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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png12.png This is generally what I use, seeing as Vel'Koz isn't as quick to get to other lanes for a gank as other champs, so this can help a lot for counterganking. It also helps you get back to lane if you need to go back to base or die while a minion wave is pushing, meaning you lose less XP and gold. While some would say that using a defensive spell like barrier or heal would be better, I think that Vel'Koz doesn't necessarily need it due to his range and good waveclearing, meaning he can farm rather safely. I HEAVILY advice you to use this if the enemy team has got Twisted Fate. 

4.png21.png7.png3.png If you don't like teleport and want to keep it safe, it's perfectly viable to pick barrier or heal, just remember to pick according to what you face. Against Leblanc, you probably want heal for the MS boost on top of defense but against 238.png you will want to use 21.png instead. Why? Because Zed's ult relies on damage done to you, and the damage done to the barrier does not count as damage done to you, meaning that the ult damage will be lessened. 3.png works great against assassins too of course, especially against assassin champions like 105.png and 7.png since you can easily place it on them right before they land their combo. It's useful against 238.png and 91.png as well of course, but it might be harder to apply it immediately since they become untargatable when they ult.

4.png1.png Cleanse is of course a viable option too, if they have a lot of CC and can reach you fairly easily (Especially if they have Leona). Unlike ADCarries, you do not have an AP item to cleanse any CC.

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Masteries Back to Top

In the Ferocity tree, I picked Sorcery for the extra damage of course since he has no need for attackspeed and I went with double edged sword due to the base damage of Vel'Koz ult but picking secret stash and feast is good too if you think you'll need the sustain. Vampirism helps a tiny bit with sustain, especially during the laning phase and I feel that the 15 AP at level 18 is pretty negligible in comparison

In the Cunning tree I went with Savagery to help a little bit with last hitting. Secret Stash helps you sustain yourself a bit longer in lane, but assassin isn't a terrible choice either, though its usefulness after the laning phase can be debated. Runic mastery is good too, but you should technically not need blue once you got Morellos though. Merciless provides a decent boost in damage and chalice should be enough early on anyway to keep your mana up.

Dangerous game can save your life at times and Bandit is useless for a non-support anyhow. Precision is taken over Intelligence due to Vel'Koz base damage, it also help your AA poke early on a bit.

Now, as for Key masteries, I am currently debating between mainly using Deathfire Touch and Stormraider's Surge. Why not Thunderlord's Decree? Because you will be focusing on building raw AP now more than old Vel'Koz and you will rely a lot more on poking with your velkozQ.png. I know some people will suggest Thunderlord's still and it has its merits, mainly in trying to get early kills and whatnot. Personally I do think it's just... Not needed to get kills, because there's enough damage as is in Vel'Koz kit to get kills even early on in the game so I feel it's a bit of a waste to sacrifice survivability and more potential damage just to get a small boost early and that wont be as useful lategame (No teamfights lasts as long as 15 seconds) where your AOE and damage against 2-5 members of the enemy team is what makes you stand out, not your combo against a single carry.

Now, Deathfire Touch and Stormraider's Surge are both excellent choices for Vel'Koz for different reasons, with Deathfire improving your poke and overall damage, especially late game, and with Stormraider's Surge giving you a boost to your survivability and chasing potential. Choose at your own discretion, or based on what you face.

Abilities Back to Top

velkozpassive.png - Does 33-169 + 40% AP True damage on the target at 3 stacks. A nifty passive that scales well into lategame and will be where most of your damage comes from honestly, since velkozW.png and velkozE.png has very low AP ratios.
velkozQ.png - Does 80-240 + 60% AP magic damage as well as slowing your enemies by 70% for 1-2 seconds. Your bread and butter spell, both because velkozW.png and velkozE.png is honestly mainly used to proc your passive but also because this one refunds mana, gives good poke and has an increased duration of the slow per level.

