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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png is a must for 45.png, and almost any other mid laner. 

After that, you can pretty much go anything you want depending on the matchup. 

3.png is the spell I most commonly take, to reduce the enemy mid's all-in damage, as well as reduce their armor and MR for the surprise early kills. This also helps if the enemy adc gets fed off laning phase. Good as well if their jungler has a lot of burst damage such as 107.png or 121.png.

1.png is good against champions like 127.png45.png85.png, who have a lot of hard CC in their kits. Also useful if their ADC is 22.png

21.png is good against champions with just a bunch of straight up burst but might be too far away to exhaust such as 115.png134.png99.png

6.png if you really need to dodge skillshots such as against 101.png or 110.png, or if they go 6.png, it is good to match so that they cannot just run you down. 

14.png is taken when you really need the grievous wounds, such as against 8.png36.png, or if you are extremely aggressive and want a pre-6 kill. 

7.png if you would like to provide some more utility for your team, and maybe help out the jungler during an invade.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

A lot of these masteries are personal preference. However, in my hundreds of 45.png games, this is what I experience to be optimal. I will explain and explore some of the more controversial masteries below. 

I chose Fresh Blood over Feast and Expose Weakness because although you don't trade very often (you will often get out-traded because of your scaling rune set-up), whenever you do, you want it to hurt as much as possible. If you want to sacrifice the damage, the sustain from Feast could be good, but never take Expose Weakness on 45.png mid, as you are the one who wants to and needs to do as much damage as possible. 

To this end, I think that Natural Talent is better than Vampirism. Vampirism isn't great on Veigar because his veigarbalefulstrike.png and veigardarkmatter.png are AOE, which would only apply 0.67% spell vamp, which is nothing compared to 15 AP and 10 AD late-game. The AP stacks with 3089.png, and the AD helps to last-hit. 

I think Wanderer is better than Savagery because of the added mobility, but if you are having a lot of difficulty last-hitting, as 45.png's auto attacks are not as smooth as an ADCs, feel free to take Savagery. 

Assassin is a must as every single damage counts when you are going all-in for the kill 1v1. However, this is again personal preference. If you buy a lot of potions (which I don't buy too many), then feel free to take Secret Stash for the increased healing as well as mana. Runic Affinity is good if you are duo-ing with your jungler and he agrees to give you most of the blue buffs. 

I 100% recommend you take Merciless, because Meditation doesn't give you enough mana regen to solve your mana problems, and just lessens your damage. 

Dangerous Game is the source of almost all the 1v2 outplay montages that we watch on Youtube, and I owe many a life to Dangerous Game. If you are low at the onset of a teamfight, this will help you sustain through as you start bursting people down. 

Precision vs. Intelligence is one that I thought about for a while, and I have tried both, but in my experience, because Veigar gets so much AP, the magic pen given by Precision is just invaluable. Precision especially helps your early game all-ins. I noticed I was doing much much more damage with Precision, and Intelligence will just aggravate your mana problems if you are throwing too many abilities early. 

Thunderlords is what I normally go, but Stormraiders Surge is also very good on 45.png, as it can help you burst someone and zip back to the safety of your team, but I find that Thunderlords is very good for trades and all-ins. 

Abilities Back to Top


Level veigarbalefulstrike.png whenever possible to reduce cooldown and increase damage. 

At Level 2, you can take either veigardarkmatter.png or veigareventhorizon.png. Take veigardarkmatter.png  to give you more wave control if you are trying to aggressively push in the minions or if they are aggressively pushing in their minions. Level veigareventhorizon.png if your jungler is coming to gank for you early, or you suspect that their jungler might gank you at level 2. This is your main engage and survival tool. If you don't level it at level 2 and their jungler comes, you will be in a bad spot. 

Level 3, I like to level veigarbalefulstrike.png again, to help last hit and increase the number of veigarpassive.png stacks I get. However, in some extreme circumstances, I will level whichever veigardarkmatter.png or veigareventhorizon.png that I haven't level'd yet, if the jungler insists on coming, or if I really need the wave control. 

Now, the old 45.png skill order was to get 1 point in veigardarkmatter.png before leveling veigareventhorizon.png to 3, and then maxing veigardarkmatter.png. It was very unique, and I would recommend this for those who are new to 45.png. However, as you get better, you will be able to hit your veigardarkmatter.png with just a level 1 veigareventhorizon.png, so you can go ahead and level veigardarkmatter.png for better waveclear and more damage. It's also surprising how much more burst you get with the 1 point in veigardarkmatter.png at level 8. 

However, use your judgement. If you have fed a lot of kills and are very weak, but have strong teammates, it might be wise to max veigareventhorizon.png first for the teamfight utility and peeling power. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start for most AP mid. Doran's Ring gives good mana regen and stats for its price.

