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Summoner Spells Back to Top

[I'll update here soon]

  • Ghost + Flash = good for teamfights AND SPLITPUSHING. That's the reason I always pick these summoners because you can safely splitpush. Most champions can beat Vlad 1v1 because he sucks against DPS champions like 102_64.png24_64.png92_64.png. Also, these 2 summoners are pretty good on teamfights so you can Flash + Ultimate and then avoid being kited with your Ghost.

  • Ignite + Flash = good for lane phase.

14.png Pick Ignite for a better lane phase killing potential, it is good for Vlad's weak early game.

4.png Gives you the gap closer you need for a teamfight, because 8_64.png lacks of mobility. Also, a great spell to follow up your team's initiation with Flash + Ultimate.

6.pngGhost is viable for chasing enemies in a teamfight, or against champions that use Ghost to make plays, like 27_64.png, 23_64.png. Against an easy matchup you should take Ghost instead of Ignite because Ghost/Flash is better for the teamfights.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Why Stormraider's Surge mastery?
With the recent 6.png buff and 3152.png you can catch anyone on a teamfight.

Abilities Back to Top

Note that leveling W on level 2 is very important to avoid an early gank. Don't ever get E on level 2, it's just stupid, you need the pool as it's your only way to escape. Also E wastes lots of health early on, you don't wanna use it.

At level 3, leveling Q or E will depend on the game.
If your enemy is pushing the lane too hard then get E to try farm up and don't let the minions reach your turret.
If the enemy is just last hitting/freezing the lane then get Q to have a better poke/heal.

Crimson Patch (passive):

  • Gives an extra HP as long as you're building AP items, scales well into late game making you less squishy. Buying HP items gives you a poor quantity of AP, and Vlad is useless with tank items, so don't focus buying HP.

Transfusion (Q):

  • Max Q first, this is your main poke/sustain ability, maxing it decreases it's cooldown to 4 seconds. When this skill is maxed (level 9 summoner) you have to abuse spamming Q's on enemy and minions, this is when Vladimir becomes one of the most annoying champions to lane against.

Sanguine Pool (W):

  • Max it last, this is your escape/dodge ability, do NEVER use it to damage. The only situation you may use it instead of escaping/dodging it's for slowing enemies, for exemple: your jungler is ganking and the enemy is getting away, then after your combo you should W on top of him. Also you should use your pool on a teamfight after E+Q, so you can wait the cooldown while being unvulnerable.
    Sanguine pool can dodge several skills and outplay them, like 4_64.png's card, 51_64.png's ultimate and 10_64.png's slow. Some you can't cancel, like 9_64.png's drain and 57_64.png's snare.

Tides of Blood (E):

  • Max it after Q, it's your main farm ability. Careful using it early levels, it costs too much HP while you still have no good sustain.
    It has 4 stacks, which increases your damage. Before a teamfight, keep spamming E when your team is preparing to engage, this will keep your damage high when going in. Just don't stay too low before engaging, Q some minions to compensate the lost HP from E spam.

Hemoplague (R):

  • As any ultimate, level it up as soons as it's available. Understand that, Hemoplague isn't so efficient 1v1, so don't expect doing high damage when ulting one target.
    Your main objective is to ult on 3+ people in a teamfight. Hemplague increases the damage taken FROM ALL SOURCES by 12%, it means that your team's damage(and yours) will increase on each target.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    1- standard
    1- standard (I prefer this one)

Core Items

    2- EARLY ITEMS (situational)
    3- buy them according to your necessity
    buy this if you buy hextech protobelt
    take this if you're not buying hextech protobelt because vladimir needs cdr
    exemple of a final build that I usually do
    exemple of a final build that I usually do

Situational Items

    after the buff patch: it is now good, build if you like the slow passive. 90% games I buy it
    WHICH ONE? spirit visage's stats looks cool for vladimir, but the new cdr buff on abyssal makes it fabulous. I go for abyssal most of the games. Take spirit visage if you'r getting wrecked by an AP team
    It is ok, depends on your preference. there are better items... If you feel you need no more bonus movement speed then forget it
    I don't know... I kinda like it. People are also buying this so, seems viable. good stats for vladimir like hp, cdr, ap and an ok active. good first item to build.
Usually I build in this order (can be a little different if you see each champion matchup notes):
1054_32.png  ->  3191_32.png OR  1033_32.png  -> 1001_32.png3152_32.png  ->  3157_32.png  -> 3158_32.png  ->  3089_32.png   ->  3001_32.png OR  3065_32.png   ->   3135_32.png.

