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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You will always take 4.png 7.png with Vayne.

Reasons why you take 4.png:

  • Allows you to escape tricky situations. e.g : Flash over a wall, flashing a CC (Leona stun, Alistar combo...).
  • Allows you to chase others effectively or for that last hit for the kill.
  • Allows you to make "Flashy plays" such as Condemn + Flash.
  • Gives you that safeguard option

Reasons to take 7.png:

  • The extra MS is enough to get you out of some sticky situations
  • It is core on all ADCs and can help you in duels or to save an ally.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries are now 18/12/0 

Reasons to take these masteries over others:

Ferocity Tree:
  • Fury - Always take these on AS ADC's such as Vayne/Jinx/Tristana/Caitlyn etc... however if you are a caster such as Lucian/Graves then you will opt for the Sorcery Mastery

  • Feast - You want to take this over double edged sword because you will get chunked down even faster and you don't want that.

  • Vampirism - Increased lifesteal and spell vamp because it benefits you greatly and you don't want extra ability power.

  • Oppressor - This is good because in most cases you will have a support that can provide some kind of CC or even team mates that can and doing extra damage to them is always useful. Bounty Hunter is better for late game fights whereas Oppressor is good early game and if your team has CC so you can choose.

  • Battering blows - Gives armor penetration

  • Warlords Bloodlust - Vayne needs the sustain in lane as she no longer rushed lifesteal items.
Cunning Tree:

  • Savagery - Helps you to CS, movement speed out of combat is useless on Vayne as most of the time you will be in combat and want to be for kiting.

  • Secret Stash - This gives you a bit of extra sustain and Runic affinity has no use on Vayne or ADC's in general.

  • Merciless - Very good mastery for finishing people off as the increased damage helps greatly, Meditation only gives mana regen again useless on Vayne as she doesn't need it and doesn't have mana problems as she has very low mana costs.

  • Dangerous game - Can save you in very dire situations and allow you to survive that fight on very little HP, worth taking over bandit as again useless on Vayne, doesn't need the extra gold.

Abilities Back to Top


vaynepassive.png Passive - Night Hunter

Vayne gains 30 movement speed when moving towards a visible enemy champion

The passive is very important, as this will allow you to get that extra AA to proc those silver bolts or for that last hit to finish him off.

vaynetumble.png  Q - Tumble

Bonus Physical Damage: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70% AD

Cooldown: 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 Seconds

Vayne rolls towards your cursor and enhances your next basic attack. Levelling up this spell will reduce its cooldown by 1.

This is what separates the bad from the good and the best ! How you use this spell is what will demonstrate this and I will talk about this in a separate section.

vaynesilveredbolts.png W - Silver Bolts

True damage applied : 6 / 7.5 / 9 / 10.5 / 12.5 % of target's maximum health

Basic attacks apply a mark of Silver Bolts on the target for 3 seconds, if you apply 3 stacks of Silver Bolts then the third stack consumes the silver bolts and applies true damage. However stacks are removed from the initial target if you attack a different target without proccing all 3 silver bolts.

Silver Bolts can be procced by Condemn and I will go through that in a later section.

As you can see the true damage applied is a huge chunk of their % health and is why AS is so important on Vayne.

vaynecondemn.png E - Condemn

Physical Damage: 45 / 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 (+50% Bonus AD)
Cooldown: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12 Seconds

Knocks back the target while dealing physical damage and if knocked back on to a wall, it stuns the target for 1.5 seconds. This can also stun when knocked back on Jarvan and Anivia's wall.

This has a very high cooldown and should be used carefully as you are somewhat vulnerable without it.

vayneinquisition.png R - Final Hour

Bonus AD: 30 / 50 / 70 AD
Duration: 8 / 10 / 12 Seconds
Cooldown: 100 / 85 / 70

Ultimate: Grants Triple the movement speed (90 MS) of your passive (Night Hunter) as well as giving you bonus AD.

If  vaynetumble.png is used while under vayneinquisition.png then you will be stealthed for 1 second.

Your ultimate will be your key to kiting others as well as juking people efficiently.

You typically want to max as follows:

R -> W -> Q -> E

However if you are against a skillshot reliant bot lane or heavy skillshot composition then you want to max as follows:

R -> Q -> W -> E

The lower cooldown on your tumble will help you dodge those skillshots as it reduces by 1 second up to 2 second cooldown at rank 5.


