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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngFlash: This is your standard spell and should be taken every game on Veigar. Use it to escape sticky situations or surprise your enemies with a flash stun or flash Q then R. Its essential to take flash especially on a champion like Veigar with no gap closers. Veigar is a vulnerable champion that needs this defensive spell to fall back on.

12.pngTeleport: I take teleport as my second spell in the majority of my games, this is because Veigar can use it to do some strong teleport ganks either to the top lane or bottom lane but also because you can get to lane faster with it and start stacking your passive again. It makes it less harsh dying when you have teleport because you wont be missing as much experience and gold by teleporting to your lane. Veigar is all about killing something with his Q as often as he can to get stronger and stronger, teleport allows him to stay with his minions but be in key fights when he needs to, also Ignite starts to get weaker later into the game so Teleport scales like Veigar does.

14.pngIgnite: Ignite can be used to assert some early dominance into your lane and maybe get you killing and snowballing early into an unstoppable force late game. Ignite is the spell of choice for support Veigar more than mid lane Veigar because teleport simply has more uses than ignite does, but having a little bit extra damage in your combo is always a good thing. Take this if you plan on fighting the enemy laner more than farming in the early stages of the game.

3.pngExhaust: Take exhaust when you have been counter picked and are at risk of dying to all ins or burst over and over. For example Exhaust is good against things like Zed, Fizz or Talon to reduce the amount of damage they can deal and keep yourself alive. I think Exhaust will keep you alive better than Barrier or Heal will. Ignite is still a better choice than Exhaust on Veigar because he is a damage oriented support and focuses on killing the enemies more than protecting his allies.

6.pngGhost: This spell isn't really a good choice on Veigar just because the others work so much better for him, Teleport is better for TP Ganking or getting back to lane and Ignite is just better as more raw damage. Also with my Mastery setup Stormraiders Surge already gives you a boost of movespeed so ghost becomes less useful. The only use this spell has is to either run your enemy down a long distance or run for your life, but Veigar already has a stun to get away with so it only has 1 use really, the other choice are more versatile and better.

21.pngBarrier: Exhaust makes for a better defensive spell than Barrier because it can be used offensively as well and will reduce more damage than just barrier will. But if you are a beginner Veigar player this can be a good place to start until you get the hang of things. The reason i like Barrier more than Heal in the mid lane is because most mid laners take Ignite, and if you get ignited before you Heal you lose half the health you get.

7.pngHeal: This is a lot like Barrier except it Heals another ally and it is reduced by Ignite also gives a burst of Move Speed. I wouldn't take this spell at all on Veigar, just take Barrier instead if you want a defensive spell.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is my usual Veigar Mid mastery page.

Starting in the Ferocity tree you take Sorcery for extra ability damage, you don't need attack speed. Then Feast because the sustain is more valuable than some more damage on your auto attack or Expose Weakness for playing support Veigar. Next take Natural Talent over Vamprism because the extra ability power is more valuable than spell vamp is, also it works nicely with Scaling AP Glyphs and 3089.png enemies never expect your damage with scaling ability power because it doesn't show like an item power spike does. Now its up to personal preference, if you want to start winning lane early and sacrifice a bit of late game damage take Double Edged Sword but if taking 2.5% additional damage and don't mind ramping up and taking it slow early take Bounty Hunter, it gives more damage than Double Edged Sword if you have killed 4 of the enemies and 2.5% more damage when fully stacked.

Now you go with the Cunning tree because we don't want to be play tank Veigar like the Resolve tree gives. First we take Wanderer to get back to lane or roam for a gank quicker and its better than Savagery because it doesn't work with his Q or W and doesn't much help with his auto attacks because u want to last hit mostly with Q. Next take Assassin, its as good as you get from this tier of masteries, biscuits are helpful but not as much as 2% more damage. Next take the Merciless mastery as it again is more damage with what you already have and works the same way your ultimate does, more damage the lower the enemies health is. Mana regeneration is nice but you wont have mana issues with my build so you don't need it. Then we take Dangerous Game to keep you healthy in team fights and maybe even survive an Ignite or something. The next choice really is up to you, I like the 5% Cooldown reduction from Intelligence because it means you can Q more which means you can stack more AP on your passive and have your stun, W and ultimate more as well. But the magic penetration from Precision is always going to give you more damage as well and works nice with Magic penetration Marks, take your pick. 