Starting Items

  • 1054_32.png2003_32.png Lately I've been using a lot Doran's Shield because it gives a nice early sustain and survivability against Auto Attack champions. Starting with 1054_32.png makes your early game much better. Just be careful because you'll have no wards, but normally you should just keep yourself safe and farming on early game.

Early Items

  • 3020_32.png Build it when you're winning the lane, your poke will do more damage.
    3158_32.png Buy it when losing lane against someone with high sustain like 75_64.png58_64.png, because CDR makes you spam E+Q more frequently, giving you more pressure on lane and sustain. You can also buy even if you're not losing, CDR is good.
  • 3152_32.png Sustain+CDR? Best core item for Vladimir.
  • 3157_32.png You should have this item almost every game, it maximizes your duration alive in a teamfight.
    How to use: Ult on their team, use Q+E then W, use Q+E again and active ZHONYA, use Q+E and soon your W will be available again.
    Zhonya makes you combo a lot of times while being safe waiting for cooldowns, because of it's invulnerability + pool.

Later Items #1 (against Magic Resist and HP) I DON'T USE IT ANYMORE, I think it's too weak

It doens't synergises well with Vladimir, but if you're against a tanky top, mid and support then it's ok building it.
  • 3135_32.png It's better then stacking AP, if enemy has too much Magic Resist.
  • 3151_32.png3116_32.png Good for those who stacks HP, and your poke becomes too powerful. Remeber that you should buy in this order: 3136_32.png->3116_32.png->3151_32.png, it's not cost efficient if you finish Liandry's Torment before Rylai.

Later Items #2 (against squishy/no tankers) I PREFER THIS ONE

I build it every game, it's your core items.. makes Vladimir do a lot of AoE damage or even solo an AD/AP carry.
  • 3089_32.png Increases your health because of your passive and makes you much stronger. Also, you'll have more sustain as Vladimir's Q steals life as more damage he does.
  • 3001_32.png Increases your damage by reducing magic resist of NEARBY ENEMIES, it means if you have an AP mid laner it will help deal lots of damage. Good against AP team (for defense) and squishies, because it lowers their MR a lot, as they have no defenses.

Situational Items

  • PLEASE READ IT. 3065_32.png or 3001_32.png? Many people ask me which one is better, and here are my thoughts about them:
    I only build 3065_32.png if I can be instakilled in a teamfight, normally if they have a fed AP assassin and someone to CC you. With this item you can survive a strong combo and keep fighting.
    Usually I build 3001_32.png because it increases the magic damage from my team (helps a lot my AP mid laner).

    Some people say 3065_32.png is better because of the HP + CDR. Well, the AP you get from your passive is not that much, your damage increases much more with 3001_32.png. CDR is really strong on 8_64.png but you won't need more than 20% CDR, you can have it with 3152_32.png + CDR Gylph runes (20% CDR is fine to combo with zhonya).

  • 3116_32.png What I think about this item, after the patch: It it now viable to build, not an OP item but it's good, specially if you like the slow passive. Some people build 3151_32.png for Vladimir but it has NO synergy with him because he doesn't inflict damage over time, so if you want to try Rylai just keep with Rylai, not both.
  • 3026_32.png I usually don't buy this item, but it is really good. Want more survivability but also do damage? Don't forget to have a 3157_32.png! That should be your whole combo during a teamfight: R+Q+E > Pool > Q+E > 3157_32.png> Q+E > 3026_32.png > Q+E > Pool > Q+E

Matchups Back to Top

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Focus FARMING until lvl9, because he'll just heal all your damage done. After lvl9 keep poking him, and be careful because you can't 1v1 him when he's full HP. He needs to be low HP to you go in.
ASK FOR GANKS, beucase if he get a little bit ahead, he can snowball.
When he jumps, avoid it by pooling away, run and then start fighting him as soon as he stops chasing you. Stay near your turret because when he get 3144_32.png he can reach you.
Ask for ganks, the wave will always be pushed under your turret because he needs to constantly attack something to heal.






