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It wouldn't be jungling if you didn't have smite.


Some champions can get away with running 14.png / 6.png / 12.png while jungling but Vi isn't one of them. As an initiator and backline diver, you're going to need flash to get into, and out of, sticky situations.

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On Vi there are 2 distinctly different mastery pages that I think have the most success.

Above is the page that I recommend for climbing the ladder. It is a very carry oriented mastery setup that will set you up as a primary damage dealer and almost assassin like threat to the enemy carries. You'll have very strong frontloaded burst damage and dueling potential. Being a carry gives you much more influence in lower elo games and will enable you to have a real firm hold on your team's decisions and win rate. The key to thunderlords is to become fed early, use early kill gold to snowball into both a level advantage and item advantage, which in turn you then use to force early objectives such as towers, dragons or rift herald to get your whole team ahead.

Below is a page I recommend more towards the high elo Diamond+ part of the ladder. You'll see it is a tanky sustain based mastery page focused on staying healthy and beefy. The reason I recommend this page only in the higher elos is because it is trading over a large portion of your damage and carry potential to instead enable your teammates by creating a frontline wall for them. If you plan to enable and hand over the power to your carries like this, you need to be sure they are actually capable of carrying. A lot of the masteries in the Resolve tree synchronize well with Vi's kit and passive turning her into a beefy brawler who still has some damage, just don't expect to be able to completely assassinate enemy carries with this setup.


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An EXTREMELY underrated passive. This thing does it all, tanks damage early in the jungle ensuring you're healthier when it comes time to gank, and then it even shrugs off damage for you while ganking. On top of that it's amazing for tanking dragon, baron and even towers for your team. It scales off of 10% of your max health providing great synergy with Black Cleaver, Sterak's Gage, Dead man's Plate, Banshee's Veil and Randuin's Omen. The cooldown on this passive is not affected by CDR but it does get shorter as you level up.

The cooldown starts at 18 seconds at level 1, and goes down by 1 second each time you level. This stops at level 11, where the cooldown stays at 8 seconds for the rest of the game.

Always have an eye out for when your passive is coming up in duels and skirmishes. I cannot stress how many times I've successfully baited an enemy carry thinking I was low only to Q into him and gain a 300 health shield while doing it.



This skill right here is a BIG reason I enjoy playing Vi so much. Not only is it a gapcloser, it's a gapcloser that can go through walls, that you get to aim, that does a lot of damage, that provides CC. There aren't many spells in LoL that can do what this spell does or do it nearly as well on such a short cooldown. As great as it is, Vault Breaker is a skillshot that requires you to aim properly. At a fairly long cooldown at level 1 it isn't much use for clearing early jungle camps. I recommend putting the first point into it at level 3 since that's when we'll be ganking but maxing it first because of the much higher damage and lower CD this skill has at rank 5. As mentioned above this spell's biggest drawback is its cooldown which starts at 19 seconds with no CDR at level 1. With each point invested into the skill the cooldown goes down by 3 seconds until it is eventually a 7 second cooldown with 0% CDR. Once you have upwards of 30% to 40% CDR this spell becomes even better at an approximately 4 second cooldown.

Vault Breaker is a charge move that you need to hold Q to gain distance and damage when you release it. With a max charge Q, the base damage is more then tripled and the AD ratio on the spell is doubled. When this spell connects with an enemy champ it does a small AoE to the area around it. All champs in this area take damage, a short knockup is applied to them AND they receive an application of your Denting Blows passive. Keep in mind that this spell only does 75% damage to non champs and also goes up in mana cost as its levelled up. It can be quite costly if spammed early.

You can flash while holding a charged Q and it will retain the charge allowing you to cover large distances unexpectedly fast for a surprise initiation or catch on an enemy champ or to escape from one. While escaping keep in mind that while holding a charged Q any form of CC other than a slow will force you to drop your charge AND force it on a 3 second cooldown.



Denting Blows is the reason Vi has such fast jungle clears and why she is considered such a strong duelist. It's a passive ability that affects all of your spells and auto attacks. Upon landing any combination of auto attacks or spells on the same target, Denting Blows procs for a percentage of the target's max health, while reducing their armor by 20%, and granting Vi attack speed for the next 4 seconds. The Max% HP damage starts at 4% at level 1, going up 1.5% per level until 10% at level 5 while also providing an additional 1% per 35 bonus AD Vi has. The armor shred effect stays at a consistent 20% at all levels while the attack speed bonus starts at 30% and scales up 5% per level until 50% at level 5.

I recommend taking Denting Blows at level 1 because of how fast it is at clearing jungle camps but maxing it second. Denting Blows can be procced off of monsters and minions meaning at level 1 Vi gets a free 20% armor shred, 30% bonus attack speed and an extra 4% of the buff's max health every 3 auto attacks. Keep in mind that while taking this spell first offers great clears it's a very poor tool for invading or dealing with level 1 invades since you won't have Vault Breaker (Q) to escape or your Blast Shield passive to soak damage.

Visually, Denting Blows appears as a series of red and blue alternating circles underneath anyone afflicted by it, similar to Vayne's Silver Bolts. Unlike Silver Bolts however, Denting Blows can afflict any number of targets at the same time but will disappear after 4 seconds of inactivity. Upon landing the proc a small, cracked, grey shield will appear beside the target.



Excessive force is an ability that lends itself to Vi's auto attacks. When activated Vi's next auto attack will do increased damage to the target as well as hitting all enemies behind it in a cone for the same damage. Excessive Force starts with 10 extra damage at level 1 adding 20 damage per level up to 90 extra damage at level 5, while also scaling with 115% of your total AD and 70% of your total AP on top of that. While this skill does have some AP scaling, it deals only physical damage. The cone of damage has a range of 600 and costs 40 mana at rank 1, increasing by 5 mana per rank up to 60 mana at rank 5. 

Excessive force works off of a unique charge system wherein up to two punches can be stored at a time and using this spell will consume a charge. When no charges remain, Excessive Force cannot be used even if the Vi still has enough mana. The reload time per charge starts at 14 seconds at level 1, going down by 1.5 seconds per level until it is an 8 second cooldown at level 5. The charge time IS affected by CDR meaning with a cap of 40% CDR, Excessive Force can be brought down to an approximate 4.5s cooldown.

Proper use of this spell really makes a large difference for Vi. Excessive Force does have an auto attack animation reset, meaning using it directly after a normal auto attack will allow Vi to auto attack again with a much smaller delay between hits. Use this to do large amounts of damage much quicker during ganks and in the jungle. As an auto attack, Excessive Force does apply Denting Blows so get in the habit of doing

Auto Attack -> Excessive Force -> Auto Attack

chains as fast as possible to quickly proc your Denting Blows and all the additional stat bonuses with it. Excessive Force will also proc your passive Blast Shield as long as it is not on cooldown. I recommend taking the first point in this skill at level 2 and maxing it last.



Assault and Battery is the most fun skill in Vi's kit and overall probably one of the most fun and most useful spells in the entire game. As with most ultimates it has a fairly long cooldown at level 1 at 130 seconds, going down to 105 seconds at level 2 and lastly 80 seconds at level 3 which can be further decreased with CDR. It starts at a cost of 100 mana and goes up by 25 mana per rank until it maxes at 150 mana at level 3. Assault and Battery is targeted spell with 800 range to the outer edge of a champion and because of this the range can often feel closer to 900 or even 1000 on some of the bigger champions.Once tagged, Assault and Battery will place a thin dotted red line to the selected enemy champ and you will run at high speed directly at them while knocking any enemy champions in your path our of the way. Champions pushed aside take 113 / 225 / 338 plus 105% of your bonus AD as physical damage. Upon reaching the targeted champ, Vi knocks it into the air temporarily CCing it and dealing 150 / 300 / 450 plus 140% of her bonus AD as physical damage. Assault and Battery will finish by placing you behind the targeted champ as long as their is room to do so. As with most ultimates, put a point into this skill at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Once you have tagged a champion with Assault and Battery, no form of CC or gap closer can prevent you from reaching the target. Spells such as Flash, Arcane Shift, or Rift Walk will drag you that extra distance with the target and still place Vi behind them. Be aware that champions are not actually CCed when you tag them, only when you actually reach the target. This is potentially dangerous; an out of position carry that you tagged can flash back into his team, or under a tower and drag you with them, getting you killed and putting your team at a disadvantage. Proper use of this skill alone can make or break teamfights and win games. In this guide I will be focusing more on a very high threat, damage oriented Vi build and because of this I often find myself using Assault and Battery to dive the most threatening backline carry, especially in the late game. When diving the backline like this, aim to hit as many enemy champions as possible on your way there. Doing so will do some damage to them, which is nice, but the real purpose for this is for the CC it causes. While short in duration, a well timed knock aside can cancel or delay a threatening spell, while giving your front line an opportunity to follow up with their own CC.

Perhaps the most underrated niche of this spell is that Vi will ignore all CC placed on her while still flying to her target. At first this may sound like something that's there just to make sure the skill works properly, in actuality it is something you can really use to your advantage and capitalize on to win fights. If you can manage to make yourself a very appealing target for enemy CC right before you ult you can absorb stuns, fears, snares and the like which if aimed at your teammates instead could have potentially devastating effects. This niche part of Assault and Battery can really be used against a large amount of current very popular picks. Along with the above mentioned it's also great against Orianna, Gragas, Lee Sin, Vayne, Annie, Nami, Lux, Sona, Zyra, Nautilus and many many more.

