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Laning with Vayne: The Match-Ups

I have decided that, rather than you give you some arbitrary number to represent the strength of an enemy, I'm going to use three colors: Green is an easy laneorange is an average, kinda hard lane, red is a very challenging lane.
Also, this will only be covering attack damage carries. I will mention some support that typically lane with them, but other than that, all you need to know is to try and keep track of their cc and only go in when you think you can A) avoid it or B) they don't have it.

Finally, every champion will have pieces of information that are absolutely imperative for you to know. The rest will be explanation/more esoteric stuff that you don't HAVE to know when laning against them. So, if you're in a rush, just read the three and tab back in. Good luck!

ashe.pngashe.pngPower Level


ashe.png Ashe is a strong, newb friendly ADC who specializes in poking enemies down with ashe-volley.png Volley, then going for a crushing all in engage with her ultimate, ashe-enchanted-crystal-arrow.pngEnchanted Crystal Arrowvayne.png Vayne can evenly trade with her early game (hooray!) and can duel her post six, even if ashe.png Ashe lands an ult. vayne.png Vayne is much stronger than ashe.png Ashe late game and is much weaker than ashe.png Asheearly mid game, spanning from levels 8-12.

3 things to note

1) Ashe has solid poke with ashe-volley.png Volley. Always stand behind your minons to avoid this.

2) Ashe has a spell that gives her a sort of rapid fire mode. Her arrows make a high pitched sound when it is active.Do not fight her when this is active, she will always out damage you with it pre-six. Wait to fight until it's on cool down.

3) Her ultimate is a very easy to land long range stun. Post six, always be ready to flash dodge it or, at the very least, keep your lane well warded so the enemy jungler can't follow up on her ult. Ashe get's strong because of this ult; if she doesn't have it, vayne.png Vayne will annihilate her.

Typically, ashe.png Ashe will lane with either a support that compliments her poke or her all in. janna.png Janna ashe.png Ashe is a common bot lane as ashe.png Ashe has no peel besides her ult in her kit. In this lane, you need hard cc if you want to kill either of them. Otherwise you out scale them, so just play it safe.

In an all in lane, like leona.png Leona ashe.png Ashe (A more popular lane for her than the poke style) their main goal is to hit level six as soon as possible and all in you. If, however, you can dodge their cc (Using either flash.png Flash or vayne-tumble.png Tumble)their strength is crippled and they will almost always lose a fight to you.

Something to note: ashe.png Ashe's ashe-hawkshot.png Hawkshot has a huge range and is quite capable of scouting brush and dragon, even when she's very far away. Sneaky dragon kills and death bushes are significantly less good against her because of this.
caitlyn.pngcaitlyn.pngPower Level


caitlyn.png Caitlyn has the facade of being a vayne.png Vayne slaying machine, but in all actuality... caitlyn.png Caitlyn sucks. Seriously. She's garbage. The only, and I mean theonly reason why she's rated orange is because of her obnoxious poke early game. Here's the mind blowing secret though: if you don't get near her, she can't poke you.

There is literally no reason to walk up and grab cs when she will just shoot her. Think about it, if she keeps killing creeps and doesn't poke you, the lane will push to your tower. When it pushes to your tower, she is taking a lot of risk to poke you. When she can't poke you or tries to and gets ganked by your jungler, she will lose the huge edge she had on you.

So what if she has a 25 cs lead in lane? Even with that lead she can't 1v1 you. In a 1v1 her ultimate spell is useless unless you try to run with really low health. You can dodge her Q (which is about 30% of her damage) withvayne-tumble.png Tumble easily. Her slowing neat can also be dodged, but even if you don't, your move speed passive will stop her from escaping.

The key to beating caitlyn.png Caitlyn in lane is patience. Just let her do her little farming thing early game, don't get near her until the minions are close to your tower, and then dumpster her post six. Easy game boys.

3 things to note

1) Her poke is nuts. Stay away from her early and let her push the minons into your tower. Ask your support to auto the caster creeps once so you can get the last hits under tower.

2) Tell your jungler to gank often. caitlyn.png Caitlyn pushes like a maniac and, while her escape is good, she can only go so far with caitlyn-90-caliber-net.png 90 Caliber Net before she must use flash.png Flash. If she has no flash.png Flash, a flash.png Flash vayne-condemn.png Condemn of your own will seal her fate in conjunction with a jungle gank.