As the keystone mastery Stormraiders Surge is the best. Its like a Master Yi ultimate in a keystone mastery. Veigar is arguably the easiest champion to proc this with as it only takes one Q or W to give you 40% movement speed and 75% slow resistance making him extremely slippery and basically just acts as a Jinx passive that gives you a slow immunity and doesn't require a kill or assist to proc. You can use it to chase more kills after you've just killed somebody, chase the kill that flashed away or just stun a group of enemies kill the squishy targets and run off before they become unstunned and chase back after you.

As for the only other 2 Keystones worth choosing would be Deathfire touch, which is useful on Veigar Support because the whole idea of Veigar support is to poke enemies with your spells to stack your passive and then kill them, Deathfire touch really adds to Veigar supports harass damage. but in mid lane Stormraiders Surge is still better than Deathfire Touch because he gains enough damage from his passive Ability Power per level and items.

Next is Thunderlords Decree, i see the majority of Veigar take this but its just not as good as Stormraiders Surge is for him. This is because as i said in the Deathfire Touch explanation: he has enough damage with AP per level, his passive and the items hes bought. Veigars entire combo is designed as a One Shot burst combo, with his 3 damage spells the enemy is probably dead even without a Thunderlords proc, so you are just losing out on a speed boost and still you have the kill anyway. Veigar is a one shot champion not a 3 hit champion.

Never take savagery because it doesn't work with any of Veigars spells and you dont want the minions to die quickly so you can Q them before your minions kill them. 
Runic Affinity and Secret Stash are pretty useless on Veigar, the biscuits are only useful for the early game and even when Assassin does nothing because you have allies nearby biscuit wouldn't help you either so Assassin is just better all round.

Abilities Back to Top

Max veigarbalefulstrike.pngQ first to get the most damage and the most efficient passive stacking. Always max Q first. Level your veigarr.pngultimate at levels 6/11/16 and then get 2 or 3 points into your veigareventhorizon.pngE to keep enemies in the stun long enough for veigardarkmatter.pngW to deal damage, lastly level W for more damage.

---Skill Explanations---

Passive: Phenomenal Evil Power
Veigar gains a stack of Phenomenal Evil whenever he hits an enemy champion with an ability, and 5 stacks whenever he scores a champion takedown. Veigar gains 1 ability power for every stack of Phenomenal Evil.

Q: Baleful Strike
PASSIVE: Killing a unit with Baleful Strike grants 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil, doubled against large minions and monsters.
ACTIVE: Veigar unleashes a bolt of dark energy in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first two enemies hit.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+ 60% AP)

W: Dark Matter
Veigar calls a mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target location, which lands after a 1.25 second delay, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit.
MAGIC DAMAGE: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 100% AP)

E: Event Horizon
Veigar forms a cage around the target area which materializes after a 0.5 second delay and lasts for 3 seconds, knocking down and stunning all enemies who pass through its edges for the first time.
STUN DURATION: 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5

R: Primordial Burst
Veigar blasts the target enemy champion with primordial energy, dealing them magic damage. Primordial Burst deals 1.5% increased damage for every 1% of target's missing health, up to double damage against targets below 33.3% of their maximum health.
MINIMUM DAMAGE: 175 / 250 / 325 (+75%AP)

Extra tips / advice:
Veigars Q wont go through more than 2 minions so it can be blocked if there are to many minions or targets in the way of what you want to hit.
veigareventhorizon.png isn't your only method to escape you can also block off paths with your veigardarkmatter.png, just set it to land where enemies are chasing to scare them away.
Always try place your stun cage right on the edge of enemies to get the stun off, its much harder to land your W without the stun and also enemies can react if they aren't stunned.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start
    Confident if you think you will win Start
    VS Bad AD Matchup
    Skill Shot Dodging Start
    Against Heavy Harass/Poke
    2nd option Vs poke

