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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png12.png Tp Wick

  1. This combo is good for sustain in lane
  2.  impact in the game 
  3. is overall the safest for laning on Warwick especially when inexperienced

4.png14.pngAggressive warwick

There is some arguement to be made for using this combo as

  1. teleport plays can be difficult to make before Warwick gets level 6 + when it is on CD from using it in lane
  2. alot of people don't expect the damage from Warwick and consider him a weak champion so it can supprise alot of people even in D5 and above
  3. Using 14.png can be usefull for getting people below 50% hp to activate bloodscent.png and help you escape ganks, lost teamfights. or help you chase down targets.
  4. This combo has a higher winrate statistically on for a long time although this may be due to alot of old timer experienced warwick top mains prefering it

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


So fervour got changed and not does not benefit warwick anywhere near as well, here is my current build, I'm not 100% sure if its the best yet but its working very well for me atm.

I go grasp because it seems to scale well with the tank items I build atm, the resolve tree has some nice buffs and the ferocity tree has good stuff to synergynse with warwick too, fresh blood is really good with warwick ult plus battle trance is good for long tank fights in the toplane.

latest?cb=20150713004703runic armor is really usefull, according to Warwick top heals the 5th highest amount of the champions below these 154.png8.png266.png and surprisingly 14.png due to his passive.

latest?cb=20150713004703Gives noticeable extra sustain on Warwicks Q, small amounts of increased healing from his passive(especially in a long fight) and Ult

Abilities Back to Top



Hungering Strikehungeringstrike.png

RANGE: 400


COST: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 MANA


COOLDOWN: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6

Hungering Strike

ACTIVE: Warwick swipes at the target enemy, dealing magic damage and healing himself for 80% of the damage dealt.

「 MINIMUM MAGIC DAMAGE: 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 」「 MAGIC DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS: 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16% of target's maximum health 」(+ 100% AP)

Against enemy champions, Hungering Strike's base damage changes to a percentage of its target's maximum health if it's higher than the flat damage.

Warwick Q is your main Harass, sustain and damage tool you will use throughout the entire game. Full mana but not full HP, look for an opportunity to use hungeringstrike.png on your opponent, or if you cant safely or easily, just use it on a minion. 

Secondly in some situations when you have just lost a trade very badly, survived a gank or something similar instead of backing it can be a good idea, preferably before the creeps get to your tower, to quickly run and Q a Jungle camp, such as Gromp or Krugs then quickly return ONLY if you have enough HP to survive being to avoid being dived.

After you've got 1056.png1056.png your sustain with this skill is near infinite as long as you can last hit well. Remember that you heal more from creeps as they don't have any resistances.

Another important point is against certain champions such as 7.png133.png A useful mechanic is to lock on your Q when you expect them to use their 'Jump in' skills because if you do this, you get a free Q on a ranged champ that can otherwise be pretty difficult to get.

Lastly, when chasing a low HP opponent, the temptation may be to Spam Q when you get in range, However, often it is better to use auto attacks untill the opponent is low enough to die from one Q, then finish them off with a Q.

Hunter's Call
RANGE: 1250
COOLDOWN: 24 / 22 / 20 / 18 / 16
Hunter's Call
ACTIVE: For 6 seconds, Warwick gains bonus attack speed and grants half of that bonus to all nearby allies.
「 ATTACK SPEED: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80% 」「 ALLY ATTACK SPEED: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% 」

Warwicks W, Hunter's call is usefull for trades early game, last hitting under turret. but is most effective as a AoE teamfight buff for your team mid and late game. 

most importantly try to use it when you judge the fight is definitely starting. 

Theres not a huge amount to say about the skill other than that but here are some other tips 

  • When in lane and the creeps get to your tower use hunterscall.png to get two hits on the mage creeps quickly when the tower is focussing them, also to quickly finish off any creeps with low, or a weird amount of HP which won't be easy to last hit once the tower starts hitting them.
  • Use W in lane when in a long trade with an opponent IMPORTANTLY only use W and autos to trade when you know you can win the long trade, this takes experience and normally, its often better to just Auto Q and run away.
  • use it when your team are all about to start autoing an objective such as Baron, a tower, dragon etc.