31_64.png has an insane sustain since level 1, so you won't ever be able to win the early game.

Most Cho'Gaths just keep pushing the lane for sustain, so be careful not losing cs. Focus farming and don't try to harass because he will always win the trade.

I would recommend you to only farm because you can't win him without a gank.




Play really SAFE on the beginning, start with 1054_32.png2003_32.png.
It's very simple, if he pulls you then you get destroyed. Try to harass him when he goes for a cs and avoid be pulled when farming. Please, DO NOT CS IF YOU KNOW HE CAN pull you, just wait and farm at you turret.

All you have to do is survive until lvl9 and have a decent farm. At lvl9/10 keep farming/harassing, if got caught just pool away and spam Q's (I prefer pooling before he pulls).
122_64.png has no sustain, at lvl9 it should become a medium difficulty lane. An early  3191_32.png+1011_32.png should be good.


Dr. Mundo





This matchup is 100% skill based. You should pay attention to her cooldowns to win this lane, avoid her stun and stay behind minions to don't be hit by her W.

If she misses a stun/W, or used any skill to farm, or SHE CHANGED HER FORM TO ACTIVE HER SUSTAIN.. then you should immediately poke her.

Be patience, you have to poke her little by little and avoid her damage.




It's hard but depends on your skill.
9_64.png will silence you whenever you go for a cs. And, if you poked him before, he'll start fearing, silencing and draining you. The problem is: 8_64.png's pool doesn't cancel his draining, it makes fiddle a hard match up for you.

Stay farming on your turret and keep your HP bar full, also ask for ganks.
Buy 3111_32.png, beucase less time feared = less time drained. Also it's good for teamfights, because you need to spam skills, and fiddle may interrupt you.







Use Moviment Quint Runes.
Start with 1001_32.png2044_32.png2003_32.png, and he won't catch you a single time before he buy any boots. Buy 3158_32.png asap.

All you have to do is poke all day, and run away when he chases you.
Use your pool when he's about to silence you.

After your 3145_32.png, buy 3191_32.png. Don't forget to have a 3116_32.png  late game, it helps slowing him.







She'll try to stun everytime there's a minion near you, and once she does that you will lose a bunch of HP. And before you be able to heal she will stun again...

-At level 1 try poking her with Q and autoattacks. 

-Let the wave be near your turret so she can't all in.
-Think twice before poking her. If you're losing the lane then she's probably waiting you to poke her enough so she can stun you instead of slowing.
-Once she gets a 3057_32.png she can all-in you with 80% HP, so be careful.
-Don't try all-in her even if she has 20% HP, because her ultimate heals so much.




It's pretty hard if you don't take an advantage since level 1. Try harassing him a lot, even with autoattacks.

If he jump on you, just keep running and when he stop chasing you keep harassing him with E+Q and autoattacks.
Use your pool when he try to stun you, but be careful because his stun's cooldown is a little bit lower than your pool.




He wins early trades, so focus farming under your turret and save skills to cs.
First buy 3191_32.png then 3145_32.png. You should be ~lvl10 at this point, and if you have these items you can play more agressive.

Don't be outplayed, avoid his skillshot and be agressive with him if his skills are on cooldown (probably used to clear the wave).
Consider a hard difficulty lane if you can't dodge his skillshot, or if he has lifesteal runes/items.













Rush 3065.png and, if there is another AP champion, go 3001.png after spirit's visage.
Keep distance so she can't W you and combo... she will always Q you, but don't let she W you. If she tries to E, you can dance around minions or something like that.

If you die once then just focus farming on your turret.


Lee Sin


So much hard to deal against when they max their W (sustain). 
When 64_64.png max out W first and buy a lifesteal item, then you can be almost sure that you'll lose the lane.

Don't actually know how to really deal with this matchup. The only tip I can give to you is to avoid any poke of him, because he'll try to Q you or jump into the minions near you and E, and 5 seconds later he'll be full healed.
You got no CC, so it's pretty pretty hard to your jungler help you killing Lee Sin.

What do I do? Hug the tower and just farm and not feed. Have a much lower cs than Lee is much better than anything you can do against him (like trying some plays, because you'll die).




Most people think this is an easy lane because you take advantage that you can poke 54_64.png and outsustain him. This is true, the lane phase against him is pretty EASY.

