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4.pngFLASH is a must for literally every scenario, it's your bread and butter, and Viktor is heavily reliant on his flash for Defensive (Until 3157_32.png is acquired), as well as Offensive capabilities. *SEE FURTHER USES OF FLASH IN THE ZED MATCHUP SECTION*

14.pngIGNITE is a great addition to Viktor's Arsenal, his burst is complimented well by incorporating Ignite into the combo. You will find yourself needing a bit more in a good amount of your matchups. If you are feeling confident against a certain enemy the Ignite will be a powerful choice.

7.pngHEAL, even after the nerf to the duration of the movement speed buff is still a very viable option, it provides defense through a generous amount of health restoration, as well as allowing Viktor a brief window of opportunity for displacement via the movement speed boost, helping him in evading enemy Skillshots and Ultimates. A great example of this is the Ultimate of 115_64.png.


21.pngBARRIER is useful in many cases where the flow of damage is controlled (Expected), which means that it is perfect for negating the Ultimate of 238_64.png as well as dealing with the pesky time bombs of 26_64.png
A well timed 21.png can completely kill the burst from 90_64.png

3.pngEXHAUST is a great tool for dealing with high mobility, high burst assassins, it is extremely useful in this current meta, since we see a rise in Assassins in the midlane. 

Exhaust's value increases exponentially as the game progresses, simply because it works with percentages, which means that it is not a fixed value, like Heal and Barrier are, but it works with the stats of your Enemies.

238_64.png  91_64.png  157_64.png  These are only a few of the many champions that Exhaust counters, Champions like these dominate the ladders of popularity in SoloQ these days.


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Masteries Back to Top

Masteries such as Feast and Double-Edged Sword can be swapped out, same applies to Oppressor and Bounty Hunter, please refer to the *Season 6 Masteries* section for full coverage!

Bounty Hunter and Oppressor are interchangeable, Viktor has an easy time killing people in general, so only after 3 unique kills you will be able to have a stronger value than that of the Oppressor ON DEMAND, without any prerequisites and requirements. Bounty Hunter is superior in my eyes.

1 point in Meditation is more than enough, the difference between Bounty Hunter and Oppressor on 4 kills or more will be more than enough to fill in the gap.

Precision IS stronger than Intelligence in terms of raw damage output, however, they are both interchangeable and strongly depend on your personal playstyle.

Thunderlord's Decree is still the most viable option for Viktor.

Deathfire Touch is good only in the lategame and in huge cluttered teamfights, getting good value from Deathfire Touch is very hard and situational, it will have almost no impact on your early and midgame.

With the changes to the BLUE BUFF, Runic Affinity is quite appealing, Assassin is also great if you're going to do solo actions and assassinations across the map or cleaning up a teamfight or skirmish after your teammates are dead. This means that all three masteries on Tier 2 from the Cunning tree are interchangeable and I would be inclined to pick up Runic Affinity if I have a manaless jungler or a jungler that in general does not require a Blue Buff in order to be successful in his game and how much he contributes to the team.

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In literally every single scenario you will want to max out the Death Ray first, it is Viktor's iconic ability, providing you with a great psychological advantage (I will explain how that works further into the guide), as well as one of, if not THE BEST, wave clearing methods in the entire game once you've acquired 3198_32.png. The Death Ray can also be used for scouting Brushes from a safe distance, since it has the function of revealing areas shrouded in the fog of war, this is helpful against incoming invades.

Contrary to popular belief, the Death Ray, is actually MORE efficient to take at level one in terms of trading with your opponent. The main goal for you as a Viktor player is to optimize the spending of your Mana, you would generally strive to hit your opponent as well as a good portion of his minion wave. Truly, as far as value for mana goes, the Death Ray is superior to the Q, because it will not only do damage to your oponent, but it will also do damage to his wave. Your opponent will soon realize that he is losing the battle for level 2, where you will solidify your lead with the great 1v1 trading capability of the new Q after the rework once you reach level 2.

You will pick the Gravity Field on level 3 in most cases, UNLESS you know the whereabouts of the enemy jungler, in that case you can safely put another point in Death Ray, since that will help you out even more with your wave clear.
It is risky to pick up the E on level 3, because you will be vulnerable to ganks, however, it is quite desirable. Be sure to use your trinket ward properly.

The Gravity Field itself serves its main purpose regardless of the rank of the skill, so there is no actual need of prioritizing it over the Death Ray or even the Siphon Power.

Siphon Power is a great way to trade early, because the Auto+Q+Auto combo does considerable damage and the Shield that you get helps out quite a bit in mitigating the enemy's counter-attack. Viktor usually comes on top in almost every matchup with his level 2 trades, use that to your advantage. Picking up Q on level 1 vs LeBlanc in particular is mandatory, your trades are quite a bit stronger on level 1 and 2.

Level your ultimate immediately whenever it is available.

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Starting Items

    You would generally want to start with a Doran's Ring and 2 Biscuits (Health Potions). Since in almost all of your matches you would want to push the lane and establish an early game dominance.
    Abyssal Scepter is an awesome first item because for many reasons, it's strong vs bad ap matchups, has very good radius on the aura effect, now provides CDR, great value for the gold.

Core Items

    Core build, flexible afterwards, please check *best build for current patch section for more info*
    Full DPS build, good balance of CDR as well, from the Ionian Boots, Lich Bane and Blue Buff. This is your endgame pure damage build.
    Defensive lategame build, when Zhonya's is absolutely needed you can sacrifice the Lich Bane, since the power of the Q has shifted more towards the missile's damage, rather than forcing you to rely on the empowered attack.
    Full burst build for the very lategame, Luden's Echo as a final item in order to somewhat compensate for the loss of the speed from the boots, should net you over 1300 AP after 2 Fire Dragons and Baron + Blue buff + Elixir. Easily able to destroy squishies with a single E+Q combo regardless of build.
    MOrello as a second item pickup after the Rylai's is quite formidable against teams that do not have a tanky lineup and are not building huge amounts of MR, the added CDR as well as 100AP on the buffed Morello, on top of the lower than the average price for an item of that caliber make it a very desirable purchase. Proceed into either a Void Staff or Rabadon, regardless of which one you need first you should take them both in no particular order.

Situational Items

    Sometimes good against a strong LeBlanc player. Also decent as a second item pick up after Rylai's in a lot of cases.

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Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Ezreal
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Gragas
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jayce
  • Karma
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle
  • Kennen
  • Kog'Maw
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Mordekaiser
  • Morgana
  • Nidalee
  • Orianna
  • Riven
  • Ryze
  • Sion
  • Sona
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Urgot
  • Varus
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean
  • Zyra





103_64.png Ahri was once a champion who did not pose a significant threat to Viktor, but with the removal of the Silence on your ulti, you are much more vulnerable to her mobility.

Don't fool yourselves, the removal of the DFG is no nerf to her. Her kit is currently VERY powerful by itself. 

AS OF PATCH 5.3 - She received "BALANCE" changes in my opinion. These are not nerfs but rather balance tweaks to the Damage as well as Range of her W, to the Mana Cost of her Q (even though it still costs SIGNIFICANTLY less at 85 on max level than Viktor's Death Ray at 110 at max level). The range of her Ultimate's damage is toned down a bit as well.

Overall the changes will STILL not be enough to bring her down as the core of her insane power lies entirely on the huge mobility from the Ultimate as well as the new Q which remain UNCHANGED to this day.

Ahri is even more of a problem nowadays, since the changes to her Q give her a significant advantage in lane. She basically gets HIGHER mobility than Viktor's Augmented Q for FREE, with NO REQUIREMENTS (like exposing yourself by getting close to cast your spell). This is a "compensation" for the removal of the DeathFire's Grasp, but this makes the matchup even more tricky and difficult for Viktor.
Generally you would want to wait a bit before using your Death Ray, since hitting it will be a bit difficult with her burst of speed.

After the changes to her Q, she essentially has a more powerful Viktor Q Augment for free and no downsides like going close for casting the spell to take advantage of its effects, all of this for FREE ON TOP of her insane mobility on level 6. I think Riot slightly went overboard with this one, but it's their game and their decision so I'm not here to question.

Before, you had a brief window of opportunity to silence her with a well-timed ulti and cut her off between the casts of her own ulti. This allowed you to execute your own combo and kill her before she kills you. After the changes, you have even MORE reason to strive for faster wave clear. 

As a Viktor player, your poke and wave clear are far superior, as well as efficient, it is just a matter of avoiding her Charm. My general tips for this matchup are to basically focus on dominating the wave with your Death Ray so that she will be forced to focus on last hitting and controlling the minion wave, instead of harassing you. Once you've acquired the 3198_32.png this particular matchup should be relatively easy.
Do not rush with using your Ultimate, there is a small delay between the casts of her Ultimate so be sure to use that to your advantage. If you fail your own Ultimate, then you are almost certainly dead. As with the 238_64.png and 157_64.png her quick displacement can confuse you and push you into making a grave misplay. Be sure to take your time and as with all Assassins who have the potential to one-shot you, you should study her patterns of aggression so that you may have a better understanding of your enemy as a player psychologically. Is she more inclined to use the ulti all-out aggressively and rush you headlong? Or is she using it more strategically, maneuvering into safe distances of you but still in range to unleash her attacks. It takes some time and experience to adjust mechanically to playstyles of champions like this.


4.pngIs a must in this matchup. DO NOT BE AFRAID to use it to dodge her Charm, it is imperative that you DO NOT get hit! Your full combo's damage is more than sufficient to one-shot her if she shows aggression towards you (which will only make it easier for you to correctly use your ultimate), The moment she misses her Charm on you is the moment the tables will turn and she will be consumed by the Singularity.
6.pngPlay to your strengths, clear the wave effectively and play safe until the mid to lategame, or after the laning phase is over. Ghost will also help you evade her ahriseduce.png


Video included in the *Video section*.





84_64.pngAkali as a matchup is considered easy for Viktor. I would even argue that she is significantly easier after the rework than before it. The removal of the Silence of your Ultimate does not really factor in this matchup, it is of little importance. The changes to the Q, however, make it that much more easier for you to zone her, the way your Q works now is just perfect for this matchup.

There is a twist to this matchup. On level 6, she is of equal strength to you if she is full HP, she can outplay you with the triple stack on her Ultimate, that is why you need to be extremely aggressive in the beginning so that she grows to fear you, if you achieve that, then she will be hesitant to go all in on you when she gets level 6. 
Keep doing the Auto+Q+Auto combo on her and focus on clearing the wave with your laser, if you manage to land a Death Ray on her while you are clearing the minions then that is a great bonus.

Her wave clear is poor and she will struggle with last hitting, if you push early then she will lose a hefty amount of gold to her Turret. You would generally want to be over 90% HP at any given time against her and keep her around the 60% mark with continuous harass. Once you've acquired the 3198_32.png then you will have your other abilities empowered, due to the sheer AP scaling that you receive from the Augmentation, which means that if she decides to all-in on you when she is below 70% HP, then she is a guaranteed kill. ALWAYS save your Gravity Field for when she dives you, do not make the mistake of using it offensively. By the time she gets the 3145_32.png you will AT LEAST have the 3198_32.png and a second 1076_32.png if not a 1026_32.png. Even with the Doran, your mana sustain will be more than sufficient and a single Death Ray will easily take a good 30% of her HP, her sustain, even with potions will not be enough.

It is wise to wait for her to go for last hits so that you get a good value for your Death Ray by hitting her, as well as the wave with a single cast. This is an easy way for you to get a Death Ray on her almost every time.

Viktor is much stronger than her in lane and in a controlled environment overall. The problems begin when she starts roaming. You can't really followup on her, simply because you will be an easy target in the open unless you are extremely fed.
Your job is to simply push and go for a tower when she starts roaming. Be sure to warn your team frequently.
Followup only if you are sure that your teammates can cut her off, which will allow you to pressure her from both sides.


4.pngFlash as always.
3.pngIs great, since you will most likely use it in conjunction with a 2043_32.png, the Exhaust will negate a hefty amount of her damage and will keep her snared long enough so that the Gravity Field can start working its magic. It is worth pointing out that she can simply wait it out while she is Shrouded, so be smart when using your Exhaust.
6.pngI would personally run Ghost, play safe and be sure to dominate the minion waves.





34_64.pngAnivia in general does not pose much of a threat to Viktor, at best, this lane will be a farm fest, since her wave clear after 6 is excellent. I would not advise you to go all-in, since Viktor is heavily reliant on calculating the exact amount of Burst that he can dish out to score kills (Especially with the builds that I am proposing) so having her passive up can be pretty annoying.

There are circumstances where you can kill her but those include either your jungler having a noticeable presence in your lane or if she overextends so that she takes a good amount of damage from your minion wave as well.
Be sure to move frantically so that you may avoid her stun, it is the only reliable thing that enables her to initiate her rotation on you.

Try to stay at a good distance from her after level 6, since she can use her ULTIMATE to get a slow on you and follow that up with a stun, this combo is extremely dangerous and will force a flash from you.

You would definitely want to avoid going in for Q trades after 6, since you will be a viable target for a an easy Ultimate from her, which in turn will lead to a well placed stun.
General tips are to play passive and try to obtain lane dominance pre-6, you definitely want to trade with Auto+Q+Auto on level 2 (careful for her stun) since the shield from the Q itself is great for negating a good portion of her counter-attacks on low levels.
It can get a really dicey if you get hit by her stun.
It is slow, but try not to move in predictable patterns.

Definitely try to use your Ultimate when she is Channeling her own Ultimate. The way her ultimate works is that while it is channeled, it can be interrupted, even though, she does not physically channel it. Viktor's Ultimate does not possess a silence anymore (will be missed) but it has the Interrupt effect, which will be sufficient. Once you break her Ultimate, she will go on a relatively long cooldown, more than enough for you to deal significant damage.


4.pngIs a must.
6.pngCan be good in this matchup, it will provide you will good mobility, which can be helpful in both avoiding her spells, as well as catching up to her or the enemy team later in the game. Overall a great ability.
7.pngHeal is a great option as well, since it provides a good balance of displacement capability, due to its Movement Speed buff, as well as a nice amount of Health Restoration.


Starting with the 3198_32.png as usual. For this matchup go with the 3089_32.png
Be sure to purchase your 1001_32.pngso that the "Fleet of Foot" Mastery starts kicking in and help you avoid her spells more easily.
It is wise to get your 3196_32.png Q augment a bit earlier, since you will need the movement speed. You will definitely want to take your Q Augment before upgrading your 3020_32.png
Continue with a 3135_32.png
The reason why we're not getting the early 3157_32.png is because it will leave you vulnerable to a perfectly placed Ultimate from her or an easy stun (people are increasingly proficient in using their stun correctly, according to the Zhonya's duration as ELO increases)
Finish with the3157_32.png  into 3100_32.png





1_64.pngAnnie has gained a lot of popularity these days, she is often played as a support, as well as a midlaner. Her early is strong, due to her stun, she can charge her passive and have it the moment she gets into the lane, so be wary of that. She also has a really good Auto Attack range, which synergizes well with her stun by allowing her to get an extra auto or two when you are retreating.

After the 6.9 changes, her ultimate is quite devastating, be sure to think ahead and be prepared for Tibbers and his insane damage/movespeed. Prepare with either a Gravity Field, Q movespeed or a Summoner Spell used defensively.

Usually, however, Annie players will go with their Q ability as a level 1 pickup and efficiently last hit minions in the lane.

Be extremely careful of her flash combo, especially after level 6, it is a guaranteed kill if her jungler is close.

Your spell range as a Viktor player is higher and you can harass and farm from a much safer distance.
Keep in mind that early trades are not desirable, since she does have a stun, which is of higher value than your Q shield as well as having a higher range of Auto Attacks.

If you want to trade with her, you will ideally want to do it on level 2, since the early level 1 Death Ray will help you push her back.

She has powerful wave-clear in the sense that she can execute minions when they are at approximately 30% HP with her Q, which will fully refund her mana if she lands a kill with the spell.

A lot of Annie players, in lower elo specifically, go for a tanky route with the Rod of Ages as a first item, followed by something like a Haunting Guise. This is especially annoying for you and your all-in combo, but this just means that your teamfight presence will be much greater since her damage output will be lowered siginificantly if she decides to go down this build path.

Be sure to achieve lane dominance by pushing the wave early so that she shifts focus away from you and instead starts going for last hits.
Annie will usually struggle with keeping her lane in check and will be forced to waste a considerable amount of mana on wave control if she does not wish to facetank the minions or simply lose some to the Turret.
After level 6, her burst is almost as strong as Viktor's, but at this point you should have your 3198_32.png and you will generally keep her at around 60-70% HP so that she gets instakilled by your full combo if she tries something funny.

Even though your burst is great, you would want to avoide direct confrontation, since her burst can be executed much easier due to the stun that she has.

Avoid using your Death Ray when her shield is up, especially in the early stages of the game where you will need to use it efficiently and preserve Mana.

Aim to stay at a safer distance and simply utilize the higher range from your Death Ray.

Careful with your post 6 engagements, the removal of the silence has left Viktor vulnerable, especially against Annie's stun from Tibbers. Be sure to keep her at a distance even then. You can still throw your Ulti+Death Ray from a larger distance than Annie's combo.


4.pngFlash is a must as always.
6.pngGhost as a personal choice, play safe, push the wave and wait for it to scale up into the mid to lategame.
21.pngBarrier is a powerful choice here, since it will negate her nuke quite heavily.


Aurelion Sol



136.pngAurelion Sol. Very distinct opponent, with a unique kit which requires a unique approach.

I am classifying him as "medium" only because of the peculiarities in his abilities, as well as infuriating early game presence.

His level 1 pushing is absolutely insane, Azir and Vel'Koz have nothing on this guy.
You will often times see your self in a position where you will miss out on a few CS simply due to pure pressure from his passive damage.

It is VERY important to go exclusively for minions, while keepin a good distance from him, he is a champion that can easily poke you down with his orbiting stars while simultaneously last hitting the minions and pushing at the same time.

You will have laning problems until you acquire your E Augment, after which you take the high ground and become stronger in terms of wave clear.

Your all-in potential is much greater than his the moment you get your Rylai's. This is very important because the first item in Aurelion's arsenal is a Rod of Ages in 99% of cases, this means that you will have a significant advantage when it comes to all-in burst, as well as raw stats. The moment you both acquire your first item is the moment when you will have a window of opportunity to go for the throat, use this to your advantage while his RoA is still stacking up.

In this particular matchup you need speed, in order to evade his aurelionsolQ.pngQ, as well as maneuver effectively through his orbiting stars in order to minimize damage intake.

Your teamfighting potential is much greater, your waveclear is the best in the game, your kiting potential is rivaled by none with the Rylai's + Ghost + Q Augment. Use all of this to your advantage, acknowledge your weak points in the early game and play to your strengths after you purchase your E Augmentation.

His waveclear is not that great and you can afford to roam a bit better than he can, since you can push out the wave much faster.


4.pngFlash as always, either instantly close in the gap and go directly in his face after he misses his Q or use it to escape.
6.pngGhost in order to quickly close in the gap between you and him, as well as chase him down with your Ultimate after you acquire your Rylai's, on top of helping you to easily evade his Q. 





268_64.pngAzir, although somewhat of a recently released champion, is not picked very often.
First I want to talk about the level 1.
You DEFINITELY want to pick up your E first, since his wave clear on level 1 is very strong, you need to counter it. The reason it's so strong is that he can put down his soldier and 'Continuously" dish out good amounts of spell damage to your minions. This will create a lot of pressure and you need to do your best in getting level 2 first.
Trades are generally advised ONLY after he uses his Soldier's *Kill Command*.
Generally you would want to stay at a good distance until he casts it and hopefully misses.

Do not overextend against Azir, he thrives on extended engagements and will definitely not hesitate to reduce you down to a state from which you will not recover easily.

Do not go in for a trade when you see him summon his Soldiers, wait for him to use his *KIll Command* first, the slow that it applies to you will guarantee that he will do at least 2 attacks on you, which is completely devastating if done in succession a few times.

It is very important to know the damage that Azir can deal. His kit revolves around dealing MEDIUM but CONSISTENT amounts of damage to you. He doesn't have some insane nuke combo that can 1 shot you if you are playing safe, instead, he will systematically bring you down with continuous assaults.

Generally you would want to stay at a good distance in this matchup. His combo somewhat interferes with your cast sequence, since he has 2 knockups from his Ultimate and "Dash to Soldier" abilities. This should encourage you even further to wait for his abilities to go off first.

Azir becomes progressively harder to deal with as he acquires a reliable form of mana-sustain and levels, which allows him to deploy multiple soldiers in rapid succession. His trades become very potent and frequent and you will have to step up your game even more in terms of positioning and dodging.

Thankfully, Viktor has one of the top wave control methods in the game via his Death Ray after acquiring his E Augment, this will allow you to mold the lane and control the aggression in the matchup very easily. Even if you are behind in the specific matchup, a well-placed Death Ray is not only strong enough to clear almost the entire minion wave, but is also very cost-efficient in terms of mana.

Very experienced 268_64.png players will abuse their Ultimate on their TOWER! He can put a SOLDIER behind or on top of you and DASH towards it. This will knock you up and will allow him to position properly for his ULTIMATE to slam you towards his tower. The knockback from the Ultimate is very powerful and will easily hurl you directly into his turret.
Be very, very careful when going close to his tower, do a few trades first, gauge his general skill level and make an assessment of how likely he is to pull that off.
As time progresses, people increasingly pick up on this strategy. This is, I believe, one of the main reasons he is almost perma-banned these days. I felt very compelled to add this to the matchup, since it left a very big impression on me with how powerful it is and how it can catch you off-guard.


4.pngAs always.
6.pngGhost is my personal choice.


Video included in the *Video section*.





63_64.pngBrand is relatively easy for Viktor. Although his damage potential is incredible, he still needs to connect a stun so that he may kill you. Avoid getting close for trades after level 3 unless you are behind creeps and his Fireball (Q) doesn't connect. Try to push your lane as much as possible, since he will struggle with last hitting under his turret. As always, pushing the lane will ensure that he drops the focus away from you and shift it onto the minions.
After level 6, you should already have the 3198_32.png, which will ensure your dominance in the lane. Wave clear will be done with a single Death Ray, and even if Brand has a Chalice, his HP will drop by around 30% with a single Laser cast. Things to avoid are basically getting too close so you don't get ignited by his E, since it is a targeted spell and he can't really miss it. If he gets his E or his W on you and then decides to ulti, the ultimate will prioritize you as a target, since you are already ablaze.
Find a good balance of not staying too close to the minions, but at the same time staying behind them so that he may not do an E+Q combo.
Advanced 63_64.png players will throw a Q and then throw a W under you while the Q is in the air, you need to gauge his level of aggressiveness and judge whether or not he will be brazen enough to go all-in on you when he gets frustrated from being poked too much, this will allow you to get a guaranteed Gravity Field, as well as a full value from your Chaos Storm with the followup DOT damage that it provides on him.
Don't be afraid to use the 4.png to displace out of harm's way when he tries to combo you.


7.pngHeal is good for this one, since you can use it in the beginning of the engagement and the healing effect will not be reduced. The movement speed buff is also handy when you are trying to dodge his Q or his W.
6.pngGhost is my personal choice here, you can easily evade his brandfissure.png as well as gain distance between you and minions/champions that might proc his brandwildfire.png ultimate.





69_64.pngCassiopeia is gaining popularity and is seen more frequently in the SoloQ ladders. Problem for her is, that Viktor is MUCH stronger. She is extremely squishy and her skillshots are easily avoidable with the help of "Fleet of Foot" and an early Sorcerer's Shoes. As a champion she is extremely squishy, often forced to build 3151_32.pngand 3116_32.png, not only because they synergize well with her kit, but also because she struggles with health issues and champions who have extremely high poke range, such as Viktor.
Her wave clear is good, so you need to ensure your dominance early on, you should NOT go for trades early, since she IS stronger early on. Turn the lane into a stalemate scenario until you get your 3198_32.png  At that point she will literally be 1 Laser away from Lethal damage. A single Death Ray will most likely bring her down to 70% at best, which means that she will be instantly killed the moment she goes in for a trade.
You would generally want to avoid low level trades with her, unless one of her abilities is on cooldown and you get more value out of the trades.
Try to bait her poison pool and go in for a trade after she has used it.
Be sure to make your trades as fast as possible, since after level 6 she can get an easy ulti on you if you overextend.

Play your poke game, you have higher range than her as well as a higher upfront burst.


4.pngFlash as always, could be used offensively to unleash your devastating R+E+Q combo.
6.pngGhost is extremely poweful, it will allow you to go aggressive on her, baiting her ultimate if you manage to predict it properly and then quickly turn back on her so your ultimate can catch up with the bonus movespeed.
Ghost is also great because it denies all kill potential that she has, Cass generally relies on a slow on the enemy and multiple instances of damage spikes via her cassiopeiatwinfang.png having a movespeed boost will negate her kill chances.


Video included in the *Video section*.





31_64.pngCho'Gath is a pick that has been gaining popularity with recent patches.
He is a viable midlane champion with natural tankiness, which reduces your kill potential by a great deal.

He is a very powerful pusher, since he has an outstanding auto attack modifier with multiple target damage.

It is VERY important to NOT go for trades and auto attack harass on him on level 1, since he will simply ignore you and push the lane with his constant AOE upkeep due to his auto attacks. He will most likely take Flask+Pots but even if he goes for a Doran's Ring he does have a very good natural sustain from his passive, which works in a similar way to how the Feast mastery works.

The level 1 is VERY important and will determine how the lane will most likely progress from there on. Be sure to go exclusively for lane control and not trade with him before you get your Augmentation, it is very important not to harass him with your Q since the mana cost of the level 1 Q is relatively close to a whole Death Ray Beam. Kill potential is very low unless you are running Ignite and even then you will need help from your jungler since Cho is a complete tank, on top of most likely running heavy MR runes.

As previously mentioned, focus exclusively on lane control and do not waste mana on attacks against Cho'Gath, since he will simply sustain through them. You MUST reserve your mana and spend it as wisely and as efficiently as you can in order to get the Augmentation asap, if you cannot purchase your Augmentation early then wave clear will be a huge problem against the scaling clear of Cho'Gath and you will fall behind really fast with the lack of wave-clear to counter his.

Do not stay close to the backline since that is the main focus of his abilities, he will most likely use his Silence to hit the backline as well as the front, try to stay at a safe distance but definitely not close to your backline creeps, position slightly to one side of them, preferably the side that you have wards to protect you from an incoming gank.

His low mana cost on his AOE Silence ability makes up for a great waveclear tool, coupled with the good sustain that he receives with his passive. This will give you even more of an incentive to rush the Augmentation.

NEVER follow up on a Cho'Gath after level 6 UNLESS you have vision. Cho'Gath can EASILY nom you down from 100 to 0 and finish you off with an Ignite. Following up a Cho is at pretty much the same level of danger as following up a Zed or a LB for example.

The majority of Cho'Gath players go with the Rod of Ages and a small part of them go with the Morello as an alternative. Second item is almost always an Abyssal Scepter which will render your damage to him pretty much insignificant until the later stages of the game where you will pretty much 2 shot anyone with your Lich Bane and Rabadon scaling. Midgame is the point of the game where you will have 0 kill potential on him in a solo scenario (unless you are far ahead in terms of gold/items) and you will rely heavily on teamfights and good positioning / teamwork.

Depending on the teamfight position and angle the two champions have different levels of impact. If the fight is scattered and in an open space it's pretty much equal since Cho can nom someone down in a second if he is ahead. If the fight is in tight spaces then his Stun + AOE Silence ARE powerful but Viktor's insane burst and slow/stun from his W, as well as sustained damage from his Ultimate are far superior.


4.png Flash as always. It is noteworthy to mention that Flash can be countered by his Silence, which prevents you from using your summoner spells.

6.pngGhost would be my personal choice for this one. Simply because you have close to 0 kill potential in the lane, even with the 14.png.





131_64.pngDiana and Viktor are an interesting matchup. Both can snowball and easily kill the opponent if the lane swings in their favor.
Diana is similar to the Akali matchup, in the sense that both of you can snowball and the one snowballing will easily kill his opponent... BUT, if Diana snowballs, it is close to impossible to kill her 1v1, on the other hand, even if you are snowballing, Diana can still duel you by outplaying you with a Flash for example.

Experienced Diana players will 99% of the time start with the hyper-sustain Crystalline Flask + pots start. This is very annoying to deal with, since she is naturally tanky and possesses decent wave-clearing capabilities.

Usually Diana players will level up their W spell on level 1 and completely ignore your harass. They will focus on pushing the wave as fast as possible with their Auto Attacks which directly synergize with her Crescent Cleave attack from her passive. This, along with the orbs around her that deal damage, on top of the insane sustain will allow her to pressure your lane really hard early on. I would personally advise to focus entirely on wave control and don't spend too much mana on Harassing her with your Q, since the Q costs roughly the same as a lvl 1-2 Death Ray.