Blood Scentbloodscent.png
RANGE: 1500 / 2300 / 3100 / 3900 / 4700
Blood Scent
TOGGLE: Warwick gains Sight icon sight of all nearby enemy champions with less than 50% of their maximum health, also alerting them to his presence.
While any enemies are revealed this way, Warwick gains bonus movement speed.
MOVEMENT SPEED: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%

This is a useful skill for chasing low opponents, escaping lost teamfights, getting to teamfights that have just started and escaping ganks and maintaining vision on opponents. 

Here are some tips
  • This is actually a really useful tool for escaping ganks in toplane, if you can maintain a level of harrasment with hungeringstrike.png so that your lane opponent is below 50% hp, you can escape most ganks. 
  • Furthermore lets say theres a scenario where a tank jungler, and a support come to gank you in top lane, you are probably fucked right? well try this use infiniteduress.png on the support followed by hungeringstrike.png and if you have it 14.png this should get him below 50% HP. next 4.png away and use bloodscent.png to escape the gank. this has worked for me multiple times before and is the best example I can think of using bloodscent.png to escape.
  • bloodscent.png can also get you picks lategame, when you have alot of points in it the range is huge follow a opponent and he may start recalling thinking you are far away, sneak up to him and get a free pick :-) 

Infinite Duress
RANGE: 700infiniteduress.png
COST: 100 / 125 / 150 MANA
COOLDOWN: 110 / 90 / 70
Infinite Duress
ACTIVE: Warwick blinks to the front of the target enemy champion and channels for 1.5 seconds, Suppression icon suppressing them for 1.8 and dealing magic damage 5 times in 0.3 intervals.
「 MAGIC DAMAGE PER HIT: 30 / 50 / 70(+ 40% bonus AD) 」「 TOTAL MAGIC DAMAGE: 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 200% bonus AD) 」
Warwick gains 30% Life Steal for the duration, and each damaging strike applies on-hit effects.

Lastly theres Warwicks ult Infinite Duress it's Warwicks trademark skill and its usefull for many different uses. I'll try to make a list now

  • Because Warwicks ult is an instant suppress it makes it have a very high skill cap for using effectively in teamfights believe it or not. that 7.png just jumped into your team? be expecting it and spam infiniteduress.png, locking down a squishy champion infront of your team like this almost garentees a won teamfight.
  • Because infiniteduress.png is an instant jump, its also effective for dodging skills. are you about to be ganked from behind. press R on the jungler and jump to him. if it is for example a 76.png use infiniteduress.png to dodge her javelintoss.png and give you a higher chance of safety.
  • Remember that where you press R on the person has an effect on where you end up ulting them. for example if you press it on them as far as you can away from you, warwick will jump to their far side, this is usefull for fights in lane when you are winning super hard, you want to have to best chance to kill them so why not get infront of them
  • Try to use it to lockdown and damage the most fed squishy person on the enemy team. especially fed assassins, also try to use it to protect the most fed carry on your team. or use it to go in at the same time as the fed bruiser/tank/assassins on your team and support them. Consider all these variables when ulting in a teamfight
  • For an indepth understanding of when to use warwicks ult. I recommend reading as the author has much more knowledge and experience than me on this matter.
  • 3140.png is considered to counter Warwicks ult, while its true that this item removes the Suppress, it doesn't get rid of the Ults damage, and on hit damage, this continues to happen anyway. QSS isnt going to save the carry much if you have built items like 3153.png3091.png3748.png3078.png but it may make it harder for your team to follow up.
  • The only thing that stops the damage on Warwicks ult is killing Warwick. a sneaky thing to remember is  3026.png removes this counterplay as the damage still goes off while you resurrect. 
  • Importantly when in lane and trying to win a fight, remember to ideally get 8 stacks on latest?cb=20151103094518 for a huge increase in damage.
  • A new thing I've discovered too, if you ult someone who has Morgana shield or Olaf ult, then you will gap close on them but you wont do any damage. so be carefull when enemy team has someone immune to CC.

Eternal Thirstwarwickpassive.png 
Eternal Thirst
Warwick's basic attacks deal 3 - 16 (based on level) bonus magic damage and heal him for the same amount, stacking up to 3 times per target and persisting for 4 seconds.