Lastly be wary of spells or items that can cancel your ult. Any champion with an ability that temporarily makes them untargetable can use that to drop Vi's Assault and Battery before it connects. Using Assault and Battery on a spell shielded target will still cause Vi go the full distance to the target but will not CC the target. This means the enemy champ can potentially flash, dash, or even walk away from you while Vi is still in her uppercut animation. Champions with spellshields includes: Sivir, Nocturne, Morgana, and Poppy. Champions who can become untargetable includes: Aatrox (When he goes into his revive form), Ekko, Elise, Fiora, Fizz, Lissandra, Master Yi, Shaco, Zac, (When he goes into his revive form), Zed, Zilean (When he goes into his revive form) or any champ who is devoured by Tahm Kench. Zhonyas Hourglass will also cause the same effect. Try to bait out these spells and effects before using your Assault and Battery on these champs!

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Starting Items

    standard start for Vi. Machete is better than talisman and health potions are better than refillable flask
    These are your boots options.
    My preferred jungle items. Warrior passive has all the stats Vi wants.

Core Items

    AD, armor pen, CDR, good active, cheap. Perfect for vi
    Lots of HP and a shield to make you tanky fast. Decent AD and a cheap item.
    Core on Vi. Armor Pen synergy with her W. Lots of CDR, HP, AD and good passives.
    Standard Endgame build. Mercs can be Tabi or Swifties. Dead Mans Plate can be Banshees or Maw

Situational Items

    best armor options for Vi. Dead Man's plate is the better of the two.
    The best Magic Resist options for Vi
    Good if you need to help your teammates out
    good items just not quite as good as the other items in our build


Vi makes for an amazing initiator and peeler when built to be very tanky but the focus of this guide is towards a much more aggressive, damage oriented, way of playing. Vi has some amazing ratios on her spells and Denting Blows (W) is incredibly potent in the amount of damage it can dole out in such a short amount of time. With my runes, masteries, and item setup, you'll be geared to play Vi less like a tanky peeler for your carries and slightly more like an assassin-ish bruiser and damage threat to the enemy carries.

Season 6 has a lot of changes to take in. and the jungle has its own fair share of them. In this guide I'll do my best to streamline any information pertaining to the jungle for you. Hopefully with a good understanding of the jungle, comes a good understanding of the game as a whole, and a good understanding of what is needed to win.

What stats are most important on Vi?

  • Damage - AD and Armor Pen are lumped together here as they go hand in hand. Vi has very generous ratios on all of her spells and Denting Blows along with a decent amount of AD will really amplify your damage. Your damage should be almost on par (or even sometimes ahead) to your carries for most of the game.

  • Cooldown Reduction - CDR is Vi's second most valuable stat. Cooldown Reduction retains it's value, even late into the game, and is so important to Vi because as the game goes on she becomes less of an auto attacker and more of a spellcaster. All of her spells see pretty massive reductions in their base cooldown just by naturally leveling them, and with just a bit of CDR it's easy to knock both her Vault Breaker (Q) and Excessive Force (E) to 4 - 5 second cooldowns. With a low cooldown Q and E you'll always be ready to dash in and out of fights with all your tools available. The same goes for Assault and Battery (R). By the time late game rolls around it needs to always be up to initiate fights and pick out vulnerable carries.

  • Health - I value health slightly higher than Armor or Magic Resist on Vi simply because of her Blast Shield Passive. While all 3 should be used in tandem, health is more accessible in larger quantities earlier in the game than armor and magic resist. A lot of the items we already plan to build include health in decent quantities. With this build path we end up with over 3k HP and a decent amount of armor and magic resist.

What about attack speed?

Attack speed is not a stat we want to go out of our way to be investing into. It is far from the worst stat for Vi and I even run some runes for it, but it has very limited build paths. Few items outside of Trinity Force, Devourer (very situational), and Blade of the Ruined King (which has a full analysis further down in this section) provide attack speed without giving us a jumble of stats that we don't want to be paying for, and causing us to miss out on stats we do.

Building attack speed's main appeal is to proc the third hit of Vi's Denting Blows (W) passive more often, thereby doing a percentage of your opponent's max health more often. This may seem appealing but keep building attack speed means you will not end up tanky enough to actually stay on a target. It's also important to understand Denting Blows (W) only makes up for a portion of your total damage output, with the largest of your damage coming from the strong AD base damage and ratio on your Vault Breaker (Q). It's also good to note that attack speed isn't the only way to make your Denting Blows (W) do more damage, it has a ratio that goes up with your bonus AD too!


3707_32.png   3111_32.png / 3047.png   3142.png   3053.png  3071.png   3742.png  


1039_32.png  2003_32.pngx3  3340_32.png
You now have some options to start with in the jungle with the introduction of Talisman, and the refillable potion. However they are still outclassed by the classic Machete and potion start. Machete keeps Vi healthier in the jungle because she makes good use of its lifesteal stats.

Normal health potions give more health per use than the refillable potion does, and you can buy 3 health potions vs the 2 charges that the refillable starts with. Refillable potion's low health will make you very vulnerable to being counter jungled at level 2 which can potentially throw off your entire early game. With a refillable potion you also will be too low to gank at level 3 which is a huge waste of potential to snowball and get ahead. After her first clear, Vi never gets low in health from the jungle. Stick with buying Machete and 3 regular health Potions.

3715_32.png vs 3711.png vs 3706_32.png
Which one is the right fit for Vi? Regardless of which one you pick, it should always be your first item because they're cheap and grant 30 more experience per jungle camp destroyed. Here's a quick look at all the new jungle items and how the effect Vi (listed from best to worst):

Stalker's Blade
Stalker's Blade's smite when used on champions will deal some up front true damage and decrease their movespeed by 20% for 2 seconds, while also increasing your own movespeed by 20% for 2 seconds. The amount of true damage dealt is pretty miniscule but shouldn't be undervalued, it can be a good way to secure kills on low health fleeing champions, or it can be used along with your opening Q to do a lot of burst damage very quickly.

Of course the main appeal for selecting this item is the slowing component of the smite. The slow is quite strong on Vi, making it difficult to be kited. You can also smite an enemy champion while charging a Q, making for a guaranteed connect with your Vault Breaker.

I prefer blue smite over the red smite because of the utility and mobility it brings to Vi's kit, however both are good choices. If you prefer the damage and damage reduction from red smite then feel free to pick up a Skirmisher's Sabre instead.

Skirmisher's Sabre
Right now I think this is the second best choice based on the very aggressive style of play that accompanies Vi. The effects on this item are all combat based and spectacular for an already strong duelist. True damage on hit is strong at all stages of the game and puts Vi's already high single target damage over the top. With this comes a 20% damage reduction when the person you smite damages you. So of course this all sounds strong, but why is this a good choice for Vi?

Because Vi thrives on being an aggressive, early level duelist. One of the best ways to get ahead on Vi is to find the enemy jungler in his jungle and kill him then take his camps. Vi already excels at invading after level 3 and if you find the enemy jungler, smite him, and his smite is on CD, or he has a different jungle item, he will be FORCED to burn flash or die. Whether he runs or dies, you can then proceed to take any of his nearby camps to put yourself ahead and him behind.

Of course that's just one early game strength of the Sabre. It's going to work equally well against laners. This smite works even better at 6. You can tag a person with your ult, smite them as your ult brings you to them for guaranteed true damage hits.

Counter aggression from the enemy jungler or laner will also be difficult for them because of the 20% damage reduction, but the strongest aspect of this is from the late game. In those tense game ending fights around Baron and towers, you can now smite an enemy carry as you ult them making it that much harder for them to kill you.

Tracker's Knife
Tracker's Knife places a green ward that lasts for 150 seconds. It holds two charges that refill upon visiting the shop. While vision is an important part of the game and always a benefit to your team, I do not value this item highly on Vi. The ward active from this smite is more intended for junglers who want to provide a utility role or tank role for their team. Vi on the other hand wants to gank really often and as soon as possible, thus having a smite with some combat utility, such as the slow from blue smite or the damage from red smite, will be much more synergistic and useful on her.

Your trinket and buyable pink wards should be enough to circumvent the need for the extra wards provided by this item.

3718_32.png vs 3717_32.png vs 3716_32.png vs 3714_32.png
So now that we have our preferred jungle item, let's take a look at enchants. The jungle items each have 4 possible enchants that can be added to the item and they work like boot enchants. Let's once again take a more in depth look at each enchant available in order of what's best to worst for Vi in my opinion:

The Warrior jungle enchant offers both AD and CDR, which is absolutely perfect for Vi. Completing Warrior should always be your first priority as far as items go, being more important than boots or any other item. Going from a Caulfield's Warhammer to the Warrior Enchant will double the AD gained from the item, from 25AD to 60, at a very low cost. This is very impressive for a first item and will be the point where you'll notice how capable Vi is at blowing up squishy targets.

You'll really appreciate the 10% CDR this item comes with once you start using your ult. Vi's ult has a long cooldown at level 1 and even just 10% CDR will make it come back up 15 seconds earlier. For an early game jungler like Vi, there really is no other jungle enchant option with damage and CDR combined.