The best way to get maximum value from your Death Ray is to wait for her to go in the middle of the minions and start attacking them so that she may push. This will allow you to easily cover the majority of her creep wave, as well as hit her. This will optimize mana spending and resource management by essentially "Evaporating two birds with one Laser".

Once you reach level 6, the matchup can swing both ways, but you still have a good burst advantage over her. It is of paramount importance that you evade her Q so that she may not get a reset on her ultimate. Your burst is far greater, but you NEED to hit everything. If you miss one of your spells and extend the engagement, then she will eventually overpower you.

If she gets the reset on her Ultimate by tagging you with her Q, then she has a lot of kill potential with combining her double dash with a Flash.

As always, try to put the Gravity field under you immediately. This will stun her and counter her next auto attacks immediately after she does her E ability (the vacuum spell).

The E Augmentation will allow you unprecedented control over her minion wave. The Augment itself will provide you with great flexibility. You may choose to play really aggressive by pushing the lane with a single Death Ray or strategically last hit minions from afar and controlling/freezing the lane to your liking.

Generally she has better roam potential and it is definitely unwise for you to followup directly, because she is a better dueler in the open. The only times I would advise this is when you have a Flash ready to outplay her engage and when you are far ahead of her in the game on top of having vision on her whereabouts.


This matchup is flexible. I feel like you may safely pick up 6.png as an effective defense option, since it will allow great mobility, which you can use to disengage, chase and dodge her Q successfully. My personal choice would be the Flash + Ghost Combo, since she doesn't possess any innate instant displacement ability (save for her ulti which needs an enemy target). The Ghost will allow you to chase her down easily if you take the advantage. The Ghost also scales insanely hard and is invaluable from the midgame to the very late stages of the game.

4.pngFlash is a must as always, no explanation needed.





245_64.pngEkko, similar to other midlane melee champions is easy to poke down and zone. The main and most important thing to be careful for when playing against him is basically his double dash and moving projectile.

Always keep a good distance and poke him with your laser when he goes in for a last hit. You generally want to make the damage that he takes collateral, which means that first priority is the creep wave, second priority is hitting him as well.  

Try to keep a distance, but at the same time try to strafe and not be stationary. You want to move and reposition frequently even after he launches his projectile because it continues to move after it has reached maximum launch distance. 

His all-in is powerful but there is a window of opporunity in his full combo's burst that you can utilize in order to escape. Generally a Gravity Field works extremely well if he used one of his dashes to close the gap.

Generally Ekko players start with the high sustain build with Flask and Pots so poking him before you get the Augmentation and second Doran's Ring is pretty much a waste of mana. 

Always try to put the laser's starting point on top of Ekko, since it will be very hard for him to dodge your Death Ray if the damage that it delivers is instant.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngI usually take Ghost like in the majority of matchups. It will allow you to be constantly on the move, escaping his ekkoW.pngW as well as catching up to him after he makes a run for it.





81_64.pngEzreal is hardly a challenge for Viktor. In 99% of your matchups, you will be facing an AP Ezreal. 
You will generally want to position behind your creeps, but also keep a safe distance.
The reason why you would want to keep a distance when even behind your wave is because his W ability (the one which actually scales with AP) can pass through minions and deal FULL damage, regardless of how many targets it passes. Thankfully, it has a relatively short range. 

His Q scales with AD (becomes stronger only if he gets Lich Bane). It is easily avoidable by positioning behind minions.

His W is the thing that you should be most careful for. It scales greatly with AP and goes through MINIONS, dealing FULL damage. Thankfully, it has relatively short range, so keeping away from it is rather easy. It's an instant cast, fast moving projectile that can catch you off-guard if you overextend enough for him to use it in conjunction with his E

His E also scales with AP, it is a low CD escape mechanism which makes it a pain for your jungler to gank. Unless we're talking about something like a 254_64.png of course.
You need to keep in mind that his E also deals a good amount of damage, especially if he gets some items. 

His Ultimate deals significant damage if you are its first target. It deals less damage for each enemy target it goes through.

Ezreal's Wave Clear is pathetic. You will achieve easy lane control even if you are not trying. You will definitely want to establish an early advantage with pushing his wave, which in turn will provide you with a good cover from your own minions, since they will be alive and pushing.
Pushing will further allow you to seize opportunities to harass him, since he will not be positioning properly and will often facetank creeps if he does not want to lose gold to the tower.

Be ready with your Gravity Field in case he uses his E to go offensive against you.
Ezreal has around 1 second cast time of his combo, since he needs to use 2 abilities, both of which have a really small cast time delay (especially the Q). If you are fast with your trap you can easily dish out a good amount of damage on him.


4.pngAs always. 
6.pngPlay safe, clear waves, use Ghost to avoid his Ultimate and scale into the mid to lategame.


Video included in the *Video section*.





105_64.pngFizz overall, as all melee champions mid struggles against Viktor, unless he gets continuous help from his jungler, forcing you to waste your summoners, he should not pose much of a threat.

As of patch 5.2, Fizz no longer applies a healing debuff on his target. This means that the 2010_32.png will be very effective against him since they possess an instant health restore that will not be reduced.

Very interesting to point out is that you can now FLASH from his Q, basically baiting his dash towards you and flashing out of it. Riot made changes to the way Fizz's Q works. Basically, it no longer hits your target if you start casting it but your target uses a displacement mechanism. This is an important change that will allow opportunities for counterplay.

The most important thing is to dodge his ultimate! Do what you must, flash out of it if you have to but make sure you don't get tagged. His ultimate amplifies the damage that you take by 20% which basically serves as a DeathFire's Grasp replacement. With Fizz's kit overall nerfed in terms of damage, dodging the ultimate will pretty much guarantee a win against him!

The Changes to Viktor emphasize on his early game dominance over melee midlaners, since the Q now provides an excellent trading tool.
The removal of the silence, however can be a bit of a hit for Viktor, be even more wary of Fizz and simply focus even more on long range pokes and wave clear after level 6.

I am putting him on a medium difficulty only because most of the time the matchup will go in your favor if the lane is equal, but a lot of times the matchup will completely depend on the presence of the junglers.
On equal terms, if played correctly, Viktor should have 0 problems in this matchup.
Good map awareness and warding are key to winning your lane against Fizz, since an unexpected series of ganks will burn out your summoner spells and will leave you extremely vulnerable to 105_64.png and his double gap closer.

One really important thing is to try to NEVER let him to engage on you with his DASH.

The best case scenario is for you to frustrate him with your Death Rays so that he may attempt a Playful/Trickster to close the gap so that he may followup with a Dash. Having him waste his invulnerability will be ideal for you, because if he gets the Dash engage then it gets really messy with the way you use your Q and E and especially your Gravity Field, since his Playful/Trickster is extremely powerful in that scenario.

Against 105_64.png the closest range that you can comfortably afford to stay is in your Q range and even then it's a bit risky unless you completely dominate him and he is FORCED to retreat in the face of your advance.
Ensure lane advantage by pushing, his wave clear is non-existent on lower levels, don't be afraid to trade with him on early levels with your Auto+Q+Auto combo (levels 1 to 5). Do so from a safe distance and make your trades as fast as possible, don't overstay for auto-attacks on higher levels.
Try to save your Death Ray so that you can cover a good amount of the wave as well as hit 105_64.png.
After 6, your damage potential is higher than him and he should not be much of a threat to you, even if he all ins. Keep poking him with your laser, once you've gotten your 3198_32.png, it should be pretty easy, since you will just stand at a safer distance and he will be tempted to last hit, the moment he goes in for the last hit the minion is the moment you will E him. Keep a close eye on your minions and their health bars, it is essential for you as Viktor to keep check on your own minions and their life bars, especially against melee champions. That is the time when your enemy is are most vulnerable and predictable.


4.pngFlash is always a fan favorite.
6.pngGhost will be my personal choice here, it will allow you to move away from his E, as well as avoid his Ultimate if used correctly, which will diminish is all-in potential greatly.
21.pngTry picking up a barrier if you are not confident with the use of Ghost.


Video included in the *Video section*.





3_64.pngGalio is a seemingly easy opponent, due to the fact that he does not have some tremendous kill potential on you.
It is important to point out that his Ultimate now properly holds people down even if they have Tenacity. This means that players will not simply walk out before his Ultimate is done when they buy a pair of Merc Treads.

Although Galio does not prove much of a threat to you, the reverse is also true. He is extremely hard to kill, especially when he has his shield up, which basically heals each time he takes damage.

Be conservative with your mana spending until you get your 3198_32.pngE Augment.

Galio is a unique champion which grows in strength by buying AP items, AS WELL as taking MR items. This is extremely annoying for an AP midlaner such as yourself, especially after the changes to your Q, which now converts your Auto Attack Damage into pure Magic Damage.

The only time that he can get a kill on you is if he Flashes and does a full combo on you, catching you unprepared and finishing you off with an Ignite. This is very rare but it should not be underestimated as a possibility.

He can synergize well with junglers with Hard Engages, allowing him to use his Ultimate on you.

Generally you would want to turn the lane into a stalemate scenario, which means that you will simply push hard until you get your 3198_32.pngE Augment and push even harder once you actually buy it. He will be forced to waste a lot of mana to keep up in minions under his tower and this is where Viktor's efficiency kicks in. You will win the lane simply by outfarming him and keeping yourself safe.

Keep a moderate distance from Galio, since his abilities do respectable damage and go through minion waves, it is important to know this, because usually players instinctively seek safety behind their minion waves.


4.pngFlash is a great choice as always, help you reposition instantly, allowing you to even bait his Ultimate on some occasions.
6.pngEasily kiteable and chaseable, Ghost will net you an easy kill with the help of your 3116.png be sure to unleash your combo AFTER his galiobulwark.png





41.pngGankplank, seeing a lot of play recently with his fresh kit, as well as visual rework. He is more suited for top or even jungle, rather than mid, but there are those rare cases where you might encounter one.

Generally the biggest problem when fighting a Gankplank is his barrel explosions. 
Learn the radius of the barrel, then DOUBLE it, that is the distance that you should stay away from his first barrel, since he can instantly detonate a second (full HP barrel) with a chain reaction from his first barrel. Always keep your distance because his barrels are the hardest hitting ability in his entire kit. They apply his passive, as well as his Trinity's Sheen effect.

As always, try to focus on wave clear, most likely you will be facing a Crystalline Flask GP, which just means that all of the sustain will make your trades insignificant, unless he goes in for the creep kill. He will most likely last hit with his Parrrley (Q shot) which will allow him to farm from a safe distance even if you dominate him.

His Oranges can easily provide him with a sure way to negate your stun's duration, however, there is a nifty trick that you can use to either get a full stun on him, or at least increase the duration of the stun.
When he goes towards you, place your trap like you usually do, then IMMEDIATELY unleash your full E+R+Q combo in a fast sequence. This will cause 2 things:

1. He will either panic and use his Oranges prematurely or instinctively to heal, which will remove the slow from the Gravity Field but not the STUN which will follow or...

2. You will get your full damage in and amidst all of the Chaos from your ultimate and E's effects and sounds, he will not notice the stun in time, which will at least prolong the duration slightly.

Either way, you will come out on top at least the first few times you apply this strategy, unless he retains composure and acts methodically.

In lane you have a distinct advantage, since Viktor is a ranged character, which helps you stay relatively safe from his barrels when compared to a melee toplaner, use this to your advantage, but keep in mind that it's not always worth going in for the Barrel kill since it will get you dangerously close to his second barrel when he places it.

Most likely start to his build will be the Trinity, which means that he will be tanky enough to withstand your combo, unless severely poked down.

As a champion he does not possess and insane kill potential on you, even if he is snowballing hard. If we look into a snowballing Fizz for example, who can easily tower dive you if he can get an ultimate on you and walk away with a kill, Gankplank cannot really do that effectively. This means that even if you are behind, you should theoretically have a decent time farming it up.

There is also a high chance that Gankplank will go down the Hexdrinker path if he is hard pressed into it and you have a second AP champion on the toplane, this will nullify your kill potential and will force you into a stalemate scenario where you simply have to farm safely and wait for teamfights where you will have a significant advantage, granted he does not get a few surprise barrels on your team from the fog of war.


4.pngAs always.
Personal choice would be 6.pngGhost, safe farming with kill opportunities from my jungler and waiting out teamfights where you bring much more to the table. Catching up to GP and reapplying your Rylai's slow will be a dream with Ghost.





79_64.pngGragas mid is rarely picked nowadays after his rework. The drunk giant has incredible sustain + decent waveclear and better than average last hitting capability under a turret which makes him a rather difficult opponent.
Be careful for his dash, since it also has a disruption/mini-stun/knockup effect, it also provides him with a reliable escape from your Gravity Field, so avoid using it unless he engages on you first.
He is close to impossible to stop if he snowballs and killing him will be almost entirely out of the question. General tips are to abuse your range in the beginning, as a Viktor, you have a strong combo on level 2 but you should try to preserve your mana for wave clearing, since he will eventually outsustain you. Try to focus on using Q with a Auto Attacks on him and save your Death Ray for the wave.
DO NOT use too much mana, because you will soon find yourself without a reliable way of zoning him and you will be slowly pushed out of the lane, thanks to his insane sustainability.
I would advise you to ALMOST NEVER use your Gravity Field in the beginning, since it burns up too much of your precious Mana. Use only if completely necessary to your survival or if the damage that you will deal to him is so great that he is forced to recall or stay completely under the Turret.


4.pngAs usual.
6.pngGhost is great, since you have close to no kill potential on Gragas, his gragasexplosivecask.png is quite easily manipulated if he doesn't land a CC on you, with the movespeed of the Ghost you can easily reposition just slightly further so that the Barrel will knock you to safety instead of danger.





74_64.pngHeimerdinger is overall a weak adversary to Viktor, he is not often picked but do not despair if he is. At the beginning of the game, there is really no point in attempting to trade after 3 because your main goal will be to push his wave and dominate the lane, which will already be hard, since his wave control is exceedingly good thanks to his Turrets.

The only problem is when he starts stacking up Turrets and you begin to have problems by keeping up in the minion pressure (Before you get your E Augment).
Trading on level 1-3 is desirable, especially with the Q changes, since it will zone him and that will give you freedom to chain auto attacks on his minions.
Turn the game into a farm fest until you have your 3198_32.png 
Kill potential of Viktor is far greater after 6, since Heimy has a good amount of burst, but his full damage potential is halved by the Turrets, who provide supportive damage, which requires time and you to be close.
With the removal of the Silence from Viktor's Ultimate, things have gotten slightly worse, but overall the full burst combo of Viktor is still as potent as ever, especially against a slow champion such as Heimerdinger.

Be careful for his grenade, he can use it to get a stun and a hail of rockets on you. Usually you will farm and zone him from a safe enough distance, but be wary, just in case he starts to get closer.


4.pngFlash is a must have against in any matchup.
There are a lot of viable options for a second summoner spell, due to the nature of the encounter.
6.pngGhost is my personal choice, you can evade both his Grenade as well as Rocket Swarm, on top of the great mid to lategame scaling.





126_64.pngJayce is a powerful opponent. He deals insane amounts of PHYSICAL damage with his long-range poke. He is an opponent that cannot be controlled easily, due to the fact that he is a ranged champion.
At the same time he is insanely powerful in close-quarters combat, due to him being able to go melee.
Jayce is among the few champions that were blessed with the ability to scale extremely well without much items. With his core build of 3070_32.png +  3134.png he has incredible amounts of mana, as well as early Armor Penetration. This combination allows him to dish out very powerful and continuous damage.

Viktor is stronger with his trades, but you need to make sure that you make your trades as fast as possible. DO NOT PROLONG THE TRADES. He has low-duration CCs and knockups that will simply disrupt your auto-attack chains, there is literally no point in going for a direct all-in, unless you are EXTREMELY FED or he is really low. 
Make sure you do your Auto+Q+Auto combo and a Death Ray if you are not behind in mana and get out of there ASAP.

DO NOT RUSH with your Gravity Field. Be sure to wait it out. Jayce can switch between his ranged and melee form and do a quick displacement when he jumps on you.
This will instantly free him from the Gravity Field. Smart Jayce players will make it a living hell for you to cast a proper Gravity Field if you're not patient.

It is wise to consider getting the Q on level one for this matchup. His wave clear is not THAT great early on and you won't have much trouble with getting level 2. You can trade with him efficiently, since the mana cost of the Q is extremely low.
You can use the Q's spellcast to lasthit the minion and then use your Auto to deal some damage to Jayce.
The Q's initial cast damage is more or less equal to your auto attack damage, this is great for killing two birds with one stone:
-You are zoning him by dealing damage, as well as blocking a decent portion of his damage with the shield from the Q.
-You are also slowly pushing the wave with the small amounts of excess damage that your Q's initial cast provides.

DO NOT push your lane too much. This will leave you in a way exposed against Jayce and he can confront you in the open. It is hard for Viktor to win an outright fight like that unless he is very fed. If Jayce gets the lockdown on you outside of a controlled environment then you are pretty much done for.

Try to balance out the wave and keep it close to the middle of the lane with a slight advantage for you. Make sure that you always have 1 or 2 minions more than him, but never completely dominate him, since that will push your wave to his tower. The wave will then die too fast and he can ignore the last few minion kills in order for him to get a jump on you.

Be very careful with his poke. His low levels are not so dangerous, but the moment he gets his 3070_32.png he will start with continuous harass. Thankfully, by that time you will have your own 3198_32.pngE Augment and you will be able to farm from a relatively safe distance.

Viktor is overall stronger than Jayce but you need to be careful with how you control your lane. One false move or a wrongly placed Gravity Field can and will cost you your life. Jayce snowballs extremely hard and giving him kills is definitely not an option. Lose some minions if you have to, but don't let him take advantage over you by zoning you with low health.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngGhost is great as always, play safely and to your strengths with waveclearing etc.





43_64.pngKarma is strong against Viktor, since she has a reliable shield against him as well as a long range poke and movement speed bonus, which make it extremely hard to trade with her.
Your goal is to once again ensure lane dominance by pushing extensively, making her lose farm under the Turret. There is hardly any point to all-in Karma, since she can easily repel your advances and avoid you with her sprint/shield/slow from the poke.
Try to play passively and simply push the lane until you get your 3198_32.png  After which you may start working on your poke. Make full use of your ultimate, you need as much damage as possible against her, wait for her sprint to be down and then use it, so you can utilize a good portion of your dot damage when she is caught in the Gravity Field.

I am classifying Karma as a medium threat only because of the Q Augmentation, which can now be used with Viktor's rework.

Make no mistake, Karma is exceptionally strong in a controlled environment, but she does lack proper waveclear unless she wants to spend a ton of mana for it. Capitalize on that and push the wave as much as you can. You will then have a good frontline of minions, which will in turn protect you from her poke.


4.pngFlash as usual.
6.pngKarma has a shield on a very low cooldown, which means that Ignite has low kill-potential, she also has a movespeed boost, however, it is on a long cooldown, so picking up Ghost, which has a significantly longer duration will allow you to catch up to her and reapply your Rylai's slow in order to kill her.





30_64.pngKarthus is an extremely easy matchup for Viktor, simply because he is very stationary and does not have much flexibility in his kit. The only way you can truly lose to Karthus is if you lose control over your wave control, since you will be forced to last hit under Turret where your mana will deplete rapidly and you will still miss minions. Karthus is very squishy so trading with him is a pleasure, especially with the new Q. You can hear the Death Ray slicing through him, leaving him with less than 70% HP once you've acquired 3198_32.png.  After you've purchased your Augmentation the lane should be pretty much over. Do not get TOO close to Karthus on higher levels if you do not have the 3196_32.pngQ Augmentation yet, since he may Wall you and poke you enough to finish you off with his ulti in his death. Try to remain at a medium to long range when playing against Karthus and go in only for fast trades with your Q. Avoid continuous trades.


4.pngFlash is always great.
6.pngGhost is great for evading his Skittles, as well as maneuvering at the edge of his E, so that your Ultimate retains it's speed but you take less damage.
21.pngBarrier is a good choice if you are not confident with your use of Ghost.





38_64.pngKassadin is a relatively easy matchup for Viktor. As a melee champion, it is quite easy for him to be zoned and you will ensure that his farm is denied. The only problem that you may face is his Q ability, which basically gives him the spell shield instantly after he uses it.
After the changes, Viktor has received the same treatment, which means that your shield will be instant as well. 

I am putting Kassadin to Medium Difficulty ONLY because of the currently popular start that every Kassadin player is using (The 2041_32.png + multiple 2003_32.png).


Keep in mind that after using your Q your AUTO ATTACK's PHYSICAL damage is converted to MAGIC damage and will be absorbed by the shield from his Q, as well as partially absorbed by his passive.

You will still do a great amount of damage, so be confident in using your Auto+Q+Auto combo as much as you can, but try to unleash it when his shield is down. It is not that hard, since it has a shorter duration than your enhanced auto attack.

Other than that, just push the lane and ensure that he is with his back to the Turret when he will miss a ton of CS, especially early.
Another viable strategy that I use is to freeze the lane with a slight advantage to yourself.
I basically try to have 1 minion more than him on the lane, which allows you to push whenever you want and it also ensures that you am in control  by keeping the lane frozen at the same time.
He will then be tempted to approach the creeps so he can last hit and that is when you will Auto+Q+Auto, or simply a long range Death Ray with the 3198_32.png.


6.pngI would personally pick Ghost, play safe and clear the wave effectively, his waveclear pales in comparison to yours. Once you've acquired the Rylai's you will be able to catch up to him after he ulties away, the extra HP will help you stay alive.





55_64.pngKatarina is among the easiest matchups for Viktor, although you may find her a bit more difficult to deal with after the changes to the silence.
Make good use of your ultimate and time it right, since you only have an interruption instead of a silence. Be sure to abuse your range advantage early and push the lane with your Death Ray while keeping up the harass on her with your Auto+Q+Auto. She will struggle to last hit under the Turret and will lose gold. You have 2 means of stopping her Ultimate, a slow one and an instant one, Gravity Field and Singularity, respectively. 
There is literally no point in taking 3.png since you can easily stop her Ultimate as previously mentioned and after her initial combo she does not really possess anything more than auto attacks.
7.png is out of the question since she applies a healing debuff with her ultimate regardless at how much HP you are sitting at.
Focus on farming out your 3198_32.png and harass her heavily, the Q's shield, small as it is, will be enough to absorb a decent amount of the initial damage from her ulti, until the Gravity Field kicks in.

Definitely be sure to not hug your minions. Don't stay too far away, but make sure that you have enough room to move away from them so that you don't get poked by her Q.
If you DO stay in close range to your minions, then make sure you are trading with your Q, since your shield will be more than enough to absorb her Dagger's damage, all the way up to when she levels it to rank 3.

4.20 UPDATE!

The Cooldown of her Ultimate has been increased to 90 SECONDS on level 1!
This means that her ultimate will not be a threat in case you are in a tight spot and not doing so good against her. She will be using it roughly along your Ultimate.


6.pngKatarina's nature is very specific, she relies on going in your face to deal damage effectively, this means that if you time your ultimate correctly and interrupt her channeling, she will have no chance of escaping you after Ghost is up.





10_64.pngKayle does not pose much of a threat. The only chance for her to beat you is if she goes hyper-aggressive on level one with her E, but you will most likely not stay enough for her to get value out of it and later on you will easily counter her with your W. She has decent waveclear, but it needs to scale as the game progresses, Viktor on the other hand gets his power spike very early with the 3198_32.pngE Augment.
Focus on destroying her lane advantage by pushing her to the Turret, as well as harassing her with your Q and Autos when she is focused on trying to regain control of her lane by killing minions.
Her ultimate can be a problem in teamfights and in 1v1 scenarios, especially after the removal of your ultimate's Silence.
You should play your ulti smart and carefully.


3.pngI would pick the Exhaust, since 10_64.png is squishy and aside from the ultimate she can't last long against you. This means that a well timed Exhaust will keep her slowed and powerless for exactly the time needed for your Gravity Field to start working its magic. You will also get good value from your ultimate like this, since she will be snared throughout most of the engagement.
6.pngPersonal choice would be Ghost.





85_64.pngKennen is a VERY rare pick in the current meta, even moreso in the midlane. 
He is more suited for the toplane in general, since the angles, the brushes and the length of the toplane favor his kit greatly, especially his Shuriken.

Generally it is beneficial for you as a Viktor player if you meet him in the midlane.

Kennen players are pretty much guaranteed to start with a 1055_32.png as well as a single pot, in some rare cases they might go with the 1054_32.png. This means that UNLESS you are running 14.png then kill potential on Kennen will be severely reduced, due to the continuous small amounts of sustain as well as flat HP bonus that he receives from his starting items.

Kennen is an all-in spellcaster-assassin who SEVERELY lacks waveclear. My personal advice when playing against a Kennen is to simply focus entirely on Wave Control, unless you are playing with Ignite and you can secure an early kill on him.

Once you've acquired the 3198_32.pngE Augment the lane is pretty much over.
Be VERY conservative with your Death Rays. Try to get good value from them by covering as much as you can from his minion wave. If you hit Kennen along with the minions then that is a great bonus.

DO NOT rush the use of your spells (Gravity Field and Death Ray in particular). If you miss a single one of them then you are guaranteed to be dead by his burst. 

Don't underestimate his all-in potential, if he gets a Shuriken on you then you are dead with certainty once he follows up with his Ultimate all-in. It is important to always keep a distance unless you know one of his spells is on cooldown, his burst is devastating mainly because it locks you down with a stun in the middle of his rotation, this allows him to reposition favorably to counter your Flash.

Do not place the Gravity Field away from you. Wait for Kennen to get a bit closer and then use it. The reason behind this is that he will engage with his Electrical Surge (Lightning Form). This means that it will be almost over by the time he is close to you, use this to your advantage and put the Gravity Field as close as possible to yourself. If you put a very aggressive long-range Gravity Field against him then his incredible speed burst will most likely be enough for him to escape the Gravitational Pull.

Same as with the Gravity Field... try to use your Death Ray ONLY when you have a clear shot. Kennen is a very tricky champion who can dodge the slow moving slice of the Death Ray. After the purchase of the 3198_32.png E augment, the Death Ray becomes your primary source of INSTANT damage. It is imperative that you DO NOT miss it. 

The Chaos Storm is still more powerful than the Death Ray in terms of overall damage output, but it requires a significant amount of time for its ticks to catch up to the immediate damage spike of your Death Ray.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngGhost is actually a very powerful choice for this encounter. It will allow you to catch up to his amazing speed burst if he decides to run away, or simply disengage efficiently if he decides to go all in.
It is very important to point out that if he goes all-in on you and FLASHES on top of you, then you may safely Flash away, evade the entire duration of his ultimate and then activate your Ghost! This will allow you to COUNTER ENGAGE with a relentless pursuit, chasing down a Kennen who has no escapes (used flash to engage) and no damage abilities to answer to your attacks. 
3.pngExhaust is a great way to negate his all-in Flash potential, at least until Kennen purchases as Zhonya.





96_64.pngKog'maw has seen some play in the Competitive, as well as SoloQ scene mainly due to the introduction of Luden's Echo which synergizes well with his ultimate after level 11.

Generally, the matchup is very easy in terms of laning. Kog'Maw does possess a decent amount of waveclear due to his E, which covers a good distance and has good width on top of great AP ratios. The problem is that it is very costly and in the beginning he will have problems with clearing waves efficiently.

Overall he has close to 0 all-in potential against you, since he relies on long range poke which is hard to land in most cases and requires at least level 11 so that his Ultimate grows in range. 

Kog'maw has strong AP ratios but he is forced to build mana efficient items in the early levels due to the nature of his Kit. This means that he will have problems with wave clearing and if you manage to shut him down with the help of your jungler he will fall behind extremely fast, since he will either be forced to buy Aether Wisp or save for a Needlessly.

Kog'maw is very easy to gank, with no built in escapes he becomes an easy target for hard CC from junglers.

Going for trades with him is very undesirable, since it will basically allow his kit to deliver a successful payload of damage when it would otherwise be impossible for him.
He will easily hit you with his E then followup with a Q. The slow from his E will make you vulnerable to his Ultimate and his empowered Auto Attacks from his W ability will tear through you quite fast. Extended trades are in his favor unless you are ahead in terms of items.

The strongest ability in his Arsenal is BY FAR his E. It has great AP ratios as well as high base damage. It is the ability that essentially makes his job at landing his other spells MUCH easier. 

Kog'maw gets progressively hard to deal with as he levels up. At level 16 with at least 1 mana-efficient item and a Luden's Echo will allow him to poke teams down in a matter of seconds. He is extremely deadly if your team lacks any form of hard engage. Extended siege scenarios are in his favor and your job at killing him will become increasingly more difficult, since Viktor is a short to midrange mage.

I feel it's not worth mentioning, but I will do so regardless. Do not underestimate his PASSIVE. Always keep a small distance between you and him if you are going for an all-in. His passive's movement speed IS faster than you without boots and deals TRUE damage, it will take a good 30% of your HP easily.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngGhost is by far the best ability to deal with Kog'maw and his skillshot kit. Nuff said.