Last and probably least, we have Warwicks passive, this doesn't have much indepth mechanics for a lane wick to learn but here are some tips:
  • In lane try when you can hitting the same minion multiple times whenever possible to gain some HP back especially siege minions, it will only be a tiny amount but every little helps
  • This passive will help you win trades especially when you have attack speed in your runes, masteries and items
  • When pressing infiniteduress.png this passive instantly becomes fully stacked and adds damage to your Ult and increased healing for yourself. good to know.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Most games get 2 Dorans in lane, this makes your sustain almost infinite so is very safe for warwick in lane, above is a realistic first back
    Also a very good item on warwick, I recommend getting it with some Dorans rings as they are the best for lane sustain in my view. Corrupting potion adds on-hit damage to your ult, autos and Q try to use it right as the fight is starting!
    Best early damage item on lanewick if you are experienced and want to be agressive
    Great for early dueling with melee champs
    adds 75 damage to your ult, not bad

Core Items

    This is my new core item, it gives alot of burst to warwicks combo with 2 sheen procs for free, it gives alot of sustain with mana and cdr, the slow can be usefull too, apply it with W when chasing
    This is my current second core item, it solves warwicks lack of waveclear. get this first against hard matchups you cant fight like darius, olaf, mordekaiser teemo etc. and second otherwise.
    This item adds alot to your sustain and health pool, get this after the first two core items if you are against an enemy team that does mostly magic damage
    Get this 3rd against teams that deal mostly physical damage, the active is really good on warwick, you can use after they QSS/your ult is cancelled. its the best lategame armor item I feel it adds more than deadmans
    Sample build vs ad heavy enemy team
    Sample build vs AP heavy enemy team

Situational Items

    Use against Tryndamere so you can fight him. also against full ad auto attacker teams, plus its good against JHIN
    A good item for lategame against certain teams if your team is full ad and you find yourself mostly peeling for your ADC
    This is now a situational item that is good into certain matchups, for example yasuo because you can cancel his passive. Only other champ I might suggest is pantheon.

3057.png and 3078.png

are actually hidden items that are very strong on warwick.
Warwick has a high base ad so sheen does more dmg
The sheen will proc instantly when you use your ult and also when you Q after your ult if you get an auto in = 2 free sheen procs. adding more than a 3091.png to your combo but, at a greater cost and being abit gimmicky.

For boots go Ninja tabi against a mostly ad auto attacking enemy team

and Merc treads against CC heavy teams

Pretty obvious stuff.

3020.png Aren't bad either if you have a wits end/sunfire and want some extra burst

3009.pngAre also decent because movespeed is a great stat on warwick, it helps boost your E

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Irelia
  • Lissandra
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Olaf
  • Quinn
  • Rammus
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Singed
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Urgot
  • Yasuo




Super easy to fight after 6, most top akali build tank but the champion isn't actually a tank, fight her a in straight up 'slap each other to death' scenario after 6 and if you aren't behind you will win

rush 3091.png




The hardest matchup I've found

Avoid trades at all costs, lose farm if necessary and try to outscale. 

get 2 dorans then focus on getting mid/lategame items to outscale him and making 12.png plays

only if you are super ahead can you fight him 1v1 but he can easily be ganked, just care for the 1v2


Dr. Mundo


get double Dorans and rush  3091.png, mundo does predominantly magic damage like you so 3091.png is really good if you want to fight him

However both of you are sustain gods so likely you won't kill eachother, in matchups like his focus on making 12.png plays




Try hard to predict and avoid his W, after you get 3091.png he cant fight you




Fiora is a champion that trades by small dashes toward you normally when latest?cb=20151103095059 luckily short trades are you speciality, just auto Q her then run

As always farm as best you can and rush 2/31056.png mostly for harass and a 3068.png, once you have sunfire or are ahead and have 3751.png you can kill her after 6 with the usual auto hungeringstrike.pnghunterscall.png then infiniteduress.png at 8 stacks/she tries to run




Remember that his W doesn't cancell the Damage from your ult, if you are winning a fight, use it for damage and to get on the other side of him

Rush 3047.png after dorans so you can dodge his Barells more easily. 

if he tries to poke you early he will go OOM, just keep Qing him where possible and force a melee fight when hes abit low.




Rush 2/3 dorans for harass then 3068.png

If you get sunfire before she gets her first item you can fight her. also if you get 3751.png before she gets her first component.