Core Items

    I always get Sorcerer's Shoes, because I think that the 15 magic pen is invaluable, but some arguments can be made for Ionian Boots, as they get you to 40% CDR, as well as reduce summoner spell cooldown, and are cheaper.
    You will need a mana/mana regen item in order to keep up your Q stacking. Pick one of these, depending on your play-style.
    This item is a must-buy for its synergy with Veigar's passive.
    This item is also a must buy. Everyone on the enemy team will start building lots of MR to counter you, but this will help you continue to one shot them. The more AP your have, the more efficient magic pen is.
    Half of buying this item is purely psychological. Once the enemy sees that you have a Guardian Angel, they will focus you much less, because they will think that they cannot kill you. This, rather than the actually revival, has saved me more times than I can count.

Situational Items

Here is the build order. First you start with 1056.png like any other mage. 

Next you will need a mana item. This is all personal preference, but either 3010.png,3070.png, or 3802.png3070.png will stack and completely rid you of your mana problems, 3010.png is a bit tankier and will give you more health sustain, but it is not as good as the other options in terms of mana (by personal experience). 3802.png only if you plan on upgrading to 3165.png, which you should only need/want if you only manage to put 20% scaling CDR in your runes, or otherwise need CDR or the grievous wounds. With the introduction of 3123.png, mages like 45.png no longer have to build 3165.png if the enemy team has 8.png or 36.png, which allows for more flexible builds. 

Your first back should be around 1k gold, as that is about how long your mana will last you. If you have 300g to spare, try to pick up 1001.png for extra mobility for skill-shot dodging and better roaming and faster getting back to lane. 

Your second back should be around lvl 6-8. At this point, you are still stacking veigarpassive.png, but the opponent mid and jg are already pretty strong. Many champs like 103.png1.png99.png107.png59.png69.png112.png161.png238.png7.png64.png etc can very easily one shot you, so you want some defensive stats. Identify the biggest threat to you, be that the enemy mid or the jg (or possibly someone else), and build either 1031.png if they are AD or 1057.png if they are AP. This, combined with the scaling health seals that we brought earlier will render you un-1-shottable. If you are still alive after their combo, most of the time you can turn around and 1-shot them, as you will have more AP than them at the same item points. If you believe in your ability to stay out of harms way, then you can skip buying 1031.png or 1057.png

At this point, if you have 3070.png, go straight into finishing 3020.png and then 3089.png and then 3135.png

If you bought 3010.png, upgrade to 3027.png or 3030.png, and then go into 3020.png3089.png3135.png

If you bought 3802.png, finish 3165.png, and then  go into 3020.png3089.png3135.png

At around the time you finish your first big AP buy, you should be able to one-shot the enemy mid and ADC (and support if they are squishy). You should be able to chain together a few kills from levels 7-11 and then very rapidly get to 3089.png. At this point, and possibly even before, they will start building MR, but you will be ahead of the curve by building 3135.png

After these core damage items, you can pretty much deal with anyone on the enemy team in one spell rotation, unless they are an extremely fed tank. Thus, it is important now that you focus on survivability. You finish your 3026.png, so even if they do manage to get onto you, you have another life. However, because of this item, people will be much less willing to focus you, even though you are the primary target. This hidden psychological effect of this item is incalculable, and has saved me many more times than the actual effect of the item. 

After that, you can build whatever you want. 
3285.png for more movement speed and burst. 
3151.png if they are very tanky. This also gives you more health yourself, which goes along great with your 3026.png
3100.png for that final 10% CDR and insane turret taking potential due to all your veigarpassive.png stacks. 
3001.png I dont really like this buy, because ideally you would want to stay farther away than 700 units, but if they are diving onto you with high magic damage and your team would benefit from 10% increased magic damage, by all means get this. This also gives you your last 10% CDR.
3157.png is great if they have heavy AD dive, like 107.png or 121.png, or if they have Zhonyas-able abilities, like kennenshurikenstorm.png or luxmalicecannon.png
3102.png if you really need to stay safe in case of a 53.png or 412.png or the like late-game. 
3027.png vs 3030.png I've recently really taken a liking to 3030.png. Although 3027.png is one of the best items in the game for 45.png based purely on stats, the active of 3030.png allows you to burst multiple squishies on the enemy team without using your veigarr.png. When you get 3030.png, huge bursts of damage can be achieved much earlier in the game, really good for getting picks that you otherwise would not have gotten.
3116.png was just nerfed in 6.24, but it still gives you a lot of tankiness and AP, which is good, and it gives you a slow on your low CD veigarbalefulstrike.png, which makes it much easier to kite and peel. 

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Fizz




This is one of Veigar's hardest matchups. His burst along with his mobility with fizze.png allow him to easily dodge your veigareventhorizon.png and thus your combo. That being said, if he ever blows his fizze.png, feel free to combo him for damage. I like to back early and buy both 3010.png and 1057.png to prevent him from so easily solo killing me. I like to go 3.png, as it lessens kill pressure significantly. Be sure to warn your team when he roams, as he will try to snowball off them. If you get out of laning phase even, it's a massive win against 105.png

Wrap-Up Back to Top

This was my first guide, and I would love to get some feedback and hear what you guys think about how I could make this guide better. Please feel free to ask questions as well!

I haven't had the time yet, but I plan on adding a section detailing how the lane should be played, and what item builds are the best. 

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