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Fancy introduction

Welcome! My name is Enzo (previously Enzo4life, now EnTarizo) and this is my guide for Godwick: Warwick jungle. I am a dutch player, that wants to share his knowledge with the rest of the world. This guide, originally made in patch 4.6, is updated for patch 7.22 (Welcome to pre-season!)

Am i a reliable source?

My progress through the years:
Season 3, placements bronze 1, end at gold 4
Season 4, placements silver 2, end at gold 2
Preseason 5, platinum 4
Season 5, Placements 7/3, platinum 2 ( and then college really fucked with my head) (plat 5 end)
Season 6, Placements 4-6, gold 5, peaked platinum 1
Season 7: Placements 4-6, gold 5, Peak Plat 1 promotion series (plat 4 end), plat 5 flex after placements, treeline gold 5.
My stats for 2014 (prime season with Warwick):

warwick stats 2015.png
Warwick has been my favorite jungler since season 3. Easy to learn the jungle with, scales tremendous into the late game and most important: incredibly fun to play! Make those carries buy that 3140_32.png as their defensive item, otherwise it will be gg before they know it.

Get on fire with Godwick. The real beast of the jungle!

Summoner spells 

First, we look at the summoners for Warwick.

11.png is still mandatory, your jungling right? Jungling without smite is like trying to kill a full build D.R Mundo without ignite... Almost impossible.

For the second summoner i prefer 4.png . Everyone knows it, no explanation needed. Flash+ult is almost a garanteed kill on every lane at lvl 6.

Do you prefer stalking more, do you just don't like flash at all, or are you even not lvl 12 yet? 6.png is the alternative for you. Besides flash and ghost, no other summoner spells should be even considered next to smite. No 14.png because your not 35_64.png, no 12.png because teleport simply is way to situational on a jungler, and no 2.png  (rip) because we are not SivHD. 

Ghost is with it's new kit not as bad as it was with his old kit. Try it out, yet flash should still be the preferred summoner.

Special advice: wear the Firefang Warwick skin, get fed and sing all day long: THIS . WOLF IS ON  FIIRREEEE!!!!  :)

New Runes Back to Top

The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=64 + Transcendence.png?width=64  = the best secondary tree of season 8. THIS IS MANDATORY ON EVERY JUNGLER WITH A LONG TO MEDIUM LONG R COOLDOWN. 25% cooldown on r at lvl 10 and up with 5 used rs means 22.5 seconds off your ult at lvl 11, making an 90 seconds R a 67.5 R.

Predator.png?width=64 gives extra synergy for ganks pre 6 and post 6.

Predator> warwickw.png > warwicke.png>, wait until they use flash> either follow up withwarwickq.png  or 4.png > chain cc warwickr.png = 100% kill.

Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 Zombie ward bc with trackers knife, your able to take sweeping lens. which means you control the vision more then enemy jungler does. if your laners see the jungler coming with wards, they can't blame you if they die to it. 

Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 incredibly easy to proc with q and r. free damage is always nice. could take Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32 as alternative.

Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 extra healing, scales with kit/spirit visage. best choice available. take Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 if your more intrested in roaming then 1v1/2v2 potential

Masteries Back to Top

Rip masteries, season 1- season 7, forgetaboutit

Now that warwick has not 1 but 2 hard cc sources, warwick can abuse courage of the collossus ( i play warwick as a hybrid damage diving tank). Keep in mind that warwicks ult is pretty much a kledr.png now with a supression, and hits the first enemy IN IT'S PATH. Meaning plenty of times you won't hit the target you originally wanted. this also means you can can get in sticky situations because you hitted a tank for example. courage, along with your reworked e and items should bail you out in this case.

cunning tree has been taken masteries for increased dueling, since you can track down opponents with reworked w.

Alternative routes are carry masteries 12-18, taking thunderlords or stormraiders, and selfish masteries like double edged sword and fresh blood

Abilities Back to Top


Maxing order priority for reworked warwick


Your abilities:

Q , Jaws of the beast : Leaps forward and bites an enemy, healing for a portion of the damage done.

Works as an auto attack reset, keep in mind.

If Warwick holds down Q, he jumps behind the target.

W Blood Hunt: 

Passive :  Causes enemies that have less than half health to leave behind a global blood trail and makes them Blood Hunted, causing Warwick to have increased attack speed against them and out-of-combat movement speed towards them. This bonus is tripled when against a champion with very low health.

When activated all champions within a large area leave blood trails no matter what their health, and the nearest champion is Blood Hunted. Blood Hunt’s active cooldown is faster when no enemies are being hunted.  Max second for decreased cooldown and increased values.

E Primal Howl: Warwick takes reduced damage for a short time(this is why you go tanky!),  at the end — or when activated again — Warwick fears nearby enemies causing them to run away from him.

R: Infinite Duress Warwick leaps in a direction and suppresses the first champion he collides with, dealing damage and applying on-hit effects throughout the duration. The leap's distance increases based on Warwick’s movement speed, and he heals for all damage he deals during Infinite Duress. Warwick is immune to crowd control effects during the leap.

this gap closer is huuuuggeee.Nah not really but certainly about 500 range. If it keeps the same values, it has a  1.8 second suppression, and procs all on-hit effects 5 times, including your passive,  blade of the ruined king,wits end,devourer and 3715_32.png All packed in 1 ability, one ability.