Dont fight her when your Ult is on cooldown as her Ult has a low cooldown and will likely be up again




get 2 /3 dorans then Mr like 3111.png which can be a good rush to get in range to Q her also 3211.png or 3091.png

if you get a gank try to Ult her when she is using her E lissandraE.png as this will cancel it




Get 2 dorans then focus on getting 1057.png and 3091.png 

if he tries to harass with Q he will likely go oom so just scale up. he cant fight you in a 1v1 in which you are hitting eachother to death from full hp

Hes not easy to kill so try to make 12.png plays




Fights between you will be close

Get 2 dorans and a 3091.png, if you are ahead you can beat him 

if he doesnt get any mana sustain lots of small Q trades will out sustain him and he'll go oom  before he kills you




I used to main Olaf so I have some knowledge of how to beat him best. 

I recommend taking a heavy armor runepage if you have one as his early damage and laning phase is among the best in the game

In lower elos he may not be as difficult as this but a good olaf is very hard to beat

Anyway rush two or three 1056.png then prioritize3751.pngand into 3068.png which are really good against him.

When trading auto Q, then try to run away. 

Don't look for fights with him, he scales into crap especially without kills in lane. try to avoid fights even if it means losing some farm.

If you get significantly ahead with a 3068.png when he doesn't have an item, its possible to fight him.

Try to infiniteduress.png before he olafragnarok.png. I'm not fully sure but it looks like if you ult after he ults the damage is completely negated. However if he ults after you ult he gets rid of the suppress but the ults Damage and latest?cb=20151103094518 damage still happen.




Remember to lock on Q  when you think she is going to vault with Her E and you get a free Q

Rush 3057.png to farm her hard and remember to try and use infiniteduress.pngR when she is low enough so infiniteduress.pngR will get her below 50% AND after she has done her E so you end up on top of her and she will have nothing left. chase her down and eat her :-)




Remember that if you R him when he is rolling away with his Q you can cancell his Q but the damage from your ult will still happen.

He is pretty difficult to kill, hes vulnerable to magic damage so a few 1056.png for poke would help. 

Alot of rammus's ult to farm for waveclear, if they do that fight them with your ult and you will likely win.

But mostly try to look for 12.png plays, rammus takes a while to kill




He will bully you most of the early and mid game, make sure you get dorans and early armor for sustain.

be sure you get a Q in atleast everytime he goes for you.

Farm and outscale him.




A good riven can beat you almost 0 counterplay and all in from full hp if she has 14.png so be scared

Get a runepage with alot of armor if you have one

 get 2 1056.pngdorans for harass and sustain but 3 is excessive as she can kill you from full hp alot of the time anyway

Rush 3068.png if you plan on fighting her and if you are ahead use the usual combo of Auto Q W and infiniteduress.png when she runs/you are 8 stacks

in theory you can dodge her Ult with Yours by using it on the far side of her.




His insane waveclear and your insane lack of waveclear will mean you dont really fight eachother that much. hit him when he tries to walk past the wave but don't follow him into his poison trail when he starts to run.

3211.png counters him hard be sure to use it.

if he proxies remember that you are a Warwick and can tank the wave from about your first back pretty easy, don't let him get free tower damage.

Also don't chase him much and lose farm to the tower if he proxies, not worth it.




Get a heavy MR runepage if you have one, try to get 2/3 1056.png for sustain and rush 1057.png1001.png then 3091.png and you can crush him with your ult damage. 


A really good teemo is diffcult to ever kill and will harass you all game, pray for ganks




Get 2 dorans then focus on farming

3009.png make it impossible for him to kill you without going oom so rush them if you like

he has a really powerfull 1v1 but cant easily force a fight so just stay back and auto Q to trade if you have to




Rush 2 or 3 1056.png and he will straight up go oom trying to kill you, Harass with hungeringstrike.png then all in when he gets alittle low by just straight up walking at him preferably when his skills or on cd or hes low at mana as hes really slow as has to stand still to use his skills

You mostly won't even need it but you can rush3068.png to 100% beat him in a 1v1.

but a normal damage item like 3057.png will be good for farming him. just get some armor aswell

if its a close fight remember you can suppress him during his E duration so he gets less urgotheatseekingmissile.png off during it. 

Also try to infiniteduress.png before or a while after he urgotswap2.png because he gets alot of dmg reduction from his ult




A good yasuo will never get in your range and Q you yasuoQ.png from just outside it. 

