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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Why is there little/no of your Warwick? --> I dont play ranked activly, nethertheless Iam playing warwick top most of the time in Flex/Normal and am working on new buildpaths/runes/masteries!
Questions? --> Comment section or feel free to add me!


4.png A summoner spell that nearly everyone takes on every champion. Warwick can use it for a quick gapcloser or for a nice flash ult combo, aswell as an escape over walls.

12.png Toplaners take teleport for getting back to the lane quick or to set up ganks for example botlane. In the lategame you can use this to splitpush and join the fight. Standard for Toplane.


6.png a pretty interesting pick instead of flash, makes you stick to enemies easier and increases your ult range. I do not recomend it as you need your flash is essential.

14.png/3.png for aggresive lanes you definitly not wanna lose to. Not completely bad choices but you wanna take tp as it allows more teamplay on the island of toplane.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Battle Trance is the safest dmg increase as your trades are quite long and you don't want your damage taken increasd aswell as having to kill 5 different champions. 

Magic/Armorpen: Take whichever one you prefer, both work as Warwick does magic damage with his abilities and physical damage with autos but I would take magic pen as it highers your insane Sheen/Trinforce Q Burst!

Fevor fits the best with Warwicks kit, you deal alot of damage over a long period of time. Also scales really good and makes your damage spells do more damage.

Abilities Back to Top


R > Q > E > W


- Q-Max first as it increases the Healing you get and makes trades even better for you, also increases the %-damage.
  It synergizes very well with Sheen/Triforce as their damage will get turned into Magic Damage!

  Bite your enemy in lane whenever he gives you the chance to but dont spam your mana too much (Dorans Ring 1056.png helps.)

- E-Max second as it reduces the cooldown and increases the damage reduction. When used correctly, your E makes     you win every trade. It's a really good spell and I'm happy they gave Warwick something like this. This makes you  almost invincible in Teamfights.

- W-Max second or first is for junglers. You are at the toplane, you don't have much time to roam and if so, lv 1 W is     enough.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start, Gives you the mana sustain you need
    Against Poke/Ranged Matchups
    Experimental. It heavily excells your sustain, but you loose some All-In strenght. Try it for yourself

Core Items

    Core, tons of damage and the waveclear you need! Pref. Build Order: Sheen (inane Q-Shorttrades) >Phage>attack speed, buy boots in between, buy tiamat first against hard pushers (Rumble, Heimerdinger, Yorick)
    choose one
    An interesting damage option, makes your Q and Ult hit like a nuke

Situational Items

    Increases Healing and gives you the last 10% cdr with runes and trinforce. I would considers this core on warwick. buy it after trinforce/titanic if the nemy has heavy ap damage, otherwise get armor first
    Armor Options. Buy one of them after your Core and maybe get the other later on
    I've been testing around with this item and see it as a legit option next to titanic hydra
    Magic Damage boost for your team aswell as for you. Gives Mr + Hp
    Iceborn as a more tanky option instead of Triforce. Frozen Heart for a cheap armor option
    Interesting item that can be basicly built on any tank in the current tank meta. Enables a better engage
    The item I used to always rush with pre reworked warwick. It enabled oneshots and added 200 magic damage to his ult. Now its not necessary anymore as there are better damage options.
    example end build

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Singed




A pretty annoying matchup(well singed always is), he pushes way better than you

Bite him whenever you can
make sure to call for help from the jungler when he proxies and is too healthy
"counter": when he uses his fling.png E on you you can simply hungeringstrike.png Q through him and escape his poison

