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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Vayne summoner spells.png

7.png is standard for ADCS in botlane. It can be used offensively as it gives 30% movement speed for 1 second, so you can chase, escape, dodge or even save your support. It can be swapped out for 21.png if your support takes 7.png.


4.png is the best summoner spell in the game and almost no champion goes without it. It provides gap close or to escape from bad situations.

New Runes Back to Top

Vayne Runes.png



Precision is the go-to rune tree on 67.png. It gives attack speed and she uses a lot of autoattacks so this is the rune tree of your choice.


Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64 is a really good keystone for her right now. It gives sustain and movement speed. During laning the sustain goes a long way in trades or just helping you out if you take a bad trade.

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=64 - You can take this instead of the above if you don't feel you need the extra sustain and mobility. You will get more damage in your 3 hit trades from this keystone.


Triumph.png?width=64- is very useful when trying to survive for multi - kills. It heals you for missing hp and gives you a small amount of gold per takedown.


Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64- More attack speed the better. This rune outshines the others in this row for marksmen making it taken almost always.


Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 - Is the best rune in this row. It helps to finish off champions and help to snowball with the 9 bonus ad it gives after a takedown.



Celerity.png?width=64 - has synergy with vayne because she has built in movement speed from her vaynepassive.png. You start to get even more ad when you use vayneinquisition.png because it triples your vaynepassive.png movement speed.


Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64 - Gives ad every 10 minutes in the game. This rune is good if the game is going to be a long game.



Abilities Back to Top


Vayne abilities.png 

                                                         Passive - Night Hunter  


Your passive helps to chase down and dodge incoming spells from the enemy while you are moving towards them.



                                                                 Q - Tumble 


This ability is very useful. It gives67.png her mobility. It also works as an auto attack reset and gives her bonus damage for her next attack within 7 seconds. When your vayneinquisition.png is used it makes you invisible for 1 second. The invisibility breaks if you perform an action that is something other than just moving.


                                                                 W - Silver Bolts 


Silver bolts do true damage every 3 autos. It does max percentage health so it makes 67.png take down tanks quickly. It works with your auto attacks and vaynecondemn.png.



                                                                 E - Condemn


Condemn can be used to do many things. It can be used to push an enemy off you, stun a target, kill a target, etc. It works with your vaynesilveredbolts.png so you can use it to get 3 silver bolts stack in a combo.


                                                                R - Final Hour 


This ability gives bonus ad, movement speed and invisible. For every takedown within 3 seconds it extends it’s duration by 4 but cannot go over its original duration.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This set is the standard starting items for adc.
    This set gives more sustain for very hard matchups whenever you take damage from a champion you restore health overtime.

Core Items

    These items are your core items and your biggest power spike.
    Take berserker greaves most of the time for attack speed. Go ninja tabi if the enemy team has high amounts of ad damage.
    This is an example of your full build. Along with the core items guardian angel makes killing you much harder for the enemy team and blade gives lifesteal and percentage damage to take down tankier targets.

Situational Items

    Bloodthirster is better against squishy champions instead of blade of the ruined king. Take scrimitar instead if you need to remove annoying ccs you cannot avoid.
    Take this if the enemy team has heavy ap burst champions. The shield and magic resist will go a long way.

Vayne items.png

 With the nerfs to crit damage builds, 3153.png into 3124.png has become the standard build. This build makes you auto attack a lot with way less big hits from crits.

First, you will be going 3153.png first but what components you build first depends on what you need and how much gold you have. Here are the common build paths 3144.png >2422.png >1043.png / 3144.png >3006.png >1043.png. Sometimes you may not even finish 3144.png first but just stay on the double 1036.png and get the 3006.png or 1043.png. Afterwards its just the regular build path. Your third item after 3124.png can be anything you think you need. Items like 3156.png (against heavy magic damage burst), 3139.png (against heavy cc comps),3026.png ( against ad teams and/or just need a extra life to win the next teamfight). Otherwise build 3087.png(for wave clear) and 3031.png for some burst damage or true damage crits. 

Matchups Back to Top

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22.png is quite easy for 67.png. Right now she is quite weak so this matchup should be simple. Just hide behind minions so her volley.png can’t hit you. When you are trading wait for her asheq.png  stacks to be low to minimize the damage she can trade back onto you. When she has enchantedcrystalarrow.png she becomes more dangerous. Her enchantedcrystalarrow.png can set up for ganks on you for her team. It may also deny you kills on her if she uses it defensively. Try to save your vaynetumble.png to dodge it or bait it out early.




Right now 51.png scales badly so once you survive laning phase you can do more than her the later the game goes. Watch out for her caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png poke, save your vaynetumble.png to dodge it. Watch out for her caitlynyordletrap.png. If she pushes you under turret, watch out for the caitlynyordletrap.png she places behind the turret. When chasing her down for a trade or kill its best to bait and dodge her caitlynentrapment.png  or vaynetumble.png to dodge it if you can. This will prevent her from slowing you so you can get to her.




