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2 years ago

Vayne Statistics for PuIse

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

put flash on D or ur bad at league

heal is standard spell, take cleanse vs ashe

take exhaust if u r proto      

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Masteries Back to Top

Still go Fervor. I really like the thunderlords tree tho, hopefully they nerf fervor/buff thunderlords some more. You get so much lifesteal early, I dont think u need vampirism, so I take the extra ad instead.

Abilities Back to Top

3 points Q max W

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items


Situational Items

    cheap items

Dorans Blade pot Trinket start, pretty standard, gives u good enough stats to not straight out lose in early levels.

Cull on first back is really beneficial I feel.

Core 1: Blade of the Ruined King > Greaves > Zeal item > IE

We get cutlass first again now, its not as good as old cutlass but its good. 

You can get T1 boots at anytime, they really help vayne in lane but the lack of combat stats hurts your trading, use ur judgement when to get these

Dont forget blue trinket at lvl 9~

You should be getting blade of the ruined king around 13 minutes
after this you can start looking into your mini items e.g. QSS hexdrinker chain vest etc.

After this you get your zeal item. PD is when u need the extra dueling potential, Statikk is when u just want to power farm. I prefer PD now, Statikk feels weak without the crit, and the dmg from PD is good, so i do this now.

IE 3rd always. New trinity force doesnt do that much dmg with 2 attk spd items alrdy, and guinsoo is only good vs tanks, IE good vs tanks and squishies.

4th item should be either Guinsoo, BT, Trinity or Merc Scim. Guinsoo vs heavy tank lines, BT when u want the big crits OR the sustain, and trinity when u want the extra mobility e.g. vs bruisers.

5th item is GA Banshees Spirit Visage BT Merc Scim, Maw, Sterak, or Deadmans.

Core 2: Youmuus > Zeal item > Merc Scim or Infinity Edge
I prefer this build when I have a heal support or something, much more impact earlier and the Dirk really helps you trade with Q. Max Q with this build

Dirk before Caufields, after youmuus finish boots.

Your zeal item should almost always be PD with this build, the double dueling passive really works well. You can also get rapidfire so your Q poke gets really good quite early, but only if you are sieging alot or something.

Merc Scim helps you deal with threats more so if you need the early protection I get this, if not just go IE.

After this is situational. If you got Merc Scim 3rd I would aim to fit an IE into the build somewhere.

Core 3: Bloodthirster > Zeal Item > Infinity Edge
I find the Bork PD IE build quite squishy so if I have a hard lane and dont think i can kill them even with bork I will opt for BT. Max Q also with this build. You have less damage but you have a safer lane, you can just sit and farm in a side lane untill you get PD IE and then come straight to teamfights with your huge crits.

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Typing: Poke

Ashe autos and W make it hard to actually trade with her, and even if you do her passive means she outtrades you anyway. Ashe generally pushes and gets ganked quite easily, farm undertower, hopefully ur jg isnt master yi and can actually do something. 

At level 6 you will either want to 4.png her ult or use stealth to mitigate damage while you are stunned. If you tookk cleanse then use that but then u lose a combat summoner so up to you. You should win 1v1 once u get recurve bow and lvl 6.




Typing: Poke

This lane is superrrrr hard. You will need warlord 100%. Dont get hit by her Q ever, stand diagonal from her and get lifesteal as quickly as possible. Ganking her isnt really an option unless you have some good lockdown. Dont ask for a gank tho, let the jungler decide if he wants to help you. Max Q.

All ins are hard but I think you win, just be careful not to get kited. You will have to dodge her E slow to do this. If you do this you avoid some of her passive damage, dodge her Q aswell. I would Flash E and Tumble the Q but if you can do something else that doesnt involve losing a summoner then go for it. Once you get bork she should be easy pickings 1v1.




Typing: Poke

Her Q range bonus isnt rlly enough to bully you untill lvl 4-5 imo, should be easy farm lane untill then. She has a strong all in, make sure u dont get hit by her W and it shouldnt be too hard. Lvl 6 u win all ins if u max W.

Be careful not to get blown up by her and her support tho, she has a lot of damage with W and R. You can snowball super hard from this lane if you come out even.




Typing: Lane Bully

You can't trade with him while his W is up. Even when it is down you dont win by much anyway. Take free autos, keep out of range of his autos when he has W available and just farm. After lvl 5/7 you can trade with him while his W is down. You only get like 3 or 4 seconds if he is maxing it. Not sure what kogs max now, dont vs many. Make sure u have some form of lock down when trying to fight him in lane, he does a lot of damage if left alone.

After Bork, 1v1 should be ez


Miss Fortune


Typing: Lane Bully

She destroys you in short trades. Try and avoid them. Also avoid her Q poke cuz that hurts too. She is vulnerable to ganks so try and freeze and call for helppp. Once you get some attack speed and lvl 5/7 then you can trade decently if you can keep an extended trade going, the longer the trade the better.

In an all in, make sure u stick to her and kill her, chunking her out and swapping targets isnt good enough because she will just ult. She is relatively easy to pick off after first item, her 1v1 is pretty bad.