This enchant could almost warrant its own full section. To be clear, Devourer is GOOD on Vi, real good, but it has some very serious drawbacks that make it a big risk. Let's go over how it works, what it does well and what it doesn't:

Upon buying devourer, kills and jungle camps will begin a stacking counter that goes up to 30. Upon reaching 30 stacks devourer will become sated. Sated devourer offers a "phantom hit" every other auto attack that applies any on-hit affects you have.

The large monster at each jungle camp will add 1 stack. A kill or assist on an enemy champion will add 1 stack. Killing the scuttle crab, or  Rift Herald will add 2 stacks. Killing or assisting on Dragon, or Baron will add 5 stacks. STACKS DO NOT COUNT RETROACTIVELY. CAMPS, MONSTERS, OR CHAMPIONS YOU HAVE KILLED BEFORE BUILDING THIS ENCHANT WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE 30 STACK TOTAL. You will always start from 0 stacks regardless of when you buy devourer. Because of this it is of utmost importance if you plan to buy this enchant, it is your first item before anything else, and you do not delay purchasing it. I see this mistake often in lower elos and it is very detrimental.

 Once you have devourer, make the scuttle crabs a high priority because of the bonus stacks they offer. With the high attack speed devourer gives you, Dragon can be solo'd as early as level 6. If you plan to solo Dragon, bring a couple of potions and a pink ward. Use your Q to enter the Dragon pit from the back if you are playing from the blue (bottom left) side of the map. Place your pink ward at the entrance of the pit and save your Q in case you need to make a quick escape if you're spotted.

Another thing I see in lower elos that hurts players who build devourer is the amount of time wasted wandering around. You should be either farming or fighting. If you are not in a fight or on your way to a fight, then you should be at a camp farming it or on your way to the next camp. Do not waste time in bushes waiting for a "maybe" gank, the faster you farm and get sated, the faster you'll become really strong. PRACTICE GETTING SATED QUICKLY IN NORMALS BEFORE TRYING IT IN RANKED. My average for buying devourer enchant is around 11 minutes into a game, my average for getting 30 stacks and becoming sated is 17 to 18 minutes.
In this case, re-evaluate the way you're farming and look to make improvements in your play.

Upon reaching 30 stacks and becoming sated, your wolf pet will be absorbed into you and your enchant will change from purple to yellow. Every second auto attack will now be accompanied by a phantom auto, a purple shadow that attacks with you. Think of this like an extra auto attack that deals 0 damage. Because it deals 0 damage, it cannot crit or apply life steal, but it can apply on hit affects such as Botrk (still a bad buy even with devourer) or wits end for example. This affect is amazing on Vi because it works with the 3 hit proc on her Denting Blows (W), turning it into a 2 hit proc. This gives Vi CRAZY DPS, seriously crazy. Any target that you can stick to and auto attack will just melt so fast its unreal. High health and armor champs like Rammus or Mundo will crumple like they were wearing paper. Despite this, I still recommend the Warrior enchant over Devourer. Why?

Devourer is too risky. It requires an almost 20 minute investment before it gets really strong and so much can go wrong in that time. If your lanes start feeding, you won't be very well equipped for ganking and likely weaker than the enemy jungler leaving yourself vulnerable to invades and counter jungling. If your lanes don't do well on their own, it becomes so much harder to secure scuttle crabs and dragons for stacks. The other issue is with only attack speed items and no AD, you miss out on Vi's very strong early game snowball potential. Warrior enchant is overall the more stable and secure route to having more influence in winning a game.

The Cinderhulk enchant offers an area of effect burn damage passive that slowly hurts everything around you, along with a large amount of bonus health. The large amount of health this enchant provides, combined with the bonus health it gives you for free when you build other items (+15% bonus HP from all HP sources) makes it the unparalleled tanking option for junglers. This has some great synergy with Vi because of her passive: her shield scales off of your maximum health.

 Even with all the great synergies Cinderhulk provides, the focus of this guide is for a very aggressive playstyle that mirror's my own style of playing. And the Warrior enchant better fits towards that purpose. This does not mean you should never build Cinderhulk, but it definitely will not be common. Overall I'd recommend this as an option if one of your carries gets very ahead early and your role shifts to becoming a peeler/tank for that carry, or if you fall extremely behind early on. I would still classify Warrior as the better enchant in 99% of scenarios however.

This is for mages. Is Vi a mage? No. The only spell she knows is fist. Although that CDR is tempting... And she DOES have an AP ratio on Excessive Force (E)...

So this means out best combination is: Stalker's Blade with Warrior Enchant

3047_32.png vs 3111_32.png vs 3009.png
Mercury Treads are a must if the enemy team is running a double AP comp (Ryze top, Syndra mid, Elise jungle for example) or if the enemy team even a couple strong CCs (Leona, Morgana, Braum, Nami or Thresh support, Amumu, Nautilus, Sejuani or Fiddlesticks jungle, Ryze, Lissandra, Maokai, or Twisted Fate solo lanes just to name some examples).

Ninja Tabi are great and are definitely a great buy on Vi too. Early armor on Vi is great for staying alive in the jungle, soaking some early game tower hits. The extra armor is all around handy in all stages of the game and the 10% auto attack damage reduction passive scales great into late game. I usually buy this game when the enemy team has an AD assassin mid laner (Yasuo, Zed, Talon) along with an auto attack based jungler or top laner (Gnar, Lee Sin, Fiora, Rengar, Xin Zhao as examples).

Swiftness Boots are a very viable choice now with their cost reduction and movespeed increase. They allow you to be super mobile and difficult to kite, and their slow reduction works on your Vault Breaker's (Q's) self inflicted slow while charging. Very cheap boots that are all around a really effective offensive option.

3134.png --> 3133.png --> 3142.png
With the changes to Ghostblade in season 6 it has become incredibly good for Vi as a first item. With crit being replaced with more AD, Ghostblade now fills a bunch of the criteria for stats Vi wants. Tons of AD, CDR, and a good active providing handy movespeed and attack speed when you need it. What really makes Ghostblade truly great though is the cheap cost of its components, and its cheap overall price tag when compared to our old core build with Triforce. Don't forget to actually use the active. I like to buy the Serrated Dirk component first because the 10 armor pen it provides on top of the AD is extremely high damage for a cheap component item.


Once your Ghostblade is complete and the mid game is in full swing, you're going to notice that you're not very tanky, with a low health pool. That's why our next item needs to have a decent chunk of health tacked on so that we can actually survive the upcoming teamfights, but we're still going to want to continue building more damage too so we can still be threatening.  The best choices for this are Sterak's Gage and Black Cleaver. You can build either one first but you should end up getting both of them. Black Cleaver will provide you with more damage and CDR, while Sterak's will provide a bit less damage, but more HP and a shield. I personally tend to get Sterak's first because of its cheaper price tag.

Sterak's Gage is a great item that now has a great spot on Vi. It offers less AD than Black Cleaver does and no armor pen or CDR. It makes up for this by being 800 gold cheaper and giving 100 more HP along with a shield passive that triggers when you take a lot of damage.

Because Sterak's damage scales off of BASE AD, it will gain damage as you level up, and levelling up is the ONLY thing that will increase its damage. At level 11 Sterak's will give 22 AD, scaling up to 29 AD at level 18. The shield passive on Sterak's is synergistic with Vi as well, adding another 22 to 29 AD on top of a large chunk of shield. Between Vi's passive, Sterak's passive, and Ghostblade's active Vi has a lot of hidden power and can be deceptively strong in the mid game baiting enemies into taking bad duels with you that you can actually win handily.

I consider Black Cleaver to be core on Vi and end up building it in almost every single game (Provided the game goes long enough for me to get to this point in my build). It has an amazing mix of the most important stats Vi wants and the passive has great synergy with Vi's Denting Blows (W).

Why is Black Cleaver so core on Vi? The 300 Health bolsters Vi's passive. 55 AD and 20% CDR are fantastic. The CDR from this item will bring you to the cap of 40% (10% from Warrior enchant + 10% from Ghostblade + 20% from Black Cleaver). On top of all this, Black Cleaver also applies a stacking armor debuff up to 6 times, once per application of physical damage. You're already going to be applying at least 3 stacks because of Denting Blows (W) and with your Denting Blows active and all 6 stacks of Cleaver applied it equals out to a total of approximately 40% armor shred (% Armor shred stacks multiplicatively and not additively causing it to total at 40% instead of 50%). It's also important to note that while both Triforce and Black Cleaver build from Phage, the Rage passive from Black Cleaver is the stronger of the two. This is because it applies any time you deal physical damage whereas Trinity Force's Rage only applies on auto attacks. Vi uses each stat on this item and synergizes so well with its passive that not buying Cleaver is simply not an option.


Great on Vi and great on most champions in general. Dead Man's Plate makes for a great item because it provides a large boost in our HP, thus a bigger Blast Shield passive, for surviving damage from enemy carries. The armor and HP both still make you tanky even with a damage oriented build and enable you to dive into the enemy backlines without fear.