Starting Q on reworked warwick for faster clearing.  will speed up your clearing time, you mosty don't use q to farm in the jungle anyways.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Mostly the common manchete 3 pots start would work, however since warwick has amazing free sustain,talisman + ward+pot would work as well. Scrying orb amazing for early game shenanigans. Can give you vital info about where your opposing jungler is starting (3 buff start). Change it after first back to sweeping lens. Just use warding totem if your not comfortable with going scrying orb, or when your team needs extra totem for vision
    After the first back (1000 gold) Stalkers for high cc comps and much kiting, skirmishers for low cc comps but high damage. Tracker's knife vs jungler with high early game pressure or ardent censer botlane
    After first back (750+ gold)

Core Items

    This thing is amazing. the oracles extract of season 3, but only for a few seconds. unfortunally oracles got removed, so we gotta do the same baron/dragon sweeping with this thingy. Buy this after your 4th item if your support didn't bought it already
    Cinderhulk is the way to go in s7. Build stays relative the same otherwise s7. Tracker>tiamat> Rush cinderhulk, then finish a kindlegem for early cdr, followed by finishing titanic hydra. After, finish boots and go either spirit visage when behind/high mdmg comp or randuins when ahead/high ad comp. Ninja tabi are always optimal boots, unless vs high cc comp/3+mdmg comp. optimal here, finish build off with sterrak when solo tank/engage or bork when you are 3rd tank.
    Alternate razor build. frozen mallet enables you to cling like bork does, while also providing tanky stats. frozen mallet passive is pretty strong with your kit. Try it out to see if it suits you. Razor>tabi>kindlegem>Hydra>frozen mallet>wardens mail>spirit visage>randuins
    Alternate build 2: Diving-in initiate build, works well for isolating carries in early/midgame teamfights. advised build path: razor> tiamat> kindlegem> sterak> spirit visage> randuins>titanic hydra

Situational Items

    Tested this item as lanewick, and it's actually awesome vs heavy ad/heavy heal teams. Consider this + bramble vest vs soraka/nami comps or other comps with build-in healing.
    Situational items, personal preference Locket vs heavy aoe teams can be worth it. Righteous glory if your team needs some help with the engage Black cleaver cause its one of the best items in the game currently, especially with cinderhulk iceborn gauntlet: Dont build iceborn gauntlet. after patch6.8, your better of with getting a frozen heart then getting iceborn, since you hardly get bonus stats from it that matter, that you wouldnt get with frozen heart. deadmans plate for extra engage trinity force when super duper ahead.

Like i said earlier, i play warwick as a backline diver, focussing on soloing out a carry, having the nessecary stats to beat the carry, and the tankyness to stay alive. If you want a more high-risk high reward build, in other words an more ''get fed and one shot squishies'' , check out the other featured guides (like sa5dc), which mostly have a more damage oriënted build. Mostly when i pick warwick, i am the frontliner, meaning i need to be that sponge to take up the first abilities.

I go with all my builds for a relative high amount of cdr. The one item i didn't mention is already mentioned in the lolking feature of warwick: 3742.png .

This item does have synergy with Warwick, and i will definelty test it out when warwick is released. However, it does not provide the one stat i am really getting 'wet' from: cooldown reduction. If you want to build this item, i advise to change for example 3110.png or 3053.png with Dead man's plate.

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  • Gragas
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
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  • Malzahar
  • Master Yi
  • Nasus
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  • Sejuani
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  • Vi
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




You will literally never see this champion, since he has a relative weak early game, and really needs time to get going, and even then, it isnt always the best teamfighter. If he gets rolling, you have to focus him first or last, since he has lifesteal enuf build in to survive if you only semi focus him




CC monster. Extremely annoying in all the parts of the game. his percentage health damage, constant resets on e due your basic attacks and ofc the cc makes this matchup hard, but not impossible. counterjungle immidiately, starting with an red buff invade. followed by powerfarming till lvl 6. late game, it all depends on who got the better catch/invade.




gank heavy jungler throughout all the stages of the game, really depends on the build if she is a threat or not. I personally like the full magic pen build: spectral wraith, haunting guide, sorc shoes, void staff. This does massive damage to you, and might even beat warwick in a 1v1. Be carefull, and try to close the game out quickly against this jungler




The matchup with eve, is quite simple. If your team, and especially you, knows how to play against one, you can get this evelynn tilt harder then i do when i play twisted fate vs a platinum fizz. while stupidly maxing w instead of q. if your team doesn't know how to fight one, you lose.

Try to counterjungle against her, you can win straight up 1v1. GO FOR THE RED COUNTERJUNGLE, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Eve has a especially weak early game, you outsustain her. Don't be too scared to go in, but leave at once if you see the enemy laner will make it faster at your location then your friendly laner does.




It has been a while since i saw a good fiddlesticks jungle.

Fiddle jungle is really nieche, yet high winrate jungler. but he is a caster, which makes you in the drivers seat. 

Always get mercs vs this jungler. Terrify is one of the most hated skills to date., dont make things harder for yourself then it has to be.



gragasbarrelroll.pnggragasbodyslam.pnggragasexplosivecask.png  abilities can cancel your ult, has high base damage, but mediocre clearing speed, same strategy as sejuani, pick oriented style, focus on farming till 6, counterjungle red/blue buff if possible




rarely seen, but good in teamfighting. Let your lanes snowball early, and he wont have as much impact. Try to cancel homegaurd tp with q, or ult if hyper-fed. and you should be able to win the fights no problem.

In Jungle, you outsustain, dont be afraid to duel him.


Jarvan IV


Strong jungle kit for various parts of the game. If he gets ahead, he stays ahead. But if your getting him behind early, its pretty much gg. Counterjungling and heavy warding is adviced, since this is one of the most easy champions to snowball lanes with.




A popular jungler in season 4 ish. Kayle is in my opinion even stronger then udyr, but easier to beat.

The ''runaans build'' is especially deadly against people like warwick, in combination with her kit. She can kite you for days, she shreds your magic resist, and does hybrid damage without needing an feral flare. There is only 2 chances for you to win against kayle in a 1v1:

1: her ult is on cooldown
2: you use your ultimate on the right time

My theory for beating an kayle, use your ult wisely. For example if you have red buff and she has not, don't be afraid to ult in. Bring the perma slow, if nessecary b.o.t.r.k, wait the intervention to go out, use your q and just hope your clinging power is good enough. 