The reason I put as a hard difficulty, is that after his level 6, it's really hard to avoid a gank with his slow + knockup. His jungler will follow up and probably kill you (I'm talking about good 54_64.png players with a decent jungler, the newbie ones you can deal as an easy difficulty).

And there's no way you can avoid that, because he has so much CC and his jungler can gank through the lane.

Get a 3145_32.png on your first buy because the way to win him is that he doesn't have sustain.
Try not to stay far from your turret. His ULT + slow will is terrible for Vladimir.
Don't stay under 70% HP, his full combo + ignite + jungler = instakill.
His level 9 is the moment when his slow is maxed and you'll suffer lots of autoattacks and ganks.






Its pretty hard between lvl3~9 because of his shield and sustain (they usually buy spellvamp item).
He gets more shield if he hit more targets, like you and the minions. So, when you know he's gonna poke you, try to walk a little bit to one side to don't stay on the AoE with the minions.
But this is this just to survive, on early levels you gonna lose anyway. 8_64.png starts winning after ~lvl10 because you have a much better sustain.
Avoid trades on the beginning because you'll lose, he's shield is too strong. Be aggressive only after ~lvl10.




I don't like too much this matchup, because 75_64.png scales better than you.
A good 75_64.png knows he can 1v1 you mid game.
You counter him very hard on early game because he's too weak, but later he's unstoppable.
Get an early 3145_32.png3191_32.png1001_32.png.

After level 10, stay under your turret. 
Be careful with ganks, because his slow is too powerful and any jungler can come through the lane.
Be sure to have 6.png (maybe 6.png4.png) to run away when he try to all-in.
You can't splitpush against him, because 8_64.png is better poking and making your enemies low, but 75_64.png can all-in with his slow + 6.png + stacked Q. That's why I don't think it's a good pick.







It's hard early game and you'll win mid game. JUST DON'T DIE EARLY GAME, keep farming safely under your turret, don't die trying to farm some minions.
Keep poking him and play safe if you're low.
Early 3191_32.png will be great and this matchup becomes easier as the time passes.

He got a 3155_32.png? Don't get baited by his shield. Keep poking him, you can't lose this match.
The only way to lose is doing a mistake early on, as Pantheon is a bit stronger early levels, and his burst + a jungler gank can easily kill you.



58_64.png has a great early game damage and a better sustain, be careful because Vlad is squishy. Stay and farm under your turret. Pay attention when farming, he's gonna dash and combo you.

The trick is: stay far enough from him to the only way he can reach you be the 2nd dash, after it he'll need to leave walking away, that's the moment when you harass him. His dash has ~16 sec cooldown, you have this time to compensate what he did to you.

At lvl 9/10, if he has bought HP(1011_32.png) and MR(1057_32.png,3155_32.png) items it will still a hard lane. If he rushed damage items like 3134_32.png then may be easier.




It's kinda hard only if he starts 2037_32.png.
Anything else will be easy for you because you can heal and poke better than him.

Care if he has the 5 stacks of his skills, just don't kill yourself to farm 5 or 6 minions..
Don't get baited, sometimes they don't leave and recall, they actually run away from the fog of war and ult.
Also, don't stay much time on the lane after he recalled, because he can ult.




Good Riven players will make this matchup PRETTY HARD.

Start with 1054_32.png2003_32.png, 9/21/0 masteries and AP Quints.
You have a sustain while she doesn't.
Bait her shield and then E+Q. Stay near your turret, just run when she's trying to combo you, and when she stop chasing use E+Q on her.
*Her shield time got nerfed, it's now much easier to wait the shield goes off to poke*

Dont underestimate her lvl6, she can easily kill you, so always stay near turret.




Rumble simple deals much more damage than you.
Do not stay far from your turret, he'll chase and probably kill you. If you somehow is gonna get caught away from turret, don't hesitate using your pool to avoid 68_64.png's harpoons.

Farm under your turret, you'll lose a lot of cs but later on lvl9/10 will be easier.
Be careful when asking your jungler a gank, Rumble is such a strong champion when he's overheated, he can kill you in 2 seconds and run away.

How to deal:
Rushing 1057_32.png >3001_32.png>1011_32.png is a great choice against Rumble.
When you hit lvl9/10 you can start poking more, Rumble will also hurt you but he has no sustain. Just poke and back to heal on minions.
Before lvl9 just focus on farming, not harassing. You need these items to win him on mid game.




