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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

Standard on most mid laners. It helps you escape, gap close, jump walls, re-position - it's simply too good to pass up. There's no other spell that's as versatile as Flash. The fact that you can use it to escape, dodge spells, or go aggressive is what makes it such a strong spell.

6.png Ghost

Ghost is taken with Flash to give you a lot of kite and chase. It provides you with more utility to maneuver at the expense of giving up the benefits that other summoner spells have. It really comes down to personal preference and if it fits your playstyle. I prefer taking Ghost as my second summoner spell since I think it synergizes really well with 3116.png. Many high level players, including top pros, prefer to run Flash+Ghost in matchups that allow it.

14.png Ignite

Ignite is taken to increase your damage. This helps you with 1v1 fights in lane, but can also secure kills in team fights. The healing reduction is very strong against champions that rely on spell vamp such as Swain or helps reduce the AD carries life steal such as Caitlyn. Don't be too afraid of using ignite as there's nothing worse than an enemy escaping with 50 hp because you didn't ignite them. It has a relatively low cooldown so even if it was "wasted" on a kill it will be back soon enough. 

If you're planning on all-ining someone you should ignite near the start of your combo. This is because you want to reduce their healing in half. A lot of the time people will consume health pots while you're fighting. By igniting early on when we're trying to kill someone we reduce their natural regeneration they receive from base stats as well as the healing from their health pots.

The general rule is to take ignite into matchups that you're comfortable with and feel that you have kill potential on.

21.png Barrier

Go barrier against extremely high burst champions that you will struggle against that you aren't able to use Exhaust against. An example of this would be LeBlanc who's mobility and burst makes it extremely hard for you to use Exhaust effectively.

7.png Heal

Heal is good against anyone who doesn't have a lot of front loaded burst. It scales better than Barrier and the fact that you can use it on an ally means that it's very useful in small skirmishes or in team fights. The movement speed increase also helps you kite better.

3.png Exhaust

Exhaust can be a good pickup when facing high burst assassins such as Zed or Fizz. This is because it will reduce the amount of damage they deal helping you survive the burst. It also helps shut them down in team fights for the same reason. Can also help kiting them too since it reduces their movement speed. Additionally, it helps you set up ganks by giving you an extra form of Crowd Control.

12.png Teleport

Teleport is good to take when you're in a farm matchup that you won't be able to play aggressive against because of their long range. Champions such as Ziggs, Xerath, Azir are all Champions that have high range and wave clear and will be difficult to play aggressive against. By taking teleport we can farm with them, but then impact other lanes by teleporting to them when needed.

1.png Cleanse

Cleanse is good to take when against 2 or more stun abilities. For example, if you're against Lux mid and Elise jungle, then Cleanse is a great pickup as it will allow you to survive ganks middle lane. Other mid lane examples are Twisted Fate and Ahri. By taking Cleanse we can remove one of their key ways to win fights and set up ganks.

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 - Aery is your best options since you'll be landing a lot of little bits of chip poke in lane and this works best with that playstyle.

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 - Manaflow Band synergizes well with the shield mana scaling on Viktor's Q ability.

Celerity.png?width=32 - Celerity synergizes with the movement speed you get from the Q augmentation.

Scorch.png?width=32 - Scorch gives you some additional poke damage in the early game and goes along with our strategy of poke with Aery.

Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32 - You're often in auto-attack range trading with people and this can help you win trades and give you a lot of sustain making you hard to trade against in the laning phase.

Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 - The best option for Viktor compared any of the others. You'll often be weaving in and out of fights using abilities over and over again (specifically your Q) and this will result in a lot of healing from this rune.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

viktorchaosstorm.png > viktordeathray.png > viktorpowertransfer.png > viktorgravitonfield.png

Augment Order

viktordeathray.png > viktorpowertransfer.png  > viktorgravitonfield.png


  • You put your first skill point at level 1 in Q in certain matchups where the enemy doesn't have wave clear and you want to win trades harder. This is because taking E at level 1 will help you both push and harass - resulting in you hitting level 2 before the opponent. However, if the opponent lacks wave clear then you can take Q first to simply out trade and zone, using your auto-attacks to push instead. Also, keep in mind sometimes you don't want to push to get level 2 first when facing aggressive junglers that can gank you at level 2 such as Lee Sin or Pantheon. However, this is also dependent on the lane matchup.
  • Maxing E first is important as this is your bread and butter spell. It allows you to harass from a safe distance as well as wave clear extremely fast.

viktorpassive.png Glorious Evolution

  • This passive is something that's very unique to Viktor. It essentially takes away one of your item slots for a specific item that gives you stats and permanent upgrade to your abilities.
  • You always want to augment/upgrade your E first as it will allow you to one shot the caster minions in lane, which is a big part of playing Viktor well.

viktorpowertransfer.png Siphon Power

  • A key part of his kit that allows him to win trades early on
  • Once augmented the additional movement speed becomes a vital part of his success since he lacks mobility elsewhere
  • The shield and damage late game is immense and a huge part of your damage.

viktorgravitonfield.png Gravity Field

  • Your only form of Crowd Control
  • Enemies have to be inside it for 1.5 seconds for it to stun them
  • Don't be afraid to cast it at max range just for the slow so that you can catch up to opponents and burst them - it's not all about stunning them
  • It can be used as a zoning tool by forcing the enemy to re-position
  • Against enemies that lack mobility spells try to place it so that they are standing directly on the center as that will result in them being stunned the most often
  • Pay attention to your team composition. If you have teammate's with crowd control abilities save your Gravity Field as a follow up to them. If Annie stuns targets or Malphite lands an ultimate, immediately placing your Gravity Field down can chain Crowd Control a lot of enemies.

viktordeathray.png Death Ray

  • This is your bread and butter spell
  • Its strength comes not only from its high damage and long range, but also due to its effectiveness at clearing minion waves
  • This allows you to clear minions at a safe distance and very fast, which helps pin down the opponent and frees you up and gives you more options

viktorchaosstorm.png Chaos Storm

  • A strong AOE burst ultimate
  • It's important that you land the upfront burst from the initial cast rather than the persistent damage that comes after
  • Don't be afraid to use this to push opponents out of lane. It's not all about getting kills. Simply landing an E+R can be enough to force the enemy to go to base and lose out on a lot of minions giving you a gold and experience advantage.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items


Core Items

    Need MR
    Need Armor

Situational Items

    Standard Core Build
    Banshee Core Build

Start With

Doran's Ring + 2 HP Pots


This is the standard starting build on Viktor. You will use your shield to negate harass - meaning you don't need many health potions. The increase in AP, HP, and Mana Regen gives you a stronger early game and helps you win the early laning phase



Best starting Trinket for mid laners. This will help you cover key choke points on the center of the map during the laning phase to help keep track of the enemy jungler. Try to place your ward around the 3:00-3:30 minute mark on the side the enemy jungler will be. This will be the standard timing most junglers have their double buffs and will be looking to gank you.


Hex Core MK-1

  • This is the key item you want to rush as fast as possible on Viktor
  • You want to augment your E first
  • This will give you a big damage boost that will allow you to have stronger harass, but more importantly allow you to wave clear much faster by one shotting the caster minions.


  • This is your standard build when you're not facing any trouble in lane
  • When you upgrade to 3197.png you want to upgrade your Q ability - this will give you a movement speed boost every time you use it.
  • 3100.png Gives you more movement speed to help you kite and chase as well as giving you a ton of both burst and sustained dps.
  • 3100.png's proc synergizes extremely well with Viktor's viktorpowertransfer.png giving him a ton of single target burst and dps with movement speed.

Need MR

  • This is your build path when you're struggling against an AP mid laner such as a LeBlanc, Fizz, and Syndra.
  • The spellshield of Banshee's will make it really hard for enemies to engage on you in lane as you move up to use your E to one shot the minion wave from max range.

