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Vel'Koz Statistics for Senryakku

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Summoner Spells Back to Top



Vel'koz doesn't really need ignite to secure kills,  14.png may or may not be useful in early games skirmishes, but overall 21.png simply gives more durability to vel'koz. Add to that the fact that vel'koz usually wants to cast his spells from a safe distance and ignite isn't that useful anymore since it's mostly a close range spell.

Barrier allows you to take more damage, bait and counter-attack, it's one of vel'koz best summoners.

I also take 21.png over 7.png as it has a lower cooldown and that I consider heal to be more of a "team" spell, it heals two people for a reason.



If you plan on playing a passive lane and you don't have any problems with trading some defense for more utility... then you can pick 12.png

This spell is perfect for farmers like vel'koz, you shouldn't lose any CS thanks to TP. You can also use it to make some tp plays, just be careful with it as you're a squishy mage, you're not the cavalry !

New Runes Back to Top

Okay so this is what I'd consider a standard tree. Keep in mind this is pre-season and things can change quickly.

Read further below for an explanation for every mastery and keystone that you will use. (unadvised masteries aren't listed)

Sorcery as first tree


Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32Arcane comet: This has a guaranteed 100% hit rate if you proc it with Q or E.
Phase%20Rush.png?width=32Phase rush:  Could be used defensively against some melee match-ups. (just a guess)
Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32Nullifying Orb: Should be used against AP MU or against lots of AP threats.  
Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32Manaflow band: Don't use it if you never have any mana problem or if you play with Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32cookies.
Transcendence.png?width=32Transcendence: 10min might feel late but 10 CDR is still worth it on vel'koz, this is the "stat" line and you just have to make a choice based on your preference here: AP, CDR, or MS. I did run MS quint before but I'm still torn between the two because I used to run both CDR and MS in my old rune page. 
Celerity.png?width=32Celerity: Free MS
Scorch.png?width=32Scorch: you can easily harass so no reason not to take it.

Inspiration as second tree

This is considering the fact that sorcery gives enough power to vel'koz, but most importantly it's because we can make use of some of this tree's perks. 

Biscuit%20Delivery.png?width=32Biscuit Delivery: Pretty good if you're against a match-up requiring sustain.
Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=32 Cosmic insight: stats say it all... CDR is life.
Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical footwear: I just like free MS
Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32Perfect timing: Now I'm not saying this is a zed killer but this thing is definitely handy against assassins or hard gankers.


How to get +24 MS at level 1

Simple, pick Celerity.png?width=64dot-pattern.pngMagical%20Footwear.png?width=64.
Obviously Celerity is completely useless on vel'koz besides the 4% bonus MS, but if you miss your MS quint now you know what to do. 
With luden and boots completed you'll have 443 MS.


"Moar damage" second tree

Go for precision as second tree, and grab Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64Coup de grâce.  
You'll deal 10% moar damage to any target below 40% HP, which is nice. 

For the other rune pick either Triumph.png?width=32Triumph or Presence%20of%20Mind.png?width=32Presence of Mind for the teamfight gains. Presence of mind will definitely be more useful in the laning phase though since you can easily cast a combo which will then cost no mana.

Masteries Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


Skill order

This is pretty much what feels best on vel'koz. Putting more points in W doesn't have much purpose besides better waveclear. At this stage of the game increasing your poke damage is definitely the better option, and you won't be losing any damage by doing so.
Whether you put 5 points in W and 1 point in Q or 3 points in W and 5 points in Q, the damage is the same. Considering the fact that Q is on a much lower cooldown and is far more frequently casted, I believe it is the best skill order for vel'koz : strong wave clear and strong poke at the same time during an important phase of the game.


Vel'koz kill combo 

It's a powerful combo if you can hit with every spell and use your passive to its fullest.
  • Q = 1 passive tick, use it to harass, slow, farm or kill using geometry. The mana refuns on Q is almost like an Annie Q refund... really don't hesitate to mostly farm with it if you don't want to push the lane too much.
  • W = 2 passive tick, use it to harass, farm/push, apply passive on multiple ennemies or in lane through minions.
  • E   = 1 passive tick, use it to disable your target and land your combo. Can also be used to farm since it doesn't cost much mana.
  • R  Applies 5 ticks in 2.5 seconds ( one tick every 0,5 seconds ), this spell alone is enough to activate your passive. 

