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4 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top



4.png Flash is a must for every midlaner, it's without any doubt the best summoner spell in League of Legends. It allows you to escape countless situations and also make incredible plays. Please take it.


12.png vs 6.png vs 14.png

12.pngTeleport is something that we've seen being used very frequently by the pro players. This summoner is one of the most effective at the moment8.png's huge impact in team fights, and also the ability to split push, Teleport will come in handy.

6.pngGhost is an extremely good summoner spell for Vladimir, the mobility it gives him in team fights allows him to catch the hard carries and move around disrupting the focus after using his vladimirsanguinepool.png.

14.png Ignite isn't so popular anymore at higher ranks, due to the utility that other spells have gained in the current meta. I recommend taking this spell only if you know that you'll pressure your opponent and your jungler will be around for some kills. Ignite truly guarantees you some kills. If you're smurfing, you should consider taking it for mid lane domination.

Note: Assuming that you'll take Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32, you should be swapping in between those summoners according to the situation.


New Runes Back to Top



Why Sorcery as the main path?

  • Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64is extremely good due to its insane poke and low cooldown. This rune will give you the chance to annoy your enemies and also send them to base earlier. Everytime Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 returns to you, you can go ahead and poke. Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 is also a viable option, exactly due to the same reasons I stated above, but I just believe Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 performs better overall. Phase%20Rush.png?width=32 can also suit different playstyles.

  • Nimbus%20Cloak.png?width=64 is a really good option, together with all the cooldown reduction we'll have, this will give your ultimate even more power, enabling you to move with more haste during the fight. It allows you to pass through units and increases your movement speed by a 100 (this value decays over 2.5s). Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32 can be useful is against a heavy AP burst. Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 won't be of any use.

  • Transcendence.png?width=64 seems really good for ability users in general, especially the ones with quite high cooldowns. It'll give you an extra 10% CDR at level 10. Celerity.png?width=32 will also be a pretty viable choice, as it will give you some boost on your AP and Movement Speed. You should test it and see if this rune matches your play style. Absolute%20Focus.png?width=32won't be the most useful rune for you, when compared to the other two, this one falls behind.

  • Scorch.png?width=64 is perfect to help you poking your enemy down, together with Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32, you'll deal a great amount of damage. Waterwalking.png?width=32 can be useful, but not the best choice, in my opinion. It'll definitely help you roam through the river, but I believe it won't be as helpful as Scorch.png?width=32Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 will always be the best choice if the game reaches a pathetic amount of time like 60 minutes. As those games are just 1% of your total, I still recommend going with Scorch.png?width=32.

    Why Domination as the secondary path?

  • Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=64 will be a great choice, combining it with your vladimirq.png, your sustain in lane will be incredible, allowing you to outpoke and probably be ahead of your opponent in farm.

  • Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=64 became even better on patch 8.10, as it gives more item CDR early (15%+5% per stack), helping us activating 2065.png and 3152.png more times.  Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 is still a very good choice, giving you the extra movement speed to be more present on the map, I would recommend you to try both Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 and Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 will also give you an insane amount of sustain in teamfights, would also recommend you to try and see if it suits you.

Neglected Runes

  • Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 won't be an option, Vladimir doesn't use mana.

  • The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 can be used to further reduce your ultimate's cooldown, won't be a bad choice at all.

  • Transcendence.png?width=32 will give you 10% cooldown when you reach level 10, it isn't a bad choice, you gotta test and see what fits for you.

  • Absolute%20Focus.png?width=32 won't be the best choice, as Vladimir uses Health Percentage to cast his spells, it is unlikely that he'll stay above 70% HP for long.

  • Waterwalking.png?width=32 won't be the best choice, Vladimir isn't one of the best roamers, even with this rune, it won't help much.

  • Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 is the best late game rune, can be an option, but you should focus on winning early/mid game, as you're already very strong late game without this rune.

Abilities Back to Top


  • This passive allows Vladimir to gain a lot of health points while stacking Ability Power. This makes him a huge threat, getting a lot of damage and tanky at the same time is quite scary.


  • Your main damage ability.

  • Huge sustain and bait possibility with it.

  • Casting it while Crimson Rush is available (red bar) will get you much more health and do a lot more damage.


  • Huge focus disruption in team fights.

  • Excellent way to initiate a team fight, using everything you can and then using Sanguine Pool vladimirsanguinepool.png.

  • Can dodge abilities like Karthus ultimate and any kind of CC.

  • Be smart on when using it, it consumes 20% of your current health!


  • Can be used combined with Sanguine Pool (W), hold your E and only after use W.

  • Hard to hit when minions are around.

  • Second main damage ability and insane AoE when combined with your ultimate.

  • Pretty good wave clear for split push.