119.png smashes 67.png really hard during the laning phase. He out damages you in trade. Most of his damage comes from his dravenspinning.png so there is little you can do about that. The only thing you could do is vaynecondemn.png him to make him fail to catch 1 of his dravenspinning.png to reduce his dps.During laneing phase vaynetumble.png away from his E when he uses it. Use your vaynetumble.png to dodge his dravenrcast.png when he is level 6. In the late game you will outscale him so try to get to that point if you can.




Even though 81.png is a skillshot champion. He can for sure bully you in lane. His main damage source(ezrealmysticshot.png) can hit you while invisible which is rare for most adcs. To beat him you need to engage when his ezrealmysticshot.png is on cd. His ezrealmysticshot.png cd is reduced by 1.5 seconds if it hit a target. This means if he misses it completely he quite vulnerable. If you can, force his ezrealarcaneshift.png then wait it out and re-engage. It can finish his mana early as it cost 90 mana When he is 6 you can use vaynetumble.png to dodge his ezrealtrueshotbarrage.png.




Right now 202.png is quite good in botlane. His damage is high along with Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 to further increase his damage. He can poke you out and threaten a kill with his 4th shotjhinpassive.png. It is best to avoid trades with him and wait it out till you get a few levels. Once you get bf sword you can start to trade with him. Avoid his jhinw.png by walking out or just using vaynetumble.png. Avoid getting too low because his jhinr.png can finish you off under turret. Once you get some ad and attack speed you can take him out easily. Once you get onto him you will do more dps than him especially if you use vayneinquisition.png.




222.png is weak right now. Vayne beats her easily. She is immobile and cannot escape your damage once you get onto her. Watch out for her jinxe.png. You can use vaynetumble.png to get over them. They have a small time frame before they can be activated when they are placed. Watch out for her jinxr.png when you get low, it does %missing health damage. Once she gets more levels her Rockets has far more range than your auto attacks. Be careful of taking free autos because of that.




In this matchup it's best to fight her near minions so her kaisaq.png damage is shared and kaisaw.pngcan't reach you so easily. She can be more useful teamfight wise so try to build a lead from early and outdo her in teamfights.




429.png strength comes from being able to dodge opponents skillshot abilities because of her kalistapassive.png. Since 67.png has none it becomes a easy matchup for you. Early levels it’s best to avoid long trades. The longer they last the more kalistaexpungewrapper.pngshe can stack into you doing serious damage if she gets a lot in. Once you get lvl 2 or 3 you can win trades if you do them quick and short, getting off your silver bolt proc. When she is level 6 be careful being out too far. She can engage with her kalistarx.png to throw her support at you and lock you down to do serious damage to you. Any time  she is solo you can take her out easily. A good portion of her trade/burst damage comes from her kalistaw.png passive, when she and her support hits the same target. Play around vision(brush and vayneinquisition.png's invisibility). If she cannot see you when her auto attack reaches. It will miss and do no damage.




96.png damage comes from his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png. It does max % hp damage similar to your vaynesilveredbolts.png. Because of his kogmawvoidooze.png and kogmawq.png be careful of running him down for auto attacks early. You want to engage on him when his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png is down. So bait it out and wait till it’s about 1-2 seconds  left on it then engage for a trade. Watch out for his kogmawlivingartillery.png when you are level 6. It does more damage w vayneinquisition.pngultimate unless he has a few items.




Right now 236.pngis fairly weak. You outscale him really hard so just going even in lane is really good. Early levels watch out for his trade potential with his luciane.png - lucianq.png combo. When he is using his lucianr.png you can interrupt it with vaynecondemn.png. If you can react fast enough you can vaynetumble.png out of his lucianq.png when he cast it on you.


Miss Fortune


This matchup was hard just a few weeks ago. But with the new 3302.pngFleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 and Overheal.png?width=32 start you can out sustain her poke now. Just sustain her missfortunescattershot.png damage and vaynetumble.png out of it to dodge her Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32. Once you get a few items you can beat her easily. You can vaynetumble.png out of her missfortunebullettime.png or even vaynecondemn.png her to interrupt it.




You beat 15.png 1v1 with 67.png. Your damage is higher in a 1v1 while her damage is higher in 5v5 team fights. Her early poke damage comes from her sivirw.png and sivirq.png. Stay away from minions when she uses her sivirw.png. Dodge her sivirq.png with your vaynetumble.png. At level 6 you can take her out with your vayneinquisition.png. Just watch out for her sivire.png, It can block your vaynecondemn.png. That is all it can block from you unless you have a 3153.png. It can block it's active.