Simple spells combos

These ways of using your spells are pretty obvious but I think it can still be good to show them for vel'koz beginners 


  • Engage combo : hit with Q to slow then E. It is best though to follow up an engage will vel'koz, not to make it happen unless you feel like you can take risks.

Tips and tricks : 

  • Q can hit up to three targets, useful for farming and randomly hitting champions : 7IiFKe9.gif
  • W is often useful to proc that last passive tick since it is fairly large and less likely to miss.
  • E can be used to stop some mobility spells like Amumu's Q.
  • W  gives vision for a very short time DGQxCcp.gif
  • It's sometime better to wait for some enemies to blow up their spells before ulting. You don't want to ult and be stopped 0,25 sec later. 
  • Play vel'koz supp if you want to train your Q aim.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Make sure to read the "author's note" for more details on the builds.

Core Items

    Core items for the early game
    morello asap, then finish boots.
    Core items.
    My build for most games.

Situational Items

    Viable choice if you don't have any CDR runes or to reach 45% CDR.
    vs assassins.
    Increases your flat AP which is an important stat on vel'koz now.
    If you have some spare gold in the early game it's a good buy. Vel'koz can make good use of it since you shouldn't die too often as a backline champion.
    Defensive build, see notes for explanations.
    When you go for a full offense build or will rely on poke rather than all-out burst.
    Against a full AD team, which is pretty damn rare, usually it's because there's a gangplank. This will replace banshee, and it goes nicely with your luden. Just make sure not to use your auto attacks.

Custom item set

You can import this set directly into the client.

{"title":"New Item Set","associatedMaps":[11],"associatedChampions":[161],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"2003","count":2},{"id":"3340","count":1},{"id":"3363","count":1},{"id":"2055","count":1},{"id":"2139","count":1}],"type":"New Block"},{"items":[{"id":"3802","count":1},{"id":"2031","count":1},{"id":"1001","count":1},{"id":"1082","count":1},{"id":"1056","count":1}],"type":"First back (order of priority)"},{"items":[{"id":"3165","count":1},{"id":"3285","count":1},{"id":"3089","count":1},{"id":"3135","count":1}],"type":"Core items"},{"items":[{"id":"3102","count":1},{"id":"3157","count":1}],"type":"Defensive (pick one)"},{"items":[{"id":"3151","count":1},{"id":"3027","count":1},{"id":"3742","count":1}],"type":"Situational"}]}



Builds orders

There are various ways to build vel'koz, and thus different "build orders" as in when to buy what and in which order. Here are some explanations on what I usually buy in my games.

My standard build


  • First we get 3165.png AP, CDR, and mana pool, a balanced mix of stats allowing vel'koz to be better at farming and fighting and simply better all-around.
  • Then we get a mix of 3285.png damage and utility, improving vel'koz mobility, poke and damage.
  • And now it is time to get some 3089.png raw power which is the biggest power spike for 161.png ( right before we dive into the later stage of the game )
You will build these 3 items a lot, and in this specific order. 

Pure damage builds

So if you think you're better off playing without the luden in the midgame and would prefer damage over utility, then here are the builds for you.

3165.png3151.png3135.png  Best value for your poke
3165.png3135.png3089.png  Best value for your ultimate combo

Voidstaff before rabadon because it costs less. Don't get me wrong rabadon has more AP than void, but the 40% penetration from voidstaff is enough to compete with the rabadon. Rabadon is best built when you already have plenty of AP, which isn't the case when you build it as second item. Basically the rabadon only has 10% more power for 1000 more gold as a second item.

Medium defensive builds


This is how you should usually defend yourself. Swap rabadon with voidstaff if you're poor as fuck.


Anti-burst build.


It's a build path I like to do once in a while, and it is surprisingly good at allowing vel'koz to survive the burst of your worst enemies in the midlane.

RoA may be overkill but it's still one of the most cost efficient items in the game, so you can't really go wrong with it. The main downside to going RoA is not getting morello+luden which is to me the best item combo on vel'koz.


3020.png vs 3158.png


- improves your damage ( it's the only purpose of these boots and they do it well ) 


- improves your rate of fire
- allows you to use 21.png and 4.png more often

3158.png also has the advantage of costing 200 less gold.