Typing: Caster

Sivir is quite weak laner, usually they just shove you undertower. Dodge her Q with your Q. I wouldnt trade with her untill like lvl 4. Max W because her Q never goes below 9 sec CD untill she gets warhammer, then it goes to 8.1 which is still below 6 sec cd of tumble.

Level 6 you can easily make her use Ult in an all in to get away. Maybe even kill her if she tries to fight you.




Typing: Lane Bully

yes i know twitch is a weak laner, but he outtrades us in both short and longer trades and doesnt offer any form of outplay in trades. Take auto trades when he goes for a last hit or poke him and Q back so that he cant trade back. Taking a direct trade will result in you losing so only go for free damage. 

At level 6 he wins in all in but he is susceptible to being bursted so if you engage first and they dont have a janna or something you should win.

With 4 points in Q you should win 3 auto trades which should be at level 7.

In midgame you should take care of his assassinations, you wont beat him 1v1 with his Q and Youmuus activated at 1 item unless u land stun, which wont be reliable because there is no reason he will pop from stealth in condemn range. Maybe farm in pink ward range to not get sprung.

Pros and Cons Back to Top

Why would you want to pick Vayne?:

* Strongest Duelist in the game
* Unique playstyle
* Can set up picks with E or just straight up assassinate people
* Lots of damage in teamfight
* Gets an escape every 2 seconds with ult (without ult its just like bonus ms, closest comptitor is ez at 5 secs and luci with a half escape every 2 secs~)

Why wouldn't you pick Vayne?:
* Weak laning, loses to almost everyone
* Vulnerable to ganks (condemn knocks back 1 person and lets 2 ppl get closer to u, not rlly an escape, neither is q and she is super squishy due to low base stats early)
* No waveclear (makes stalling out games from behind very hard)
* Item dependent
* Short ranged, can get zoned in fight easily (so can like every other short range adc, but most have a long range spell so they can still contribute e.g. lucian r/sivir q/draven r/mf r/kalista r+q whereas vayne has nothing
* hard to get good at (ye shes faceroll after lanephase, however vayne has very unique ways of getting through lanes reliably which is what takes time to learn, as well as unique ways of teamfighting)

Spell Usage Back to Top

Lets start with the basics ay

vaynepassive.png Passive: Night Hunter
vayne gets 30 movement speed when moving toward an enemy. This is a really strong good ability when you are ahead, but useless when behind. Its what lets you force trades without wasting Q, as well as chasing down and sticking to targets. With ult you can gapclose on enemy adcs in midgame in about 3 or 4 secs from an entire screen away without even using Q. People underestimate this ability heaps when trying to stay out of ur engage range.

vaynetumble.png Q: Tumble
This ability is probably your best trading tool in lanephase, gives damage and the opportunity to dodge an opponents ability. Make sure to auto anything straight after you use a Q to reset the cooldown. Tumble is an auto attack reset so you can use this to increase ur damage slightly in trades,  When you Q into a wall it resets your auto attack quicker. In fights you can use this off cooldown, its best to use it to increase mobility than save it, it is not an escape its only 250 range. Q cancels the animation of your E if you use it right after. Good way to disengage.

With ult this becomes a 1 second stealth. Stealth is good for avoiding damage (tristana E you? stealth then she cant stack it = ez duel), engaging from brush, juking, and escaping from enemies. For enemies, they only see you before you stealth and where you appear after, so you can view this ability a bit like a kassa R or ez E. Movement speed increases the range of your "blink" so using blade before stealthing is a nice way to put a lot of distance between you and someone else. When stealthing, make sure to not auto attack for the full second you are stealthed, breaking it early is a waste and if you use it to break stealth then why would you even Q in the first place. The one exception to this is in lane phase when you have points in Q and you want to all in, not using Q off CD will make your damage drop and will waste time where your ult is up, so it is ok to break stealth then, any other time the answer will almost always be no. Using Q into a wall will let you run around in stealth sooner. Almost useless tip except for flash jukes. You can Q reset on wall and flash straight after, people will think you flashed over the wall, but you are actually not you are in a brush. Example of what i mean:playbutton.png

When juking, a tip to increase the likelihood of a juke is to use 1 movement command in a diff way to the one you are running in and a different way to the way you will juke to. People think they see you change direction before you stealth and assume that is the way you will go. In my experience people r so convinced I have let them know which way i am stealthing they even flash for me. Example:

Fun fact: 25% CDR lets you Stealth Q, Auto - E stun and then have Q come up in time to use again after stun finishes for a total 3.75 seconds of untargetability In 1v1.

vaynesilveredbolts.pngW: Silver Bolts
This ability is what gives you your damage. In teamfights you will want to proc as many of these as possible. When you are changing targets you want to get in a position where you will be able to get all 3 autos off on them. In lane you can use AA - Q - E to quickly proc this and disengage a trade, however this chunks your mana pool and you wanna keep around 280 mana for all ins so try not to use this. RIP Mana potions :(

vaynecondemn.pngE: Condemn
Your stun! You should be mainly using this ability in 1 of 2 situations: stunning someone (try not to waste this on a tank in a teamfight just because you can hit the easy stun), or to cancel a movement ability (RIP lee sin Q cancel). Using it to disengage is not reliable half the time because you stand still to cast it and it only knocks them back like 400 range, however if you do use it like this, try and use Q to cancel the animation so its not too bad. You can use Flash during the cast animation of E to re-angle the stun e.g.

vayneinquisition.pngR: Final Hour
This thing gives you so many free stats and your stealth ability. Use this to engage fights in bot laner if u have a janna or something, just ult and run up to them and auto. Use this to assassinate people in mid game, if you can get in auto range of most people with ult up it becomes almost impossible to escape. I have a section about ult timings in teamfights in the teamfighting section because it only lasts 8/10/12 seconds and some fights can last up to 30 seconds or more so getting the best usage of ult can take some time.