Need Armor

  • This is your build path when you're struggling against a physical damage mid laner such as Talon
  • This will give you both armor and ability power to help you win trades
  • You can turn it into a 3157.png if you feel you need the active
  • Otherwise it's fine to postpone the upgrade and transition into another item

End Game Builds

Standard Core Build


These are your core items when you go the standard route. We go boots of lucidity as we lack cooldown reduction and we're often taking both Flash and Ghost, which the passive synergizes well with. These staple items will always be built. However, your 6th item is situational and depends on what you need.

Keep in mind this is not the exact order in which you should buy these items. You have to adjust and adapt the order in which you build items based on each individual game.

Banshee Core Build


These are your core items when you go the Banshee route. We go boots of lucidity as we lack cooldown reduction and we're often taking both Flash and Ghost, which the passive synergizes well with. These staple items will always be built.

Keep in mind this is not the exact order in which you should buy these items. You have to adjust and adapt the order in which you build items based on each individual game.


3116.png - Rylai's can be a good purchase as a replacement of 3102.png or 3157.png. It's great when you feel like Banshee's or Zhonya's isn't applicable to your game.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Heimerdinger
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Orianna
  • Pantheon
  • Swain
  • Syndra
  • Taliyah
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Veigar
  • Vladimir
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Ziggs
  • Zilean
  • Zoe
  • Zyra




You usually want to take Cleanse in this matchup as Ahri's charm is usually what sets up kills for her.

Ahri has a safe laning phase due to her Q and passive. Allowing her to poke and wave clear from a distance, while also regaining health.

Ahri will in general choose between shoving you into tower or instead prioritizing harassing you.

Try not to stand in your minions so that she can both harass you and push the wave. However, still try to keep 1 minion between you and her to block her charm.




You want to take Exhaust in this matchup so that when Akali jumps on you you can simply Exhaust her and win the fight. You also want to keep a pink ward on you at all times so that when she goes aggressive you can Exhaust, place a pink ward, and then kill her.

Levels 1-5 you should be able to bully Akali with your harass. Just be cautious of being ganked as that is Akali's only win condition levels 1-5.

Once you're both level 6, as long as you have Exhaust up and a pink ward and she hasn't gotten a kill you should be in a good position to keep up the pressure and win the lane.

Akali also has weak wave clear so you can use your superior wave clear and range to shove her into tower.




You can take Cleanse or Teleport in this matchup depending on what you think is better.

Anivia is generally a safe laner. Walking forward into her will only set you up to get stunned and lose the trade.

Instead, Anivia has weak wave clear levels 1-5 and you can take advantage of that by pushing her into the tower.

I wouldn't recommend trying to place aggressive against Anivia as she will simply kite you. Instead, focus on farming, and only try to kill her if your jungler is setting up a gank. Look to roam between waves or take jungle camps instead and assert vision control around your lane.



I recommend taking Cleanse or Barrier. Cleanse will let you cleanse Annie's stun and Barrier will help you survive against her burst.

Levels 1-5 Viktor has the advantage as he out ranges Annie and his shield can help him win trades. However, be cautious when she has her stun up as she could be setting up a jungle gank as well.

Once she's level 6 you want to utilize your superior wave clear to push her into tower from a safe distance. Keep up vision as Annie can set up ganks really well with her flash+ult.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol will just shove you into tower for the first three waves and then recall and purchase a Dark Seal. There's nothing you can do about this so just focus on getting what farm you can and then match his recall and purchase a long sword as you should have the money for it.

He will start to push you in again once you get back. Ward at the center of the lane and look where he roams to after he pushes and ping aggressively to warn teammates.

Once you have your first Hex Core and augment your E then you can fight back in the push battle and start to try to control him and eventually outscale him in team fights.




I recommend taking Teleport into this matchup since you're both safe farmers and Azir can land a lot of harass you. With Teleport you can just get back to lane faster without losing out on farm.