If you play without CDR runes, 3158.png are a great choice. 


Why Luden  3285.png ?

As you may have noticed after playing vel'koz, we're lacking a bit of options in the mobility department. This is where 3285.png really shines on vel'koz. Providing 100 AP and 10% movement speed + collateral damage on spell impact, it is to me a good and almost mandatory buy on vel'koz. 
With 3285.png and our other MS bonuses, vel'koz is going to peak at ~440 MS, giving him an advantage against slower champions. In conjonction with his spells that can slow and lock down enemies, this allows for better kiting and escape potential.


The Case of 3157.png

I rarely build zhonya on 161.png. The reason for this is very simple, 3157.png is a sub-par damage item. All it gives to vel'koz is 70 AP and there's no passive behind it like 3135.png.  
This isn't the only reason, of course, zhonya is one of the only logical ways to go when you need to defend yourself effectively against some certain threats as an AP carry.  

But here is what happens when you build 3157.png : 

  • You build 3157.png early on, you're getting shit on by the likes of  238.png254.png105.png... I mean, shit happens, you're vel'koz and some match-up and gold disadvantage are too big to recover from. So you build 3157.png, it's cool and all , you get ulted or ganked and you say fuck you : you activate 3157.png and somehow miraculously survive (under your tower). And now you realize that this item has been hardcore nerfed and that you will need to wait 120 seconds for the cooldown while most ultimate only take half this time to go back up. You're not in a very good position. You're also left with bad battle stats. You have no mana pool, no mana regen, and less AP than with a standard item route. Vel'koz is a spammy champion, mana should not be a concern to play this champion, but it will be if you stay on just a doran.
  • You build 3157.png later on, you feel like you need a defensive item 'cause you're dying a bit too much to your liking. Plus it has 10% cooldown reduction so that's cool right? Well no it's not cool at all. I've been using this item enough on vel'koz to realize that it's bad in most cases. Let me tell you what the context will be when you'll activate it....
Context 1 : you've been caught out of position by some random spell, no one to save you, and 2 seconds won't save you either, zhonya has done nothing.
Context 2 : your team is getting engaged by some hard CC like ufslash.pngsejuaniglacialprisonstart.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png and the list goes on... even if you manage to zhonya before you get hit, you're still immobile, if it is their wish the enemy team can still just blow you up when your shiny gold armor disappear.
Context 3 : your team is grouped up and you get caught by an enemy spell. You're playing in soloQ. You're dead. Your team won't save you and then simply proceeds to call you a retard or whatever.

Now in the case that you're playing with a team that actually cares about you, here's the list of champions that I believe zhonya is the most useful against : 

  • 238.png : It has always been its bane, 3157.png is that one item that all zed mains dislike, and for a good reason. If the enemy zed decides to focus you everytime in every team fight, you can buy time by getting it and hoping your team will take care of this pesky ninja.
  • 11.png : Again, here zhonya allows you to buy time against a champion that is very hard to stop by yourself.
  • 107.png121.png84.png56.png35.png91.png, most of these assassins will get to you quickly and zhonya is your best option in this case.

Read more below to know why banshee is my go to defensive item.


About 3102.png


Well, now there is no reason not to build banshee guys ! I had a big wall of text promoting this item, but now that it gives AP it is simply a must have on vel'koz. 
I tend to build 3102.png as a third item before 3089.png if I'm feeling threatened, otherwise, always build it after it.


Items I Don't Build Anymore or Very Rarely.


This item is now pretty much a big no-no on vel'koz mid now, it doesn't provide enough damage for an AP carry like vel'koz and since the change on the passive, only velkozw.png will benefits from this item (the slow from rylai was stronger than vel'koz ultimate when you popped the passive but it is not the case anymore)

Quick recap : 
  • Less AP so not viable to build it all the time
  • Slow only useful on one spell, it's a very niche item for vel'koz now.


Not a bad item, but there is a slot problem here. The only way to include this item in a build is to play without a defensive item : 


This is the build that deals the most damage for vel'koz basic spells by the way! But you are defenseless, so I would only use it if the enemy team cannot touch you.