velkozW.png - Hits twice, 275 + 40% AP total magic damage. Old Vel'Koz maxed this for the damage and waveclear but with the rework, more damage has been put into the passive while nerfing both the base damage and AP ratios.While you can max it for better early wave clear, I feel that his velkozQ.png is generally a lot more useful now and with the passive doing so much damage now, you can honestly get decent waveclear just from proccing your passive.

velkozE.png - Does 70-190 + 30% AP magic damage and suspends your enemies for 0.75 seconds. It's important to remember that this spell is in fact affected by Tenacity and can be cleansed. I have no idea why they thought that the only form of self-peel that an immobile mage like Vel'Koz has should be able to be reduced or cleansed is beyond me, but in practice it honestly doesn't matter since it's mainly used to knock people away from you or hitting both times of your velkozW.png.

velkozR.png´- 500-950 + 100% AP magic damage. This is a very impactful and powerful ultimate, one that can potentially wreck hole teams. His old Ultimate applied procs of his passive, but not anymore. Instead they upped the base damage a little bit and gave a major buff to the AP ratio, as well as giving it a new passive. If you apply 3 stacks of your velkozpassive.png, the target will become "Researched" and if you use your ultimate on them, the magic damage will instead become true damage. However, there is also something else to keep in mind, which is that his ultimate no longer applies a 20% slow unless they are researched. You can no longer use this ult to help your team catch up to people and it is a lot more easy to avoid the ultimate for non-researched targets.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Regular start
    If you want to play really safe against Zed or Yasuo

Core Items

    Puts the "Core" in Hardcore, with this you will have good poke and damage.
    As always, pick the one according to the situation. Linadrys gives more poke and is great against high health target while Void Staff obviously is better against MR stacking teams.
    I generally build Rabadons after my first penetration item. My last item tends to be the other penetration item.

Situational Items

    Vel'Koz's range allows you to play safe, so I only build Zhonya against Zed or Fizz but even then it depends on how the game goes. Build this if you die a lot and your team doesn't protect you properly. Banshees Veil is of course best used against poke compositions but also teams with hooks like Blitz or Thresh. Great against Leona as well.
    Rylai offer health and gives a slow on non-researched targets when you use your ultimate while also giving more AP than Zhonyas.
The most common starter pack for AP mid mages. Provides some AP, mana regen and a decent passive to help keep your mana up in the early game.

One of these is what you will usually go for on your first recall. Lost Chapters is an excellent mana item that will keep you from running out of mana in the early game. Needlessly Large Rod is a good option if you got the money for it but you will of course run out of mana more quickly. The tradeoff obviously would be that you might have a better shot of killing your opponent with Needlessly Large Rod than you would with Lost Chapter.

This is generally the first major item I go for. It improves your poke and since the base damage of the passive remains the same and has a somewhat low AP ratio, it's, in my opinion, the best first big item to get. CDR is nice of course but I feel like getting an early advantage is important.

Your main source of mana and CDR, it's an excellent item that provides 100 AP, 20% CDR and applies Grievous Wounds onto enemies under 35% health. It's the only mana item you'll need due to the fairly low manacosts that Vel'Koz, you honestly wont run out of mana very often with this.

This is usually best to get after Morellos or your penetration item, though which order will depend on what your opponents build of course. Gives a big boost to your damage obviously.

The two main choices, but with Vel'Koz now dealing a lot more true damage, it means that you can be fairly flexible when it comes to when you build one of these. Right now I feel like Liandry's Torment is the superior item since it both improves your poke and adds health. %Penetration is best against tanks but since you can make your ult deal true damage, I feel that flat penetration to ensure your ult does more damage to squishies will be the better option. Still, it's important to be flexible and build according to what the enemy builds.

