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1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

==Updated 2/8/2017==

After a whole lot of games alternating between Flash and Ghost, I have come to to the loose conclusion that Flash and Smite is more efficient. While Ghost lets you technically make more ganks, this iteration of Warwick is built to be stronger in the late game than early game provided you build tanks.

That being said, as part of my campaign to promote "Smart Jungling". I believe that it is not in the best interest to force ganks when lanes are being shoved or the laner doesn't feel comfortable in ganking.

Simply put, you shouldn't be ganking everytime Ghost is up. Flash also allows you to escape more efficiently or make more plays. 

Two examples in which Flash is currently most effective are the following:

1: Flash + Ult: Extends the normal Ult range plus or minus the current movement speed modifiers
2: NEW: Pop E then Flash into the middle of the enemy team.

The 2nd is being pioneered quite heavily in the Korean Meta with support Warwicks being just as favored for their ability to do E (Fear) on 5 targets.

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Masteries Back to Top

==Updated 2/8/2017==

Again, same masteries copied from the Masters/D1 Player but similar setups are being used all over the world by top tier players. Fervor is the go-to choice currently for Warwick due to his AD based setup and Titanic Hydra late game and the Insight in the Resolve Tree means you'll be able to gank more using Flash etc.

As of the time I'm writing this, the PBE has some new "nerfs"/updates to the Offensive Trees so I will continue to monitor the ongoing meta and update accordingly.

Abilities Back to Top


==Updated 2/8/2017==

The skills on the website have not been reflected or updated to match the reworked Warwick. However, the general order is R > Q > W > E.

If by chance you happen to be doing Lane Warwick, then I'd upgrade E over W in that case.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the best and most efficient start for Warwick
    Go back to camp at 600 Gold and buy 2 Daggers to increase jungle clear. You will most likely not be ganking before 6
    At 650 after, go back and purchase Skirmisher or even Skirmisher + Recurve Bow if you can afford it. This is the last back you will do before 6.
    Barring any early kills this will most likely be your setup going into your first Level 6 Gank

Core Items

    Complete Bloodrazor first, then Mobi Boots or CDR Boots, Wits, Bork, Tri (Stinger First), Guardian Angel.
    I been finding myself delaying Ruined King sometimes to get Executioners. This negates tankers and just adds to Burst and kills their healing ability.

Situational Items

    If you find yourself in desperate need of more ganks then go for CDR boots over Mobi Boots. But I prefer Mobi to make up for my lack of response sometimes.
Always start enemy opposite buff. Take it, then drop a Yellow Ward in the nearby grass, and then Pink Ward the river grass. You will lose in every counter jungle scenario due to your weak rune setup, so run away if enemy counter invades. 

Go back at 600 Gold and buy two daggers and look above at my item descriptions.

For more insight check out how I do it at More or less consistent in every game at least the start portion.

My favored bans on Korea for enemy junglers are Lee and Khazix. Evelynn can be annoying sometimes as well. 

You will not beat a proper Master Yi or Graves late game 1vs1 especially if they get Hexdrinker and/or QSS.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

[S7] Jungle Route Back to Top

At the start of a game, I'm not a fan of inconsistent play or a high risk high reward play-style. The objective of this Warwick build is to get safely to Level 6 (Mid-Game) and that's when Warwick shines the most in the current meta.

I always start with a three buff invade. Over the course of 100 or so randomly selected games, stealing an enemy buff has shown to negate ganks somewhat. 

Of course this isn't 100% accurate but the first thoughts going through an enemy jungler's mind as he notices the 2nd Buff missing is like this in this priority.

1. Keep Farming Jungle (Safe)
2. Counterinvade him or Steal my buff (Safe)
3. Attempt a Gank (Risky)

#3 is least likely to happen because if the opponent misses his 2nd buff and then on top of that fails a gank after that then he's really behind and a gank before 6 is highly unlikely. 

Going back to the jungle route. If you're on the Right Side then it should go like this.

Enemy Blue (Lay Yellow Ward in the Grass after) --> Pink Ward the Grass in the River --> Your Red Buff --> Golems. This will give you 600 Gold to back (Check Items Section).

Left Side should start like this.

Enemy Red (Lay Yellow in the Grass above the Red) --> Pink Ward the Grass in the River --> Your Blue Buff --> Krug --> Wolves. This will give you 600 Gold to back (Check Items Section).

If any of this is confusing to you, please write in the comments box and I can clear it up.

[S7] Stream, Discord Server, About Me Back to Top

I have some time over my current winter break so I will be attempting to keep a consistent streaming schedule.

I live in Korea so the hours may be different from standard prime time, please hit the follow button at Also I have a discord server here if you wish to discuss any builds or optimal efficiency with me.

Hello, I'm CDMVR/SA5DC. I've played Warwick exclusively since Season 3. I'm pretty terrible at other champions so I just stick to a simple, mechanically simple champion that can make plays. In total I've played maybe over 7000 Warwick games over 17 or 18 accounts (AFK Bans, Suspensions, switching servers etc.)

Thanks for all the support over the years.

[S7] Versus Other Junglers and Matchup Info Back to Top

Let's break this section down for  junglers or laners that are tough to handle and may be frustrating to play against.

If you see the following laners, it is an indicator of a tough matchup. This includes Lulu, Kayle, Zilian. These three champions negates your Warwick and it will leave the hands of the game to your team. As an exclusive solo queue player I hate relying on my team because more often than not, they disappoint.

For Junglers, in S7 I like to ban Lee Sin and Khazix, and I would prefer not to play versus Graves or Master Yi. Lee Sin is rather powerful at the moment and while there are lots of bad Lee Sins, a good one is just too mobile to handle. 

Khazix is overpowered at the moment and I usually permaban in selection until Riot hits him with a nerf stick. This problem worsens because you're running with no armor and no MR, so its kill Khazix or he gets a free reset (Post 11).

Graves is overpowered when he gets QSS and in general with a hexdrinker is pretty beefy and tanky. Late game assuming he is competent is nearly impossible to pick off or even get down low.

Master Yi is easy early game and mid game but if he gets any kills and late game with a QSS, can't stop him. However, compared to the above 3, I would prefer playing vs Master Yi. All you need to do is stick as a team and not try to 1vs1 him.

Rest of the junglers can be counterplayed easily and is an easy matchup in the mid game.

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