And the build that ouputs the most damage on vel'koz ultimate is a rather beefy build, but the problem is that it's only really strong late into the game so you have to play with an inferior vel'koz for quite some time. 

The build is as follows : 3020.png3027.png3040.png3165.png3089.png3285.png.  With an elixir, I think you'd have something like 900 AP... your ultimate would be super strong. The downside  is that you have to build 3027.png AND 3003.png early on, which is not very optimal on vel'koz. 
It's a "fun" build that you can try in normal games though !


The build doesn't make the player

Do not believe that because you got the best build then suddenly you're going to win more games. Mastering a champion is what will make you a better gamer. You can simply follow Riot's recommended builds and you'll do fine.

Once you've mastered a champion, then you can start trying new stuff, your own builds. You'll know exactly what to build in which situation. I'd say most builds on one champion aren't that dramatically different. 
It's not because you get this item before this one that suddenly you're going to get your winrate up by 5% ( unless of course the item is broken )

Obviously you still need to follow a certain logic in the choices you make, and I am mostly talking about mages here. For example the difference between a 3135.png and a 3151.png isn't that big in terms of raw power, but they are different in the way you build them and what they provide to you. 

And remember, this whole guide is my point of view, my way of playing vel'koz. There will always be someone to play him differently and I'm certainly not the ultimate vel'koz reference. I'm just sharing my passion for this champion. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Ezreal
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Orianna
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Vel'Koz
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed




Laning isn't super hard, although at level 6 ahri has her defensive and offensive potential increased a lot thanks to her 3 dashes. 

She can dash away from your ult, but at the same time quickly dash towards you and charm you, with the help of her jungler you can die on the spot ( it's a bit harder for her to kill you alone thanks to barrier )

Another important thing to note is roaming, ahri is definitely better than you at doing this, so if you can keep her in midlane, that's good. If you can feel that she went roaming, shove the lane and, taking a safe path, be ready to help bot or top accordingly.
Pink wards, work with your jungler, and buy 1057.png or go for the 3027.png build path if you're getting outplayed.




It's only hard if you manage to let her kill you. Of course, she will be a big threat in teamfights, so you better have a teammate near you to disable her for at least a second, slows won't do much.

In lane you can try to poke her before she got her 6, it's probably the only moment where you can safely kill her, it becomes a bit harder once she got all those dashes. If you ult she can just ult and jump behind you. 

Just like any other assassin try to force her to stay in lane so that she doesn't go roaming.




It's easy as long as you don't get baited for a 4.png infernalguardian.png stun into a wild jungler raping your ass. You can consider using MR runes if you don't feel confident...

Abuse the range of your Q  when she walks towards you, killing annie is actually fairly easy if you can play it right. With 21.png you'll be able to soak up most of her damage and you'll definitely have enough power to kill her with your combo. ( especially if you poked her a bit before the trade ) 

You should try to kill her pre-6 with your jungler if possible as she doesn't have any escape besides flash.
Of course if she gets the advantage then you must play VERY SAFE. Fed annie will kill you no matter what. 

If you rape her in lane, GOOD. Now pay attention and make sure she doesn't roam and kill off your mates. Annie is a no brain champion that will come back in the game if you let her unchecked.




Recently there hasn't been much azir to play against, I do feel like he has the advantage not having his spells blocked by minions, but it's far from being an impossible match-up. You can still farm and you shouldn't actually die to azir in a 1v1 scenario if you play defensively.

If you want to ult, only do it if he's out of range or if he has already used his ult.

Try to play offensively if you think you're better, if you gain the upperhand azir isn't scary at all.



You have the range advantage so it should be alright.

You can try going aggro against him if you see a good window like his brandblaze.png on CD.
I belive the most important thing in this match-up is your ability to dodge his spells, if you can do so brand won't be able to do much against you. 
It's a pretty rare match-up as well, so hard to give more advice.




Just be careful with her poison, spam E can catch you offguard.

Try to use your ultimate when her ult is down or if she's too far away to ult you.
Cassiopeia is also pretty fast when she's got her poison on you, it may be hard to hit her. 
Play defensively if you don't feel comfortable with the match-up. If she goes too agressive then try to get your jungler to help you.  

You have the range advantage so you can also abuse that.