3) Try and fight her after you get blade-of-the-ruined-king.gif Blade of the Ruined King and vayne-final-hour.png Final Hour. You will annihilate her. Truly, caitlyn.pngCaitlyn is strong for five levels, then she falls off hard.
corki.pngcorki.pngPower Level


corki.png Corki is one of the easiest ADCs in the game for vayne.png Vayne to beat. Like vayne.pngVaynecorki.png Corki has a very short attack range (Both sit at 550 range). Unlike vayne.pngVayne, however, corki.png Corki doesn't like to get close to auto attack. Most of his damage comes from hitting the back line with his corki-missile-barrage.png Missile Barrage and chunking the front line with corki-gatling-gun.png Gatling Gun and his true damage passive, corki-hextech-shrapnel-shells.pngHextech Shrapnel Shells.

As you can tell, vayne.png Vayne really isn't either of those things, thus she wrecks him. She absolutely destroys corki.png Corkiat every single stage of the game. Early on, he won't be able to hit you with his q, corki-phosphorus-bomb.png Phosphorus Bomb, because you can simple vayne-tumble.png Tumble out of it as often as he can fire it. Once you hit level six, his corki-missile-barrage.png Missile Barrage is a bit harder to dodge (the projectile is a lot faster) but still very dodge-able.

Your all in crushes him. To put it simply, you deal a lot more damage than him 1v1, especially if you can dodge his skill shots. corki.png Corki has his power spike in the mid game, so try to avoid fighting him then. Wait until late game, then you'll mop the floor with him if you didn't already do so in lane.

3 things to note

1) corki.png Corki's damage comes from his spell damage burst combo, like corki-phosphorus-bomb.png Phosphorus Bomb into a sheen.gif Sheen auto attack into a corki-missile-barrage.png Missile Barrage for some quick burst. If, however, you manage to dodge his corki-phosphorus-bomb.png Phosphorus Bomb, you will cripple his damage. You should always save vayne-tumble.png Tumble to dodge his skill shots.

2) corki.png Corki has a mid game power spike. If you avoid fighting him then and force fights late game, it should be an easy win.

3) corki.png Corki can burst you if you get hit by hard cc. If he's laning with a leona.png Leona or braum.png Braum, be very cautious about being stunned. Play it safe until you see a window to go all in after they have used their cc.

draven.pngdraven.pngPower Level


draven.png Draven. Fawkin dray boys. I used to play this guy a bunch and man o man was I happy to see myself laning against a vayne.png Vayne. This guy is a freaking monster in lane that can snowball you like a fat man rolling down a mountain.

For instance, have you guys ever heard of the term "The draven.png Draven Pain Train?" It's a point in the game where draven.pngDraven can continuously throw spinning axes at you and always keep up with you using draven-blood-rush.png Blood Rush. You can't out run him and he just beats you down... with style. Even if you flash.png Flash, he can stop your fleeing cold with draven-stand-aside.pngStand Aside.

I say this just to re-iterate that this guy is a behemoth in lane. He was built to absolutely destroy you and make you weep tears of blood. By picking draven.png Draven, he basically wins lane 90% of the time. Your best defense is to be really, really passive. Sit by tower, farm up, and pray that late game comes soon because you out scale him hard.

Your one advantage is that draven.png Draven takes a lot of skill to play. To be blunt, if you and your opponent are of equal skill, late game you will beat him in a duel just because vayne.png Vayne is easier to play than draven.png Draven. It's going to be very hard to win this game, but it's doable if you know how to play it safe in lane.

3 things to note

1)draven.png Draven will out trade you frustratingly well. Two hits from his draven-spinning-axe.png Spinning Axe will chunk you near half health after his first major item, and in lane his autos will always out damage yours. Do. Not. Trade. You. Will. Never. Win.Only fight him if he's under cc or being ganked. Otherwise, you're going to lose.

2) When fighting against draven.png Draven, you can use vayne-condemn.png Condemn to knock him away from a draven-spinning-axe.png Spinning Axe, forcing him to drop it. This will destroy his damage as he not only loses the extra AD from draven-spinning-axe.png Spinning Axe, he also can't re-set the cool down on draven-blood-rush.png Blood Rush without it. Only do this if pining him to a wall simply isn't an option.