7_64.pngLeBlanc is an extremely hard matchup, it will require a lot of patience and good positioning. I can say with confidence that Viktor has no hard counters, simply because he can switch his playstyle from hyper-aggressive to extremely passive/long range farm/poke. LeBlanc however is a hard matchup due to her mobility, her incredible burst in a short period of time, as well as her instant displacement, which will make it difficult for you to play against her, ESPECIALLY after the removal of the Silence from your Ultimate.
I feel like the rework made Viktor's laning against matchups like LeBlanc even harder.

My main strategy when I play against a LeBlanc is to push the wave as much as possible in the beginning so that she loses minions to the Turret and shifts her focus away from harassing me and onto last hitting. You would want to take your 3198_32.png  E Augment ASAP.
Be sure to make your level 2 trade devastating against her, it is pretty much the only time which you can trade well against her. After level 3, she becomes increasingly annoying to deal with.

With the removal of the Silence on Viktor's ultimate he has become much more vulnerable.
The Change to the Death Ray is not really helping either, it is very difficult to get a full value damage on her from a distance, you will most likely not connect the after-effects of your Death Ray on her. The DOT from the old Death Ray was very preferable in the matchup, but changing the way the Laser works has made it even more difficult to deal with a LeBlanc.


Whenever you play against a LeBlanc and you are going in for the kill, ALWAYS use your Ulti+Q AND THEN LASER, since her passive makes her untargetable for a split second and most of the time that's all she needs.
You then immediately have to followup with the laser on the point where she splits, because the Death Ray will simply not miss her and bypass the mechanics of her Passive, even in the moment that she poofs.

ALWAYS keep a good amount of 2003_32.png in your inventory, it is imperative that you stay over 90% HP at all times.

3023_32.png Can be a very powerful item against LeBlanc. If used at the right moment, it can completely nullify the effect of her Passive, which will land you an easy kill. Works even better if your jungler is helping your lane.  For more info - read the *TWIN SHADOWS AS A CORE ITEM* section.


3.pngI am hesitant to take Exhaust, simply because of her low cooldown displacements. 
6.pngDue to the nature of LeBlanc's kit, no defensive option is truly viable, I would personally go for Ghost, pressure the minion waves with Augmented E and bide my time until the mid to lategame.


This is a subsection that I will be putting exclusively for Syndra and LeBlanc.
For these particular matchups you will need MR blues. Your enemies are squishy by default, so the rune slots will definitely serve a better purpose holding some Magic Resist.

Go with the Standard:

-x3 AP Quintessences.

-x9 Spell-Pen Reds.

-x9 Scaling HP Yellows.

-x3 Flat MR Blues or more (depending on how much you feel you will need, finish up with adding scaling AP or CDR to fill in the rest.


Video included in the *Video section*.





127_64.pngLissandra is a relatively easy matchup for Viktor and requires nothing more than good positioning and a basic level of map awareness. Lissandra overall has short range on her poke and although it can be extended with the use of minions, you can easily counterplay her by simply positioning at a favorable angle.
Junglers often make use of her E or Flash + Ult engages, which can be a problem for Viktor, but in general, alone she cannot afford to duel you.

Her 1v1 potential in an isolated environment is quite limited in direct comparison to yours, due to your range advantage. However, her gank-assist potential is quite formidable and should not be taken lightly.

Unless she is getting a gank, Lissandra players sometimes find themselves making the mistake of Ultying themselves when they engage. In such cases, you will simply wait out with your ultimate and place the Gravity Field under her. Once she leaves the safety of her Ultimate, you will use your Singularity.
Rush your 3198_32.png and then comfortably farm and poke from a safe distance.
Lissandra is generally really slow and stationary as a champion with a low range, so getting a full value out of your Death Ray is really easy against her, on top of that, your burst is stronger on level 6.

Nothing more to say here.


4.pngAlways good.
6.pngGhost is my personal choice here.
21.pngBarrier is a good choice if you want to play safe. You can time it and absorb a large amount of her complete burst.


Video included in the *Video section*.





117_64.pngLulu is pretty much in the same boat with Karma. She still possesses the sprints, the shields, the long ragne poke, on top of that she has a Hex ability, which can break your combo sequence. Her ulti is extremely problematic and it is not really advised to trade with her after 6. 
Her wave clear is adequate and you need to focus on overpowering her on that front. Push the wave as fast as you can and  make her lose minions on the tower. Viktor is still capable of clearing the wave faster than her even without the 3198_32.png E Augment.


You will need to be careful of her PIX, she can put it on minions and she can basically extend the range of her poke "Glitterlance" with that method. Try to move as much as you can when you play against her and don't stay too close to the minions.

As previously mentioned, going all in on her is pointless unless you have a jungler at your side or if you are extremely fed. Turn the lane into a farm fest and increase your advantage by acquiring 3198_32.pngE Augment with a heavy AP item like the 3089_32.png


4.pngAs usual.
6.pngGhost preference.





99_64.pngLux is a control Mage who will attempt to keep you at bay with her long range.
She is difficult to all-in if she saves her cooldowns, her double shield is also very hard to deal with, since it will absorb a good amount of your damage. 
Most Lux players nowadays use 21.png on top of her Shields, even though on lower elo there are still many players using 14.png
Due to her being extremely hard to all-in, I would suggest that you just play her game. Farm early, since her Spell+Auto combos are devastating, due of her Passsive which applies bonus magical damage on her next attack against the target hit by her spell.
Play passive and farm out your basic items, once you have the 3198_32.png  then the lane becomes much easier, you will be more than a match for her. She will start losing a lot of cs under the Turret and she will focus on killing the minions instead of harassing you.
This will cause her to lose a ton of mana for last hitting minions with her spells, since her auto attacks are not really adequate for last hitting under a turret.

After level 6 it is crucial to dodge her Q ability, you can even afford to take E dmg if that will ensure that you will dodge the Bind. 
Have a general understanding of where her jungler is, since if you get an unexpected gank, even after escaping, Lux has an easy way of dealing damage from afar with her Ultimate and even if you escape the ordeal, she will have an easy way of finishing the job.

You might want to pick up some static Magic Resist Blue Runes against her, same as the LeBlanc and Syndra matchup. If you are not feeling confident in the matchup, you will benefit greatly from them, effectively allowing you to negate a good portion of her early zoning from her E.


4.pngAs per usual.
6.pngGhost is my personal choice here, it allows you to catch up to her and get more uptime on your ultimate.
21.pngBarrier is the "more viable* defense option than Heal if you're not feeling confident with your ability to evade her Q.


Video included in the *Video section*.





90_64.pngMalzahar is a relatively easy matchup, which becomes even easier as your experience grows.
You will need to basically read minds and have a great game sense to play against a good Malzahar.

Malzahar's new passive has a very long cooldown, be sure to poke him with a Q if he is not aggressive and prone to going all-in on you, if that's the case then do an E beforehand. His passive's cooldown is long enough that it will allow you to do a full combo until your second E recharges.

Start the fight with a Gravity Field under him, unless you're sure that he has Flash, if he does then play safe and back up, always be prepared to pop a Gravity Field under his feet.

Learn his patterns of aggression, how often does he advance, is he prone to going all-in? Once you have established that, it will be easy for you to create a theoretical scenario in your head. Take Malzahar's position, then calculate the range of his Flash and simply be ready to put the trap there. You will have a window of opportunity to place your Gravity Field, simply because Malzahar needs to get his stuff on you first before he Ulties you in order to deal any significant amount of damage.
Generally speaking Malzahar has a good waveclear and he slightly overpowers Viktor in lane early on, thanks to his summoned minions and DOT on the backline, but once you buy the 3198_32.png the tables turn in your favor.  
Overall you don't want to stay close to dying creeps with the DOT on them, you also want to stay at a relatively safe distance, since he can put the Wall on you.
You will generally want to be high on health against him.
Keep in mind that 90_64.png is one of the few Midlane champions left with a Silence.
If you are lower on health, that leaves you vulnerable to the flash+ult combo which will not need a lot of preparations on his behalf. Usually he will waste enough time by applying Ignite + his DOT on you before his ulti. This usually gives you enough time to flash away or put your trap down. If you are low, then he will ulti and ignite you outright and his chances of killing you increase dramatically.


6.pngPersonal choice


Video included in the *Video section*.





82_64.pngMordekaiser is somewhat of a strong pick against Viktor if you give him too much breathing room. He is a strong pusher and controls the lane well in a sense that his abilities are spammable and grant him a shield, which in essence extends his lifebar, making him a bit tougher against your trades.
It is very important that you do not back until you get the money for your 3198_32.pngE Augment. It is the single, most cost-efficient and powerful item that you can buy during your laning phase against Mordekaiser. The lane can either become really easy or really hard, depending on whether you can purchase your E Augment or not.

If you happen fall behind and not have enough gold for your Augment the first time you go back in your base then I suggest getting a second 1056_32.png and a large amount of pots, since you will definitely have a really hard time against him and you will be completely crushed if you are not stronger the next time you go in the lane.
If this happens then I would suggest that you completely drop trading with him and just clear the wave as best you can. Farm your gold and play it safe. The 3198_32.pngE Augment is crucial for this matchup, moreso than most of your other matchups.

Like previously said, Mordekaiser is a good pusher and you will definitely not want to stay close to your minions. This will force him to choose between using his wave clearing ability for poking you down or clearing the actual minions.

Do not be afraid to trade with him early, his shield is relatively weak, since it scales as he levels. Your own shield from your Q ability will absorb a decent amount of his damage and will allow you to pull off 1 or 2 more auto attacks.

Be conservative in using your E, you do not want to waste your whole mana with inefficient Death Rays. Try to cover as much as you can from the minion wave, even if you do not hit him. Do not give him any ground since he will make you lose a ton of gold and will make your progress towards the 3198_32.pngE Augment even harder.
The moment you close your 3089_32.png is the moment the lane is completely won, you can easily destroy him even through a full shield with your combo, especially if you have 14.png
The majority of Mordekaiser players will run three main builds.
-The tanky 3151_32.png+3116_32.png
-The full AP 3089_32.png
-Or the most common 3145_32.png into whatever they choose.
All of them will give you no trouble when you play against him, since picking the 3198_32.pngE Augment early will make sure that he cannot stay in the lane even with the sustain from the Revolver and a full stack of 5 pots.
It becomes problematic if he goes for a Revolver into some kind of Magic Resistance item, which will force you to answer accordingly with either an early Spell-penetration item.

82_64.pngMordekaiser is a slow champion and his hitbox is very large, this means that he can easily be hit by the full power of your Death Ray, be sure to capitalize on that.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngGhost will secure you a very easy kill, especially with the way your Ultimate works now, after you've purchased your Rylai's. As one of the most immobile champions in the game, ON TOP OF BEING MELEE, Mordekaiser is quite susceptible to being kited as well as chased down.





25_64.pngI don't have a lot of experience with Morgana players on mid, but all in all your wave clear sould be much better, spiking even further once you purchase the 3198_32.pngE Augment.
Morgana's Spell Shield is relatively weak compared to the Augmented Death Ray of Viktor, which can cut through it pretty easily, especially since she will not be maxing it.
One thing to note is that the Spell Shield absorbs the stun from the Gravity Field, so if you put down the Gravity Field and she has her Black Shield on, make sure you break it with a quick Q+Auto first (The damage of the next auto attack is entirely Magic)
otherwise the stun won't connect.

Don't get too confident in lane, she can still pull a Flash Ulti play and then it will be difficult for you to escape, even with Flash and Gravity Field. Control the lane from a safe distance and push as much as you can, her auto attacks are incredibly weak and she has no way to empower them so that she may last hit effectively under the Turret.

Trading with her early with the Auto+Q+Auto combo is very beneficial, especially after the rework of Viktor. You can take down her spell shield with your auto attack, since after the Q your auto attack is entirely magical. This will leave you an opening for a full-value Death Ray, since she is slow and it is quite easy to get the after-effects of the Death Ray on her.

Same as Karma, I'm putting Morgana lower on the difficulty meter. With the rework, Viktor can utilize the Q Augmentation and, theoretically, should be much safer when playing against Morgana.


4.pngFan favorite.
6.pngGhost is perfect for evading her darkbindingmissile.png as well as hovering at the edge of her Ultimate's binding, so that you can easily break free and turn on her once you've done so.





76_64.pngNidalee has been reworked, so her spears don't do quite as much damage as before, which is somewhat good, if her Q in Cat Form didn't deal insane amounts of PHYSICAL damage, which means that building pure HP against her is better than going for Magic Resistance or Armor separately. We rarely see a Nidalee AP mid nowadays. Generally it's a matchup of positioning, don't get hit by the spear and have a general knowledge of where the traps are, since the traps also mark you for her Leap.

Laning against a NIdalee with a Blue Buff of her own makes it hard for you to get her low enough so that you can go all-in, you simply need to win the laning phase by pushing out the wave as much as possible so that she may lose some minions to the Turret. Skilled Nidalee players will often take almost every CS under the Turret, especially after the rework, which allows her to go in Cat Form before level 6.

Keep in mind that if the enemy jungler gives her a good advantage and your jungler fails to give you a Blue Buff, you will have an extremely hard time against Nidalee's sustain, so a blue buff is imperative for this matchup until you get your core build rolling.


4.png With flash you can avoid her Leap when she has marked you and placing a Gravity Field right before you Flash away, which means that you will be in safety and she will be caught and vulnerable to your attacks.
6.pngPersonal choice here.





61_64.pngOrianna is an inferior construct and therefore is no match for Viktor's ingenuity. 
The main thing here is to learn the range of the Ball when it is on the ground, you must stay at a safe distance, so that when she displaces it you are not under it, which can be a bit frustrating since the cooldown of the Q itself is incredibly low.
Due to the fact that Orianna players, similar to Lux, increasingly use 21.png in conjunction with their own "Protect" nowadays, it is difficult for you to get a clean kill especially if your initial burst proves to be insufficient. Do not overextend, a quick trade with a Auto+Q+Auto is more than enough, especially after Viktor's rework, which gives you the Sheen Effect on your next auto after the Q is cast, her passive gives her an increase in damage with each next auto attack, so extended trades are not optimal unless your damage is sufficient and you get a good Gravity Field under her.

You should be careful for mid and late game close encounters with 61_64.png since she can kill you just as fast. Try to have good map control and don't stay close to brushes, you DO NOT want her to get the surprise on you.

Orianna alone is not a huge threat for Viktor since she does not have a strong kill potential if you move well, she is, however, extremely dangerous with several junglers. Junglers with instant or fast gap closers with CC are your biggest enemy in this matchup so it is of paramount importance that you ward properly. Some junglers that are very annoying to deal with are 19_64.png 57_64.png32_64.png111_64.png254_64.png   56_64.pngNocturne can be a huge problem in general for Viktor, his spell shield absorbs the stun of your Gravity Field, so it is wise to throw a Q at him when he uses it. You will also need to prepare some deep wards for 56_64.png in points where he may ulti from (if he does not decide to do a direct lane gank). Orianna synergizes extremely well with these junglers and you must be very careful when playing against them.  *SEE MORE IN THE JUNGLERS SECTIONS*


Similar to 238_64.png's Shadow, the Ball of 61_64.png can be used to deny you farm if placed on top of the Minion that she aims to deprive you of.
Orianna's minion denial is on a shorter CD than the one from Zed, so it is a bit more annoying for you to deal with it. Good Orianna players will exploit this advantage and make you lose a good amount of gold.

-Counter by saving your Death Ray and using it when the creep is low on HP.
-Use the *Unspecified target* attack method. Position in a way that makes the creep that you want to kill be the closest to you from all of the other enemy minions. Proceed with pressing A+Left Mouse Button and click on the ground. This will target the nearest enemy and will kill the minion that she is trying to deny.


4.pngFlash for good kill potential as well as clutch escapes from her Ultimate.
14.pngIgnite is not a good pickup against Orianna since she will most likely have a 21.png which she can use on top of her shield to almost completely absorb the Ignite.
6.pngGhost can potentially be a good pickup, but the health gain from the Heal is really useful, as well as 1 second of Movement Speed being more than a enough for a quick displacement. I would personally stick with Heal.


Video included in the *Video section*.





92_64.pngRiven is an extremely annoying champion to deal with.
Generally Viktor does have amazing wave control but Riven is resourceless and even though she's not up to par with Viktor until she gets her Tiamat she can overwhelm you with time simply because you WILL eventually run out of mana.

Overall the matchup is in Riven's favor simply because she is allowed to make much, MUCH more mistakes and even if she gets punished for it she still has kill potential on you.

Unless you snowball with a 2/0 and double her minions in the beginning then you will have a hard time against her, even if you are ahead, she will always have kill potential on you, since it is very easy for her to counterplay your Gravity Field with her insane mobility.

If SHE is the one snowballing then you might as well sit under the Turrent and do your best to clear the minion wave BEFORE it comes close to the Turret (Assuming you have the E Augmentation).
You must do this, because if she gets her minions to the tower and you are hard pressed then she will be very likely to dive you successfully.

The matchup is definitely preferred on the Midlane since it is relatively short in length when compared to the top lane and it is much easier to control the lane and stay safe at all times. The top lane gives her too much freedom and allows her mobility to shine.

Do your best to push the lane with your level one, disregard auto attacking her. If you push the wave with your FIRST Death Ray then the force of the second wave and the small remaining minion count from the first one will push your second wave really hard and you can get away with only auto attacking the minions, this means that you will not waste any mana on the second/third wave. It is very important for you to not trade with your Q, it IS tempting but UNLESS you are running IGNITE then there is no point to trade with her, since Riven players usually go with a lot of sustain early (assuming she does the small minion camp and comes to the lane with 5 pots).

Be sure to put the Gravity Field's back edge to her front, try to predict how she will move with her E+Q and do your best to mentally calculate the distance that she will move so that you can get the stun off.

Be patient with your Lasers, avoid using long range Lasers at all costs. It is very easy for Riven to just E and absorb the damage since the Laser moves really slow and she will have time to react. Do your best to put the starting point of the Laser as close as you can to her so that the travel time is non-existent or very low.

Q Augment in this matchup is of paramount importance but it is still mandatory to get your E first. Be sure to pick up a second Augment asap, even before your tier 1 boots 1001_32.png

An extremely powerful pickup against her as a second item after the Morello is the Rylai's. It completely kills her mobility and she is doomed to death the moment she tries to retreat. The Ghost+Q Augment+Rylai's combo is certain death for Riven.

Your ultimate will be slowing her for a brief period of time to allow you to catch up when you turn on her.

Be very careful with using your Ulti. When you are doing your combo, do the Laser first with the starting point under her and then use your ultimate. This will guarantee that your whole burst is done in the shortest amount of time and she will have less time to react and counterplay. If you do both your ulti + laser at the same time then you do your Q the best thing to do is hold on to your Auto until her Shield ends (the duration of the Shield has been reduced to a really low amount and it's not a problem to wait it out anymore). Use the time when she is with her Shield to place a good Gravity Field and back up with the Movespeed which you gain from your Augmented Q.

This will both allow you to get enough distance to avoid her Stun and position her in the middle of the Gravitational Pull at the same time, in the meantime your Ultimate will be eating away at her Health, since it will be on top of her the moment her shield is over and the stun is set, giving it a really good time to deal some extra damage while her shield is on Cooldown.

The majority of Riven players go with the CDR boots which make her deadly trades much more frequent. This is good for you, since she will be much more squishier, if you play your W right then she will be dead instantly. The problem comes if Riven goes for a pair of Merc Treads, since they not only give her a good amount of MR but also provide her with Tenacity which will screw you over hard. Generally the dangerous thing is the MR, since it will be just enough for your whole combo to not one shot her (assuming you are equal and you are not ahead).

Same as Yasuo, Riven goes for full damage items and she is relatively squishy early aside from her AD scaling shield. You have good kill potential on her in skirmishes and teamfights. If she goes for another target for just a second and wasted half of her dashes then she will not be able to get a kill on you, which will allow you to unleash your full combo without fear of getting blown up yourself.


As previously mentioned, 14.png Ignite is a good pickup and it MAY give you kill potential early but I believe it's not worth taking over 6.png and I'll explain why.

Ghost is amazing in the sense that if Riven goes towards you then your Q+Ghost will give you a huge amount of Movespeed which will allow you to disengage and avoid her combo, ALSO, the Movespeed from the Ghost is persistent. This means that you will be able to turn on her and chase her down while her cooldowns are off. 

The Ghost is insanely good because of the Synergy that it has with your Ultimate.
The closer you are to the your Ultimate (in this case your target, since the ulti will be on her) the faster your Chaos Storm moves. This means that with the Ghost, you will be able to get even more uptime on your Ultimate's damage on her. 

As always, 6.png is insanely good in the mid to lategame and will only get better as the game progresses. Ignite will fall off hard from the midgame because of its low damage values when compared to the general healthpool of your enemies.

As an alternative to Ghost I would suggest taking 3.png Exhaust since it scales with %Percentages, similar to Ghost and will scale insanely well into the lategame against any hard-hitting opponent such as Zed/Riven etc.





Extremely powerful in this current meta. Tankiness from Bruiser to Tank level, which is basically above average in every regard. Extremely powerful post 6 due to the no-cost ultimate, which is on a short cooldown and provides powerful sustain.

Generally Viktor wins very hard in this matchup due to 2 main peculiarities in his kit.
-Viktor's wave clear is FAR superior to that of Ryze, this will often force Ryze to use his ultimate just to keep up with Viktor's amazing waveclear and it will STILL not be enough.
-Ryze is a very straightforward champion, he literally walks towards you in a straight line and getting a Gravity Field on him is EXTREMELY easy.

His Q is now a skillshot so it can prove useful to rotate behind minions so that you can at least partially negate the strength of his nuke.

Try to avoid direct confrontation with Ryze post-level 3. His trades are generally stronger, not because he does more damage, but because they are more efficient in terms of mana and also because of his innate tankiness, which will inevitably make him the winner of the trade.

Abuse your range, farm and control the waves, making him force Qs to lasthit, thus shifting the focus away from you.

Keep a very close eye on him, his Ultimate is sometimes hard to distinguish, you need to be prepared to back off the moment you see his ultimate go down, because that is the moment that he will charge towards you.

Ryze and his pure HP builds are not really a problem, similar to Swain. Unless he builds some MR you will generally have no problems with one-shotting him.

Generally Ryze's burst IS extremely powerful but it is often not enough for him to finish you off unless he plays with Ignite, in which case you need to keep a distance even in an all-in fight. His range is shorter than that of Viktor, popping a Gravity Field, doing your combo and slightly backing off so you can buy some time for your Chaos Storm's ticks is ideal, you can easily then followup and chase him down with your Ghost.

Similar to Swain, Ryze builds tanky and will 99% of the time start with the Rod of Ages. Up until this point we've learned that tankiness in the sense of pure HP does not phase Viktor. Viktor's kit possesses VERY powerful base value damage of your abilities, a single combo can EASILY take your enemy down to around 30% HP. In all-in engages, do your combo, wait for the Gravity Field to work it's... well, science... by the time your low CD Q (much lower than his W's prison) is going to be enough to finish him off, since the Chaos Storm would've worked at least 4-5 ticks by then.

Just like Annie, Ryze has a good enough lockdown with his direct CC, it is impossible to miss since it is not a skillshot and can easily set up a gank for his jungler if he flashes in.
Generally the matchup is very similar to that of Annie and you will keep a safe distance from him at almost all times before you pick up your E Augment + second Doran's Ring for example.

Try to avoid extended confrontations, Ryze is basically a spellcaster Machine Gun. As previously mentioned, do your combo, back off slightly and go in again when you have your Q up. In the majority of cases it is guaranteed that he will simply panic and try to run away since he has extremely low HP, your Death Ray will soon follow.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngGenerally I go for Ghost+Flash combo in this situation because it makes kiting Ryze a complete Breeze and the middle to lategame of the Ghost is extremely powerful.
3.pngExhaust can be a VERY good pickup in this matchup. In the worst case scenario it will force Ryze to withold from casting his spells in rapid succession and it will disrupt his all-in combo, which will allow you to easily unleash YOUR combo without any fear for your life. In the best case scenario Ryze will completely blow his entire combo during Exhaust's effect, which will, in essence, render him completely useless.





14_64.pngSion has an advantage against a lot of champions mid, but Viktor is not one of them. 

After his rework, he will level up and max his E (the ability that pushes a creep back).
This is the single most important thing that you need to dodge (aside from his ultimate) since it is much easier to land than his Q. It moves in a straight line opposite of Sion's location, which means that you will have to take unconventional spots. Hiding behind your creepwave will do exactly the opposite of protect you.

The way your Gravity Field works ensures that he will be stopped in his tracks and will take continuous poke damage from you or your wave if he decides to go with early aggression. Be sure to take W on level 3, especially if he is aggressive  (Almost all Sion players mid are aggressive).
Try to disengage the moment you see his shield is up.
Try to stop him from roaming by pushing as much as you can and cornering him on his Turret, he will lose a good amount of minions and his build will go slower. 
You will need increased sustain in this matchup, so I suggest taking the 2041_32.png since you will face sustain problems against him when you start zoning him. 
Your Auto+Q+Auto combo is good in this matchup, as a melee champion he does not have much that he can answer with to your harass aside from a stun that can only be used effectively if you overextend.  I would personally not advise you to spend TOO MUCH mana on your Q, since it will inevitably deplete your mana reserves. Be sure to optimize resource management by waiting for him to go in for lasthits and simply cover the entire wave as well as him with a well placed Death Ray.

His shield's cooldown is lower than that of your Death Ray, so be sure to wait it out or simply surprise him with putting the Laser's starting point under him so that he does not have time to react with the shield.
Most of the time his Shield will be used for simply holding the wave and clearing it, since he will be struggling against your own wave clear, especially afer you get 3198_32.png E Augmentation. This is a good moment to use your Gravity Field, since he will be hesitant to attack you in the midst of your Creepwave, especially when he is facetanking it.

Sion has been reworked. EVEN if you get him in your lane, the only thing that scales with AP is his shield. He is strong only against Melee champions in midlane, since his abilities are easily avoidable by ranged spellcasters. The problem with being a spellcaster against him is that you will inevitably run out of mana if you decide to poke him. He can afford to build full tank so you can pretty much focus entirely on wave control.

The only thing that you should be careful against is his Ultimate's Charge. He can use it straight from the middle of the lane and set up and easy gank for your enemy jungler.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT OVERSTAY after level 6, his ultimate is completely devastating, since the stun duration from his ultimate is enough for him to channel his knockup from his Q. This will allow his jungler to followup and secure a kill on you.


4.pngFlash is a must as always.





37_64.pngSona is generally picked as a support, but in some RARE cases, you will have her as your midlane opponent. 
She is generally very powerful in terms of burst, but her combo can be easily avoided if you simply stay away from her.
Her Q Ability gives her an AP as well as AD boost, which will make her next attack more powerful (ESPECIALLY if she has 3 stacks on her power chord).

The reason why you would want to stay away from her, is because you CANNOT avoid her Q if you are in her range. Staying behind your minions will NOT help you, since her ability prioritizes champions that are in proximity. 

Her sustain becomes VERY hard to deal with after she gets the 3028_32.png.
Thankfully her wave clear is literally pathetic and you will easily be able to bully her out of the lane with your Death Rays.

Be careful of her ultimate as well, it has good range and can surprise you if she decides to flash for it. 
Be sure to back off immediately if she uses her E (The pink Aura for Speed boost), this usually means that her jungler is close and she wants to close the distance for a Slow from her Power Chord with the E or an Ultimate.

I would most-certainly take the Athene's route, simply because she IS squishy, but her incredible sustain, as well as a moderate amount of MR from the Athene will easily trump your poke.

This means that you will probably not be able to get her into execute range. If you continue poking her without any reliable way to finish her off then you will soon find yourself without mana and starting to lose your advantage, by slowly being bullied out of your lane by her trades.


6.pngPlay safe, clear wave, get Ghost.





50_64.pngSwain is among the easiest matchups for Viktor, he is practically a melee champion after 6 and is easily suppressed with a well-timed Gravity Field.
No need for early trades against him after level 3, since you will be focusing on clearing the wave as fast as you can, after which you can chain a few autos and a Q when his focus is on last hitting.
Trades against Swain players after 3 are also not so good, simply because his passive as well as Feast give him a great amount of sustain and a lot of 50_64.png players pick up a 2041_32.png early on.

One thing to note is that, even though, Swain is an easy matchup for Viktor, when Swain is low on HP, he can easily turn the tables on you. When you see that he is low on HP and trapped in a Gravity Field, don't push your aggression too much, do not get too close to him, since the sustain of his ulti is good enough to override the damage of your auto attacks until you get a strong AP boost from the 3089_32.png
Another great pickup against him is the 3135_32.png as a second item. The raw AP gain from the 3089_32.png will be more than enough to answer to the pure HP that he gets from the 3027_32.png and the 3135_32.png will allow you to cut with ease through his defenses when he gets the 3065_32.png or 3001_32.png
Keep him at a safe distance after 6, because he is stronger than you and will overpower you with the help of his sustain if he is not already poked down to an acceptable level. Push your advantage by dominating the waves. 
You need to bring him down methodically, since an all-in against him will most-likely not kill him outright unless you are fed.
Don't press your luck and play smart.