18.png scales well just like you. Early game she can out trade you if she uses her tristanae.png - tristanaw.png. But she is really bad at short trades because of how committed she has to be to stack her tristanae.png. Go for short trades with her to win. Once she uses her tristanae.png back out and wait. Go back in during it’s long cooldown and you win the trade. If she is jumping on you or next to a wall, use your vaynecondemn.pngto push her back or interrupt and stun her in the wall. At level 6 be careful of her burst with her tristanar.png. She can force engages on you or just to peel you off with it.




During laning phase you can bully him. 29.png is quite weak early levels without any items. However, he scales really hard and become the adc with the highest win rate late game. You want to pressure him and try to win the game before he starts to scale. It’s not that 67.png sucks late game but it's better to win the game when you are stronger than him rather than letting him reach his strongest point which is above yours.

Fight him and force his twitchhideinshadows.png if you can. Be careful when he disappears usually this means he is looking to trade with you. Since his twitchhideinshadows.png gives attack speed it's best to wait it out for optimal trading. Do not stand in his W granting him free stacks to make his twitchexpunge.png do more damage. His twitchfullautomatic.png is what makes him strong in the late game. vaynecondemn.png him away if he engages on you with it and vaynetumble.png away. Unless you are strong enough to take him then just turn on him.




110.png has a decent laning phase. With his varuse.png he can poke and create a little zoning area. His attack range is 575 while yours is 550. This means he can get off an auto attack before you if it ever comes down to that. You can vaynetumble.png to dodge his varuse.pngvarusq.png or varusr.png. His varusr.png can lock you down in a skrimish so make sure to watch out for it. Once he doesn’t have people to peel him you can take him out easily. Try to not let him get up his 

varusw.png stacks then use an ability on you.




498.png can do serious damage if you do not pay attention to her xayahpassive.png. You want to position yourself so that they don’t hit you when she uses xayahe.png. Go for trades when her xayahw.png is down. She can out trade you because of it. If you still want to trade take short ones so she doesn’t get much use out of it. When she has xayahr.png she can use it to dodge an auto attack or your vaynecondemn.png. When she uses it walk out or step to the side of it so she cannot pull the xayahpassive.png back to root you.

Trading Back to Top

When trading you want to get off 3 hits to proc your vaynesilveredbolts.png. To do this efficiently you want to do some animation cancelling. The basic animation cancelling on 67.png is to auto - vaynetumble.png - auto. Because vaynetumble.png is a auto reset it makes you attack right away instead of being locked out of autoing because of your attack speed. Once you practice this enough you will get off 2 autos in a very small time frame. Another combo you can do is auto - vaynetumble.png - vaynecondemn.png. This is faster but it requires your vaynecondemn.png. I only use this to secure kills, trades or to maximize dps early in the game if I can get to stun them with it. It’s best to not do this often for trading because it cost 90 mana.


Once you are level 6 you can start looking for engages. Your vayneinquisition.png is very strong and can make you win fights you couldn’t before. The bonus ad goes a long way. Imagine you are doing 20 more damage per auto attack. That’s 60 more damage in 3 autos. This doesn’t even factor in your vaynetumble.png and vaynecondemn.png damage. The invisibility can be used to cancel enemy target attacks. For instance, you can auto then vaynetumble.png and the enemy adc auto attack will get cancelled if you time it fast enough. When she re-emerges she will get the first auto attack. That’s basically 3 autos before the other adc get off 1.


It’s best to position yourself so that you can use vaynecondemn.png to stun your target into a wall. It doubles the damage of it while stunning them. The stun is 1.5 seconds so you can get a lot done during that time.

Lane Phase - Mid Game - Late Game Back to Top

Vayne Phase.png

Lane phase

67.png weakest point is her laning phase. With her lack of wave clear enemies can abuse this and push her under turret. Then start poking as you have no real way to counter this. The best way to deal with this is to get to lane first and focus on pushing the wave to negate to time they can have you under turret for. If the enemy adc lacks wave clear like you then you can do some harass from level 1 by using vaynetumble.png and auto them. Once you are level 2-3 you can do some trades if the situation is in your favour. When you get some items you can start going in for kills. Especially if you’re level 6, your vayneinquisition.png is very strong.


Mid game

67.png becomes strong in the mid game with  3153.png3124.png. She can do high amounts of dps because of her vaynetumble.png and vaynesilveredbolts.png. During mid game you want to be grouping with your team to focus objectives. If you have taken bot turret already you will rotate top to take top turret. Then go to mid to get mid turret. Try to look for fights if you are ahead. Remember to fight for objectives and not just random fighting. It’s so much better to get kills and objectives rather than just get kills. Take dragon with your team and herald if you have the priority to do them. Once you have 3094.png you can harass people from 700 range. Make sure to take advantage of this.