As of patch 6.17, it is better to max R -> Q -> W - > E due to the buff on Q.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Core items as an ADC, this gives you enough lifesteal and sustain to survive the beginning of laning phase.

Core Items

    Botrk is no longer a first item for vayne
    Phantom dancer or SS as a second item is great on vayne
    Need those crits !
    You will most likely need a QSS as the enemy team will have some kind of CC or slow.
    The tank shredding option, when they have a lot of armor go for this.
    End game build will look something like this
    Use this build for heavy damage on Q and Crit

Situational Items

    You will want this item if you are getting CCed and need a quick way to get out and do damage or to survive in general.
    Guardian Angel if you are being heavily targeted or need that extra life.

Your item build will be something like 1038.png ->  3087.png-> 3006.png -> 3031.png ->  3094.png/3046.png ->3139.png/3026.png ->3036.png

Your first item will be a BF sword to be able to stay in lane and be able to trade back with the enemy.

After that you will want to get a Stattik Shiv in order to get some crit before building an IE as it will synergise well together. Getting an IE first is no longer good as you need crit beforehand to make it worthwhile as well as AS.

Afterwards you will want an Infinity Edge - 3031.png as the extra crit and raw damage allows you to burst people down even quicker along with your silver bolts.

Your next item will either be  3094.png if you are going for extra range on your AAs and for single target damage or3046.png if you are being heavily targeted and need the extra speed in order to kite better.  In most cases you will choose Phantom Dancer.

Your next item will most likely be a 3139.png or 3026.png  or 3036.png depending on if you need a QSS fast or need to shred tanks and are safe enough.

Your last item will be whichever one you didn't take above. You could also opt for a 3072.png  or 3153.png if you need the extra sustain over the other ones.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune



22.png out ranges you as well as being able to zone you off CS. As well as being able to slow you forever allowing her support to lock you down.

Try to position behind minions when she uses her (W) asheW.png  as minions can absorb all the hits from it.

Once she has her ultimate up, be prepared to tumble/flash/stealth out of it as she can win the trade instantly either killing you or forcing you very low.

22.png is a very immobile ADC, if she is pushing constantly to your turret then ask for your junglers help and force summoners then ask for a repeat gank before her summoners come back or just kill her.



51.png out ranges you by far and with the changes made to her traps and net, this allows her to zone you completely while doing a huge chunk of damage if you step into a trap or a net.

Traps are now on a charge system where she can put 3 at once if she has 3 charges up and can zone you even if you are under turret.

What you want to do in this lane is just farm, once you have your core items you can then look for a fight as alone you will be able to duel her easily.

Survive laning phase and you will be good to go. Avoid too much harass and respect her range most importantly.

Caitlyn will usually push you all the way to your turret, this means she is very susceptible to ganks. Use that to your advantage.



119.png will out damage you no matter what.

He does a ridiculous amount of damage with his axes and you won't be able to out trade him unless you get a stun on him and even then have to burst him down before he chunks your health down.

You want to survive laning phase at all costs, if you start feeding him then it will be very hard to come back unless your other team mates are ahead and can lock him down.

Draven has a huge burst of damage and a few axes can get you to mid HP even in the early levels where you are extremely squishy as Vayne.

Try to have a sustain Support if possible as this will help you greatly to survive lane.

Also an immobile ADC, however can turn ganks in to his favour so make sure your jungler has enough CC to lock him down or that you have enough damage to finish him.

If he is paired with someone like Soraka then I would avoid ganking this lane as whichever one you focus, the other one will either be healed or just deal tons of damage to you.



81.png is one of the easiest champions you will fight because you can dodge all his skills which are skillshots.

If you fight while being behind minions, then you can avoid most of his damage which is from his Q and you will instantly win the trades as he has to use AA's only and you have the better damage with AA-Q and Silver Bolt procs.

Dodge his Q and R with your tumble if there are no minions. Avoiding them will win you the trade.

If he E's into you then you know he has no more escape tool and can get some free damage on him if he has no backup.



222.png will out range you with her rocket gun and most likely push the lane, her (W) jinxW.png can easily be dodged with tumble as it is a very slow animation.

You will be able to win duels when you have your 2 core items (SS, RFC) but until then farm up and try get a kill if your jungler ganks. Jinx's late game is very good and especially for team fights with her rockets so be weary however you can win the duel by avoiding her (E) jinxE.png and if you manage to land a stun on her you will most likely win the fight.