3) draven-stand-aside.png Stand Aside is an effective disengage tool for the drayster. If you're hunting him down on low hp, he's most definitely going to try and use this move on you. Mentally prepare yourself to flash over it or vayne-tumble.png Tumble to the side in order to dodge it. This could nab you a cheeky kill if you keep your eyes open.
ezreal.pngezreal.pngPower Level


ezreal.png Ezreal is like a worse version of corki.png Corki; you use the exact same strategies to beat him, it's just a lot easier to do so. All of his damage comes from skill shots, and vayne.png Vayne has a really easy time dodging them. This lane should be a piece of cake.

However, that's not to say it won't be obnoxious doing so. ezreal.png Ezreal embodies all that is hair-pulling annoying in this game. You can just hear him shouting as you lane against him: KE-YAA! MYSTIC SHOT! YAS! GET THEM JANNA YAS! OH NO I GOT HOOKED... GOOD THING I HAVE ARRRCCCAAANNNEEEE SHIIIIIFFFTTTTT YAS! NO DON'T HIT ME VAYNE GOOD THING I HAVE ARCANE SHIFT AGAIN YAS!

... Did I mention I ****ing hate ezreal.png Ezreal. Every single kill I get against him fills my heart with delight and it makes me sad that I don't have laugh micro'd to a key TO SPAM ON HIS COLD DEAD CORPSE **** YOU EZREAL YOU PIECE OF ****ING ****.

3 things to note

1) Max out vayne-tumble.png Tumble first against ezreal.png Ezreal. You'll be able to frequently dodge skill shots and cripple his damage.

2) Always stand behind your minions! They will block ezreal-mystic-shot.png Mystic Shot with their faces so you don't have to.

3) Always keep track of ezreal.png Ezreal's jump spell, ezreal-arcane-shift.png Arcane Shift. Going all in on this guy is tough because he basically has a free flash every fight. Unless you have hard cc, it's hard for even a night hunter to catch this little prick.
graves.pnggraves.pngPower Level


The cowboy himself. Gaben help us all. A horrifying lane in all honesty. You take one wrong step and with a push of three buttons (graves-quickdraw.png Quickdraw into graves-buckshot.png Buckshotinto graves-collateral-damage.png Collateral Damage) will pop you like a balloon hit with a grenade. Much like a grenade, it's really hard to actually miss with graves.png Graves. Truly, one game on my smurf account, someone banned vayne.png Vayne so I had to pick graves.png Graves. Without ever having played him before I got 19 kills in one game. He's that easy to play.

What you're dealing with is an easy to play, tanky (due to his passive) burst ADC who can wreck vayne.png Vayne without having to think about it. His late game isn't nearly as good as yours, but, again, he can still kill you with this combo.

However, if you can dodge his spells with vayne-tumble.png Tumble and flash.png Flash, his damage is actually pathetic. You can duel him once you have blade-of-the-ruined-king.gif Blade of the Ruined King as per usual. Just... just be careful. If you get hit by his burst combo there isn't much you can do other than wilt and die.

In lane you have to really respect his burst. Don't get close to him to grab a cs unless he is getting one as well. If the enemy support has a stun it's time to turn on farm-under-tower mode. Play it safe until you have BotRK, then try and kill him when the enemy support has no cc up and you are confident that you can flash.png Flash dodge his ult.

Yah. This is going to be a rough game. Sorry friend.

3 things to note

1) When dueling him, always use your max time in stealth to re-positioin. You might get lucky and make him panicgraves-buckshot.png Buckshot the wrong way, making the fight much easier.

2) Again, his burst is nuts. Play the lane hyper safe. It's 100% okay to lose in cs in this lane. Just don't die. Under no circumstances can you die, because if you do, the game is essentially over.

3) If you can afford to, save your vayne-tumble.png Tumble to walk out of his graves-smoke-screen.png Smoke Screen while stealthed. This spell can lose you fights because it blocks your sight of everything around you; you're a sitting duck while stuck in that thing.
jinx.pngjinx.pngPower Level


jinx.png Jinx can be a really dangerous adc to play against if she is skilled. In short, she's just a better scaling version of caitlyn.png Caitlyn who has less escapes but much... and I mean a lot more damage. Her rockets are going to poke you hard in lane, and, tragically, she out ranges you pretty hard with them. Unlike caitlyn.png Caitlyn, when late game comes around, jinx.png Jinx is still going to be really strong. So waiting her out isn't an option like it is with caitlyn.png Caitlyn.