Unless you're playing with 300 ping you will be fine. 

No really, you only need to dodge his rupture.png and that's about it. You can poke him safely, farm safely, unless he flashes or hit his Q you have not much to worry about.




Assassin that rushes abyssal... it's never good news. Insane damage output and tank too much of your burst. The match-up can go in your favour if you manage to kill her with your jungler but you should mostly play safe as she will definitely be stronger than you in a 1v1 scenario if you didn't get any advantage prior to level 6.

She isn't as menacing as a leblanc or a fizz though, as long as you don't get hit by her dianaQ.png you will be safe.




Another fine champion who dashes everywhere making our life harder. Farm lane, not much kill potential ( goes for both of you )

Just be extra careful about his ekkoW.png, it can catch you offguard if he landed it from the fog of war. 
Of course if he can't kill you he will try to roam bot or top, so once you got enough mana, do not hesitate to constantly shove the lane. Make sure to warn your team mates if he disappears, try to analyze which lane is the more vulnerable to a gank. ( if they push too much or are already behind and cannot defend a tower dive )

Tip : if his "double" is near you that's a free pass to ult ekko since if he activates his ult he will still be in your range ( of course depending on the angle that can also fuck you up )




Ezreal has the advantage in the early game, as an AD champion his autos hurt pretty bad. 

On top of that he can easily dodge your velkozE.png with ezrealarcaneshift.png

As the game goes on you will have less trouble against him, your burst and range will give you the advantage so he'll have to be more careful.




Another midlane terror, an AP assassin forcing you to build a 3157.png or 3102.png. It doesn't matter how good you play, you're gonna get hit by that fish unless you only go aggro when you have flash up.

You don't have to go straight for the defensive items, defense is alright but you still need to be able to deal damage otherwise it's pointless to play a midlaner.

Anyway just be patient, you can't really be agressive against fizz once he's got his fish up, he can just dodge with his Efizzjump.png or give you a death sentence with Rfizzmarinerdoom.png
Also be careful with his Qfizzpiercingstrike.png as this will put him behind you.




Gp is a tricky match-up... it's hard to hit him, he seems to be constantly on MS steroïds.

In any case, you have a very fast auto attack, so I would suggest that you actually try to destroy the barrels before he detonates them... just try it, I have decent success with it and it is free gold.

Other than that, GP doesn't have much killing pressure on you imo, he will mostly likely need his jungler to kill you. On the other hand, you actually don't. If you play better you can kill him or at least make him use his flash or force him out of lane etc... remember the point of the game is not always to kill but to cripple, GP being is mainly a farmer so the less he farms the later he'll reach his powespikes.




A rather easy match-up, try to outplay him if possible, otherwise focus on farming and keep an eye on your team mates, this way you'll know if karthus wants to ult or not, and you'll be able to disable him with your velkozE.png before he finishes casting his ult.



Basically, kassadin can cancel your ultimate with his Q nulllance.png, dodge your spells with his riftwalk  riftwalk.png or to get behind you when you ult. 
His forcepulse.png is also a good tool to engage and slow you when his jungler wants to gank. 

I do think though that vel'koz is favored before level 6 as kassadin can only harass with Q. I think it is a good time to try and freeze the lane on your side and deny him gold or make him more vulnerable to ganks. 

I do not believe that it is the hardest match-up for vel'koz but a good kassadin will almost always be trying to deny you in teamfights, at least, this is what I would do. 

In any case if you're not alone in the backline kassadin will have a hard time reaching you.




How to kill Katarina as vel'koz : let her engage/jump on you and when she uses deathlotus.png, try to combo her as fast as you can with velkozE.pngvelkozQ.pngvelkozW.pngvelkozR.png, activate barrier if you're running low on HP.

Even in teamfights try to save your velkozE.png for her unless you have a better opportunity to use it. Sometimes, killing one strong champion is better than killing three average ones.




I think it's best if you play safe. Not saying you can't kill her but she definitely has the upper hand here. One advantage you have though is that your spells are AoE, meaning you will usually hit her when you proc her passive.

Laning phase isn't easy, and you can bring the MR runes if you don't feel too confident about the match-up. 
Also, you need to not enter a scenario where she just burst you without you fighting back and leaving her undamaged. Although hitting her with velkozE.png is almost impossible against a good leblanc, you can still try to hit her with velkozQ.pngvelkozW.png when she jumps on you.