429.png is a very hard matchup for Vayne as she has the ability to a lot of damage and with a very aggressive support or a support that can proc her (W) kalistaW.png from far is a hard time for Vayne.

She also has the ability to use her rend on you and a minion, if it kills the minion it will reset therefore allowing free damage and slow on you and she can just repeat.

She also out damages you if you fight it out as she will keep stacking her kalistaE.png on you and then bursting you down.

Try not to stay behind rend stacked minions as she can Q through the minion and if you are behind you get the rend stacks on you instead and you will take a lot of unnecessary damage.

She has no escape if she has nothing to hit, however be weary of Kalista/Thresh where they both can save each other and Kalista can throw back Thresh and lantern Kalista back.

Again as Vayne, your main objective is to farm up till your core items as you are a late game beast and your duelling is very good.



236.png is hard for Vayne in the sense after the item changes, you can reach max CDR on Lucian and you will be able to dash around a lot while your ultimate does a huge amount of damage and forcing you to either flash/tumble or stealth to safety.

You don't want to stay behind minions as he can just Q through them to reach you and you won't be able to trade back.

Farm up and survive laning phase, you will want to avoid unnecessary poke from his lucianQ.png and lucianR.png.

You will be able to duel him with your core items.


Miss Fortune


Extremely hard matchup, be very weary of the rebound Q damage as it hurts like hell.

You will want to avoid trading as she will out damage you. However she is very immobile and will most likely push the wave, so call in the jungler and try to get a summoner/kill on her.

Her ultimate is very powerful, if you are in range then you can cancel it with your condemn otherwise just run.

Changelog Back to Top

Patch 6.3:

- Updated masteries, thunderlords is not the best anymore due to all the other masteries getting buffed.

- Items updated and description

Patch 6.4:

- Unchanged

Patch 6.8:

- For masteries, you can use Warlords Bloodlust instead of Fervor of Battle if you prefer having the lifesteal when low or just for the safe laning phase however due to the nerf to ranged for minions it is not great and you lose a lot of potential damage with FoB. Warlords/FoB is personal preference in this case.

- Items updated.

14/07/2016 - Added Right click, Attack move, Attack move click section !

Patch 6.17:

- Updated Abilities for the buff on Q
- Updated skill order to R -> Q -> W -> E
- Updated items if maxing Q. You will want to go BF Sword -> SS -> IE -> PD/BT/LW/Botrk depending on situation.

Patch 6.24

- Updated masteries to warlords bloodlust
- Updated items (Current build is BF sword -> SS -> IE)

Patch 7.16

- Updated masteries
- Updated Items

General ADC Tips Back to Top

These are Tips that will work for all ADCs and will help you become a better player:

  1. Be constantly moving and clicking near your champion as this enables you to react faster to dodge skillshots then moving slowly and clicking far away.
  2. Learn champion powerspikes (This can be items or levels for example, Annie reaching level 6 before you or someone getting a BF while you have a pickaxe) this will help you identify when you can and can't go in. Knowing this information can prevent you from dying if you are starting duels and not respecting their itemisation.
  3. Itemisation: Always look at what the enemy is building and see if you can duel them because they have an item disadvantage or level disadvantage as well as if the team is stacking Armor or MR. This will help you decide on your own itemisation such as should I go LW or BT.
  4. Switching Targets: Knowing when to switch target and when you can kill someone is very important. If you are focusing a Leona but a Jinx is in your attack range and you can reach her safely then by all means switch to Jinx otherwise you would want to focus Leona. 
  5. The basic rule for switching targets is focus the nearest person without putting yourself in danger and when someone of a higher priority enters that range and also doesn't put yourself in danger then switch to that higher priority target.
  6. Tracking Summoner cooldowns, if you know their ADC doesn't have flash and they are very reliant on it, then you can abuse this fact and call the jungler to gank them knowing they won't be able to escape it.
  7. Map awareness - We all know that map awareness is important however ADCs are focused a lot of the time on reaching those CS numbers or trading with the enemy. However you should look at the map each time you get a CS or are waiting for the CS to get low.
  8. General rule of thumb, CS > Trading. If you are missing CS to trade with the enemy then it's not worth it. However, if the jungler comes to gank, try to follow up and don't try to CS unless you know it's a wasted gank and you are too far to follow up.
  9. Always try to push the wave to the turret when the enemy has backed as it makes them lose experience and gold.

