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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash Heal Standard

Flash exh on toplane(flash heal works too)

Flash barrier on top usually vs champs with a high burst ability or if you think they will go ignite(darious,irelia,yasuo,)

Flash cleanse on top if they got a hard cc top lane or twisted fate mid .

Flash Ignite if you know you can easily kill(outplay,bait) with ignite+silver bolts power spike (True dmg)!

*I dont recomend ignite,neverteless its a strong early advantage for  kill potential

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

So The big question where it comes to masteries.BLOODLUST OR FERVOR ?

I pref Bloodlust as it gives me a more secure lane phase with the extra lifesteal and the 12 points at Resolve is vs  hard and poky enemies.

In addition,  in Resolve get runic armor when u have support with shields,heals to make them even stronger + they will have the Windspeaker's blessing mastery so it's gonna be HUGE Advantage.

***Bloodlust is a must when you go Crit Build because you need the lifesteal***
I get Fervor when i know i will trade a lot and play aggressive for a kill potential.

***Make sure you go 12 cunning when u get fervor for more dmg 

Abilities Back to Top


This order i go 50% of times.WHY? Because i get everything i need out of it by the time i get level 11(Most important to rush getting to for midgame fights).

Good silver bolts dmg(9%) And 2 sec cd on tumble(Q) is they way to go at Lvl 11 with lvl 2 Ultimate for more tumbles in mid game Fights !.

*The other 40% of games i Max q when i go crit Build For the shiv+q dmg+crit dmg= Huge waveclear and burst Dmg.

*The 10% of Games i either max w or go randomly cause i might have missclicked an upgrade :D

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    I like this build a lot.It gives you everything you need(Attack speed,Tankyness,Dmg,Qss,Self Peel,Utility,Mobility). ORDER: Botrk> Shiv> QSS> IE> Mercurial> Frozen mallet>
    Insane dmg,Full ham,When they dont have cc or only 1 tank or You are sure about your self that you gonna dodge the essential cc abilities to win the fight
    Sick dmg,Qss,A lot of attack speed,Good if they get items to reduce your attack speed because of aa cancels.Lord Dominiks because they have tanks since you went the extra attack speed item obviously :P
    The famous crit build. Simply stronger 2 item power spike(shiv+ie) Overall better waveclear Insane Burst dmg at mid game, All you need is 3 items(Shiv+ie+mercurial) and you good to carry
    Last item you can get w.r you want. People underestimated ghostblade a lot in the past,but when gosu started it kinda popped off! Ghostblade pd gives you a really good mid game,but the build path sucks if you are behind
    I kinda tried it once in a game,and i fell in love! Mid game is even better with botrk+Ghostblade But to get late game super power you need the pd+a crit item ASAP Get phantom dancer after ghostblade,then if they dont have any serious cc go ie if they do have cc,gt the cloa of agility for th 50%crit+qss>then ie
    Kinda the the hidden tank vayne build with TONS of dmg. Pd passive+deaths dance passive have great synergy,with the reduction of dmg from pd,and the bleed passive from deaths dance,in addition to the mercurial and botrk lifesteal. STATS:3 as items+Qss+45(+3%masteries) lifesteal+4 dmg items(Crit as well)+Hidden tankyness I go for it when they got assasins and its great for splitpushing
    Killing tanky machine against 3+tanks! You can swap deaths dance for mercurial if they got cc
    I went this item once,when they had 3+AP champions,and we won the game,cause of how tanky i was(mr)and how much dmg i dealt! The 20 armor pen is great in addition to the on hit effects and movements speed from ghostblade helps you kite around and carry alone
    VS full ad team,with ad enemies. its great,trust me!!! Randuins omen as 3d item
    I dont know,but i just love this build,You can get bt instead of mercurial if they dont have cc.Ghostblade>shiv>triforce isnt the same strong as going ie,but it is more fun and give you good stats as well