You'll need some teamplay to bring her down.

One thing you can do is grab a negatron cloack after you've bought your lost chapter. You can either finish it into an abyssal later or a banshee.




The laser match-up. 

Now here is some thing to note about lux : 

luxlightstrikekugel.png is super annoying, you will try to dodge and still get hit by it.
luxprismaticwave.png is a barrier, making it hard to kill lux if she combines it with 21.png or 7.png
luxlightbinding.png getting hit by this usually means you're gonna get ulted, forcing you to recall, or die if you didn't have enough HP or barrier.
luxmalicecannon.png you cannot cancel it, and it has a low cooldown. ( 80 / 65 / 50 compared to vel'koz 130 / 110 / 90 )
luxpassive.png try to not let her auto-attack you early game.

Lux doesn't have any speed boost or dash, so landing velkozQ.pngvelkozE.png is definitely possible and this is what usually allows you to hit her hard by following with velkozW.png and maybe a velkozR.png if you feel like you can kill her.

Usually if you both decide to trade each other with all your lasers you"re gonna have to use 21.png to soak up as much of her damage as possible.

Later in the game you can decide to grab a 3140.png or build a 3157.png if it is also useful against another champion. Late game, 3102.png is still the safest choice.




Hard to say who's really favored here.. although orianna can cancel your velkozR.png with orianadetonatecommand.png

But I feel like she's a tiny bit weaker in lane. You can dodge her orianaizunacommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png with enough MS, or force her to use her mana by shoving the lane, her mana costs hit her harder than yours.

You have the range advantage so you should be the one putting her under pressure and not the other way around.




I haven't played this MU yet, but while killing him might be hard, you shouldn't die to him either. 




what the fuck 

Syndra has the advantage here, by a large margin... she can easily use any combo on you from behind her minions, meaning that harrassing her is difficult, and trying to land a velkozE.png is risky as she can just stun you with syndraQ.pngsyndraE.png if you get too close. 

She can also stun you from a much longer range than you do... so yeah, you clearly don't have the upper hand in this match-up. 
Fortunately 134.png isn't played much and I doubt most people know of this match-up.
Just try to play it safe, she isn't leblanc, but can clearly bully you if you don't pay attention.



Playing against talon can quickly become a nightmare if he gets fed by killing you or your allies.
But I don't think it's an impossible match-up, like I said, unless talon has a gold advantage or clearly outplays you, you can survive the laning phase.

Talon is very predictable, if he wants to jump on you with  he's just gonna walk towards you... so what you must do against that is back-off and cast velkozQ.png. If he manages to jump on you cast velkozE.png on yourself. 

Like most other assassin, to kill them you need 21.png and get them to take one or two tower shots. ( you should almost never play on their side of the lane )




Twisted Fate


Fairly easy laning phase, you shouldn't feel pressured by him.

If 4.png wants to land a pickacard.png gold card, he'll be in range for velkozE.png

The main problem though might be the roaming, tf clearly outclasses you and you won't be able to do much about it unless he just decides to ult from the middle of the lane. 
While it could be managed in a premade, it's possible your ally won't pay attention to TF's movements and you'll have to warn your team mates when he has recalled or suddenly left the lane. 

Also, be mindful of his flash stun. He can also simply uses 6.png. TF might have a weaker burst but he's definitely a strong threat if his allies are determined to work with him.




The epitome of the skill match-up. May the best win.




Be very mindful of his xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png. He can spam it and bully you out of lane very quickly. 

You don't have many options here, either you're better than him and you can manage to dodge his skillshots, or you can keep him in check by asking for ganks as xerath remains a slow moving mage. 

I haven't played this match-up very much so sadly I cannot give the best advices, but xerath is like syndra, he can harass through minions rather effectively and this is a huge disadvantage for us. Dodging really is the key here, try shoving the lane a lot so he has to use his spells on minions.




Not too hard although yasuo yasuoE.png and yasuoW.png can get super annoying, just don't get hit by his tornadoes and that's about it. 