Your three main defensive options. Zhonya is obviously best used against assassins like 238.png107.png105.png but can also good to use against 254.png and other champions with strong initiation spells. Banshees are great against initiatiors like 89.png and hooks from 412.png

Matchups Back to Top

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Ahri is technically not that hard, but I set her on hard due to the fact that she can kill you while you will have a great trouble killing her. Obviously it's generally best to save your ult for when her ahritumble.png is down, but don't underestimate the amount of burst and damage you can output. You can kill her even with her ult up if you time things correctly and are at a range where her first dash doesn't allow her to get out of your velkozR.png range. Also be wary of her ahriseduce.png as it's usually what allows her to kill you and it can interrupt your ult as well. 

Also, remember that her ahriorbofdeception.png gives her a huge MS buff, allowing her to avoid your skillshots fairly easily.




Akali, I sorta hate her because she's the type of champion that will always be a threat towards you and other carries no matter how much you stomp her in lane. You don't see her often nowadays, and for a good reason. Even if she's a super annoying laner that has killpotential on you at level 6 due to her akalishadowdance.png, she is fairly easily countered with 3341.png3362.png and 2043.png, both in lane and in teamfights. That doesn't mean she's not a threat though and she's a very good cleanup champ.

It's obviously best to save your velkozE.png for when she tries to dive you with akalishadowdance.png but seeing as it has up to 3 charges, you will have a hard time getting away from her no matter what you do. In lane she's fairly easy to bully and if you hug tower she can't towerdive you unless she's snowballing.




A fairly easy matchup, but do not underestimate her strength, her frostbite.png causes massive damage if flashfrost.png or glacialstorm.png lands on you, and experienced Anivia players will cast frostbite.png first and then quickly follow it up with a glacialstorm.png to surprise you.

Other than that, just avoid her flashfrost.png and keep some distance from her and you'll be fine. She's very immobile so it should be no problem for you to land a combo, but make sure her flashfrost.png is on CD before you use velkozR.png on her or else it'll get interrupted.




Annie can be quite annoying and her burst is of course a big threat for you and she has a huge Autoattack range. Expect her to constantly land potshots on you with disintegrate.png and autoattacks when she isn't farming. You  have longer range though, so if you see her trying to move close to cast a combo, try to quickly cast velkozQ.pngvelkozE.pngvelkozW.png combo, or just velkozE.pngvelkozW.png to outtrade her. I am slight tempted to put her on easy but her huge burst, even as early as level 6, means that a mistake on your part can likely lead to your death, especially if they 14.png you. Pretty much all Annie players use 14.png from what I've seen.




Another annoying matchup, due to his azirW.png and azirQ.png combo which allows him to dish out heavy damage from a safe distance. He can use it to poke you under tower even, though the soldiers will not last as long under tower range. Most Azir players will constantly do this because they know they poke hard.

Early on, it's best to stick to farming and poke with velkozQ.png, but once you've gotten a few points in W, you should be able to outtrade him if you land a velkozE.pngvelkozW.png combo. Just be wary of his azirE.pngazirR.png combo if you want to try and kill him with your  velkozR.png




She's a pain in the ass and most Cass players will try to constantly cassiopeianoxiousblast.png and follow up with cassiopeiatwinfang.png whenever they can. Every single time I've faced one, they've cared more about trying to harass and get kills than to farm properly, presumably because they're used to being able to easily outtrade folks at level 3-4. The most obvious defence against this is of course to keep your distance as well as using velkozQ.png and velkozE.png to keep her away, which potentially gives you the opportunity to cast a velkozW.png as well.

I personally think it's best to just let her push and farm for the first few levels and then be more aggressive once you've gotten two or three points in your velkozW.png. Your velkozR.png fucks her up of course since she has little mobility but be careful so she doesn't try to go on the aggressive with a cassiopeianoxiousblast.pngcassiopeiamiasma.pngcassiopeiatwinfang.png combo and possibly interrupting your ult with cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png.




Ekko is set to medium for now, might be easy once I get more used to the matchup. Anyway, the important thing to remember when facing an Ekko mid is that he is fairly mobile with his ekkoE.png and ekkoR.png at his disposal and it's generally best to save your velkozE.png until he tries to engage you. What Ekko players will try to do is to either do a full ekkoW.png + ekkoE.png + ekkoQ.png combo or just a small  ekkoE.png + ekkoQ.png onto you, both for the damage and to activate his passive. A good Ekko player will most likely do this as often as possible on you once your velkozE.png is down since his ekkoQ.png slow will make it hard for you to get away from him otherwise, especially since they will max that ability first, meaning that his slow will be much stronger than your velkozQ.png.