Situational Items

    Maw is perfect vs fed heavy ap champions. Also its gives 10 armor pen for some mid game dmg,A 350 Magic dmg shield and 10% lifesteal.Get it 3d item if they got 2 ap champions and 1 of them is fed or get hexdrinker at least
    80% I get it and usually rush it 3d item, knowing that enemy cc focuses me...... i wont be scared now.***PLEASE,learn to use it in time if you want it to be effective,Expect to get cced so have your hand ready on the button to free your self
    New item for vayne,I go for it with the crit build,when I know they got plenty of melee champions(crowdy fights in a small area) So i basically Hit many at the same time,Heal more!
    When you are not sure what to take,or Last item if you feel vulnerable . Dont recomend it
    Health+dmg+Slow Means You dont die fast ,you seem tanky to enemies,You slow them so you kite easier(Self Peel) or they cant escape if they overextend,Why not some dmg as well ^_^
    I mean...They must have huge slows to get that item.I dont like it!
    Vs plenty cc ,Some extra mr :/ its k..but not really. Not worth.Better grab that berseker's cause you gonna cancel the hell of auto attacks :D
    After your 1ts back with 1500 gold,what should u take. if you want smoother farming and more trading(since you have upgraded w 3 times total) go Bow.IF you are much stronger and you plan for all in cutluss is good for the extra slow and dmg so they wont escape. ***Last,if you want some lifesteal and some as,Get 2 daggers and a vampiric scepter,ITS THE MOST OPTIMAL AND I GOT FOR IT 80% OF MY GAMES!!!
    Risky,but Ultimately smooth attacks,Huge mobility in lane,great early attack speed and more dmg from silver bolts. I reccomend taking it vs melee supports like,alistar,braum,leona,taric etc or vs thresh for easier sidestepping his hook or flay,***You know how to simply kite and you feel comfortable playing her at least.if you gonna stand still,cause you are new to her dont go for it

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Bard
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  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
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  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
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  • Miss Fortune
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  • Sivir
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  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




1.Dont let him headbutt.pngpulverize.png you.But even if he does dont focus him after and with your support go for the adc after,since he doesnt have anything after.Or you can choose to kite backwards and do a little trade on him 

2.if he engages on your support,focus the adc,u can either vaynecondemn.png to save your support or stun and turn it around!
Passive supports are the best as well as Braum,Thresh,Taric,Morg,All have cc, engage, dissangage.




1. she outranges you so keep a distance.

2.Dont get hit by her washeW.png
3.dont fully engage her when she has her stacks upasheQ.png
4.Try bait her to useasheQ.png by doing 1,2 autoattacks then when she uses it,tumblevaynetumble.png back for the duration of it,then trade with your support or all in them (YOUR CALL)
5.Pay attention to her lvl 6 all in with her rasheR.png.
if you can flash it to kill do it,but if you dont trust your self play super safe,wait for a gank or a good engage but still dont tumblevaynetumble.png soon enough




1.Dont stand near to walls or next-behind minions

2.Dont make small trades with him cause he will out trade you
instead try to apply silver boltsvaynesilveredbolts.png ,that will hurt him a lot!

3.Bard usually goes into the wall to try and poke or stun you with his qbardQ.png
That is your chance to hit him a couple of times then evaynecondemn.png him onto the wall,
Most of the time its a free 1st blood if your support engages fast enough!

4.Do Step 2 one or two times then do step 3 and you got the kill.

5.You can evaynecondemn.png out of his tunnel and he will get stunned aside of the wall.

6.Try and bait him to use his qbardQ.png by going close to his heals  next to walls.
Dodge it then all someone!




Blitzcranks are very predictable with their moves and 80% of games i win against them with these steps!

1.Stay behind a minion 

2.Watch the minions hp around you when you are behind them,so that you dont get hooked in between them.

3.If blitz tries to make a move poke him as much as you can,then use your evaynecondemn.png and stun him onto the wall and keep auto attacking or dissangage!

4.After he uses his abilites he is useless for a period so focus enemy adc with your support.

5.Doing step 1.2.3. he will be scared to make a move and lane is won!




1.Play safe

2.Requires constant dodging.vaynetumble.png
3.Dont go face to face or you will get stunned and diebrandconflagration.png+brandblaze.png+brandfissure.png+14.png 
4.Like bard he goes near to wall to poke you,so try stun himvaynecondemn.png and wait for support to all in him.
5.Make sure you dodge his wbrandfissure.png and qbrandblaze.png at all costs.




