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Currently, I'm Dia-V in Flex and -- after fighting hard -- Dia V in Solo, So I hope I can give u advices to climb to Gold+, too ;)

But lets start with a warning: "There's no such thing as a free lunch."
Means: Climbing needs effort. Are you willing to spend it?

Yes? Then lets get started:

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Most important introduction ^^ Back to Top

What we dont want -- and sry for beeing a bit rude -- is to: stagger clueless around the map, throwing abilities on the enemy hoping he may go down. Thats deep bronze and fine for: I want to chill after work or: Im drunk and it's late in the evening; hell, lets play a round LOL.
If you want to improve you HAVE TO THINK. Everyone can do it, but it still takes a surprising amount of effort.
I want to chill after work will not result in improving.
So: What do you want? A real live? A Dia-account? A distraction after work? Both?
It's all perfectly fine, but if u play for distraction and then getting depressed cause u loose it's just dump.
For "Both" I reccomend to play eighter Solo or Flex for climbing, and the other one for distraction.

"I dont want to read novels and I want to improve NOW"
- buy pink wards
- Farm extraordinary well
- Mute the whole team at the beginning of the game

"That can't be all; Pls tell me more"

--> Lets go on ;)

Learn how to learn. Not that easy though. (Main section) Back to Top

There are 3 categories you need to be at least ok with:

- Are you blaming your teammates? With thoughts or in chat? Cause thats just stupid and incoherent.
--> You think they are just ***** and deserve ***********. But why the heck do you give them advises to become better? You wish them *******, but try to improve their ranked? LEL, thats so damn cute, boys (and girls).... :DD
- Are you just not-blaming, and silent? This is ok, but not the best. Type a "hi" or "good evening", defend chat-harrassed buddys and try to hold your team together -- your winrate will thrive just cause of that. If they dont listen and u notice u are becoming exhausted; just mute the entire team and go on.
- Dont surrender. Why surrender? They will most likely overextend with a lead (even in Dia+) and you can try to abuse that. Even if you will loose for sure (4vs5), you can still have fun and improve at playing LOL.

- How fast are you able to cast your spells? (Animation cancel! Mid-animation Flash!)
--> try out my 2 cute clips:
- How easily can you land your skillshots and track your cooldowns?
- How damn well can you FARM?   <-- if u can farm extraordinary well, you will get out of Bronze just cause of that.
- Are you able to freeze and zone the enemie mechanically?

KNOWLEDGE -- Close combat (mostly laning)
- How good do you know what your enemie can/can't do with his kit at which stage of the game?
- Which cooldowns of him must be down to be able to trade/all-in him? (Like Braum Shield or Riven Q etc.)
- Do you know how he will react and can you therefore force him to do what YOU want?
- Do you know when and why to freeze/zone?
- How good are you in tracking crucial cds in messy fights? And acting accordingly?

KNOWLEDGE -- Over the entire map
- Do you know when, WHY and how to rotate through your team and the map? Like jgl defending mid-recall; bot swapping mid after outer turret, defending top as mid after toplane tp to bot and stays there for a while?
- Do you look every 6-10s on the minimap without getting distracted and/or loosing farm? Pretty hard but rewarding
- Do you ping instantly, if your enemy leaves lane after pushing you to the tower?
- Do you track your and their jgl? D.u. think about their pathways to predict and therefore prevent/enable ganks?
- Do you ward (including pink ward) accordingly to help bot/top from your opponent's roams?
- How often do you press TAB and look at your opponents items? And do you act accordingly? (qss...)
- Do you know when, why and how to take Baron/Towers/Drakes?
- Do you know where, why and when to ward specific places? And do you actually think about it?
- Do you know which trades are worth (Inhibi for 3 kills, inner for outer turret, etc) and act accordingly?
- If your team dies and the enemy is taking Baron/Dragon: Can you get sth back? At least a turret? Or a Drake?

- I watch the replays after my games and record every damn single death.
--> after a day or two, I rewatch them and rename (like death_Veigar_HARD OVERSTAY or ..._poor execution)
Now u got a list. Why are you dying?