All your spells will be blocked by his yasuoW.png, all except your ultimate velkozR.png
If you want to kill yasuo, you're either gonna have to do it with your jungler or bait him into taking tower shots and finish him with your ultimate.

Just make sure you have 21.png up when you decide to go agressive against him.





Zed is better at laning ( shocking ), he will try to harass you as much as he can, if you try to counter attack or harass you must hit otherwise you're just wasting mana.

Zed shouldn't be able to kill you 1v1 if you stay under tower. The most important is to really not get too far behind in CS.
Rush 3191.png to avoid getting killed, for CDR items and regens, 1056.png1056.png3165.png will do the job.

Best course of action is to ban him, or don't pick vel'koz. ( I'm having an easier time against  238.png with 4.png for example )
The problem isn't that you're going to die... ( nobody should die 1v1 with vel'koz and barrier under tower ). 
The problem is that he's going to feed himself on your jungler and on your botlane. 
Zed has too much mobility and there is nothing that you can do about it. There is no way in this universe that vel'koz is going to do anything against a competent zed. It's always going to be one of your allies stunning him or whatever and hopefully you'll be able to kill him before he switches with whatever stupid shadows he has in stock.

Really, just ask for a zed ban, and if he's not banned and that you have to pick mid before the other midlaner... think twice before picking vel'koz.

Pros and Cons and when to play vel'koz Back to Top


  • Long range
  • okay poke
  • True damage
  • Everything is AoE
  • Some self-peeling
  • Good kiting 
  • Good waveclear
  • Squishy 
  • No mobility spell
  • Weak against assassins
  • Weak against hard engages
  • Ultimate can be cancelled
  • Needs good engage to deploy its full power.
  • Only skillshot #mlg420 

When to play vel'koz

  • When you have a tanky frontline who can engage for you.
  • When you have a poke team ( ezreal, nidalee, jayce etc... ).

When not to play vel'koz

  • When your team has no good Hard-CC ( you may have a bad time without anyone to set-up kills for you ).
  • When your jungler and toplaner are assassins/carries.
  • When your team has jungle and ap top.
  • When there is not any peeling in your team.
  • Sometimes, even if there aren't any of the prerequisites to play vel'koz, the enemy team comp may be bad or not good against vel'koz, allowing you to pick him. Anyways these are just general guidelines... in soloQ the game isn't always an accurate science because of each player individual skill.

Early game Back to Top

Which spell to start with ? 

Usually, you'll want to start with velkozw.png for wave clear and pushing the lane quickly and try to make your opponents lose some CS. Of course that also depends on who is the enemy jungler... I wouldn't do this against early gankers.
Starting velkozq.png is also completely viable, you can try to poke down your opponent or use it to farm.

What behaviour should you adopt in lane ? 

It really depends on the match-up and the jungler. If it's a farm jungler, you may play agressively, on the otherhand if it's an early ganker then you need to play carefully and try to freeze the lane on your side. If the opponent tries to freeze the lane on this side make sure to push the lane to break it.

And as I said, match-up also matters. You definitely don't want to go too ham against your worst match-up. Farming is your number one priority.

With vel'koz, you can play passively, but you should also always be on the look-out for opportunities to land your velkoze.png. If you see that your enemy is weak, you shouldn't hesitate, try to kill him or harm him so that he has to use potions, lose cs etc...  

Making mistakes will teach you how to play vel'koz, you will know when you can play aggressively, or when you have to play passively. Obviously make sure to read the match-up section, but even against bad match-up, if you are the better player you can still own it!

Early roaming 

You shouldn't have to leave your lane unless it's really necessary, for example your jungler is getting invaded or is contesting the scuttle crab. These occasions are in fact high risk, high reward. Either nothing is going to happen which is pretty bad since you'll lose out on gold and exp, or you're going to get a kill/assist or get killed. Vel'koz isn't suuuuper good at roaming, if you miss your E you're suddenly less threatening, and it's not exactly easy to land it anyway ( enemies can just flash out of it )


Your first goal is mainly to farm until you can get 1001.png and 3802.png. You should back around level 6, if you have spare gold, buy 2031.png2055.png, and even a 1082.png

Of course sometimes you won't be able to as you suffered too much damage... sometimes you will only be able to buy 3802.png . It's an important sustain item for laning.
If you were forced to back or killed and can't afford a 3802.png, then go for either a 1082.png or a second 1056.png

Midgame Back to Top

This is when the good stuff starts usually, you should definitely be fighting as this is when vel'koz is really strong even with just 3165.png.