Lane Phase Back to Top

Your goal in lane phase is to keep enough pressure so that your team doesnt fall behind in the midgame due to bot lane roaming mid or not being able to fight dragons. This is done by knowing your win conditions in lanes. For tips on trading correctly with different champs check the matchups section. However a more general way to look at lanes is by checking what the enemy bot lanes dynamic is like.

ADCs have 3 diff types: Caster (Relies on consistent spells to trade), Poke (relies on range to trade), and lane bullies (heavy trading power but short ranged). Knowing how vayne interacts with each archetype will help u get through lane.

Caster: Use Q to dodge their main ability

Poke: Survive poke with early lifesteal and use your all in potential to kill them when u get strong enough.

Lane Bully: Poke with Q when safe, hopefully you have poke support with you, survive untill then.
Supports also have specific archetypes, and the combination of the 2 is what determines the lane dynamic. The Support is usually the one who has the most influence on the lane so these matchups are the most important to know.

Trade Supports: Avoid trades, use kill pressure to kill them when u hit powerspikes.

All-In Supports: Punish CD's and lack of lane pressure, care for engage range when u are vulnerable

Poke Supports: Lifesteal early and use all in potential to kill them when u hit powerspikes.

From this you should be able to mix both game plans vs the other to come up with an overall plan for the lane phase. Here are some of vaynes powerspikes so you know when you are strong enough to hit ur win conditions.

Lvl1 - with Q you can avoid poke like cait Q etc. usually not enough to trade with casters cuz most have a passive and much higher base stats

Lvl2 - Q+E gives you a decent all-in if you can land the stun, most times you wont be able to get it so this is situational

Lvl5 - 3 points W lets you trade with casters through passives and other dmg, makes it worth mana to use Q-W-E combo and makes extended trades for you really good

Lvl5 - 3 points Q keeps your Q CD same length as Ez Q and makes your short trades and poke decent.

Lvl6 - Your ult gives you a form of engage, if you are maxing Q you wont have as much all in potential because you cant save stealth you have to use it off CD for the most damage. If you are maxing W you save Q for when you need the stealth.

Vamp Scepter - Can sustain through poke easier
Boots - Can dodge skills without Q (Helpful when you rely on Q to trade but u need to dodge blitz hook etc.) helps you force or avoid trades
Recurve Bow + Dagger - Gives enough attk spd to proc W in same time enemy can auto you twice.
Bork - Gives you another gap closer + rlly good dueling potential. No other adc beats u 1v1 at 1 item.


Support Synergies Back to Top

Vaynes capabilities change depending on the support she has with her. Here are some of the better supports with Vayne.

Janna is the best champ in the game. Vayne is probs the best champ at utilising her eyeofthestorm.png as she can force trades with her vaynetumble.png and vaynepassive.png so make use of the extra AD. Giving vayne this extra trading power in lane can be enough to get through lane phase rlly easily. Jannas movement speed buff synergises with vaynes kit very well and helps u pick and choose which trades u want. Janna however does have trouble with forcing things. When u r vs things like 143.png 63.png and 37.png she does not offer anyway to engage on them. Usually vayne makes up for this with her own ability to engage but running forward into ppl like this is a bad idea.

not the best champ with vayne. Vayne basically makes leona lose her lvl 2 3 and 4 powerspikes as she cannot push to get them first, and she cant rlly capitalise on them even if u do. However leona directly counters most of vaynes hardest support matchups, and they do both share a lvl 6 all in powerspike so she is worth a mention.

lulus ability to lane bully can definitely carry vayne through her earlier stages in the lane pre-6. She also provides a lot of things janna does, an ad steroid that vayne can abuse, a ms buff, altho its not permanent and u give up some hard CC for it, and a rlly strong protective ult that gives vayne the tankiness to all in herself. Her peel is not quite as good as jannas, and neither is her shield, but her poke and damage is a lot higher than jannas. Lulu Vayne also has the same weaknesses to people like  143.png 63.png and 37.png for the same reasons janna does.

Zyras bully potential can more than carry vayne through lvls 2-6 and even afterwards helps set up kills for vayne. This lane is super snowbally as both of these champs can either fall behind or get ahead very easily. Zyra offers good poke to keep enemy supps away from vayne so she can farm, and decent all in with her zyraE.png. She offers little protection to vayne and no sustain which is why it is bad to fall behind in this lane.