The best advice I can give you is try and farm until you get blade-of-the-ruined-king.gif Blade of the Ruined King and fight then. Her mid game is solid but she's certainly beatable. Plus, you can destroy her in a duel so long as you dodge her spells. This is a rough lane for lane for sure. It's easier than lucian.png Luciangraves.png Graves, and draven.png Draven but, without a doubt, the hardest orange match up in this list.

Play very, very carefully. Try your hardest to not die pre-six, it's really hard to come back from an early death in a vayne.png Vayne v jinx.png Jinx lane. If you get ahead early, the lane is over because you out scale her all ready.

Four (gasp!) things to note

1) In lane, be wary of her poke spells in the form of her rockets and jinx-zap.png Zap!. These will chunk you and, if you're not careful, set you up for doom at the hand of a jinx-super-mega-death-rocket.png Super Mega Death Rocket!.

2) jinx-zap.png Zap! reveals you for a duration of time after it hits you. If you've been tagged with jinx-zap.png Zap!, your stealth is useless.

3) All of jinx.png Jinx's moves are very telegraphed, meaning that it's easy to tell when she's doing a move like jinx-super-mega-death-rocket.png Super Mega Death Rocket!. Keep an eye on her and you'll be able to flash.png Flash dodge any and all of her skills. She even shouts out what move she's doing when. Seriously, next jinx.png Jinx game just listen to her: "WATCH THIS/SEE YA!"= firing ult.

4) jinx-flame-chompers.png Flame Chompers! are a devastating root spell that can spell doom for you. Always keep an eye out for them in a duel, and remember that it's always worth it to path around them rather than get stuck in them. Again, like her ult, it's pretty obvious when she's using this move. While screaming, "PWA-TAH" (seriously I have no idea what kind of unholy noise she makes but you have to hear it to understand...) she will throw three flame chompers on the ground that have about a one second arm time. So yah, easy to dodge, just keep your eyes open.
kalista.pngkalista.pngPower Level


kalista.png Kalista is another one of those super polar champions. I've seen great kalista.pngKalista players who kite like pros and position around my vayne-condemn.png Condemn like pros. I've seen some bad kalista.png Kalista's wiff spear after spear and ult their support away from free kills. And then I've seen banner-of-command.gif Banner of Command level kalista.png Kalista players. You're going to fight them all, but, sadly for us, the good kalista.png Kalistamains can be one hell of an enemy.

kalista.png Kalista has two kinds of supports she does really well with: mage supports and tank supports. This is due to the passive on her W(Why she/her allie hit an enemy, they mark the target. If the other hits the same target, they take bonus damage) and her ult(She can suck someone up and they can launch themselves quite a distance). Tank lanes and suppports lanes play very differently for kalista.png Kalista.

If she's with a mage support like lulu.png Lulukalista.png Kalista will spend most of the lane poking you and having lulu.png Luluslow you and pop the afromentioned W passive. This is the worst kind of kalista.png Kalista lane for vayne.png Vayne and will be red level difficulty. Never ever ever be afraid to back when you've been poked. Losing cs is better than losing your life.

The other lane, a tank + kalista.png Kalista lane, will be pretty passive unless you hella missposition. Their big spike in power is in team fights, where kalista.png Kalista can throw an alistar.png Alistar into your team and wombo you to hell and back. Add a yasuo.png Yasuo to the mix and the pain will be brought, tears will be shed, and games will be lost.

To avoid this wombo, you just need to stand away from your team. Let them get blown up and focus on bursting down khazix.png Kha'Zix when he leaps into the mix. In lane, farm up and get your tank shreding items like blade-of-the-ruined-king.gif Blade of the Ruined King fast. Watch where you stand, one wrong move can result in a leona.png Leona standing on your face.

Three things to note

1) kalista.png Kalista can do massive burst damage with her E, kalista-rend.png Rend. The more spears you have inside you, the more damage the spell does. It also re-sets if it kills anything, including a minon, so don't be fooled thinking it's on cooldown when she uses it to farm. However, the range is short, so if you think she's going to finish you with it, it's very possible to flash out of range and live before she can pop it.