  • Insane team fight ability, increasing the damage of all incoming sources by 10%, this is a lot of damage we're talking about.

  • A good ultimate will allow Vladimir to heal himself by a huge amount.

  • Use your ultimate before your other abilities, in order to take advantage of the +10% damage.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Very solid start.

Core Items

    This should be your first buy, this item gives you a very good damage and also builds into Hextech Protobelt-01.
    Finishing this item should be your main priority, the combination between AP and health this item provides is just perfect for you due to your passive. This item active can be used after using W.
    As soon as you get your Magical Footwear, work on getting these boots. Vladimir has quite high cooldowns and those will help big time.
    Overall very solid item for Vladimir due to his passive This item gives a good combination of AP and HP that'll make you a huge threat.
    If you're playing against an AD champion, start working on this item before Liandry's. It'll cost 600g less since you'll have Stopwatch already.
    This is the traditional carry item. As it gives a huge boost on AP (that means on health too for Vladimir), this will be a must have later on.
    Depending on your enemies, this item can be completed as the last one or even as the third one. Pay attention to what is everyone building and build accordingly.

Situational Items

    Go for this item if you feel like your team needs some CC and you'll be the one going for the hard engages.
    If you're against very hard CC and huge AP damage, this item can be a viable choice.
    Those can work very well if you're not the main damage. If you have an AP top, you can go for one of those. If you are the one who needs to do the damage (like most mids), don't even bother.
    This one can be a very solid option against teams with a Soraka and also a Janna, making their ultimates much less effective.


Build Path


  • Start with 1054.png+2003.png+3340.png. This will be the best start, you should be able to farm safely while occasionally poking your enemy. Sustain shouldn't be a problem

  • On your first back, you should aim to at least get 3145.png or 3067.png, an2055.png if possible.

  • Upgrade your 3145.png to 3152.png as soon as possible and also you should aim to upgrade your boots to 3158.png (If you received your Magical Footwear already). Your core should look very similar to this 3158.png3152.png3136.png.

  • If you feel like, you can upgrade your Stopwatch to 3157.png or I would also recommend upgrading 3136.png to 3151.png. Analyze the enemy team and make a smart decision.

  • In most of the games you'll want to get a 3135.png and a 3089.png, but of course, there are situational items that can be used like I stated above, also the order can be altered.

    The most important thing to retain here is that you need to be flexible and adapt your build according to your team needs and also paying extreme attention to the enemy team

    Generic Final Build



Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Anivia
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Orianna
  • Veigar
  • Vel'Koz
  • Xerath
  • Zed
  • Zoe



  • Only trade when she wastes her ahriorbofdeception.png or ahriseduce.png.
  • Dodge her ahriseduce.png with your vladimirsanguinepool.png.
  • Poke her occasionally, you have more sustain than her.
  • Play behind your minions.



  • This lane will be about who farms better.
  • Keep the lane equal, pushing too much can be your sentence to death.
  • Be extremely careful with your position, her crystallize.png+flashfrost.png combo is really strong. Even if you dodge with your vladimirsanguinepool.png, it'll cost a good amount of health.


Aurelion Sol

  • Keep wards on side bushes, knowing where he's going to roam is key.
  • Punish him by pushing as much as you can.
  • He's not a good farmer under turret.
  • If he's not roaming, he's planning to catch you with a gank, tell your jungler to stay nearby.
  • Pushing this lane is the best choice, you might get ganked, so ask your jungler to stay close, a countergank will likely result in a double kill.



  • Poke him early before he gets full control of his soldiers.
  • He'll most likely push, you might want to ask for a gank.
  • Use your vladimirsanguinepool.png to counter his ultimate azirr.png.



  • Try to farm safely with your Q, going for trades isn't an option.
  • Make sure you dodge her cassiopeiaq.png.
  • If she tries to cassiopeiar.png, make sure to turn your back to her or use vladimirsanguinepool.png.
  • Sometimes she camps in a brush expecting someone to face check, don't let it be you.
  • Just keep farming and out scale her. 



  • Poke him early, he has no range to deal with you.
  • Make sure to dodge his Q.
  • Beware of his ultimate, its damage can surprise you.
  • Keep a good map control to keep him in lane.



  • Poke him early, this will avoid anything funny that he might try.
  • When he gets 6, focus on dodging his ultimate with your vladimirsanguinepool.png.



  • Try to poke him early on and make his life hell.
  • Arrange with your jungler to gank him early, he'll be an easy prey.
  • He can't really assassinate you, your sustain is very good and you're also kinda tanky.



  • As she's melee, you have to poke her early.
  • Keep an eye on her daggers.
  • Dodge her ultimate with your vladimirsanguinepool.png.
  • Keep a good map control to avoid her roaming.



