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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Barrier lets you block a large amount of damage briefly, you should run barrier when you don't have to run cleanse.

Cleanse lets you instantly remove CC, this is great since Viktor has no gap closer and will be against lots of CC mid and from the Jungle, if the enemy Mid lane, Support, and Jungler have no CC you can run Barrier.

Flash is standard on most champions, Viktor is no exception, it allows you to immediate relocate your champion, great for engaging or escaping. 

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arey lets you deal more damage in lane when you damage the enemy, the cooldown of Arey is based off how long it takes Arey to come back to you after damaging an enemy, since Viktor is such short range, you can get Arey's damage off multiple times during a fight.
Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Manaflow band allows you to basically get a free 1027.png for hitting enemies with abilities, this is great for viktor allowing him to not have to itemize specific mana items.
Celerity.png?width=64 Celerity gives you more movement speed and some AP for your bonus movement speed, since Viktor has no gap closer, and constantly gains bonus movement speed this works great on him.
Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64 More AP the longer the game goes, great insurance policy, and adds to your overall scaling.
5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=64 Start off with bonus Health than turns into AP after getting 4 kills or assist, great to get Viktor through a ruff laning phase and still get some damage from the rune.
Bone%20Plating.png?width=64 Blocks lots of incoming damage from 1 target, lots of mid laners will do a lot of damage at once, this is when bone plating becomes really useful, but blocking any damage for free is also generally ok.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

viktorchaosstorm.png > viktordeathray.png > viktorpowertransfer.png > viktorgravitonfield.png

viktorpassive.png Passive

Viktor starts with Hex Core : 3200.png
This item can be upgraded, and ever upgrade allows him to enhance a basic ability

See when to build the Hex Core upgrades in "Items"

viktorpowertransfer.png Siphon Power

On click ability, once used Viktor gains a shield & deals magic damage to the target hit, his next auto attack is also empowered Dealing magic damage

Upgraded Siphon Power

  • When cast Viktor instantly gains bonus movement speed, he also gains a bigger shield.
  • This is Viktors short range damage ability, is great for fights to give him mobility once upgraded, and is good for trading in lane.

viktorgravitonfield.png Gravity Field

Viktor Drops a small circle field near him, all enemies in it are slowed and eventually stunned briefly

Upgraded Gravity Field

Once upgraded enemies stunned in Gravity field are dragged into the center of it, allowing you to his an easy viktordeathray.png + viktorchaosstorm.png 

viktordeathray.png Death Ray 

  • Viktor shoots a laser in a line dealing magic damage to all enemies hit
  • Upgraded Death Ray after 1 sec the line explodes dealing more magic damage
This is Viktors wave clear ability since you can hit all minions with it, and is great for long range poke.

viktorchaosstorm.png Chaos Storm

  • Viktor places a circle that deals AOE magic damage to all enemies hit by it, and will follow nearby enemies, upgrading it will make it move faster.
  • Chaos Storm interrupts channeled abilities.

You should use this right as you commit to a fight, saving it does nothing, let it rip so it can actually do damage, especially since it has to do damage over time, and it's cooldown is very unimpactful, you can even drop it for a big trades in lane.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting items

3200.png Until upgrade this item isn't terribly impactful, just thing of it as small amounts of scaling AP + Mana
1056.png Doran's Ring is standard on most Mid laners, Viktor is no exception it allows you to spam Q & E as much as possible before first back.
2003.png Use health pots after trades when looking for a lethal, or during a fight to have more effective health.
3340.png Don't' forget to ward.

Hex Core

3200.png 3196.png 3197.png 3198.png 

The build path into Viktor's Hex Core upgrades isn't that complicated, it should be your first completed item, you can throw in boots 1001.png3158.png when you back with enough gold, then you can start building 

Upgrade E viktordeathray.png  > Q viktorpowertransfer.png > ULT viktorchaosstorm.png 


3198.png 3158.png 3100.png 

Upgraded Hex Core gives you a cheap item that adds functionality to your abilities, and scales with levels
Lucidity boots and the cheapest, and allow you to use abilities, and summoner spells more often.
Lich Bane gives you a good amount of Mana to work with in combination with Hex Core & Manaflow Band, it lets you skip building a tear item which such on Viktor, and all the stats and passive of Lich Bane synergise very well with Viktor's Kit. After these items here are some other items viktor wants.

3116.png Rylai's is very cheap and effective on Viktor allowing you to slow targets and stick onto them, and having extra health is nice.
3089.png Deathcap is an item that you should look to build if you are getting a lot of consistent gold through kills and CSing, once complete you can get AP values you otherwise wouldn't get, making your abilities do damage the otherwise wouldn't do.
3165.png Great after say Lich Bane + Rylai's if you are snowballing, giving you a 2nd health item, and applying a healing de-buff to all enemies you damage.
3111.png & 3047.png You can buy Merc's and Ninja tabi if they are useful against the enemy champions you are up against, but they cost more, and delay your build path.
3135.png Void Staff best as a 3rd or 4th item, and only if the enemy is building magic resist, if they aren't than this item is kind of a waste.

