noticed that there is one that is smaller than the others?

Every skins has its own animation , but did you know some skins that have smaller ones can benefit you?Thats because enemies could missclick cause of the smaller animation you have.

Vayne has one skin that has this benefit (SKT T1 Vayne)


So choose to spend your money in your benefit :D

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