Nami can 1v2 lanes early on with her W as well as providing good initiation lvl 6 with her ult. A good namiQ.png can also be rlly strong in lane but its super hard to hit so dont rely on it. Vayne abuses namis E rlly well and the MS buff nami gives. Namis heal makes almost every lane winnable and reduces a lot of the risk of being shutdown when snowballing, vayne nami is probs the best combo to run in blind pick situations. Cerezaaaaa~

this lane is either rlly good or rlly bad. The reason is thresh is like the vayne of adc, they are weak to poke, not much burst, but good skirmishers with good engage. Basically he makes every strength of vayne even stronger, but doesnt cover any of the weaknesses. Super fun lane would recommend.

this dude is pretty cool. his sustain thingies r pretty cool, they also give ms which is nice. He kinda makes falling behind as vayne rlly hard because u cant rlly dive him and u cant poke him from sustain and he sets up ganks rlly well. His and vaynes roam is pretty good cuz bard is pretty cool, but getting ahead with a bard isnt rlly useful, u wont snowball like u would with almost any other support. I like this guy bard is pretty cool.

Tarics rework makes him a good laner with vayne. His heal is nice, and your mobility makes landing his E a bit easier. The coolest thing about him though is his ultimate, getting 2.5 secs to go ham, and then stealth Q out when its done gives you a really good opportunity to get some work done. It has a warning before ult so you can get into position before it happens. Good champ

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game begins when the supports start roaming. Hopefully this is around the time you get Bork or just after. If you didnt keep even-ish or get ahead during lane phase, then read the paragraph way below this. Your goal in the game is to farm to 3 items in the quickest possible fashion and again without losing pressure on the map, and hopefully assassinating the enemy adc a few times. If you dont have a cull already you should buy it now, also a blue trinket to keep vision control on your side of the map. If you dont have the Tier 1 tower yet, you should ask for help to get it down, do a 4 man bot or something, even if you trade a tower its worth, because it unlocks a lot of map pressure for you. If you are severely behind the enemy team dont do this but if yous are even or ahead this should be a priority. Once the T1 is down your job is simple. When the wave is pushing into you, go clear it, if it isnt pushing into you you have 5 options depending on what the rest of your team is doing.

1 - If your team is not doing anything (half are shopping, some are still laning etc) you can farm jungle
2 - If your team is not doing anything you can recall if you want
3 - If your team is grouping or pressuring an objective in bottom half of the map you go help
4 - If your team is grouping or pressuring an objective in top half of the map and the enemy team has 4 or more people to match, you can pressure an objective in bot e.g. tower
5 - If your team is grouping or pressuring an objective in top half of the map and the enemy team is not responding, you must play safe and not get caught, try and defend if you can.

Looking for picks in bottom jungle is something you should group for, you are very good at this. You should group when contesting mid tower, it is in bottom half of the map.

Once you have 3 items, you begin the lategame.

IF YOU ARE BEHIND AFTER LANE PHASE. Then ur goal is to try and catch back up without burdening your team. The best way to do this is by roaming with your team because vaynes waveclear is lower than every other champs so freezing wont help u catch up, whereas if you group up as a team vayne can make picks pretty easy with vaynecondemn.png. If your mid or jungle is behind too then hopefully you can just stall through mid game and somehow make it to lategame without falling too far behind.

However dont stop farming, you want to collect the wave before it hits your tower, push it out and then roam, just dont freeze and make ur team 4v5 because then you will lose.

Splitpushing Back to Top

Vayne has the strongest 1v1 in the game, as long as you know how to beat each champ. Here are some of the harder 1v1s for you

you will need some MR to fight her, after this you will just need to dodge her leblancslide.png and leblancsoulshackle.png. To dodge leblancslide.png you can 4.png, or you can interrupt her leblancslide.png with vaynecondemn.png if you time it correctly. Sometimes a vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png can make her miss it too but not as reliable. To dodge leblancsoulshackle.png you can use your vaynetumble.png or sometimes when you have a lot of movement speed you can just juke it.

you are going to want to either have a vaynecondemn.png or vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png ready to mitigate the damage she does to you when she uses ult. these will stop her from damaging you while you cant do damage to her. When she is stunned you can keep autoing her to lifesteal. Other than that you should be good. You can also vaynecondemn.png her if you think she is about to ult and kill her while she is stunned so she doesnt get to press R.

when master yi uses alphastrike.png you are going to want to vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png next to a wall as he will land on top of you so this will drag him to the wall. Yi will always auto attack you after he lands, use this split second where he is standing still autoing you to move slightly to the opposite side of the wall and then vaynecondemn.png him into it. You should lifesteal back the damage he did with Q AA and you should deal enough damage to force him to meditate.png. Dont use vaynetumble.png while he does this as you will want to save it, just keep autoing him to lifesteal and keep him low. When he is done meditate.png he will either run or alphastrike.png you. If he alphastrike.png you then wait untill he lands and then use vaynetumble.png which should still give u stealth to put you out of his AA range and then kite him. If he runs then you just chase.