Matchups Back to Top

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Anivia is only wave clear, if you move into her you lose, look to farm as hard as she does.




Dodge her Q cassiopeiaq.png and you should win.




Abuse him early or he will be too strong mid game and be able to 1 shot you.

Watch out for his W ekkow.png from the fog of war.




You can abuse Fizz early in the laning phase by spamming Q viktorpowertransfer.png on him, don't be afraid of him or he gets all the cs for free.




Katarina has a strong level 2-3, avoid her all in around that time.




Leblanc is short range and can get onto you easily and get away without you being able to do much. 3102.png helps.


Twisted Fate


It's really easy, when TF roams with his ULT you stay mid and right click his tower.

Run Cleanse 1.png for his gold card.




An early 1033.png will make laning against him easier, and safer against his all ins.




viktorpowertransfer.png as he gets onto you to block some of his damage, and W viktorgravitonfield.png yourself if he lands a tornado so you can stun him as he ults you.

Early Game Back to Top

Early game on Viktor you can have lots of control if you hit the enemy constantly with Q viktorpowertransfer.png & E viktordeathray.png, Q viktorpowertransfer.png is basically a free shot, since you damage them, and the shield you get will either block their incoming damage, or some of the minion aggro. 

If you are against a long range mage such as 34.png134.png99.png it will be harder to approach them, try using your Q viktorpowertransfer.png on a minion to gain the shield to block some of their damage, and when upgraded to gain movement speed to move towards them, but keeping your distance is the safest play.

You also want to have control over the minion wave, Viktor may be short range, but you can clear a minion wave before it gets to your tower if you a simply auto attacking the melee minions as they come to you, moving past them can put you at risk, keeping your farm up on any mid laner is very important.

Since you have no gap closer mispositioning can cost you a lot, moving into the fog of war to find a jungler isn't good, getting hit by the enemy skillshots isn't good, so click fast and don't get hit, and don't move to places that could potentially kill you.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game you are most likely still laning Mid, but can start looking to participate in some fights near your lane, with the most common plays being

  • Fighting around Dragon
  • Pushing Mid and Roaming Top or Bot
  • Pushing Mid and moving into the enemy Jungle with your allies
If none of these plays are available staying Mid and laning as normal is fine, you still need to be getting all the CS possible, and around Mid game Viktor's abilities will start doing some real damage, after Hex Core upgrade and extra AP from items they really start hurting, and don't be afraid to drop your ULT viktorchaosstorm.png on your lane opponent during a big trade, the cooldown isn't that important and will give you lots of extra damage, potentially push them out of lane, put them at lethal range, or help you push the minion wave.

Moving out of your lane is more complicated that simply staying in it, look at the minimap, wards, and use your brain to imagen what is in the fog of war be blindly stepping foot into it when moving out of your lane, or face the consequence.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game Viktor is kind of a jack of all trades and master of none, he is ok at Farm, Poking, Trading, Wave Clearing, Team Fighting, and Split Pushing if necessary.

So if you are even or ahead you can really push this factor of Viktor very far by doing a little of everything, and doing it quickly, make the enemy respond to one play, the go and do another, and another, eventually they are bound to misstep in which case you or your team's CC can potentially punish.

During Team Fights Viktor is best dealing with the front line with his allies, you can quickly shred through a tank with your ability since they are such low cooldown, but if a fight is going to happen quickly you can either flank or move past the enemy front line to damage their back line, by doing so you put yourself at risk, but can get away with the bonus movement speed from Q  viktorpowertransfer.png

When doing objectives ( Baron & Dragon ) use Q viktorpowertransfer.png for DPS, and E viktordeathray.png to thwart off enemies trying to interfere, you can also place W viktorgravitonfield.png in choke points that enemies would have to enter through to get to you and your team, not only slowing them but potentially CCing them. 

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Easy to Play
  • Jack of all Trades 
  • Spam-Ability of Basic abilities makes him like a fighter AP champion, rather than a standard AP Mid Laner that presses a few buttons and has to wait.


  • No Gap closer
  • Very useless when behind
  • Big AP power spikes aren't as impactful on Viktor as they are on other 1 shot AP Mid Laners, but Viktor has better defensive itemization. 

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 21, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Once I hit Diamond for the first time I knew that I would have to take it all the way with this game, luckily for me the deeper I go into the game the deeper it gets. I will always be focused and dedicated to improving my play and hopefully reach a point of sustainability from playing the game, I want to make an example of what I think eSports should and can be about. 

 Here are some places you can find me! 

Esport Arsenal 

 Find out what the best League of Legends Pros use for their Mouse, Keyboard, Mousepad, Etc!

  • Twitter - @SawyerGG - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitter Account
  • Twitch - SawyerTHEBEST - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitch Account
  • Lol Coaching

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