EDIT: he got really nerfed after his rework, I think.

Note that 13_64.png will do more damage on every trade. This matchup will be simple if you follow these tips:
-BUILD 1057_32.png ON YOUR FIRST RECALL OR YOU'LL LOSE! Then finish 3001_32.png (that was the most important tip). If you still having trouble, you could buy a 1011_32.png
-Don't stay under 60% HP because he can all-in easily.
-Try poking him whenever he cast a spell on a minion, just poke and retreat. As he will do more damage, the way to win this matchup is healing after any trade. So, E+Q him and then stay a bit back and Q 1 or 2 minions.
-Try poke when he goes to farm a minion, sometimes he won't have sufficient range to combo you because his snare range is a little bit smaller than your Q. Then it's a good way to poke if you just Q and walk back fast.
13_64.png has a nice spellvamp when ulting, so imagine he would have more health when you try to all-in him.
-Remember, poke > back > heal on minions > poke > back... = win.




Focus farming until level 4/5
Poke him all day, your sustain is much bigger than his.
The ONLY way he can win you is taunting you + gank.

Bait his shield, wait for it's duration and Q him.

How to outfarm him:
When you hit lvl 5/6 you can start pushing the lane and make Shen lose cs on his turret. Keep poking him while he tries to farm.
Ward to avoid ganks.




Shyvana will probably shove the wave the entire game and she can't do anything to you.
She has a moviment speed bonus but no CC.

Poke her everytime your E+Q is available.
Care because you can't 1v1 her if she's above 60% HP because of her DPS.
Don't overextend too much, she can chase you for a long time so it's better take 6.png+4.png.




Get 6.png.Just poke him everytime Q is available. 
He'll probably proxy wave early game and this is bad you for. But don't leave your turret, just concentrate to farm all minions.

Mid game you might be able to farm and fight him.
Pool when he's about to fling, and don't chase him into the bushes.
When you get your 3145_32.png you can actually ignore his poison, but don't let him fling you.




Swap lane if possible, Swain deals so much damage all the lane phase.
Don't try to poke him a single time, it's 100% sure he'll out trade you and heal faster after it.
Also, don't hesitate using your pool to avoid his snare, he can easily 100-0 you.

Rush defensive items like 3065_32.png, 1011_32.png. Play really safe, if he kills you once he'll snowball.







He has a pretty nice sustain. Don't get baited trying to poke him too hard and overextending.
If you get ganked and give him an advantage then you won't ever kill him anymore.

Play agressive when his jungler isn't a threat but don't miss cs, because 48.png will totally focus on farm and he's unkillable if he gets ahead.
When playing agressive, keep autoattacking him and don't let him farm. Be safe if you're 60% HP because he can all-in.



Early game this matchup is so easy. The problem is that, as the game goes on, you can't splitpush against him because he has DPS and Vladimir sucks 1v1 against these champions.
If you stay far from your turret he'll just all-in you everytime he see you.

Take 6.png and start with 1054_32.png2003_32.png.

Be careful when he buy 3144_32.png, if you stay too far from your turret he can use slow from item + W and kill you.
If he try to dive you, just outplay him.. You have a pool (W) + 6.png to run around your turret.




Wukong deals much more damage, but you have a sustain for that while he don't, and after lvl 9 becomes easier.
Note that, even if you're winning, don't underestimate him because he can kill you.

Some tips:
1054_32.png2003_32.png is a safe start.
Don't stay under 70% HP when Wukong hits lvl6.
Poke him a lot before going All-in.
Stay near your turret, you can't 1v1 him with full HP.


Xin Zhao


He deals so much damage early on, and probably will zone you from farming.
I don't have much experience against Xin Zhao, as I haven't seen much of them nowadays, but I think the best you can do is play really safe early game.




Focus farming, otherwise it will be hard. Try fighting him once you got 3191.png and level 9.
Don't let him reach you early game. JUST FARM.







Be patience and farm until lvl 9, don't waste your skills to poke, save them to farm because Zac has a better early sustain than you.
If he's building a 3065_32.png then you should buy a 3135_32.png after your 3145_32.png.