You MUST teamfight, vel'koz midgame power is really strong. You are also pretty good at sieging. If your team is trying to play objectives be ready to follow.

When ahead

If you're ahead you're probably going to siege some towers, so poke as much as possible, try to land a decivise velkoze.png if your team isn't willing to engage. 
Even if you don't kill anyone your poke should weaken the enemy team, unless they got supp healers.
This is why it's important to have an engage frontline, poke alone may not be enough with vel'koz, you don't have as much power as xerath.

When behind

If you're behind you're basically just going to wait for the enemy team to make mistakes while trying to reduce the gold gap. You have good waveclear, so unless you are 1v3 or 1v4 you can try to defend towers as long as you remain careful. ( I wouldn't try to defend a tower against a 254.png+ whatever damage dealer ).
Playing league from behind is just about farming and finding opportunities in the enemy play. It's true though that as Vel'koz it can prove difficult to make plays happen. Your main job in your team is to deal the damage, and to wave clear. So if your teamcomp sucks, there isn't much you can do unless you take risks or outplay the enemy team.

Late game Back to Top

In late game you must be even more careful, this is when one error can cost you the game... 

That's also the reason why I tend to build 3102.png when I really don't feel safe and not dying is a big priority. 

Late game is rather passive for vel'koz... since you are squishy and without any escape besides flash, you cannot take any risk, this means that you should always be behind your team mates. 
You must simply poke safely and wait for your team to create an opportunity or the enemy team to make a mistake.

In late game, the botlaner and the midlaner should stay together so they can help each other and kill anyone trying to zone you out of the fight or to assassinate you.

All in all, vel'koz doesn't really change his behaviour throughout the game : 

  • stay in the back line
  • poke and weaken the enemy team
  • follow-up the engage with your combo
And for the rest well... I guess it depends on you. You can seriously outplay people with vel'koz and it's going to be pretty rewarding to come back alive from some situations. Remember, it's all about accuracy, if you never miss any spells then you are a terrific vel'koz.

Jungler synergies Back to Top

Best gankers with vel'koz 

Remember if possible try to hit your enemy with velkozq.png  to make it easier for your jungler. Follow-up on your jungler CC or engage yourself with velkoze.png.

As vel'koz you mostly want junglers with crowd controls, and if possible, stuns or knock-up. This is so you can apply a second hard cc right after theirs, preventing your enemy to use flash.

Here's a list of junglers that provide this : 


With other junglers if you can't land your E then the gank will be a bit harder to succeed.


Teamfight good and bad synergies Back to Top

Vel'koz best allies 

One word : engage. You need a frontline that can engage and set-up good teamfights in order for your to unleash your full power. Remember that to deal as much damage as possible with your ultimate, it musts last 2,5 seconds, and a lot of things can happen in that timelapse, so you really don't want your ennemies being able to cancel your combo.

Here is the exhaustive list of champions that you will enjoy having as team mates.


Vel'koz "I'm helping" allies

These champions can fuck up your spells depending on when they cast a certain spell as it can knock-back the targets or make them unkillable. So be mindful of these champions, they can be great allies most of the time though, just make sure to let them engage.


Your worst ennemies in teamfights Back to Top

40.png Random tornadoes, ultimate has a big radius so you can get caught in it.
201.png He may not want to aim at you in particular but if you ult before him he won't hesitate using it on you.
203.png Can't kill him and anyone in his ultimate.
429.png Can't touch this... hope you've got some point and click stuns in your team.
223.png Will just eat his allies ensuing high level of frustration. 
44.png Ult counters yours
10.png kinda counters your ult but it's only one target.
432.png can shut you down with his ult
120.png if you're a threat, expect this guy to target you every damn teamfight
240.png same deal, you better dodge if hecarim is on his team...

And add whatever assassin you can think of, they are your natural enemies.

So yeah you mainly want to be careful against highly mobile champions, or champions that can easily disrupt you and cancel your ultimate.

Infos Back to Top

Check out my vel'koz compilation, I had been wanting to do this for a while ! 

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