Dead Man's Plate is the primary defensive choice on Vi because of its two passive effects. Dreadnought increases your movespeed by up to 60 as you move around which is almost unparalleled in giving you map coverage in the lategame. Once you have maximum movespeed stacks the first target you auto attack will take 200 extra damage and be slowed by 75%, which is fantastic for catching a target out of position or locking down a squishy carry.

I recommend building this item only after you complete Ghost Blade, Sterak's and Black Cleaver, however an exception can be made for buying this item early if you are against an all AD team. Build the armor component (Chain Vest) of this item before the health component (Giant's Belt).

3102_32.png vs 3156.png
If you need to buy a Magic Resist item over either Dead Man's Plate or Sterak's, these are your two best options. Banshee's Veil is the stronger purely defensive option, offering 30 more MR and 500 more HP over Maw. Banshee's Spellshield is also more geared towards preventing being initiated on by ranged CC. Banshee's spellshield will save you from things like Ahri's Charm, Thresh's hook, Blitzcrank's grab, Morgana's bind etc, in which being hit by any of these spells has the late game potential to lose the whole game.

Maw is the more hybrid offensive magic resist option which offers 55 AD and 10 armor pen over Banshee's Veil. Maw's spellshield is different in style; it only comes out once you drop to 30% HP and is more geared towards protecting you from large bursts of magic damage. Maw's spellshield will not block CCs nor physical damage. Maw's spellshield will block for at least 350 magic damage and an additional 1 damage for each point of magic resist you have coming from other items or runes. Maw has a second passive that triggers when the shield does giving you additional attack speed, life steal and spellvamp.

Currently Maw is stronger than Banshee's Veil and should be your primary magic resist item. Maw comes out stronger because of its Lifeline passive giving a bunch of extra stats all of which Vi can utilize. Banshee's Veil is still a good item however and both can be picked up if you're facing a triple AP comp.

Spirit Visage is not a viable option because Vi has no substantial self healing, and the CDR would be over cap and wasted. Locket is viable on Vi but also has wasted CDR and will likely already be purchased by your support making it redundant.


End game is at that rare point in the game, usually past 45 minutes, where the game will be decided in a single teamfight because death timers are longer than 60 seconds. While it doesn't happen often it's here where it's the most important to be looking to get any advantage possible, especially out of your items. Here are the three things you should be doing once your build is complete at 6 items:

2138_32.png vs 2139_32.png vs 2140_32.png
Once all your items are complete you'll want to be buying an elixir. You may only have one of the season 5 elixirs active at one time, so which should you choose? Sorcery gives AP and is designed for mages so skip this one. Iron  gives health and Tenacity that DOES stack with Merc Treads, so buy Iron if you're having difficulty with CCs. Wrath gives more damage and some lifesteal when hitting enemy champs which is just good in general.

Both Elixer of Wrath and Elixer of iron are good on Vi. Assess what your team is lacking, tank stats or damage, and buy an elixir to fill the gap accordingly. I most often find myself buying Iron.

If you have Boots of Swiftness sell them. The extra movespeed is less valuable than defensive stats in the end game because you should always be grouped with or very nearby your team at this point anyways. Pick up Tabis or Mercs instead for extra defense and buy a boot enchant. I'd recommend either Captains enchant to help your team or Alacrity enchant to be a little faster. Furor is ok but usually outclassed by Alacrity.

Distortion is usually not useful at the end game because if you're using your flash at the end game, the game will probably be over before it comes back up. However if you are buying a boot enchant early, while still in the mid game then Distortion becomes the best enchant to buy since you'll actually have the time to get use out of it.


 Once core on Vi, Triforce saw some changes in the beginning of season 6 that took it from being the cornerstone of my build and has instead relegated it to a very situational end game purchase.  Triforce's fall from grace is two pronged. Trinity Force has more crit than Vi really wants to pay for. With Ghostblade's changes causing it to become much stronger on Vi along with cheaper, replacing Trinity Force is the most cost efficient way to maintain a good balance of tank and damage stats.

This item is a great pickup when you're at a full 6 items in a very long game. Sell your jungle item for Trinity Force to gain a late game edge for a final teamfight.

Pretty crazy item. It's definitely fun on Vi but when examined in a serious light, Guinsoo's offers no defensive stats and the offensive stats are sub par compared to Ghostblade. It requires 4 auto attacks to reach max effectiveness and will only apply its passive on auto attacks and not abilities cast. There just isn't room in the standard build for this item and even if there was it would probably be edged out by other items that offer defensive stats or stronger passives.

For some real fun in normals though, try building Guinsoo's with Sated Devourer and watch as almost no champions can duel you. Phantom hits from Sated Devourer do not proc Guinsoo's stacks or passive effect though (not sure if this is a bug or intended).

Titanic Hydra is actually a pretty decent item on Vi. Offering a good mix of 450 health along with 35 AD and a strong offensive passive and active. The reason I don't have this item in my standard build is because it occupies the same space as Sterak's Gage does. Both offer a large quantity of health (Sterak's has more) with some AD (Titanic Hydra has more).  Sterak's passive is more defensive based while Titanic's passive is offensively oriented but both passives give similar amounts of raw stats.

Where I feel that Sterak's cleanly comes in ahead of Titanic Hydra is the cost. While both items offer similar stats and both offer useful effects, Sterak's is a full 900 gold cheaper meaning you get those stats and passives significantly sooner. Titanic has no other place in your build: Black Cleaver cannot be replaced because of the large amount of CDR and the synergy Vi has with Black Cleaver's armor pen. Ghostblade cannot be replaced by Titanic because you'd be missing your CDR, armor pen and the strong active. Titanic would work better in a more tanky oriented build possibly using Cinderhulk.

I only sometimes find myself building this simply because while Locket is a great item, usually my support already has  it by the time I'm ready to buy it. If your team is struggling with a lot of magic damage and your support doesn't have locket already, feel free to pick this item up. You can sometimes replace the need for banshee's Veil if you buy this.

Originally THE armor item to get on Vi, it has been relegated to runner up by the introduction of Dead man's Plate. Randuin's gives slightly more armor but I've decided to value Dead Man's Plate higher than Randuin's because of the passive effect. Randuin's slows are not quite as useful in all situations like Plate's speed up effect is. You can still buy both if facing an all AD comp.

Once you've used Assault and Battery (R) to get on top of your desired target, use Randuin's active to ensure your target can't run, along with the likely 1 or 2 other champs who are standing nearby. If you recall to base with only enough gold to get one of the Randuin components, I'd advise getting the health from Giant's Belt if you do not have Black Cleaver. If you already have Black Cleaver, buy the Warden's Mail component first before Giant's Belt.

Thornmail used to be a very rare buy, but with how AD carry itemization is at the moment I find myself buying it sometimes as a 6th item. With Infinity Edge taking place as the main AD carry item over bloodthirster, your typical AD carry's build is going to contain much less lifesteal then it has in the past. Thus the reflected damage from Thornmail is going to really stick to any auto attack based champ. Simply put, when you buy a Thornmail, you're getting more bang for your buck then you were in the past, enough to make this worth a situational 6th item purchase.

This is one of your weaker defensive options. This item doesn't provide any health and thus I tend to shy away from it. The only scenario I could recommend this item for is one where you absolutely must stay alive after a deep backline dive.


Health is a great stat for Vi but it's a secondary stat we're looking to pick up on the back of more primary ones such as CDR (Black Cleaver), Damage (Trinity Force), OR bundled with Armor (Randuin's), and Magic Resist (Spirit Visage or Banshee's Veil). An expensive item that provides us with only health isn't worth buying, and besides with 3 of the above mentioned items, Cinderhulk becomes much cheaper for almost the same amount of health.

Last Whisper used to be a fringe buy on Vi when you really wanted to just go completely overboard on damage and two shot people. However now with the change from penetrating total armor to penetrating only bonus armor, there is no longer a reason to purchase this item ever on Vi. Black Cleaver and Vi's Denting Blows (W) do a better job.

Similar stats and price to Ghostblade but a much weaker passive instead of Ghostblade's strong active. No reason to buy this instead of Ghostblade.

Randuin's Omen or Dead Man's Plate are better. Buying this item will way over cap you on CDR, unless you don't buy Black Cleaver but Black Cleaver is too core to skip on Vi and Frozen Heart gives no health.

Triforce is just simply better. We already have Dead Man's Plate providing us with the armor needed along with a slow. By the time you can afford to build this, your Vault Breaker (Q) cooldown will be low enough that you shouldn't be able to be kited by most champions. The extra mana isn't worth building for either. 

Kind of the same as Icebourne Gauntlet. By the time you can build this it will be mid to late game, and by then your Vault Breaker (Q) has a low enough cooldown, and you'll have a high enough movespeed, that it'll be almost impossible to kite you anyways. The AD and health are nice but aren't justifiable with such a lackluster passive.

A nice item, just not so nice on Vi. Vi doesn't need more health/health regen and she doesn't need the lifesteal either. The AoE damage passive and active are already built into Vi's Excessive Force (E) spell and thus aren't needed either.

The magic resist steal is neat but you don't do any magic damage so it won't be increasing your damage output. The additional magic resist it grants you is nice but Spirit Visage and Banshee's Veil are just better alternatives to this.

I see Blade of the Ruined King get built a LOT in lower elo on Vi and sometimes even in higher elo.

I personally think Blade of the Ruined King is a very, very poor item choice on Vi.