If yi doesnt use alphastrike.png to gap close to you and just uses highlander.png then you will need to kite him. Dont try to vaynecondemn.png untill after he uses alphastrike.png because if he dodges vaynecondemn.png you will die. If you get him to use meditate.png before you vaynecondemn.png then you can cancel his heal with it, it doesnt matter if you dont land the stun.

you will probs need 3-4 items to 1v1 him. If you can, wait untill he has used his stacks before you go in. Engage with vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png vaynecondemn.png and burst him while he is stunned. If you miss stun you will probs die because he does more damage than you.

you will also need 3-4 items to 1v1 him. You will want to use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png and vaynecondemn.png to mitigate the damage he does to you after he uses blindingdart.png as you cant do dmg to him while you are blinded. You can also buy a 3140.png to get rid of the stun, the MR helps aswell. If he runs dont try to chase him too far because if you run into too many bantamtrap.png he can turn on you with blindingdart.png and can kill you from like 40% hp

you can kill her after 1 item, she can kill you after 2 items, then you kill her again from 3+ items. You will want to use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png into some brush after she uses detonatingshot.png on you so she cant get too many stacks on it. Make sure you land vaynecondemn.png stun get damage down while she cant auto you. If you want to secure the kill you want to vaynecondemn.png before she uses rocketjump.png or bustershot.png but when her hp is low enough to burst during the stun. If you condemn too early she will just rocketjump.png bustershot.png away after the stun.

After 3 items and like lvl 13 or smthn you will want to play it diff. She has more range than you so you will take like 2 autos trying to get in range without vaynetumble.png and then you will just lose. However after 3 items she will probs die in 1  vayneinquisition.pngvaynetumble.png vaynecondemn.png AA AA AA vaynetumble.png Combo so use this this to engage.

If she rocketjump.png onto you with 1 item justvayneinquisition.pngvaynetumble.png vaynecondemn.png AA AA AA vaynetumble.png stun her, if she does this with 2 items, run away, if she does this with 3 items just vayneinquisition.pngvaynetumble.png vaynecondemn.png AA AA AA vaynetumble.png stun her.

You will need to buy a 3140.png and you will want to use it quickly after he uses infiniteduress.png. After this use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png to get out of his AA range and then kite him. If you use 3140.png too late and fall below 40% HP you wont be able to kite him because of bloodscent.png so make sure u 3140.png quickly. 

This 1v1 is all about whether u can avoid her asheR.png. Hopefully u took 1.png but if u didnt then buy a 3140.png. If you dont have either of these then u can use 4.png but u will need good reaction time. 

this 1v1 is similiar to kayle. You will want to dodge his slashcast.png with your vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png and then kite him. Dont use anymore vaynetumble.png while you are kiting him as you will need it off CD. When he uses undyingrage.png you will want use vaynetumble.png to stealth juke, and then vaynecondemn.png after stealth ends. If you hit stun then wait untill stun is over before you vaynetumble.png again, if not then vaynetumble.png straight away. This should stop him from killing you in his ult and then after its over you either kill him or he slashcast.png away like a bitch. Remember to AA him after your Q stealth runes out so it goes on CD

If you let jax stay on top of you for 2~ seconds you will probs die. To stop Jax autoing you is simple. If he uses jaxleapstrike.png, you use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png, if he uses jaxcounterstrike.png, you use vaynecondemn.png. If you dont have ult then you probably dont want to get too close to him as vaynetumble.png alone wont get you far enough away to kite him without letting him auto you untill u have 1300.png or 3078.png. If he uses jaxcounterstrike.png jaxleapstrike.png to stun you the second he lands then use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png to stop him from hitting you as u will be in stealth and then after you are no longer stunned use vaynecondemn.png to push him away as you dont need it anymore to dodge his jaxcounterstrike.png and then kite him as normal.

With twitch its usually how quick you react to twitchQ.png and who is ahead, as you usually cant land a vaynecondemn.png because a good twitch will break stealth somewhere where u cannot land a vaynecondemn.png. However if you are the one engaging on him you will almost always win as he cannot get his attk spd from twitchQ.png and you can land a vaynecondemn.png.

you dont want to Auto irelia untill after she has jumped on you and hopefully used ireliaequilibriumstrike.png. However if she doesnt use ireliaequilibriumstrike.png then you will want to time vaynecondemn.png at the same time as her. She can usually one-shot you and her damage doesnt really fall off untill 2-3 items. Its best to just wait untill u have some lifesteal before you try to fight her.

janna is the best champion in the game, do not try to 1v1 her

when nocturne uses nocturneparanoia.png on you you are probably dead. You cannot vaynecondemn.png him away to break the tether of nocturneunspeakablehorror.png because he will use nocturneshroudofdarkness.png and he has more than enough damage to kill you in this time. Best thing to do is use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png to stealth during the fear time and then after that vaynecondemn.png him away and kite. If you have 4.png you can just 4.png to get out of his nocturneunspeakablehorror.png . Dont flash directly backwards tho because some nocs like to flash where they think u will flash to not break the tether, so flash to the side.