Core Items

    Nice defensive buy in a bad lane match up, always buy this 1st or 2nd item.
    Magic Pen boots are better than any other boots. Movespeed is important on Veigar. Buy them early
    I usually get this last. its not as good as the other items
    Get this second or first if you don't go with Rod of Ages
    Get this fourth if enemy team has Magic Resist or even third if they are stacking Magic Resist
    Great item to buy after Rod of Ages or Morellonomicon buy to crush enemy laner
    Remember to buy this when you have a full build
    Standard Build
    Highest Possible AP Build
    I don't wanna die Build
    Support Veigar Build

Situational Items

    Take this against AP Bullies like Ahri and Leblanc
    Take this against AD bullies like Zed and Talon
    Grab this if you are absolutely stomping the enemies.
    Not as effective as Rod of Ages and Morellonomicon
    Take this when you are playing Support
    It can be useful with the Movespeed and half of your AP in an auto attack
    Never buy this on Veigar get Morellonomicon
    If you really really need more defense
    Best on Support but if you really need to be tankier get this
    These are fine to buy instead of MR Pen boots if you want shorter cooldowns
    Tank Veigar
    Like the rylais but buy this if 3 or more enemies buy magic resist

---Item Explanations---

Sorcerer Shoes:
These give you a little bit of Magic Pen and Movespeed, Maybe buy Ninja Tabi or Mercury treads if you are losing bad and need more Defense.

Boots of Lucidity:
Buy this if you have no trouble one shotting enemies because you dont need more damage from the Sorcerer Shoes.

Rod of Ages:
Good item at the moment gives you 100 AP tons of health and mana. Its a good buy because it really helps keep you alive with the health and passive heal and also keeps you from running out of mana. buy it early before its to late to stack.

Take this first if you don't want Rod of Ages. This is a great item its cheap for the stats it gives. it gives 100 AP, 20% Cooldown Reduction and more than enough mana. With this and Rod of Ages you won't ever run out of mana and have huge amounts of AP and also you get your spells back much faster with the 20% Cooldown Reduction.

Luden's Echo:
The movespeed it gives helps you run and land your stun more easily and gives a very nice 100 AP with a bit more AoE on the items passive.

Void Staff:
This item is essential if you want to be killing tankier targets with Magic Resist built. If there are no tanks or people with Magic Resist this item could be skipped but there are always people counter building your Ability Power.

Rabadon's Deathcap:
This is a signature item for Veigar because all it gives is Ability Power and lots of it. The passive also amplifies all of your other Ability Power including Scaling AP Runes and the Natural Talent mastery as well as the Ability Power from your passive. So by the time you buy this item it will usually give you between 120 plus an Extra 250 - 300 AP. Or you can buy this straight after your Morellonomicon/Rod of Ages to snowball faster. With this you can reach around 1000 - 1400 Ability Power by the end of the game. Buy it 4th, 5th or 6th item because its 25% bonus AP passive isn't as potent early on, you need more items to get more AP out of it.

Banshee's Veil:
Updated in patch 7.9, Get this item against champions like Ahri, Leblanc and other champions that need a full combo to kill you. For example Ahri is going to have a hard time killing you because she loses a spell off her combo and can no longer easily one shot you because of how squishy you are. Not so good against poke and sustained damage dealers like Xerath or Ziggs. Replace Luden's Echo for this if you are getting caught out.

Zhonya's Hourglass:
This item got nerfed really bad but its still a viable pickup in the right situation. The Active ability on this item is so great against all in like Zed and his ultimate or to buy time for your team to back you up. Get this if the entire enemy team is AD or you are losing to an AD mid laner. Replace the Luden's Echo for this item if you went for Rod of Ages.