Vi's core is as an in your face bruiser champion who is great at peeling for your own carries or melting opponents. Whether you're trying to play her as a tanky peeler and initiator or an assassin-like backline threat, BotRK will NOT provide you with what you need to get these jobs done efficiently. At a very hefty price tag of 3400g, you get very few stats you actually want. 10% lifesteal is not something you should be wanting to buy, early on that life steal is very insignificant and damage can be sufficed by much cheaper health potions. Late game, such a low amount of lifesteal is unlikely to make a difference in team fights.

40% attack speed is ok, but not at this high of a price tag, nor does Vi actually want to invest this heavily for it (as explained near the top of the items section). What's left is 25 AD, an extremely small amount considering how much BotRK costs. If you were to include this item in the build, it would be the second most expensive item while giving the lowest amount of actual AD and overall damage.

While Ghostblade  gives more AD than BotRK, it also gives movespeed, and CDR. Ghostblade's active can also be used in the same way as BotRK's and give you movespeed when you really need it but without requiring a nearby target and on HALF the cooldown.

BotRK's passive deals 6% of your target's current health as physical damage per auto attack. This passive is reliant on your target actually having a lot of health left. Since it scales with current health, the lower your target gets, the less damage you'll be inflicting with this passive, and when your target is a carry who most likely already has a low base health pool, the 5% damage dealt in actual damage numbers won't be very much. On top of this, the 5% damage you deal is physical and will be further mitigated by your target's armor. The icing on the cake is that Denting Blows (W) is an already better version of this same effect. Denting Blows already does up to 10% of your opponents MAX health per proc, AND shreds their armor too. There isn't a great deal of sense in buying an item that already comes included in your champion's skillset.

The active effect might look pretty appetizing as well but isn't as great as it sounds. You drain a target for 10% of their maximum health which is good, but it's physical damage meaning it will be further mitigated by your opponent's armor and you'll rarely get close to getting actual 10% out of it. the amount you steal then heals you which is a nice side effect but not hugely necessary. The main purpose of this active is its ability to steal 30% of your opponents movespeed and add it to your own. This active really isn't needed on Vi. You already have more than enough movespeed generated from Ghostblade, and by the time you can afford a BotRK, your Q is going to be level 5 and on a pretty short cooldown. The slow BotRK provides can already be provided by Randuin's active effect or Dead Man's Plate's passive. The criticism for Icebourne Gauntlet and Frozen Mallet apply the same way here; you already have a plethora of tools to catch nearly anyone, you shouldn't need to spend a lot of gold for another one.

BotRK on Vi plainly comes down to too much gold for too little useful stats, even with Sated Devourer. It lacks the CDR from Black Cleaver and Ghostblade, the health from Sterak's and Black Cleaver and the burst damage and passives from Ghostblade. As a 6th item, you'd lack the armor or health from Dead Man's Plate and Banshee's Veil to really be able to initiate fights.

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  • Aatrox
  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Gragas
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Kayle
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Master Yi
  • Nasus
  • Nautilus
  • Nocturne
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  • Rek'Sai
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  • Tahm Kench
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Udyr
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




- Easy to countergank at level 3 and anytime before 6

- Avoid dueling Aatrox when you have no Excessive Force charges stored

- He will slightly outscale you if he builds some damage items, still a winnable matchup if you get the surprise jump on him

- Aatrox's Q gives him a multitude of surprise jungle gank paths, be prepared

- Aatrox's Q is a gap closer but can be interrupted by your own Q (Vault Breaker). Doing so will severely limit his escape options and may force him to burn Flash or die




- ok clears for an AP jungler. Vi still clears faster so outfarm him and outpace him in ganks

- Difficult to duel. Very tanky even early and will hold out for his team to arrive to help him, has little to stop you from just walking away from him

- Ganks are mediocre before 6. Focus on getting at least 1 of your lanes snowballing early, make your presence felt early

- Use your ult when you think he's going to use his. You ult will negate the CC from his.




- Extremely strong early game jungler, fast clears and good sustain with great ganks

- Elise wins in a duel pre 6

- She can drop your Assault and Battery (R) completely with her rapel. Don't ult her until you know for sure Rapel is on cooldown

- Frequently check her item build. She has a lot of different build options so it's best to stay informed!

- Does not scale as well as Vi past level 6. Your ganks are more reliable and threatening so gank often.




- You win a duel at almost all stages of the game as long as you have both charges of Excessive Force (E) ready

- Pre 6 she can just activate her W to run away from you

- She can get very low from her jungle camps, ward her camps and try to invade when you see she is vulnerable

- Don't bother pink warding, instead ward her jungle camps that she's likely to do before ganking since that's when she'll be out of her stealth




- Slow clears

- Strong ganks at all stages of the game

- Good at doing early dragons

- Blue dependant, steal it whenever possible

- Not safe to fight before your Vault Breaker (Q) is on a moderately low cooldown, without it you can't stop his drain.

- Keep areas and bushes beside the lanes warded for crowstorm, avoid engaging teamfights in tight jungle areas




- Good clear times

- Great ganks that get even better at level 6

- Very disruptive. His ult and body slam are both capable of putting your Q on cooldown if he catches you charging it.

- Very tanky. Avoid chasing him or being baited by him.

- You have faster jungle clears, try to apply more pressure then him by ganking more often.




- Slow first clear

- Damage is lacking until level 6

- Decent DPS

- If you get a lane snowballing before 6 he will have a hard time fixing it

- If you're looking to secure a kill on Hecarim, try to ult a split second before you think he's going to ult, so that you'll travel the full distance with him and his fear will be negated.


Jarvan IV


- Jarvan is capable of having just as much early impact as you are

- Great ganks pre 6 and even better ganks post 6

- In a duel he'll rarely out damage you but he will survive until his team shows up to help

- You will outscale him hard by the time you get your Last Whisper

- Will try to peel and lock down your carries in teamfights, kill his carries before they kill yours while he has them CCd




This is a really rare pick so there isn't too much firsthand knowledge to go off of here. What I do know is:

- Kayle is very likely to get Devourer. This means Kayle is very vulnerable in the twenty minutes it will take for her to get Sated. Use this time to counterjungle her, invade her and gank lanes faster than she can.

- Vi has a stronger level 3 all the way through to level 11. Don't be afraid to invade her jungler and counterjungle her.

- Keep control of the Dragon and Scuttle Crabs. She's going to want these to get sated sooner, don't let her have them.

- Kayle has an insanely good 6 item late game.

- Wait for her to use her ult before you use yours. She can ult the target you're ulting and negate any threat you presented. Alternatively, ult her if she's in a bad position and blow her up before she can use it or force her to ult herself.




- Avoid dueling, his 1v1 burst is crazy high

- Highly mobile with evolved wings, don't get baited into chasing him

- Brings no CC to a gank. Very susceptible to counter ganks during lane phase

- Squishy in teamfights. Try to burst him down.




 - Extremely strong early jungle, expect for her to invade you at your first buff. Drop a ward to see it coming.

- Vi is only stronger early in the game if you land your Vault Breaker (Q). If you miss then you are likely to die.

- Kindred gets significantly stronger with the more marked jungle camps she acquires. Only scuttle crabs, and YOUR jungle camps can become marked and it's random which camps get marked. MAKE SURE you clear marked camps before she can steal them from you and stay on top of scuttle crabs in the river.

-  After 6 stacks of Kindred's marking passive, Baron can become marked. She can kill Baron very very quickly so keep that side of the map warded and under control.

- Kindred can place marks on enemy champions. She will receive a stack on her passive upon killing or assisting in killing a marked champ. You can use this to see what lane Kindred plans to gank next, and stay nearby to countergank.

- Use your (Q) and ult to lock Kindred down so that she cannot cast her ultimate in skirmishes, duels and teamfights.

- Do not get baited into diving Kindred if she has her ult up.


Lee Sin


- A well played Lee Sin is one of the hardest jungles you'll ever have to face off against

- WILL OFTEN TRY TO KILL YOU AT YOUR FIRST BUFF AT LEVEL 2. Ward up ahead of time to see him coming

- Incredibly strong duelist, power spikes at level 3 and level 6

- Strong ganks, gank often to keep up with him in terms of map pressure

- Most Lee Sin's build tanky and have a damage fall off lategame and take more of a peeler role for their carries. Murder his carries before they murder yours

- You have a lot more damage late game, look to pick off split pushers




- Don't see Malphite jungle too much, usually top lane

- Vi has stronger ganks both pre 6 and post 6

- Vi has faster clears and more damage

- Vi has a stronger teamfight and better tower pushing power

- Avoid skirmishes in the jungle. Malphite's teamfight impact becomes much more potent if your team is grouped in a tight space




- Very strong ganks pre 6

- Strong base damages at level 3, but damage falls around mid game

- Blue dependant, ward his second blue buff and steal it

- Slow clears


Master Yi


- Fast early clears, strong duelist

- Ganks are very sub par before 6, no CC

- Good at tower pushing

- Yi's damage will outscale Vi at 6 items/late game. Do not 1v1 at this time. Instead use your ultimate and Q to lock him down for your allies.

- Alpha Strike will break Vi's Ult, do not ult him if he will be able to do this. Wait for it to be on cooldown or ult him in the middle of a hectic fight where he will not be able to see it clearly.