Lee sin isnt rlly a problem unless he is somewhat fed. there are many ways he can do this fight. the best way to not lose to him is to dodge blindmonkqone.png with vaynetumble.png but if he does something like blindmonkwone.png blindmonkrkick.png blindmonkqone.png blindmonkqone.png then u will probs need to 4.png. His damage falls off later so u dont need to worry about getting 1 shot after like 2 items, if he cant 1 shot you you should be able to lifesteal and kite him after he uses combo. Early 1031.png isnt bad if you will be dueling him a lot.

stand near a wall to bait her vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png vaynecondemn.png and then tumble away from the wall before the condemn hits, and then use vaynecondemn.png 4.png to stun her. GG EZ

this 1v1 is similiar to ashe where if u get hit by cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png she wins, if you dodge it you lose, so buy 3140.png. Dodging her cassiopeianoxiousblast.png also makes this easier but not necessary. If you want to be fancy you can vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png vaynecondemn.png AA AA AA and just before stun runs out u 4.png to the opposite side of her and 9 times out of 10 u will dodge cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png, the other 1 time u will waste flash and look dumb because she didnt even have ult in the first place.

this guy will kill you 1v1 after 4 items but before then you will need to 3140.png his wither.png, or use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png and vaynecondemn.png to kite him during slow like how u would with a trynd ult (see trynd matchup for this, cbf writing it again). Once he gets too tanky you wont be able to kite him long enough but before then you want to keep your distance and do as much dmg as possible.

when he uses kennenshurikenstorm.png you must vaynecondemn.png and run untill its over. After this you can reengage on him and kill him as long as you dodge his kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png with vaynetumble.png.'

Dodge his alzaharcallofthevoid.png with vaynetumble.png and buy 3140.png to use it when he uses alzaharnethergrasp.png. You should be able to lifesteal through his alzaharmaleficvisions.png and kill him. You can also try to predict when he will use alzaharnethergrasp.png and time your vaynecondemn.png to hit just after the channel for his alzaharnethergrasp.png begins, however this is very hard to do and unreliable, so just buy QSS

a 1v1 with Riven is a skill matchup, although vayne definitely has the upperhand. you will want to make her use at least rivenfeint.png riventricleave.png riventricleave.png to get to you and then use your vaynetumble.png to dodge the knockup. You want to try and predict when riven will use her rivenmartyr.png and use vaynecondemn.png to knock her away so u dont get hit by it. If you can avoid these then you should win, remember they are on like 5 sec CD each at 40% CDR so always be ready to dodge them. If riven has 4.png then you will probably lose as she can flash on you and 1 shot you, so avoid 1v1ing a riven with 4.png up.
some examples:

Fizz is also a skill matchup in 1v1. You can buy 3140.png to 1v1 him although you dont need it. To fight him without 3140.png you will either need to dodge fizzmarinerdoom.png with vaynetumble.png, or he will fizzjump.png onto you and try to hit you with melee range fizzmarinerdoom.png, if he does this dodge fizzjump.png with vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png and then either juke fizzmarinerdoom.png after stealth ends, or 4.png it. If you do have 3140.png just use it after you get hit by ult and get out of its range.

If you dodge ult then u have basically won the fight. If you still have 4.png up use it to dodge fizzjump.png and use vaynecondemn.png to cancel fizz fizzpiercingstrike.png. You may or may not have to do these depnding on how fed the fizz is.

Buy a 2043.png and always have one on you. the second u see the ! above your head put it down and dont leave the area of the 2043.png. If rengar shows up you want to press vaynecondemn.png on him, this will input buffer it so the second he jumps on you it will cancel his jump and you wont get hit by his combo, after this just kite him and it should be easy 1v1. Try to stay away from brushes. At 6 items when u cant carry a 2043.png get a 3026.png or a 3157.png and dont ult untill after the passive of those items end, then vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png away and kite.

Kiting her is super easy she should never be able to get onto you unless she 4.png on you, but even then you should win a 1v1 cuz all u have to do is  use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png stealth juke to get back out of her range. Dont use vaynecondemn.png unless she has used fiorariposte.png already.

1v1ing draven after 2 items is as simple as landing vaynecondemn.png and dodging dravendoubleshot.png with vaynetumble.png, however before 2 items 1v1ing him is a little harder. Go read the matchups section to see how to 1v1 him i cbf writing it again.

Interrupt his khazixE.png with vaynecondemn.png and mirror his khazixR.png stealth movements with your own vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png. This should prevent him getting autos on you. If you fight inside minions this should also stop his evolved khazixQ.png from killing you from 50% Health. Make sure to get a 1031.png at some point in the game to delay how quickly he can 1 shot you.

Diana can 1 shot you from like lvl 6 with 1 item cuz she does so much damage. Conside an early 3211.png. However if she is splitpushing with you then she might have a 3115.png which u probs dont need any MR for. To 1v1 diana u want to dodge dianaQ.png with vaynetumble.png however if you dont or diana decides she doesnt need dianaQ.png to kill you, then use vaynecondemn.png to cancel her dianaR.png, if you fail that then use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png to get out of her auto range and then kite her. Doing any of these should be enough to win the 1v1.