AD Ezreal is an annoying matchup due to the blink and poke, but he shouldn't be able to get the kill on you unless he's ahead. Just stay behind minions so he can't hit you with ezrealmysticshot.png and farm. You can shove and push the lane harder once you've gotten a few levels, so you can gank other lanes. You probably wont get a kill on him unless he's bad or his E is on CD.




No one likes Fizz, and the major reason for this is fizzjump.png which is super easy to use and has a very short CD once he has put a few points into it. Fizz players will max it 99% of the time since it gives them waveclear and it goes as low as 8 seconds at level 5, so with a bit of CDR he can jump a whole lot. It's, to be quite frank, stupid that it goes down to 8 seconds, considering the huge damage it has combined with the sheer utility. Your velkozE.png  has 12 seconds CD at level 5 and is a must for you to land most of the time.

Yes, I am supersalty about Fizz.

Now, since he maxes E first, it means that if you can avoid it, a lot of the burst early on will be avoided as well if he tries to go in on you. You will have a hard time killing him though unless you manage to get him early while his fizzjump.png has a high CD.

Getting 21.png3.png or 7.png can be a good idea, exhaust works especially well since it's so easy to tell when Fizz will all in on you, meaning you can quickly apply it before he lands anything on you.




Katarina has received a rework that has made her crazy mobile and thus making her somewhat difficult to catch and kill. She's now a bigger threat but as long as you keep harassing her and keep in mind where her daggers are and where she throws them, you should be okay.




Leblanc can be incredibly hard if you're not used to Vel'Koz yet due to her mobility but it is in all honest a skill matchup for more than one reason. While Leblanc may have the mobility, the fact remains that her leblancslide.png is a dash first, meaning that you can in fact hit her, so make sure to velkozQ.png + velkozW.png against her whenever she goes in. velkozE.png can potentially be used for when she lands if you're quick enough, or if you predict her return and use it on her return spot. This can become a lot trickier once she reaches 6 and can use her ult to use distortion twice.

Another thing to remember is that most Leblancs tends to max leblancslide.png first, so just stay out of the range of it if you want to take it safe.

Build Chalice early as first item if needed, it all depends on how aggressive she is and how you fair against her. A lot of Leblancs I meet tend to honestly not be... That great. I mean, I make plenty of mistakes, but we're talking about people here that disregards farm in favour of harassing and trying to get kills while ignoring your strengths you might have against them. The few that are good with her do require you to be very cautious and quick on the buttons as they will most likely be quick as well with using their leblancslide.png to avoid an ability of yours.
I'd recommend using 3.png against Leblanc if you want to use a defensive Summoner spell since her combo is so telegraphed, but 21.png or 7.png works well too.

A small update too, due to the changes to Vel'Koz, the lane has become harder because of one single reason, which is that she has kill potential and you do not. The changes to Vel'Koz kit took away his early game power and you're best off farming and trying to outscale her.




Orianna is a strong but balanced champ that brings a lot of utility to her team and should most definitely be underestimated. Her autoattacks hurts you a lot more than yours does against her due to her passive and she will try to poke you down with orianaizunacommand.png. If she's a bad Orianna, she will also use orianadissonancecommand.png a lot early on, quickly leaving her out of mana. You obviously have better range though so you can velkozE.pngvelkozW.png combo her if she tries to get close.

Just keep her orianadetonatecommand.png in mind if you try to use your velkozR.png on her.




Can range from Medium to hard depending on Syndra's skill. Her syndraE.png to land a stun on you is super easy to use and has a huge distance and the stun is long enough for her to land a syndraQ.pngsyndraW.pngsyndraR.png Combo, so be careful not to get stunned.