My reccomendation: don't try to one v one a kayle, unless your 100% sure you can kill her (for example if you have a 2 lvl advantage (rare but possible), go all in). In a fight involving multiple people, it's much easier to bait her ult, and switching targets.




If you played in season 3 and 4, Kha'zix doesn't need an introduction anymore. If you asked someone: name 3 assasin junglers, people mostly call  him first or second of the list. Kha'zix pre 6 ganks are not amazing. His leap is still short, he doesn't have his stealth/speed boost and he doesn't have real items. What he does have however is isolation damage and a little sustain from his spikes. You however, should win an 1v1 most of the times because of your natural sustain. However I must say that i don't have a world of experience againt kha'zix, cause when i do the bans (and for a weird reason i am first pick about 65% of the time) i generally just bannned kha'zix for the same reason as people ban fizz or master yi:  it's an easy champ to carry with in solo q.  

Now he is more in a balanced state in season 6, but can fall off late game. I advice to use your ult primarly on him in the late game. your adc will thank you.
Nowadays, you hardly see them, since the riskfactor is high, very very high. if you get your team rolling, kha zix wont be able to carry.




She can kite you, and her kindredR.png  can turn the tide in a teamfight. Priority on her. and 100-0 her first, before proceding.

In jungle pre 6. try to avoid her, but deny kindred mark camps as quickly as possible. dont take your other camps if your nearby a kindred camp. she can outkite and outchase you. dont even think about dueling her. just take the camps quickly that her mark spawns on if possible, always safe a smite for this.


Lee Sin


Can do surpising damage, be carefull, look his items before you engage on him. And please guys, please, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT 1V1 A LEE SIN EARLY GAME. Lee sin is notorious for his early game prescence. Mid/late game you should be able to beat him if he didn't got snowballed in the early game, eventough his tempest/cripple can really be a pain in the ***




Despite him being one of the strongest champions out there, you have a weapon to deal with malz. smite his voidling when its summoned. without voidlings, he has not that many damage, so then you can just pop his shield with a basic or q, and ult when his shield is down


Master Yi


You outsustain, you get 90% attack speed from your w at rank 5, you are tankier, prevent him from snowballing and his is like chiwawa, barks a lot, but doesn't hurt a lot.

it speaks for itselfs that you shouldn't be thinking about fighting a fed yi. When that happens, just stay on the bottom side of the map. Better bot always wins.




On a rare occasion (mostly when i think yolo, or want to experiment ) , you will encounter a nasus jungle. It really depends on the teamcomp of nasus, and how his lanes are doing. If you can't make the plays to let your fella's win their lane with a devestating advantage, or nasus gets rolling, your pretty much screwed...

Focus on heavy tenacity, and my gawd win that early/mid game. Nasus w will beat your w with ease + a good nasus will go with tenacity (golem/mercury threats/zephyr) + Tenacious (21th point in defence mastery) + (when i play it) boots of swiftness. ; which means that crowd control will only be half of the duration on this doge, and he will stay near your squishies like a stage five clinger if he gets the chance. Oh, and yeah... His Q might hurt....

Don't forget to counter jungle. nasus still stacks, and for example a wraith camp can give him 15 stacks.




A nocturne can and can't solo carry games. if you make your other lanes rolling, nocturne mid/lategame wont be relevant, since you can burst them down as a team before he kills your carry. If however, your team falls behind much, you might be in trouble, switch over to pick oriënted plays.




A lot of people will probably laugh when they see i valid Nunu as a hard matchup. But if they ever played nunu, or ever played against a good nunu, they know why i valid it this way. 

If nunu maxes q (consume, build in smite), your jungle will be empty pretty much all the time long. Against this champion, you have to earn your stacks. Cause you ain't getting them for free.

Think you can get the stacks with ganking? Think again, cause nunu might warded the spot where your passing through, since it;s a jungler that fits a sightstone. Make your few ganks count, time your buffs/jungle/objectives, and my gawd, did i said the part ''make your ganks count''  already?




You can literally shit on this champion. after his stun, you just ult+q and most of his damage is nullified. Be carefull tough, since he is an gank heavy champion, you might wanna consider counter ganking, or stealing his buffs by timing them.




Very intresting champion. Strong dueller, mediocre to strong early game, falls a bit behind late game. if you get the first red buff during an invade, your 50% done winning the game. Counterjungle hard, and make her go on tilt. Dont forget to ward deep (mid river, in rek'sai jungle, etc) to prevent her from succeeding. 




Semi-low clearing speed since nerfs, but you wont be likely to win teamfights, if she lands a good ult. so focus on a pick oriented playstyle. counterjungle the red buff to heavily delay seju early game clearing speed blue side, or bluebuff on purple side.




God, i hate this champion.  Most guys playing shaco are extremely slippery and skilled with this champion, and they will get fed somehow, no matter what, It's possible, but I don't like to 1v1 this champion, especially because of his ult basic damage and q. When things gets hot for him, he can just q away, while you can't. If you are sort of fed, bring a vision ward, or better, a oracles lens, with you, you can't lose a 1v1. 

General shaco logic: gank mid at lvl 3, if that ain't working or lane is pushing, top. This is the most common strategy i see getting used. be there for the countergank, and place a vision ward on a key ganking path once in a while.




Maybe your hardest counter in the current meta of solo q junglers available.  She does everything you do different, but better. Her clearing speed is faster, she roams faster and she does more damage then you do.

My advice.

1: dont pick warwick into shyvana, unless your absolutely sure that in theory, all your lanes should be winning, and that you can focus on farming up till 6, gank once, and go back to farming, and vice versa. As soon as you fall behind, you as a jungler are pretty screwed.

2: start with enemy red. this is literally your only chance at holding her down for a minute.