Late game

67.png strongest point is her late game. Her mobility makes it difficult for the opposing team to lock her down. With her vayneinquisition.png that makes her invisible, it becomes even harder for them to keep track of you. With the crit vayne build you could surprise their backlike with your high damage or even their frontline. Your vaynesilveredbolts.png makes you take down tanky targets fast. At this stage you want to pick up some lifesteal and a defensive item to help survive longer in team fights.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Vayne Team Fighting.png

When team fighting as an adc you want to stay alive and avoid taking damage. You are really squishy so keep your distance from dangerous abilities. To keep up good positioning you want to look out for abilities that are a threat to you. For example, if the enemy team has a 54.png you want to stay back far until he uses ufslash.png on another teammate or go close enough so he can ult you but only if his team will not be able to follow up on his engage. It is best to save your vaynetumble.png during these times for re-positioning rather than yo do more damage. Save your vaynetumble.png for when you need to increase distance between you and your target or to dodge skillshots. Along with your vayneinquisition.png, it makes it difficult for the enemy to get onto you and kill you during the team fight while invisible. Remember these small time frame you're invisible goes a long way. It can be the deciding factor if the enemy gets to stun and burst you.


Sometimes you can use your vaynecondemn.png to peel champions off you. If your vaynetumble.png alone won’t be enough you can vaynecondemn.png them. Your vaynecondemn.png can be used to interrupt some dashing abilities. For instance, if you time you it right, you can push24.png back while he is in the air using jaxleapstrike.png. This trick can be used to deny engages from certain champions.

Support Pair Ups Back to Top

Vayne Supports.png

67.png does well with supports that peel for her and create openings to get her damage off. There are some melee and range supports that can do this.


12.png and 89.png are examples of melee supports that can lock down targets or peel them with their cc so you can get to auto attack them. These supports are generally aggressive and you may want to position yourself so you can follow up on their engages. Sometimes these supports may get abused because they have no range in lane so they need to take advantage of their all in potential.


117.png267.png and 40.png are examples of range supports that peel for you with their skills. The difference is rather than having cc and tanking abilities. The can do some cc and use enchantment abilities on you. So, therefore, they can buff you with their abilities to make you get to do more damage. These supports scale hard with you because they just buff you and let you get off more dps.

Strengths and Weaknesses Back to Top

Vayne Strength.png


Great scaling

High outplay potential

Can duel many champions

Can assassinate many champions with her high burst


Has built in max health % damage

Highlight real champion



No built in wave clear

Weak early

No aoe damage

No long range abilities

Vayne spotting

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Vayne Tips.png

Her vaynetumble.png is an auto reset so you can use it to cancel an auto attack animation to get off 2 quick autos.

Her vaynesilveredbolts.png can be proc with Autos and vaynecondemn.png. This means you can auto -vaynetumble.png- auto vaynecondemn.png- to proc vaynesilveredbolts.png and get off high good damage in a short time.


Her vaynecondemn.png can hit many walls. Practice to use it and u will be surprised by the places that are considered terrain.


Her vaynecondemn.png can be used to hit player made terrains like jarvanivcataclysm.pngcrystallize.png , azirr.pngtrundlecircle.pngornnq.png.


The more points you have in your vaynetumble.png the more times you can become invisible while vayneinquisition.png is active.


vaynecondemn.png can be used to interrupt many abilities. While cancelling abilities it can interrupt some dashing abilities like 12.png’s headbutt.png. This trick can be used to cancel many abilities and give you a nice advantage.


Your vaynecondemn.png pushes your target based off where you are when it hits them. This means if you vaynecondemn.png them while in front then reach beside them before it hits. It will push them sideways instead. That means you can vaynecondemn.png then tumble to get the target moving in a different direction. To take further advantage of this you can vaynecondemn.png them then 4.png beside them. They will have little time to react and they will move sideways preferably into a wall. You can even use it then 4.png behind them to push them into your turret, etc. Please be careful trying this because if you fail prepare for some missing pings over you from your teammates and the opposing team :)

About me Back to Top

Vayne About me.png

Hey, there I go by the name Raveydemon. I have been playing league of legends for about 5 years now. I am an Adc main with my main champion being Sivir. I also can play all roles in league mostly top/jg/support.
I have been diamond/masters for about 3 years now. Here is a link to my most recent ranked finish.
Season 7 Masters.

Recently I have been playing more top lane than ADC and I have peeked challenger on my account CLG Ravey.

I have a youtube channel where I made some highlights/montages.

Link to my twitter if you want to contact me

Please leave comments below asking questions about anything I would more than happy to reply to any feedback/questions

Changelog Back to Top


June 26, 2018

New runes - Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32added, overall updates to the rune page
Items - Build updated with 3153.png 3124.png. Build reason updated.
Matchups - 145.png added.

Lane phase, Mid game, Late game - Updated

About me - Updated

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