In general it's difficult for you to go aggressive against Azir due to his range. It's better for you to focus on wave clearing and farming and minimizing the harass you take.

A trick you use it to Q a minion to give yourself a shield when he uses his W+Q+AA harass combo on you.

Always be cautious of going aggressive against Azir under his tower as he can use his Q+E+R to shove you into his tower - it's a trap a lot of players fall for.




Your summoner spell options are pretty versatile in this matchup. You can go with Cleanse if you're facing a lot of Crowd Control on their team. You can go Teleport, Ghost, Ignite, Heal, Barrier. They're all good for their own reasons explained in the guide.

The biggest thing about Brand is standing away from your caster minions. You want to force him to choose between harassing you or pushing the wave. If you push the wave from a safe distance and avoid standing in the caster minions it will force him to use his abilities on your minions resulting in you not taking harass.

Since Brand lacks mobility you also have kill potential on him. If he overextends using your W to slow him into flashing his Q can result in a kill if his flash is down.




You can take Cleanse in this matchup to remove the stun from her ultimate.

Cass has one of the strongest levels 2-5 in the game. Be extremely cautious about fighting her. Early on you won't have enough wave clear to successfully push her in. Instead, you will just end up with a lane frozen, which will just get you killed by her.

You want to just play super safe. Try to freeze the wave, avoid pushing if possible and instead just match her push to keep the lane frozen.

Dodge her harass as much as possible and don't be afraid to ask for a jungle gank since Cass lacks escapes.




Against Cho'Gath taking Teleport can be good since it's often a farm lane. However, any summoner spell can really be viable in this matchup.

The general rule of thumb against Cho'Gath is that if you don't kill him early, around levels 1-5, then you will never be able to kill him by yourself.

Unless you have ignite you likely won't have kill potential on him early on. He will just shove the wave while harassing you and healing up off of minions.

Instead, focus on last hitting, managing mana, minimizing harass, and look to set up a jungle gank.

Killing Cho'Gath early from a jungle gank is usually the key to shutting him down in mid lane.




Against Diana you have several options for summoner spells. You can take ignite if you want to go for kills. You can take Exhaust if you're good at timing it to reduce her burst. You can take Teleport to play passive and farm. You can take Barrier to negate her damage and burst if you aren't good at using Exhaust.

Diana is considered a soft counter to Viktor by many. This is due to the fact that she's usually too tanky with her shield to successfully shove out of lane levels 1-5. Then once you're both level 6 she has a ton of burst, while still being tanky, to kill you since you lack an escape.

Jungle ganks early is usually the key to winning your lane. Otherwise, play very safe post level 6 as if she lands a Q on you that can be all it takes for her to engage and kill you or push you out.




Against Ekko you can take Exhaust, Ignite, or Teleport.

The biggest thing about Ekko is playing around his W. The shield and stun are what allows him to win fights and trades.

You can look to play aggressive and harass him levels 1-5 before he has his ultimate as you can usually bully him since he's still squishy and doesn't have great damage.

A common tactic for Ekko's to use is to go into the Fog of War and then use their W so you don't see them use it. Whenever Ekko disappears into the Fog of War always assume he has done that.




Against Fizz you usually want to take Exhaust, but can take Barrier if you're not good at using Exhaust. You can also take ignite to try and kill him levels 1-5 and snowball the lane for you.

A big part of beating Fizz is winning levels 1-5. Specifically levels 1-2 are important. You want to play aggressive and land a lot of harass against Fizz at this stage. Often Fizz's will take too much harass at these levels and end up staying too long and dying.




I recommend Teleport against Gangplank as it's usually a farm lane and Teleport will help you match his global presence.

Gangplank is really weak levels 1-5. He also has weak wave clear levels 1-5. You can do a combination of pushing and harass levels 1-5 to try to zone him out of lane or get a kill.

Once he's level 6 be much more cautious as landing a barrel into his ultimate can be enough to kill you if you're pushed up.