  • Trade with her whenever you have empowered Q.
  • Play behind your minions to dodge her E, you can also use vladimirsanguinepool.png for that.
  • Make sure to farm and outscale her.
  • Keep a good map control as she'll be tempted to roam.



  • You should be able to farm easily.
  • Dodging her skill shots is the key to win this matchup.
  • She has no escape. Calling your jungler when she pushes the lane can be a great way to punish her.
  • Don't be afraid to go all-in on her if she misses luxlightstrikekugel.png+luxlightbinding.png.
  • Make sure to dodge her skillshots with your vladimirsanguinepool.png.



  • It'll be very hard for you to out push him.
  • Make sure to hit him at least once to take his passive out and make things easier to your jungler.
  • After 6, he might try something, keep your distance, if he uses 4.png+malzaharr.png.
  • The best you can do in this matchup and to play safe and farm. You'll be useful in teamfights if you can do that.



  • You should be able to safely farm, even though she out ranges you, you have good sustain to stay in lane.
  • When you are empowered, try to Q her.
  • This will be a farm lane most likely.
  • Make sure to dodge her orianadetonatecommand.png with your vladimirsanguinepool.png.



  • He's an anti-mage due to his abusive veigarr.png.
  • Farm and keep your distance to avoid his veigareventhorizon.png.
  • After 6, the best advice once again is to keep your distance.
  • Make sure to take Nullifying%20Orb.png?width=32, it can make you survive by a tiny bit.



  • This might be a farm lane, he has no gap closer, but you'll also to pay attention and dodge his skillshots.
  • Make sure to poke him whenever you have empowered Q.
  • Calling your jungler might be a smart way to deny 161.png, since he has no escape and can be easily killed.
  • Be careful with his velkozr.png, the damage is out of this world. Your vladimirsanguinepool.png can avoid most of his damage.
  • At 6, don't be afraid, you might be able to burst him down before he reacts.



  • He outranges you.
  • Focus on farming and dodging his abilities.
  • He's most likely going to push, make sure to inform your jungler and punish Xerath.



  • Poke him whenever he tries to farm.
  • Be careful with your position, he out damages you before 6.
  • Use your vladimirsanguinepool.png to avoid the damage after he uses his zedr.png. That way he won't do much damage with his ultimate.
  • The key here is to farm, if you die to him early, it'll be very hard to comeback, especially if he rushes 3155.png.



  • Farm and poke her early, always keeping your distance.
  • She has no escape, if she starts pushing, invite your jungler to come and punish her.
  • Play behind your minions to avoid her zoee.png.
  • If you get hit by her zoee.png, use vladimirsanguinepool.png before getting stunned, that way you'll avoid her burst.
  • Don't be afraid of her, at 6 you can burst her down. As long as you don't get hit by zoee.png, you'll be fine.

Playstyle Back to Top


Early Game

  • The best case scenario is for you to push as much as you can, that way your enemy will lose some minions under his turret. 

  • Keep in mind that early game is your weakest and you'll need to be more careful to scale fast.

  • Use your vladimirq.png to poke your enemy whenever you got it empowered.

  • Make sure you keep your side brushes warded, you don't want to die too early.

  • Keep a good communication with your jungler, as you'll want to push your lane, you might get punished. Setting up a counter gank can be a great way reverse the situation.

  • Focus on farming, Vladimir truly shines in the later stages of the game, farm will be one of the biggest factors to carry a hard game.

  • If you have 12.png, keep an eye on the other lanes for a possible ambush.

    Mid Game

  • Keep your lane pushed and look for roaming opportunities. Mid game you're already strong enough to roam effectively. Doing it with success might give you more chances of winning the game.

  • When you destroy your enemies turret or get yours destroyed, laning phase will be over. You should ask yourself some questions. Is Dragon available? What about Herald? If you lose your turret, make sure to ward around that area to keep the vision.

  • Vladimir is especially good diving turrets, if you're winning and got mid turret, try setting up something perhaps on botlane, that way you can guarantee some kills and a dragon, but beware of their jungler position.

  • Let's say you got your enemies turret and you're ahead, if Dragon is available, try to set up a play with your jungler in order to secure the objective. If you succeed, start getting some deep wards in their jungle to know every move they make. Push mid lane and farm your jungle, if you see their mid laner roaming, maybe you can follow. Push or follow, it'll be up to you to evaluate the situation.

  • At this point in the game, you should be really well farmed and teaming up can be a great choice.

  • Flanking your enemies in a team fight can be a great way to catch the carries off guard and win.