3: 1 pinkward every back, make sure you ward your lanes when you got the chance, and when its on your route.

4: build cdr, and gank as much as possible with ult. I always say: the way to beat shyvana, is to beat her team, so she cant carry.




Udyr?  More like Goddyr!! PERMA BAN EVERY GAME! We don't want people playing like trick2g. Thx to the knowledge of trick senpai, every udyr i see in ranked will try to makee him proud, and believe me, THEY WILL!!!

Ok, now let's be serious. Udyr mid/late game devourer will beat you, while ruinic echoes udyr will beat you early/mid. Unless, you do the following: 

1: make your early ganks count. Enemy udyr might be strong, but if your teammates are fed, Udyr cant compensate for his failling teammates.

2: Counterjungle the living hell out of his jungle. This is extremely dangerous, cause when you get caught, he will kill you. simple. When your counterjungle him, pay attention to 2 things: vision control and map awareness.

1: vision control: bring some pings, bring some wards, if you have 75 gold left, you dont need that health pot, buy a ward instead, and ward that god dam enemy jungle. if you see him pop up on the top side of the jungle, try to counterjungle wolfs or big objectives and vice-versa.

2: map awareness you see udyr pop up on a lane for a gank, and your to late for a countergank? Wreck that jungle. counterjungle that razorbeaks, counterjungle that krugs, counterjungle that wolfs, and leave 1 behind to prevent a reset, or even better: gank on the opposing side of the map This will significantly delay the sated devourer spike from udyr, if he goes for it and not 1414.png, your only chance, apart from teamwork/plays, to win the game.




Gank heavy jungler, especially in the early game, will be an pain in the *** if she gets a couple of early kills. However if her ganks fail, you outscale her in the mid/late game


Xin Zhao


Another very popular devourer jungler in the early days, now fall of in popularity. His passive reduces your armor by a 15%. This actually hurts. Like, A LOT.  Especially in an non 1v1 fight. His ult and q can cancel warwicks ult. COME ON REALLY??!! 

However, the good news is, you can outsustain him in an one v one, but it's risky. try to avoid 1v1 fights unless ya sure you can beat him, or got someone to back you up when things go wrong. In teamfights, he is pretty good due his abillity to isolate a carry with his ult, more reason to ult him or instagib him with the team, if this is nessecary to keep your adc or apc alive




This champion makes me helpless as times.High base damage, natural tankyness and has 2 build-in cancells for your ult. Zac is imo one of the strongest junglers out there atm, especially vs you. try to snowball ad and ap early, and ward pre 6 botlane or deep in jungle. Lategame you won't be able to win of this champion, so hope you made your teammates able to deal with him.

Important: author's view on the purpose of his guide Back to Top

Helleuh beautiful people. 

Thank you all for reading this guide, hope you guys learned something for it.

WARNING: This guide has as original purpose to learn and mastering the basics of warwick jungle or jungling in particular. Therefore, people of higher elo's (platinum/diamond) might disagree with some langauge, insights or matchmaking notes i made or have. Keep in mind that this is an advanced, yet easy way to learn and master warwick. For an higher level of ww jungle tactics, try out different guides as well to make your image on warwick jungle complete. The more sources you find, is the more knowledge you can learn.

Do you feel like you get bored with the Warwick build of this guide? No problem, i advice you to use the guide of my fellow wickster sa5dc. It's certainly fun to play !  Supporter of #WarwickNation

Leave in the comment section below how your games went! 
If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment section, I try to answer all questions within a few days

You can also just add me (IGN down below). Introduce yourself, (mostly however, i ask you who ya are, when i don't recognise your username) and i will answer all your questions through private chat, when I am available


Username = EnLiTizo, server EUW

Sell-out: support some quality, less known Twitchstreamers Back to Top

Sorry to disappoint you, but no, i won't be twitch streaming anytime soon. My laptop still has problems with league streaming (should have never went to windows 10). Instead, i'll give a shout-out to several streamers i know-off

The Talented gamer girl that you can actually take seriously. ''Boob stream''? Go somewhere else, only high quality self-made music and gameplays here. Also a member of team 2G and owner of James: The best streamer cat there is :) . Long time sub here, and haven't regretted it for a second.

- Wackgloony

An ex call of duty 4 pro player, ''Wackster'', as i call him, deserves more follows, Godly looks, nice persona and a social source of awesomeness. give him a visit when he is on :)

- Pawnce

I am always 1 patch ahead. I generally know what important nerfs, buffs and changes thats gonna happen. Thanks 2 surrender @20, and youtuber Pawnce, they always bring me the latest news and knowledge of the PBE. Here's his twitch channel as well.

(My username on twitch is Enzo4live btw)

Todays meta. Vision on Warwick, from the perspective of an all-rounder Back to Top

to define todays meta, heavy early game gankers junglers and  strong duelists are the most popular picks. Think about 64.png79.png421.png11.png60.png59.png113.png. Exactly the opposite of how a warwick operates. since he operates mainly as a late-early game/midgame ganker/duelist. This is why i encourage the use of 2055.png. Most of us would say a jungler is useless if he is not doing much in the early game. In the nowadays rare occasions i am jungler. I almost always buy a control ward every back, as well as when I am a laner. Vision is still critical to have. Help your team out. and ward using your trinket and your vision wards. Also prioritize rift scuttlers at lvl 2/3 and lvl 7. You gonna need it.

Lets be real here. As a now mostly laner( i play all positions frequently), Warwick is more a middle of the pack jungler, then a top tier jungler in my opinion, eventho in this current preseason of season 8, he is rising in popularity and winrate. If you had more pressure in your kit, and more importantly, if your teammates know how to avoid dying in ganks (never blame the jungler, blame the laner ;) ), you would be, but your not.