4.pngFlash is great for a clutch repositioning from his Snare.
6.pngGhost will be your optimal choice here, it will allow you to evade his W, quickly escape his Q, and easily kite, after which chase down Swain. Your ultimate will do the rest.




Season 5 Changes:

-The base damage on her Q on lower level has been nerfed by a noticeable amount (approximately 20%) This means that her early pressure and lane dominance will be less noticeable. 

-Her STUN has been made more "distinct" in Riot's words. This means that the stun pattern and width are more controlled and not so sporadic and unpredictable. This will make her stun more EASILY avoided!


134_64.png Syndra is problematic for Viktor players, since her stun has a very long range and is relatively easy to land. Good positioning is key here, try to get the early lane advantage by pushing her minion wave as much as you can.
Trading early, especially after level 3 is extremely difficult, due to the way her abilities synergize.

At higher levels you will have a burst advantage but it will be extremely hard to execute after the removal of your Ultimate's Silence.

You will have to make use of the Fog of War as best as you can from the brushes, but you will need to have lane advantage for that, since you can easily be zoned and you will have to go all the way through the back of the lane in order to avoid direct confrontation. Don't overextend after level 3 and go for safe farming until you get your 3198_32.pngE Augmentation.
She is proficient in wave clearing so you will need to always try and maintain a minion advantage even if it costs you HP in the process.
Always keep a good amount of 2003_32.png in your inventory, ideally you would want to be higher than 90%HP against her, since that will discourage her from attempting to play aggressive against you, because there is no potential for a kill.

Try to be unpredictable in your movement and move frantically, stray a bit from your usual habits and movement patterns from time to time, this will generally make you harder to hit, since she will be confused that you do not follow your normal behavior.
This is mainly a skill matchup and its outcome will be heavily dependent on the individual skill of the players, since it will be very easy for one party to capitalize upon the mistakes of the other.

Again, be careful with her stun, if she is being unusually aggressive and advancing towards you, then her jungler is most likely nearby and is waiting for a stun engage from her.


4.pngIs your best bet here.
6.pngGhost in order to evade her stun, as well as Q spam.
21.pngBarrier as a direct defense mechanism, if you're not feeling confident with your ability to dodge her spells.


This is a subsection that I will be putting exclusively for Syndra and LeBlanc.
For these particular matchups you will need MR blues. Your enemies are squishy by default, so the rune slots will definitely serve a better purpose holding some Magic Resist.

Go with the Standard:

-x3 AP Quintessences.

-x9 Spell-Pen Reds.

-Mix of flat Health and Armor yellows if you can afford it. Try to get more HP into it, since they will rarely use auto-attacks, especially after level 3.

-FULL Magic Resist (1.3MR) Blues.


Video included in the *Video section*.





91_64.png Talon will be classified as Easy after the rework, since your early game trading is exceptionally good.

Very popular meta-pick in the current midlane climate. Extremely powerful pre 6 all in, which can easily gut you if you do not keep him in manageable HP range.

Start with Q on level 1. This is mandatory. It will allow you to get a few Thunderlord's procs in and thus keeping him at a good HP range in order to prevent him from going all in on you. I personally prefer Ignite for this matchup since it provides me with a means to seal the deal against his volatile playstyle. 

Your strongest points are pre 3 and post 6. Keep in mind that if he is not below 70% and you don't have an Ignite, you will NOT be able to fight against him 1v1 and win, even with your full combo. His all in will completely destroy you in that case.

Like all Assassins, Talon can be problematic for Viktor if you misplay your Gravity Field. In this case you will use it almost exclusively as a defensive tool, unless you are sure that Talon's Cutthruat ability is on cooldown. Push your lane asap early on and establish a psychological dominion over him. Make him fear trades with you, since he will be overwhelmed by your minions. Chain Autos+Q early on and make sure that he knows his place as a melee champion. 
You can zone him exceptionally well with your new Q after the rework.

Later on, after 6, you will go for the safe farm/poke from a distance approach since Talon has the potential to 1 shot you with a full combo. His ulti is annoying because it can be used as a disengage tool, the movement speed that he gets will help him break free from the Gravity Field. 

Keep vision in the brushes since he may also use his ulti as a stealthy engage tool and get the surprise on you if he is snowballing.

Many Talon players also build 3155_32.png most of the time, so you need to be careful with calculating your burst.

Try to be in range to harass but don't get TOO close. Maintain moderate distance.
Make sure that you are standing out of range of his Rake (The cone-shaped Dagger Volley). Staying too close to minions may not be a bad idea since he will use them for his Cutthroat ability so that he can get close to you. This will give you a free Gravity Field on him.

Talon is exceptionally easy to counter as a Viktor after they removed the Silence from his Cutthroat ability.
Getting 2043_32.png throughout your laning phase will prove quite beneficial to you, as well as your jungler, especially if you are using 3.png and you don't want exhaust to be wasted when he just slips into the shadows of his Ultimate. Exhaust also scales EXTREMELY well into late game against any form of high-burst Assassin.
As all Assassins he can still kill you in a good combo, so be sure to stack a lot of 2003_32.png so that you never go low on HP before you get a reliable form of defense like the 3157_32.png


4.pngAs usual.
6.pngEstablish lane dominance through minion wave control, proceed to demolish mid to lategame.
3.pngIs good but it is somewhat unreliable since Talon's kit allows him to get his damage off without any reliable counter, at least in the early game. 
21.pngA well timed Barrier would be your best bet in this matchup, since it's easy for you to get good value from the summoner spell, unlike Exhaust.


Video included in the *Video section*.


Twisted Fate



4_64.pngTwisted Fate is a great lane pusher, his wave clear rivals that of Viktor and his mana sustain is excellent. Thankfully, his poke on you is very inconsistent in the sense that his Cards are much easier to dodge for you than your Death Ray is for him, after you get the 3198_32.png with a reliable form of mana sustain, the lane will completely crumble for him, his only advantage (wave clear) will now be out of his control. Try to dodge his Cards as much as possible, most of the time he will use his "Draw a Card" ability to simply take some mana back or wave clear with the red card, since you will be pushing hard against him.
TF's roams are problematic, you cannot really counter him unless you pick up a 12.pngyourself, which is not really advised.
You have to always warn your teammates after level 6, even if he is back to his fountain after a midlane skirmish.

Do not prolong your trades against Twisted Fate. The Cooldown on his "Pick a Card" is very low when compared to your early game Cooldowns and a second Golden Card can lead up to an Ignite and a sure kill for him.

Your job in this matchup is to push the lane as much as you can and take his tower early when he is roaming. Your team needs to have good awareness and should have no problems with dealing with TF if you call your SS constantly.

If he fails one or two ganks, then he will fall off completely out of the game and will be 0 threat in teamfights, as well as if he is foolish enough to attempt a 1v1 against you.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngGhost is great and will surely net you an easy kill since TF is quite immobile. 


Video included in the *Video section*.





6_64.pngUrgot is a champion that has seen some increase in his pick rate recently.
There is not much to say about this matchup, since there are not really many peculiarities and tips that you can abuse, aside from "dodge the acid".

Overall an easy matchup, but can turn to hell if he actually gets a few good trades and bullies you out of lane. If you do not get your Augmentation early then the lane is going to be really hard.

Urgot has a very strong harass with his homing Acid Seekers, once he tags you with the Acid Canister. Be sure to stay at a relatively safe distance and not get hit by it.

Early trades against Urgot are never advised unless you go for them AFTER he has missed his canister. If you attempt to do so, try to pick up a good angle or stay behind the minions, since his poke will not bypass the minion wave without him tagging you first.

Focus primarily on waveclear, your main goal is to not give Urgot any quarter and force him to prioritize pushing back his wave rather than trading with you. By pushing extensively, you deny him the option of trading with you.

Be careful of his Ultimate's Stats Boost. He becomes very tanky for a brief period of time after he uses his Ultimate, IF POSSIBLE avoid using your full combo on him and simply Gravity Field  your escape.


4.png Flash as always.
6.png Ghost is exceptionally good against Urgot since you can use it to either chase down or escape effectively from him, since he doesn't really have any escape/reposition mechanism to counteract the effect of Ghost.





110.pngAD/Poke Varus on the midlane has been getting some attention in the meta for some time now. An unlimited amount of high damage AD poke after he acquires Tear. 

Very powerful wave clear and good efficiency after the purchase of CDR boots and Manamune. 

Extremely powerful synergy with his junglers due to his Flash + Ult combo which is almost instant and can lock you down long enough for the enemy jungler to successfully followup.

Focus on wave clear. His power relies in AOE minion control but he has a distinc advantage over you in that department - powerful auto attacks, which give him a significant edge up until the point when you purchase your E Augmentation.

Going all-in on Varus is very difficult, he is similar to Zyra in the sense that his counterengage is very powerful and if you are going in for the kill by simply walking towards him and not flashing then you are making his job much easier, allowing him to get an easy ulti on your predictable movements.

A very key moment when he is vulnerable is when he is charging his Q arrow. It is very important to note that if he is at a medium distance and not max distance while charging then he is VERY vulnerable to your Flash engage. Charging the arrow stops him from casting his ultimate, if you can predict when he is about to start casting and go all-in with your flash then the moment of confusion while charging will mess up his ability sequence and will allow you to most likely get a clean kill if low enough.

Again, try to stay as safe as possible during the laning phase. His poke gets progressively stronger and more frequent, try to stay behind minions as much as you can, since every subsequent target takes LESS damage from his Q arrow.

Avoid prolonged trades, he will inevitably win if you do not have an advantage in the lane. His powerful auto attacks, coupled with his 3 passive consumption abilities make him a very formidable 1v1 opponent in extended skirmishes.


As always, pick up 4.png
3.pngExhaust is a good pickup if you want to negate his all-in potential after his flash engage.
6.pngI would personally take Ghost for this fight because Varus has literally no escape mechanisms. This means that if you force his Flash with YOUR Flash, the Ghost will provide a significant advantage. If you already have the Q Augment then you will be able to easily chase him down and capitalize on his lack of mobility, all while evading all of his other abilities.





45_64.pngOverall Veigar is an easy matchup for you, his wave clear is decent at best and you will have no problems forcing him to waste all of his mana on last hitting. He is extremely reliant on a good stun (and the full duration of this stun, mind you) to get his whole combo off.

Patch 5.5 brought a nerf along with it, which now gives a delay to Veigar's prison. This will give you enough time to reposition out of it if you are at the edge of its range.
This is a noticeable nerf in a 1v1 scenario, however, a hard CC/Engage jungler like Vi for example can still lock you down long enough for him to get his prison down on you.

This means that a pair of 3111_32.png will be more than enough to deny him any kill potential. Of course that does not mean that you will be a God against him in lane, you will still have to keep yourself at high HP at all times due to his incredible burst.

The MR, which the 3111_32.png provide, as well as proper positioning will be sufficient enough to allow you to go for a core build, instead of a deviation like 3001_32.png
Usually Veigar players are passive and look for kills once they have their 3128_32.png which means that you should not be afraid to trade with him early, this, coupled with your minion advantage will make his time against you a real pain.

After the rework it's really beneficial to trade early with your Auto>Q>Auto chain.

By the time you have a comfortable lead, you may want to start building a 3157_32.png to completely drop his burst or simply take a 1057_32.png which will be amazing with the 3111_32.pngyou already own, this will allow you to be cost-efficient in the way you counter him as well as provide you with more gold to spend on offensive items such as a 3089_32.png.


4.pngFlash can be used for a fast ult combo into him, as well as an escape tool.
6.pngGhost would be my personal choice, deny him farm while pressuring the lane with minion wave control.
21.pngWell-timed Barrier can be a life-saver.


Video included in the *Video section*.





161_64.pngVek'Koz is not even picked anymore and if he is, he is seen rather as a support than a midlaner, although he is definitely a reliable midlaner as well.
He is an overall easy opponent for Viktor, in a sense that he has no reliable way of going all-in on you, unless you get poked too much or expose yourself by getting too close to him.

His waveclear is EXTREMELY powerful on level 1, since he will take his W with the double stacks on it. Be sure to focus exclusive for wave control, the damage that he does to the wave at level 1 is ridiculous and will set you back greatly if you disregard it.

Proficient Vel'Koz players are more adept at playing mind games with their split attack. They will throw it from different angles, in order to confuse you, it will take practice in order for you to be able to create a mental image of the projectiles from the initial cast.

His ultimate is the thing that you should be afraid of the most. The way his passive works is that he will get stacks on you for each of his spells that hit you. After he has 3 stacks, they will combust, dealing a good amount of TRUE damage. 
His passive is incredibly deadly with his Ultimate, because the tick frequency of the ultimate allows him to get stacks significantly faster.  
DO NOT underestimate the damage of his Ultimate, by itself it is not a huge threat, but when combined with his passive, it becomes quite deadly.

Don't overextend against him, if you do, be sure to have enough damage to kill him, otherwise you will walk down into a predictable path, which will make his knockup much easier to hit you. 

Play safe and dominate the lane by pushing the waves, you should rarely go in for pokes past lvl 2-3, because his combo is much stronger than yours if he lands his knockup. Be sure to go in for trades after 3 when one of his abilities is on Cooldown.


4.pngAs always.
6.pngGhost can be an interesting pickup but it would require practice to get the hang of it. Often times you will find yourself needing the health restore much more than the movement speed.
7.pngHeal is a good balance between a movespeed boost ability and health restoration tool.


Video included in the *Video section*.





8_64.pngVladimir is an easy matchup for Viktor, be it Top or Mid.

6.9 changes to Vlad made him a complete monster in teamfights, however, the fact that he has no viable life-leech item as a pick up in his build order his quite crippling to his laning phase. He now relies solely on his Q to sustain, Vlad is still not that big of an issue for Viktor.
You outdamage him, your wave clear is better, your low level trades are better, especially with the Arcane Blade Mastery's Auto+Q+Auto, ESPECIALLY AFTER THE REWORK.
I can confidently say that the new Viktor is even stronger against Vladimir now, even when his Death Ray does not have a dot which used to go through his Invulnerability.
Push his lane, trade extensively with your Auto>Q>Auto chain and be conservative with the use of your Death Ray and Ultimate.
You do not have the Silence on the Ultimate anymore, so it is wise to surprise him with your Ultimate+E Combo or simply bait him into wasting his pool earlier.

You can give him the false impression that you do not have a lot of damage and simply poke him with auto attacks and Qs. This will make him grow confident, underestimate you and go aggressively with his Invulnerability.

Be sure to be in a close distance to him when you are going all-in, you want to be close enough so you can put the starting point of your Death Ray on top of him so he doesn't have time to use his Pool, since the Laser is somewhat hard to pull off at larger distances. 


4.pngAs always.
6.pngGhost in order to kite out of his improved AOE "nova" ability, as well as chase him down after his W.


Video included in the *Video section*.





101_64.pngXerath could be difficult. Provided the skill level of both players is equal, the lane should be overall equal with a slight advantage to Xerath until you get your 3198_32.pngE Augment.

Ghost will be even more of a necessity in this matchup, due to the changes to Xerath's ultimate, which allows him to gain access to an additional ultimate shot, if he successfully hits previous bolts.

It's a skill matchup, since the lane outcome will be determined by how well you wave clear on top of dodging his abilities. 
The thing about Xerath is that for each of his abilities you must take a different approach. 

The matchup has become increasingly more difficult for Viktor after the rework. Losing the Silence on your Ultimate is a huge blow when dealing against spellcasters such as Xerath, you cannot really go for your iconic combo of Flash+Ult+E+Q+Auto. The change of the Q complicates things even further, if you want full value out of your burst, then you will have to waste another fraction of a second for auto-attacking.

For his stun, you basically need to be behind minions or out of range.

For his W you need to be out of range or move unpredictably.

For his Q, you basically need to be away from minions so that if he misses, his wave clear suffers. If you stand next to or behind your creeps, you will basically allow him to kill two birds with one stone, since he will get the damage down on your minion wave and potentially damage you as well with it.  

My advice is to stay behind the creeps at a safe distance but never directly behind then so that you do not end up opposite to Xerath, this will allow him to get an easy Q on you.
Another tip I can give is to basically not strafe left and right all the time, since the radius of his Q spell is not particularly small enough for you to dodge it with stutterstepping left and right.  
What you have to do is basically walk in one direction while he is charging his Q and immediately switch your direction when you feel like he is going to fire.
It is good if you play xerath once or twice just to learn the speed of his Q's charging so that you may have a general understanding of when he will be able to unleash his attack. This will give you a better idea of when to change direction when dodging.

Low level trades are possible but highly risky if you do not have the positioning for them, I would advise to focus on wave clearing exclusively after level 3-4.

Xerath's mana sustain is great so it can be very problematic if you waste your mana too fast, be careful on giving him free hits on you (If he attacks you he takes double the mana that he will take from attacking a minion, thanks to his passive).

Keep a mental note on the Cooldown of his Passive, it has a static cooldown of 12 seconds, so it will not be affected by items with CDR.
Keep a good amount of 2003_32.png in stock since he will be poking you consistently. 
Going for a 3157_32.png in this matchup can prove to be quite risky, since his spells are generally on a very short cooldown and the effect of the Zhonya will leave you vulnerable to his attacks. Going with a bit of HP in this case is most likely better.


4.pngFlash is great in this matchup because you can surprise him with it by Flashing in and unleashing your combo. Xerath is fairly stationary and does not have a reliable method of escape, his Stun+W combo can be avoided easily with a flash, which will basically leave him with auto attacks and Q against your whole arsenal.
6.pngIt should be pointed that against champions with a high amount of skillshots, a player with a good game sense can utilize Ghost very effectively.


Video included in the *Video section*.





157_64.pngYasuo is an EXTREMELY easy champion for Viktor to counter due to the fact that up until his 4th item he has a dead zone which gives him 0 survival.
I really don't know what all the Hype around Yasuo is these days, as a Viktor player, you are a hard counter to him.


He has received a tremendous nerf to his Base HP, which puts him at around the same level of toughness as LUX! He also received a slight nerf to his base movement speed from 350 to 345.

The nerfs directly resulted in a dramatic decrease in his pick rate. He is much less popular now, although you can still spot a few here and there with the right comp.

After the Viktor rework, your Q is exceptionally proficient at trading with him early. 


You will gain a good advantage by chaining your usual Auto+Q+Auto.
His kit and his damage scale exceedingly well with damage items so every single Yasuo will be tempted to build on that, but the fact that they are neglecting any form of defense early on will be their downfall since they will be highly susceptible to Viktor's burst.

The more experienced you are as a Viktor player, the more easy your matchup against Yasuo will become.

His "Q" ability has a set cooldown of 4 second on all ranks, keep that in mind since it will be important for you to know approximately when he can unleash his Tornado towards you so that you can position properly..

You can abuse the power of your Laser by putting the starting point on the side of the wall and the trajectory behind it, Yasuo players in general stick really close to the walls even if they see that something will bypass their defenses, they just feel immortal behind it. The Death Ray, however, tends to disagree (that's why it's DEATH ray).

General tips are to not stand very close to the minions since good Yasuo players will refrain from playing passive and abuse their mobility early on. Many Yasuo players, especially on higher elo will outright take their Dash as a level spell.

Dodging his Tornadoes is easy, but if he gets the Dash on you then the knockup is instant, you need to position very carefully, again, not close to minions.

NEVER stay for an Auto Attack showdown with Yasuo, regardless of how low he is. He is just much stronger than you. Unless he is at 20% HP or less and you have a Singularity and a Q ready for him, then the best bet is to simply retreat after your spell combo.

In a some cases, if you play your cards right, he will be forced to pick up a 1053_32.png which is a huge win for you, since it will delay his 3087_32.png which is absolutely crucial for 157_64.pngplayers.

The shield absorbs a really high amount, relative to your own damage and can basically soak up to half of your Death Ray, be sure to bring it down with an Auto or in the worst case a low level Q.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT rush to use your abilities against him, be very patient and calculate your moves, missing two Death Rays in a row early can prove to be devastating for you since Viktor has huge mana issues and that will give him an opening to abuse his mobility.

The best defense against a Yasuo is a good Offense, push the wave as much as you can, make him fear you and make him respect you. As mentioned previously, it is important to push, but be sure to do this in a calm manner, since you can screw things up if you are not careful.
Low level Yasuo players in general drop the aggressive play and start playing extremely passive after you've demonstrated the destructive power of your Death Ray.

I've found that in general the best way to counter Yasuo's insane burst is to simply build for high burst as well. Viktor is the one who controls the lane and determines the flow of the matchup. I generally pick up the 3198_32.png E Augment with a second 1076_32.png and a 3089_32.png. At this point a single Death Ray from this item combo will easily take away 50% of Yasuo's health (provided you ping him with an auto to take down his Shield).

It is even safe to go with the 3165_32.png into a Zhonya, since the utility in terms of wave control and mana sustain that you get are very tempting.

NOTE: You still need to be way of junglers with gap closers and knockups, especially ones like 254_64.png and 57_64.png since they have a very high pick rate lately.


4.pngFlash is a must, it will help you escape clutch situations as well as make risky counter-plays that will certainly pay off.
6.pngWould personally go for Ghost, Yasuo does not have any inherent "non-requirement" dash mechanisms, which means that unless he has something to E on, he is extremely easy to kite and chase down, Isolated encounters will ALWAYS go in your favor unless you are very far behind.

3.pngExhaust is invaluable for this matchup, it completely shuts down 157_64.png and scales exponentially well into late game. It provides a good defensive tool as well as a great way to counterplay Yasuo simultaneously.


Video included in the *Video section*.





238_64.pngZed is a tricky Assassin that gives Viktor a lot of trouble with his constant displacements with the Shadows.

Exhaust is a great option but it must be timed perfectly in order to get good value from the spell. The ability must be used slightly after the activation of his ultimate, you need to dampen the effect of both his Shurikens as well as Ultimate, so using it half to one second after his ultimate is activated is ideal.

Currently top tier meta pick. It is highly advised to ban Zed each whenever possible.

It is even harder now, after the rework, since they removed the Silence, and you cannot do the Silence+Gravity Field combo.

Early on you can trade easily with him, an Auto+Q+Auto will do nicely and the damage from the Shuriken will be almost fully absorbed from the shield that your Q provides.

After level 3, however, you must be really careful for his Shadow+E+Q combo. His W's cooldown is 17 seconds with the "Sorcery" mastery, which means that the frequency of this deadly combo is very low.

Keep in mind as well, that he can swap with the W's combo, if he gets a slow on you and you are around 60-70% HP, he will be tempted to go in for a few auto attacks, be ready with your Gravity Field.

Generally when he ulties you, you want to immediately place your Gravity Field under you.
Same as with 157_64.png, you want to make Zed fear you, he has excellent last hitting capabilities under Turret, due to his passive, but that should not discourage you from pushing out, it will drop the focus off you and redirect it to the minions, that will give you freedom and some breathing space.

Zed can roam pretty well, be sure to keep a good amount of wards on the map and always say that Zed is missing even if you are sure that he is back to base only for shopping. It is extremely important that he does not snowball, because you will not have an easy time with a fed Zed.

You NEED to remain CALM when playing against a Zed. Don''t rush with using your abilities, you NEED to hit with everything.


238_64.png recently received changes to his Shadows. They now function as an untargetable entity, which can deny you farm if placed on top of the minion (similar to 61_64.png and her Ball) Higher elo players will definitely take advantage of this change.

-Counter this by trying to save your Death Ray for the moment when the shadow is on top of the minion. This is the safer way, which will not leave your vulnerable.
-Second option is to simply position in a way that allows you to be closest to the minion you want to hit. You will then proceed to move attack (Press A + Left Mouse Click on the ground) Be careful, since going too close will leave you exposed to his Shadow Slash and its slowing effect. This will target the nearest enemy and will kill the minion that he is trying to deny you.


4.pngIs a must, you can use it to dodge his Ultimate's damage by flashing away the moment he Ulties you and appears next to you (If you do not do this correctly Zed will automatically follow you to your Flash's location and it can backfire on you). If you learn how to  do this, you will in essence nullify his entire ulti on low levels, since it is vital for him to connect Shurikens and Shadow Slash on you.
Flashing at the right moment is crucial and it can be game breaking in your favor.
6.pngGhost will be my personal choice, since your waveclear is now stronger than it has ever been, establish lane pressure and force him to take focus off of you.
3.pngExhaust is always the best against Zed, since Barrier scales poorly into the lategame, but Ghost scales directly with enemy numbers, due to its % based nature.





115_64.pngZiggs is a somewhat skill-based matchup for Viktor, but it has become much easier to play against a Ziggs since his recent nerfs cut the explosion radius (which directly translates into activation radius) of his Q, as well as the Instant Shield that you gain by using your own Q.

In light of patch 5.6 changes to the mana cost of Ziggs' Q, Ziggs players are adopting a more aggressive playstyle which punishes them less for missed spells, due to the lower mana cost. I have noticed that a good amount of Ziggs players are opting for the 14.pngas a summoner spell option. This just reinforces my belief that trades against Ziggs should be brought down to a minimal amount if at all since his waveclear before your Augment is really powerful and he can afford to trade with you as well as waveclear at the same time.

Due to the Ignite, you should NOT overexted and bring down your trades to a minimum, Do not underestimate his damage, since he can easily 100-0 you on level 3-4 if you overextend. 

The most dangerous part of his kit is his minefield, since prolonging your trades with unnecessary auto attack followups after your E+Q combo will allow him to get a minefield off and this will pretty much force a flash.

Early trades are extremely beneficial for VIktor since with an Auto+Q+Auto will do a great amount of damage, it is optimal to go for this trade when between his Q casts. Dodging his Q is extremely easy now but you should still be careful for his Passive which empowers his Autos. 

One thing to point out is that you should NOT prolong your trades! Do NOT go for more auto attacks unless he is on the run. Extending trades will just give him time to do a full combo on you and his triple spell + passive deals twice the amount of damage that your spells do early on. Make a quick and clean trade then pull back.

Generally Viktor outranges Ziggs and outpokes him due to the reliability of the Death Ray compared to the inconsistency of Zigg's Q.
In many cases Ziggs players will find themselves struggling with last hitting and losing a great deal of mana against a Viktor that can cover the whole wave with a single E cast, be sure to use your Death Ray as efficiently as possible.
Post 6 it is a bit risky to go all-out on a Ziggs that has not been softened up for a potential kill. He still possesses a great amount of damage with his Q+Auto+E+Ultimate combo.
It is wise to gauge if he is a trigger-happy player so that you have a basic idea if he is prone to throw a panic combo, this will allow you to bait such a combo from him and basically flash away from it (Flash will still be in an offensive spot). This will leave him without an answer to YOUR combo.


4.pngFlash as aforementioned can be utilized offensively.
6.pngEasily avoid Zigg's ultimate and maneuver out of his Q, catch up to him with ease.
7.pngHeal is a good compromise, since it gives you both a health restoration tool as well as a movespeed boost.





26_64.pngZilean could potentially be a threat if you lose lane control against him.
The single, best way to completely dominate him is to rush level two with a fast wave push on level one. Take the E on level 1 and try to cover the whole wave with it. Once you get level 2 you can trade with him and make him waste his potions and push him to the tower.

He will be forced to waste his mana entirely on the minions and miss a good amount of them in the process, so be sure to push him to his tower ASAP.

Once you've gotten the 3198_32.png , your E has an insane range and will keep him panicking throughout the laning phase, he will most likely waste more money on 2003_32.png than on actual items, since he will be forced to facetank minions after you push constantly.

His movement speed is a bit annoying since he can use it to dodge your Death Ray and immediately close in the gap and attempt to put a Time Bomb on you, so you need to be careful with how you use your E.

Your W is your best friend when his is close to using ulti, you can choose to completely ignore him for the duration of his Ultimate and simply disengage.


4.pngFlash is good to catchup to him if he tries a sneaky escape after he rewinds the time and resurrects himself.





143_64.pngZyra is often picked as a support, but she is an extremely underrated and strong midlaner.
I am putting her under easy ONLY because you will play passive against her and not attempt to trade. The passive playstyle SHOULD be able to win you the lane, since your wave clear is still better, thanks to a well-placed Death Ray, especially after the purchase of 3198_32.pngE Augment.
Your general goals for this matchup are as always to pick up an early E Augment in order to counter her pushing power, as well as her plant stacking.

Going all-in on Zyra is close to impossible in the majority of cases but the bright side is that she has little to no kill potential on you if you are playing safe and clearing the wave from the backline. It could get really tricky to stay in the lane if you lose wave pressure, be sure to do your best with clearing the wave as effectively as you can by covering the whole wave with your Death Ray.

She is extremely powerful in trades, it is definitely NOT advised to trade against her after level 3, if you decide to do so, definitely make your trades as fast as possible, since her plants deal an insane amount of damage, which is easily overlooked, but players realize it when it is too late.