Braum is a pain in the ass to play against!

1.Dont get hit by his qbraumQ.png .If you do,then fall back till the end of the passive!
2.Watch out your position on the enemy minions as he can wbraumW.png on the minion and gap close on you,but dont rush using your qvaynetumble.png because that is what he wants you to do.
3.Watch out if you try and all in him because of his braumE.png .If you support goes in and braum usesbraumE.png wait for it to expire then try auto attacking if it is possible.
4.201.png+236.png+222.png+202.png+42.png+18.png  are really strong in lane and can easily bully you,and zone you.
Supports like 63.png432.png25.png412.png143.png26.png48.png223.png20.png111.png work great against braum and have a fine synergy with vayne as well.

***Remember though.If braum has his shield upbraumE.png play carefully!



1.She outranges you completely

2.She zones you with her trapscaitlynyordletrap.png.

3.She has good escapecaitlynentrapment.png with headshot dmg

4.All her abilities have great early game dmg!

5.Avoid getting pushed under your turret,cause you will suffercaitlynyordletrap.png caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png.

6.If you do get pushed under turret,care for the hidden trapscaitlynyordletrap.png behind or next to your turret.

7.Play safe till you get lvl 6 and find an engage with your stun and your support!

8.Get a support to heal you,Shield you,to farm as much as you can without dieing!

8.Get an aggressive support to engage her on lvl 6 and kill her!

9.Dodge her netcaitlynentrapment.png by q to the side after you do 2 aa's usually.

10.After your 1st back as lvl 6,try with your support and walk around them and flank them,its a guaranted kill or double summs burn.

11.Use your ult only if you know you will get a stun/dodge her net /your support will cc engage.

12.Dont stay low in lane cause she will just ult you

***Getting  a kill vs caitlyn is not something guaranted.

Play the lane prioritizing to farm safely NOT dieing ONCE,and wait for teamfights




1.Dodge his qphosphorusbomb.png

2.Dont fight when he has e ggun.png

3.Care for his package




1. You cant trade when he has his axedravenspinning.png

2.Usually You just need to farm and wait for a gank.

3.Keep your distance,it can be a farm lane but he can go crazy aggressive if he hit you with that dravendoubleshot.png.

4.Try stunvaynecondemn.png him onto the wall,or evaynecondemn.png out of his axe

5.With your ult you are equally strong but you also have 1 sec invisibility to your advantage.




1.Dont be in the open

2.It's all about dodging his qezrealmysticshot.png
3.You cant really all in him cause of his e
4.Bait him to eezrealarcaneshift.png in then you probably kill him if dodge his qezrealmysticshot.png
5,Usually its a farm lane,The only kill you get is from enemy support if its a squishy one




1.Be carefull of his 4th shot,never get it for free,

2.if he uses his q on minions you can do a small trade of aa+vaynetumble.png+aa
3.After you done step 2. a couple of times,you can all in with your support

4.He has no escapes so lvl 6 its a free kill

5.Play safe watch his shots,and make sure you got for the kill if you all in,cause he will snipe you down at lvl 6 with hisjhinR.png
***How to dodge his ult***
Keep your qvaynetumble.png to dodge the 1s or last shot.They are the most important shots .
as the 1st one slows you down and the last one does the most dmg!




1.Dont stand next to minions Cause of her aoe of her rockets.

2.Dont do small trades with her cause she will always have the last shot with her ranged rockets

3.If she pokes you 24/7 and zones you from farming,notice that she will run out of enough mana  and she wont have any mana for other abilities so you might b able to fight her

4.Be carefull of her, throwing trapsjinxE.png behind you  when you get too close to her
5.She has no escapes so at lvl 6 you can all in her,just make sure you dodge her jinxE.png,and jinxW.png.