People think warwick is actually skillless. ''OMG THAT HEALS, PRESS R TO WIN'' kind of champion.  But Warwick actually might be one of the hardest champions to SOLO carry a team with.  Warwick on its own is extremely depended on the preformance of OTHER teammates. Sure, you can oneshot a adc in the best scenario, but trust me, if your other teammates are very much behind the curve, your not gonna do much to help them without your R mate..

 Don't also think you can just get away without ganking before 6. I actually gank before 6 if i see an opening, or put the laner under pressure, so my laner can do better in lane. In the long term its paying off. IN THE LONG TERM. Don't be to radical early game, thats not when you shine. Play conservative early, build cdr early in your build, and get your laners rolling, if they are rollin of the hill like a snowball, they will do the work for you. All you just need to initiate, and protecting your damage outputs with your body afterwards, we laners do the rest.....

''I am not a Warwick main: When should i pick him, and why?'' Back to Top

Besides warwick being a strong champion. Their are certain teams that warwick excel against.

1: Heavy assasin comps.

Got an zed mid and an akali top? ITS WACKWICK TIME!!! Wackwick? Yeah, you heard that correctly, cause your slappin those assasins with ease, ganking your own laner all the way to powerlevel 9000!

Assasins are what warwick would love to gank most, outside of botlane. Simply because assasins rarely have counterplay for being 100-10/0ed in a gank. And with a well timed smite/R or chain cc, comboing with some free damage of your laner, this rarely isnt the case.

2; teams with low cc/no deplacements.

Team  with only 1/1.5 cc sources? Pick Warwick! Warwick excels vs low cc. be careful with picking him vs knockback champions, and especially  alistar or gragas tho. They can give you a hard time, sinc either their kit allows them to cancel the effects of your ult...

3: Surpise factor in the 2nd/3rd rotation of picks.

Try to avoid first picking warwick, unless your absolutely sure your team can back up with the right comps. Warwick is relatively easy to counter team-comp wise, but not individually.

4: When your used to playing farm-heavy junglers.

Warwick is the definition of a farm jungler in the early game. If you love to explore the depts of the jungle, pick warwick :)

So we know the when but why should you pick Warwick?


Supression is the hardest form of cc league of legends has to offer. Only removeable by a 3140.png and 3139.png , Supression is an very strong form off cc thats mostly a garanteed to have its full lockdown time till 20-25 minutes on any target (time when adcs/ad laners can actually buy this thingy).

2: Team comp/pressure: Old warwick W,   hunterscall.png used to be is great for sieging and hypercarry comps, since it provides an 40% attack speed buff for 6 seconds to all teammates in near proximity. With this, you are able to take objectives in very fast fashion.

With reworked W, warwickw.png , you have a very good global map pressure tool. While you could be just farming in their side of the map, they still have to be aware that you might be ganking there lane if they are low health, forcing recalls much earlier then any jungler normally would.

3: Duo Q hero

ranged engage and chain cc are very valueable, and can make certain lanes snowball out of control, making this a very good champion to duo q, where you have improved coordination,  with a snowball heavy champion.


4:  The wolf, the wolf, the wolf is on fire!

Your a motherf*cking  badass wolf. Why wouldn't you even consider warwick, for this fact alone?!

When to NOT pick Wick.

1: when there are already hard but 1 cc tool champions on your team that makes qss very gold efficient, think 90.png, 33.png, 110.png72.png37.png75.png

2: first rotation: first rotation pick wick (badum tss)= asking for trouble

3: solo with no follow-up engage: solo tank is fine, but solo engage? not so much. times of instaburst without follow-up are done. 

4: heavy lategame comp/weak early game comp: you can hardly help your team efficient the first few levels. meaning if they fall behind, they stay behind. take a ganker like 59.png if you need to be there for your team in the early game.

****. It's warded?! (Early/early-mid game warding spots) Back to Top


Here is the map of summoners rift. I placed circles on any place of the map i mostly place my wards, or find wards from the enemy. Green standing of course for sight wards or trinkets, purple for control wards. When on your way to a gank, ask if it's warded, or go by an alternate route. For example: do you know that the river is warded, try a lane gank. Do you know a blind spot of your enemies vision? Exploit it. In 90% of your games, you will find at least 2 red wards and 4 sight wards on one of these spots during your games.  Garanteed. Use this map to your advantage. 

Help! top/midlaner went afk/ 1 lane got pubstomped! Back to Top

This happened to me a lot when i was in silver/gold.  We all have been there: it starts with ''i have lagg'' , ''OMG PING OVER 300'' etc. And he goes off to reboot his system right when the game starts, and comes back after 8/9 minutes of game time.. What you gonna do in this case? 

1: only occasionally farm the jungle. 

Never give a lane for 100% free. push the wave a bit, go to a jungle camp, smite it and go back to lane. This gives you additional exp, and doesnt make you think that smite is a useless summoner in this case.

2: 4v5?  Go 3707_32.png (warrior enchantment).
 Gives cooldown reduction, means more ults, and ad. Take a wit's end instead of bork to maximise your ult damage,

3: When they guy/girl comes back, camp that lane 24/7. And i seriously mean 24.7. Ult the lane every time it comes back up, only 1 out of the 4 ults is not for this lane.  Repeat this until your teammate is a maximum of 2 lvls behind.

4: give those buffs to your solo laners at all times, time them, watch the timers. I dont care if you see a oppurtunity at the other side of the map. FIRST BUFF, THEN GANK.

5: Buy wards for the other lanes. 

''but the support buys all the wards right?''   

BULLSHIT!. If you have ever watched the world championship, or played a heavy vision jungler (nunu, lee sin, maybe even elise) : you know that a support can only place 4 wards (3 stealth and 1 control ward) at a time. THATS NOT ENOUGH. 

Buy control wards, place them at bushes that you know they will survive for 6 minutes at least. buy stealth wards, ward your lanes and be useful. 