Splitpushing vs Teamfighting Back to Top

When do you want to splitpush? When do you want to teamfight?

To splitpush or not to splitpush, to teamfight or not to teamfight !

Splitpushing is when you are pushing a lane while the rest of your team keeps the enemies busy whether it is Dragon/Baron/Towers whatever it may be.

This works well with champions that can I v I or 1 v 2. Vayne and Nasus are a good example of this, as Vayne can 1 v 1 almost anyone once she is strong enough as her duelling is very powerful.

Nasus can do the same with a lot of stacks and just 1 v 2 as he will lifesteal too much and be extremely tanky to kill.

What is the point of this?

The point of this, is to get multiple enemy members to come to you while you are pushing their base and your team mates hold off the rest of the members and once a few members have left to defend their base then your team has a numbers advantage and can turn on the rest of the enemy members and force a fight.

Optimally you want a team that can wave clear if they push you into turret then you will need to be able to clear that wave instantly before they can force a turret dive while they have the numbers advantage or if they decide to engage on you while they are 5 v 4 then you also want some disengage.

However, if your team lacks the wave clear to defend against the enemy then you will lose a lot more compared to what you gain and is not very effective.

When is splitpushing effective?

It is effective when you know you can't necessarily win a team fight but you have enough wave clear to stop them from pushing in your base even with a numbers disadvantage.

It is also effective when you know you can stall them out and disengage as soon as they engage so you are gaining turrets/objectives out of it while they gain nothing and are unable to push their lead.

When should you teamfight instead?
You should be team fighting when you do not have a wave clear champion on your team (usually the mid laner) or you are the wave clear champion and they can force a fight instantly when you are not there. 

Vayne excels at 1 v 1's and team fighting can be tricky for her but, you want to wait for important cooldowns to be burnt and attack the closest target without putting yourself in danger.

If a Leona jumps on you and there is a jinx on the other side of the wall and the rest of her team behind her, don't go for the jinx, kill the Leona first and kite her backwards avoiding her CC and killing her at the same time.

Vayne is very good at split pushing but can only split push in ideal situations, so look at your situation and adapt to see if you can split push or is your team grouping up and wants to team fight.

Last Hitting & Trading Back to Top

Last hitting is very important as an ADC in general.

So what is last hitting?

The concept of last hitting is basically giving the final blow on the minion to get the gold and experience from it.

Why is last hitting important?

Well, last hitting involves waiting for your minions to get the enemy minions low enough for you to last hit them hence why you need to know how much damage your AA's deal or how much damage your spells do.

Last hitting helps you control the minion wave and also allows you to look at other things while waiting for that minion to be low enough to kill such as looking at the map or keeping a timer on summoners or even trading.

This brings me to the question:

What is trading?

Trading is the exchange of damage between two or more champions.

So how do I win a trade?

Well, in order to win a trade you have to do more damage to your enemy than he does to you. Simple, right?

If only it was that easy. 

What other factors might stop you from winning a trade?

  • Creeps/Minions - When you attack an enemy champion with AA's, the minions start attacking you, this is called minion aggro. However if you use spells on an enemy while in a minion wave then they will ignore you.
  • Support - There is another person in that lane, the support will attack you if you start to attack the ADC.
So what do I do, I will lose the trade every time, won't I ?

No !

In order to win a trade, there are a couple of things you have to take into account and that can help you further win trades:

  • Do they have a lot of minions? 
  1. Yes - Don't trade, and farm up all those minions and get some gold
  2. No - Can you safely go for an AA or 2 without taking too much damage in return?
What is the ideal situation for you safely going in for an AA or 2? 

When they are trying to CS, if they are going to attack a minion they cannot focus you at the same time, and if he does he loses a minion.

  • Do you have an advantage in minions?
  1. Yes - Go in for a small trade, as if they do decide to attack you then the minion aggro will make you win that trade
  2. No - Farm and ward up
These are general tips and will not apply EVERY time this happens but can help you in terms of trading.

So now with Vayne, how can you trade effectively?

Vayne has a combo that allows you to trade with very little comeback from the enemy.