1.Dont make long trades with her

2.short trades with aa+vaynetumble.png+aa or aa+vaynetumble.png+vaynecondemn.png are great
3.Heal early

4.Lvl 6 you crush her



1.Dont get hit by her ult+qkarmachakra.png+karmaheavenlywave.png,
2.Dont get to close if you are not in advantage cause her wkarmaspiritbond.png+karmachakra.png+karmaheavenlywave.png will take you down with her adc

3.Without her qkarmaheavenlywave.png she has no dmg source so use that as an opening

4.Dont stand next to minions cause of the aoe of her qkarmaheavenlywave.png




1.Dont ever fight him with his wkogmawbioarcanebarrage.png up!

2.Play safe,Farm as much as you can

3.Try all in lvl 6,but dodge his ults.Keep your condamn for last seconds because of his passive!

4.If you can, bait him to use w on you by walking and doing 1 aa,then fall backvaynetumble.png
and all in him with your support or do a small trade

5.Overwall,you dont wanna create fight with him,but if your support is aggressive type
go for it because he is immobile and easy to catch




1.Get a good thresh alistar or a passive support to peel for you

2.Leona is really strong if gets close to you,she has tons of cc and dmg.\

3.Kiting takes a good place against her

4.If lets say you have a bad support,play safe,farm and you will do fine

5.If they push you under turret you got no fear of dieing and she is has no escapes'

6.Remember that her eleonazenithblade.png gets her behind you,so use that to stun her on the walls or into your turret by letting her eleonazenithblade.png on you and condamningvaynecondemn.png her

7.Usually focus HER instead of adc but keep your distance so enemy adc doesnt have free dps




1.His qlucianQ.png is his only source of dmg

2.Be carefull of his qlucianQ.pngsnipes through the minions
3. tr ade with him when he uses qlucianQ.png on minion,with a small aa+vaynetumble.png+aa
or aa+vaynetumble.png+vaynecondemn.png

4.Lucian usually has a support as 201.png40.png412.png89.png43.png and he usually win lane 
but with leona braum and especially thresh you can win against if you play passively and wait your lvl 6 

5.Lucin+braum or janna is really frustrating to play against in lane,but lvl 6 you should easily win against them as he has no dmg abilities rather than his qlucianQ.png and rlucianR.png


Miss Fortune


1.Dont do small trades

2.All in her lvl 6,but 

3.Dont be behind minions

4.Dont be behind minions!

5.Dont be behind Minions!!

6.And dont be behind Minions!!!

7.Play as safe as you can,she has no escapes so ask for help

8.Get a good cc support and you crush her




1.Play like blitzcrank steps

2.Care lvl 6 cause you cant condamn her with her eblackshield.png
3.Her ult gives vision of you so dont bother ulting before it ends

4.Poke her constantly cause of her short range

5.Can be easy or  hard.Depend on you dodgeing her q or not getting stunned on her ult




1. Annoying poke

2.When she comes to poke you,poke her too

3.Play safe,wait your support to engage on her and cc chain her with your condamnvaynecondemn.png on the wall

4.Dont ever get hit by her bubble,keep your qvaynetumble.png to dodge it if you are not able to sidestep it





2.Dont get too close

3.Stay near walls,so you can make him qnautilusanchordrag.png on the wall by dodgeing it,or even if you get cause he will be an easy stunvaynecondemn.png after

4.If his qnautilusanchordrag.png hits you,you can tumblevaynetumble.png backwards and get a small distance so that you wont get rooted by his aa

5. Lvl 6 Keep your invisibility after the ult reaches you,dont waste it before it hits you as they can see the path that you are from the ultimatenautilusgrandline.png

6.Naut late game is a big trouble as there is nothing you can do to deny the cc,just get a qss and use it ASAP after the ultnautilusgrandline.png hits you 




1.Dodge her qspiralblade.png with your qvaynetumble.png and sidestep

2.Dont be close to minions when she wricochet.png as it hits you as well

3.When you want to stun her and it is obvious you going for it,WAIT till she uses her shield then do it OR if you have an item like cutluss3144.png you can use it to break her shield then stun her

4.Play safe if you can kill her at early

5. Lvl6 all in her before she hits 6,cause she will just ultonthehunt.png and escape




More like annoying

1.What can i say.try trade with her when she comes alone to poke you

2.If she missplays and comes alone,you can condamnvaynecondemn.png her and stun her in the wall,and kill her with help of support