Do not fight this guy in minions, kiting him is very important and you wont be able to kite if he is dashing to minions all the time. If he uses yasuoE.png on you then use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png to get away and kite him. You will need to stay out of his yasuoQ.png when kiting so he cannot charge it on you. If he jumps away and goes and charges it on minions then u must dodge the knockup with vaynetumble.png. when he has knockup available do not go in yasuoE.png range as he will yasuoE.png yasuoQ.png yasuoR.png you and you will lose. When he uses yasuoW.png you want to use vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png to go to the side of the wall. Here is a shitty diagram to show you what i mean (Y = yas, V = vayne, | = yasuo W)

V | Y = no     

  | Y   = yes

This shortens the range of yasuoW.png and makes it harder for yasuo to juke around and block your autos and vaynecondemn.png. When you dont go to the side you have to run through the wall which puts you in melee range of yasuo and he can still juke your autos.

Before 3140.png this is a skill matchup. When Zed uses zedR.png you want to drag him to a wall and micro to the side and vaynecondemn.png him into the wall similiar to yi. As the Stun is almost over you will want to vaynetumble.png to dodge his zedQ.png and you should win.

If there is no wall then you want to vayneinquisition.png vaynetumble.png away from his zedW.png shadow, bonus points if his zedW.png and zedR.pngshadow are next to each other and you get out of range of both. After this you want to dodge his zedQ.png and stay out of his Auto Range and you should live.

Once you get 3140.png then you should use vaynecondemn.png after he uses zedR.png and then dodge his zedQ.png with vaynetumble.png and stay away from his auto range + shadows.

Lategame Back to Top

You hit lategame once you have Bork Greaves Statikk IE and any major defensive items like QSS. Your goal is to stick with team ready for teamfights while looking for opportunities to keep your farm up. Your team is usually doing one of these things:

getting vision control/making picks
dancing around objectives (or dancing around midlane cuz ppl r dumb and mid is only place people will group)

When making picks your goal is to find an opportunity to condemn and burst someone without pigeonholing yourself into a place you cant get out of incase your team gets engaged on. Basically you need to have an idea of where everyone else on their team is and could be before you overextend for a condemn.

When sieging you want to try and get autos in the tower without risking your life. Never go in their engage range, unless you are trying to bait an engage and know you wont get caught. Dont overextend for tower autos if the flanks arent warded.

When splitpushing you will need to know the 1v1 matchup, check the splitpushing section for this. Make sure the jungle is warded so you can see if someone comes etc. all the basic splitpushing criteria.

When dancing around an objective, stay in a very safe area, there is no reason to overextend and you must avoid the initiation at all costs, unless you are required to bait the engage which should not be often at all.

Stick with your support!! they are helpful people and can help you if you do manage to mess up and go too far forward. They dont have to save you though dont rage at them if u die thx

Teamfighting Back to Top

ok timestamps arent working on the videos as far as i am aware, idk if they r supposed to but its not working how i want so i will just tell u the time to go to before the video for now
In a teamfight there are certain stages:
- Initiation: An event that forces the enemy team to fight you or they will lose e.g. thresh hook on adc/malph ult
- Follow up: The initiating team using major spells in an attempt to burst enemy team e.g. ori ult on malph, or zed ulting hooked adc
- Counterengage: The enemy team throws all their major spells back also in an attempt to burst the team
- Recovery: Surviving members attempt to get in position and break the opposing teams frontline/kill the backline
- Clean Up: When the backline/frontline is broken the team then collapses on the other and gets as many kills as possible, the less people alive the easier it is to get objectives afterwards.
-Turnaround: When the losing team kills the frontline/backline while winning team is trying to cleanup the fight then turns into a shortskirmish and can go either way.

As vayne the initiation, follow up, and counterengage is nothing you should be involved with, while this is going on you can try and engage a 1v1 with someone else who isnt involved in the fight e.g. a zed or maybe a jax who is late to the fight. Once you win this you can join back up with your team for the recovery/cleanup/turnaround and then what you do here depends on your teamfight dynamic.There are 4 types of teamfights: Dive, Peel, AoE, Skirmish. See if you can see when each stage of the fight happens~

in an AoE teamfight you want to engage on the enemy when they are in a choke point and get all your AoE dmg off. Vayne is not too useful in these because she has no AoE damage but u can buy a 3087.png if that makes u feel more useful. Try and focus any high priority targets inside the AoE and look for opportunities to safely burst any enemies caught in CC (start at 2 min 2 sec)

In a Peel teamfight, you want to protect your backline so they can get off lots of DPS and win the fight. Vayne is good in this type of teamfight unless they have some annoying sht like 61.png268.png57.png  that wont let you get close to the fight without dying and no one is diving on you. You will want to focus on breaking their frontline first and move through them, however if an adc jumps onto you focus them first. (go to 5 min 39 sec)

In a Dive teamfight you want to get onto their carries and kill them before they can do anything in the fight. Vayne is also good in this type of teamfight because she can get inside the teamfight without dying because of her stealth and high mobility. you should focus on survivability items like 3078.png3812.png3053.png3065.png as well as CDR so you get more stealth (40% CDR gives you 6 seconds of stealth, whereas 0% CDR only gives you 4 seconds at lvl 16 vayneinquisition.png). You should be safe to dive into their team because if a person with high dmg tries to get in range of you your team should kill them, just dont walk into melee range of something like 92.png and you should be fine.