This combo is as follows: AA - vaynetumble.png - vaynecondemn.png . The knock back makes your trade 100% effective as he can't trade back without dashing to you after.

This does however mean you are vulnerable without your E to knock back someone in case of a gank. So don't use this combo too heavily without knowledge of the junglers whereabouts.

You can also use the combo: AA - vaynetumble.png - AA for some quick damage however this leaves them enough time to trade back and you will possibly lose the trade if they engage on you.

There is a good tip for trading by YoungGooby which is worth noting and makes a small difference:

Laning & Trinkets Back to Top

What is your aim in laning phase?

During laning phase, your objective is to farm up with Vayne, as she has very good duelling potential once she has her core items and she scales extremely well into the late game.

A lot of the matchups against Vayne is favoured towards the enemy as she has very low base AD and very short range meaning she can not out trade them during laning phase however once she has some core items she can chunk anyone down.

The most important part during laning phase is survival. She benefits greatly from Supports that can heal/shield or protect her.

So supports such as: 16.png OR 25.png OR 37.png OR 40.png OR 267.png OR 117.png - HOWEVER, this also means your lane is extremely squishy and is very vulnerable in the early game where you have roughly 400 - 500 HP per person compared to others with 600 - 700 HP per person.

But the shielding and heals will outweigh your early game problems as you will be unstoppable in the later stages of the game.

There are however more tankier options that work with Vayne due to how they can peel and protect her, such as:
412.png OR 12.png OR 98.png OR my personal favourite out of all : 223.png. The king of saviours.

For those who don't know what peeling means:

Peeling refers to when you protect your ADC/APC for example from an enemy's damage/CC by using a CC of your own to displace them from where they are so your ADC/APC can freely move away from them and either escape or start kiting backwards.

An example of this would be : Riven dashes on to Vayne and stuns her but Janna uses her ultimate (Monsoon) and knocks back the riven allowing Vayne to freely move again and kite Riven back.

Surviving early game will be your key to winning laning phase, being even or greater on CS is what you are aiming for. The fact you don't get any kills is fine, you will get kills once you start getting items and once you start duelling/team-fighting with her.

Moving on to Trinkets:

You will always opt for 3363.png  (Blue trinket at level 9) after the changes as you can have an infinite amount and it has a range of 4000 which is massive and allows you to not get caught out of position.

This works very well also to give you vision of a bush when you are attacking someone as to not lose vision of them and stop attacking.

Kiting & Positioning Back to Top

What is kiting?

Kiting refers to when a ranged champion continuously attacks a melee champion while keeping a safe distance not allowing the melee champion to reach him and doing any damage.

A good video showing this is :

It also shows what key bindings are useful for kiting.

Another great video on this is :

Where attack moving and animation cancelling are explained in more detail.

As for how good you can really become with Vayne and learned kiting, look at this video :

Now on to positioning:

Positioning is where you are compared to the enemy team. When people say you have bad positioning or you need to get better at positioning. 

What do they mean? 

Well they mean that you should stop being in the front line where your tanks should be or being caught out of position meaning you shouldn't of been there because you had nothing to gain from being there or you had insufficient vision to be able to make that play.

A good video on explaining all this is:

Combos Back to Top

What are the different combos you can do with Vayne?

Well, we will start off with some basics:

Your Q - Tumble = vaynetumble.png is an AA reset. 
What does this mean?

This means when you finish your AA animation, if you use Q straight after this will reset your AA timer allowing you to AA again.
This applies to many other spells such as Jax's W - jaxempowertwo.png, Sivir's W - ricochet.png etc...

Also, as mentioned above, I will talk about condemn and the silver bolts.

Condemn has the ability to knock people back as well as stun them into walls however it also allows you to proc your 3rd silver bolt for that true damage.

So on to the combos:

  1. AA -> vaynetumble.png : Very basic combo, for some quick damage and get 2 quick procs of silver bolts.
  2. AA -> vaynetumble.png ->vaynecondemn.png : We talked briefly about this one, this gives you a quick burst of damage allowing you to proc the the third silver bolt with condemn and applying it's damage along with it allowing for a quick trade. 
  3. vaynecondemn.png into wall -> AA -> vaynetumble.png : If you manage to condemn someone into a wall then you can AA and then Q for the enhanced basic attack damage to proc along with your true damage. This will give you the maximum damage output without your ultimate on.