Archangel's Staff:
This item isn't as good on Veigar anymore because Morellonomicon and Rod of Ages got buffed. It has a nice Active Ability that shields you for some damage but it takes time to charge up and it costs more than Rod of Ages and Morellonomicon with a worse build path.

Lich Bane:
This item gives 50% of your ability power on auto attack after using a spell. So if you have for example 1000 AP your auto attack deals 500 damage its like another spell in his burst rotation. it gives nice stats with the Movespeed, AP, Cooldown Reduction and a bit of mana. Its great for pushing towers down really fast but the reason its not bought often is because there are probably better items to buy.

Mejai's Soulstealer:
Don't buy this if you aren't winning the game hard you will just lose your Ability Power and it becomes a terrible item BUT if you are getting so many kills and not dying its excellent. It gives 20 AP for a kill plus the 5 AP Veigar gets from his passive or 10 AP for an assist. At 15 Stacks it gives 10% movespeed, Veigar loves movespeed and when fully stacked (25 Stacks) it gives 145 AP all up which leads to a lot of fun but if you die you lose 50 AP... which why you only buy this when you are far ahead.

Rylai's Crystal Sceptre:
Since it's nerf it isn't nearly as good on Veigar as it was. The only real use for the slow would be to kite and run away because you have your stun as a catching tool already. If you need more defensive items than offensive items i would take this instead of Luden's Echo. I find Rylai's is more of an item for support Veigar because he doesn't have the time to stack a Rod of Ages and the slow is more suited for the support style.

Frost Queens Claim:
The support Veigar item, buy this for the passive gold and the active slow helps you chase and stun for an easy kill for you or your adc. I personally prefer this over Sightstone on Veigar support because i believe in being a full AP "support" thug. Or just keep the 3303.png dont upgrade it and sell it late game.

Liandry's Torment:
This is the replacement item for Rylai's Crystal Scepter, it gives magic penetration that Rylais doesn't buy this against magic resist stacking enemies. The percentage health burn on this item isn't suited for a burst mage but the base stats are still nice.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Heimerdinger
  • Karma
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana




Veigar vs Ahri is mostly a skill match up what you want to do is play passive dodge her abilities don't over extend farm Q and when you have ult and have shopped you should be able to kill her with one or two combos. you need to know when to swap from passive to aggressive. She can be a little bit hard to stun with her 3 dash ultimate so aim carefully.

Buy a Banshee's Veil against her so she has a hard time killing you.




Akali can easily bully you early game with her Q and having no mana, and her W can jump over your stun cage so she can assassinate you easily at level 6 with a full combo. You should build tank and resistance against her, like banshee's veil and then rod of ages.




Anivia is a really annoying match for Veigar. This is because she can poke him out of lane or even kill him with her high sustained damage available from even level 2 and also because of Anivia's passive that basicly gives her a second health bar, meaning you can burst her with your full combo but if she has her passive up you have to kill her again and you ahve just used all your spells to kill her. You will probably need to buy Abyssal Sceptre and/or Rod of Ages. Try to dodge her Q and play aggressive every now and again to get her passive down.




Annie and Veigar are very similar in the way they both have AoE stuns and are both nuke mages. But Veigar scales better in the late game than Annie does in my opinion. This is mostly a skill match-up so keep your distance when her stun is ready and beware of her flash Ult combo. You need to stun her before she stun you in order to win.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol can't really outburst Veigar or poke him to stop Veigar farming. Just get to level 6 and try kill him. Aurelion Sol can be quite tanky with his item builds but Veigar can easily kill him with his combo. Take Movespeed Quints in this match up to try avoid his starts.




It comes down to who the better player is in this match up. Azir can annoy you with his soldiers long range and give you a hard time farming or maybe even kill you, but because he is such a squishy opponent if he messes up and takes a little bit to much harass or takes to many stuns he is an easy target. You want to farm until about level 5 then harass him to around 3/4 of his health and as soon as you hit level 6 he will be low enough to die from a full combo.




