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Summoner Spells Back to Top

It's simple: 

MID: 4.png6.png

I believe Ghost is more important than Flash on Vladimir, it's essencial to have a lot of speed on TF's and chasing enemies. 
If you're top and you're sure that you can bully the opponent so much that he will start screaming and throw his computer on the wall, then you can take flash and ghost. TP is kind of bad when you will split push all game, but it's preference. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I always take these masteries.  

Stormraider's as a keystone is ESSENTIAL. It will almost always proc when you hit your third Q. It gives you speed, that is one of the most important things in Vlad. And 75% Slow Resistance, that's a bonus. 

Be sure to pick Intelligence, on the Cunning tree for that 45% CDR spike.

Bandit is questionable. It's a lot better in top lane, where you can bully your enemy and hit him with aa's a lot more than in the mid lane. But the other two are: Dangerous game - that's for definition, half worst for Vlad, because he doesn't have mana. Vlad also regenerates a lot of HP, so it's kind of useless. The other one is Greenfather's Gift - that's not so bad, but I don't think it's better than Bandit. So, if you prefer Greenfather's Gift, go ahead.

Besides Cunning, I take the other 12 points on Resolve. You could take Ferocity, but I personally prefer the utility, since Vlad already have a lot of damage. But, if you want the damage, then take:

Sorcery -> Fresh Blood -> Vampirism -> Bounty Hunter. 

Abilities Back to Top


No much news in the skill order. Just two advices:

On level 2, you will probably have to take W because it's a lot more safe agains't ganks. But, if you want to push your lane, to throw your opponent behind his tower, then take E second. 

Some people take Q on level 3, just taking E on level 4. I don't like it, because I use E to farm and push the lane. Two points on Q is better for trades, so be sure to know what you want agains't every matchup. 


If I'm agains't 55.png, I want to throw her under her tower. So I'll take Q level 1, level 2 I'll take E and level 3 W, so I don't get too vulnerable agains't her all in. 

If I'm agains't 7.png, I want to stay safe in lane. So I'll take Q level 1, level 2 I'll take W because Le Blanc can set ganks really easy and kill you without difficulties. Level 3 I'll take E

If I'm agains't 38.png, I can take Q level 1, E level 2 and Q level 3. Because Kassadin is a bitch before level 6 and he sucks helping his jungler on ganks. So with this I can bully him a lot.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    If you're agains't a ranged mage.
    If you're agains't something that shits on you with aa's. Like Kennen, or Quinn, even Yasuo.
    If you're top agains't a tank, like Maokai.
    Talon, Zed? No problem.

Core Items

Situational Items

Lucidity Boots - It's the best boots for Vlad. Try to buy it quickly so you can have your 40% CDR as soon as possible.

Protobelt - It's the first and core item of your build. You will ALWAYS build Protobelt. Gives you life, ap, cdr, a little more mobility, clearwave, and a damage in area that soon will become slow in area. It's crazy, rush it. 

So, you have Lucidity Boots and Protobelt, and now? 
Well, it depends on the enemy team.

If they have: 122.png19.png61.png51.png412.png (one AP threat, most AD) - I will build a 3067.png and leave it on my inventory. Then I will build Rylai. When Rylai is finished, I will ask myself: "Am I doing enough damage?" If the answer is YES -> finish 3065.png; if the answer is NO -> 3135.png and then I finish Spirit Visage.

If they have: 92.png121.png91.png81.png143.png (too much AD shit) - I will build 3157.png, starting with the 3108.png for the 40% CDR. This game I won't build Spirit Visage.

So, after doing this decisions, your last two itens will be 3135.png and 3089.png, in this order. 
In a uncommon comp, like this: 68.png427.png103.png22.png90.png with a lot of magic damage, I will build 2 itens with MR. So my build would be like this: 3020.png3152.png3001.png3065.png3116.png3089.png. Just two warnings:
1- If they are building too much MR, you can trade the Rabadon with a Void Staff.
2- Be sure to trade the Lucidity Boots with Sorcerer's Shoes, so you don't overlap CDR. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

TOP LANE Back to Top

111.png14.png78.png57.png54.png75.png98.png - Tanks are easy, just poke them and try to NOT take a long fight. Just trade with him and heal on the minions, you win the slow game. Be careful with ganks, tanks are great on locking you down, so their jungler can kill you. 