If you got just the amount of money you needed for a item and you want to recall: STOP, TURN AROUND, AND FARM ANOTHER CAMP. Me, as a guy who values vision control since a while, wants you to have a ward in your pocket EVERY TIME YOU WENT BACK TO BASE

If you follow this path. you should be able to turnt things around no problem.

Warwick Rework is announced. Out with the old, in with the new! (never forget) Back to Top

In the following article post by the developers themselfs, Riot announced the Warwick is in front of champions that gonna get a major rework. When the abilities are confirmed, this guide will completly change with a new strategy-playstyle that i recommend, stay tunes for the updates :)

Rip Hungering Strike Warwick, (2009-2017) , The blood hunter.
Hello Jaws of the beast Warwick (2017-?) , the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

Patch 6.10: bloodrazor buff and ocean drake change (stale, relevant for new players only) Back to Top

2 notable changes this patch, bloodrazor passive and attack speed got buffed (3-> 4% and 40% ->) which helps warwick by a ton, since our build is not as high, damage wise, compaired to other builds. It as well improves warwicks clearing speed, and this is a good thing :) Warwick however, since the devourer removal, is a typical case of snowballs harder, but becomes completely useless when behind. So be carefull with your choices, and take the kills when you're in danger of falling behind.

Ocean drake got nerfed, instead of 10% health/mana regen every 18/12/6 secs, its now 4/8/12% missing health and mana every 8 seconds if out of combat for 5 seconds. This means its now not that valueable anymore in the early game, but as soon as you get more of them, its almost regaining the same amount of power.  Prioritize them harder, even over infernal drake if nessecary.

Patch 6.9: elemental dragons,rise of malzahar jungle, and new jungle items, (stale, relevant for new players only) Back to Top

elemental dragon symbols.jpg


Since 6.9, the normal dragon has been changed with the elemental dragons, and respective symbols, which show up rng and immidiately after a dragon has been slain. Each dragon gives out a different buff, which gets powered by 50% after an elder dragon (weaker version of baron nashor) has been slain,. It is possible that multiple dragons of the same kind spawn in a game, if they are taken, the buffs are amplified by a fixed amount.

elemental dragons.jpg

Infernal dragon: increased ap and ad by +8/16/24%
Mountain dragon: increased damage to turrets and epic monsters (dragons/barons/rift herald) by +10/20/30% of total damage as true damage
Ocean dragon: Restore 10% of missing health and mana every 18/12/6 seconds
Cloud dragon : Increase out of combat movement speed by 15/30/45 flat

So what dragons are actually important, cause despite your first impression being that infernal (red) drake is the best, its not always the best for your comp.

Infernal dragon is the best generally for all purpose solo q teams.  The ad is always nice, but despite it being helpfull, its not always the best drake... In my opinion, the mountain drakes and ocean drakes are especially powerfull. Mountain dragon is very valueable in siege comps, think about long range adc, champions like azir and ziggs. or strong towerdivers like poppy and ekko.  If you notice your having a good siege comp, try to prioritize this dragon.

Ocean dragon is in my opinion the best dragon of the 4. The sustain this gives is very very valuable, especially in late game extended teamfights. If you own multiple ocean dragons, and having a relative beefy/ skirmish comp, this alone can make or break your game just by the extra regeneration it provides. If you own 3 ocean drakes, which is very unlikely to happen btw, then this should be your late game garantee to victory.

Cloud dragon is the dragon that should be contested the least. this buff might be good for chasers, but remember its out of combat movement speed, not the movement speed the old dragon gave. This dragon should only be picked up if its can be clean, no death kill. if you know you would die for a steal, dont. its not worth it.

Prioritize dragons in the following order:

- for a general solo q (no siege) team:Infernal drake>ocean drake> mountain drake>cloud drake

- SIege oriented: mountain drake>infernal drake>ocean drake>cloud drake

- Skirmish> Ocean drake>Infernal drake> Mountain drake>Cloud drake

Now, onto the malzahar section. You wanna know why malz is currently the champion with the highest banrate of over 80%? Cause he currently also has the highest winrate of all champions. with over 54% over ALL devisions.

So what makes reworked malzahar so overpowered? 2 things: his passive, which makes him immume to cc for 1 second after being hit and reduced damage by 80%! , and his new w, which summon and voidling and let it multiply for every hit on a champion, monster or when they assist in a cs. next patch will he be nerfed, but until then, ban malz, since he does what you do, but better,

Onto the reworked 1419.png . Rip devourer, i missed ya buddy. has been a good fe years of stacking with these kinds of items, but i guess its time to go.

Now. Bloodrazor gives max health shred equal to 3% of max health, and a bunch of stats as well. I think its a overall balanced item, but lacks in damage. this item is good, but imo synergizes less then the old devourer would with warwicks kit. I would strongly recommend experimenting with bloodrazor and 1412.png, since the stats warrior give are overall ''better'' then razor.  Also consider making a wit's end or bork as 2ND item, not 5/6th

Early game jungle clear path 1: Blue side conservative Back to Top

route number 1: Conservative route:

Standard path of jungling. If vs hyper clearer (Udyr, shyvana, finish rift scuttler before blue buff)

early game jungle route  blue side conse

Early game jungle clear path 2: Blue side agressive Back to Top

I mainly use one of these two routes in my early game at blue side:

2: Back 2 Back Red

The more agressive route: use vs melee bruisers or low clearspeed junglers. Counter jungling red is very viable, since it almost always forces an early back by the enemy jungler.