Typically Brand players will want to use there spells on the enemy rather than minions, so Brand will probably just harass you from long range with his W and won't let you stack your Ability Power. Brand also has a pretty big amount of burst damage so you need to stop wasting Q on minions and harass him as much as you can before he kills you. You will probably need your ultimate to kill him, unless you took the Ignite summoner spell you may be able to kill him even before level 6.




Cassiopeia deals so much damage with her Q and then E combo. You need to really keep your distance in this match up. Just stay as far back but close enough to max range Q minions and hit level 6 with a good amount of passive stacks. You need to stun Cassiopeia with your E and not just let her walk free in the middle of the cage or she will probably kill you. Just put your stun down drop your spells and get away from her again.




Diana can be difficult to beat because she deals so much damage with her Q, R and then R again combo. She also has a shield which makes trading and killing her very difficult. 

In this match up you should stack with Q until you reach level 6 and have a bit of AP from passive then you need to be aggressive but be careful if Diana hits you with Q she can easily kill you and avoid your stun, Diana's Q always goes to the right so move up when you want to try dodge her Q. Diana can't jump your stun with her ultimate.




Ekko vs Veigar is mostly a skill match up. He can be annoying to face because his ultimate can cancel your ultimate. But if you are better than him you can just stun him and he should take heavy damage from your combo. Just farm until you are level 4 and have 2 poits in Q and 1 point in W and start to harass him.




Fizz is one of those champions that hard counters Veigar. The reason is because his E can jump right through your stun cage and it makes him untargetable, meaning he can not only jump through your stun but he can dodge your ultimate and every other spell you have as well. Fizz is also a burst mid mage and he can easily kill you if he lands his ultimate and ignites and there is not much you can do to stop him, you should keep your distance from him when he has his ultimate and has bought an item. You should stay max range with your Q from minions and just farm as safely as you can, you can kill him if you poke him down a bit with your spells but if you can't lad your stun right on him he will always either jump out with E or ultimate you and jump onto you and kill you. In this match up you should buy tanky AP items like Rod of Ages and Banshee's Veil so he cant just ult you and kill you from long range.




Galio is very annoying early game with his Q for poke but if you buy magic penetration items and dodge his E he cant do much more to you. because of his magic damage shield and usually build magic resist he takes a lot more spell rotations to kill.




Heimerdinger isn't much of a lane bully so for Veigar it is really easy to scale by stacking your passive and also you can Q his turrets from outside there attack range for even more stacks. Heimerdinger is good against mid laners that need to go right in to fight him because his turrets do all the damage for him, but as Veigar you can poke and burst him from a safe distance. 




Karma players usually bully and poke hard in mid lane, also she has her ultimate at level 1 so she has a pretty powerful early game. When you play against her you want to really try dodge her Q because she doesn't have much damage aside from that, stay far behind minions because her Q does good AoE damage and you get damaged as well. After you have shopped and have either a 1026.png or 3108.png/3802.png you have enough damage to poke and get her low for a kill with your ultimate, but if the Karma is good she will heavily shield your harass with her E and it makes her very hard to kill. Always remember when you are going for a kill if her shield is up or not.




Karthus in my opinion is a weak champion at the moment and is easy to beat when you have decent range and can dodge his Q. Against him you should prioritize a bit of Movespeed into your build first, get 3020.png and 3113.png then build normally. Just harass him with stun then W and Q and stay a bit away from him so he can't fight back easily and when he is low you can easily finish him with your full combo and run away from his death passive.




Kassadin is very weak before level 6 but with is ultimate he is a nightmare for Veigar. You are not much of an early lane bully playing Veigar so Kassadin doesn't have much problem hitting level 6 safely. Kassadin will just jump over your stun with his ultimate and harass you, his Q gives him a Magic Damage shield so he is pretty beefy and hard to kill. This match up is really bad and you need to just stay safe far away from him and farm with Q. If you manage to harass Kassadin without him jumping away with R you can kill him with a full ultimate combo, but its not going to happen much unless the Kassadin is really bad.