She of course will constantly try to spam syndraQ.png due to the very low manacost early on and it has a very good base damage along with a very short cooldown. It's generally best to keep your distance until you gain some mobility with shoes at least.

But if you can manage to keep avoiding her syndraE.png, she'll not be a hard matchup as you can easily keep her from getting close to you with velkozQ.png and velkozE.png and you can kill her from further away than she can, as long as she can't stun you with her syndraE.png during your velkozR.png.




I put Talon at hard due to his taloncutthroat.png that places him away from your velkozR.png along with his burst, meaning that he can outplay you if you are careless and try to combo him without his taloncutthroat.png being down. This is of course assuming it's a good Talon, which will be confident and not back off. Personally, I'd recommend focusing on farming and you can shove the lane to force him to use his talonrake.png to waveclear. Just make sure to ward and be wary of where the jungler is on the map though, because if the jungler comes, you will more than likely be dead since Talon will probably taloncutthroat.png and follow it up with a talonrake.png to ensure you can't escape unless you either flash or manage to land velkozQ.png and velkozE.png.

Talon is a bigger threat than Zed and will have kill potential on you at level 6, with his ult making it difficult for you to land your abilities. 3.png21.png or 7.png is recommended, though I'd probably pick 21.png over 7.png since Talon generally carries 14.png, even if the movement speed buff is nice.




Viktor is a burst mage that lacks mobility, just like you, but does have a shield and an MS buff along with a zoning tool. What makes him easy is the fact that you outrange him while still bursting harder than him, so the only thing he can do to you usually is use his viktordeathray.png to harass you. If he tries to viktorpowertransfer.png and land an Autoattack on you, you should have no trouble using a velkozQ.png and follow it up with a velkozE.png and a velkozW.png to outtrade him regardless if he lands his Autoattack on you or not.

Of course, it's always best not to underestimate a Viktor, for his viktorgravitonfield.png is a great zoning tool and if he's smart he will use it when you ult him. Furthermore, he is a burst mage, meaning he can kill you as well, so if you make a mistake and he's good, he will capitalize on that to get a kill.




Can be a very difficult matchup if the enemy Xerath is skilled, due to the fact that his kit is long range and much easier to hit with than yours. His combo does a lot and can bring you to 30% left if it all hits, and that's without the ult. Couple that with his passive that allows him to have very little mana problems and you got a very annoying matchup to deal with.

The xeratharcanopulse.png is telegraphed of course but the windup time is way too short for you to avoid it if it's right on you so make sure you keep moving and try to psyche him if you see him charging it up. Also make sure not to let him land an autoattack on you when his passive is up.




Irritating as all hell due to his mobility, Yasuo is just a general pain in the ass to deal with, especially now that maxing yasuoE.png first is the standard. The fact that there's no visual cue as to which minions he has dashed to makes it very difficult for you to predict his movements, unless you manage to memorize the minions he has already dashed to. I personally tend to just focus on farming and not even bother poking much since he'll just HURPADURP with his yasuoE.png and he also has yasuoW.png which can block your velkozQ.pngvelkozW.png and velkozE.png. Interestingly enough though, it does NOT block your autoattacks, nor does it block your velkozR.png.



velkozE.png Remember to always save it for his zedR.png, also remember that his ult places him BEHIND of you.

Also remember that 99% of all Zed players have the same mentality as a CoD kid, which means that they will try and kill you whenever they can, so as long as you avoid death, they will probably get more and more frustrated at you.

I suggest playing it safe and focusing on farming in any case and try to harass when his zedW.png is down.

Main reason I put him as hard is due to the fact that you're not likely kill him if he's any good while he has kill potential on you as soon as his ult is up.

Using 21.png or 3.png can be a good idea to use against him. 21.png lowers his zedR.png damage since it's based on damage done to you, meaning that damage done to the barrier is not counted into his zedR.png.




Ziggs will constantly try to poke you with ziggsq.png. Always.