3.If there is nothing you can do in lane,Pray for help,or play super safe and dont die Once

4.In tfs,dont ever walk in straight line when your team focuses sona to avoid her ult

5.You can also use your evaynecondemn.png to gain distance so that sona misses her ult,but that is hard and mostly lucky




I put a medium cause she might not pose a threat to you,though she is annoying to deal with cause of her op heals and if she knows how to position you wont be able to catch her

1.Play safe

2.Avoid her qstarcall.png so se wont heal her self,it is really important to dodge it
3.Wait your support to make a play


Tahm Kench


1.dont commit to all in their adc cause tah will eattahmkenchW.png
2.Just focus him with your silver boltsvaynesilveredbolts.png
3.Dont get too close and avoid getting hit by his qtahmkenchQ.png\
4.Keep your stun for last second if you plan to all in tahm cause of his etahmkenchE.png,he cant use it when he is stunned

5.If he ends up using his shiield during your 2v2 tf,be carefull of their adc having free dps on you




1. His stun is easy to dodge

2.kite him

3.Free lane if you dont get stunned

4.Dont let him aa you cause he hurts cause of his passive

5.When he ults just play defensive till it ends




1.Stay behind minions(Play it like blitzcranks steps)

2.A bad thresh will just hook straight,so you can just tumblevaynetumble.png aside
3.A good thesh will try to predict your sidestep,Make sure you check if he is a thresh main before game

4.Personally Thresh is easy lane to play against,but i got the excuse of being a thresh main as well

5.His aas hurt so avoid getting harrased without punishing him

6.His lvl 6 is strong with flasythreshE.png+ultthreshR.png,so dont close to him

7.What can i say,just dont suck and get caught :)

8.Dont forget to bm him with a ctrl+6 when you outplay him




1. dont trade when she puts explosive charge on youdetonatingshot.png

2.Her lvl 6 burst is insane with edetonatingshot.png+rbustershot.png
3.If she uses her edetonatingshot.png on your supportgo full ham on her 

4.Most of the time she will just ult you away if you try and kill her

5.You just need  a cc support to hold her

6.Dont stand next to minions cause her passive will deal magic dmg on you

7.Play safe,usually jungler doesnt gank a trist lane,cause of her wrocketjump.png grande escape




1.The one who gets the 1st kill,snowballs

2.If you land the stun you can kill him,even if you are behind 

3.try and dodge his wtwitchW.png,otherwise back off when he hits you cause he gets 2 free stacks 

4.Get a pink on lvl 6

5.Dont stay alone in lane,unless you know you can kill him

6.Your tumblevaynetumble.png can dodge his ultimatetwitchR.png aas,but it is really needs time calculate

7.You can flash his ulttwitchR.png aa though




1.Dont bother trading with him

2.Try dodge his qvarusq.png,tumblevaynetumble.pngif necessary

3.Lvl6 you win the fight,but you gotta dodge or flash his ultvarusr.png

I put a medium cause the poke is annoying,and worst case scenario they got a poke support too




1.He wont let you farm

2.Try dodge a bomb,which is impossible

3.Lvl 6 point in fighting

4.Wait for your teamfights,or if you lucky your support might carry you in lane




1.Same like zilean,she wont let you farm in peace

2.She is even more annoying 

3.Play super safe,dont die!

4.Lvl 6 if you can stun her and flash a crucial ability you might kill her

5.If you are lucky,you might get carried by your support

How to Lane Starters/Abusers Back to Top

I am sure you hear that a lot,You need to prioritize farming and NOT die ONCE


Before you  jump into playing vayne,learn how to properly last hit.Farming with Jinx and farming with vayne are 2 very different things.

*Keep walking in between your aa's,dont stand still and keep your distance from enemy adc and support.

Most of the time enemies will get lvl 2 1st so be ready  NOT to get caught sleeping,cause you will die or in best case burn both summs.

As a beginner dont try make a play,wait for your support instead or the enemy to miss-step and e them onto the wall.
Use your q  reset to get double minions with the reset aa+undefined.png

Be in same line with your support,dont set your self into 2v1 situation and get caught or heavily out traded.