After level 6 it is close to impossible to go all-in on her, since her ultimate is pretty hard to miss (takes the whole screen). 

You will generally turn the lane into a passive one, farm and push her minions so you can get a wave advantage. Your best bet is to wait for help from your jungler, which hopefully is someone with instant CC and good Engage.

Her passive will turn her into a one-shot cannon, which deals TRUE damage to you from a very long range. You will benefit greatly from 7.png since it will give you movement speed to make a fast strafe and dodge her projectile, as well as give you insurance that you survive if you get hit, thanks to the health restore.


4.pngFlash as always.
6.pngGhost will allow you to avoid her snare, as well as swiftly move out of her Ultimate's radius, as well as increasing the distance between you and her plants, all that while chasing her in order for your Ultimate to do its work.

Disclaimer - please read! Back to Top


I've created this section to simply inform the people reading this guide that all of the views and ideas that I propose are simply my take on the game.

I do not urge anyone to follow the guide word by word, instead, use the information that I provide so that you can make your own informed decisions and improve on your own unique playstyle.

There are theorycrafting corners with stats squishing and number crunching, which give you an overview of which of the the popular builds are worth going for, as well as what they are capable of.

There are also sections in which I give my logical reasoning behind the choices that I make with my builds and item purchases, as well as the order of which items are bought.

I have recently added a special section, which covers a very interesting problem specifically for Viktor players. The problem derives from a monitor/fps/game sync issue.

The guide now features several experimental builds, created with the collaboration of the community in the Comments' section! Special thanks go to Metmor, as well as the community as a whole! Thank you!

I am CONSTANTLY checking the comments section and reading everything, from constructive criticism to inquiries for a build or gameplay styles.
I am using this information so that I may enrich the guide even further and provide beginner or intermediate Viktor players with an easy way to access curious information, which players will generally have to find out on their own through gameplay and testing.

I am doing my best to ensure that the guide is fully updated and covers all of the changes in the game that directly or indirectly affect Viktor and his gameplay. I am also always looking for ways to improve the reading experience with quality of life improvements such as colored text to make sections more distinguishable and interactive, as well as adding videos and experimental builds.

Be sure to read up on the *Changelog* section for all of the up-to-date information about alterations done to the guide, as well as special bits of information about Milestones, Build Experimentation, Future Schedules and much more!

Please, do not dislike the guide without giving a proper reason why, give me the opportunity to improve and engage in a productive conversation that can actually benefit people.

Thank you!

                                                                        <br/><a href=

E vs Q on level 1 Back to Top

Up until this point, leveling your Q as a first ability was rather inefficient in the majority of cases, however, with the introduction of "Thunderlord's Decree", you now have an extremely potent zoning and harassment tool at your disposal, parallel with your already powerful kit. 

viktordeathray.png Is your choice in the majority of matchups, since the midlane in general consists of ranged characters, primarily spellcasters. Establishing early lane dominance and acquiring level 2 is of paramount importance against enemies such as Lux, Syndra, Xerath, etc.

E is an ideal choice against control Magi and ranged characters in general, it is extremely powerful in a sense that the power of the ability does not diminish with consecutive hits, such as Katarina's bouncingblades.png and Varus' varusq.png to Zed's zedQ.png to just name a few. Whatever the Death Ray touches it damages fully and enemy positioning and mirroring does not help in the slightest with negating the effects of viktordeathray.png

viktorpowertransfer.png Now, Q is a very interesting ability, it does not grant an auto attack reset after the cast, but it has an interesting mechanic of allowing your auto attack damage an instant actuation function. This means that the Empowered Zap does not have a travel time nor projectile speed, it simply connects instantly with the target.

Thunderlord's Decree, coupled with the shield from the ability, picking up Q on level 1 is IDEAL against matchups such as Zed. Zed is very peculiar since he literally can't trade effectively with you on level 1 with anything else than his zedQ.png  Shuriken. You will start with an auto attack, followed by a Q and a no-travel time auto attack, which will result in an extremely mana-efficient trade due to the frequency of the damage instances application as well as strong base values of the Thunderlord's Decree. The Shield from the ability will fully absorb the damage by abilities such as Zed's Shuriken, LeBlanc's dash, Akali's Mark and Talon's Rake. 

A worthwhile mention is also38.png and his nulllance.png, a good majority of Kassadin players will abuse the power of the flask start and low mana cost on the ability to poke you down into executable range and burn through your sustain, which is a very unfavorable position to be as a ranged vs melee character. If you are fast enough, you will be able to predict when Kassadin will fire his Q by judging his movement patterns i.e going straight towards you with determination. This also comes with experience and practice but if you master the Q cast against his Q you will be able to fully counter his poke and this will leave him zoned and without a means to CS effectively from a distance. His Q also has a higher mana cost in general with his 70 against your 45 on level 1.

Thunderlord's Decree has turned Viktor into a monster when it comes to trading with melee midlaners and it allows him to burn out the enemy's sustain very early on, forcing them to miss a large amount of CS while the Viktor player is freezing the lane and zoning effectively.

Starting with Q against melee characters in particular is extremely beneficial since with the empowered attack you are making the window of time that enemies have to get out of your attack range smaller.

Season 6 Masteries! Back to Top

A lot has changed in season 6, a number of champions got a rework, a good amount of new items have been introduced, however, the most interesting changes are to the Masteries.

The new Mastery Trees are deceptively simplified and are now more straightforward, they ALSO allow for more build diversity with the changes to AP item prices, the changes to the champion select meta, the changes to the AD item choices etc.

The following video footage are *Highly Classified* and you have been granted clearance under strict supervision.


Best Build: Thunderlord's Decree.

Codename: Thunder-charged Assault Synth Annihilator MK I.

Mobile Tesla Coil powered conduit wielding ground unit.
Refer to the timestamps under the YouTube video for information Shortcuts.

Alternative Build:

Codename: "Touch of Death", molecular disintegration mod MK I.

Lost "Deathfire Beam" Augmentation schematics and protocols.
Refer to the timestamps under the YouTube video for information Shortcuts.

My thoughts on the 6.9 Changes. Back to Top

As predicted, Viktor has become stronger than he has ever been. Right after the direction at which Viktor was headed was announced by RicklessAbandon (a Riot representative) there was a huge uproar and backlash from the Viktor community and the LoL community in general.

When I expressed my thoughts on the Viktor changes, they were quite "controversial" at the time, because people just decided to lash at me saying that I don't know what I was talking about, quite similar to the time when Ahri received a kit rework, after which she proceeded to become the highest % winrate champion in SoloQ for the time. My prediction was qutie accurate this time again.

A day later I uploaded a lengthy video, with a small followup (for the Death Ray adjustments) on my YouTube page, linking it to Reddit. After I've layed out my reasoning behind why I think that Viktor's changes were good and explained in detail WHY he is so good, the majority agreed with me and saw the light.

People have failed to see between the lines, how Viktor ties in with the meta, and the way his kit will work with specific items and summoner spell combos *REFER TO THE BEST BUILD FOR CURRENT PATCH SECTION*.

As time passes, people realize how strong Viktor is, in fact this is the strongest we've ever seen Viktor be. He will most likely stabilize at around 45-50% winrate or slightly drop down due to a significant increase in difficulty of use for the average player, however, I predict that he will have IMMENSE success in the competitive scene, specifically in the LCK. I fear that Viktor will most likely receive some sort of nerfs for how strong his kit is in the current meta.

With that said, Viktor is now a much stronger REACTIVE on mage, on top of still being a force to be reckoned with as a PROACTIVE mage. This means that Viktor's kit now allows him to decimate the enemy's advancing frontline, which VERY FEW magi can actually do in the current state of the game.

Most mages rely on a strong burst of damage and then go on cooldown for around 10 seconds give or take. Viktor completely disregards any standard and fundamental notions of a "typical" mage and proceeds to conquer the battlefield with his uniquely distinct kit. Unleashing relentless spikes of damage every few seconds, continuously melting the enemy team as time progresses, while not sacrificing much of his original BURST potential.

Viktor is very unique in a sense that he COMPLETELY bypasses the spellcaster's "DEAD POINT", which I've elaborately coined as a term which signifies a Spellcaster's innate weakness against typical tanks in this tank meta.
In short, at the early to midstages of the game, the VAST majority of spellcasters have a problem with dealing with tanks, the tanks themselves CAN easily kill you but you do not possess the burst to bring them down before they do so to you.
The moment a tank picks up his first health item, the spellcaster needs multiple items to deal with the raw amount of HP bonus and possibly small amounts of MR, this means that the typical spellcaster needs a strong damage boosting item, as well as a Void Staff in order for his combo to be effective.

Imagine Lux, trying to nuke down a typical tank like Gragas jungle with a Cinderhulk, she simply does not possess the damage, hypothetically, she will take no more than 50% of his HP with a full combo. 

VIKTOR, however, has the unique aspect of his new kit to dish out continuous payloads of devastating damage spikes, at a relatively high frequency, which allow him to be a complete tank/bruiser killer at ANY stage of the game. Coupled with the insane control/utility from the 4.png Flash + 6.png Ghost combo, the 3116.png Rylai's sowing effect, the movement speed boost of the 3198.png Hex Core's Q augment and overall the Movement Speed that the Ultimate receives after acquisition of the Perfect Core Viktor is a moster, which completely kills all hope of enemies being able to escape, even after using Flash or an escape mechanism.

This will make Viktor very viable in the toplane and a very strong counterpick against champions like Darius for example. The moment Viktor purchases a 3116.png he will be unstoppable at the toplane, having an insanely high dueling potential against popular splitpushers!

The reason why Viktor was not viable at the top lane was because his old kit allowed him to be on the same level as all other magi, forcing him to deal quick bursts of damage, after which retreating in order to wait out cooldowns. He did not possess the means to deal with the TANK and BRUISER'S ability to deal damage continuously, that's why he was very susceptible to all-ins from the standard toplaners.

The 6.9+ Viktor's kit allows him to deal HIGHER DAMAGE than the original Viktor after only the SECOND TICK of the Ultimate, which is exceptionally easy to achieve, if the enemy has no escape mechanisms, Viktor deals TWICE his damage when the ultimate ticks for a second time on 4 seconds, and he does a second Q (which now has a static CD of 4 seconds at final level). Viktor's theoretical damage output has increased DRAMATICALLY, and although it is significantly harder to actuate, the build that I am proposing allows you to utilize Viktor's kit at 110% capacity.

The only issue I have is that due to the nature of his new kit's damage distribution, he will have VERY weak chances of going up against all-in assassins like Zed and LeBlanc, which is very cunningly rectified by the fact that he now has THE BEST WAVECLEAR in the entire game. You will win your lanes by attrition, avoiding confrontation against hard matchups all together. With the previous incarnation of Viktor, you could still not do much if the enemy Assassin was ahead, which means that it doesn't really change much from what Viktor is now, it was in no way "better".

Having such a great waveclear allows Viktor to roam freely to other lanes, since he will have a lot of time to rotate to a lane where he can combine his destructive powers with the CC prowess of supports such as Thresh, Morgana, Leona, Nautilus and other lockdown champions for some easy kills.

Overall this patch has brought us nothing but good changes for Viktor, I don't believe he has a SINGLE negative aspect after these changes, all around a VERY enjoyable experience.

Best build for current patch. Back to Top

5.22 Changes.

You will now ALWAYS go with Ionian Boots of LUCIDITY!

The reason behind this is the fact that they now provide you with lower cooldowns on your Summoner Spells, there will a small lack of power due to the loss of the static spell-penetration from the Sorc Shoes, but the CDR boots are now very accessible.


The section will be updated accordingly with each new patch release. 

NOTE: It may take a bit more time when new items are introduced, since it will be hard to determine which build is efficient in hindsight.

This is based entirely on my experience and this is what works for ME. I've found these builds to be VERY EFFICIENT and powerful.

This is a section, which will be dedicated to builds which I PERSONALLY find work good for me. Test out the builds in this sections, they might or might not work for you, it's completely personal!

There is only ONE build that you will exclusively go for at this time.

I believe this is the best, most logically sound and efficient build for Viktor. This is THE build!

BUILD CODENAME: *Cryo-Charged Cybernetic Speed Demon*

This is THE build build, I will explain how the build works after the itemization part of it.

3116.png Rylai's as a first item rush, after your first 3196.pngE Augment.
3198.png Perfect HexCore.
3135.png Void Staff.

This is the complete build. You do NOT need any other build, it is the most efficient and optimized build available for Viktor currently. This is the GO TO build.


4.pngFLASH + 6.pngGHOST will be CORE in virtually 99% of your games.


The reasoning behind this build is that you will play around your ultimate and mid-range Death Ray casts. What I mean by that is that you are aiming for optimization of your Ultimate, as well as your movement speed so you can get optimal uptime on your Ultimate's duration on a target. The Rylai's will ensure that this comes into fruition.

3116.pngRylai's will slow down enemies at all points of the fight, this will allow you to get 100% uptime on your ultimate, unless the enemy has escape mechanisms. This is where the.....

3198.pngPerfect Hexcore comes into play. The movespeed that it provides via your viktorpowertransfer.pngQ, as well as the bonus movement speed that it provides to your viktorchaosstorm.png Chaos Storm will be enough for you to close in on your enemy and navigate your ultimate easily so you can sink the teeth of your whirling vortex of Death. At the point of the lvl 3 Hexcore purchase you should be around level 12-13, which will in turn give you 130+ AP, which is a very good value for 2K gold, however, the bonuses to movement speed on both you and your ultimate will skyrocket this item to unrivaled efficiency.

6.pngGhost will be the spell that will allow you to chase down enemies that have flashed, the closer and faster you are to your Enemies, the faster your ultimate will be, the 1 second of lockdown from your Rylai's will be enough for your Ultimate to find it's way to your prey. You will easily catch up to targets that Flash away, while simultaneously dodging enemy skillshots and lockdowns with easy with the movement speed that you have from your Ghost and Q.

Overall this is the reasoning behind the build, it is EXTREMELY efficient and it saddens me to say it but I believe Viktor will be nerfed in the near future. I think he is a bit too strong at this current stage and will be immensely popular in competitive play, specifically in the LCK. I've successfully predicted that he will be God-tier after these changes, while everyone said that he will be dead.





Augment: Mind Back to Top

<br/><a href=
This is just a little something that I thought would be cool to make, since there are a lot of new Viktor players and I wanted to throw in something that will catch their eye and make them like the champion more.

This is a message from Viktor to his newest recruit (the player reading this guide).

Spread the word of Viktor.
Be the harbingers of the Machine Herald's wrath.

                                                                          <br/><a href=

The three levels of Viktor mastery Back to Top

Way of the Viktor. The three stages to perfection.

These are the three steps that I believe are mandatory for full mastery of Viktor.

Level 1:

Learning to use your Death Ray. Learning how to AIM your laser in the first place. Vector Targeting can be a problem for a lot of people. It may take you anywhere from 5 to 50 games to get used to it and it is the first step in mastering the harbinger of mechanical perfection.

Level 2:

Level two is the next logical step in the process. The second step consists of using your laser efficiently WHILE MOVING. This includes extending the range of your Death Ray to a maximum while kiting backwards or simply knowing the full limits of your Death Ray from starting point A to final point B while you are chasing and you are trying to secure a kill or farm effectively. 

This may take you anywhere from 5 to 100 games or even more.

Level 3:

Not losing awareness while casting your Laser. This is the KEY to mastering Viktor fully. I have seen people all the way from the lowest tiers and divisions to the highest levels of competitive play have problems with this.

Viktor DEMANDS of his summoner to have impeccable positioning and awareness in order to function at full capacity. This is literally countered by the difficulty of the Laser itself, which is the integral part of Viktor's kit. 

People lose sight of their surroundings and decrease their awareness of things that are happening around them while trying to aim the laser effectively in the middle of the chaos of a teamfight, especially while having to be constantly on the move. The split second needed for you to aim your Laser can be the second that the enemy Assassin leaps from over the wall and unleashes his combo. That second could've been used to reposition slightly to one side which will completely nullify any chances of the enemy to catch you off-guard.

I, myself, am still doing my best to play at Viktor's full potential and I believe I am doing a good job at it but it certainly requires a lot of time and dedication. I am still learning everyday and I love every single second of it.

                             USE SMARTCAST!

You lose time when you are not using smartcast, you may THINK you don't, but you actually do. Even if it's a fraction of a second, it is still wasted time. 

Do not bother trying to learn Viktor with normal casting, it's a pair of training wheels that become bolted to you and it will be very hard to drop them, my personal belief is that it is a detriment to play Viktor without smartcast.

You can always hold down the E button while using smartcast and this will allow you to aim your laser if you need to perfectly cover the enemy's minion wave. 

One really important thing to point out is that if you will use Viktor with Smartcast you need to have a reliable mouse which will not glitch for a split second and mess up your targeting.

Be sure to always de-dust your mousepad so that small particles do not get in the optic/laser of your mouse.

                                                             <br/><a href=


Pros and Cons of playing Viktor Back to Top

I would like to point out that after the changes, Viktor has received more nerfs than buffs, he is significantly more powerful against Champions that he was good against (because of the way his Q works now), and much more vulnerable to the matchups that he was struggling against (because his silence was removed). His role has overall shifted a bit. His theoretical damage output IS higher, but there are drawbacks in the form of how you are required to get in close range to utilize your damage fully after mid-game. This leaves you exposed and vulnerable to enemy hard-engage and assassins.


-Hands down THE BEST waveclear in the ENTIRE GAME.
-Very easily deals with hard matchups by simply winning due to pure pressure on the minion waves.
-NO HARD COUNTER. One of the few champions in the game that has virtually no counter if played well.
-Extremely high burst, which is also mostly AOE.
-Is among the top 3 champions in the entire game in terms of pure damage output.
-Very efficient wave clearing, has a safe way to farm even if he is zoned and/or behind.
-Very rewarding if you master the trajectory of your Death Ray.
-Several huge power spikes throughout many points of the game. 
-Reaches maximum potential earlier than any champion in the game.
-Extremely good choke point control with Gravity Field, especially after the changes to its cast range.
-Can utilize Elixirs much sooner than other champions, which will push your advantage even further.
-Still an unexpected pick in ranked, even after the Rework. Most people are still unfamiliar with how he works.
-Has a very strong and reliable early trade, which allows you to zone your enemies, making them lose minion kills.
-Excellent kiting capabilities, thanks to the change of the range of his Q and W.
-Even more engaging and fun to play after his rework.
-Becomes increasingly fun to play and hard to kill as the game progresses.
-Underestimated burst. Most enemies still don't know exactly what to expect.
-Some matchups are significantly easier, due to his rework.
-Snowballs EXCEPTIONALLY well.
-Very flexible, fits into virtually any team Comp, from Poke, to Control, to All-In.
-Thanks to the rework, he still reaches maximum potential much earlier than everyone else, but now he DOES NOT FALL BEHIND late game, quite the opposite, he is stronger than most top-tier midlaners in terms of raw damage output.
-Is the infamous leader of the notorious separatist organisation known as  "The Glorious Evolution", hellbent on world domination through Cybernetic and Hextech augmentation over the frailty of flesh.

<br/><a href=


I would like to say that after the rework,  the most notable downside of playing Viktor i.e the poor lategame scaling has been eliminated. He scales insanely hard now in the later stages of the game. With that said, the majority of "Cons" that Viktor players will face can be overcome simply with time and dedication and are more in the "learning curve" field. This means that Viktor overall has very few ACTUAL downsides, which makes in an excellent pick in SoloQ.

-Susceptible to ganks due to literally having no instant displacement ability.
-Hard learning curve, even after the rework. His Death Ray trajectory mechanics remain the same, which can be difficult to learn by most players.
-Death Ray STILL has a desync issue. It can sometimes not connect with your target, even if it passes through it.
-Extremely reliant on proper positioning and a good game sense.
-Takes time and dedication to master.
-The Silence of his Ultimate was removed... this makes some matchups significantly harder.
-The Q has a built in attack modifier and reduced instant damage. This is a double-edged sword, in late game and in teamfights, the split-second used to auto attack can and will leave you vulnerable to enemy assassins. People in higher elo will definitely take advantage of that, especially if your team is behind.
-Requires a good frontline and team composition. Viktor is the Varus of AP carries, he relies heavily on his team from mid to late game, since he has no displacement mechanisms, which can be used to escape and reposition instantly, even though he does have a good speed burst, but it requires a targeted cast on an enemy.
                                                                   <br/><a href=

Your Monitor and Death Ray Desync Back to Top

Death Ray Desync from monitor refresh rate.

I have noticed something very peculiar in League of Legends and this directly affects Line skillshots in the game, strongly impacting Viktor players.
This is not a DEATH RAY DESYNC per se, it is more of a minion wave desync, but it directly affects the way Death Ray should be applied.

General knowledge.
Basically, if you're playing with more Framerates than your monitor can display, you will get Screen Tearing (the random lines and waves going across your screen). This is obvious when you play with Unlimited/Uncapped framerate in League of Legends.

It is a common misconception that your eye cannot detect more than a set amount of frames.
It is very individual from person to person. I notice the difference between 120hz on my monitor and 144hz on my brother's monitor. The difference between 60hz and 120hz is like night and day.

Your eyes may NOT see more than 30-40-50 frames per second, but your BRAIN can definitely PROCESS MORE. 
This means that your brain will have an easier time "encoding" the image from your eyes, which means that it will be less tired and strained.
In layman's terms - having a high refresh rate monitor will allow you to play longer without as many headaches.

Another immense benefit from a high refresh rate monitor is the low input lag that you get with it. There is basically a small amount of time between when you issue a command and when it is applied on your screen, the higher the refresh rate of the monitor, the lower the time for the command to be issued.

If you have a 60hz Monitor, this means that you CANNOT view more than 60 frames per second. 
The same applies with 120hz/144hz monitors. (Not taking 240hz monitors into consideration).

My personal recommendation for a 144hz monitor would be the Asus VG248QE for a 24" and Asus VG278HE for 27".
These are very affordable and very high quality monitors, which will guarantee very good response time as well as refresh rate. Both monitors are 1080p. If you are looking for something with a bit of a better resolution, my recommendation would be to go with the Asus ROG Swift PG278Q. This monitor is a complete beast, offering 1MS response time, as well as 144hz refresh rate ON TOP of a 1440p Resolution. The downside is that it is VERY expensive for the average consumer and it will also require a very high end PC to push 144+ frames at that resolution.

For all of the non-enthusiast consumers, as well as pro-players my general recommendation is simply the 24" Asus VG248QE since at 27" the pixels on 1080p resolution start to get noticeable.


Acer have now come out with an affordable GSync solution in the face of their new Predator line of monitors. It is definitely worth checking out.

What is Death Ray desync?
So, how do you know if you have a visual desync?
It is quite simple... Have you ever noticed minions randomly skipping and teleporting short distances? This is a visual desync. It is very annoying, especially if you time your Death Ray, trying to precisely release your spell at the right angle and trajectory.

This is especially annoying if you want to get full value from your Death Ray by covering as much as you can from the minion wave.

Issues that come with bandaid fixes.

One way to fix your problem is by putting on V-Sync.
Never, EVER, EVER play with V-Sync. It introduces input lag. It varies from person to person, some may not notice it as much but for others it can be game-breaking.
V-sync is completely out of the question. It limits your FPS to a set amount of frames equal to those of your monitor's refresh rate, synchronizing perfectly the two pictures and making the game smooth at the cost of input lag. No self-respecting gamer that wants to improve FASTER and CONSISTENTLY is going to play with V-Sync.

Unlimited/Uncapped FPS. As we've previously mentioned, this is the cause of the problem in the first place.


Unlimited FPS on a high end or good machine is literally wasted processing power. If you have a 60hz/120hz monitor and you're putting out 400fps in the game, then your GPU will be working over time for something that you literally CAN'T EVEN SEE.

Custom FPS Limiters like Nvidia Inspector (just an example). They DO WORK, but the information on the internet for this particular topic is vast and I would urge you to go through it personally, since it will take quite some time for me to cover it here. This is not needed, since the proper fix has FINALLY been introduced recently but it is a good read nonetheless. Custom FPS limiters are now obsolete for League of Legends.

G-Sync. It's the new hybrid technology for Nvidia GTX cards, which incorporates the V-Sync's perfect refresh rate equilibrium with close to no additional input lag. The input lag is STILL THERE, don't be fooled, but it is so minimal that it will be pretty much unnoticeable. Currently, the G-Sync Technology is very expensive for the average consumer. It can be achieved in two ways - buying a specific model of a monitor which has built in G-Sync or simply buy a G-Sync adapter and install it on a monitor (still requires compatible monitors and will not work on any monitor). 

Recently, Acer launched their Predator series monitors and it is worth checking them out.

Is there a REAL fix?


As of patch 4.21 we now have pre-defined FPS limiters in the game itself for virtually 99% of the consumer grade monitors on the market.

We have the most important 30fps (for laptops so they don't overheat). 
60fps for the industry's standard and most popular/affordable 60hz monitors.
120hz for the slightly older generation of TN panels.
144hz for the top of the line gaming monitors used in competitive CS:GO play (a game which DEMANDS of you to have a high refresh rate monitor in order to be played on a high competitive level).

There is currently no FPS limit for 240hz Monitors and this can be done only with Custom FPS limiters. These monitors are very rare and the technology is currently over the budget of the average consumer but it is there.

-The fix itself is to simply find the custom FPS limiter under the "Video Settings" in game and match it with your monitor's refresh rate. Find out the refresh rate of your monitor and use the same FPS preset in game.


This will work similar to how V-Sync works, in the sense that the Custom FPS limiter will reduce to Screen Tearing (random waves across the screen) drastically, making them unnoticeable unless you look for them.

You will NOT have any additional input lag like the one V-Sync introduces. 

You will limit the processing power of your GPU to work accordingly to the maximum frames that you can actually see (efficiency, boys).

Most importantly - you will NOT get the desync issue that has been plaguing Viktor players.


Thank you for listening to the community and finally implementing a much needed feature.

                                                                            <br/><a href=

Gravity Field and its uses Back to Top


Gravity Field... the spell which possesses the CC power of 2 Ultimates combined but is actually a standard ability.

The CC tool, which restricts your enemies with the power of a Thousand Stuns.

It can be placed in choke points at crucial moments in order to stun and secure kills.

It is worth mentioning that it can be placed slightly before the enemies even arrive. If placed properly in a tight choke point section, the large radius of the ability will guarantee that it will cover the entire passage and will completely zone the ENTIRE enemy team. This will buy your team valuable time in order to finish up the objective that you are contesting or simply allow you to reposition accordingly.

Keep in mind that even if you do not hit a perfect Gravity Field it will definitely guarantee that your enemies will lose a good amount of time to go around it, which means that even if you are not able to place it perfectly you will still get good value from it.

Having said all of that, it is wise to not fear using the ability SLIGHTLY before the fight even begins and enemies are approaching. Especially if you are contesting the zone around the Baron or Dragon pits.

Always keep in mind that Champions with any form of displacement or dash will be able to bypass your Gravity Field, but that just means that they will be cut off from their team and will become easy targets. It will be of value for your team if the enemy decides to do this, unless they are contempt with suicide for the greater good (smite stealing the objective for example)

I've taken the liberty of adding a few images of how you should ideally place your Gravity Fields when important fights occur.


Putting gravity fields on Choke Points should be done in the middle of them, since the sides of the choke points possess a curve, which will make your enemies lose time to maneuver around it. This time will be more than enough for your trap to spring even if they are trying to avoid it with the sides. It is a huge mistake to think that they can use the sides since there is less of the Gravity Field there. The fact that they have to go through the curve of the Choke Point means that they will lose enough time to still get stunned.


If you find yourself playing on the Blue team, then your Gravity Fields around the Baron Pit should look a bit like this:
<br/><a href=

The Fields around the Dragon Pit when you are playing on the Blue team should resemble something like this:
(Slightly lower works as well)
<br/><a href=

As well as...

<br/><a href=


If you are playing on the Purple Side then the Baron Pit's Gravity Fields can be placed like this:
<br/><a href=


<br/><a href=

If the fights head on over to the Dragon Pit then your Fields should ideally be placed like this:
<br/><a href=

Or the Tribush for the lower side...
<br/><a href=


You can also use your Gravity Field for small skirmishes effectively in pretty much every Tribush and small choke point in both jungles. 

These Screenshots are just a small example of such locations:
<br/><a href=


<br/><a href=

                                                                             <br/><a href=

Elixirs and Viktor Back to Top


Back then and what it used to be.

In season 4 we had 2 Elixirs.

-One was the "Elixir of Fortitude" or "Red" in short, which was considered strictly a Bruiser/ADC Elixir, it provided the imbiber with an HP bonus, as well as a Physical Damage bonus (both scaling with the user's level). After Viktor's rework, however, the Q's ability gained an interesting function. Upon casting it, your next Auto Attack was empowered, adding a Sheen Effect to it BUT ALSO, converting ALL of your Physical Damage into Magical and turning your next Auto into a super-charged Zap. Viktor, in my knowledge, was the ONLY spellcaster which could fully utilize the effects of this Elixir.

