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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Vayne is one of the weakest Ad carry in early game if she gets gank, she'll nearly insta die, so for summoner i pick most of time Flash & Heal, but if they have heavy CC you may think to pick Cleanse ( ex : Ashe/Braum)

Cleanse : Take it if they got at least 2 Hard CC
Flash : Classic
Heal : Classic

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

18/0/12 because :

Ferocity : It help us to sustain the early game with the lifesteal from Warlord's Bloodlust since we'll go for 2 offensive items without any lifesteal !
Vampirism is replaced by the Lifesteal Quit, so we can get the AD&AP scale for free !

Resolve : Runic Armor help us to even lifesteal harder at any stage of games and increase even more lifesteal for Warlord's Bloodlust
Insight make our sums's CD lower and get them more often those seconds may save your life & your game aswell !

Abilities Back to Top


For this NG (New Generation) build, we'll max the spell in this order :


Because the vaynetumble.png scale pretty well with AD (up to 70% atm but even with 50% soon™) still viable, we can stack the bonus dmgs from the vaynetumble.png    + the base AD can make huge crit, and even more with IE's passive.

example :
Base AD : 100 + Bonus dmgs from Q : 50 = 150, if crit = 150 * 200% = 300
with  3031.png it can reach 150*250% = 375 ! that's insane right and the numbers go even higher with more AD.

But if they got at least 2 tanks : naut,olaf,kench etc.. you may do the basic anti tanks order by Maxing vaynesilveredbolts.png 1st and vaynetumble.png after.

Tip : follow these combo to proc W pretty safety and easily

Auto atk => Auto atk => Q (around the ennemy not into then)

tip: Q has more range than his auto attack that means you can be a bit away from your auto range.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start : Doran's Blade TIP: Keep hitting creeps to recover the lost hp !

Core Items

    Mid game Goal : You should have finished IE for big hit on tumble and got the T2 boots for some AS Know you'll start building Statik, because it synergies very well with IE, because it's passive can also crit and IE make them even strongger. Up to 5 targets : 50 to 120 dmgs Crit = 100 to 240 Dmgs Crit with IE = 125 to 300 dmgs Imagine you crit once in tf, that's free 300*5 targets 1500dmgs for free (best case)
    Final Build Boots - IE - Statik - Hurricane - BT - LW This is probably the best builds for Vayne, there are everything she need AS & Sustain, and LW to kill tanks You can replace BT with Mercurial if you need the QSS effect from Mercurial and still got some lifesteal
    VS 2 big tanks at least You start with Botrk and then turn back into the previous build to hit hard vs Tanks & Carries but the powerspike is at 3 items while the NG build you have it with 2 items only

Situational Items


With this build you may wonder why i went for IE first and Hurrican, here are the explanations :
As i said earlier IE makes us to hit hard with   vaynetumble.pngand make statik's crit very huge once we got it, and the powerspike is reached with only 2 items, while with botrk we'll need 3 items to hit hard on both tanks & carries.

For example in lategame a single crit from vaynetumble.png can reach 1300dmgs.

So basically this is the build path :

1st back : 1038.png if possible or 1037.png & 1001.png
Then finish 3031.png & 3006.png in mid game for dmgs and more mobility
We're now going 3087.png for AS and Crit, once we have it, our powerspike just start now, vaynetumble.png crit for 700dmgs only with those 2 offensive items.

Then you're suprised by this item 3085.png, you would tell me " but this doesn't work with vaynesilveredbolts.png and blabla" so let me tell you the secret :

3085.png Fires 2 bolts with your basic attacks,apply on hit effect and can crit

So we Hit 3 targets, we have warlord's bloodlust which means More lifesteal

We also have 3087.png which means we can stack its passive 3 times faster

"Damn it makes sense now", have you ever thought of that :) ? just try it you will love it

Once you got 3 items you're already very big, don't forget the always hit&run in fight and not standing here like a wall and auto attacking ..

3072.png for more ad & lifesteal + the shield to help us to sustain & survive in fight ! if they have 2 hard ccs or more just take 3139.png for the qss and still having lifesteal and ad !

Remember to build 3035.png and turn it into 3036.png vs big tanks 2.png223.png57.pngto hit even harder and 3033.png vs healers 8.png16.png10.png for obvious reasons..

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Vayne




Remember to grab 1.pngbecause of her ulti,she'll probably grab 7.png.
Ashe is pretty annoying <lvl6 if she knows well the match up, she'll keep harass you with her W and Auto everytime you try to last hit.
Once lvl 6 try to force her to use her7.png,once done Ashe can't really trade with a Vayne .