- Nasus' early dueling is subpar

- Great ganks with wither

- Naturally extremely tanky at 6, be wary of skirmishes at that level

- Can tank dragon very easily at 6, be wary of Nasus trying to get a kill bot lane at level 6 so he can secure an easy dragon

- You WILL outscale him at 6 items because of your armor pen

- No matter how high he manages to stack his Q, he is still very vulnerable to being kited and CCed. Siphon Strike also deals physical damage so even a Nasus with high amounts of stacks can have his damage largely reduced by armor if he doesn't build a Last Whisper




- Strong ganks all game long, albeit lacking in damage

- Relies on teammates

- Slow clears, out farm him

- Doesn't scale well into late game, becomes a CC bot

- Counter gank whenever possible, Nautilus can't deal with them well




- Fast jungle clears and good sustain, Vi and Nocturne get to level 3 at about the same time

- Strong ganks pre 6, amazing ganks post 6

- Hard to counter gank after 6 because of his range, try to snowball one of your lanes before then

- Make sure his spell shield is on cooldown before using your ult

- Vi will outscale Nocturne with the build in this guide, giving you the upper hand late game




- Fast jungle clears and top notch sustain

- Will steal jungle camps from you. Ward the entrances to your jungle

- Do not get baited into chasing him

- Be careful of hidden brush ults. If you are unexplainably slowed when walking towards a brush, TURN AROUND IMMEDIATELY

- Vi's ult is very good at interrupting Nunu's ult

- Vi outscales Nunu very hard, Nunu becomes more of a tanky support lategame




- Decent clear time, good sustain

- Will out DPS and out tank you early game, be wary of counter ganks

- On par with Vi for lategame damage, but Olaf is tankier

- A lot of Olaf's killing power comes from the slow on his axes allowing him to stay on top of his target. Assume after he picks up his axe that he's about to throw it again and dodge slightly to the left or right to avoid this




At the time of writing this matchup, Poppy is still pretty fresh from her rework and may see some nerfs or changes that make this matchup not so hard, but right now this is probably Vi's HARDEST matchup.

- There is no point in the game where Vi is stronger than Poppy. Avoid dueling with her by yourself.

- Poppy is especially strong at level 3. If you run into her after your fist clear, avoid fighting her.

- Poppy's Steadfast Presence (W) will completely block your Vault Breaker (Q) and put it on a full cooldown. The only way around this is to hold your Vault Breaker (Q) until her Steadfast Presence (W) is on cooldown.

- Poppy's Steadfast Presence (W) will not only block you from engaging, but block you from using Vault Breaker (Q) to escape as long as she's on top of you. Do not get caught like this.

- Poppy becomes much tankier once she is below 40% HP. Even in fights where you are winning over her, she can use this tankiness combined with her passive to hold you long enough for her team to show up and kill you. DO NOT over commit to killing her if it is going to take too long. Constantly scan the minimap for threats coming your way when fighting her.

- Poppy's Kepper's Verdict (R) will not work on Vi if you're in the middle of your own ultimate.

- The most effective way to beat Poppy is to win the game around her. Vi has faster jungle clears and is a faster ganker especially early game. Gank often and kill her lanes before she has the chance to. The best plan is to get the rest of your team ahead before Poppy can get too many items.





^^^ So I originally wrote this matchup as a joke years ago in season 3, then go figure QUINN ACTUALLY JUNGLES NOW so a serious matchup:

- Vi loses early game to Quinn. Quinn can use her Vault (E) to interrupt your Vault Breaker (Q) (ISN'T THAT AN IRONIC NAMING SCHEME??) and put it on cooldown leaving you as a sitting duck. If you land your Vault Breaker (Q), she can then use her Vault (E) to get away from you anyways.

- Your best chance to kill her early game is finding her when her Vault (E) is on cooldown. This can be at a jungle camp or in skirmishes. Quinn is very susceptible to counter ganks.

- Once Vi hits 6 and gains her ultimate, Quinn can no longer escape you. Vi is much more likely to win a duel at this point.

- Quinn gains insane speed and map presence at 6 with her ult. She is very effective at snowballing a game out of your favor with quick ganks. Try to shut her down before 6 with counterganks or at 6 with your ultimate.

- After 6, treat every gank as though Quinn will be there. She can get anywhere fast, so be ready and expecting her to show up and plan accordingly.

- Quinn is still an AD carry, and still very squishy. Once you have ghostblade you can very likely kill her in one combo with your ultimate.




- Low DPS but very difficult to kill

- GREAT ganks and mobility, be very aware of possible counter ganks from Rammus

- Rammus has a very hard time catching up when put behind, outfarm and out level him to gain a distinct advantage

- Not fast at killing Dragon or Baron and easy to smite steal from

- Vi can kill Rammus surprisingly fast once she has Black Cleaver and Last Whisper, even if Rammus is stacking armor

- Ok




- A bad or average Reksai will not be too hard to out jungle. A good Reksai will be very difficult to overcome.

- Vi and Reksai are very even at level 3. If you miss your Vault Breaker (Q) then you won't have enough damage to kill her, try to escape.

- Reksai has very very good vision control and extreme mobility, expect to be counterganked and have a plan for it.

- Vi and Reksai are very evenly balanced across almost the whole game. It's up to you to simply outsmart and outperform the enemy jungler.

- If Reksai gets Cinderhulk, then you are stronger than her at level 9 if you have Ghostblade. If Reksai goes Warrior then you're evenly matched.




- Gets surprisingly low during initial clear, great target for counterganking or invading at his second buff

- Get an early ward to find out what buff Rengar started at, then countergank when he's on his way to a lane after his second buff. If you land Q, he cannot out-duel you at level 3

- You're stronger at level 6. Don't be afraid to invade his jungle, fight him, and force him to use his ult to escape from you.

- Can become a serious late game threat if allowed to get items

- Gank potential gets a lot better once Rengar gets his ult, try to have your lanes already winning before then

- In teamfights, use your ult to peel Rengar from your carries as soon as he pops out of stealth. If you stop him before your carry dies, Rengar will die for free.

- Good at split pushing




- Tanky AP jungler, still has good damage too. Will become almost unkillable mid game.

- Strong ganks before 6 and even better after 6

- Thrives on closely packed teamfights because of her ult, avoid teamfighting in tight jungle passages when she has it available

- Vi out DPSes Sejuani at almost all points of the game, don't be afraid to fight her but have an escape route planned. Sejuani can just survive until her team collapses on you




- Extremely fast and safe first clear, fast clears all game long

- Great at split pushing, hard to catch, don't take a bait and chase too far.

- DPS equals yours but not nearly as tanky

- Good at doing early dragons and barons, keep those areas consistently warded

- Excels at ganking even through warded areas, countergank whenever possible and try to gank more often than he does




- Shyvana has seen a recent rise in popularity because of her synergy with new masteries and her fast clears

- Sub par ganks all game long, gank often (especially pre 6) to get an early elad on map presence and map control

- Shyvana is very fast, keep key areas warded to see her coming long in advance

- Excels in teamfights because of the large amounts of armor and MR her ult gives her, extend the laning phase as long as possible to capitalize on Vi's superior ganks

- Shyvana's rage bar is a visible telegraph of whether her ult is ready or not, keep this in mind when dueling or team fighting against her

- Very susceptible to champions and teamcomps that can kite, the brunt of her damage requires her to be able to melee her target

- Despite her free stats and strong dueling potential, Vi WILL out scale Shyvana at full build / level 18! Do not be afraid to duel her at this point




- DO NOT fight in his crystal zones if he owns them unless you are already SIGNIFICANTLY ahead

- Possibly may become a much more popular pick in the near future due to season 4 jungle and mastery changes along with the upcoming Skarner rework

- Healthy and speedy first clear and subsequent clears

- Easily kited

- He will prefer to gank and camp lanes without a gap closer to get away from his melee CC. Look to protect and counter gank those lanes

- Doesn't scale well with damage but can get considerably tanky early on, you will out scale him and become a much larger threat than him as the game goes on

- Ganking potential increases once he hits 6


Tahm Kench


- A rare pick so I haven't had as much first hand experience in this matchup.

- Slower clears than Vi. Outpace him, outfarm him and outgank him.

- Vi is stronger at level 3, and should stay stronger for the rest of the game.

- He will not try and kill you solo, instead he will try to CC you and keep you occupied while he waits for his team to show up. Do not over commit to killing Tahm Kench.

- He can nullify your ultimate by devouring the person you target with it. Wait until his Devour is on cooldown.