2) kalista.png Kalista's W passive, kalista-sentinel.png Sentinel, deals max health damage when poped by her soul-bound friend or kalista.pngKalista, from 12% (rank 1) up to 20% at rank 5! Be very wary of this as you can get blown up by poke if you chose to be reckless around kalista.png Kalista.

3) vayne-night-hunter.png Night Hunter allows vayne.png Vayne to keep up with kalista.png Kalista's bunny hops. Don't be afraid to chase her, not even she can out run the night hunter.

lucian.pnglucian.pngPower Level


You... You have to face a lucian.png Lucian? Well, as vayne.png Vayne once said, "Fu*k that sh*t." lucian.png Lucian is a trading monster who does best beating the **** out of squishy targets. His passive gives him a double shot after every spell he uses. So yes, in one trade he can speed himself up, hit you with a huge burst of damage with his Q, dash to re-position, and shot you 6 times with auto attack all in the time you can get about 4 auto attacks off. Trading is not an option.

Pretty much you need a support that can peel for you and keep you alive during laning phase. Despite what a lot of people say, lucian.png Lucian's late game is not that strong compared to vayne.png Vayne's. "BUT THE DOUBLE SHOT!" they say, "IT LET'S HIM BLOW UP TANKS FOR SURE." Really, you think a champion that deals true damage is weaker late game than a guy who gets an extra 3 auto attacks off after casting spells? ********e is what I say to that. You out scale lucian.png Lucian hard.

Just to re-iterate this key point, do not trade. Don't do it. I know you want to. Just move your mouse away from the black man and keep farming. Because he will kick the sh*t out of you.

One you have blade-of-the-ruined-king.gif Blade of the Ruined King, as per usual, you can duel him. But with the caviot of landing a condemn stun. Otherwise he could quite possible beat you 1v1. Not likely, but with an infinity-edge.gif Infinity Edge and some lucky crits you can lose.

Three things to note

1) His ultimate sucks. After casting it, he can't change which way he is facing while firing. He can move left to right, but he can't rotate his angle of fire if that makes any sense to you. So if he starts to ult, just move behind him or stealth vayne-tumble.png Tumble to the left hard. Why the left? Because no one ever expects the Spanish inquisition, that's why. Plus the damage it deals is laughable, so even if it does hit you, it's not going to hurt you that badly. Maybe a quarter of your HP if you face tank every shot.

2) lucian.png Lucian is a trading monster, so don't trade with him. However, his damage drops a lot in lane if you can dodgelucian-piercing-light.png Piercing Light, his q that's a skill shot solid beam of light. What I had no learned until I played him, however, is that lucian-piercing-light.png Piercing Light is not a skill shot.

He actually has to target an enemy with lucian-piercing-light.png Piercing Light in the way that annie.png Annie has to with her q or janna.png Jannadoes with her shield. The cast range is quite small compared to the actual range, so lucian.png Lucian players will angle their Q through a minion trying to hit you with it. So if you're keeping an eye on him, draw a mental line from him through your own minons. If he uses Q, vayne-tumble.png Tumble toward him moving left or right.

This is kind of counter-intuitive, so listen very closely. lucian.png Lucian is standing to the top left of you, and you see him charge up lucian-piercing-light.png Piercing Lightvayne-tumble.png Tumble to the left. If you think about it, the light beam is going to be moving to the right through a minion. If you vayne-tumble.png Tumble right, the beam of light is going to hit you. However, if you move left, the beam is traveling right, so it's going to miss you. Geometry boys!

3) After using his ult, lucian-the-culling.png The Cullinglucian.png Lucian can use his dash while firing off bullets. If you outmaneuver him and all his shots are missing the side of a barn, be ready for him to dash and be back on you like the annoying pest he is.
sivir.pngsivir.pngPower Level


sivir.png Sivir is one of those annoying champions that doesn't really do anything other than make you have a bad time. On a list of things sivir.png Sivir does well: She is really good at running away. She is the best split pushing adc in the game, and, if she gets caught doing this, she is great at blocking cc with her spell shield. So she can run away even better. And, of course, she can poke you in lane. If you try to fight back, she can run away. It's just... It's just a blast to play against this super fun champion.