Against Heimer I recommend Teleport, but you can take any summoner spell.

Heimer is a fairly passive and easy lane. This is due to the fact that Heimer will just look to shove the wave over and over again. However, Viktor has great wave clear so it shouldn't effect you once you augment your E.

At the same time you can use your Q against his turrets to kill them without taking much damage. Your E is also great at destroying his turrets.




I recommend Teleport against Karthus, but you can take any summoner spell. Ghost can be good against Karthus since it allows you to chase him down and dodge his Qs.

Karthus will just be a passive farm lane. You should have faster wave clear and that should allow you to harass him while he tries to wave clear.

Just be aware that when you're pushed to his tower his Wall of Pain can set up jungle ganks really well.




I recommend taking Exhaust, Ignite, or Teleport against Kassadin.

Your Q's shield will negate a lot of the harass from Kassadin's Q. Additionally, if you take Exhaust and time it when he ults on to you, you will often just straight up win the fight.

Kassadin has a weak early game and Viktor has a strong early game. Kassadin usually takes awhile to ramp up as well. Because of this Viktor is usually relatively safe against Kassadin and can bully him early.




I recommend Exhaust or Ignite against Katarina.

Your ultimate cancels Katarina's ultimate since it cancels channels. Your Q shield negates any kind of harass Katarina will attempt. At the same time, Katarina is melee and so you can bully her.

Katarina also has below average wave clear. You can just shove her into tower and pin her down.




Against LeBlanc I recommend Barrier, Exhaust, or Ignite.

You definitely want an Abyssal Scepter in this matchup. Try to take advantage of your superior wave clear as LeBlanc lacks wave clear. Try to save your E for when LeBlanc jumps back after her harass combo.

Don't be afraid to just drop your ult on her as LeBlanc is squishy and you want to keep her low on health so she's afraid to go aggressive against you.




I recommend taking Cleanse as it removes Lissandra's stun from her ultimate.

Lissandra can be somewhat easy since you out range her. However, you both have good wave clear so it can often be a stale mate in that regard.

If you can land good harass and gain control of the lane early on it can be tough for Lissandra. However, Lissandra has really good engage and Viktor lack's an escape. At the same time, Lissandra sets up ganks really well for her team. This can be tough if you're facing an aggressive jungler or roaming support. For that reason it's important to maintain vision.




I recommend taking Ignite, Heal, Ghost, or Teleport against Lulu.

Lulu is a lane bully and a safe laner. You can't really win trades against her early. Instead, you want to just minimize harass and look to farm. Once you augment your E and start getting items you can start landing harass if she doesn't time her shield well.

Focus on minimizing harass and wave clearing. She's a safe laner that is good at trading.




Against Lux I recommend Cleanse or Teleport.

Lux is a very safe laner and so I don't recommend trying to play aggressive against her. The only way you can get a kill should be from a gank if she's playing well.

Instead, you should have a slight wave clear advantage once you have your augmented E. Look to wave clear and then roam or take jungle camps.




I recommend taking Exhaust, Ignite, or Teleport against Malzahar.

Malzahar is a relatively safe laner that looks to just clear waves from a safe distance. However, early on his wave clear can be weak enough that you have some opportunities. If he's positioning poorly you can go aggressive as soon as he uses his E on your minions.

Stay away from your caster minions as he will try to use his Q on them to push faster.




Against Orianna I recommend taking Ignite, Teleport or Ghost.

Orianna is a safe laner and in general you shouldn't be able to kill her 1v1. Instead, you should have superior wave clear. Use that to your advantage and look to pin her down and roam/take jungle camps.




Against Pantheon I recommend taking Exhaust.

Try to use your Q to shield his Q harass. Pantheon is strong early on and can have a lot of damage.

Look to harass him from a distance and only go in close to trade when your Q is up to shield you.

Try to get rid of his passive shield before using your Q so it doesn't block your empowered auto attack.