Overall Information Back to Top

Hey! I'm sohlaro, an old s2  19.png Top Main and want to share my opinion on Warwick/his rework. Just a quick note: I play ranked for the season rewards only, so you wont see me having many games in ranked with warwick. Pre-Rework I really enjoyed Warwick due to his strong duality and sustain, tanking tons of damage and dealing some. Since the rework his role in league changed alot. Before he was a tank that bursted a squishy with his ultimate, procing On-Hit Effects 5 times and most of the time oneshotting them with Ignite etc. Well Riot changed his role to a more ongoing fighter, meaning he would fight for a long time (stacking fervor and following with his Q) and dealing his damage over time by reducing the amount of On-Hit procs on his Ult and making it a skillshot that you can miss. I gotta say they made an excellent rework here. Not only did they remove the point n click ultimate but they gave him more tankyness with his E-Damage Reduction. I think he should be builded as a Tank with max. cooldown reduction, thats why I'm basicly making this guide. I see many guides trolling, building him still on hit as a squishy or theres no good S7 WW Top guide yet. Going Damage by Building AD now (instead of OnHit like before) is his Offensive Option(e.g Ravenous Hydra 3074.png). I will try to get into detail as much as possible. Let it rain S and S+ ranks! 

Lane Phase and Teamfighting Back to Top

Warwick is a really dominant toplaner when he gets ahead. He always was. But you have to get to that point. Even if it's quite calm in the lane you are able to come ahead in trades through your healing and amazing Q-Trades warwickq.png. You get a little powerspike on lv 2 with Q and E warwicke.png. Many people underrestimate your healing. The most important part of Warwick's kit is his 25% health mark. Below it you get trippeled healing from your passive and if the enemy is below 50/25% health you get a huge attackspeed boost with W warwickw.png. Combo this with fevor and you can imgine how strong it is. You can basicly stand there like an idiot, autoattacking and winning the All-In. Warwick has to fight to be effective, so play Warwick to his strenghs!

Warwick is not the strongest teamfighter but he does really good flanking. Make use of that! You can also engage if your team has noone otherwise. A good combo for that is activating your E and Ult then. It will fear any enemy near your suppresed target, but you will loose the damage reduction it gives.  With your E you can suck up alot of damage and important abilities (a simple tank basicly). Your team will do the rest. 

You can also play Bodyguard for your adc and protect him from assassins or tanks with your E fear and your Ult Suppress. 

Tricks and Combos Back to Top

Warwick can be Knockback/Disposition-IMMUNE

in the duration of your Q-Bite/-Dash animation( e.g Lee Sin kicks you while you Q through him = you stick to him or You Bite a minion while Blitzcrank hooks you = you won't be pulled)

- You are CC-Immune in your Ultimate Jump warwickr.png

- Make sure to dash through your targets with Q to appear behind when chasing to do so easier

- Activate E and Ult a target, it will fear any enemy near your target (just wanted to mention it, I would'nt recommend it as you loose the Dmg-Reduction)

- WW can perform a mini "insec" with E and Q (E -> Q-Dash -> E for Fear)

- You can follow any kind of dash/teleport with your Q! (e.g Ezreal E 81.png , Flash 4.png , Teleport 12.png (in the right, last moment) and even Tf Ult!) 

- when moving away from a Bloodline from W warwickw.png you can shortly turn around, pick up the movement speed and then running into the dircetion you want. Repeat and you can basicly always use the movementspeed you get from it. Takes some practice tho!

- your Q warwickq.png changes all Physical Damage OnHit-Effects into Magic Damage! This goes for Sheen/Trinforce 3057.png 3078.png , Botrk 3153.png and Titanic Hydra 3748.png.

Roaming and Map Awareness Back to Top

Your warwickw.png gives you great mobility that you can use for dodging spells in lane or roam. You can also tell your team where the enemy jungler is if he goes below 50% health. 

You can have great mid roams when your botlane does a good job and keeps the enemy low as it creats a bloodtrail straight to the midlane!

If you have Tiamat you can always clear a wave and make a quick roam depending on the situation. This also includes Jungle Camps (Gromp/Krugs or Krab). This is why Tiamat is very essential on Warwick as it gives you the waveclear you otherwise would'nt have.

I'd say you need to have a great map awareness with Warwick to tell your team about low targets and their position.

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