You're never going to lose to a sivir.png Sivir unless you let her split push out of control or she gets fed in lane. All you have to do is farm up in lane, don't get poked or killed (hard but doable if you follow the laning tips of when to play safe) and then go and team fight. sivir.png Sivir is pretty strong in team fights too. For instance, she can help her team run away. Are you noticing a theme here? She runs away a lot and it's more annoying than a baby with a toy that sings a song about friendship. But besides fleeing, sivir.png Sivir doesn't deal great damage in team fights, especially if you have a strong front line. So instead she split pushes and tries to take a tower while you guys team fight.

So long as your top laner runs TP, she will always fail her split push. That's why she's not very popular at the moment. Because she is garbage. But that doesn't seem to stop people from playing her, so here are some tips to help you come out of laning phase ahead.

Four (gasp!) things to note

1) Watch out for her sivir-boomerang-blade.png Boomerang Blade. It's a pretty slow projectile, so vayne-tumble.png Tumble dodging it should be easy peasy. However, should you get caught by it, a max level boomerang will chunk you like a fat kid eating birthday cake. Keep in mind that it deals significantly less damage if it passes through minions. If she tries to Q you through a wave, it's going to tickle.

2) Her ultimate, sivir-on-the-hunt.png On The Hunt, gives sivir.png Sivir's team a huge burst in speed. Not that you would ever be able to push against a sivir.png Sivir, but if you do, keep in mind that you can never out run her and, if a jungler shows up, you are guaranteed to have a fight on your hands. If you're comfortable with a 3v2, kudos to you and keep pushing. If not, back the hell up because unfavored combat is inevitable.

3) sivir.png Sivir players have this magical ability to turn off their brain and auto push a lane. If you can get your support to clear tri-brush and river brush wards, ganking her will be a piece of cake if your support has hard cc or a slow.

4) Unless you know sivir.png Sivir doesn't have spell shield, don't try and condemn her. Try and force her to use it to dodge a slow or some other toss away spell from your support, then vayne-condemn.png Condemn her into a wall and seal her fate.Alternatively, if you know sivir.png Sivir will never be near a wall, you can use vayne-condemn.png Condemn to pop her bubble and set your support up to land some hard CC. Use your best judgement when taking either avenue of attack.
tristana.pngtristana.pngPower Level


tristana.png Tristana can be a real power house if she gets ahead in the right hands. Late game she can clean up entire teams by pumping a team full of auto attacks fromrapid fire and exploding them with tristana-explosive-charge.png Explosive Charge. Mix in her outstanding self peel with her tristana-rocket-jump.png Rocket Jumpand tristana-buster-shot.png Buster Shot and you've got one hell of a champion on your hands. But, like every other champion in the game, vayne.png Vayne is better.

Truth be told, a fed tristana.png Tristana is the only adc that can contest vayne.png Vayne damage late game. tristana-rapid-fire.png Rapid Fire +400 AD = melted faces, to put it scientifically. Be wary of her insane burst late game; one tristana-explosive-charge.png Explosive Charge from a brush can easily spell doom for even the tankiest of champions. In things aren't going her way, a tristana-buster-shot.png Buster Shotand tristana-rocket-jump.png Rocket Jump can create massive distance between the two of you.

In lane, tristana.png Tristana is underwhelming unless her support has hard cc that they can consistently land. If you have a support that can peel for you, however, tristana.png Tristana won't be able to do much more than annoy you in lane. The general idea is to power spike before she does and engage in a 2v2. If she gets slightly ahead of you, don't sweat it. Unless it's the super super late game, she can't hold a candel to your damage.

Three things to note

1) While tristana-explosive-charge.png Explosive Charge is attached to a champion, the more times tristana.png Tristana attacks them, the more damage it will deal. When trading, it's best to back off after she casts this on you. If she has no tristana-explosive-charge.png Explosive Charge, her ability to trade is laughable at best.

2) tristana-rocket-jump.png Rocket Jump can be interrupted mid-cast. If you're next to tristana.png Tristana and she leaps into the air, you can pin her to a wall mid flight if your reaction time is fast enough.