In a skirmish teamfight, everyone is spread out so you want to focus more on dueling ppl. Vayne is good at this because she can 1v1 every champ in the game. usually the best thing to do is just do DPS and wait for the enemy assassin to jump on you, then u use Ult and kill them, or if you see someone like an ori just sitting doing dmg without any peel u can RQ into her and kill her. You will want to maximise your mobility and Q/W damage because R CD is too long and will only rlly be used once, so things like 3046.png3078.png will be good.
the next 2 clips in this video are a good example of skirmish fights and what vayne can do in them (go to 1 min 10 sec)

Or my personal favorite skirmish fight (go to 2 min 6 sec):

Another important thing in teamfights is your ult timings. You should have a plan of when to use it before the teamfight. You can use this checklist to determine when to ult, top is highest priority use of ult:

1. Get out of an initiation - The stealth can help you get out of the initiation if you happen to get caught, however not always the most efficient use of ult.

2. Dueling someone on the side - You may need to use ult if u fight zed in 1v1 on side of the fight

3. Kiting - The stealth can help you break aggro when bruisers get onto you, also the damage helps you break the frontline

4. Cleanup - The speed up is good for catching up to people running away, also the stealth good for dueling squishies who try to turn on u

5. Turnaround - Squishies e.g. ezreal may be more inclined to use gap closers to get to you once they think the fight is over, an ult now can be enough to net your team a turnaround and its also probably the most impressive use of ult imo, here is an example:

Dynamic Queue Shenanigans Back to Top

With Dynamic Queue i think it is important to talk about vayne in a ranked 5s setting. 

In terms of drafting a composition, you have 3 stages of the game to look at. Lane Phase, Midgame and Lategame. There are currently 5 strategies that work in competitive as of patch 6.9, and those are:
1. Snowball: Getting a lead early, which turns into another lead etc.
2. Pick: Catching someone out when they are split up from team to create a temporary man advantage on the map.
3. Siege: Zoning the enemy team off defending towers to gain map control + gold advantage
4. Splitpush: Using superior map pressure via duelists to spread the enemy team thin and break their defence
5. Teamfighting: Have a stronger 5v5 to always win contestions at objectives your team goes for.

Lane phase is relatively easy to draft around, its based purely on matchups and doesnt require any consideration of team comp whatsoever. Snowball comps are usually focused on winning early game, so if you see them going for an easy to camp botlane, either avoid vayne or pick someone who can keep her safe in these situations like an alistar/tahm etc.

Vayne does very well in lane swap situations which is another way to play lanephase, however im not too educated on laneswap dynamics so im not gonna talk out of my ass about it.

Mid game however is where team comp begins to come into play more. While teamfights do happen in midgame, grouping as 5 leaves u vulnerable to sieges and splitpush so its not as common. The best way to draft around midgame is Pick>Split>Siege>Pick

Pick > Split : The enemy team splits up for you, making it easy to set up picks
Split > Siege : A siege comp generally has no one who can fend off ur duelists reliably, meaning u win 2 lanes while they win 1
Siege > Pick : very hard to make picks when they are already grouped

Vayne works well in both split and pick situations so feel free to draft her in teams who will play midgames like this.

Lategame is when it becomes more punishing to die. Pick/Siege/Split setups will still work but its much easier for teamfight comps to take advantage of them due to death timers. Lategame teamfights are generally done like this: Dive > AoE > Peel > Dive

Dive>AoE: AoE comps dont usually have much defense for their carries (subjective) meaning it is easier for divers to kill priority targets, as well as the generally spread out nature of dive comps
AoE>Peel: Peel comps generally like to group up around their carries, so u can just AoE all the peel and then backline has no more defense.
Peel>Dive: Dive comps wont usually have any answer for a backline, and will just get cleaned up when a fight breaks out

Vayne doesnt really contribute much to an AoE fight, also she gets destroyed by them because her short range leaves her susceptible to alot of the stray damage of an AoE fight. Peel comps she does ok in, but due to her short range doesnt pose as much threat as a kog or jinx would. Vayne is best in dive teamfights because she has heaps of tools to survive without much peel, and is very good at chasing and moving forward. It is best to draft vayne into dive teamfight comps.

Some compositions vayne succeeds in:

Protection Bubble comp:

This is a dive comp that lets the short range carries of vayne and cass go in deep to teamfights to create a kind of invulnerabilty bubble with maokai kindred janna ults. Buying talisman and righteous glory is beneficial to the team because it lets the bubble keep up with the mobility of vayne.

SKT used this comp except with sivir azir in final games of ogn before play offs in first split of season 6 if u want to watch how to play it.

Blow Away comp:

This comp uses gragas ulti to split enemy team up to start off fights with assassinations from fiora and vayne. Xerath helps clean up kills vayne or fiora cant quite finish. C9 ran a similiar version of this comp except with yasuo in the mid lane, they would yasuo ult when people are airborne from gragas ult to keep them all divided for longer allowing more time for top and adc to get assassinations. Personally dont like this because it makes you vulnerable to falling behind with a  weak mid laner and lack of waveclear, as well as making comp rlly gold reliant with a mid laner who needs items. You can replace gragas with tahm if u run a morg in midlane cuz tahm can ult morg in middle of them and then morg ult and they all have to run away which splits them up or they get stunned. Chiefs did this combo in OCE finals season 5 before worlds i believe.

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