To be honest, I think Ziggs seems like a pretty bad champ, but it might just be because I never tried him or met many good ones. From what I've seen from most Ziggs players, he only uses ziggsq.png and ziggsr.png in teamfights while his ziggsw.png and ziggse.png are generally just used to keep himself safe and to keep enemies from getting close.

It just... Feels like he doesn't do that much damage to be honest. That said, he can still be a threat and his ziggsq.png can deal a lot of damage.

Laning Phase Back to Top

Level 1-3

At the first few levels of the game you will most likely focus on farming and occasionally trying to poke with velkozQ.png unless you manage to land a  velkozE.png to combo with, but even then I'd suggest waiting with trying to combo until you've gotten at least 2 points into your velkozW.png since abilities just doesn't do that much damage at the first level. velkozQ.png at least has a low manacost and good range so you can afford to poke a bit with it along with Autoattacks the first few levels. Most of the time, junglers wont gank until they are at least level 3, but even then it's rare. Make sure to always keep an eye out on the minimap to try and see where the enemy jungler is and adapt your gameplay depending on who the jungler and your enemy midlaner is. Don't shove unless you feel safe, have warded or both.

Level 4-5

Once you've reached level 4, you might want to start trying to land velkozE.pngvelkozW.png combos, but try to keep in mind that it costs a lot of mana so don't use that combo too frivolously. If you find it hard to land the combo, use your velkozQ.png to make it easier,  as the slow is enough for you to land your abilities most of the time.

Level 6

At level 6 is when things get interesting since Vel'Koz can pretty much kill anyone if he lands a good combo with it, even if they're at full health. A combo you can use to surprise people with is to cast velkozE.png and then immediately follow it up with your velkozR.png as the slow from your ult should allow your E to land unless they have a flash or a blink/dash ability up.

Level 7-10

At this point you should have enough damage with your velkozW.png to waveclear within seconds of a new wave entering a wave, allowing you to roam if you wish, but only if you know it's safe to do so. It's obviously not a good idea to roam if you have no idea where the enemy jungler is and if they can work together with your mid to get an easy kill on you. If you ward properly though, it should be fairly safe, but again, keep in mind what champions it is that you're facing. If the enemy midlaner roams, you should follow only if you have a safe path to follow, vision or if you feel that the enemy midlaner and/or jungler is not a threat to you. It would for example be a dumb idea to try and follow a 55.png while you have no idea where neither she or her jungler are on the map. She could be going to gank a lane, sure, but if she sees you following, she can set up a trap for you.

Level 11-18

It's very likely that around this point, or a few levels earlier, that the laning phase has ended and teamfights for objectives, towers and kills will start.  You're a very good waveclearer and can shove lanes with ease, so that is an option for you, though you can obviously not push as deep as a proper splitpusher can, but it can at least allow you to keep minions from pushing into your tower without you being long for too long from the rest of your team. Now, this is solo Q so it's likely that they will engage teamfights without you anyway and then blame you for not being there, even though there was no objective up or a fight for one. I am not sure why people feel the need to start teamfights all the time, especially if lanes are pushed. That's not to say that you should always be going to pushed lanes, especially if the enemy team is ahead and trying to push.

Anyway, in between teamfights, you will obviously keep yourself at a distance and focusing on poking or trying to catch people out since landing an velkozE.png is almost a guaranteed kill unless you're behind. In the late game, when you're around 16-18, your velkozQ.png alone pokes superhard and can take roughly 30-50% of a carry's health, at least in my experience.

During teamfights, your basic job is to try and land a good velkozE.png wherever it's best needed or used, be it to save a carry from a diving bruiser or hitting 2-5 people at once and then follow up with velkozW.png and potentially a velkozR.png depending on the enemy's positioning and how many you hit with your velkozE.png. Meanwhile, velkozQ.png is mainly for poking but can also be used to help catch people out in teamfights and to help land your velkozE.png.