Against Swain I recommend taking Ignite, but you can take Cleanse as well so he can't land his W to all-in you.

Swain shouldn't give you that much trouble as he lacks wave clear. You also out range him. You could look to harass and win trades levels 1-5 and then transition into pushing him into tower level 6+.




Against Syndra I recommend taking Exhaust to counter her ultimate.

Syndra has good range and has her E to stun you if you move forward.

In general, it's better to focus on farming, landing harass with E, and dodging her abilities.

Syndra is squishy and lacks escapes so setting up a jungle gank can work as well.




Taliyah will shove you into tower for the first few levels. There's not much you can do about it. Stand away from your minions so you don't get hit by her abilities as she wave clears the minions. Focus on last hitting and then match her early recall.

Ward the center of the lane to see where she's moving to go roam to once she wave clears.

Once you get your Hex Core and augment your E ability you can start shoving back and trying to control her.




Against Talon I recommend Exhaust or Ignite.

Talon is somewhat weak levels 1-5 as long as you don't get low from his W harass.

You should be able to bully him and harass him as long as you time your aggression around his W and use your Q shield to negate some of the damage.

Just be cautious of throwing the lane early from a jungle gank.

Once he's level 6, purchasing a pink ward and having Exhaust can often be enough to kill him if he jumps you to burst you.


Twisted Fate


I recommend taking Cleanse against Twisted Fate so his Gold Card is useless against you.

Twisted Fate should be relatively easy since you out range him and out trade him. You can also use your ultimate aggressively to force him out of lane since he lacks an escape to get out of it once you land it.

Biggest issue is going to be him ganking other lanes. Keep wards up and shove him aggressively into tower. Try to keep him pinned down and harass him. Cleanse will make it difficult for him to ever win trades or set up jungle ganks on you.



I recommend Cleanse, Exhaust, or Ignite against Veigar.

Veigar is weak early, but can farm relatively safely with his Q. Your biggest worry should really just be dying to a gank due to his veigareventhorizon.png

Once you're both level 6, it becomes harder as you're more vulnerable to all-ins. You want to mainly use your E to harass and wave clear and avoid getting close enough for him to trap you with veigareventhorizon.png. However, using your ultimate aggressive can also work since he lacks escapes to get out of it so you can push him out of lane with it.




Against Vladimir I recommend Ignite.

Early on you should be stronger than Vladimir since your Q shield will win you trades and his spell vamp is too low for him to sustain through harass.

However, it can get to the point where harassing him is pointless and it just turns into a farm lane.

Either way, it should be difficult for him to kill you or go aggressive against you without walking straight into your E.




I recommend Ghost, Teleport, Ignite, or Cleanse against Xerath.

Xerath out ranges you and will generally just farm and harass from a safe distance. Use your Q on minions if you need to in order to negate some of his poke.

In general, just focus on dodging spells and farming.




I recommend Exhaust against Yasuo.

Yasuo has a strong level 2-5. Always be aware of his shield as it's what allows him to win trades.

Be careful of his level 2 all-in as it's pretty strong.

Be mindful of your Q cooldown as early on that's going to be what allows you to trade.




I recommend taking Exhaust against Zed.

Zed is a pretty safe laner. Focusing on harassing and wave clearing is your best bet.

Remember, Zed will appear behind you when he ults. Place your W down when he ults you on top of yourself and then E behind you as soon as he appears and drop your ult.

Wait 0.5 seconds to Exhaust him after he appears as his Ultimate's damage will pop after 3 seconds and Exhaust lasts 2.5 seconds. Same applies to Zhonya's.




I recommend Teleport, Ignite, or Ghost against Ziggs.

Ziggs is a safe long range mage. He will look to poke and farm and wave clear from a safe distance.

It will be difficult to go aggressive on him so instead focus on farming and dodging his spells.




I recommend taking Ignite, Exhaust, Teleport, or Ghost against Zilean. Any summoner will work.