- U missed a skillshot? Like a Veigar-E on a stunned enemy or a Nautilus hook on terrain?
--> Go to practice tool and reck the hell out of the mistake ^^

If you are ok with these points, you are at least good Gold -- or hard-overestimating urself.
Go and watch some pro or, better, some Dia-guy-games. Just add the guys who main your main and spectate their games.

If you now know, where you lackluster, I achieved my goal ;)
You can now go on youtube and search for specific vidios, or check out my Q/A below.

Good luck and don't forget to have fun on the Rift!
I play LOL cause it tells me damn much about myself. Why are you playing?

Thesis: Learning LOL is like a baby getting mature (New) Back to Top

There are a lot of parrallels between a baby getting mature and LOL.

Scientifically speaking, it is possible to extend the body consciousness (you can easily met your fingertips behind your back) to extern matter. Like a Samurai and his sword, a sniper and his rifle. A racer and his car. The feeling "being one" or "on same wavelength".
To a certain amount, this is also possible in LOL, exp. for onetricks.
It is no longer like you piloting your champ, but you beeing your champ.

Anyway, lets get the analogy started:
Baby1: What does a newborn baby know about his/her body? Nearly nothing. What does it do? Just moving.
LOL:  How did you started LOL? You threw your abilities ~randomly around.

Baby2: Next step: There's a rattle over the baby. What does it do? Try to grap it.
LOL:  You saw a target in your former days. What did you do? Shooting some abilites at it.

Small kid: It tries to build a tower with cluncy fingers. Sometime it works, sometime everything crushes.
LOL: You try to jgl 5 camps bevore recalling. Sometimes you have a lot of HP left, sometimes execute...

Kid: Somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and smartphone addicted-couch potato. Nothing seems to be really important, Minor stuff is live-dependent important. Incoherent. Starting to make really good stuff.
LOL: High bronze to Gold: Just playing around. partly Alice, the other part temptated by easy rewards. At the crossrow. Everything is possible.

Teen: Goes yolo through the life. Pretty good at many points, some insights in the future, but very inexperienced in other parts.
LOL: Gold+: Decent laning, decent fights. Warding? Map play? Team coordination? Respecting the enemies? Only few of these.

Young Man: Is good and knows it. Studying to develope further, getting backbone, not using too many drugs.
LOL:  Plat - Dia V: You respect the enemy and decently know what you can do and what they can do. Still, the playstyle is a bit incoherent. There are many blind spots, some of them you don't even know.

Fallen young man: Failes with the study. Work at minimum wages, drugs, depression. Ping-ponging between I'm young and strong, and The world hates me and I'm useless. Getting older, mostly mentally but physically, too. 30th coming -- what have I reached? -- F** that, *drinking the next bottle*
Getting out of the morass, falling back. Too shy and ashamed to ask for professinal help (Just do it!!). A fallen star, fading into the darkness...
LOL: Any elo, hardstuck. Is excellent in specific points, but eighter careless or overeager with tunnel vision. Does not respect the enemies for sure. Ping-poinging between 10/3 and surrender@5:30; between the play of the year and a mind full of wax and fog, between flaming the team and falling silent, tunnelvision, mind full of fog.

Workman: Mature, feeling mature. Experienced in broad fields, future planned, married. Likes to work, but is not overeager. Has found its place in the world. Is a tiny wheel in a big clock and happy with that.
LOL: Gold-high Dia. Playing for fun, playing consistently good without pressure. Playing happy. Playing fancy stuff and laughing if it fails. Supporting his friend's climbing ambitions, but just for a specific time. Just chilling with 9 random guys after work. Having fun on the rift. Playing happy. Just happy.

Genius: Everything comes to him. All aims are easy for him. The world is a big playground.
LOL: LOL (music)movies/lore.
--> No, you arent. No one is. These stories are lies. Just lies. Champions do fall. Regularly. Beeing the best is always hard work. The second best is always damn good, too! You have to respect that, or you will fail very early.

Master artist: The artistic man catches a tiny fly with just two fingers. The archer shoots the apple. The samurai cuts it. The Aikido master lay you on the mat. They worked hard for this and reached (near)-perfection
LOL: You are completely outplaying your opponent, flawless techniques. But somehow still not happy.