If you are against hard lane and you get poked 24/7 then all you have to do is NOT die and PERFECT CS=

1.Stay in exp range
2.Wait for the wave to come to you
3. if you can farm then dont miss any cs,make sure you get as many as  you can.
4.Dont cry for ganks,just ping and if you are less than 50% hp your jungler might come
5.Pray for the enemies,because you gonna crush them later :D


*Dont get to excited of your self,respect the enemyplay smart and watch their move 1st 

or you might end up losing the small advantage

*Small trade with aa+q+e are good,but mana hungry so do the full combo once and if you dont want to get traded back.

*When they go to cs try do 1 aa,but dont get baited and go for the aa+q or aa+aa+q,

*Look for a stun and you will probably win the fight.

*Since you are abusers you already know the basics,you just need to think further than the next move :)

Becoming The Vayne Main You Want To Be! Back to Top

How to Kite?

What is orbwalking? 

How to sidestep?

How to do 'The Montage Play'

Which binding for kite is the best?

And many many more questions frequently asked and the answer always same.


I cant give you some tips and tricks and you just try apply them and you become gosu!

But what i can surely give you are some tips that not even vayne mains(abusers) apply in their mechanics,and its the most under rated mechanical stuff on vayne who people dont notice.


Getting into a situation to kite and orb walk is most of the time because you were too close to the enemy at 1st place or you let them walk too close to you(Out of Position).

The reason why we learn how to kite and orbwalk as a 1st task is cause we are forced to do it constantly since we are out of position almost every tf.Unless you going for the 'save the game' play and you are alone('The Montage Play')

Obviously everyone is gonna come and kill you,but you dont have to to let that happen all the time and put your self into a situation where you need to have perfect kite and orbwalk to survive.

FIX YOUR POSITIONING(Including my self).

You are a short ranged adc and everyone is looking to kill you.Stay behind and aa the closest enemy is safe to attack!


When you got flash on vayne,it should be a won tf.I my self have wasted flash in terrible situations but knowing when to flash OUT or IN a tf is really important.

But dont prioritize on using your flash to go full ham.
Think what can kill you,what can cc you.Which enemy keeps killing you and he wont now cause you got flash.

If you choose to flash aggressive make sure you have your tumble(Q)undefined.png

up while in ultimate(Invisibility) so you have a way to juke-reposition!


Dont use your q ıf you dont need to.Keep ıt to reposıtıon or to juke an enemy that tried to reach you.

Dont use your ult too fast but dont waıt too long as it gives you great stats .Pop your ult after 

they used some bıg abılıtıes(ults,cc)  or when an enemy jumps on you.


1 thing i rarely see is using your invisibility time at full potential when you need it!

Tumbling gives you a whole second to do w.e you need to do.So please stop rushing to aa again when you use your tumble(q).

Also tumble on ultimate in a different/opposite direction from the one you face,jukes the enemy and fools them!

This is one of the things i mastered(easy to master) on vayne and it helped  and saved me in several situations and here is why!

1.For 1 whole second the enemies do nothing than wasting time till you to appear again

2.They change focus because a whole second is way too much in a teamfight

3.You give your team an opening or a chance to engage back again

4. You have time to rethink your next move/focus/position

5.You Increase the distance by tumbling in a direction(Usually opposite of the direction you facing ) that the enemy wont expect you to go!


Vayne Mechanics Back to Top


You need 50+Games with vayne,constantly practicing by moving as much as you can between your aas
to get the idea of how to kite!

You will start to realise how important it actually is to kite around and not stand still!

Some people kite with Right click on vayne,which is not common at all.

Most of people set a binding that helps them kite easier and more successful.And that is called attack move or attack click(If i am not mistaken)

I personally when started maining vayne dint know anything about attack move or attack command and stuff,so i just right clicked,and it turnout to make me a better kiter,because lets say i learnt the hard way.

After a friend of mine showed me the default attack move A+left click and he said its more safe and stable so you wont miss click

So i started using it when i could,at the start it was hard but I managed to fit them both into my mind,and i use it when i feel like nowdays!