Prioritize tankiness over full damage in this lane.




Another champion who has a blink gap closer. Katarina does a ton of damage even without many items and the only spell you have to stop her ultimate is your E. Playing against her you can trade with her but it is very hard because she does more damage than you usually and landing a stun on her is really tough. Katarina is also a lane bully so she is going to give you a hard time trying to farm and stack minions with your Q. If you can't harass or trade with her because she keeps dodging your spells, just farm minions and wait for a power spike, but if you can harass and get her low you can zone her away from minions and farm or kill her with your ultimate.




This match up either goes one way or the other, you both snowball pretty hard so whoever gets a kill first will usually take over the lane. You both have even trading, her jumps can't go through your stun so you are quite safe if you trap her in the cage and then just hit her with your Q and W and when she is low enough full combo with ultimate to kill her. If you are losing because she trades better than you she will burst you down easily with her high damage, your stun is the only thing that keeps you safe so if you can't stop her she will easily kill and bully you with her high mobility and burst. Another lane worth buying Banshee's Veil in.




Lissandra is pretty good at poking with her Q and E and she is also powerful in close range. I say Lissandra is hard because if she is played properly she will really be hard to beat. She usually builds tanky AP items like 3027.png and 3001.png which makes her hard to kill and she has so much CC to lock down targets. If the Lissandra is good she will poke and bully you early game, try zone you from farming Q and giving you no opportunity to kill her with her blink gap closer E and free Immunity with her R. But if she isn't that good she will be out ranged by you and easily be harassed because her E takes time to travel away. In this match up test what kind of player she is, if you are winning trades keep going get her low and kill her with ultimate, but if she can beat you in trades you might want to stay back, farm and not feed.




Lux can out range you, one shot you from far far away and poke and harass you without taking damage back and to top it off she has a shield to reduce your damage. A good idea would be to buy either movespeed items like 3020.png and 3113.png or get a 3102.png early or you will just be poked down low trying to farm minions and be ulted by Lux and killed. Try farm minions without getting bullied at max range and if Lux gets to close you can fight and trade with her.




Malzahar is a pretty easy lane but certainly don't underestimate him. You want to stack and farm your Q and when you've got enough items break his passive shield, go in for a full combo and you should be able to kill him.




Just because Morgana has a Crowd Control shield she counters you. Any Morgana smart enough to block your stun will never be caught in a trade combo from you. Not only does she ignore your stun but she ignore your Q and W with the magic damage shield. You can still deal enough damage with enough AP to kill her mid game if you bait her shield cooldown out. Just dodge her Q snare and you wont be bullied out of lane or killed and dont get close enough for her to ultimate and CC chain you.

Countering Veigar Back to Top

Veigar is a fun and powerful champion to play, but i feel as though he has more counterplay than some other champions do. The main reason behind this is because most of his damage is revolved around his ability to stun the enemy in place, and also only his ultimate is actually point and click damage so it is possible you will deal tons of damage or none at all when you miss everything, also he is a squishy champion with no gap closer so he is easily assassinated.

Basically any champion with a blink gap closer like Zed or Kassadin can slip right through your stun and kill you very quickly because once again, you are not a tank. Even if you dont have a gap closer to get past Veigar's stun if you have flash available it is incredibly easy to flash out of the stun cage avoid veigardarkmatter.png  and kill or escape from him.

Even if you are against somebody with no gap closer and they have flash down, there are 4 major items which make Veigar miserable.
3102.pngBanshee's Veil: Has now been update to have its stats swapped with Abyssal Scepter but the passive spell shield is still there. This makes playing Veigar so much harder because any mid laner can buy this and they now have a way to walk out of your stun and also magic resist to try survive your burst and still AP to fight you back with. This item is the biggest counter to Veigar up to date but fortunately only AP champions will buy it now. If you can't beat them, join them i say, meaning you will also need to buy this item if your opponent does.