3) A standard kill-combo on tristana.png Tristana is to cast tristana-explosive-charge.png Explosive Charge, auto attack you four times with tristana-rapid-fire.png Rapid Fire, and then use tristana-buster-shot.png Buster Shot to deal burst damage and stop you from finishing her off. This can be countered by maxing out your time in stealth and waiting for her tristana-rapid-fire.png Rapid Fire buff to fade. For this reason, it is best to max out vayne-tumble.png Tumble against tristana.png Tristana to optimize this strategy.

Are you looking for an adc and can't find them? Chances are they are really... really unpopular. This would be the case for kogmaw.png Kog'Mawmiss-fortune.png Miss Fortune(even with the re-work, no one plays her), twitch.png Twitch, and vayne.png Vayne (kappa). However, if you guys know that twitch.png Twitch is like, the **** in silver*, as in he is picked more often than zed was last season, please let me know so I can write him in. I don't want to waste my time covering an ADC you'll never fight, but by all means if I missed someone important, don't hesitate to ask!

* I mostly play in the mid plat (main) and bottom of gold elo (smurf)
Anything lower than gold 4, as in who is strong/weak in those ELOs, what champions are the flavor of the month, what starts are prevalent, et cetera are totally unknown to me. For all I know, urogt is a contested pick in bronze. Don't hesitate to tell me these things, I want to help in any way I can.
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Who Should Support Me?

Ranked from best on top to least best at the bottom, these hand full of supports really work wonders with vayne.pngVayne. That's not to say that only these champions work well with her, these are just the optimal choices. bard.png Bard vayne.png Vayne isn't a bad lane, it's just not as good as morgana.png Morgana vayne.png Vayne. Ya dig? Cool stuff, let's get into this.


All hail Morgana. The greatest support in the entire game.

You think I'm kidding.
No one even plays this champion, how could she possible be the best?
You blind fool.

I forgive your sin of being ignorant of the glory and prestige that is morgana.png Morgana. Let's think about what vayne.png Vayne is weak to. Instantly, hard CC comes to mind. If only there was a champion with a spell that made you immune to it.

Oh wait.

Oh wait.

Oh wait there is her name is morgana.png Morgana she has morgana-black-shield.png Black Shield it makes you immune to hard cc next question please. vayne.png Vayne is pretty weak to people diving her. If only there was a champion that could literally stun an entire team.

Oh wait.

Oh wait.

Oh wait there is her name is morgana.png Morgana her ult morgana-soul-shackles.png Soul Shackles can stun an entire team next question please. vayne-condemn.png Condemn can be hard to land some times. If only there were a champion that could root someone next to a wall for up to 3 seconds.


If you have not played the morgana.png Morgana vayne.png Vayne bot lane, then you have yet to eat the chocolate ice cream of league. When I duo with my silver 3 friend we play vayne.png Vayne morgana.png Morgana. You know when the last time we lost bot lane was? I can't remember because we literally haven't this champion is the best support in the history of the universe thank you very much.

Finally, the radical nazi feminists love this bot lane. It's two goth chicks kicking everyone's ***, men included. Radical nazi feminists literally hate everything but this and punching men in the balls. This is a sign from all that is good and just in our world. Play this lane. I'm telling you everything in your life will be perfect if you do.

Because F uck Assassins

Have you ever died in league of legends? If so, you didn't have janna.png Janna on your team. I cannot imagine a more frustrating experience than trying to dive an ADC when a good janna.png Janna is on the enemy team. She has a knock up, an aoe knock back/heal, a slow, she can speed you up, she can shield you and, at the same time, give you a BF sword, this champion is almost an insane as morgana.png Morgana.

Late game, unless the team has 4 assassins on it, you're never going to die. She's so incredible at peeling enemies away from carries it's mind blowing. No pun intended. Combine her sick peel with your disgusting damage and you're in for a fun ride.

Also, let me re-state that her shield gives you 50 ad at max rank. Also, for every 10 Ap she has, the shield gives you an extra AD. Because apparently making your ADC immortal with peel wasn't enough. 5/8 the-bloodthirster.gif The Bloodthirster in damage to go along with a 240 damage bubble? Seems legit.

A con (and why she's second rate, literally in terms of this list) is that she is super passive in lane. Unlike morgana.pngMorgana, her kill power is pretty underwhelming when mixed with vayne.png Vayne. You're hardly going to win lane as a janna.png Janna vayne.png Vayne lane. You're honestly one of the most terrifying late game combos, however. Chill out through the laning phase, don't go aggro, and crush everyone late game.