-The other was the "Elixir of Brilliance" or "Blue" in short. This one was very straightforward, it was specifically designed for Mages. It provided the imbiber with a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 40 Ability Power, which scaled up as you leveled, as well as a static 10% Cooldown Reduction. The AP, of course is always useful, and the CDR was a really needed bonus, since you needed to get a source of CDR (outside of a Blue Buff) that can help you counter-balance the lack of a CDR item in the lategame. 

Overall I loved the double Elixir Combo from Season 4, I really did... the power of Viktor's Enhanced Auto Attack after using Q and the way that it synergized with the double Elixir combo was simply amazing. The conversion of your Physical Damage into pure Magical Damage is a really smart and interesting mechanic from Viktor's arsenal and I will definitely miss the effects of the Red Elixir.

What we have now.

Alright, coming into S5, we have been introduced to new Elixirs.
There has been a very frustrating change to the way how Elixirs work. You may now have ONLY ONE Elixir active at any given time. 

I will be looking into only 2 of the Elixirs, namely, the 2139_32.pngElixir of Sorcery and the 2140_32.pngElixir of Wrath, since they will be the ones, which concern a Midlane Viktor. I've yet to test how effective an 2137_32.pngElixir of Ruin would be for a Toplane Viktor, but I would imagine that you would generally pick it up really early (After you close your first item), since that is the time where you completely force your enemy out of the lane and you are free to splitpush.

Right off the bat I want to say that Viktor can utilize both Elixirs, but you will definitely want to go for the 2139_32.pngElixir of Sorcery.

2140_32.pngI'm starting with the Wrath, because Viktor can still utilize the Physical Damage that it provides, but the Elixir's Life-Steal effect applies only to PHYSICAL damage dealt. This makes the Elixir redundant, although I would've loved to see something like "provides you with life-steal equal to % of the damage dealt (all damage)".
I'm still drooling over the thought of healing more than half of your HP with your full rotation or simply a E+Q combo. Let's just hope that we see some changes to it in the future.

2139_32.pngElixir of Sorcery introduces an interesting effect, on top of the AP bonus that you acquire.
We're talking about a TRUE DAMAGE bonus which you apply on your enemy upon dealing damage from ANY SOURCE.
This is intriguing for me to see and I like the concept of it, although I would've preferred it being a DOT, simply because of nostalgic reasons (it will make it feel like Viktor's old Death Ray mechanics).  This is good with Viktor's Ultimate, because it will easily apply the effect to mass groups of enemies, the only downside is that it has an internal cooldown of 5 seconds when fighting champions, I think it would've been a bit too OP with the high-frequency ticks from Viktor's Ultimate. Can't have TRUE POWER without TRUE DAMAGE!
                                                                          <br/><a href=

Rod of Ages, pros and cons Back to Top

Rod of Ages.

An item, which has undergone several changes both to it, as well as its dynamic climate in the AP artifacts spectrum.

Rod of Ages is an interesting item in the sense that it went under the radar for a long time. With a few buffs that it received it has went to a "Swain/Cho/Ryze only" item to a viable pickup for a wide array of champions, such as Lissandra, Ahri, Ryze, Cho'gath, Swain, Annie, Kassadin, Anivia, Lulu, Malzahar, Nidalee  etc etc.

Somewhere down the line we can even include Viktor, or rather, we could've included Viktor, if it wasn't for the punishment that he received not once, but twice now.

The Rod of Ages is a very good and efficient item for its value AT FULL CAPACITY. At 10 stacks of scaling it provides the user with a generous amount of AP as well as HP and Mana.

It has a very fair price of 3,000 gold, which compared to its AP counterparts is sufficient. 


-Good amount of HP and Mana, as well as good for the money raw AP at full stacks.
-Recently buffed so it has become more desirable for a wider selection of characters.


-Slow rampup time. This is important because Viktor has received SEVERE nerfs to his early game power with the removal of the flat AP on his Hexcore as well as lower AP scaling in the early game. On top the Hexcore change, Viktor has now received a flat damage reduction on his Death Ray.

These two changes, coupled with the slow rampup time of the RoA are absolutely crippling to Viktor's early game. Highly unadvised to purchase RoA if you are behind or even equal to your opponent.

-Provides no tangible utility. The item itself provides you with HP, which can easily be mirrored by the Rylai's bonus, the mana compartment is not very appealing as well. With time and practice, Viktor players learn to easily manage their mana pool to efficiently lay waste to their enemies, this is especially true when you take into account the generous mana reserves that your Hexcore offers, as well as 1 or 2 Doran Rings.

-For only 200 gold more, you may purchase Rylai's Scepter, which offers the exact same amount of AP, a substantial boost to your health pool, as well as the irreplaceable slowing effect, which in turn will theoretically increase your damage even further, allowing you more uptime on your Ultimate's damage on the target. 


RoA is a very powerful item but it has a niche role in the game currently. Champions with built in slow mechanisms that STICK to the target after they are applied benefit greatly from the raw stats of the item. Champions such as 38.png and 34.png are great examples that absolutely need RoA. They are mana-hungry and do not really need the slowing effect of the Rylai's since they already possess and efficient alternative.

The nerfs that Viktor received to his kit and core item make scaling items such as Rod of Ages and Archangel's undesirable.

Rylai's is indeed a better choice, especially when it comes to the utility that it provides, which essentially completes Viktor's kit, providing you with an easy way to catch up to your enemies for a Q or just allowing you to get more from your ultimate in the midst of carnage.

Rylai's is also a very viable first pick against teams that provide a good deal of mixed damage types and a good balance of AP/AD and even True Damage, since HP and in some cases attack speed slowing effects are the best way to counter true damage.

                                                                 <br/><a href=

The Abyssal Scepter Back to Top


We're seeing a steady increase in popularity of Viktor due to his extensive use in competitive gaming recently.

Abyssal Scepter. An item that definitely has pros, but at the same time a lot of cons that come with it. 

The power of the Aura from 3001_32.png in conjunction with the 3020_32.png is overwhelming against targets that have not dedicated gold for building MR. The combo from the Boots and the Abyssal will ensure that any enemy without an MR item will have their resistances reduced to literally 0, this means that the very high base values of Viktor's kit will shine and do full damage.


-The item itself is very cheap for a substantial power gain if utilized fully by getting close enough for the aura to take ffect.
-Provides extremely high survival against HARD MATCHUPS like Ahri/LeBlanc and provides a great quality of life improvement for Viktor in that sense.
-The Aura is even more powerful now that Spellcasters on the midlane go with the MORELLO instead of the Athene's. This means that the Sorc Shoes + Abyssal will shred the enemy's armor to 0.
-Provides a static 10% CDR, which is quite decent, since Viktor is quite prone to purchasing CDR boots.


-Does not provide very high amounts of damage, although the Aura compensates for it in a good way for the early to midgame.
-The item itself can and will put you in a compromising position if you want to fully utilize the effects of the Aura, since the radius of the passive is relatively low.
-Scales very poorly into the lategame and it is mandatory for it to be replaced in the very lategame.


A highly situational item that scales poorly into the lategame but provides extreme survival and great early game MR shred against Hard Matchups.
Comes with a low price but it becomes risky when trying to fully utilize its effects, since the radius of the aura is relatively low.

Overall recommended only against hard spellcaster matchups or if the enemy has an AP mid + AP top and/or an AP jungle.

                                                                       <br/><a href=

When to Augment Q? Back to Top


This is a question that many are probably wondering, since the utility from the 3196_32.pngQ Augment serves you well in both laning and teamfighting stages of the game, the sooner you have it the better, usually.

The Q Augment is basically needed directly after purchasing your 3116.pngRylai's, it will help your ultimate gain momentum as you close in on your enemy.

Going into the final Augmentation is usually the most desirable purchase, however, you will often times find yourself in need of a 3135.pngVoid Staff since it's quite common to face at least 2 people building MR on top of a support, which rushes 3190.pngSolari as a first item nowadays.

Generally you would want to buy your Q Augment after the laning phase is over and you can transition into teamfights and skirmishes where you will take full advantage of its powers, unlike the confined space of the midlane.

                                                                         <br/><a href=

When to get the Perfect HexCore Back to Top


With the changes to Viktor's kit in patch 6.9, rushing the Perfect Hex Core after your first item, which should always be 3116.png is what you will be aiming for.

The Perfect Hex Core is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to the OPTIMAL USE of Viktor's kit after his rework, the Ghost+Flash combo, on top of the Rylai slow, on top of the movespeed from your Augmented Q, as well as bonus movespeed to your Ultimate will ensure that you can easily catch up to people that even Flash away, allowing you to get great value out of your ultimate's duration.

These effects in conjunction with one another are insanely good and work exceptionally well both in terms of defensive and offensive capabilities.

Perfect Hex Core should ALWAYS be purchased after your Rylai's, at that point you should theoretically be around lvl 12-13 in the majority of cases, this means that he Hex Core alone will provide you with 130+AP, which in and of itself is great value for only 2K gold on top of your initial Augment, on top of ensuring proper work flow of your Kit due to reasons previously mentioned.

                                                                        <br/><a href=

Why max E over Q Back to Top

In literally every single matchup you will want to max out your E first, simply because the Q scales as you level, on top of the AP that you have.

It scales not only with your level for a point per point damage, but it also converts your next Auto Attack into Magic Damage, which means that the small Attack Damage gains on your auto attacks per level contribute to the ability's power growth even further.

With that said, the Q scales very well on its own, without even the need for you to level it higher.

I think it's also good to point out something about the 3198_32.pngE Augment.
If you do not hit with your initial Death Ray, the Explosions then deal the FULL DEATH RAY'S DAMAGE if they connect to your target. This is really important to remember. It also serves as a fail-safe solution in case you miss your Death Ray by a bit.

It is also very easy to hit with the Death Ray's full power in big teamfights, especially if you are at a moderate distance from your enemies.

The explosion's activation time has been adjusted from 0.5 to 0.25 after the Death Ray is used.

                                                                            <br/><a href=

Why Augment E over Q Back to Top

By the time you leave your lane and head into Midgame and teamfights for control over key objectives you will have both of your Augmentations.

So, why take the 3198_32.pngE Augment over the 3196_32.pngQ?
The answer is quite simple...

The Midlane is a controlled environment. You have close to 0 need for a movement speed boost if you position properly. The 3198_32.pngE Augment guarantees that you will have lane dominance from the point of its purchase.

Upgrading the Q is literally pointless because champions like 84_64.png91_64.png55_64.png can be harassed easily without the movement speed boost. Taking the Q Augment first against them will not give you any significant advantage since they have an already great gap-closer. What you need against champions like that is raw power. You do not kite in a controlled environment. You poke and 1 shot.

Taking the 3196_32.pngQ Augment against champions that you already have problems with trading against will prove ineffective, simply because they already have reliable methods to dish out damage and trade with you effectively. Examples of such matchups are 7_64.png134_64.png101_64.png etc. Buying the Q Augmentation against champions like this is not so efficient, since you can definitely spend your money on something that will provide you with higher value.

On the other hand, you have the 3198_32.pngE Augmentation, which provides you with a massive advantage in wave clearing, as well as increased damage on your opponents.
Keep in mind that the secondary explosion deals FULL DEATH RAY DAMAGE to your enemy if the initial Laser Slice misses the target.
It will make your advantage over hard matchups more significant with higher and more reliable poke damage, as well as superior wave clear.
Wave clearing faster will ensure that you will force your enemies to facetank the minions or waste their entire mana pool to keep up with you. This makes it even easier to harass your enemies, since they will not be positioning properly most of the time and will definitely not want to retaliate against your aggression when sitting in the middle of your minion wave.


Taking 3196_32.pngQ Augment early is pointless because it will not give you a significant advantage over champions that you already trade well against. Quite the opposite, it will set you back valuable gold, which you can use elsewhere.

Taking the Q will not make your life any easier against champions that are already a pain to deal with, since the only champions that 112_64.png struggles against quite frankly don't care if you have 30% or 300% movement speed bonus.

Taking the 3198_32.png E Augment is favorable for virtually any matchup, since it will help you establish dominion over your opponent, which in turn will stop him from harassing you, as well as create numerous opportunities for you to poke him, since he will be facetanking minions/going in for risky last hits. It will make him less inclined to position properly and will leave you openings, which you can exploit.

Hitting Death Ray with its followup effect is extremely easy, since you can put the starting point of the Death Ray close to your enemy. Riot has also reduced the activation time of the followup explosions from 0.5 to 0.25 as previously mentioned.
                                                                          <br/><a href=

Early to Midgame Back to Top


In early game you will be focused completely on dominating your lane.
After the 6.9 changes, Viktor now has the BEST waveclear in the ENTIRE game, this means that he is going to put out insane pressure when it comes to controlling the minion waves, which will in turn provide him great safety.

On top of being really safe in lane, he will have the potential to roam quite heavily, due to the speed of his clear, opening a lot of opportunities to get fed elsewhere, due to his "somewhat" weaker all-in potential than before.

There is a good amount of information on what you will generally aim to do during the laning phase against every individual matchup, so be sure to check the *MATCHUPS* section.
Good warding and general awareness of yours as well as the enemy jungler are crucial for your success, since you do not possess an innate escape mechanism or displacement tool, aside from 4.png.
You will be vulnerable to ganks, specifically from certain champions. More on this in the *ENEMY JUNGLERS* section.


Generally you will want to start roaming after 6, ideally before 10, establish a strong presence in your midlane first, so that you do not lose minions during your roams.

Viktor does EXCEPTIONALLY well in almost all of his matchups. He can easily roam, since his wave clear and lane control are incredibly strong. This means that you can afford to roam and you will lose little to no experience or gold. Meanwhile, your enemy will be struggling with pushing back the wave from his tower.

It is good to point out that you CAN roam to your botlane if your team has good map control early on. Generally this means well placed wards and jungler presence. 
Your botlane will usually pick up a 3341_32.png after taking the 2049_32.png This means that they can remove enemy wards from important positions and can allow you undetected access to the lane. Having a 412_64.png helps out a ton, since his Lantern takes you right in the middle of the fight.
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Midgame to Lategame Back to Top

At this stage of the game, Viktor's kit functions at full capacity, please read the *Best build for Current Patch* section for more information about the specifics as to why this is so.

He becomes a force to be reckoned with, a speed demon, with amazing kiting and chasing potential, great sustained burst and initial burst, on top of great team utility and CC.

Midgame into Lategame is still the point in which 112_64.png reaches full potential, even after the rework.
I can easily argue that now Viktor's Mid into Lategame is EVEN STRONGER, since you literally have the same item curve, but the massive AP gains from the Improved HexCore make you much more deadly and versatile.

Closing in on the Lategame, you will be much stronger than your enemies, especially when you start stacking up on 2139_32.png. It is interesting to point out that the True Damage bonus that you receive from your 2139_32.png works with any damage methods that you can apply, which means that your long-range Death Ray will also have a bit more cutting power.  It will also apply the affect with the secondary explosion that follows the Death Ray's wake.

4.pngCan be used offensively as always. A proper flash + full combo can win the teamfight single-handedly and secure important objectives like Baron or Inhibitors. Do not be afraid to even suicide for your team if you are sure that you will win the skirmish and they can capitalize on objectives after your death.
Be sure that you use your Flash offensively at the best time possible for the current situation, try to get full value out of it by waiting for your jungler to take aggro. It is ideal if your jungler is extremely tanky and your enemies bunch up around him if he engages alone.
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Lategame and Viktor's Endgame Back to Top


With the rework, Viktor scales exceptionally well into Lategame. The massive AP gain and utility that you receive with purchasing the 3198_32.png Perfect Hex Core have improved Viktor's quality of life significantly. He is much more fun and engaging to play now. You are no longer a liability to your team in the Lategame.

Viktor becomes one of the few mages that can continuously dish out huge damage spikes in order to melt the enemy's advancing frontline of bruisers and tanks. 

His all-in potential on backline squishies is still very good as well, especially with a Lich Bane, but you can still one shot enemies easily, although many feared that after the 6.9 changes he will not have a very high burst, which is definitely not the case.

With the Baron and Blue buff you will close in on almost 1000AP.

With the 3196_32.pngQ Augment + the Movement Speed from the 3100_32.png, as well as the 5% from the Dragon will allow you to dance around your enemies with a constant 40% mini-ghost every few seconds with a virtually infinite uptime.

You will generally have to play in the backline, you can even focus on protecting your ADC with a well-placed Gravity Field and strong burst on squishy enemy assassins.

Gravity Field is exceptionally good in choke point control, which means that Baron fights are Viktor's forte, especially after the rework, which increased Viktor's cast range of his Gravity Field. The Vacuum that it provides can also be useful if you are paired with champions that utilize AOE abilities.

The lategame is now more safe for your in terms of poking potential, the speed on your Death Ray's slice is very fast and this allows you to get max-range Death Ray casts much easier on enemies.

It is wise to wait for your team to engage, hold on to your Ultimate and W and wait for the fight to go into it's middle stage so you get full value out of your Ultimate by capitalizing on the fact that you enemies will most likely break formation at that stage.

With that said, you should definitely take opportunities to assassinate primary targets on the enemy team if given the chance.

The targets to keep an eye on are enemy assassins, as well as your tanks. The moment your tanks create an opportunity with an engage you must not hesitate to follow in with your full combo, even wasting 4.png if need be.
The instant engage from your jungler, as well as you following up with a gruesome display of power will create a moment of confusion in your enemies.
 112_64.png's damage potential in Lategame teamfights is incredible, especially after the rework. Your enemies will generally not know how to respond (Flee or attack). You will have a few seconds where they will be completely paralyzed and will be hanging between a decision that they will need to make in a split second. As we all know, a second in a controlled environment is all that Viktor needs to outright erase the entire enemy team.

If they decide to fight back (provided they survive your burst) you already have your 3157_32.png and Gravity Field under your/their feet. The switch of focus from your tank to you will take them at least one more second, using your zhonya will win you roughly 3 more seconds, since there will be small delays between their attacks slightly before and after you use the Zhonya. 

You are a priority target in their mind. An elusive one at that. Which means that they will not be acting with a rational approach, instead they will blindly rush towards you as a last resort, since they're witnessing how everything around them crumbles.

Going for you will ultimately split their backline and frontline and the fact that they are already low will turn them into easy kills for the rest of your team.

Viktor is all about using small windows of opportunity, and most often than not you will need to capitalize on them by using 4.png.

You CAN get away with not using flash, but imagine your jungler engages, he has a stun of 1 second or 2 seconds. It will take you that time to follow him up and start doing your own combo. Keep in mind that the Silence was removed from your Ultimate, so it makes your followup without Flash not so good.

It is much more efficient to simply flash in and take the kill/s asap. A single flash will win you Drake/Baron/Inhibitor and could ultimately lead to a viktory. Late game teamfights are incredibly important, since the outcome of the game is decided in a matter of seconds.

You will have your Flash up again, teamfights from mid to lategame are a rarity (1 per 5 minutes). That's more than enough to get your Flash off CD.

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Toplaners that synergize with Viktor Back to Top

In this section there will be a good number of champions that are already included in the Junglers' section, but I will add them regardless. 

It is noteworthy to point out that these champions are significantly more powerful as toplaners than they are as junglers, simply because they have access to more farm and a steady flow of experience. This will get their builds going much faster.

68_64.pngRumble. He is very powerful, because he creates chaos among your enemy's lines with his Ultimate. Not only does it deal good amounts of damage, but it also applies a slow, all of this covers a large area, this will allow your secondary followup engager to capitalize on the situation. He is semi-tanky, especially if he goes for the Zhonya and the Guise. Has another great slow via his Harpoons, which can stop enemies in their tracks if they decide to run and have no reliable form of escape.

8_64.pngVladimir. He is incredibly strong, due to his ultimate, which works in a similar way to Zed's Ultimate. You just dish out as much damage as you can when the debuff is on them and simply watch them splat all over the place. The good thing about his ultimate is that it lasts considerably longer than the one of Zed, which means that you will have even more time to spam your spells.
Vladimir has strong AOE damage overall, as well as a great escape mechanism, which creates confusion in your enemies and makes them drop focus from Vladimir, which in turn creates chaos among their lines. He is extremely powerful with a Zhonya, since he can bait teamfights and successfully avoid getting killed.

19_64.pngWarwick, as always, great frontline due to him being naturally tanky. Good sustain so he can persevere in extended siege scenarios or simply destroy people in small skirmishes with you. His ultimate is a blessing, since it allows you to place a perfect Gravity Field, which will seal your victory in the engagement.

54_64.pngMalphite. Extremely powerful ultimate, which will crush pretty much anything with the right setup and reactions from his team. The fact that he is top means that he will have considerably better farm than if he is in the jungle. This means that he will deal even more burst damage, which can be nothing but beneficial for your team. His Q Ability is a relatively low CD slow ability, which becomes spammable with the right amount of CDR (A lot of Malphite players go for Frozen Heart). He is an extremely powerful engage-burster, who synergizes with a lot of champions, simply because he opens a window for his teammates to followup on his engage effectively.

57_64.pngMaokai is a strong toplaner, which is picked more frequently nowadays. He has a great engage, with his double CC abilities, which allows you to get your Gravity Field down. His core build will start rolling much sooner, since he is toplane, as well. This means that he will be even more tanky and deal more damage, when compared to a Jungle Maokai.

59_64.pngJarvan. He is not often picked as a toplaner, but his ultimate is completely devastating, it allows you to followup with a flash and an ultimate of your own, which will completely obliterate your enemies, since you will get full value from its ticks, because your enemies are trapped (be sure to know when your enemies have flash, so you can decide if flashing in will be of value).
He is a very strong skirmisher with great %HP Damage from his passive, as well as a strong CC tool in the face of his E+Q combo. If you are in casting range of your Gravity Field, then the knockup+stun will be enough for you to get your Gravity Field going.
One thing to note is that he becomes really weak if he misses his combo, especially his Q (Spear thrust). He will not have the % Armor Penetration and his attacks will be much weaker. Unlike Maokai's targeted CC, Jarvan requires a good connection and a decent game sense to pull off his combo if the circumstances are not right.

62_64.pngWukong. His ultimate is very powerful. He creates chaos among your enemies, since people will be trying to move away from him. This will break their formations and will leave priority targets exposed. He, like Jarvan, is a strong skirmisher with a good amount of burst, this will allow you to take out enemies in a matter of seconds if you decide to roam.

85_64.pngKennen. Extremely powerful AOE burst champion with his Flash+Ulti combo. As a character, his in-game animations and voice are very flashy, this will attract your enemy's attention to him, making them less-likely to attack you. Again, same as Rumble and Wukong, he wreaks havoc among your enemy lines, which will make them lose formation and disorganize them, making them less-likely to successfully defend priority targets.

83_64.pngI am putting Yorick in here, simply because of the way his Ultimate works. His overall kit does not have strong synergy with Viktor, but his Ultimate certainly does. 
There will be times when you simply get blown up and you needed that fraction of a second to pull off your combo. Yorick has you covered, he will keep you in the battle even after you are dead. Most people will ignore you, simply because a ghost, which is about to die in a few seconds is not a priority target. This is where they are wrong. A freecasting Viktor, ESPECIALLY throwing free Auto Attacks with his new Q is completely devastating in the middle of the enemy team.
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Botlaners that synergize with Viktor Back to Top

There are not many Botlaners Viktor Synergizes well with, since ADCs in general do not have reliable CC mechanisms and there are few supports that have insane CC. We are mainly looking for CC centric botlaners, but that doesn't mean that utility/spellcaster botlaners do not qualify, quite the opposite, there are several champions that compliment Viktor's kit with their own.


110_64.pngVarus is amazing. He is literally the Viktor of ADCs, since he is heavily reliant on his team and good positioning. 
His kit is great, in a sense that his ultimate's CC is instant and it spreads to nearby enemies as well, effectively locking them down for a few seconds, which gives your junglers and frontline time to successfully followup on the engage with CC of their own. Varus also has support CC in the form of a small AOE slow, which he can apply from a relatively safe distance.

22_64.pngAshe and her Ultimate are invaluable in teamfights. A well placed Enchanted Arrow from even a moderate distance results in a stun duration of over 2 seconds. That's a free full-combo rotation from Viktor (and we all know what kind of damage Viktor is capable of). It even gives you time to throw a Gravity Field if by some small chance your enemy survives.
She has great kiting capabilities, due to her W, which is a semi-long range, large radius slow on a low CD.

Her E ability is really useful from Mid to Endgame, since she can easily scout the Baron pit, even after the enemy has destroyed all of your team's wards. 
This way you know if they are lining up for a trap or simply rushing the Baron. You can then make a quick decision on how to act upon the situation.

202.pngJhin, the notorious Virtuoso. Very powerful ultimate, will help you in literally any scenario, be it to save you from certain death or secure a kill. His ultimate is also extremely good for initiating a fight and allowing his teammates to land crucial skillshots and game-changing abilities.

His jhinW.png W ability serves as a great binding tool. It may have a relatively short duration but it is more than enough for you, as a Viktor player, to get close enough to throw a Q and demolish with the help of your movespeed boost.
His traps provide a great zone control, albeit extremely hard to get the damage down, in conjunction with Viktor's Gravity Field, these contraptions prove quite annoying in the worst case and deadly in the best case scenario. 

Overall one of my favourite champions currently, Jhin does share a love and passion for his "art" quite similar to that of Viktor.


89_64.pngLeona, I can't really praise this support enough. She is a stunlock, hyper-tank with long range instant stun from her Ultimate, as well as a reliable followup from her Zenith Blade's dash and her Shield of Daybreak's melee stun. Leona is known to solo ADCs in lane, she is just that strong. She is a great addition to any team with Viktor, since her CC and frontline tankiness cannot be matched by many.

12_64.pngAlistar provides reliable CC, as well as incredible tankiness. Not as preferred as Leona, but definitely a good addition to the team. Ali can use his Charge to defensively push enemy champs that are targeting his teammates. He also has decent sustain which will help you persevere in extended siege scenarios.
It is worth pointing out that, although he is not as strong as Leona for an all-in assault, he is definitely better at peeling of his backline if the need arises.

53_64.pngBlitz does not have any significant synergy with Viktor, but we all know Blitz and his "GodCrank" shenanigans. A well-timed and precise hook at the right moment literally decides the outcome of games in a second. (Viktor also created Blitz, so there you go)

26_64.pngZilean and his speed boost and Ultimate are incredibly valuable to any team. We're also seeing a steady increase in Zilean picks these days, so there's a good chance you can get one in your team (hopefully not in the midlane) But, hey, Viktor ADC is pretty good.
The strong thing about the ultimate of Zilean is, that it forces your enemy to commit too much resources into killing a single target and in the end it will all be in vain. After the ultimate is activated and the person is alive again, the enemy team is out of position, left without CDs and most-likely on the run.

43_64.pngKarma is one helluva support. Like Zilean, she has a great speed boost. She also has Shields and insane poke, which also has a slow built into it. She is also a great toplaner, which means that she can focus on offensive items, instead of utility ones first if you have a Karma top.  Karma and Leona are literally the Amumus of Supports for Viktor, you can solo entire teams together.

40_64.pngJanna is good with her disengage potential, which is needed for Viktor, since he has no reliable escapes, after all. Her movement speed bonuses further compliment Viktor's 3196_32.png Augmented Q and 3100_32.png.
If Janna decides to build with a bit of AP, then her ultimate is a saving grace. The healing is extremely high and can instantly renew your siege on the enemy's base.

It is also interesting to point out that her shield gives you ATTACK DAMAGE, which scales with AP. This means that you can utilize the damage aspect of her shield by converting it into magic damage with your Q.

37_64.pngSona can be quite devastating if she lands a Flash+Ult, or simply a good Ultimate. She also has an incredible speed boost, which saves lives and is like a mini-Shurelya (Talisman of Ascension). Her Q provides a great amount of AD and AP which, as we all know, both scales with Viktor's Q, since it converts his physical attack damage into pure magic damage.
The amount of Damage that you receive to your Q from Sona's Q amounts to a mid-range item's power.
Same as Alistar, she has great sustain in the form of low CD healing (shield included if close) which can be used effectively for extended siege scenarios. Overall her whole kit is ridiculous and synergizes fully with the one of Viktor.

117_64.pngLulu, because we all know how good her Ulti is. Usually most people have enough nuke to one shot Viktor, but with her Ulti and Shields she can keep you alive for much longer. Long range poke with a slow, as well as a Speed Boost are great things to have in your team.
She is among my favorite utility mages, because she is equally strong whether she plays defensively or offensively.
There are very few drawbacks that come along with her build choice. Even if she's behind or lacks offensive items, she is still extremely powerful, due to the nature of her kit (Hexes, speed boosts, straight-aoe-line slows, amazing ulti that counters the enemy's commitment to killing a target)

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Junglers that synergize with Viktor Back to Top

Right off the bat I will urge you to keep an eye on your jungler during the first levels.