Impressive Master: The true Martial artist does not hurt or even danger you while laying you flat on the mat. The modern warlord does not start a fight. The old monk does show you the fine details patiently over and over again.
LOL: Worlds, or even higher style: The profane skills, combos, etc are not the high aim, but the starting point. It's all about When and Where to fight, not How to fight. And even Why to fight. I'm the warlord, but why do I fight? What for? Does it makes any sense? The true master knows the answers. and he acts accordingly.

Think about yourself. Honestly. Where do you belong to? Are you happy while playing? What do you want to reach?

And if you identify with the Fallen young man in real live: Get professional help. Really. I needed it once, too. She just listened, not saying anything relevant; just listened. And it helped me sooo much. Really, just do it.
Even if you identify only with the LOL part, consider it, too. I started with talking over LOL. We came to the more important real-live part pretty soon. Just consider. Take a break. Think. What do you really want?

Q/A Back to Top

"I am stuck despite recking everyone, what can I do?"
- Check your ATTITUDE, theres always room to improve.

"My team sucks --> I loose obviously even if I play 'perfect'"
- Do you rly think a Diamond would play like you?
--> There's always room to improve.

"The enemy is playing a no-brain-champ (Yi, Garen, Veigar...?)--> blame him for loosing"
- You didnt got all points above:
--> the MECHANICS may be simple (Garen...) but what about ATTITUDE and KNOWLEDGE? They are roughly the same for every single champion.

"I am high bronze and can't climp the hell out"
- Fast way to at least silver:
--> improve your ATTITUDE
--> improve your farm and warding
- Slow and steady way to improve hard:
--> Check out the stuff above :P

"I am low gold -- how can I become Platin?"
--> Check out the stuff above, go youtube and practice tool.
--> Think about the two extra points: recording your death and watching pro/Dia-plays

"I played [insert sth. out-of-meta], then stuck and now I'm playing random 'op' stuff"
--> Well; your style wont work. But there are best news:
Hell, if s.o. can become Dia with adc-Ahri, why cant u with toplane Urgot? Or with sth as common as adc Lucian?!?

"I am currently X5 with 0 LP and don't want to risk dropping"
Abuse that there is more than 1 que: Solo AND Flex --> Play the other one and you will climb hard because you can play without fear ;)

"I am getting an headache/tired after 2 games"
You are like me. Solution: same as above ;)    -- play Flex AND Solo/Duo

"I dont have time -- smurf me"
--> Hell, no!
--> Even if s.o. would: You cant do anything after xept boasting about 'your' gold rank and loosing rankeds...

So many answers on your questions.
Now it's your turn!
Why are YOU playing League? Pls tell me in the comment section ;)
I play LOL cause it tells me damn much about myself.

KEY THESES Back to Top

These are my key thesis that helped me raiding from Gold to Dia skipping multiple divisions:

- There's no free lunch --> You have to spent effort to climb. Are you willing to do it? Is it worth? Why are you playing?
--> You need not play by any means. Some fun games and REAL LIVE is way better then any rank.

- Do YOU want to improve, or do you want your 'mates' to improve?
--> YOU want? Why are you even bother to chat/flame/give your feeding mates advices then? So irrational and human :DD

- Everyone. Can. Climb. With every single Champion. In every single role. To Platinum. At Least.    
--> s.o. did it with adc Ahri or jgl Veigar; So why can't you? Play your mains not random ***.

- Abuse that there are 2 ques: Flex and Solo. Play both and you don't risk your rank.

- Why are you playing LOL?
--> That's not an easy question, but the true answer will help you more than you could possibly imagine.

Guys: No, just no. Back to Top


"I have no live/real live sucks; I just play LOL but suck and 'm stuck --> want to kill myself."

--> You think you are not good at anything? Bullshit!

F*** LOL. Real live rocks WAY harder!
Cmon man! Get ur live back!
You have like 80 years left -- what are going to do? Drowning in a maelstrom of thoughts? No!
YOU are valuable as a person! Get your live back!

Just surf through the internet and ask for professional help.
They will listen to you, hours and hours, regardless what you are telling them and still respect you as a person.
(I needed that once, too)
Not much? You are wrong. It really helps.
Just try it out. What can you loose? Not even money.
Or don't you dare it? :D
Cmon: You will find your place in the world!

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