Champion Synergies Back to Top

You most likely wont see Orianna in your team very often seeing as you're the midlaner, but there's a small chance you might see her as a support. A good orianadetonatecommand.png will allow you to go in and follow up with a velkozE.pngvelkozW.pngvelkozQ.pngvelkozR.png combo and she can help keep you safe with her shield and movement speed buff/debuff

Just like with Orianna, a good monkeykingspintowin.png will allow you to do a velkozE.pngvelkozW.pngvelkozQ.pngvelkozR.png combo to melp most, if not all, of their team and he brings a lot of damage on his own. Unlike some other bruisers, he can be useful even when he's behind due to how good his initiation is.

You will see Lux support a bit more often than Orianna support and while she's technically less useful to Vel'Koz, her luxlightbinding.png can catch people out and allow you to combo them. She also provides a shield and her root can be useful for saving others.

Gnar is a pretty good tank, at least when he's in Mega Gnar form, having a good slow in his gnarQ.png, a stun in gnarW.png and an AOE knockback and potential stun in gnarR.png. All of it allows you to hit and combo your enemies more easily, but his gnarR.png is of course the biggest reason he synergise so well with 161.png
Now this is a bit of a funny synergy, because it works regardless if he's in your team or the enemy team. Why? Because his yasuoR.png  relies on knockups, meaning that everyone will be grouped together. So either he's with you and gets a good ult on the enemy team, which gives you ample time to follow up with a combo, or he gets an ult on your team with the rest of his team following in and grouping together, plus you will have an easy time landing an velkozE.png on 157.png himself and follow it up with a velkozW.pngvelkozR.png combo
Why Leona works well with 161.png is pretty self explanatory. She's a CC king, and while most of her kit is single target, her leonasolarflare.png can stun and slow multiple champions, making them easy pickings for you. She can also help save you from bruisers and assassins. Great initiator.

Another CC king who can keep people in place and also help keep you safe. Very tanky and provides a good amount of damage himself and his nautilusgrandline.png is a very strong initiation tool while his nautilusanchordrag.png is great for catching people out.

Sejuana slows a whole lot and said slow can be applied to a whole team with sejuaniwintersclaw.png and she also has sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png to potentially stun the whole team with. Another great initiator that can use sejuaniarcticassault.png and sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png to surprise and engage champions as well as keeping them in place.

Jarvan IV

Good initiation and damage, with his jarvanivcataclysm.png holding people in place and can surprise people from unexpected directions with his jarvanivdragonstrike.png and jarvanivdemacianstandard.png combo.

Tips & Tricks Back to Top

Now, outside of the basic velkozQ.png + velkozE.png + velkozW.png + velkozR.png combo, which is super devastating, there's a lot of things you can do with his abilities to help them land and combo onto each other. For example, you can cast velkozE.png first onto an unsuspecting foe and then quickly follow it up with your velkozR.png to slow them long enough for them to get knocked up on top of applying an extra velkozpassive.png stack. This is of course good to do if you want to catch your opponent completely off-guard and they're at somewhat low health. 

Another thing to mention is that while velkozW.png is hard to apply both hits without landing a velkozE.png prior, hitting them with velkozQ.png can slow them for long enough to land both stacks, just make sure to time it at the right moment depending on what level your velkozQ.png is since the duration of the slow is based on skill level.

velkozQ.png is a great poke tool but cannot pass trough minions, something which your enemy most likely is already aware of. However, that does not mean you cannot hit them behind minions, if you angle it just right, you can hit them when it splits or just hit them from behind the minion wave. Never forget that it has a huge range when it hits, potentially reaching units and enemies 1521 units away.

Why I play Vel'Koz Back to Top

He is, in my opinion, one of the most fun champions to play in mid due to his kit consisting of skillshots entirely combined with a huge, raw amount of damage, as can be seen on Champion statistics where he currently is in the top 5 on most damage dealt. Since he's such an uncommon pick, he tends to be underestimated and a lot of people do not know how to play against him either.