39.png92.png122.png62.png58.png68.png80.png - This is the "BE CAREFUL" category. You can normally do well agains't them, but they have a big kill potential agains't you. So don't be cocky. With time you will learn how to play each of these matchups, while you don't know: just don't die. 

27.png - Singed is a bad matchup. If he goes proxy, you can't do anything. You don't kill him, and you can't hold their minions away from the tower in the early game. So just farm under your tower and wait for your jungler. If he doesn't proxy and stays in lane, you're lucky, he's dumb. 

85.png10.png133.png41.png126.png17.png150.png - These champions are pussy ass bitches that will poke the enemy laner until he's dead -- just like you. So don't play scared! Like the tanks, take short fights and heal in the minions. You win the long game. And NEVER die to one of these guys, they will snowball on you really easy. 

157.png - Yasuo is easy. Who plays Yasuo top deserves to die. Make him want to die. 

240.png - What the fuck this champion does? IDK. Good luck, I know nothing about this matchup. 

MID LANE Back to Top

245.png55.png84.png38.png238.png91.png157.png105.png - Not hard. Just be careful when they jump on you. Akali, Kassadin and Zed will just do it on level 6, but the other ones can all in early. They are champions that can snowball and shit on you, so if they're fed just play safe and wait for your late game. Otherwise is pretty okay. 

103.png136.png7.png99.png61.png134.png13.png112.png - These mages are even with you. Use your W on the right time and you should be okay. Late game you will kill the majority of them. 

69.png - Now that's a bad matchup. Just play like you're her bitch and wait for your team to do something. Maybe a gank of your jungler, or the other lanes win and help yours. Don't try to fight her, it's really hard to kill a good Cassiopeia.

42.png126.png - It's hard, but not impossible. As usual, avoid long fights and heal on the minions. You win the slow game.

101.png - He outranges you easily. Just try to hit him when you're trying to kill him. Xeraths only understand the language of the ALL IN. 


- Always try to ult as many people as possible. Your ultimate does three things: 1- Heals you; 2- Damage; 3- Enemies take more damage. Keep in mind that the damage is not that high, so it's not a priority. The damage increase is also not that important since it's just 10%. The most important thing on your ult is the heal. Always keep in mind to ult as many people as you can. 

- Vladimir will often enter in the teamfight, ult, damage enemies and get low in that process. When you're low, use your W to gain time for your ult to explode. 

- Vladimir's W can be used to three things: 1- Dodge an important skill; 2- Gain time for your ultimate heal; 3- Do damage and give you speed. 

- Normally when I'm entering on a teamfight, I ult -> Q someone -> E + W, so your E will explode while you are invunerable -> Q again when your W is over. 

- You can use E + W together, it is great to make sure you land your E full charged and nobody stops you. 

- In the lane, try to use your third Q always on the enemy champion. But don't get too greedy, if he's too far behind, use it on the minions before it's too late -- the heal is worth it. 

- Use your Protobelt to farm big waves and your E to farm normal waves. 

- In the mid, you can ward the raptors and use it as a way to regenerate your life with your Q whenever you need.

- You can also do it on the top, if you're red side and you're pushed to their tier 2 tower. Ward the gromp and use it as a way to regen life. 

- Always ghost when the fight starts. When you see the first big start (Jhin's ult, Kennen's ult, Zac's jump) proc your ghost and be ready to fight. 

- In the late game, NEVER be scared to Flash + Ult the enemy backline. But prepare your W, because you will need it. And even if you die, you did your job. 

- Vladimir is a good starter. If your team has no initiative, use your ghost and flash to start a fight, it's normally worth it. 

- Be careful with CC: your W will not be up all the time and Vlad is really squishy when he's not healing the upcoming damage.

- Good luck and suck them dry. 

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