Observe the clear speeds of your jungler and the pace of which he moves from camp to camp. This will give you a general understanding of where the enemy jungler is. Doing this will help you optimize the uptime of your Trinket ward so you get maximum value out of the vision it provides.


GOD TIER: 254_64.pngVi, a top tier jungler, which has a double gap closer, tons of CC and incredible damage for small skirmishes. Her ganks are great before 6 and become completely devastating after she gets her Ultimate. Vi is currently a jack of all trades and provides you with a sure method of landing a good Gravity Field.

GOD TIER: 111_64.pngNautilus is severely underplayed in this current meta. He has incredible synergy with Viktor, has a 1 second lockdown on Auto-Attack, a good gap-closer and a great Ultimate, akin to that of Vi, but without the instant gap-closer. He is exceptionally good in teamfights and just like Vi can help you single out high-priority targets.
Nautilus can build extremely tanky and still dish out respectable damage. This is great for your team, because it's always nice to have a strong tank. His strength comes from the fact that his CC is so strong that it makes him almost like an impenetrable wall for your enemies.

GOD TIER: 32_64.png Amumu, another top tier jungler. He has incredible teamfight potential, I can confidently say that he is the jungler that synergizes the best with Viktor. His ultimate is completely devastating in teamfights from low to high elo. The reason he is so good is because his ultimate, unlike the Jarvan one, prevents your enemies from escaping with a Flash or a Dash over the walls. Which means that your combo will be guaranteed to land, ALWAYS! With a good Amumu at your side, you are literally a 2 man team, I have personally Annihilated entire teams with only Amumu by my side, scoring a quick Pentakill.
His ganks are good even before level 6 with an instant gap-closer and short CC. 

GOD TIER: 57_64.pngMaokai is right there with my favourite junglers to play with in my team. Top tier jungler and a very contested pick nowadays. He provides you with a great CC from both his gap-closer, as well as his mini-knockup. Just like Amumu and Nautilus, he is naturally tanky and is a great addition to your team's frontline. His early ganks are amazing, they give you enough time to place a perfect Gravity Field and force AT LEAST a 4.pngfrom your enemy... if not guarantee an outright kill.
I am very sad because he is not getting much play as a jungler nowadays and his role is slowly shifting to a toplaner in this current meta. That doesn't mean that he is in any way weaker, but he will not be seen as often in the jungle.

GOD TIER: 59_64.pngJarvan is in full force with the start of season 5. A very contested if not banned pick. His early level ganks are great, he also has a slow from his W, which can help you even further with securing a Gravity Field. He is a great low level skirmisher and you can easily overpower your enemies in 2v2 engagements. In teamfights, a good Ultimate from Jarvan is completely devastating. Unlike Amumu's Ultimate, Jarvan's Ulti lines up your enemies perfectly for your own combo, with which you will get maximum value from. His ultimate is not as good as the Amumu one, since your enemies may escape via various methods, but if they DO NOT have an escape mechanism or their Flash is on Cooldown, then the radius of Jarvan's Ulti is completely the same as Viktor's, which ensures that anyone caught in Jarvan's ulti will disintegrate in the eye of the maelstrom.

DEMI-GOD TIER: 113_64.pngSejuani is an extremely powerful champion. She is a hyper-tank, which surprisingly deals a great amount of damage after the acquires a 3151_32.png. Thanks to her constant slows and stuns, she takes full advantage of the Liandry's passive.  
As a champion, she is very strong in small skirmishes, especially for Viktor who needs a stable frontline.
For teamfights, she is a godlike engage champion, due to her Ultimate's lockdown, which can even further surprise her enemies if used in conjunction with her Dash+Flash. The only reason she is not "God Tier" is because I've seen a lot of misuse of her Ultimate, but as a champion, she is definitely up there with the stars.

DEMI-GOD TIER: 33_64.pngRammus is a very contested pick with the introduction of Season 5. In this current meta, tanky junglers are very popular and his ganks are as strong as ever.
What's good about this guy is that he is so fast that the enemies often do not notice him getting close, until it is too late. His Taunt has a long duration and you should try to optimize the duration of your Gravity Field. Try to not place it at the same time when he taunts, instead, wait for a bit and then place it. Also, when your enemy is taunted, try to reposition by moving between auto-attacks so that you can be in a favorable spot after your enemy flashes away.

DEMI-GOD TIER: 14_64.pngSion is an incredibly powerful ganker due to his ultimate. He can go directly through the lane and into your opponent. The stun duration from his ultimate is more than enough for him to channel his other CC, while doing incredible amounts of early game damage. His kit is really strong and I feel that there will be a nerf to his ultimate soon. In my honest opinion, an ultimate such as this has no place in a slow-paced game like League of Legends but, hey, we're talking about a Sion on OUR team, so let's enjoy having him.
It's a bit frustrating, since he doesn't have any pre-6 presence but his ganks more than make up for it.

DEMI-GOD TIER: 80_64.png Pantheon is a champion that is picked often in the jungle these days, although we are seeing a steady decrease as he gets overshadowed by Jarvan. He is a good ganker, with his Stun and great burst. One thing to note about him is that he is very good if you are behind and pushed to your tower. Thanks to his ulti, he can bypass enemy warding completely. He can ulti close to the enemy's tower, so basically you pressure your enemy midlaner from both sides, leaving him with no room for escape.

DEMI-GOD TIER: 54_64.pngMalphite jungle is very unlikely these days. His early level ganks are almost non-existent and his camp clear is not so stellar. But I'll be damned if his Ultimate doesn't make up for all of his problems and then some. The Wombo Combo with this guy is real. Keep in mind that he is also a viable toplane pick, especially in low elo so you have a good chance to get him in your team if you're cruising anywhere from Bronze to Plat.

TIER 2: 72_64.png Skarner is a great ganker and a decent teamfight champion. Same as with Rammus, you would generally want to wait 1 second before you place your Gravity Field when he Ulties someone. His low level ganks are not that bad either, he doesnn't have an instant gap-closer like the God-Tier junglers, but he does have a nice speed boost, as well as a slow, which can be applied from range. Usually most Skarner players will Flash and Ulti your enemy, so make sure you help him right away.

TIER 2: 19_64.pngWarwick is an iconic champion for lower elo players specifically. In Season 5, he is very powerful, due to his natural tankiness and incredible sustain in the jungle. I am hesitant to rank him higher, only because of his non-existent presence pre-6.
He is easy to play, yet still strong, which means that a lot of people, even without significant experience in the jungle will pick him.
A lot of people say that he is a great champion and is top tier pick when you are playing Viktor and although I agree to some extent I have a lot of beef with his early map presence.
I am putting him under *Hit or Miss*, simply because he can be a big liability.  His ganks pre-6 are almost completely non-existent. Which means that unlike the higher tier junglers that I've mentioned, he will not have any presence in your lane. If the enemy jungler shows a lot of aggression and camps your lane, you WILL fall behind. 
I agree, however, that he is really powerful on level 6 and after, since he literally gives you a free Gravity Field. And at that point (post 6) your combo is enough to erase someone in a fraction of a second, especially with a bit of initial damage provided from Warwick.

TIER 2: 62_64.png Wukong is really powerful in teamfights, his ganks are not so great pre-6 but he can be great after he gets his Ultimate. He is also a good 2v2 skirmisher.

TIER 2: 60_64.png Can be potentially good, since the Cocoon has a long duration and will secure the Gravity Field. She has an instant gap-closer if she chooses to use her rappel offensively, so she is overall a good ally to Viktor if played correctly.

HIT OR MISS: 64_64.pngLee Sin. I regret putting him in the *Hit or Miss* tier, but not many people know how to play him properly and are outright slow. His ulti is a great displacement tool  but you will have to predict where the enemy is going to land so that you may place a Gravity Field while he's in mid-air. He has 2 means of closing the gap on your enemy, once with his Q and once with his protective Dash. 
On a side note: Lee Sin is considered the best low level dueler, he can destroy pretty much anyone with his no-mana requirements, low CDs and insanely high mix of damage and mobility. Falls off hard lategame but he can still help you pick out high-priority targets if he is good mechanically.

HIT OR MISS: 9_64.pngI would just like to throw Fiddle into the mix. He is a pure liability and it's completely unpredictable how he will turn out for the team. With that said, the pure CHAOS that he creates when he ulties gives you a great window of opportunity to turn that Chaos... into a Storm.
He breaks enemy formations and makes them play instinctively instead of rationally.

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Dangerous enemy Junglers Back to Top


I will be including champions with excellent ganking capability, as well as champions that can outright bypass traditional methods of Vision and require specific ward placement in order for you to detect them.
For the record, I will be adding junglers that are not really a significant threat, but rather, I want to include them just to give some tips in dealing with them more effectively.

254_64.pngVi is an EXTREMELY annoying champion to deal with. She has a double gap closer and a cc that will make your head spin. She can bypass conventional wards (wards placed in the bushes on either side of the lane) simply with charge from the top side of the lane and throwing the Ulti on you. You would generally try to not push that much after level 6, unless you have wards at good spots (more in the Warding section). Due to the fact that she has 2 gap-closers, she can use her flash to displace out of your Gravity Field, which will spell certain doom for you if you do not have your Summoner spells up. She synergizes especially well with 61_64.png Orianna and generally champions with extreme mobility,instant gap-closers, long-range attacks 157_64.png84_64.png55_64.png103_64.png105_64.png7_64.png38_64.png99_64.png etc. 

56_64.pngNocturne is right up there with Vi and has an even higher level of annoyance. His ultimate is an instant, long-range gap-closer, which will put him directly on top of you. He bypasses wards so for him, you will need specific deep wards in spots that he is likely to Ulti from.


His spell shield absorbs the STUN from your GRAVITY FIELD. Do your best to Q him when you place your Gravity Field so that he gets stunned, you can even use a Death Ray on him, just remove that damn Shield.
He synergizes very well with 61_64.png.
In most situations 4.png does not provide you with enough distance to break from his Fear, you will need to position close to walls or your tower so that you are completely safe IF he decides to ulti you.

14_64.pngSion is an extremely poweful ganker after his rework. I am putting him high on the list of priority. He is a complete beast with his Ultimate, since he can use it for a direct gank through the MIDDLE of the lane. He can completely ignore your vision on the sides of the river.
You must NOT overstay, unless you are completely forced to (farming just a bit more gold for a big item).
His ultimate is the only thing in his kit which is extremely powerful and the only thing that you should fear. 
The Ultimate's stun is more than enough for him to channel his other CC, which is EASILY avoidable otherwise.
Take your 3196_32.pngQ Augment ASAP, even directly after your 3198_32.pngE Augment. This will at least give you some chance to maneuver out of his terrifying charge.
I do not really have anything much to say for this matchup, since there's not a real advice I can give you, he is just that strong.
In a slow-paced game like League of Legends (compared to Dota) an ability like Sion's Ultimate is completely game-breaking. I would say that Sion is even more broken than Nocturne at this point, since he can chain powerful CCs on you, dealing huge amounts of damage simultaneously.

57_64.pngMaokai generally synergizes well with 157_64.png since he has a mini knockup, which can be used for Yasuo's Ultimate. Overall Maokai does not have a lot of damage, but his instant gap-closer, as well as good amount of CC will be troublesome.
Be careful for his Flash Engage on you.
You definitely want to place your Gravity Field under yourself when he charges towards you.
His ultimate deals more damage if he has taken damage himself while he had the duration up. Try not to deal damage to him and simply disengage.

111_64.pngNautilus can be a pain, especially if your midlane matchup is 157_64.png since he can instantly capitalize on Nautilus' engage and immediately close the gap. Nautilus' Ultimate is fixated on his target and just like Vi's ultimate, it is not a skillshot that can be missed. His Ultimate is not a gap closer and is relatively slow, giving you some time to move away or even flash if you need. Nautilus players generally go for the early 3117_32.png so his ganks can be pretty fast if you do not pay attention. Thankfully, he can easily be countered with proper ward placement and a good Gravity Field at your feet. Try to stay near walls and edges if you are getting ganked by him. His Anchor/Hook has a very large impact radius and it's very easy for him to hit a wall instead of you.

28_64.pngEvelynn requires a direct 2043_32.png. Trust me, getting that early pink must become a habit of yours. In the grand scheme of things, that 100 gold will pay off tenfold when you push and dominate your lane. If she DOES get close to you, you need to be VERY careful with how you place your trap, ideally, you would want to place the trap the moment she stops for an auto attack, since if she is moving and the Field is under her, she can easily use her speed boost (which breaks slows and resets the stacks of your stun as far as I'm aware)

54_64.pngMalphite has an instant gap-closer/stun/nuke for an Ultimate. He can surprise you by coming from the lane and engaging on you with a Flash + Ulti. You need to be extremely careful for that combo, since it will catch you off-guard if you do not back off early and don't take it into consideration. Otherwise, you should expect little to no pressure early from him.
Can easily be countered with proper warding and good awareness. Synergizes well with Orianna61_64.png or 157_64.png in particular so you should be careful when playing against that comp, even though in general he is strong with pretty much anyone.

80_64.pngPantheon can a troublesome jungler for you to deal with. He can outright bypass all of your wards and ulti behind you. Do not overextend much after level 6, try to balance out the lane and equalize the minions so they can fight in the middle of the lane. As mentioned before in the junglers that synergize well with Viktor, his Ultimate can turn into your worst nightmare if you overextend, he can use it behind you and basically pressure you between him and your midlane opponent. You will not escape if you overextend, simply because he can followup that Ultimate with a flash. 

Be ready with a fast Gravity Field at your feet if you do get caught. It is very important that you place the Gravity Field before he gets the jump on you, this way you will nullify his burst. Or you can place it after he stuns and does the combo on you, so you can disengage more effectively since the slow after the stun of your Gravity Field has been removed with the Rework that Viktor received.

33_64.pngWith the introduction of Season 5, Rammus has been a very consistent and strong pick. He is, if not banned, a very contested jungler.
Rammus requires some deep warding as well, since his speed boost is so huge, he can bypass your wards in a matter of seconds and can take you by surprise if you do not pay attention. His taunt lasts for ages and it is pretty much guaranteed that you will die if his Midlaner has decent reactions to followup on the gank. 

As always, as all melee enemy champs, try to put the Gravity Field close to you so you can stop him in his tracks when he ganks.
Try to be close to corners or places that will generally make him change his path slightly. It is ideal if you can place a Gravity Field on a corner, since he will not utilize his full speed and will not cover ground as fast as he would usually if he strafes slightly left or right.

107_64.pngRengar... it is not really mandatory to place pink wards against him, since a set of deep wards will do just fine. His ultimate's duration is not that long, so he can be detected and avoided efficiently without the use of 2043_32.png Be sure to place the ward in one of either isolated Brushes in the River (check Warding Section for more)
Be careful and do not rush with using your Gravity Field. Rengar's ulti has a habit of placing him in awkward spots around you when he leaps from his stealth. Wait for him to jump on you and put the Gravity Field under him.
His Snare is awkward to use right after his Ultimate, so you should not fear the fact that you will need to wait a bit with your Gravity Field.

59_64.pngThere's not much to say about Jarvan, I don't really know why I included him in this list, aside from giving the obvious tip of saving your flash exclusively for his Ultimate. Try to juke his E+Q combo as effectively as you can, WITHOUT losing momentum. Try to move without losing too much time to strafe left and right.

Jarvan is extremely powerful with his early ganks and even more so after level 6... he will burn your summoners and that will severely limit your opportunity to outplay your opponent. Even if you do not die from a gank, if you lose a summoner the enemy midlaner can successfully duel you.

5_64.pngXin is a champion that can be stopped with a simple Gravity Field under your feet. Without an attack speed item, the stun from your Gravity Field will ALWAYS activate before his third attack. There is literally no way for him to get the knockup on you, unless he flashes for it. If he decides to flash, he should have activated his Q a moment before he jumped on you (most Xin players do not anticipate the stun activating before they do their third attack)
Xin is generally really squishy early and will go with aggressive builds with attack speed so he can clear jungle camps and get knockups on people faster, you can use this to your advantage and exploit your 2v1 potential after he gets stunned in your Gravity Field. Generally it is preferred to attempt this after level 6.
It is good to point out that you should consider 3.png when having a Xin against you and if your midlane matchup allows for it.

60_64.pngElise players nowadays go for the Offensive Spellcaster Item as their jungler item, which means that she will be squishy enough for you to instagib her with your Full Combo + your 14.png, however, you should be careful in using your abilities, especially your Gravity Field. She can quickly displace herself away from your trap and directly onto you with her Rappel.
The Rappel ability can also be used to avoid your burst.
You can definitely utilize your strong 2v1 potential as a Viktor player if you are slightly ahead and you are over level 6.
Her ganks are overall not significantly dangerous, since her Cocoon is somewhat similar to Rengar's Bola. It is hard to hit, especially if you are close to her (Weird, I know).

121_64.pngKha'Zix is a high mobility assassin, who can utilize his stealth (provided from his ultimate) to confuse you into making a misplay with your Gravity Field when ganking. His build path all the way from Early to Midgame consists of entirely aggressive items, which creates an opportunity for you to exploit your 2v1 potential against him and his midlaner (depending on who his midlaner actually is)
In many cases when I have played against a Kha'Zix, I have literally forced them to buy a 3155_32.png exclusively for me. This severely cripples their item curve and slows them down significantly. 
It is imperative that you have a minion, tower or champion at your side at all times. His damage literally quadruples if he catches you isolated. 

120_64.pngHecarim has a strong movement speed boost, similar to that of Rammus. Be careful of his ganks from the inner part of the lane. He can just charge in from the enemy midlaner's side, thus effectively bypassing all of your vision on either side.

Despite his intimidating stature, Hecarim is generally really squishy in his early game, which means that you can again utilize your 2v1 potential against a jungler like him.
Hecarim possesses a knockback, which makes using your Gravity Field a bit trickier to use. Generally you should aim to place your trap slightly behind you when you are facing him, so that when he charges on you he will knock you behind the Field and end up exactly in the middle of it himself.
You should be wary of his ultimate since it is a fear, which also displaces him as well (he can use it to break free from your Gravity Field). 
Overall, getting a Gravity field on Hecarim is pretty hard and you should do your best with warding, especially when most Hecarim players go for the 3117_32.png

11_64.pngMaster Yi can definitely be problematic due to the nature of his Ultimate.


He ignores slowing effects but will STILL GET STUNNED BY YOUR FIELD IF HE STAYS LONG ENOUGH!

Do not be hasty with putting down your Gravity Field. Master Yi players will usually use their Alpha-Strike to engage on you, be sure to bait it out and then place the trap. Try to remain calm and don't rush things.

Be sure to take 1 or 2 hits from him so that he may be stationary long enough for your Gravity Field to work. He will not be slowed but will still receive the stun. Literally 99% of the Master Yi players DO NOT know this, even advanced players do not know how the Gravity Field works in this scenario. They will assume that you are an easy kill and will simply avoid going out of your Gravity Field when they pop their Ultimate.
Other than that, nothing much to say, his ganks are weak, he has no form of CC so that he is actually useful to his midlaner and he will generally spend a good amount of time in his jungle.
This means that early game presence from him is extremely rare.

421_64.pngRek'Sai. Interesting champion and she may prove to be a significant threat to Viktor if she saves her dash for quickly displacing out of your Gravity Field. She can move freely if she is burrowed, but that does not stop you from damaging her, as well as CCing her. The only thing which is really annoying about her is that she can bypass traditional ward placement with her burrowing dash by hopping over impassable terrain.
At this point people build her tanky after completing her jungler item. You need to use that to your advantage and try to abuse your 2v1 potential early while she is still squishy and vulnerable.
She has a nasty knockup when she unborrows. This can synergize well with a 157_64.pngs ultimate. Be sure to keep a good distance and maintain a good map awareness because she can almost instantly close the gap thanks to her dash ability. 
Overall not a very threatening jungler but I feel like I should include her in the list because of the unorthodox movement patterns.
                                                                         <br/><a href=

Lane control and pushing Back to Top


For lane control, you would want to push hard in 99.8% of the matchups. The philosophy behind this is that Viktor does not have built in escape mechanisms or displacement abilities. He does have his Gravity Field, but it is a liability, especially against people who know what they are doing (not afraid to use flash).

Pushing the lane as Viktor, ensures that most of your matchups will lose a ton of gold under their Turret and that will delay their core builds significantly.

Another great (and probably most important) reason to push the lane is that enemies who are usually very aggressive and are bullies/harassers in lane will be forced to deal with facetanking the wave, or using all of their mana to clear it, unless they want to lose a ton of Gold. This will make such dangerous and annoying champions shift their FOCUS entirely away from you and REDIRECT IT to lane control (which they will ultimately not achieve against a Viktor).


This is taken from the *WARDING* section, but I feel like it serves purpose in both instances.

-If you do not have wards on both sides, then you should definitely stick closer to the side that is warded. This will ensure that you are at a safe distance from a potential gank from the dark, as well as have enough time to back in case you are ganked from the revealed area.


This one is rather simple.

Both you and your opponent are facing eachother in the midlane. Your jungler moves in for a gank from the RIGHT SIDE. What you do is you switch your position in lane to the opposite side of your jungler. The minion wave gives your enemy a sense of safety, so he will naturally maneuver on the opposite side of where you are, while still remaining behind the minion wave.
In most cases, you can set up the gank by literally moving your enemy by yourself.

This will make your enemy move behind the creeps in the opposite side of you, which is actually closer to the RIGHT SIDE (the side of which your jungler is ganking)

Do not be overly aggressive, because you will scare your enemy off. 
Also, try not to be overly passive as well. It will be quite obvious that there is a gank coming if you suddenly switch from a hyper-aggressive  to a passive playstyle.
Just play your game and try to be SLIGHTLY less passive than you would normally be. Which means that you will move back a bit and give him a bit of breathing room. This will build up his confidence and will make set him up nicely for your jungler's engage.

Be sure to notice where exactly your enemy places his ward (most players, especially low level will just put it into either of the brushes directly from the midlane, allowing you to see the placement of the ward). Communicate with your jungler and tell him where the ward is.

Psychological advantage of Pushing:

Last but not least, you want to push, because it establishes not only a lane dominion, but provides you with a psychological advantage over your enemy. Make them know from an early stage of the game that they cannot trade against you and if they decide to do so they will be severely punished for it.
This creates a mental block in your enemies, even when they get their ultimates and have the kill potential on you, they will be fearful of engaging on you, especially if they are pushed to their tower.
This method is exceptionally effective against melee assassins, some examples are 238_64.png 157_64.png 55_64.png 91_64.png, a good amount of these are considered hard matchups by most players, but as a Viktor player... YOU ARE NOT MOST PLAYERS.
It takes time to master, but if you think about it, a lot of it does make sense when looked upon in a broader perspective.
                                                                       <br/><a href=

Warding and general map awareness Back to Top

-First off, I would like to say that this is the standard game scenario and how it will usually pan out. I'm not factoring in invades/level 1 skirmishes, etc since it is highly individual as a game per game basis and you will need to adapt accordingly. Sometimes the enemy jungler will start with his second buff, instead of his first, for example:


If your enemy is from the Blue side, usually he will start Red>Small Camp>Blue. In case of an invade, he will start from Blue, continue to a Camp, after which he will check if his Red is stolen (provided he did not have vision to be sure)


Another scenario includes the stealing of the enemy's buff. Your enemy is still on the Blue side. Your botlaners and jungler steal his Red. He will then most-likely attempt to go for his Blue and then directly to YOUR red. Communicate with your jungler, because there is a high chance that he will counter-jungle early, in order to not fall down even further. In this scenario, if you cut him off from your red and he does not take a second buff, then he will fall completely off the game. His initial buff's duration will be almost completely over. He will be behind in farm, XP, gold, levels, etc. He will most-likely spend a good amount of his early game in his own jungle, trying to recover from the blow. This in turn will relieve you from his presence.

ALWAYS communicate with your jungler and be nice to him. He can be your greatest ally, but he can also be your worst enemy. A jungler that misplays or outright refuses to communicate with you can and will set you back more than any enemy. There is no botlane, there is no toplane. It's only you and your jungler. Up until Midgame, consider you and your jungler to be the only people in your team.

As a Viktor player, you will need to have a good game sense and general map awareness. Your 4.png is the key to your success in your laning phase. 
It is essential that you do not lose your Flash to random ganks, which will in turn force you to play more passive and miss out on gold and kill opportunities.

Let's start with when to expect early ganks.

As previously mentioned in the *JUNGLERS THAT SYNERGIZE WITH VIKTOR* section, you will always want to keep an eye on your jungler's early clear, since it is a loose (but the only) indicator that you have of how the enemy jungler is moving.

You will want to start going for the ward spot the moment you see that your jungler finishes his second buff. Ideally, you would want to place the ward slightly after he takes his buff and leaves the jungle.

In most cases, the standard path of the enemy jungler, if he is on the BLUE side is RED > Small Camp > Blue > Gank. That means that if you are on the PURPLE side, you should put your ward on the Blue Buff's side. Keep track of your jungler's camp clear so you know when the enemy jungler will be ready for a gank, you will strive to get the absolute best value out of your 3340_32.pngTrinket Ward.
If you are on the PURPLE SIDE then your first ward should be placed like this: I would like to point your attention to the lower side of the crossroad which is revealed. This will prevent any sneaky dash/wallhop ganks.
<br/><a href=

If you are on the BLUE SIDE, then the enemy jungler will most-likely be ganking from his RED BUFF. You will want to have a ward ready on the cross section on the higher ground. This provides you with great vision on the upper side of the enemy's side, as well as a generous portion of the River. It should looks something like this:
<br/><a href=

These are your initial 3340_32.png wards, place them similarly to this so you get full value out of your vision by covering the high ground, as well as the low ground.


If you do not have wards on both sides, then you should definitely stick closer to the side that is warded. This will ensure that you are at a safe distance from a potential gank from the dark, as well as have enough time to back in case you are ganked from the revealed area.

Your LANE POSITIONING should look a bit like this:
<br/><a href=


If you are on the BLUE SIDE, you would want to put a ward on the right side of your river, especially against a 56_64.pngNocturne gank. Notice how the ward is on the upper side of the bush, this will grant you greater vision of the area and will warn you for an Ulti gank from Nocturne in advance.
<br/><a href=


There are 2 general positions for pink wards, a good bunch of players know these spots, since they are very standard but I've felt the need to add them for visual comprehension. I ALWAYS prefer the team's first PINK WARD to be placed on the left side of the map, regardless of which side I am playing on. Notice how the ward is sitting as much to the right side of the bush as possible. This allows for a full vision of the river up to the point where the long Midlane brush starts, as well as a generous amount of the upper section of the Purple side.This is a very safe spot, which people generally overlook. Many players, especially on lower elo will not even notice the ward even when walking through the bush.
<br/><a href=

The second pink ward that will be placed by either you or your jungler (depending on who placed the first one) is going to sit on the right side of the map (the Dragon Area). It will be in the brush, which is parallel to the Pink Ward brush on the Baron's side. Aim to put the ward closer to the upper part of the Brush, this will ensure that you have good coverage of the Blue Jungle's side.
<br/><a href=

                                                                        <br/><a href=

Video section, in progress Back to Top

This section will be dedicated to videos that I upload to Youtube (could add gifs to the guide itself later on).

Currently, I will be uploading video highlights directly to my YouTube channel, which was inactive up until this point, but thanks to Hitbox's Edit and "Push To YouTube" systems I will be able to add more content for the guide.



I am very unfamiliar with video editing software for which I am very sorry. Twitch has recently introduced the music policy, which basically removes all audio from the video/highlight if a copyrighted song is detected. 
Thankfully, I have moved to Hitbox where such restrictions do not exist.

I apologize in advance if the videos do not have sound but I cannot leave my Twitch viewers without some good music. I will try to work harder and develop my video editing skills so that I can take a highlight and do a voice-over for it for commentary purposes.

-Be sure to read the description in the videos for a general idea of what to expect.


Viktor's 1v2 potential - the power of Smartcast.

Akali was being effectively zoned from the beginning of the game. Both me and her received no ganks so it was a fair 1v1 lane throughout the game. Jarvan decides to encroach in Viktor's domain, but that will prove deadly for his already low on health teammate.
Usually it is wise to wait for Akali to get the jump on you to become an easy target so that you may reduce the chance of missing a spell on her but if you are confident with yours as well as her range then you will have no 
problem evaporating her in mid-air.

Viktor's Flash Combo - Speed Execution.

The combo is extremely powerful if executed fast enough. This was especially true before the rework, since back then Viktor had a 0.5 sec. Silence on his Ultimate. This was more than enough to fully unleash your spell sequence and effectively deny any chance of your enemy to escape (Silence disables the use of Abilities, as well as Summoner Spells for its duration).

The combo is still very potent, but it is more easily countered as your enemies become better. Be sure to have a general knowledge of when your enemies have their Flash up so that you may secure your kill.

Viktor Quadra-Kill. Kiting and damage dealing capabilities.