I see a lot of people questioning my binding and my choice of binding to kite,because they say i basicly put my self into a disadvantage!

Well i can tell you that,anything,i mean anyhow you want to kite is the right way for you.There is no such thing as
the best way,the best binding to kite that will make you a vayne god!

Find something that fits you.

I got 2 ways,just because i started the hard way because i dint know the other way!

200+games after your kiting will be respectable

The more you play the better you kite SIMPLE!

*ORBWALKING*(Stutter stepping)

I my self dint even know what orb walking is,till someone told me about my orbwalking so i searched it on youtube and saw clips about korean vaynes doing 'Montage Plays'

So orb walking is the technique  where by kiting in a big amount of attack speed 1.5+ at least
and you manage to cancel the animation of attacking by basiclly moving and attacking real fast!

I might be terribly wrong here,but if aint no analyst,i cant explain it in proper words,But you get the idea already because you probably watch youtube vayne plays and you see them attacking real fast and at same time moving
in perfect timing!

One of the things to notice when orbwalk,is not to cancel auto attacks,due to the fact that you move and attack some aas will be cancelled but watch not to cancel too many!
Orb walking is one of the last things you need to learn,because it need time,practice and finding the perfect binding to do it so.

I personally when i have 2.+ attack speed use right click cause i cant press a+left click that fast!


Sidesteeping is combined with orbwalking and kiting,when you basicly move to aside instead of backwards to dodge an incoming skill shot or trying to confuse the enemy on which side you will go next(While kiting)

Mastering this can make you an unpredictable running machine that shoots anything close to it and none can hit

I cant  give you any tips to make you better at this.It is all from you,and your practice!

Play some normals and try out for your self you gonna fail over and over again but each time you will do better and better

***In below sections I am gonna have my Vayne Montages(Which i put a lot of effort) where all the things i mention all 2 sections above are involved 
in every potential!!

*E+FLASH Trick

E+flash is the same with r+flash on lee sin,where you  need to use your e first then flash in the opposite direction where you want to stun

Knowing the range of your condamn can helps you pull of some sick e+flashes that save your life and give you


*E(Condamn) FINISHER

Your e applies silver bolts so when you know  your silver bolts dmg you can aa+q+e(where q+e are in almost in same time).In this trick you save a lot of time by canceling animations and you surprise the enemies!

You can find these Tricks in my montages as well

Montages(Educational)MUST SEE!!! Back to Top


In this Montage you will see a lot of

sidestepping, kiting, e+flashing,Jueking with q, flashing and a couple teamfighting

Oh lets not forget the special editing as well ^_^(Stop B4TB)



6:30 In this Montage you will see 

E flashing,Teamfighting,Sidestepping in max potential,Flashing to dodge abilities that would kill me!

And ofc the beautiful editing(Oh boy i wont Stop)


In this Montage you will see:

Lane phase kills, Teamfighting, Kiting, 1vs2 with bush trick, E+flashing(sick), Invisibility q in max potential ,1vs3

The edit was simple :P


In this Montage you will see:

Teamfighting, Orb walking, Stutter stepping, Kiting, Invisibility q in max potential, e+flash(sick)x3 , sick 1v2 with e on ali combo, Lane phase kills +against ganks, Lvl 6 opening all ins,  ,and many many more

Oh and nice editing(^_^)


In this Montage you will see:

A lot of teamfighting, E+flashing x2, Orb walking, kiting, side stepping, 1vx(2,3,4,) Flashing ashe ult,and some other stuff


In this Montage you will see:

A lot of teamfighting, Juking,Invisibility q on max potential, 'Saving the game Plays', 1vx(2,3,4)

I got more but lets say these are the best(by date) you can go see my older and see how i played back then when i was in 200+ vayne games!

Little of my self Back to Top

I have almost 2000 vayne games if i am not mistaken.

I still do mistakes.

I cancel auto attacks in my orb walking

I tilt when i get behind

I have a youtube chanel named B4TB-BfourtyB

I play a lot of champions but i am know for my vayne and thresh

Thresh Guide will be on its way as my next guide

Tell me what i missed explaining,or what else you want me to include


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