Zilean can have very annoying harass. The key to winning the matchup is dodging his bombs. Early on you can attempt to trade with your Q+E. However, once you augment your E you want to transition into farming from a safe distance.




Stand away from your minions so you don't get hit by Zoe's Q while she uses it to push minions.

Don't bother trying to aggressive poke or trade with Zoe - she's too safe of a laner. Instead, focus on either poking with E or wave clearing.

Once you get your first Hex Core and augment your E you can start fighting back against her waveclear and start getting control of the lane.




I recommend taking Ignite or Ghost against Zyra.

Zyra is a long range harass mage. It will be hard for you to go aggressive against her.

Instead, focus on dodging her abilities and farming while looking for opportunities to land your E to harass her.

If you take Ghost you can wait for her to use her abilities on the wave, pop Ghost, run at her use your W to slow, and then combo her with your abilities while using your movement speed to dodge hers.

Early Game Back to Top

Viktor has a very strong early game due to his Q. The shield and damage combined with his E make him a difficult opponent to face. That being said, you're still restricted to the fundamentals of laning. That being, manage your mana, land your skill shots, last hit, positioning, etc.

You want to time your harass and aggression around the opponent's last hits. When you see one of your minions is low you know the opponent will walk up to kill it. It's at this point you want to time your abilities as it's much harder for the opponent to dodge or trade back.

Your ideal harass combo is Q+E+Auto attack. Whenever you execute this spell rotation keep in mind you should then back off unless you have kill potential as to not then overextend and take damage while your abilities are on cooldown. 

Another point of consideration is pushing the lane. Always be aware of what pushing the lane will result in. Pushing the minion wave can be advantageous as the enemy can miss farm under their tower, be too focused on last hitting allowing you to harass them freely, and free you up to react if teammates need help.

That being said, it also makes you more vulnerable to ganks. Due to Viktor's E ability - he will often push the wave when he trades. You need to get in the habit of using your trinket wards early on to protect you and also predicting where the enemy jungler is going to be. Try to stand towards the side of the lane opposite to where the enemy jungler would gank from.

If you have a passive early game jungler such as Warwick or Master Yi and the enemy has an aggressive early game jungler such as Lee Sin, Shaco, or Elise then it's okay to play more passive early to prevent yourself from pushing the wave so you're in a safer position and won't die to ganks.

Middle Game Back to Top

During the mid game a lot of Viktor's playstyle revolves around his fast wave clear. With your augmented E you can clear minion waves extremely fast. This creates "timing windows" where you can move around the map, take jungle camps, etc. while the opponent is pinned down picking up the farm at their tower.

You want to keep up your ward coverage as Viktor lacks escape spells so he's vulnerable to both jungle ganks and support ganks. 

You want to make a decision whether you want to hard push the wave with E and prioritize roaming the map or taking jungle camps or whether you want to set up a kill on your lane opponent.

In general, if you're facing a safe opponent that is difficult to kill it's better to push them in. If you're facing an opponent that's weaker than you then you can bully them and look for kills or to push them out.

Don't be afraid to use your ultimate in lane to force the opponent to back. Often simply landing an E into your ultimate will be enough to force the enemy to go to base. This results in them falling behind in gold and experience.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game Viktor has a lot of damage and will often be in a position to one shot enemies that are squishy. Positioning is very important as Viktor not only has a lot of burst, but also a lot of dps over extended fights.

You can siege towers with Viktor if you have a good team composition to do that. He can zone people with his W and poke with his E. At the same time, you can look to control objectives and force fights in the jungle where people are forced into narrow passages. This will make it easier for you to land your W, E, and R. 

Team Fighting Back to Top

The key to team fighting with Viktor is understanding how to balance positioning while also looking for a big one shot combo on the enemy's back line.

Since Viktor has so much dps from his Q over extended team fights it's important you stay alive. Kiting and outputting damage similar to how an AD Carry does is often the standard. However, while you're doing this you need to be paying attention to the enemy's back line. You want to be aware and watching the enemy's squishy carries to see if they get out of position. Once they do, you can switch from the kiting AD Carry style into putting down all your burst on the enemy's back line.