Start 1054_32.png2003_32.png.
Watch out for his early/mid game, as Zed will always deal more damage.
If you dodge most of his skillshots, you won the lane phase.
Stay near your turret because he can go all-in when you are far from it.

238_64.png's ultimate can be canceled if you pool exactly when he's casting it (while he's invulnerable in the air). A shadow will still appear behind you, but his mark won't.
Here's a video (not mine):

Weak Early Game Back to Top

Most people think 8_64.png has a bad early game, and it's true but if you train a lot with him then you'll know how to deal with it and make it better. Some reasons he's known about his early game it's his skills cooldowns too long and low defenses. Trust me, your main objective should be farming until level 7/8, this is when he becomes stronger (I'll talk about it on Mid Game section). Some matchups you can early zone your enemy, specially if your enemy has no sustain.
Good players will make advantage of your weakness and try to zone you, or push the lane into your turret.
Poke your enemy only if you feel that won't take to much harrass from him, because your heal still too low.
Starting with 1054_32.png2003_32.png makes your early game much better, able to win most of the trades.

  • Squishy, poor defensive stats.
  • Low sustain, because you have long cooldowns to spam skills and no 3145_32.png.
  • You'll probably be forced to farm under turret, and miss some cs.
  • Needs a decent farm until lvl9/10 to scale well into mid game.

[REWORK] My thoughts on his rework Back to Top

Not sure if he was nerfed. I prefer the old one.

People are playing him on championships but I didn't like the rework.

Spell Vamp:

3145.png3152_32.png  R.I.P.

They tried to compensate the removed spell vamp items with some other healing mechanics on Q and R, but it sucks a lot. Most of the time you're with 60% HP and before the rework you were always full healed.T he sustain was insanely great, but now 8.png is not that annoying character that heals, heals and heals anymore.

Q - Transfusion

  • It's much weaker and the bonus damage which is more powerful than the old one is so predictable and easy to avoid, specially on lane phase. But on teamfights it is ok.
  • His third Q it is strong but his DPS overall was nerfed due to his cooldown increased and the other two weak Qs.

E - Tides of Blood

  • Not sure if it was nerfed or not, but I prefer the old one.
  • It does more damage than the old one (if fully charged), but it is very predictable and easy to avoid.
  • Its slow is very weak, like... 0.5 seconds? meh. You'll need 3116.png if you want the slow.
  • The cost of 10% maximum health to cast when we have no more a spell vamp item (R.I.P. WOTA) it's an absurd. Can't keep full healed anymore, you're always losing more than healing when fighting someone/farming.
  • The new mechanics are terrible, this spell used to hit everything on radius range, but now it is awkward... You can't hit everyone and most of the times on a teamfight you're trying to combo a squishy targe while there is a tanker/minions near you, so all your E damage goes to the tanker/minions.

R - Hemoplague

  • One second less duration it its good because it heals you faster and deals damage faster (yea, it means less damage amplification time but it's worth).
  • Damage amplification nerfed a bit.
  • New mechanics... it now heals... a lot... but it sucks, they removed the spell vamp item which was much more worth. They just introduced this new healing mechanics to compensate a bit the removed spell vamp item but DEFINITLY THIS IS MUCH WORSE THAN BEFORE. NERFED.

Splitpush Back to Top

[ I'll write more here soon.. ]

Mainly what I can say about 8_64.png's splitpush:

  • Strong splitpush against another splitpusher due to his high sustain.
    The secret to make pressure is to keep poking their top laner and force him to recall, or keep him with low health. You don't need to go all-in. That's not how 8_64.png's splitpush works. Just keep poking to make pressure.

  • The reason I always pick 6.png+4.png it's because you can make an insane pressure when you can run away from ganks or any all-in.
    It's common to get ganked when you overextend or put too many pressure, you get attention of their junglers. I rarely die with these summoner spells + W, they make you able to split much safer. Another reason I use 6.png+4.png  it's to avoid an all-in from the other splitpusher. Good players know they can't keep passive against 8_64.png so they'll try to go all-in and you have to be careful of DPS champions like 24_64.png23_64.png102_64.png266_64.png, they hurt a lot and can CHASE YOU. Yea, you have to fear champions that can chase you, careful when you are too far from your turret against these kind of champions. 
  • Don't try to be a hero and destroy all the turrets while your team have a teamfight. 8_64.png take turrets too slowly, it's not worth to only split, you have to pay attention and know when you have to get together with your team.