Against her and support like Taric/Leona/Nunu you'll probably get out zoned and outcreeped in early game, you can't deal with her you're weak in early, remember never trade with her before lvl 6, you got no chance best way to counter her is ask for a gank from jungler.




Also an hard one, because he deals magic dmg and you can't hold that much, he is probably with leona 2 rly good synergy agressive bot,never trade before lvl 6 because you 'll lose for sur.
Try to last hit as much as you can and ask for help .




it's DRAVEN cmon what you want ??

Well seriously you can't do shit against him his dmg is just so damn high, when i play against a Draven i try to keep last hit and never trade until my jungler gank,try to dodge his E with Q and stun him with your E if he's close to wall because of his Axes.

So i heard nerf incoming hahahah FK IT GONNA F*** HIM SOON AND CHANGE DIFFICULTY TO EASY ! :'D




Ezreal isnt a hard matchup if you don't get hit by his Q, just stay behind your creep and harass him when you see he used his Q for any reason try to hit him with your Q,remember ,even with Q stay behind your creep so you won't get more dmg than you deal to him.
After lvl 6 You can trade with him without a lot difficulty if you dodge his Ulti.




After his range's nerf i've never a lot problem against him, even if his passive give him more armor ,Vayne's passive just pass through and ignore that.
The best way the play that match up is to stay away from his E=> Q combos it HURTS !
And harass him with your combos Auto auto Q OR auto tumble E, if after one of auto he E into you just Q back and push him back with your E.




A good jinx will harass you hard with her jinxQ.pngearly, but she shouldn't be a problem for a Vayne after 6, unless she got the reset and it's gonna be reset city and penta jinx ..
After 2 items you should be able to kill her pretty easily.

PS : Try to avoid her jinxE.png, this is the only way she should kill  you.
Shout out to my OTP Darling 222.pngYuki Blue ♥




She's a very skillcapped champ, you have to dodge her Spear & stack to be able to trade her .

Once she lands her ult, try to avoid it and then engage the trade, this would be the most safe way to trade her, remember she can't cancel her aa that's mean she may dash near a wall and then E her into the wall and that's the kill.




Annoyinh Matchup especially with 20_icon_64.png , for this match up i won't trade until i got my lvl 6 and i'll try to pull his into a wall for win don't get to close to him because he'll use his E and nunu's slow you won't move anymore and die like an idiot.




Sorry you won't win your lane because he's black.. JK

He's really a strong adc good dmg and rly nice passive he can just easily put you half life with Q + AA, his only weakness is the cost of his skill which won't able him to spam it so if you can be patient enough and avoid his skill once he's oom(the only way to win trade early) you can try to pull him into wall with your E which nearly garantite you a kill.

IN MOST of cases, the good lucian will manage his mana, so don't try to trade, wait for jungler's help or if you have rly good opportunity like leona cc tresh hook , annie stun etc ..


Miss Fortune


Mf is the opposite of you , strong strong early game with an OP W which can kill you really really fast don't deal with her and keep last hit, ask for jungler to gank because she doesnt have any escape and here is her only weakness.




A good Quinn will deal tons of dmg with her passive, and blink you with her Q, so try to dodge her Q  and you will able to trade with her after lvl 6.

PS: a quinn isn't worth to played ADC cause of her high mobility but can be rly strong if well played bot, don't underestimate her power :) !




Sivir is a pretty good Ad, when combine with a cc support as 44_icon_64.png /89_icon_64.png /143_icon_64.png she hurt!
dodge her Q make her really less strong, try to proc here Shield before trying to pull her against a wall.




against her try to zone and not get hit by her E because it's really annoying and you can also get so flat MR as runes, it will reduce a bit her dmg.
The best way to kill her is to force her to waste Q and use E to pull her on the wall .

Her late is one of the best so be careful when you try to trade her




Pretty annoying with his poison,however he's as squishy as you so the best engage will win the trade,ask support to grab a pink it always help.




Dodge his E spell and it's win after lvl6




Against him isnt really hard after your lvl 6,try to harass him a lot and pull him on a wall always help :D

Tip: try to dodge his ulti because it isnt really hard with your Q once you dodges just ulti and kill him




You're your own nightmare

Vayne the Night Hunter Back to Top

This is my 1st Guide, and i hope it will help you guys to understand and play her matchup.

You can also check my Vayne's stats which are pretty good that's why i feel strong enough to make this guide !

If you have any questions you may ask me in comment i'll answer asap .

S3 D1




From Plat Ranked game(Text bug because of LoLReplay ;D)

S6 Master


Support choice Back to Top




My favorite one !

40_64.png: Janna is the best choice as support with Vayne because the dmg & shield from her E combine with Vayne's ult & Atk speed build (which i used to do) will highly increase her dps and if well done can really dominate the botlane without a lot difficulty, and her Nado & ult can save your life in teamfight !!