Combos with Ultimate along with some Flashy plays:

  • vayneinquisition.png -> vaynetumble.png -> Reposition on the side or behind them -> vaynecondemn.png -> AA, AA ... : This combo allows you to stealth and during that 1 second reposition yourself to condemn them into a wall. It works very well against people that are hogging the wall and going down the bushes

  • vayneinquisition.png -> vaynetumble.png -> Reposition in opposite direction you were moving: This isn't really a combo but more of a juking thing. 
          The basic idea for this is, you move in one direction while unstealthed and you then change direction when you go invisible going in the opposite direction making the opponent confused.

The following is an advanced technique and requires practice (not recommended for beginners): 

  • vaynecondemn.png + 4.png : Condemning the opponent and then flashing to change the direction of your condemn is an advanced level move. 

The knock back is separate from the animation and goes from Vayne's CURRENT position when the condemn hits the target.

While the condemn animation is still going, you can flash and condemn in a different direction.

This is very useful in certain cases where you need to reposition and can condemn someone into the wall but not always recommended to use. 

You can also  4.png + vaynecondemn.png but this gives your opponent 1 - 2 extra seconds to react to your flash first whereas the other one is instant and can't be reacted to easily.

This is a very out dated video but still apply and show the different combos you can do with Vayne:


Using your Tumble Effectively Back to Top

How to use your tumble effectively?

What separates the bad from the good and the good from the best is how they use their tumble to its maximum potential.

When to use tumble?

You want to use tumble when for dodging, kiting and resetting your AA.

For dodging, fairly straight forward. Someone uses a skillshot, e.g. Blitzcrank hook, use your tumble to dodge it by rolling to the side.

Dodging may be hard at the beginning but comes with practice, it also helps if you try predict what the enemy is going to do. If Blitzcrank is rushing towards you then chances are he is going to hook you and you can predict when and where he is going to do it.

Kiting, you want to use this to stealth and dodge skillshots while moving and attacking at the same time.

Resetting your AA is fairly straight forward, when you AA and tumble straight after you will be able to AA a second time without having to wait for the next attack as it resets your AA timer.

This comes in very handy when you are trying to CS as if there are 2 low hp minions next to each other as shown below, then you can attack 1 and kill the other by resetting your AA with your vaynetumble.png.

This also helps when you are trying to CS under turret, as you might know that CSing under turret while having a dorans blade goes as follows:

Melee minion - 2 turret shots + 1 AA
Caster minion - 1 AA + 1 turret shot + 1 AA
Cannon minion - Wait till the turret gets it low and finish it off.

This works if they have full HP while going under turret, however this will not always be the case and this is where vaynetumble.png comes in really handy.

It allows you to get multiple CS at the same time or to finish off a CS that you might not get with 1 AA. You have to judge this by yourself and see how you can do it.

This also comes in handy when the turret is focusing the Cannon minion, you can freely attack the other minions to get their hp at the right level so if the turret hits it once you can get it with the next AA, something along those lines.


Using your ultimate effectively :

We will start off with a video that explains it very well: 

So how do you utilise your stealth properly?

Well, one thing you don't want to constantly stealth while duelling someone as it reduces your DPS output, you want to use it optimally and use the full duration of the stealth to reposition and dodge skillshots.

You maximise your DPS by moving around and attacking while finding the optimal position to condemn someone into a wall and while dodging incoming skillshots.

Right Click, Attack Move, Attack Move Click ? Back to Top

Which one do I use? I am so confused !!

If this is the question you are asking yourself then look no further !

So how to decide between all 3 of these?

Well let's go over them:

Right click - This is your default click, you will have to click which target you want to attack as well as the direction you want to move in. This involves a lot of clicking.

Attack Move - What is this? Attack move allows you to move to a targeted location and attack any enemies that come near your attack range. This involves moving and attacking at the same time however requires one binding to use it and requires a second click to select the area.

This avoids you miss clicking and clicking next to a target and moving there instead of attacking it.

When you use attack move your move commands will turn red as shown below:

Red cursor.jpg

So how is this different to Attack move Click? Well think of Attack move Click as the smart-cast version of Attack move, meaning it will move and attack through one binding. Binding to "A" would be preferential as it is convenient.

If you want to know where these bindings are, there is a screenshot below of the options panel: 


I would recommend trying all 3 and finding which one works best for you !

Good luck :)

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