3139.png3140.png Quicksilver Sash: Kind of like a banshee's Veil but you can choose when you want to use it, essentially what this item does against Veigar is when you have this up Veigar may as well not have veigareventhorizon.png and as i mentioned before he loses a lot of catch potential without his stun.

3814.png Edge of Night: This is exactly like banshee's Veil but is a better option when you are playing any kind of AD champion. Just activate this item before you are about to go in and as long as you dont get your shield popped before you get to Veigar he can't touch you. This item is all about you get more damage and they lose an entire spell, its really over-powered right now and an insanely good buy.

3156.png3155.png Hexdrinker: Not quite as oppressive against Veigar but, if you are playing mid against a Veigar you should always buy this first item, no question about it. The item passively grants a magic damage shield when you take a certain amount of magic damage, so when Veigar goes for an all in attempt at bursting you, he won't usually calculate the shield from this as well as the amount of health you have and it will usually just stop him from killing you entirely. This item is really great against high amount of magic damage champions in any scenario.

Honourable Mentions:
Obviously any kind of Magic Resistance is a counter to Veigar but because you can buy Magic Penetration there is a way to fight back, that's why these items aren't as good as the others i listed but they are still good.
First there is Mikael's Crucible, only supports should buy this item, it's great against hard CC and if the support is fast enough they can buy this and save an ally from Veigar's stun and burst combo.

Spirit Visage is just another vsing AP tank item, if you are playing a tank top, jungle or support you can buy this and Banshee's Veil to seriously short out Veigar's damage and because if you are a tank you wont be buying items that give AD like Hexdrinker, Edge of Night or Quicksilver Sash.

Lastly Abyssal Scepter, this item was changed in patch 7.9 to a full tank item. It no longer gives AP but health instead, it's now pretty much just like the Spirit Visage for champions who don't need the increased healing.

In summary if you want to beat Veigar just buy some of the above items and use them correctly, if you really want to ruin his game get more than one maybe even 3 or all of them. Playing Veigar against these items feels really helpless because there is nothing you can do as a Veigar other than buy a Void Staff for magic penetration, but it doesn't matter when these items block an entire spell anyway, apart from the Hexdrinker. Other than that just pick a champion who has an ability in there kit that can just jump over his stun cage, playing any champion is hard when it feels like you are down an ability because of an advantage the enemy has.
I Think winning games on Veigar will be harder the higher rank you are playing at just because players will know how to counter and abuse him, this is the same for any champion but like i said before some champions are more exploitable than others and Veigar is a very exploitable champion, This is why you dont really see Veigar at the top of tier lists.

Strategy Back to Top

As long as you take the right masteries, runes and build properly you will be able to play Veigar well. Veigar is a late game scaling mage and his early game isn't very strong so you need to be patient get Ability Power and then switch from passive farming to aggressive bullying and killing. Mid game if you stack your Q well you will be able to kill squishies with a stun W Q and R combo. Even if you dont get kills at the start you still overpower the enemy because you always scale harder than they do. Late game you should be easily killing any champions without health or magic resist, you can push towers hard with your ability powered auto attack. Pick off high priority targets in team fights and secure objectives. Veigar W does more than smite with 800 Ability Power this makes stealing dragons and barons quite easy.

Early game:
Veigar can't one shot or get kills reliably in the early game so what you should focus on is stacking your passive with Q. Evenly thin the minions to have about 10% of their health left and kill 2 with one Q. Keep farming until you have 900 gold and are level 5, recall buy a 3802.png or 3108.png then harass your enemy with stun W on them and Q. After the first combo wait until you have your cooldowns back and go for a second rotation of spells but this time ultimate for the kill at the end. In hard lane match ups you need to change your build order to defensive first so you dont die over and over and snowball the enemy, basically you hang on and out scale them and win the late game, buy defensive items based on who you are against like 3157.png 3102.png and 3027.png you deal less damage but it's better than dying and losing the game.

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