VS 40_64.png : don't trade with the ad when he got the Shield and dodge janna's nado with Tumble  and it would be fine.

Best pick against40_64.png : 143_icon_64.png-412_64.png-44_icon_64.png-267_64.png


267_64.png : Pretty OP now after tons of buff,her spells synergy very well with Vayne, and the bubble can change the resultat of a trade and the Ult ... Dat tsu Nami is OP !

VS267_64.png : Try to dodge the bubble with Tumble and remember she got sustain and harass with the same spell, and her ult will make you surf on the ground !

Best pick against267_64.png :-89_icon_64.png-53_icon_64.png-117_icon_64.png-40_64.png-37_64.png-143_icon_64.png


412_64.png: OP support lantern ulti grab *_*  

VS 412_64.png : Try to Dodge his Grab with Tumble and pull him away or into wall if he went too close (most of them will play agressive )

Best pick against412_64.png :-89_icon_64.png-53_icon_64.png-12_icon_64.png-117_icon_64.png-40_64.png-267_64.png


20_icon_64.png: Vayne need atk speed and he gives you that and his E give you a huge advantage against other adc.

edit: since nunu's nerf he's isnt as good as other support !

VS 20_icon_64.png: a bit annoying because of the debuff but keep in your mind that the combos with Tumble won't be affect by atk speed, that's mean you still can go for AA=>(hit by E)=> AA=> Tumble , and remember to save your E to cancel his Ult !

Best pick against20_icon_64.png : 143_icon_64.png-12_icon_64.png-117_icon_64.png-40_64.png-412_64.png-37_64.png


12_icon_64.png: his Q & W which can push and stun ennemy near wall help a lot .
VS12_icon_64.png : A good Alistar will go All in with Flash Q , W you to their jungle at most time so the key for this match up is to stay always safe and when you feel that the W Q is incoming just tumble back it will make him miss his Q in 90% of times, once you can avoid that this match up isnt hard !

Best pick against12_icon_64.png : 20_icon_64.png-40_64.png-412_64.png-37_64.png


53_icon_64.png :Very dependant, if he can launch a good grab it's a kill if he doesnt it will be a normal laning phase.

VS53_icon_64.png : Try to avoid his grab with your Q and if he goes too agressive try to pull him into wall and deal some dmg to him so it will disuade him to engage .

Best pick against53_icon_64.png : 89_icon_64.png-12_icon_64.png-20_icon_64.png-40_64.png-412_64.png
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------117_icon_64.png :She's very good ,give you movement speed ,a lot of poke and the Ult which give you extra health during tf or vs bot lane always help !!

VS117_icon_64.png : Reel Pain,she'll poke you hard and her E can reveal you from stealth from your ult and tumble, and her ult give extra hp to the adc ._. pretty hard to deal with but not impossible, try to force her to waste all her mana after that she's just a cute little witch :D !

Best pick against117_icon_64.png : 143_icon_64.png-89_icon_64.png-412_64.png -37_64.png
89_icon_64.png : Tanky support who have a lot of CC(and boobs) what do you want else?

VS89_icon_64.png : This match up is really dependant because most of leona will engage you will her E and follow by multiple CC from Q and R,the timing is really important to desengage her E with your E, because if you land your E 1st you'll pull her back but she'll still come to you, you have to wait her to cast her E and then use your E to pull her back so she'll just stay her and thinking about what happened,this need really a lot of practice but when you practice it enough this match up isnt hard.

Best pick against89_icon_64.png : 12_icon_64.png-40_64.png-117_icon_64.png-143_icon_64.png

143_icon_64.png : Alot cc like Leona however she's very squishy that's why don't fight until ennemys got lower hp than you.

VS143_icon_64.png : Simple : Get root => cried,yout don't get root ,kill her with the smile !Try always to avoid her Ult with your Q and it wouldnt be that hard to play against because she's pretty squishy and you would take down her pretty fast.

Best pick against 143_icon_64.png :89_icon_64.png-53_icon_64.png
44_icon_64.png : Tanky support who can heal and stun and who give you passively more armor what more ? Really really outrageous !

VS 44_icon_64.png : Pain in the ass,tons of armor  + great damage, try to always tumble back when he lands his stun the distance between you & him ,btw to decrease the dmg he can deals to you. Remember to punished his unsafe stun because after a stun he's juste a Gay who walk around you :D .

Best pick against 44_icon_64.png : 12_icon_64.png-20_icon_64.png-412_64.png
37_64.png : She gives you sustain and poke well your ennemies and an awesome aoe cc what else :D ?
Vs 37_64.png : Try to avoid her poke ,and force her to waste her mana and once done she'll be juste a cute girl without defense !