Krugs>enemy red>blue>red>krugs is easy doable on ww before first back.

early game jungle route  blue side cj re

Early game jungle clear path 3: Purple side conservative Back to Top

early game jungle route purple side cons

Early game jungle clear path 4: Purple side Minor agressive Back to Top

early game jungle route purple side mild

Early game jungle clear path 5: Purple side highly agressive Back to Top

This Path is has the highest impact, but is definetly the most risky one. Also, this requires a slightly longer leech (400-350 hp). wait in bush near blue side red camp or ward it. finish the camp if nessecary, you have smite advantage. This almost always forces an premature back by the jungler, not being able to finish their jungle item.

early game jungle route purple side high

Patch 4.20, Warwick, New Top Tier jungler (stale, unrelevant info) Back to Top

Patch 4.20, is a very long patch with very much changes to the jungle. There are a few things you need to know.

First off all: the jungle camps have increased lifespawn, means tougher monsters. also, you need a buff and 2 smaller camps to become lvl 2, means you need a slightly stronger leech to be able to counter jungle effectively.

Warwick is sustain wise the number 1 jungler in the current meta, since he is the only one with consistent high sustain, due his passive. Warwick is the only jungler who can go with manchete+ ward start, while others need to run 2 pots.

They expanded the amount of jungle items, by a lot,  A HELL LOT. I have taken the most important parts of this part, warwick related, into this section. Read this carefully, since this will be de part which will soon be the new build for season 5

First of all, they removed feral flare as an item, and made it an enchantment: RIP feral flare 3160_32.png, We shall never forget! <3

Feral is dead. ALL HAIL DEVOURER. 


Enchantment - Devourer (NEW)

RECIPEDagger + Dagger + any upgraded Hunter's Machete + 600 gold
TOTAL COST2250 gold
PASSIVE - DEVOURINGKilling large monsters increases the magic damage of this item by +1. Champion kills or assists increase the magic damage of this item by +2.

Devourer is the new feral flare mechanism. When your going godwick, your now going with this item, no question about it.
In the 4v5 section, i mentioned going lizard elder instead of feral flare. lizard elder got removed from the game as well: the new item is called:

Enchantment - Warrior (NEW)

RECIPEBrutalizer + any upgraded Hunter's Machete + 163 gold
TOTAL COST2250 gold

Use this item to learn the ways of the jungle, and get used to the season 5 jungle and smite mechanics. After that, go with Devourer.

Both devourer and warrior are actually enchantments, like alacrity and homegaurd, an update on a excisting item. The most important question is thus the following: WHICH EXCISTING JUNGLE ITEM SHOULD I GO.

Since your building warwick with this guide as fully hybrid : Attack damage, magic damage, sustain and tanky jungler, you can skip the new item called Ranger's trailblazer: this item is specificly made for squishy junglers to survive the early game: my favorites are talon, akali, and fiddlesticks in this case. Rammus also benefits from this item, since it's improves his early game sustain.

Now, depending on your jungle style, these 3 items all have there pro's and cons:


Poacher's Knife (NEW)

RECIPEHunter's Machete + 350 gold
PASSIVE - SCAVENGING SMITEWhen you Smite and kill a large monster in the enemy jungle, the cooldown of Smite is halved, you gain +20 bonus gold, and you gain 175% increased Movement Speed decaying over 2 seconds
PASSIVE - JUNGLERDeal 45 magic damage on hit to monsters over 2 seconds and gain 10 health and 5 mana per second while in combat with monsters

Skirmisher's Sabre (NEW)

RECIPEHunter's Machete + 350 gold
PASSIVE - CHALLENGING SMITESmite can be cast on enemy champions, marking them for 6 seconds. While marked, you deal 18-69 bonus true damage to them on hit, have vision of them, and reduce their damage to you by 20%.
PASSIVE - JUNGLERDeal 45 magic damage on hit to monsters over 2 seconds and gain 10 health and 5 mana per second while in combat with monsters

Stalker's Blade (NEW)

RECIPEHunter's Machete + 350 gold
PASSIVE - CHILLING SMITESmite can be cast on enemy champions, dealing 28-164 true damage and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds
PASSIVE - JUNGLERDeal 45 magic damage on hit to monsters over 2 seconds and gain 10 health and 5 mana per second while in combat with monsters

 For the ultimate Farming style feral flare: 3711_32.png is the best choice. The cooldown of smite is down in half. Smite got increased cooldown from 40 to 60 seconds, making it a 30 second smite. this is very very good to clear your stronger jungle with. When you prefer going for that 90 stack devourer (YES, THIS IS POSSIBLE) in like 35/40 minutes: go this item. I advice this to use this item however on a champion like master yi or udyr, not warwick.

3715_32.png is in my opinion the best mid/ late game buy for ad or ranged junglers. For warwick it has the best synergy with his ult mid/late game, outscaling 3706_32.png damage after lvl 6. For burst damage junglers like 121_64.png107_64.png etc, Stalker's blade is the way to go. We, however, go for Skirmisher's blade.

Now we know our jungle item: 3718_32.png: what about the rest of the build?

With the recent changes to magic resist: negatron cloak completly removed from the game, former negatron cloak recipe is now null-magic mantle recipe . Magic resist items like spirit visage and banshee veil are nerfed. Means 3111_32.png is MANDATORY NOW. Only and really only with an ad mid and top, you can go 3047_32.png or with low cc teams just maybe 3009_32.png or 3117_32.png .  But trust me, 80%+ of your games: Mercuries

Currently we have Skirmisher's blade-devourer and Mercury treats. next stop: 3144_32.png into  3068_32.png . Untouched and loved, is how i call it. With new summoners rift: 3143_32.png active feels very clunky too use.  You want some cc besides your smite and ult, so bilgewater is my next go to. Dont go wit's end this patch. you have a build-in wit's end with devourer, and when your building to much on hit magic damage, they can itemize against it with mr. Also there is no recipe change in sunfire cape, while Warden's Mail got changed back to 2x cloth armor=Annoying. Randuins omen is now changed to 6th item, or not build at all.

4th/5th item is variable: when no enemy ap carry or heavy ap damage, finish 3153_32.png as 4th item,  If there is substantial ap damage: 3065_32.png or 3102_32.png or 3190_32.png as 4th item, up to personal preference, in this case, botrk is 5th item.