Early game last hit as best you can and try to get 2 1056.png or atleast one and a 3751.png on your first back. this item counters his passive as you can pop it when he comes near you. 

after that Q him when his passive is down once you have 3068.png even if you are slightly behind or equal you can fight him from 100% with auto Q W and R when you have 8 stacks and or he tries to run. most yasuos will be stupid enough to think they can fight you so its normally a free lane

Introduction Back to Top

Hi I'm a Warwick top main with around 300 games.

See here:

 Lolskill considers me the 60th best Warwick in the world although I don't value its algorithm much. 

Currently I'm around Diamond 5 in EuW.

 I main Warwick because I feel he is under-represented in the top lane at higher elos and I like to spice up the game and make it interesting with uncommon picks. 

He is not the best pick and likely never will be. this is a guide mostly for those passionate about Warwick maybe because they need a secondary from Jungle Warwick or whatever reason. 

I just know alot from having a nerdy interest in him and researching all the best Warwicks I can find on replay sites.

Before or after reading this guide, I strongly recommend reading Sinickle's jungle Warwick guide

Hes been maining warwick longer than me and has a much more in-depth understanding of using Warwicks ult and its mechanics and probably other things so for the big Warwick nerds like myself its a really good read.

Apologies in advance for the bad formatting etc that will probably be in this guide. the information is there I promise :-P

How to get kills in lane Back to Top

Read the matchups for details but mostly after 6 if you are ahead or even in items, its possible to all in and get kills with warwick

Your Harass combo is Auto Q or just Q then run, try to proc grasp when you auto, do it when they go for a creep, try to get them relatively low with it before you decide to all in them

Against a ranged matchup that doesnt kite well like 104.png try to go for a free Q when he goes to farm a creep, when hes quite deep in the lane and you've hit him with atleast one/two Q, you can try to just walk up to him and start hitting him.  Try to use R after ranged matchups have used their Gap opening skill such as Vayne's Q and E, Graves E etc.

Your Combo is auto Q  W then auto a few more times and Use R when you have 8 stacks of fervor for battle. I've written this many times in the guide but its super important!

try to use R right after you finished an auto, and cancelling and auto of your opponent. this can mean the difference in a close fight

Often after this you'll need to chase them down and auto a few more times before finishing them off with a Q


When anyone goes to harass you under tower be ready to ult them instantly and pick up a free kill, champions like darius will often try to Q you, when you see his Q is about to happen, ult him and he will cast it, getting turret agro.

Teamfights Back to Top

As I wrote in the tips for the R ability prioritize suppressing the most fed carry on their team, ideally in front of the most fed person on your team

Also R anyone caught out of position in front of your team, but at the same time don't ult a 0/10 blitzcrank when their Vayne is 10/0. you've got to weigh it up.

If they have any kind of squishy frontliner, its normally best to ult them when they go in, like Zed, Fizz, Diana, Rengar (just spam R on your carry when you see the ! mark) sometimes Irelia, VI and Lee sin if they go mostly dmg and little tank.

If you have a fed front liner like Yasuo try to go in with them and support them whereas if your backline are the ones that are fed, try to support them instead and peel.

If you see the fight is almost certain to be lost, start running away and your E should support you in living.

Remember to Press W as soon as the fight is definitely happening especially when your Adc, is starting to hit things.

There isn't too much else to say, with experience you will learn how much your damage deals and it will help you know when to ult.

When to pick Warwick Back to Top

Warwicks instant suppress is the ultimate counter to assassins, assuming your team dont get roflstomped and the game gets to teamfights, warwick is the perfect counter to a Fed 107.png55.png238.png 

Concentrate on trying to ult them at the exact moment they go in and you will win most teamfights, even if they QSS fast, I still find 80% of the time the teamfight is won.

If you're planning on picking warwick as a strategic pick, I recommend against these champs is when you should pick him

Starting an enemy buff at level 1 Back to Top

Because Warwick is one of the few champions that can easily solo a buff without 11.png is it possible when you start on blue side to solo the enemy blue buff, then walk to lane and sustain up without having to back

it is a risky tactic but the best time to do it is:

  • When you are against a lane opponent with low waveclear (e.g 98.png75.png39.png
  • When you aren't against a jungler that will dive you early game if you are low such as 105.png11.png80.png
If your lane opponent pushes as hard as they can from level 1 it can be really bad and you may have to tp back to lane without finishing the buff to avoid losing farm. So its really a gamble, but can be worth it as you put the enemy jungler at a disadvantage, and get a free blue buff to harass with on warwick, who is a beast with blue buff.

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