    Late Game

  • Playing late-game Vladimir is very versatile, he can split push very effectively or group for big team fights. Having 4.png and 6.png will be ideal if you're looking for team fights and 4.png and 12.png if you're aiming to split push. If you're going for fights, flanking your enemies is the best way to shift their focus and force summoners.

  • Most important here is to keep up with the vision and don't overextend farming.

  • Keep an eye on objectives. If you're split pushing, make sure your 12.png is up.

  • Vladimir is one of the most consistent champions at the moment, he has a very solid curve as you may notice below. Focus on farming and helping your teammates. Late game should be yours.


Combos Back to Top



This is the most basic combo, you use your R first to amplify the damage and the other abilities after, leaving W to the end.


In similarity to the combo above, we start with R to amplify the damage, but this time we charge E first, and while charging we can also W to the middle of the fight, in order to maximize E's damage. We leave Q to the end as a standard spell you'll use after.


This combo is most used for 1v1 situations, where you already poked your enemy a little. Charge your E and flash when the charge is about to end, immediately use your Q and 14.png. Using W will be optional, depending on the situation. If you're under a turret, I would recommend using it.


Tips & Tricks Back to Top

Tips & Tricks

  • Your vladimirsanguinepool.png can dodge almost anything, from hard CC to tower shots. You can also pass through minions, same effect as 3046.png.

  • You can use 3152.png's active while using vladimirsanguinepool.png.

  • Split pushing and flanking the enemies in fights are among your strengths.

  • Always initiate a fight with your ultimate, that way everyone will have their damage dealt amplified by 10%, which is really overpowered.

  • You can start charging your vladimire.png and then use vladimirsanguinepool.png, it's a great way to position yourself in a team fight, maximizing your E damage. Make sure Stopwatch is available if you do that.

  • Whenever you have empowered vladimirq.png, try to poke your enemies.


Player's Mentality Back to Top


Pro Mindset

The most successful players all have one thing in common, either they win or lose, they always think "what could have I done better?". This is the key for you to become closer to the greatest players, it's not about how many games you play in a day, it's about what you learn from each of them. 



The easiest thing to do when you are losing a game is to blame your team, even if you're right, that won't give any help on winning the game. If you really want to get to the next level, try to keep cool and boost our teammate's morale. 


Winning Attitude

Everyone is fed in the other team, your team is far behind and the easiest thing to do here is surrender. You might argue that it'll save you a lot of time and playing would be a waste. Yes, you're right, but some of those games you'll actually win, and you'll learn much more from hard games than from easy games that finish at 15min. Just keep focus and don't stop believing. Everyone throws, even the pros.


Think about this:

If you're one of those players stuck in Silver, you feel like you deserve much more, but you are just unlucky and can't climb, it feels like a curse that Riot put on you. I will tell you straight away there's no such thing, and yes, sometimes we can be very unlucky, but it doesn't last. If you're stuck there, you might've been doing something wrong, the proof is that people boost accounts and they know exactly what to do in order to carry a game and climb quickly. If you find yourself in that situation, I suggest watching some of your own replays, maybe your mechanics are good but it only takes a few mistakes for you to not be able to carry your team. Start thinking, what could have you done better? The other team is silver too, if you're much better you should be able to outplay them in every way possible. 


Special: How to get in The Zone Back to Top


What is being "In The Zone"?

  • It's a state of mind where you become extremely focused and hyper-productive!

  • Being in the zone is being completely immersed in what you're doing. Losing the sense of time is very common while in this state of mind.

  • You'll be able to predict your opponents movements and see them almost like in slow motion!


    How to enter "The Zone".

  • Think about what you're doing and your role.

  • Get rid of distractions. (Close the door if open. Being in a conversation will most likely stop you from entering this state as you'll get distracted easily).

  • You need a deep understanding of what you're doing. (Once again, know your role and your opponent as well).
  • Create a balance between challenge and skill. Big challenges require huge skill. Taking a step bigger than your leg will only get you demotivated. (Yes, this one is for boosted accounts.)

  • Be patient, it might take some time to achieve and master this state of mind.

  • Now that you know about it, you just made it easier.

    Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "The Flow" (1990).

    Source: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, "The Flow" (1990), p. 74.

  • As you may notice, balance is key. Even if your skill level is low, a small challenge for some people can be a true one for you!

    (I do not own this video.)

  • Use headphones.

  • Those sounds will help you achieve a focused state of mind.


About Me Back to Top

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Changelog Back to Top

  • 30th of January: Guide published.

  • 11th of February: Updated runes. (Patch 8.3)

  • 24th of February: Updated runes. (Patch 8.10)

  • 25th of June: Updated runes. Removed Ultimate Hat and added Nimbus Cloak. (Patch 8.12)

  • 29th of June: Updated E. (Patch 8.13)

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