Always be aware of your team's abilities. Do you have crowd control in your team? If so, who has it and how will they use it? Viktor doesn't have the big crowd control to suddenly turn fights. Instead, he has the big damage and follow up. If one of your teammates such as Malphite lands a good ultimate on the enemy back line then you can follow up with a W+E+R to completely wipe the enemy team.

Remember to play off of your teammates abilities as if the enemy team isn't simply mispositioning and overextending then you will need your teammates, usually some form of a tank, to use crowd control to set up your burst or your own crowd control with your W.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Has a very strong laning phase and can be a lane bully
  • At the same time has a safe laning phase due to his augmented E
  • Transitions into a strong team fighter late game
  • Can also work in siege compositions to zone out and harass enemies
  • Can stall games due to his wave clear
  • Is a safe and consistent champion that works in a variety of compositions and situations


  • His E can feel clunky and difficult to use for most players
  • In general his abilities and spells can have a higher learning curve as it's a lot different than other champions players might have played previously
  • Gives us the immense snowball ability that an assassin might possess for a more consistent and safe play style

Warding Locations Back to Top

Warding Locations

Ward Locations.jpg
Note: This is from the perspective of Blue Side - meaning your Nexus is South. The exact same ward spots apply if you were Red Side - meaning your Nexus is North, except that the ward spots are simply rotated 180 degrees/mirrored.

1 - This is where you want to place your 2055.png as gaining vision control of the lane brush is very important. This is because the lane brush offers the most quickest and convenient location to place 3340.png for the enemy. By placing a 2055.png it denies the enemy this convenience. At the same time, it clears the most common area we'll be moving through when we roam. Lastly, it keeps our 2055.png close to us, which makes it easier to defend and harder for the enemy to get rid of.

2 - This is the optimal location for a 3340.png as it covers all the choke points for that side of the river. Additionally, it is hidden from 2055.png that are placed in the lane brushes. Keep in mind, this is just the most optimal, that doesn't mean it's always practical. It's okay to place your 3340.png in location 1 or somewhere between location 1 and 2 if you're unable to move any further due to safety or potential missed minions.

3 - This is the aggressive version of the 2nd ward location and should only be used when you have lane control and the enemy laner is forced to playing passive. It allows you to see when the enemy mid laner rotates to take blue buffs, jungle camps, roam, or react to one of your roams. At the same time, it spots junglers that are coming from raptors/wolves.

4 - This is a very powerful ward that can easily be placed after you push the mid laner into his tower. This gives you vision on the enemy's raptor camp. This can give you a wide range of information. For example, if you place this ward early on it tells you whether the enemy jungler is invading/ganking the side he started on or if he's doing a standard clear. When you spot the enemy jungler doing his raptors it relieves pressure off of everyone else as you know exactly where the enemy jungler it is. At the same time, that opens your own jungler to adjust his play accordingly. On top of that, just knowing that the jungler ISN'T doing his raptors can give you information on where he might possibly be.

5 - This is simply a better version of the 4th warding location. However, it's more time consuming, riskier, and overall more difficult to get a ward here. The reason why it's better than the 4th warding location is that you can see if the enemy's jungler is skipping raptors and which direction he's moving towards. I like to ward here when I have a big lead and I do it after I push a wave to pin the enemy mid laner at his tower.

6 - This is known as the lane ward and you might have seen it before. This is best used against champions that are looking to roam and is typically used when you've lost lane and are behind. It's especially strong against Twisted Fate due to the manner in which he ganks. Essentially, this ward will let you see which direction the enemy mid laner moves to after he kills the minion wave. In a way this gives you the benefits of warding both sides of your lane with only one ward: you get to see if he's ganking either side lane. However, you also get to see if the enemy is recalling or just standing at his tower. Keep in mind the main downside of this ward is that it doesn't protect you against other enemies ganking your lane.

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