There's been plenty of times where an enemy laner stayed with low health, hugging the tower and thinking they're safe even though I got velkozR.png up.

But on top of being a strong damage dealer, he's also one of the most balanced champions in the game, having pretty much remained untouched for quite some time now, outside of a small buff to his velkozQ.png range and activation time. He has a large range that allows him to play safe when needed, a strong waveclear and he can melt entire teams down with  his combo. If you're paired with say a 62.png and/or 89.png, you're probably quite likely to win even if the enemy team is fed, though this is assuming you're not too far behind.

His raw AOE damage output means that you will almost always be useful too and you will find yourself topping the damage charts on both teams a lot.

About Me Back to Top

Just another shitty plat player, but I got a high win ratio with Vel'Koz so I assume I'm doing SOMETHING right despite having a 10-7-10 KDA ratio. I know that I die way too much, but I assure you it has nothing to do with a lack of defensive items in my build (I died plenty even back when I rushed Zhonya and other items). The problem is more that I'm more aggressive than I should be, where I end up dying due to a flash and combo from the enemy team. I also have a tendency of trying to save people even when I shouldn't.

Believe me, if you abuse his range, you'll have no problems keeping a love KDA. Just play it safe and poke only when you are absolutely sure you can't end up dying due to an aggressive flash play and be selfish unless it's safe for you to save someone.

Anyway, I like to think that I am fairly good at theorycrafting at least but I will be the first to admit that I have plenty of room for improvement in my gameplay, but I am slowly and steadily climbing up in Platinum and who knows, maybe I'll stop doing stupid shit and actually reach diamond someday so I can rage at Plat I and Diamond V players whom most likely think they're the best and that it's everyone else's fault that they're not diamond or just doesn't care because they reached their goal.

Feel free to make suggestions and come with tips yourself. Again, I am not exactly the best player out there, I still need to learn to play more safe. Hell, I'd say the major reason I'm even in Plat is purely because of my mechanical skills with Vel'Koz, because I am way too aggressive for my own good.

Also, if you're going to downvote, please explain what you didn't like and how I could improve it, thanks in advance!

Change Log Back to Top

2016-03-20 - Added new sections along with a lot more Champion Matchups as well as making some edits in the Item section.

2016-03-23 - Added images of my runepages as well as added details as to what runes I use and why I use these pages.

2016-03-30 - Added Ekko as one of the matchups after meeting one and screwing up badly early game (Still managed to come back thanks to a Zac though, as well as realizing what I should've done to win against him) and decided to add him. Made some edits on Fizz, Zed, Leblanc and Talon to mention usefulness of 21.png7.png and3.png against them, even if I do sort of mention it already in the Summoner Spells section. Also added a Tips & Tricks section, not much in it currently but I'll add onto it and, hopefully, structure it better over time as I think more of the things I do in games that might be worth mentioning. Also added 3.png into Summoner spells as well, I forgot to add it, oops!

2016-05-06 - The Vel'Koz rework is here! Weaker early game, potentially stronger late game but overall a bit weaker than before in my opinion. A buff is coming from what I've heard so we'll see what happens, he is still viable though and fun to use.

2016-05-26 - I've been lazy, yes, also playing a lot. Made a small change to Leblanc, switching her from Medium to Hard due to the lack of kill potential. Will change back when the PBE changes goes live probably, the main problem Vel'Koz has currently is just that his ult lacks the burst it had before through the passive stacking. Once that returns, you can surprise enemies and kill them again.

2016-09-30 - Wewt, been way too long, have been busy with work over the Summer and after getting back I've been playing a bit, done so so and whatever. Still, brought me some new experience in what to do and not do (though I'll probably do them anyway but at least you might avoid making my mistakes)

2017-08-27 - Been a while, been gone for a while and dropped quite a bit so I'm obviously not as good as I used to be. Been playing more now again though but I'll wait with making major changes until the pre-season update comes, with the new rune system. Updated a bit on the masteries and mastery text and on Katarina matchup. Small updates to the items as well.

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