The synergy... dear god... the synergy

nami.png Nami is a forgot support, a relic from a time long gone. Or so you thought, until you read this. What does nami.png Nami bring to the table exactly? What makes her good.


You don't understand. nami.png Nami vayne.png Vayne is so good. My duo Q partner is a nami.png Nami main and dear lord can that man do work. Let me break it down.

First off, nami.png Nami has CC for days. Her aqua prism and tidal wave can lock up a target like jackson state prison. Couple this with a well timed vayne-condemn.png Condemn and your victim is going no where fast.

This CC is also fantastic in team fights. Knocking up an entire enemy team? Yes please I would like that. nami.png Namican stop a dive dead in its tracks, allowing you to slip away and come back in for an easy clean up.

In adition to tons of CC, nami.png Nami is freaking fantastic at trades. nami.png Nami's nami-tidecallers-blessing.png Tidecaller's Blessing gives you a damage and slow buff on your three auto attacks. Three auto attacks? What in vayne.png Vayne's kit requires 3 auto attacks... God I just don't know I feel like it's something important OH YAH YOUR TRUE DAMAGE.

Finally, nami.png Nami has fantastic lane sustain with her heal, nami-ebb-and-flow.png Ebb and Flow. Not quite as good as soraka.png Soraka I'm afraid, but it's pretty damn good in all honesty.

If I haven't convinced you of nami.png Nami's power yet, maybe this will; in the plat 3 elo, my nami.png Nami support and I won ten games in a row with this bot lane combo." Seriously, try this lane out. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Un-reash da wombo combo sun

Do you like kill lanes? Do you hate passive laning phases where all you do is farm? Then I have a support for you! Introducing, the steam golem himself, blitzcrank.png Blitzcrank. With the ability to pull the enemy adc into you, it's a cake walk chaining cc with him to crush an adc dumb enough to wander away from their minons.

Picture this: caitlyn.png Caitlyn struts in front of her minons, a bullet with your name on it locked and loaded. A hook out of no where screams at her. Everyone holds their breath. No room to run, she's dragged toward a wall with doom written all over it. A blitzcrank-power-fist.png Power Fist to the gut makes her kiss the sky. You've maneuvered behind her with vayne-tumble.pngTumble with a sort of grace that bring a tear to my eye. Your vayne-condemn.png Condemn slams her face first into the cold stone of summoner's rift.

First blood.

You'd be surprised how often this can happen with a blitzcrank.png Blitzcrank as your support. I went up a division or two in just one day by duo quing with a top tier blitzcrank.png Blitzcrank. Most suck. But, if you do find a good one like I did (he's since put the game down due to being perma tilted, RIP bud) you can carry games left and right.

Late game, blitzcrank.png Blitzcrank can straight up win the game by hooking a carry. Otherwise, he can peel for you quite well. Not as well as a janna.png Janna, which is why he's #3 to be frank, but it's enough to get the job done if you have fast feet for kiting. Er. Fingers, I should say. Give him a try, it's about the only aggro lane vayne.png Vayne can prosper in.

The undying bot lane

An anecdote for you all; Once upon a time in ranked champion select, a teemo.pngTeemo support with a caitlyn.png Caitlyn adc were chose to combat I. Feeling near tears, I was about ready to dodge until the unthinkable happened. Something extraordinary

soraka.png Soraka was locked in for all to see.

Blessed be the bannana, I shouted to the heavens. Blessed be she who heals and never stops healing, the life giver, the provider, the giver of lane sustain, the one, the only, the soraka.png Soraka.

Sacrilege aside, this champion is freaking broken when it comes to lane sustain. Remember that bot lane I mentioned? I was able to stand in the middle of the minion wave, spaming "LOL **** YOU" in all chat for about 5 seconds and soraka.png Soraka wouldn't even flinch. I would be taken to half health and in two heals I was back to full.

Poke lanes CRY when they see soraka.png Soraka. If you've had it up to here with poke lanes and just want something to kick the **** out of them, go soraka.png Soraka vayne.png Vayne. You will never die in lane, she can peel with roots and slows, and did I mention you can literally never be poked out of anything because incoming fact you can't.

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