- Despite not being a popular pick, Trundle is quite a handful to deal with in the jungle

- Mediocre ganks, prefers to gank lanes without a gap closer to escape his pillar

- SAPS AD AND STATS! Trundle has a lot of hidden strength that isn't apparent at first glance, be very careful

- Becomes less effective the longer the game goes on for, Vi will eventually outscale Trundle

- His Pillar of Ice WILL put your Vault Breaker (Q) on cooldown if used right on top of you while you are charging, keep this in mind when escaping




- Weak first clears, does not reach level 3 as fast as you

- Not tanky but will out damage you if Tryndamere reaches 6 items

- Ult makes for great tower dives

- Once Tryndamere gets a couple of damage items (BotRK or IE) he can cut down Dragon or Baron extremely fast, keep these areas consistently warded

- Highly mobile, don't get baited and chase into an enemy team

- Mediocre ganks and very item dependant, end the game earlier rather than later




- Fast and healthy clears including his first

- Strong ganks early

- Can tower dive surprisingly early, look to counter gank if you suspect Udyr is going to try an early tower dive on a low health teammate

- Phoenix Udyr relies more heavily on AoE AP base damage and performs better in teamfights and skrimishes

- Tiger Udyr relies on large bursts of single target damage and will look for duels and invades of your jungle. Early game Tiger Udyr's damage is NOT to be taken lightly

-Udyr is extremely mobile and fast, keep your lanes well warded to see him coming long in advance

- Udyr suffers from being kited easily, use this to your advantage

- Udyr's role in teamfights and late game is more of a tanky peeler for his carries and fast split pusher. Vi can out damage and out scale him, use your ult at the right time to become unpeelable




- Mediocre clear times, passive ensures he stays healthy in the jungle no matter what

- Will fall behind in farm because of his slow clears, use this to get an item and level advantage on him

- Volibear's flip allows him to be great at diving your carries or peeling his own. Use your ult to become unpeelable at the right time for great results

- Cannot handle counter ganks well

- Do not get baited into dueling at low health when he has his passive up. Use his buff bar to check if his passive is down before engaging

- Has a very difficult time catching up if he falls behind early

- Does not scale well into late game, becomes tanky but has low DPS and will be easily killed with this Vi build




- Extremely slow clears, but stays nearly full health throughout

- You will hit level 3 way before he does, use this time to try and get first blood for one of your lanes or get an early advantage without fear of being counter ganked

- No CC until level 6 thus attributing to sub par ganks

- His ult can be interrupted by hard CC, use your Vault Breaker (Q) to interrupt his Infinite Duress ult and save your teammates

- Will likely become tanky but will not outscale your damage unless he gets significantly ahead

- Has an extremely difficult time fixing one of his lanes or getting back into the game if his team falls behind or loses map control

- Use your much faster clears to build a significant farm, item and level advantage




- Mediocre clears with no sustain

- Strong ganks post 6

- Ganks are hard to see coming from Wukong because of the short stealth provided by his decoy, stay well warded to prevent this

- Wukong has great ratios, and a very high overall damage output on par with yours. He will not become as tanky as you will late in the game however.

- Avoid engaging early without all of your cooldowns up

- Great at team fights in small areas, avoid tight jungle passages when you know his ult is up


Xin Zhao


- Fast clears with great sustain

- Very strong ganks from level 3 onward, has a knockup, knockback and a slow

- Xin's Q knocks a target into the air on its third strike, this will interrupt your Q and force it onto cooldown if you are charging it at the time. Keep this in mind while trying to escape

- Xin is particularly great at snowballing lanes out of control for his team early on, stay well warded

- Will become tanky and try to dive your carries, you damage far out scales his late game, you should be able to kill his carries long before he can get yours




- Slow clears, but stays relatively healthy due to his passive

- Vi will reach level 3 much earlier than Zac, use this to your advantage to pick up first blood for your team or severely damage an enemy laner before Zac is able to counter gank

- Mediocre CC and ganks, but unique in the fact he can gank from very far range and cover distance quickly

- Being AP, he does not scale well as anything other than a tank peeler and disrupter. Vi scales much harder and becomes a real damage threat, use this to apply pressure

- Very unlikely to invade or kill you in a duel, not a good target for invades or duels either

- Lots of natural sustain and tanky stats that make Zac a real pain to kill, don't use up your cooldowns on Zac when there are easier to kill targets available

- Don't forget to use smite on his blobs to instantly kill one when he is trying to revive

Who am I and what are my credentials? Back to Top

Hi there I'm Sofu. I'm a mid range Diamond jungler who specializes in playing Vi. With the introduction of the leagues system in Season 3 I decided to start playing ranked, and like many people found myself stuck in the dreaded Silver divisions. After being stuck there for a little while a friend suggested I try jungling Vi, which sounded odd because at the time she had been released and advertised as a top laner. Within a few games i was hooked, as a champ Vi is incredibly fun, mobile, and versatile. After a lot of practice in normals I finally took my Vi to ranked and managed to shoot up from Silver 5 to Diamond in a little over 2 months of play.

 I've currently updating my guide to account for the new changes and items that have been introduced with Season 6. I'll always do my best to keep you informed on not only what items work the best on Vi, but WHY they work as well. While I'm not a Masters or Challenger player, I manage to perform consistently well in the mid Diamond range and that's ok because my guide is not aimed at those Masters or Challenger players.

This guide is for those of you who may have recently purchased Vi, maybe trying her on free week, or maybe you've played her a few times before but now you're looking for a new jungler to take into ranked with confidence.

I personally can guarantee you that I've played over 1700 games with Vi, over 700 of them in ranked and well over 1000 normals. I've tried just about every skill leveling order, every build path (tanky, glass cannon, attack speed, AP) numerous times and everything written in this guide comes with my own experience backing it up. If you have any questions that you feel weren't covered by my guide or any feedback, you can always add me in game. I play on the NA servers by the name Sofu.

My Vi stats at from season 3. No Pentakills :(.

My Vi stats from season 4. I only played half as many games as I did in season 3 but still managed to make it back to the same rank. I found season 4 to be a bit harder and it shows in my winrate. However my averages per game improved and my gold earned per game went way up as well. Finally got that pentakill :).


My Vi stats from Season 5. About the same amount of games played as Season 4. My per game averages and stats ended up worse than previous seasons but my winrate ended up higher. I ended the season in Diamond like the two years before.

70% AP ratio on Excessive Force?! Time to be a muscle wizard. I CAST FIST!

Got bored of all the normal builds. Probably gonna try this again and aim for an S+.

Getting to know your jungle Back to Top

RED BUFF spawns at 1:40 - USE SMITE - re spawns every 5 minutes
BLUE BUFF spawns at 1:40  - USE SMITE - re spawns every 5 minutes

SMALLER CAMPS spawn at 1:40 and re spawn every 100 seconds. This includes:

RAZORBEAKS spawn at 1:40 - re spawns every 100 seconds
Using smite upon this camp will grant Razor Sharp.pngTrue Sight for 10 seconds the next time you are spotted by an enemy ward.

WOLVES spawn at 1:40 - re spawns every 100 seconds

Usingsmite on this camp will summon a nature spirit that grants sight over the nearby jungle for 95 seconds. Whenever an enemy champion comes in range of the nature spirit, it will chase them for a short duration.

GROMP spawns at 1:40 - re spawns every 100 seconds
Using smite upon Gromp will grant Gift of the Toadstool.png Gift of the Toadstool for 90 seconds, which poisons any units (including champions) that attack you, dealing 10 + (5% bonus health) as magic damage over 3 seconds.

KRUG (DOUBLE GOLEMS) spawn at 1:40 - re spawns every 100 seconds

Using smite upon Krug will grant you Gift of Heavy Hands.png Gift of heavy Hands for 90 seconds, causing every 6th basic attack to stun minions and monsters. Additionally, you can attack a tower to expend the buff early - dealing a large amount of bonus true damage (65 + 15 x level).

The rest of this section is meant for those who are very new to the jungle. If you are familiar to jungling, and just here specifically for information on how to play Vi, feel free to skip to the next section

Do not use smite on smaller camps if there is a buff camp or objective that will be available within 60 seconds.

DRAGON spawns at 2:30 - re spawns every 6 minutes - USE SMITE


In season 5, the dragon was changed to reward a stacking stat buff instead of the global gold it gave in previous seasons. The buff applies to all of your teammates globally, and gains a new effect for each dragon you kill over the course of the game. Dragon usually becomes a point of interest around 10:00, which is when most champions are high enough level to complete it. Early on the dragon will take usually 3 or more members to complete and is dangerous, make sure the area is well warded before attempting! As the game goes on the dragon is much easier for an AD jungler like Vi to solo. Save your smite and use it to last hit the dragon as the buffs are only rewarded to the team that gets the killing blow!

There is a dragon icon beside each team's total kills on the scoreboard.
Here you can see blue team has 1 dragon while purple team has none.

RIFT HERALD spawns at 4:00 - re spawns every 5 minutes - despawns at 19:45 or 19:55 if in combat - USE SMITE

The Rift Herald is a new epic monster added for Season 6. It resides in the Baron pit until Baron spawns. The Rift Herald is stronger than Dragon, and should not be fought alone early in the game. When in combat with 2 or more players, the Rift Herald will open its large eye, causing it to take substantially more damage. Vi IS capable of soloing this monster, but usually only after she completes her ghostblade or if she gets a large level lead early on.

Upon killing the Rift Herald, it will drop a small purple object. This can be picked up by any one member of your team to grant that player the Doom's Eve buff for a two minute duration. This includes:
  • +40 movement speed
  • +10% increased damage
  • +100 attack range for nearby canon minions
  • +40% increased attack speed for nearby minions
  • Reduces Recall time by 4 seconds.
  • A successful recall restores 50% of your champion's maximum health / mana and grants +50% movement speed for 8 seconds.