Yet another highlight video from my Stream

The game was very evenly matched but we eventually lost. The video displays Viktor's excellent kiting, as well as damage dealing capabilities while under pressure from multiple champions.
At one point Irelia can't catch up with Viktor's Q Speed Boost even when she has a Trinity Force.
LeBlanc gets instantly evaporated the moment her displacement is on cooldown.

Viktor Pentakill.

Cait was nowhere in sight and then she decided to generously grace us with her presence.


Viktor vs LeBlanc, full-length match with commentary.

A random game taken from my stream in which I play against a LeBlanc mid. 
Shaco put some early game pressure on me but a fast Flash helped me avoid certain death and prevented LeBlanc from getting fed. She eventually roamed and got some kills but I equalized the loss with taking the mid tower.

Viktor vs LeBlanc match #2, full-length match with commentary.

Second game vs a LeBlanc. I wanted to include more footage simply because LeBlanc is strong in this current meta and at the same time she is problematic for Viktor as well. Passive farming throughout the majority of the laning phase ensured that I don't fall behind. Sacrificing a few minion kills is far more important than giving her a kill and allowing her to completely zone you from the lane.

Viktor vs Lissandra, full-length match with commentary.

Lissandra is really popular in the current meta and I had a good opportunity to highlight a game with one.
The game went heavily in our favor up until the point where we had a really awkward teamfight and we lost our advantage due to splitting up and bad positioning. This allowed the enemy team to snowball and utilize the power of their slightly better teamcomp.
The final nail in the coffin was the last Baron fight in which our team split once again and I was the first casualty, which immediately lead to our downfall.

Viktor vs Malzahar, full-length match with commentary.

My botlane did pretty good in this particular game and I was able to snowball on my lane as well, this helped our Nasus get back in the game after a rough start at top.
We eventually won but I made several mistakes throughout the game with overextending and mindlessly chasing down my opponents in unwarded areas. Overall the game was good but I definitely screwed up several times and I aim to improve in that regard.

Viktor vs Karthus, full-length match with commentary.

Overall the outcome of this matchup was expected. Viktor is superior in many ways, even in the wave-clearing department once the E Augment is acquired. Proper resource management was key to persevering throughout the laning phase until the Augment.
Good positioning and patience were important to winning teamfights since they had a really good engage and frontline.

Viktor vs Yasuo, full-length match with commentary.

Very unexpected win, considering we had a Shaco jungle on our team, even more interesting was the fact that he built full tank. Overall the game progressed slowly in the beginning and I tried to drag it out until important skirmishes and big teamfights where Viktor shines with his superior utility and AOE nuke.

Viktor vs Xerath, full-length match with commentary.

I had the fortune of playing against a master-tier Xerath player and the game was a one-sided stomp after a few decisive victories in smaller engagements.

Interesting to point out is that I went with the Runaan's Hurricane experimental build after multiple request from people in the Stream's Chat.

Sadly, the theory was proven to be false, as the Runaan DOES NOT apply the Lich Bane, as well as the Empowered Q Auto Attack.

Viktor vs Talon, laning phase and skirmish overview.

Overall the game was not long enough to get to the late stages so that teamfight positioning could be tested but I feel like the laning phase was decent enough so that I may include it as a video.

Viktor vs Orianna, full-length match with commentary.

Inferior construct.

Viktor vs Twisted Fate, full-length match with commentary.

Awesome comeback game, things were very bleak in the beginning but a few proper defense scenarios helped us get back in the game.

Viktor vs Fizz mid, laning phase and skirmish overview.

Fizz can be tricky, but I've managed to capitalize on his impatience and a single instance of bad judgement from him made me snowball my lane, as well as allow me to roam successfully and support other lanes.

Viktor vs Lux mid, full-length match with commentary.

Important note is that this is pre-buffed Lux, but I feel like not much has changed, the most notable thing her E. I will try to get a good game vs a Lux after her changes but for now this will have to suffice.

Viktor vs Vladimir mid, full-length match with commentary.

Viktor is a very good counter to Vladimir, his burst damage and trades far surpass those of his opponent in this situation. Again, we have a classic showdown of Science triumphs over Superstition once more.

Viktor vs Azir mid, full-length match with commentary.

Pretty rough start, as well as a very negative attitude from my botlane but we just kept our cool and continued farming and seizing opportunities, minutes later we were dominating.

Viktor vs Ezreal mid, full-length match with commentary.

Ezreal is a top tier pick in this current meta for the midlane. He is hard to gank but lacks any significant waveclear. Overall an easy matchup for Viktor. Low kill potential early so it's optimal to focus on wave control and farming out E Augment + second Doran's Ring. At that point you can pretty much start trading and completely dominating him.

Viktor vs Cassiopeia mid, full-length match with commentary.


Viktor vs Ahri mid, full-length match with commentary.

Decided to try out Rylai's into Rabadon for this one, it was definitely a good pickup.

Viktor vs Veigar mid, full-length match with commentary.

Our team eventually lost, because of an unsuccessful splitpush but I feel that ultimately the game was worthy, there were definitely a few good moments. 
There was a problem with editing the VOD and I couldn't save it until the end of the game but the moment it cut off I died and they finished shortly after...

Streaming my games Back to Top


I am going to switch over to Heroes of the Storm for a while now. I do enjoy the game a lot and I enjoy streaming it even more. I will be updating the guide regularly in accordance to changes that affect Viktor, be it directly and indirectly. If you have any questions about Viktor or League in general you can always drop by and I will help you as best as I can. 

League of Legends is something that I feel I've lost my passion for, I will be putting it on the backburner for a while in terms of streaming.


I will now be streaming back on Twitch. I do not want to get into details but I have taken the hard decision to leave Hitbox.

I am currently aiming for 6 days a week, Sunday to Friday with at least 5 hours a day. Starting from around 2-3 CET.

I have also created some awesome alerts!

The credits for the in-game Overlay go entirely to WarpSpiderX @

Link to the stream -

Thank you for reading, stay safe!
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About me and how to find me Back to Top

Hello, friends, my name is Dimitar and I come from a small country in eastern Europe named Bulgaria.

I have studied the ways of the fine arts extensively in my highschool years but I am currently studying english philology.
I love sports and have been active throughout all of my life up until these last 2 years.
I've had previous success in small-scale competitive gaming by winning some local Dota 1 and Counter Strike 1.5 / 1.6 tournaments as well as a classic WCIII 3v3 tournament.

I have started playing League of Legends at the time when Aether Wing Kayle was released, I believe it was around January 2013.
I have mained 29_64.png in S3 and climbed the ladders of SoloQ with ease, once I've learned the basic principles of how the game works, as well as gained a general knowledge of the individual champions and how they function.

My Main was and still is112_64.png throughout the entirety of season 4, 5, 6 and a a good amount of S3.

I am Livestreaming regularly here: This is the place where I will be answering questions and giving live commentaries on my games. Feel free to drop by and say hi!

I also have a Youtube channel to which I am uploading stream highlights and full games with commentary on: Youtube

Here's my Twitter homepage Twitter
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Changelog and Updates Back to Top


-Core frame of the entire guide finished and published on 29.09.2014.
-Created the *AUGMENT:MIND* 'roleplay/welcome' category.
-Created the *Why Augment E over Q* section.
-Additional information in the *Lane Control and Pushing* section has been added.
-Corrected a huge number of grammatical errors.


-Created the *Why Rabadon over Lich Bane first* section
-Additional information in the *Midgame to Lategame* section has been added.
-Additional information in the *Lategame and Viktor's Endgame* section has been added.
-Added 2 alternative *Mastery Builds* as subsections to the *Masteries* section.


-Created *When to get the Perfect HexCore* section.
-Created the *Ezreal* matchup.
-Added *Hecarim*, *Elise* and *Kha'Zix* in the *Dangerous Enemy Junglers* section.
-Added additional information in the *Why Augment E over Q first* section.
-Added the *How to set up a Gank for your Jungler* subsection in the *Lane Control and Pushing* section.
-Bolded the *Important* markers, as well as subsection names. This will make them more distinguishable.
-Added more information, as well as the *Double-Edged Blade* subsection in the *Masteries* category.
-Added Information in the *ZED* and *ORIANNA* matchup sections about how they can deny you farm and the ways that you can use to counter their methods.


-Added more information in a large amount of subsections across the whole guide.
-Went through the entire *Champion Matchups* section for a second time, revisiting all of the item builds.
-Added a good amount of information in some of the matchups but mainly in the *Yasuo* one.
-Corrected a ton of Grammatical, as well as Cognitive errors across the entire guide.


-Created the *Mordekaiser* matchup.
-Added additional information in the *Items* section on when and why to buy the Crystalline Flask.
-Went through some of the matchups and slightly changed the order of which the builds should progress.
-Scheduled the inclusion of the *Azir* matchup for the next few days (additional data for analysis required). 


-Created the *Gravity Field and its uses* section, which also contains a visual comprehension subsection.
-Added *Master Yi* to the *Dangerous Junglers Section* with information on how his ultimate works.
-Fixed a few minor grammatical errors.
-Added additional information in the *Why Rabadon over Lich Bane first* section.


-Created the *Should you buy Athene's* section, focusing on an alternative build order against hard matchups.
-The *Matchups* and *Item Build* sections have been updated accordingly.
-Went through the entire guide and corrected bugs where sentences and whole paragraphs that are in a larger font did not finish and simply got cut off with a '......'.


-Created the *Doran's Ring or Flask start?* section.
-Created the *Seraph's vs Rabadon* theorycrafting section after a request from the comments' section.
-Corrected a few minor grammatical errors.
-Added the artwork to the *Pros and Cons* section. Credit goes to whoever did it!


-Minor update to the *Why augment E over Q* section.
-Created the *Hybrid Penetration Runes* subsection in the *Runes* section.
-Added valuable information about Nocturne in the *Dangerous Enemy Junglers* section.
-Added small amounts of information across the board, as well as further clarification on how builds work.
-Corrected more spelling errors, as well as tightening up the overall look of the Guide by removing excess words, as well as adding or removing distance between words in places where it was needed.


-Created the *Seraph's and Rabadon combined* theorycrafting section after a request from the comments.
-Added *Sion* to the *Dangerous Enemy Junglers* section, since he has become quite formidable after his rework.
-Added a good amount of info in the *Sion* matchup on the Midlane in light of his rework, as well as updating the Item Build accordingly.
-Minor updates to build orders in several matchups have been added.
-Added additional information in the *Seraph's and Rabadon Combined* section.


-Added *Sion* to the *Junglers that Synergize with Viktor* section.


-Changed streaming platform to since the lag on Twitch is too much for the majority of my viewers.


-Created the *Toplaners that synergize with Viktor* section.
-Created the *Vel'Koz* matchup.
-Created the *Zyra* matchup.
-Created the *Sona* matchup.
-Created *Runes* subsections in the *LeBlanc* and *Syndra* matchups, since they are a particular kind of enemy.
-Corrected a few grammatical errors.


-Minor update to the *Anivia* matchup has been added.


-Created the *Jayce* matchup with a good amount of information about the matchup in general as well as a detailed list on the item build that you can go for.
-Created the *CDR Items* subsection in the *Items* main section.
-Minor update to the *Akali* matchup about her roaming.
-Added additional information throughout the  *Items* section.
-Corrected minor grammatical errors.


-Created the *When to Augment Q* section.
-Minor update to the *Fizz* matchup.
-Removed and re-created a bugged matchup that did not register properly.


18.10.2014 *IMPORTANT*



-Created the *Disclaimer* section.
-Created the *CDR Builds* section, covering the different options that you have with CDR as well as their benefits.
-Created 2 separate CDR builds in the *Items* section.
-Updated the *Should you buy Athene's?* section.
-Updated and added information in the *Items* main section.
-Updated the *Runes* section and added Flat Magic Resist Blues.
-Corrected a few grammatical errors.


-Added the laternative *Athene's* build to a few other *Matchups* and altered the purchase order of the items.


-Update to the *Katarina* matchup.
-Updates to the purchase order in the alternative "Athene's" build in a few matchups.


-50,000 Guide Views milestone! Thank you all for your interest!


-Updated the *CDR Builds* section with information on how to change the build when entering Endgame.


-Created the *Azir* matchup.
-Added additional info in the *Botlaners that synergize with Viktor* section.
-Added additional info in the *CDR Builds* section.
-Preparing for the *Next Season* changes, specifically the ones to the Elixirs.
-Added my Twitter page to the *About me and how to find me* section.


-Added additional info in the Azir matchup.
-Added additional info in the *Junglers that synergize with Viktor*.
-Corrected the small number of remaining grammatical and cognitive errors across the entire guide.


-Added additional info in the *Masteries* section.
-Remastered the *Iron Will Tyrant* alternative build sub-section accordingly in light of recent impressions and gameplay changes.
-Fixed a few  "...." bugs, which cut off sentences. Hopefully there are not any left.


-Added additional information in the *When to get the Perfect HexCore* section.


-Created the *Elixirs and Viktor* section where I cover both the old and new Elixir System.
-Went through the entire guide and corrected/added/removed information regarding the recent change to Elixirs.
-Slightly reworked the *Katarina* matchup in light of the recent changes to her Ultimate's Cooldown.
-Scheduled the creation of a special section, which will analyze the Seraph's as a viable defense option in place of the Zhonya. This is a request from the comments that I've wanted to cover for some time now.


For some reason the updates that I have done to the guide, including the entire section that I have added 2 days ago did not appear in the guide itself. I am remaking them today and I am sorry about the delay.

-Created the *Twin Shadows as a core item* section.
-Updated the *Items* section appropriately for the introduction of the aforementioned build.
-Added Sejuani in the *Junglers that synergize with Viktor* section.
-Updates to Rammus and Warwick's rankings in the *Dangerous Enemy Junglers* section.
-Minor update to Maokai in the *Junglers that synergize with Viktor* section.


-Created the *Seraph's Embrace over Zhonya's Hourglass. A mobile defense option.* theorycrafting section.
-Added the aforementioned build to the *Items* section as a *Situational* build.


-200.000 views milestone! I sincerely thank you for your support!

-Trying out some  Streaming again, no specific schedule for now. Updated the "How to find me" section. Twitch has proven to be quite laggy and Hitbox has several advantages over it, like no delay broadcast, 0 lag, amazing chat functions with embedded links and much more. Overall a pleasure to use.


-Scheduled the Creation of a video which explains the basics of how to use the Death Ray in the near future.
-Added Rek'Sai to the *Dangerous enemy junglers* section.
-Minor update to *Xerath* in the *Matchups* section.
-Updates to *Yasuo* in the *Matchups* section in light of the upcoming 4.22 patch in which he will receive small buffs to his Q as well as a 5 static movespeed bonus.


-Created the *Galio* matchup.
-Update to the *Lux* matchup.
-Update to the *Vladimir* matchup, included Morello information and alternative build path.


-Created an additional subsection in the *Should you buy Athene's?* section which covers the changes to the Chalice for season 5.


-Corrected a few coginite and several grammatical errors in the new *Seraph's Embrace over Zhonya's Hourglass, a mobile defense option* section.
-Scheduled the creation of the *Viktor's Hextech Arsenal - the Gunblade* section.


-Created the *Viktor's Hextech arsenal - The Gunblade" section.
-Created and added the two experimental Gunblade builds as subsections in the *Items* section.
-Went through the newly introduced section for a second time for re-evaluation as well as tightening up its look.
-Added a small amount of information about Kassadin in the *Doran's Ring or Flask start* section.
-Added a quick mention of the -Experimental Builds- in the *Disclaimer - please read!* section. 
-Added a special thank you to Metmor in particular, as well as the community as a whole for their invaluable contribution to the entirety of this guide in the *Disclaimer - please read!* section. Again, thank you!


-Created the *Streaming my games* section.
-Created the *Gunblade + Rabadon* alternative build subsection in the *Viktor's Hextech arsenal - The Gunblade* section.
-Updated the *Items* section accordingly.


-Created *The double Morellonomicon* section in light of the current rapidly growing trend.


-Created the *Video Section* which will be updated frequently.
-Updated the *About me and how to find me* section.
-Managed to incorporate colored text into the guide, which will allow me to make the experience for the readers even more pleasant, by making the sections and subsections more distinguishable.
-Went through the entire guide, including Matchups, Sections and Subsections and added color so the guide can become more interactive and fun, as well as sections becoming more distinguishable and pleasant to look at. (The joys of having a 50.000 word count text to edit)


-Corrected a few minor grammatical errors.
-Added color to a few of the subsections in the *Matchups* section that I've missed.
-Minor update to the *Disclaimer - please read!* section.
-Scheduled an update to the *Double Morellonomicon* build which will cover the item price changes in patch 4.22.


-Minor update to the *Streaming my games* section.


-Minor update to the *Streaming my games* section. Twitch is lagging like hell, so I'm back on Hitbox!


-Switched Streaming platform to HitBox, I believe for good, unless Twitch makes some improvements.
-Trying to figure out how to export VODs and Highlights from HitBox to YouTube so I can upload some plays and commentaries.


-Added a Viktor Quadra-Kill video in the *Videos* section.
-Scheduled a full game upload with a live commentary against LeBlanc.
-Added the Viktor vs LeBlanc full-length match in the *Video Section* - rendering finished earlier than expected but the video is unavailable in some countries due to copyright laws on music. I sincerely apologize for that.
-Added an awesome custom PhotoShop Thumbnail on my YouTube videos.

-Added my custom Viktor PNG thumbnail after each section to make them more visually appealing as well as make them more easily distinguishable. This is basically a quality of life improvement, since it gives the reader a slight pause after each section. I believe that this is a good change to the Guide, considering its length.


-Created the *Your Monitor and Death Ray Desync* section, focused on resolving an issue with minion waves.


-Corrected a few minor grammatical errors.


-Created the *Which boots enchant works best?* section.
-Minor update to Rengar in the *Dangerous enemy Junglers* section.
-Updates to the *Items* section with "Distortion".
-Updates to the *Midgame to Lategame* section.
-Updates to *Lategame and Viktor's Endgame* section.
-Updated the *Gravity Field and its uses* section with screenshots from the new Summoner's Rift.
-Updated the *Warding and general map awareness* section with screenshots from the new Summoner's Rift.


-Trying to work with the good folks over at Hitbox for a resolve of the issue that prevents me from saving my full streaming sessions. This prevents me from uploading material to YouTube.
-Minor update to the *Should you buy Athene's* section.
-Corrected minor cognitive errors throughout the *Dangerous enemy junglers* section.


-Updates to the *Syndra* matchup in light of her Season 5 nerfs.
-Updates to *The double Morellonomicon* section in light of the Season 5 nerfs.
-Issues with Hitbox are seemingly RESOLVED. This means that I will most likely be uploading more videos soon.


-Separated the *Videos* section into two subsections - *General* and *Matchups* videos.
-Added *Lissandra* matchup video.
-Added *Malzahar* matchup video.
-Scheduled a slight rework on the sections which cover the "Deathfire's Grasp"
-Scheduled a rework of the *Masteries* section, as well as its subsections, all in highlight of Riot's plans of restructuring the Masteriy trees.


-300.000 views milestone! I sincerely thank you for your support!

-Updates to the *CDR Items* subsection in the *Items* section.
-Updates to the *Boots* subsection in the *Items* section.
-Updates to the *Annie* matchup.
-Updates to the *Yasuo* matchup.
-Updates to the *LeBlanc* matchup.
-Slightly altered info in the *Azir* matchup.
-Updates to the *Pros and Cons of playing Viktor* section.
-Added additional info in the *Twin Shadows as a core item* section.
-Very minor update to the *Videos* section.
-Minor changes to the *Streaming my games* section.


-Yesterday's stream was a huge success, we were featured on the frontpage of Hitbox! Special thanks goes to Hitbox, as well as EVERYONE who came from the guide itself and stuck with me from the beginning of the stream!
A sincere thank you goes out from me to you!
-Updates to the *Augmented Nightwalker MK-I* mastery subsection in the *Masteries* section.
-Added *Karthus* matchup video.


-Removed information about the DFG in light of its removal as of patch 5.2.
-Updates to the *Ahri* matchup in light of patch 5.2.
-Updates to the *Fizz* matchup in light of patch 5.2.


-Created the *Diana* matchup.
-Rework to the *Sion* matchup with additional info.
-Corrected minor grammatical errors in some of the matchups.


-Guide has reached 500+ likes, thank you for your support and interest!

-Corrected a few minor grammatical errors.
-Update to the *Viktor's Hextech Arsenal - The Gunblade* section in light of the 5.2 stat changes to the item.
-Updated the *Dangerous Enemy Junglers* section to better reflect the current meta and added up to date Jungler Items.


-Added secondary *LeBlanc* matchup video.
-Added *Yasuo* video matchup.


-400.000 views milestone! I sincerely thank you for your support!
-Created the *Kennen* matchup.
-Added *Xerath* video matchup.
-Minor update to *Kassadin*'s difficulty level and information.
-Updates to the *Ahri* matchup in light of 5.3 changes.
-Lowered difficulty on *Fizz* in light of the current changes to his kit.


-Guide has reached 500+ likes, thank you for your support and interest!


-Created the *Best build for current patch* section.


-Slight updates to the new section.


-Guide has reached 700+ likes and 500,000 views. A sincere thank you!
-Gathering information and preparing a section specifically dedicated to "Luden's Echo".


-Created the *Luden's Echo* section.
-Created the *Abyssal Scepter* section.
-Created *Boots in the Lategame* subsection in the *Lategame and Viktor's Endgame* section.
-Updates to the *LeBlanc* matchup's alternative build.
-Updates to the *Ahri* matchup's alternative build.
-Updates to the *When to Augment Q?* Section.


-800+ likes and 600,000 views. Thank you!

-Created the *Three levels of Viktor mastery* section.
-Created the *Riven* matchup.


-Minor updates to the *Should you buy Athene's?* section.
-Minor updates to the *Ziggs* matchup in light of current mana cost changes, as well as Chalice buffs.
-Minor updates to the *Veigar* matchup.
-Minor updates to the *Zyra* matchup. Removed Chalice as an item choice and an early game goal.


-Upload to YouTube restored.
-Added Viktor vs Talon video in the *Video Section*.
-Added Viktor Pentakill video in the *Video Section.
-Minor updates to the *Twisted Fate* matchup.


-700.000 views milestone reached! Thank you!

-Created the *Cho'Gath* matchup. 
-Reworked the main *Mastery* tree. (More updates coming soon).


-Created the *Stride of silence, instagib of peace* Luden's Echo build section.
-Added Viktor vs Orianna video in the *Video Section*.
-Created the *Urgot* matchup.
-Added Butcher + Feast explanation in the *Mastery* section.


-There seems to be an error with uploading videos to YouTube at this point. The video either goes in an endless "Processing Video" cycle or it doesn't upload completely (cuts off entire parts of the video itself). I will try to find out what the reason for this is and will do an update as soon as possible.


-Guide has reached over 1,000 likes. Thank you sincerely for your support...


-Guide has reached over 1,000,000 VIEWS. I can't even count those 0... Thank you...

-Expect updates soon, hospital holding me back gg


-Updated Twisted Fate, Fizz, Azir, Vladimir and Lux's *Matchups* with a mention of the existence of videos.
-Added Viktor vs Twisted Fate video in the *Video Section*.
-Added Viktor vs Fizz video in the *Video Section*.
-Added Viktor vs Vladimir video in the *Video Section*.
-Added Viktor vs Azir video in the *Video Section*.
-Added Viktor vs Lux video in the *Video Section*. (pre-buffs, I will try and get a good laning phase against a buffed Lux but I hope this will suffice for now).
-Updated the *Best build for current patch* section. (added the pure burst/raw spellpower Rabadon+Luden's combo).
-Scheduled upload of a Viktor vs Ezreal matchup since he is in the meta at this point (waiting for Video to upload).
-Mention of Luden's Echo full offensive build in the *Luden's Echo* section.


-Added Viktor vs Ezreal video in the *Video Section*.
-Added notification for existing Video in the *Ezreal* matchup.


-Created the "Kog'maw" matchup.
-Created the "Ryze" matchup.
-Scheduled the creation of the *Ekko* matchup.


-Created the *Ekko* matchup. (will be updated as time progresses)
-Updated *Luden's Echo* section.
-Minor updates to the *Rylai's* subsection build in the *Best build for current patch* section.
-Scheduled the upload of *Viktor vs Cassiopeia* and *Viktor vs Ekko* matchup videos for 14 or 15 of July 2015.
-Scheduled small number adjustments to sections containing *Seraph's Embrace* in accordance to the AP value changes of the item as of patch 5.13 (undetermined date).
-Added *Cassiopeia* matchup video.
-Viktor vs Ekko video canceled due to music copyright. Date of upload of another video - unknown.




-Minor updates to the *Annie* matchup as well as a difficulty adjustment.
-Scheduled 2 more video uploads.
-Scheduled the *Varus* matchup.


-Minor update to the Vel'Koz matchup.
-Added *Ahri* matchup video.
-Added *Veigar* matchup video.


-Created the *Varus* matchup.


-Complete overhaul of the *Best build for current patch* section in accordance to Hexcore alterations.
-Created the *Gankplank* matchup.
-General overhaul of the *Seraph's Embrace over Zhonya's Hourglass. A mobile defense option* section.
-General overhaul of the *Seraph's and Rabadon combined* section.
-General overhaul of the *Rabadon vs Seraph's?* section.
-General overhaul of the *Luden's Echo - Stride of silence, instagib of peace* section.
-Updates updates to the *CDR Builds* section.
-Slight alterations over the *When to get the Perfect HexCore*.
-Minor updates to the *Your Monitor and Death Ray Desync* section.
-Scheduled rework of a good number of *Matchups*, specifically the build paths and orders for next Saturday.


-Added Update #3 to the *Streaming my games* section.


-Guide has reached 1,500,000 views. Thank you for your interest and support!


-Item build reworks for Fizz, Gragas, Annie, Heimerdinger, Lux, Ziggs, Yasuo, Ahri, Akali, Karma, Karthus, Katarina.
-Removed DFG Alternative Build from the *Brand* matchup.


-Removed the *Double Morellonomicon* section.


-Scheduled rework for next Saturday in accordance to the changes hitting the game. (Cancelled)


-Updates cancelled, rescheduling for the upcoming days. Testing out a lot of builds and not having a lot of time, a major overhaul like this will take at least 2 days to complete. Catch me on if you have any questions, I will be able to answer them there for now.


-Will be uploading an in-depth analysis of the Masteries for Season 6 along with possible mastery builds, will be discussing the meta shift and how it affects Viktor and the new mastery choices in the process.
-Back to streaming League of Legends, rekindled interest with the season 6 changes.


-Updates to the *Best Build for Current Patch*.
-Created the *Season 6 Masteries* section.
-Uploaded *Clint Viktorwood* video, Syndra vs Viktor matchup. Gunblade Build.
-Updates to the *Viktor's Hextech Arsenal, The Gunblade* Section.
-Timestamps added to the *Season 6 Masteries* video.


-Guide has now reached over 2 million views! Thank you for your support!

-Removed the *Twin Shadows as a Core Item* section.
-Removed the *Doran Ring vs Flask start* section.
-Added additional information in the *Best Build for Current Patch* section.
-Uploaded *Thunderlord's Discussion* mastery analysis video.
-Updates to the *Mastery* section.
-Updates to the *Runes* section.
-Updates to the *Pros and Cons of playing Viktor* section.
-Updates to the *CDR Builds* section.
-Updates to the *Luden's Echo* section.
-Updates to the *Item Builds* section and the removal of necro sub-sections.
-More updates coming soon.


-Created the "E vs Q on level 1" section.
-Minor updates to the *Talon* matchup.
-Added Jhin in the *Botlaners tha Synergize with Viktor* section.
-Removed a sub-section in the *Best build for current patch* section.


-Created the *Rod of Ages, pros and cons* section.
-Removed the *Homeguards* sub-section in the *Which boots enchant works best?* section.
-Slight change in the main *Mastery* preset. Additional information added in the description of the section with short recap explanations.


-Slight updates to the *Zed*, *Yasuo* & *Talon* matchups.
-Added *Abyssal>Rylai's* build in the *Items* section. 


-Created *Augmentation vs Needlessly Rush* section, discussing the difference between the two items and efficiency
-Added the *Karma* video matchup in the aforementioned section.


-Added 4th build path in the *Best Build for current Patch* section, titled *Autonomous self-preservation unit*.



-Created the *Aurelion Sol* matchup.
-Removed several sections due to redundancy.
-Reworked and rewrote multiple sections and subsections.
-Updated the *Best Build for Current Patch* section.
-Updates to all of the matchups in the *Matchups* section.
-Future updates scheduled for Taliyah, as well as more experimental builds.
-Created the *My thoughts on the 6.9 changes* section, which contains a 'brief" eplanation of my views on Viktor.


-Reworked *Runes* section.
-Added information to the *Masteries* section.
-Minor updates to the LeBlanc and Malzahar matchups.


-After a long absence I will be updating the guide for the new season since I am returning to League for the new season. Stand by.

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