6th item: 4 candidates: 3110_32.png , 3143_32.png , 3026_32.png or 3022_32.png. All these items are optional and are benefitial to warwicks kit as primary engager. I am tending towards frozen heart and randuins omen more, while frozen mallet and gaurdian angel are still valid buys. 

An example build would be: 3718_32.png3269_32.png3068_32.png3065_32.png3153_32.png3110_32.png3364_32.png.

Let me know how this build-suggestions works out for you in the comment section below, and dont be afraid to leave your own thoughts about it here. Goodl luck with mastering the season 5 jungle.

Patch 4.21, 60% winrate, 90+% ban rate, never forget (stale) Back to Top

Surprise Surprise, they changed Skirmishers sabre, Devourer, and Warwick this patch, cause like the title says, something had to be done, even I agree on this.

Even tough the cooldown of Warwick ult got increased, Warwick was the most terrifying jungler to play against when he was six, as a solo or botlaner. When Warwick came around, you had to do anything in your power to not die due his ganks, but guess what, that was easier said then done, considering the outrageous stacking of devourer, the ult buff from skirmishers and the everlasting sustain of Warwick in the jungle. You had to pick a heavy early game jungler, like j4, lee, pant, or a counterjungler like Nunu, Udyr or Shaco. Riot have made 3 changes, considering Warwick and his item kit . They were as follows:

1: Skirmishers sabre rework

17-51 true damage per hit>60-162 true damage over 3 seconds

2: Devourer magic damage per hit

Magic damage (M.dmg) per hit: 40>25

3: Warwick’s W and R


Duration: 10 seconds>6 seconds


Total base damage 250-335-420>150-250>350 Magic damage

Perfectly explained in the edit notes by the developer team. only the ult change i find questionable.


Skirmishers sabre:

While we're running into a few abuse cases with Skirmisher's Sabre, the big reason we're changing it is because it's weighted so heavily in favor of dudes who can hit you in the face as fast as possible. 



''Sliiiiiiiightly overtuned''

Warwick was strong, Very strong, very very strong, in patch 4.20. The nightmare for every squishy enemy. Ult+devourer  on hit m.dmg+ skirmisher smite+ q can easily hit a squish for half his/her health. I agree, something had to be done, but I disagree in the way riot did this. Especially with the intensity of the ult nerf. In the early game, for a champion that’s so heavily reliant on his ult. It’s a straight up hard nerf, that shouldn’t have happened if you asked me.

During whole season 4, I occasionally played Warwick in the jungle. Before preseason, warwick had like a 5 till 8% banrate, even before the first  cooldown nerf. Due the new summoners rift jungle intensity, and especially the new jungle items, this banrate skyrocketed all the way to mythical 93% if I am correct. Before the items came out, Warwick was sitting on a solid 53/54 % win rate. This was already high, but still lower then champions like Amumu, Rammus and numerous other champions. Then, and pardon my words, the developers screwed up a bit, just like they already called in the patched notes, especially with devourer and skirmishers sabre.

 I quote 2 statements:

These 2 reasons are the only reason, along with the favorable meta change from early game junglers to ‘’farming till 6 and go ham junglers ‘’ . Skirmishers + insanely devourer buffed Warwick and several other champions through the roof. No wonder that at that point, half of the junglers went for devourer, cause it almost always outscales other enhancements.

The item changes made Warwick come through 60%, and at some point, I actually liked, it, but now, I am only happy that I can hopefully play warwick again in ranked, cause believe me, I couldn’t for a long long time.

I understand and have to accept the nerf in base damage to warwick,  but I am concerned this might have been a bit too harsh. The wick I play is focused on hybrid dmg tankyness, don’t see me build high ad in the early game. When you take a 100 base damage of a ult, this has serious impact. This makes in 90% of the case the difference between death or escape. The pressure on a warwick to preform with working ults of more then 01.40 cd,(this is the reason. We see the kindlegem into frozen heart rush (30%cdr) especially in a uncertain game, after 6 humongus. I feel sorry for the one who doesn’t succeed because of this.

I agree with the warwick w change tough. 10 seconds was long, very long area buff. In late game, this is an awesome tool for sieging as well. No problems with changing it. Was the only good change possible, together with a a future passive change, to warwick.

Another thing. Rek’sai is coming out.

Rek’sai is a very interesting champion, who I have to see by myself first. From what I have seen yet, he is a good early/mid champ, with an amazing ult, if it works. Medium matchup, it has good clearing speed, mediocre sustain and good damage output, but you are still warwick. You have the late game.

(edit: i have analysed and played several games with rek-sai myself,and came to conclusions listed in rek'sai matchup section)

Sated devourer standards (stale, rip) Back to Top

About the feral flare (now  devourer) standard: about which minute mark you should get your sated devourer on warwick in the game?

WIth the new 3718_32.png, your times are now different. You should try to get devourer as soon as possible. The good thing about devourer, it stacks faster then the old feral flare, especially with the rework of adding extra stacks on scuttler and dragon/baron.

I still need some new timings, but when your getting on a roll, your usually get it your 30th stack around the 21-24 minute mark

If your getting it around 28 minutes max, your doing something wrong here. Improve the times, or go 3714_32.png, or even 3717_32.png.

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Added more alternatives for runes
Added section in core items: blade of the ruined king vs wit's end
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Future content Back to Top

- Jungle routes , including map (done)

- Ganking paths (under construction)

- Feral flare standards (done)

-Ward spots (done)

- More jungler matchups (constantly updating)

- Patch 4.7, how will this affect feral godwick? (done)

-Including screenshot of prove:  Current stats on my warwick (done)

-Patch 4.20, how does season 5 new jungle affects warwick (done)

- Every updated guide patch, a banlist what to ban , when playing as the wickster. (in progress)

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