BARON NASHOR spawns at 20:00 - re spawns every 7 minutes - USE SMITE

In contrast to the dragon, Baron Nashor is a late game objective that often has a hand in deciding the outcome of a game. The Baron always gives 300 gold to each player on the team that lands the killing blow, along with a purple colored buff that grants AD, AP, mana regen, and health regen to the wearer. The Baron usually requires a whole team to take down and is not to be taken lightly. Just like the dragon, make sure the area is well warded and use smite to kill to prevent the other team from stealing it.


When starting your first buff in the jungle, you'll want what is called a leash. A leash simply means that the players in the closest lane to your starting buff will help you by dealing some damage to the buff for you. Doing this makes your first clear much faster and safer in case of invades. If for some reason you do not receive a leash, Vi with the runes and masteries in this guide can fully complete her first buff and the rest of her jungle, even without a leash.

Riot has also introduced some in game jungle timers. These are at the top of your score screen and will tell you when camps are going to respawn. Make sure to check this to always know exactly when to prepare for dragons and barons.
This thing!

When a jungle camp or large monster is killed, the small icon representing it will be removed from the minimap. This icon shows up again once the camp has respawned. If there is no monsters at a camp, the icon will only disappear once you (or an ally) has been within vision range of that camp, but the icon will reappear on your minimap once that camp respawns regardless of where you are (this works even if that camp is under fog of war at the time it respawns). The best way to use this is to get within vision range of enemy buffs to "clear" their icons from your minimap. Then you'll know the exact moment they respawn by watching your minimap, even if you don't know exactly when they died.

As a jungler you'll need to become very familiar with this map quickly! You should be looking at your minimap as you're moving from camp to camp and even while doing some smaller camps so that you're always up to date on what's happening in the game around you. This information will help you know where to be and when to be there. There's the added benefit of seeing as you're always looking at your minimap, you'll see incoming ganks before your laners who most likely aren't looking at their maps, and be able to alert them sooner preventing deaths and feeding!

Early Game Back to Top

The early game usually consist of the first 10 or so minutes of a game. Players will spend a large portion of this time in their lanes, dueling with their lane opponents while the jungler ganks and tries to get  early advantages for his team. This period of the game is extremely important and can often set the tone for the rest of the whole game. THIS IS YOUR MOST EFFECTIVE TIME AS A JUNGLER, do not squander it. The early game generally ends when outer towers start getting destroyed, causing lanes to roam.


Vi has a relatively weak level 1 compared to other junglers. She needs to take her Denting Blows (W) at level 1 to be able to clear her first buff, but this spell is very weak in a level 1 teamfight and leaves Vi very vulnerable. Try to refrain from invading unless the other 4 members of your team have a stellar amount of damage and crowd control to make up for your lack of both.

If you are the one being invaded by the other team, you should concede the buff unless your team has a significant level 1 advantage. When this happens start at your opposite jungle side, then work your way up to level 3 from there. This means if an invade on your Kruggs (double golems) is spotted you should move to your Gromp and take it instead.

You may have noticed the jungle map in the above section had numbers over some of the camps. Those represent what I feel is the best early jungle route for Vi. Regardless of whether you start on blue side or purple, your bot lane should help you by leashing your first jungle camp to clear it very quickly. You should use Smite on the first camp because both Kruggs or Gromp offer strong smite buffs for clearing the jungle.

Clearing the first camp will award you with level 2 where I highly recommend putting a skill point into Excessive Force (E). From here we want to move to the closest buff camp. You'll want to start the camp off with a regular auto attack and then move slightly backwards so it follows you. Doing this pulls the larger monster slightly in front of the smaller monsters, allowing your Excessive Force (E) to hit all monsters at once. Then use your (E) charges BETWEEN your auto attacks to reset your auto attack animation for faster attacks and a faster clear. Your rhythm should go like this:

Auto Attack -> Walk back slightly to pull buff in front -> Auto Attack -> (E) -> Auto Attack -> (E) -> Auto Attack

Always make sure your Excessive Force (E) is hitting all the monsters in a jungle camp for faster clears, especially early in the game. Once your Red or Blue buff is clear, move on to the third and final camp on the same side of your jungle. Your smite will be back up but hold onto it, smite should not be needed for clearing the third camp.


Now that you're level 3 put a skill point into Vault Breaker (Q) and take a look at your map. Vi's first clear is a lot faster than a majority of other junglers meaning you have approximately 5 seconds to take the lead. Take a quick look at the two nearest lanes and check up on the healthbars of both laners and how pushed the creepwaves are.

I've found, through personal experience, ganking mid generally yields the best results and has the biggest overall impact in the early game. Follow the paths I outlined in the jungling image in the section above. This allows you to drop a trinket ward just in front of the wraiths that will spot any incoming counter ganks before it's too late. Ganking this way will put you directly between the enemy mid and their tower, cutting off their easiest escape route. Landing a Vault Breaker (Q) from this position almost guarantees the opponent uses their Flash or dies. Dependent on how pushed they were, they may flash and still die to a well timed (Q). If they use their flash, make sure to re visit within five minutes to gank again while they don't have it, and as with any gank, announce to your team in advance that you're coming to the mid lane (usually with with a minimap ping) so your allied laner has time to prepare.

Once your gank is complete, or if there wasn't a chance to gank, you should have a little bit more then 450 gold. Recall and grab your Jungler's Talisman item then head over to the buff you didn't get and grab it and the camps around it using smite. You should then do camps until you reach level 4, then gank again. If your first gank managed to get an opponent's flash, I advise ganking that lane again as it yields a better chance of a kill.

From level 3 to 6 your goal is to gank very often. Keep up in farm by clearing your wraith camp and wolf camp whenever they're up, doing double golems if your health permits or you have smite, and even the enemy wraith camp when you have smite and know that it's safe to do so. You'll want to recall at some point before 7:00 on the clock so that you're ready for when your buffs respawn.


Unless you've gotten several good ganks or had to hold lanes and received a bit of lane farm, you'll likely hit level 6 somewhere between the 7:30 to 8:15 mark. Your first buff should be respawning at approximately 7:20 and completing that buff should put you only one camp away from 6. From here it'll be approximately 30 seconds before your next buff respawns so you should be looking for a gank opportunity now that you have Assault and Battery (R). Your ult is an amazing tool for ganking, once used follow it up with a short charge of your (Q) to keep the target locked down for even longer. This damage and CC, along with what your laner will also provide, is an almost guaranteed flash from your opponent or kill for you if they don't have flash.

Blue buff is a judgement call on your part. Vi does REALLY well with the regen and CDR from blue and can really play aggressive with it. At the same time, if your mid laner is a mana intensive mage and hasn't bought any mana regen items (such as chalice), then it may be more beneficial to give your blue buff to them. Don't be afraid to keep the blue buff if your mid laner has died multiple times by the 7 minute mark. Overall use your best judgement on what is best for your team, but don't be selfish.

Level 6 is also the time when Dragon starts being looked at as a possible objective.  It'll likely take about 3 members of your team to actually complete and will leave those fighting it vulnerable. To ensure a safe dragon, you should either kill an enemy champ or force them to recall before starting it. Ganking both with your ult and securing a kill can solidify this numbers advantage and turn just 1 kill's worth of gold into 150 gold or more for everyone on your team. It's important to also secure the surrounding area with wards before starting the dragon so you'll be able to see any threats coming and have the time to react properly to them.

Whenever your ult is off cooldown you should be looking for opportunities to gank. I prefer to mostly hang around areas near mid lane because of the multiple entrances to gank it. If you bolster your mid lane and start it snowballing, your mid laner has more opportunities to roam and help you in ganking. Being close to mid lane often also gives you a great chance to counter gank (Which Vi thrives in) whenever the enemy jungler shows up since mid is the shortest distance to all 3 lanes.

After a successful gank in any lane you should help push your creep wave into the opposing tower. This will allow you to put some damage on the tower and force your opponent to miss the gold and experience from those minions.
 This is just about one of THE most important things you can do to gain an early advantage, second only to actually landing kills. When you gank and successfully kill the enemy laner or force him to recall, pushing the lane minions into his tower forces him to miss out on up to over 100 gold a wave. Along with this they'll also be missing the experience from those minion waves and can possibly fall behind in levels. If your laner is up even one level on the enemy laner, this can equate to a base stats difference of up to almost 500 gold (depending on the champs)! Before the kill gold is even totaled up, with just one kill you can grab your laner a 500 to 600 gold lead as early as level 3 with a successful gank. If you're able to put a large chunk of damage on a tower or even kill it, then your laner will be even farther ahead on top of everything else. Just a few early kills will set the tone for the rest of the game and has the potential to grant you a very momentous mid game phase.

Alt Tab QuickGuide Back to Top


Don't worry, I've got you covered with a short Alt Tab guide to reference during the load screen and on recall.


(Q)                 (W)                  (E)

viQ.png                   viW.png                   viE.png

Level 3                    Level 1                   Level 2

Max FIRST                   Max SECOND                   Max LAST

1039_32.png2003_32.png3340_32.png --> 3706_32.png3133.png --> 3707_32.png3242.png --> 3134.png --> 3133.png3142.png --> 3111_32.png3009.png3047.png --> 3052.png3053.png --> 3044.png3071.png

--> 3156.png or 3102.png or 3742.png for last item.

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