Strong Mid/Late Game Back to Top

Around lvl9/10 is when 8_64.png becomes a god on lane phase. You can force your enemy recall because they can't keep trading with you without a sustain like yours. Put a lot of pressure on top lane and take down a turret, then helping your team will be the priority.
Your damage and HP scales well into late game, being able to deal lots of damage in a teamfight while increasing your team's damage as well because of your ultimate.

  • Scales really well into mid/late game.
  • Can easily clear huge minion waves, so it will help your team defend a tower or push some lane and go for objectives.
  • Big sustain.
  • Able to poke enemy team and heal back their poke. Just be careful and don't let the enemy team engage on you.
  • Focus your ultimate on 3 or more champions as it increases your team's damage.
  • Able to distract/zone enemy carries in a fight with your Pool+3157_32.png.

Spirit Visage, Spell Vamp, Skill (E) Back to Top

*Because WOTA has been removed from the game. But I'll keep this section here in case they bring it back.*

Why 3065_64.png is so good on 8_64.png?

  • "Each cast gives him an Empowered stack (max 4), increasing his healing and regeneration by 4/5/6/7/8%". 
  • On level5 each stack gives +8%, so with max stack it will be +32%.

  • 3152_32.png grants 20% spell vamp.
  • Tides of Blood (E) lvl5 and max stacks adds +32% spell vamp.
  • 3065_32.png adds +20% spell vamp.

  • Calculating:
  • (20 * 1,32 * 1,2) = 32  =====>  32% spell vamp.

What can I say about 32% spell vamp 8_64.png?
You can now be considered a tanker. Imagine how much time you can stay alive with pool (W), 3157_32.png's invulnerability, tons of health (vlad's passive), decent armor (3157_32.png) and magic resist (3065_32.png), and this insane healing.

3065_32.png grants a nice amount of spell vamp, and also improves the healing of your Transfusion (Q). 
Makes you tank so much.

Makes you tank so much.

Tips Back to Top

Lane Phase:

  • Vladimir isn't a good duelist EARLY GAME. Understand that, his way to kill someone on lane phase is abusing his sustain, this is how it works: keep poking your opponent but don't ever go all-in, you have to wait your enemy be half/low HP while you can heal their damage.
  • When your opponent has to farm a wave of minion under his turret, you have a good opportunity to spam E+Q while he ignores you. This makes you in a big advantage, because if he leave his farm to retaliate then he'll lose some minions.
  • If you're playing on the PURPLE side and is very  low HP, you actually don't need to recall. Just spam Q on golems, Q him and back (don't be attacked by the golem), wait for the cooldown and Q him again. This way you won't lose much farm because you didn't need to lose time recalling to base.
    It works easier with 3145_32.png.


  • Vladimir needs an engagement team composition because he's a champion made to improve your team's damage. He needs to be in the middle of a fight to do damage, and he has survivability mechanics like sustain, pool and 3157_32.png to avoid being killed fast. So, when playing Vlad you should go agressive on teamfights.
  • 6.png+4.png it's the best option for a teamfight, because you can Flash and ult everyone when you see a nice moment, and then chase/kite with Ghost. Take 14.png if you're not confident against a counter and might have trouble on lane phase.
  • Pool+3157_32.png is a great tool to zone enemies, while they wait your invulnerability to hit you.
  • When using your Pool (W) make sure to use it on everybody, because it will slow them and the more targets it hits, the more health you'll gain.

Other Tips:

  • Vladimir is a nice splitpusher when he's doing ok/well, because he can 1v1 most champions and farm really fast. The only problem is that he takes too long to destroy a turret.
  • If you're losing the early/mid game, then get defensive items first like 3191_32.png,1057_32.png,1011_32.png to survive and farm. Later, you'll be able to finish your items and become stronger.

Who Am I? and Stats Back to Top

I'm insT EricWer and I play on the brazilian server. Started playing lol on season2 and finishing it with ~1250 elo, then I got Diamond on s3, most of the games played with Vladimir.

Here are some stats from, I'm ranked as top1 Vlads on BR server. This statistics doesn't count win rate neither KDA, they actually calculate your performance and how skilled you are with a certain champion. It means I'm very experienced with Vlad, but there are much more better players than me.



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