Best pick against 37_64.png : 44_icon_64.png-89_icon_64.png-53_icon_64.png-412_64.png


16_icon_64.png : i don't like soraka support because the lane will be so passive, i want action i want kills i don't want SORAKA.(i'm not a hater!Soraka just doesnt fit to my playstyle)

VS16_icon_64.png : This match up is really easy try to time her cd on her Heal and once done try to bait it on one of them and take down the other one :D

Best pick against16_icon_64.png : 143_icon_64.png-89_icon_64.png-53_icon_64.png-12_icon_64.png-117_icon_64.png-20_icon_64.png-40_64.png-412_64.png (yeah all others trololol,well maybe not Zyra)

PS  : You may be disagree with me for some "Best pick against" it really depend of the players and may vary in some circumstance !the choices are in my own opinion !

Laning Phase ==EARLY Game== Back to Top

EARLY GAME(0-15min)

As one of the weakest ADC in early game, you won't do much at this stage,do your best to get as much cs as possible, and ask your jungle to gank if possible,at your 1st back you should get :


VS standard ADC

And get an other1055_32.png 

VS Strong early games ADC like (51_64.png21_64.png119_64.pngetc..)

and get boot after.

And then upgrade in that order :


in Brief

-Use Tumble to last hit

-Last hit as much as possible

-Deny the cs if you have to take too much dmg because it's no worth it

-Never Trade vs strong early game champs mentioned above because you can't win them

Laning Phase ==MID Game== Back to Top

Mid GAME(15-30min)

In that period, you got 3006_32.png3031.png3086_32.png or something like that,towers are down you will start to teamfight,remember to still farm , wherever you are ,in the jungle,mid,top take as much cs as possible because you are the CARRY you have to be strong to carry your team.

Never be in front of your team,let your tank,bruiser,jungler engage and then use your ult and deal as much dmg as you can to the closest target, even if he's THE TANK, because you won't able to get their CARRY because they're protected like you,you're Vayne you got True dmg even Tank won't survive for long time vs you.

Of course if you can kill their Carry without being exposed yourself it would be perfect but the world isn't perfect and won't go as you wish !

After ult you will able to go stealth with Tumble, just remember never TUMBLE INTO THE TARGET:
tumble pos.png
The reason is vs burst ADC like Graves,MF etc , you would take all the dmg from their skills, and remember you go insivible and as assassin you have to be unpredictable and juke them and then kill them !
PS: you're starting to learn her "Mecanics" here !

And remember during a fight always try to use your condamnation to pull someone on the closest wall but people used to fail it and save the ennemy, as the name said "CONDEMN", it condemn yourself if you fail it and the ennemy if you success it , this is how you should do :


This is easy to represent (yeah OP PAINT) but hard to do you'll fail at 1st and little by little success it and condemn your opposant !

in Brief :

-Tumble is crucial, the good ones will kill the ennemy the bad ones will kill youself !

-Condemn will condem yourself or the ennemy depend how you use it !

-R+Tumble be unpredictable & juke the ennemy !

Laning Phase ==LATE Game== Back to Top

Late GAME(30-55min+ (if CLG NA haha..))

You 've finally reached to the late and how should i describ Vayne in late game ?



Couldnt draw bigger because the space is limited :'D but this is how i would describ Vayne in late.

You're shining and everyone wants to kill you but with the mecanics you learned before you'll disappear from Point A and appear to the Point B and your team will heard "Ennemy has been slain".

Keep using the mechanics with Tumble & Condemn you learned before and everything should be good ! 

in Brief :

-Apply the mechanics you learned before and SHINE LIKE A STAR


My Vayne's Mecanics ? Back to Top

Here is one of my Pentakill :)

Watch it live at :

Complet Video Guide On Youtube ! Back to Top

So you prefer watching a video than reading the texts here ? Good new ! i made one on my youtube account where i explained everything in a ~20mins video ! enjoy and subscribe if you like it :)

You want live actions and ask questions ? Back to Top

You can ask the questions in the commentary section, or come and watch me play Vayne live on twitch nearly everyday on, i can speak French,English,Chinese, so i think we should chat without any problems :)

Update: Back to Top

30/05/13 : Added runes & new build order
31/03/13 : Added botrk and some match up
23/06/13 : changed some itemisations and added some descriptions vs supports
26/06/13 : Added laning phase + MECANICS
06/01/14 : New masteries
08/09/14 : New runes/Masteries & items updates
03/12/14 : New build & Kalista's matchup added
10/12/15 : FULL UPDATES for Preseason S6 & S6 !
30/11/16 : Full update for S7

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